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Still not set on a specific character, would want to get a better look at the mechanics, party composition, game focus, etc. as well as how established or not you want characters to be in Independence at game start.

Looks interesting enough.
Would a potential RP based on this be focused on facilitating the game(deck building, battling eachother and NPCs, etc.) or would it be more focused on the game being used to facilitate RP?
Hey are you still accepting singups here? I've been looking around for a first RP to join on this forum. My Fallout knowledge isn't exactly extensive, but I've got a few character concepts floating around the might fit in well, a liberian, a mutant, and a merc.
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<Snipped quote by StormLord>
I was going to respond to this last night, but I was too tired. Hopefully I can answer your inquiry anyway. . .

Hopefully this helped a little!

It did, thank you.
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So I'm not sure where I should ask this, but I've noticed a lot of threads have several tabs. Namely IC, OOC, and Character Sheets.
How do these work? Is it at all possible to customize them? I didn't really want to make a trash post just to test.

The RP I'm looking around to move is large enough that we use a sub-plot campaign structure, where characters break of in groups of 3-6 and work through small campaign arcs run by sub-GM volunteers. In the current forum we're in the biggest reason we haven't moved is that we've got a dedicated subforum folder due to the multitude of thread we create getting lost or clogged in the standard RP section.

If it was possible to make custom tabs we could just have a master thread for each sub-plot set with each tab listing one of the subplots.
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Hello, I am Stormlord, most people end up referring to me as Storm. I've been doing RPGs on and off for about a decade, but only really started Play-by-Post about four years ago.
The forum I was previous using for RPs has been a sinking ship for about a year or two now with little hope of activity or admin assistance so some of us in the group I play with have been reaching out and putting feelers around for alternate locations that would be good to migrate to.
I came across The Guild after browsing Reddit posts discussing popular Play-by-Post places and it caught my eye.
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