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If anyone thinks they might know Maxwell I'm open to discussing who and how, and what they think of each other.

The notion of Rachel having a crush on the foreign grad student who's four years older than her is funny to me. She'd be pretty involved with student government - maybe they met while she was helping with orientation for the students from abroad, and now she always somehow manages to be on the track when he is? (Basing that on your C.S. saying he's good at jogging)

Let me know what you think!
Here we go! My take on a 'popular girl' archetype.

Extremely interested.
Any thought on when we'll get started?
<Snipped quote by Still Lake>

I'll freely admit to interest over here with my merc idea. Like I offered up above, they could have made foes on other planets, have others after them, or just overall rub people the wrong way. Alien mercs aren't good guys, unless the pay's good.

That's fun! I could totally whip up a skeleton for a brutal alien merc, and then maybe we can talk about the two having a history - having clashed before, personal enmity, what have you. Thinking I might channel it into a Big Guy archetype, but we'll see.

As far as a villain for my character, you could play one of his siblings, a Prince / Princess of the Aelves that corresponds to one of the other seasons - cruel, capricious, arrogance, and we could talk a bit more about them and flesh out their world a bit better. Or you could play some other fey creature crossed over from Roisin's realm - an ogre, a centaur, a forest spirit, what have you. You can have fun with it!
Hey, here's an offer to anyone interested: want to play each other's villains? I have room for a secondary character, and we're a little sparse on villains. If someone wanted, we could make personalized villains for each other's main characters - make the universe feel a little bigger. I think it'd be fun for our heroes to have their own little rogue's galleries, and I wouldn't want to play my own character's personal villain because then I'd be RPing with myself every time they interacted.

Let me know if that sounds neat to anyone!
<Snipped quote by Omega Man>

so we're limited to what archetypes are available? How can people have multiple characters when it's first come first serve?

My understanding is that it's not first come first serve, but a spread of archetypes might be ideal - so we can have more than one demigod, for example, but demigods might not be accepted if we have plenty of demigods and other stuff is lacking.

Am I understanding that right?
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