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We have a lot of wonderful articles and guides here on the forum. Thing is, it can be a bit much to wade through them all to find what you need. So here is a quick reference link to the current guides and such on the forum.

If you feel it needs to be placed in a different "location" in the index please let me know! I wasn't sure where to put a lot of these, so just reply to the topic and I will edit it. If you think of a new sub section let me know - please link at least 3 articles or guides to place in it at first. Don't make me dig. >.>

If you write a new guide or yours wasn't listed to start, do be a dear and reply here (or pm me) with a link to it, what subsection I need to place it in please. This is a WIP, so I haven't covered all of the links here yet. Will update as I have time.

Rules, Etiquette, Navigation

*General Rules and Etiquette Guides


*How to RP in various sections


*Gming Guides


*Templates, coding, etc

Rping Resources

*Lores, Maps, Generators, etc


*Other Stuff