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This looks like a lot of fun! Though I think it's a little funny how the people of Fiore forget about their heroes in only a year's time haha. I have a few characters in mind, depending on what the overall vibe's like. I think I'd be super down to do a character sort of still getting their footing as a wizard, if that's possible. A total nooblet to the guild.
I'll see when I can get a CS up! Hmm I need to think up a magic and character theme, though...
This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm definitely interested, if this is still open for more players.
I'd def be interested in this too! Been awhile since I've had a good tabletop.

Mentions: @ShepherdofHope @Sunbather
So as it turns out, echolocation worked great for zubats, but not nearly as well for human beings. At least, that was the tentative conclusion Oreo was reaching after turning what seemed to be the sixth corner into yet another unfamiliar hallway. Arceus, it was crowded in here! Forays through the great southern marshes? Not a problem. Trekking across the steep trails of Mount Coronet? Difficult, but far from impossible. Finding his bearings underneath the labyrinth of hallways underneath Jubilife's pokemon stadium? Perhaps he had met his maker.

The researcher needed to stop for a few moments, take in his surroundings. All this running around didn't appear to be getting him any closer to the action- following the sound system sounded like a decent idea, until he realized that the entire stadium was stocked full of speakers. By trying to track them down, he was literally running in circles. Maybe if he just turned left at the information desk instead of- "Oof!"

Granted, he was the one who stopped and stood in a crowded walkway, but whatever had hit him in the chest did so none too gently. Oreo waved his arms out precariously to regain his balance before turning to view the girl with whom he shared a collision. Eyes widened and eyebrows raised as he just couldn't shake the feeling that he *knew* her from somewhere. He'd seen exactly that shade of hair before, the curve of her bottom lip.

He closed his eyes for a moment and urged himself to remember. Travel was a major part of his life, but field research didn't exactly involve a lot of human contact. Was she a barista at Slurrbucks? Maybe they'd both been out in the wilds and traded supplies- such an occurence was hardly uncommon among the region's campers. No, no... of that seemed quite right. These were all just ideas, but what about his memories?

Entire evenings of research illuminated by charmingly antiquated sconces. The scent of mahogany and aging parchment. Faces lit up shades of blue in front of public computers. Filling out forms to request specific sources from the archives under the building, having to check in your coats and belongings at the lobby before entering the reading fooms. The absolute silence of Canalave library, interrupted only by the sounds of rickety pipes and heating systems in the walls. A solitary girl, dwarfed by the large reading table she sat at, surrounded by piles and piles of books on a variety of subjects.

And then he was back in the hallway under the stadium. "Canalave. Do you... I'm from Canalave city. I think... I think I've seen you before," he began, pleased with himself that he at least had some idea of where he could know her from. "But I don't think we've ever really met." It would be more embarrassing if they had, and he was just drawing a blank. Well, they were both here now, so now he tried to think if he'd ever seen her battle. There were obviously a lot of pokemon fans who visited during the Gym Challenge, especially since Gabriel was one of the later leaders that challengers faced. He'd seen videos of the stadium, actually, but he'd never been inside- so he couldn't possible know her from the local battling community.

Ah well. Much as he relied on it, his memory wasn't perfect in the slightest. Better just introduce himself. "Anyways," he began, putting out a hand, "I'm-" and then he was interrupted. For the second time in at least as few minutes. He arched a single eyebrow inquisitively at the second girl, approaching from behind this somewhat familiar one. Now he was nearly certain he'd never seen her before- but that didn't stop his mouth gaping a bit in surprise as she revealed she knew him.

"I... yeah. I'm Oreo," he laughed a bit by means of introduction smiling despite himself, taking Rosie's hand in his own and giving it a friendly shake. He was sure that he was only endorsed to bring a different type of fan into the fold, but it was still rather unusual for him to be recognized in public. Unusual, and sort of- flattering? "But I don't know if I'd call myself a host, exactly- well, I guess I do have guests. But only for good reason, or if they want to battle. Which, at least recently, has been real often. You know, everybody wants to test their mettle against a Gym Challenge hopeful." And he was rambling.

"So- uh, are you two Gym Challengers as well?" It was hard to tell. But there were only meant to be twenty of them, so the odds he'd bump into- what, ten percent of them? Seemed to be unlikely. "Honestly, I think I'm a bit lost. Do you two know where we're supposed to meet up?"

So, this was the eve of the Pokemon Gym Challenge, in the flesh. Er… in the brick? Glass? Concrete, lead pipes, asphalt- aw, heck with it. There were enough people- sorry, Pokemon fans- surrounding him, that the city might as well be made of skin and blood and muscle. Having spent the vast majority of his time out in the field, Oreo hadn’t seen this many people clustered into such a small space in- in maybe ever!

Not that Jubilife City was a “small space”, by any means! He’d visited before, usually with family, but never under the pretense of being a trainer. At the very least, he’d never been invited to attend a major event like this! Especially when Oreo was lucky to even be invited to birthday parties. Well, at least when he used to get invited to birthday parties.

But entering the Jubilife Stadium- navigating through the throngs of sweaty bodies until he was allowed into the bowels of the building- that, that was an experience. Blinding camera flashes and scrutinous gazes gave way to more and more roped-off walkways and queues, until he found himself in the stadium’s gates. It seemed like only the more hardcore fans had made it in.

Absently following the arrows and signs to the lobby, where he supposed most of the other trainers were headed, Oreo suddenly bumped into a strange, celery-scented individual with a top hat, and none too gently. The young man’s top hat flew from his head as he fell, and Oreo was quick to pick it up, offering it back to its owner. From the sheen and feel, it looked to be made of cascoon silk, a rather covetous material. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here,” the blonde trainer scowled, and it was then that Oreo noticed the blitzle imitating its master’s annoyance.

Oh, I didn’t mean to shove you,” the researcher began, before the other abruptly snatched his hat back, preening over how it looked. Seeing the other trainer’s vintage three-piece suit, likely spun from the same material, Oreo noticed how underdressed he must appear in his usual cottonee sweater. “I was just looking for the lobby, you see.

The lobby?” the other trainer sneered back, clearly amused. “That’s only for the challengers. I think you’re confused, the staff elevator is back the way you came. After all, you don’t even have a pokemon with you.” The insult took a few moments to sink in, since he was still in a mostly good mood from the ambiance of the festival.

What? Sure I do,” Oreo bristled, digging through his messenger bag for the familiar ball, before tossing it in the air, releasing his snubbull. “This is Floppy,” he nodded to the small canine, who was already beginning to make a puddle of slobber on the ground, much to the other’s chagrin. It was clear what he thought about such the uncouth and salivating fairy type.

Right, well- Oh, good Arceus, what is it doing??” the hatted trainer demanded, tugging back the tails of his coat, already tattered by the snarling, growling, snubbull. He was making quite the ruckus, flailing and gnashing about like a thing possessed- and Floppy wasn’t all too gentle, either. Oreo cringed, before quickly recalling his partner pokemon in a beam of red light.

I guess I should have warned you that Floppy’s sort of aggressive,” he admitted nonchalantly, hiding his smirk whilst shrugging at the not-quite-stranger’s furious expression. Even the blitzle looked like it was ready to fry him like a magikarp on a stick.

Watch your back out there,” the fancy trainer warned, storming off, the small blitzle spitting a spark of electricity in the researcher’s general direction.

Should’ve live-streamed that,” Oreo lamented, rolling Floppy’s pokeball in his hand before perking up to the sound of an announcement. Truthfully, he had no idea what to expect from the other trainers, or even just the spectators. This was hardly his area of expertise- he could dispatch large groups of rightfully dangerous wild pokemon, but people? Their ways eluded him more than slightly. But he could worry about that once the competition was underway- for now, he just had to follow the sound of the speakers, and they would take him to where he needed to go.
Interested! I love all the drama that actors are bound to have.

@Ambra Just changed snubbull's moveset! I was using the newest pokedex info for reference, but edited out the two other elemental fangs to balance him!

Let me know if it looks alright before I can move ole Oreo on over!

Edit: On an unrelated note, I can't stop listening to the SWSH gym battle themes... The cheering really hits different.
I literally just chose canalave for the way it sounds lol.
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