So you want to build a world, eh? Create a reality from scratch? Play god for a little bit? Perhaps you're writing a novel, making a game, or just doing this for your own enjoyment? Whatever your reasons may be, you've come to the right place! I am your host, the fabulously charismatic (and not to mention handsome) Blitz! Of course, I am not an expert at this; I am not Tolkien, and I have not published multiple works with my own fantasy world. This guide does what the name implies: it guides. There are really no strict rules when it comes to worldbuilding, but if you really want to make your universe come to life and draw and allure the readers/players, stick with me and we will explore this interesting art together.

This is not a complete guide either, nor is it a step-by-step process to make a flawless, interesting world. A world is not complete without your own input and imagination and tweaks, of course!

You've Done This Before...

As members of the RPG community, all of us have participated in worldbuilding to some extent, especially if you've created a roleplay of your own. Nation RP's probably require the most in-depth immersion, but any roleplay involves original elements created and utilized by the writer. It doesn't matter how many fictional elements are in your story. Unless you're writing a biography or recounting an actual historical reference with little to no creative liberties, then you've created your own world—to an extent.
Getting Started


Diversity and Culture

With different people comes different cultures. And they don't live on Earth, so expect them to have some different beliefs and stories than us.

Let The Imagination Flow!

That's it folks! Put on your thinking caps and get to work at creating. It may take a couple of times and you may lose motivation, but honestly, sometimes ideas that say drab or old to you because you've seen them so much are still novel to the people you are going to show it to. And always remember, you ar the boss of your world.

I will log any important edits I make here. Feel free to comment and point out anything that's missing (or errant) and that you think I should add or fix. Good luck and I hope this guide at least a tiny bit helpful for y'all!

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