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Ah, I noticed, thank you for that. It wasn't too big of a deal, but it certainly helps, I've found.

And yeah, that's totally fine. We're in this together, right? That's why I've been attempting to leave things open so that Haruna can do whatever you want. So far the pace has been good, I think.

I'll try to post tonight, but if I pass out before then, I'll do it when I wake up.
After Nakano asked how they should approach this, Kazuo gave her a deadpan look. To him, there wasn't even anything to consider. "If this is truly a survival situation, then we have to be tactical about every move we make. Especially in cases of mortal danger." However, she was right about the likelihood they might be attacked again by that strange monster-woman. "But we can't be picky, either. Get whatever food you want. Quick things are best." His eyes fell on Nakano's schoolbag, and then his own. "We can keep an eye out for backpacks, too, though I'm not sure if a convenience store like this will have anything."

Feeling that any concerns had been sufficiently addressed, Kazuo started into the aisles. True to his word, he wasn't picky at all and only glanced at a wrapper for about a second before shoving it in his schoolbag. Mostly he stuck to junk food in bags. Not that he would ever eat the stuff normally, but this situation was far from normal. Even if he didn't necessarily like the food, he knew that its convenient packaging and long shelf life were well-suited for survival.

As he went down the aisles and gradually became more separated from Nakano, he began to feel a chill in his back. On the way to the store, he had kept looking around for any signs of life, wondering when — or if — things would go back to normal. He hoped this was some strange, unexplainable phenomenon that would pass quickly, but having seen nobody other than Nakano and the catgirl the whole morning, he was gradually becoming more assured that he wasn't overreacting or taking this too seriously. This could be a major problem — a life-or-death situation. The realization slowly crept up his back and around his neck like an icy embrace.

After reaching the back of the store, he found something that might be useful. "Miss Nakano, over here." He wasn't quite sure where they stood in terms of age or standing, and though she probably wouldn't care, he decided to be proper. "Are these what you had in mind for a bag?"

Kazuo had found a small shelf lined with cheap children's backpacks. Namely, there were only two: a garishly-blue Gundam backpack and an equally-obnoxious pink Hello Kitty backpack. They weren't much bigger than their schoolbags, but they could probably be handled much easier. "Which do you prefer?"
Yeah, I think she sounds like a slacker, as in, she doesn't really care how she phrases things. But yeah, good posts so far. I've been a bit busy this weekend so I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like. Assuming I don't slip into a sleep coma today, I should have a post up by tonight.
Kazuo glanced up while the girl was catching her breath, and felt a bit relieved that she decided to stay instead of keep running. Though, he couldn't help but wonder why. Wouldn't any normal schoolgirl have kept running after seeing a maniacal cosplayer chasing a high schooler? This was like something straight out of a bad anime.

As the girl spoke to him, Kazuo was still catching his breath. After commenting on their circumstances, verifying everything he had thought was strange since he left the house, she introduced herself as Nakano. The name sounded vaguely familiar. Perhaps he had heard someone talking about her, or maybe she was even in his class. Besides the usual group of girls who hounded him to style their hair and pick out products for them, he didn't really pay much attention to others in school.

Although he hadn't entirely recovered, he could at least pull himself off the ground. "Yokoyama." He began by returning the introduction. "And leaving here would be difficult, since I'm not sure where 'here' is. As far as we know, this is our city. Something's just . . . wrong. Regrettably, I have no idea why or how." He looked around, still wary of that catgirl. "I don't like being out in the open like this. We need to find somewhere safer. If we're assuming all the buildings are abandoned, then let's find a convenience store. If we're going to be here a while, we have to stock up on essentials first and foremost."

It also seemed like he would need a weapon — since he didn't have any arrows with him — but he didn't want to mention this to her. She seemed genuine, but with all this weirdness going on, he couldn't fully trust her. As for her appearance, it seemed natural, to put it one way. It didn't seem like she bothered with much, but even though it was understated, she definitely had some inherent good looks. Her attitude, though, was quite direct. All and all it was refreshing, compared to the shrieking, giggling mounds of make-up and posh he put up with.
Yep, length is fine. I've always been more of a quality over quantity person, anyway. When we get to more interaction between our characters my length might take a bit of a dive, since I'm not one to overly-ruminate on things.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention the headache and stuff after I posted, but I'm glad you caught on. I figured it would be a side-effect of them not having released their Persona yet. Negative energy and whatnot. It was something I kinda thought about as I was writing it. It's not super severe, but Kazuo's definitely feeling it now that he's been running around.

Speaking of which, I'm not quite sure how altruistic Haruna is and I didn't know how to have Kazuo call out to her without it being awkward, so I left it open for her to do whatever you want. I was thinking the Nekomata's goal would be to get both of them together somehow so she can get them both before the bigger, badder demons show up.
Kazuo furiously drilled his feet into the concrete again and again in an ultimately futile attempt to stay ahead of the vicious catgirl, who hadn't fatigued a bit and still lingered behind Kazuo, occasionally taunting him with a cackle. Kazuo's entire body was hot, sweat was dripping from his brow, and his legs ached. As he charged through the crossing on the other side of the road, he tried to look both ways even though it didn't matter — after a few minutes of sprinting there had been no sign of cars or people. That is, until he made a hard right, hoping in vain that it might give him some kind of leverage against his pursuer.

Ahead of him was a girl about his age, who appeared to be wearing the same uniform. This didn't give Kazuo any sort of immediate relief, in fact, odds are this girl was some kind of accomplice to the creature behind him, or at the very least another foe. It wasn't until she also turned and started running that Kazuo felt that she might be considered normal, or at least as normal as a girl appearing in this strange world could be. He looked behind him to see how the cat would respond, and he was shocked to find that she was slowing to a halt.

"Two of them?" she observed out loud, suddenly becoming apprehensive. "I've never seen two appear this close together before ~nyan! Oh, what's a kitty to do?"

Kazuo didn't know how this would interfere with whatever plans she had, but he was happy to take advantage of the opportunity. Pumping his legs like never before, bag and bow clattering against him, he focused his efforts on trying to follow the girl and close the distance between them. He didn't quite know how to call out to her. There was a very strong possibility this was all some kind of feverish delusion on his part, and he had been running through the streets like a madman, chased only by his own mind. He looked behind him, and the catgirl was gone. His fatigue having caught up with him, Kazuo stopped to catch his breath. The usual aches and grievances of exhaustion beside, his head still pounded, and he felt himself becoming dizzy. He tried to steady himself on the nearby wall but missed and ended up collapsing to his knees, holding himself over the ground with his hands. His glasses fell, turning his vision into even more of a fog than it already was.

"Dammit," he wheezed. "What kind of illness is this? Am I going insane?"

Well, here we go! Hopefully the rust will wear off quickly.

But wow, that ended up a bit longer than I thought it would. I hope it's alright.
Name: Kazuo Yokoyama

Age: 17

Weapons: Practice Bow

Arcana: Lovers

Personas: Narcissus
Kazuo Yokoyama groaned as he was roused from unconsciousness by a barrage of pain. At once he knew something was wrong; he found himself splayed out on the floor between his bed and his full-body mirror — shattered so thoroughly that nary a piece clung to the frame. At once he looked to the ground, wary for sharp pieces of mirror — but there were none. Cautiously, he pulled himself up from the carpet and his head began to swim in a nauseous haze. After sitting on his bed, he felt around his entire head for injuries. His first assumption was that he had somehow tripped and fell through his mirror, concussing him, but there wasn't a single wound on his body.

He thought back on what might have happened, but his head ached too much for him to think deeply. All he knew for sure was that he must have been getting ready for school, since he was wearing his navy blue Tenshiki High uniform — sans the blazer, since they had just switched to summer uniforms. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw that it was 8:20; he was running increasingly late to school. He grabbed his bag from his desk, put on his glasses, and slung his bow around his back, then quickly went through his house to the door for his outdoor shoes. The house was quiet, but Kazuo was used to this. His mother was overseas in America, and his father left for work long before Kazuo woke to get ready for school. As he stepped outside his head flared up with pain, and he gritted his teeth. If it still persisted when he made it to school, he would go to the nurse.

The sky was a foreboding dark gray that threatened to unleash a thunderstorm, but not a single drop yet fell. He was almost thankful it wasn't so bright, on account of his pulsing headache. One thing that did weird him out, though, was how quiet it was outside. He checked his phone again: it was 8:22. His road was a fairly busy one in the suburbs that should be rife with foot traffic — schoolchildren, housewives, businessmen, maybe a police officer. There was nothing, only an atmospheric rumbling overhead. Kazuo looked at the neighbouring houses. It wasn't just quiet, it was desolate. Like the whole block had been abandoned. A cold chill crept up his spine and settled around his head as he began the walk to school. He couldn't bring himself to run; his head was still unbearably foggy. Maybe I have a fever, he thought. I probably should have stayed home.

When Kazuo arrived at the crossing and looked ahead, across the street, he was surprised to find that he was no longer alone — but this person was far from normal. It was a young woman wearing some sort of black, skin-tight outfit. With it she only wore a white fur coat and oddly enough, a long white tail. Her hair was long and brown, and her eyes were golden and slitted like a cat's. Her cheeks had cartoonish whiskers on them, and the suit seemed to also include a pair of cat ears.

"Hello ~nyan!" she called to Kazuo, prancing through the street towards him without looking both ways. "I'm so glad I was the first one to find you! Now your spirit's all mine ~nyan!"

Kazuo rubbed his dark eyes and looked at the young woman again as she came to stop where the sidewalk met the road. "Cosplay?" he wondered out loud, in astonishment.

The catgirl tilted her head to one side, and then clapped her hands together. "Oh, I've heard of that! Like pretending, right?" She laughed. "Nope! I'm the real thing ~nyan! My name's Nekomata!"

Kazuo looked around. There was still nobody else in sight — nobody to confirm if what he was seeing was real or not. He chuckled dryly. "I get it, I must have a really high fever, and I'm still dreaming. This is a very dream-like setting, come to think of it. No people, a familiar place, something out of a video game in front of me . . ."

The young woman, Nekomata, placed her hands on her hips. "So it's going to be like this, is it?" She sighed. "Everyone thinks it's a dream ~nyan," she pouted. "Well, take this ~nyan! Agi!"

Kazuo saw a red light, and suddenly his body snapped into action. Every nerve told him to jump — somewhere, anywhere — to avoid this red light. So, he dove to his left. His left shoulder dug into the concrete and his bow shook in its holster on his back. His eyes widened as he watched the place where he was standing erupt into flames, the heat washing over him. His shoulder bled through his white shirt and stung with pain where it had scraped against the concrete. His head felt clearer, but it didn't hurt any less. Slowly, Kazuo began to consider this might not be a dream.

The catgirl was impressed. "Ooh, nice dodge!"

Kazuo saw her finger nails extend, becoming steel-like claws. He knew this was no girl — it was a monster. Regardless of if this was a dream or not, he had no desire to let some maniac cat monster get to him. He scrambled to his feet and started running back towards his home as fast as he could.

"Now this is more like it!" she called after him. "Keep running!"

Kazuo turned behind him and saw she was right behind him, a smile on her face, her yellow ears bearing down on him. She was likely toying with him, as cats were wont to do. He looked back ahead to his home, rapidly coming into view. No, he couldn't make it inside. By the time he had his key in the door, she would already be on him. He would simply have to keep running, and hope that this nightmare would end or that there was someone else here — hopefully someone friendlier.

I can't help but notice there's something missing from you. A certain touch of cuteness, perhaps?

Of course I'm joking, since you've obviously read over everything and that's all I really need. I certainly appreciate the willingness to being stalked. I mean, I stalk everyone anyway regardless, but sometimes its nice to know I have the okay.

Unfortunately, I already have someone interested in the Modern Royalty x Bodyguard pairing. Though you do seem like you would be wonderful to RP with, so if there's nothing else you're interested in, maybe I could let you know if it opened up again, for whatever reason?
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