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Current I found out I have 13 pairs of ribs. I'm not sure how to deal with this. Do I join a support group
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I've been pouring my creamer into my coffee without stirring it, and I continue to be amazed as the coffee turns from black to white the more I sip it down
6 mos ago
My friends tinder bio mentions hammocking, and someone messaged her "hammock r hot"
7 mos ago
I like to think that I have a healthy amount of self-esteem, but I absolutely cannot generate original writing ideas without thinking they're trash and uninteresting
7 mos ago
I'm still getting over a 10-month spell of writer's block


Hi, I'm Blitz. I love football and shenanigans, but I love writing and RPing equally as much. Genres I prefer generally depend on my mood, but I tend to prefer RPs about college/sports, gangs, mild fantasy, realistic/modern, post-apocalyptic... I could be convinced to do anything if you're good enough at arguing.

I think I'll also put a bunch of my characters' quotes here because what better describes a person than the things they say? (Or rather, things my characters have said... Tee-hee)

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Please, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. No, not there! Use the chair right here by me. Can I get you something to drink whilst we chat? Coffee? Tea? A serving of frothing Red Bull in a chilled glass? Ah, excellent choice, excellent choice. Now then... Where shall we begin?

Oh, where are my manners? I ought to introduce myself properly to you before all else. I suppose that, then, should be an acceptable segue into clarifying what exactly I am looking for and if we would be a good match for each other. Here is your drink, by the way—you'll find no finer concoction of caffeine and sucrose anywhere else.

  • My name, as you probably already know, is Blitz. I'm flexibly open to any possible nicknames, though. I'm an early-twenties male living comfortably within the Eastern Standard Timezone of the United States (now on Daylight Savings Time, of course). The time zone in which I reside is liable to some change, but currently that will not be likely within the foreseeable future.
  • My scheduling can range anywhere between being free to the point of boredom to being so busy that piercing my brain with knives would be a refreshing means of relaxation. In this moment, my schedule is more or less free but that will most likely change in the near future. Of course I, as your potential roleplaying partner, will try my best to inform you of any happenings in my life that affect my availability, planned or unplanned.

Hmm... It feels a bit strange that I could present an entire personal introduction in just two bullet points. Well, if I left something out that requires an answer, simply ask and you shall receive.

Next, I will outline what exactly I am seeking with this interest check thread. I advise that you read this section carefully, or at least more carefully than the section above, because I suspect that what I am looking for may differ to some degree from what others in the 1x1 section desire, and the last thing either of us needs is a misunderstanding.

Why I Write
I joined the Guild and, by extension, posted this interest check for two overarching reasons. One, I wish to become a better writer. As we all know, writing like any skill is a muscle that must be exercised in order to grow. Sure, I could sit down and write out a subpar novel on my own, but... well, that leads me to the second motive. It's difficult to go the gym on your own all the time—it's much more motivating and fun to have a partner or a group to go with. In other words, I'm here to enjoy myself and write with others so that we may improve together while having a good time in the meantime.

What I Seek in a Roleplay
I want to craft a story with you. I want to write something that's just as engaging to write as it is to read it over again. I want to craft memorable characters and exciting plots alongside you, bounce ideas off each other and then plunge our characters into strange situations to see how they react and how it drives the story forward. I want our work to be a true collaboration, you see.

And so, because of this, there is an important point I wish to clarify for you: the sex. Unfortunately, my personal rules for this subject matter are not clear-cut or well-defined. In most cases, I do prefer a "fade to black" scenario, because I believe that the actual writing of the smut adds very little if anything to a story that cannot already be portrayed in the build-up to such lewdness or in any kind of sexual tension. That said, as acknowledged in my use of "in most cases," there are exceptions to this, in which case I would be okay with writing out such things. In any case, such limitations only apply to the actual doing of the act (so to say); I am a huge fan of romance, inappropriate humor and jokes, as well as sexual tension, sexual frustration, sexual confusion, and any other such [sexual + "mental discomfort"] parameters.

As far as genres go, I do have my preferences, but if you come to me with an interesting idea outside of my comfort zone and can aptly lobby for it, I will more than likely give it a try before informing you of my invested interest of lack thereof. Later on, I will provide a list of general premises from which you can probably deduce the kinds of genres I prefer.

It is also worth mentioning that I am not very into fandom RPs. This is mostly because I don't watch enough anime/shows to know about most fandoms, honestly. The only show I know best (but still haven't even finished) is Naruto, so... Take that as you will.

Medium and Communication
I prefer to keep my roleplays here, especially (but not strictly) within the PMs. However, I do enjoy active real-time prose collaboration, in which I am willing to use GoogleDocs, TitanPad, or some other site like that, after which I will probably affix whatever was written to the original PM/thread. This way, we are free to add to the story at our own leisure, with room for active collaborative efforts in between.

Furthermore, if you find at any point during the writing process that you hate what we're doing or don't like the direction we're going in, just tell me. It will not hurt my feelings. We can try to work out a new idea, a new plot/story, or we can simply go our separate ways—whatever works. I also understand, however, that life is busy and/or confrontation is difficult, so if you stop replying all of a sudden, I won't be upset either; I'll assume you lost interest or are taking a Guild hiatus (we've all been there).

Writing Level
Contrary to what the length of this interest check may suggest, I am most comfortable working at casual-level writing. This is because I notice my quality tends to decay the more I try to stretch things out in a post. However, this heavily depends on my level of inspiration and where we are in a story. I may crank out a whole brick of text or a few paragraphs of prose.

I, like many others, am also prone to some spelling or syntax errors here and there but I will try to keep these incidences to a minimum and to amend them as soon as I (or you) catch them!

Now, active collaboration is a different story. Since we'll be working together to write something larger-than-normal together, I think one- or two-liners are perfectly okay (especially during dialogue-heavy moments), because in the end they add up to something big. Take the following fabricated excerpt for example (authors denoted in different colors).

Some Story Genres

Now for the good bit. As mentioned previously, I want to write a fleshed-out story so I'm afraid I am not super keen on doing strict pairings. But since you've come here as a guest, I do owe you some ideas at the very least for you to peruse.

Urban Fantasy

Mystery (Murder or otherwise)


Historical (disclaimer: I am not a huge history buff)


The last few genres are more difficult to generate plot motivations for (on their own), and so I am completely open to discussing ideas with you if any of them catches your eye. These are purposefully lacking; to reiterate, I want to build the meat of the plot together!

Have you finished your drink? Excellent. No, I'll take your glass. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little chat. If you're interested in writing with me please shoot me a PM, as it may slip my mind to check here for comments. So long!
Oh my LAWD, those exams were brutal, y'all. Luckily my GPA didn't come crumbling to the ground.
Oh frick me. That was my bad. I must've missed it when I was adding them over.

@Afro Samurai My bad! Adding Hawk in now.

Edit: updated it!

Now to head to bed, haha. I just finished the second half of an entire book in one sitting. Luckily, it was a great read. Made me tear up. Anywho, off I go.
Oh frick me. That was my bad. I must've missed it when I was adding them over.

@Afro Samurai My bad! Adding Hawk in now.
Hey friends! It's time for final exams!

I'm going to be dying from studying so much, but I'll still do what I can to keep in touch and post. Wish me luck!
No worries! Ain't no rush.
Oh yeah no I wouldn’t say there’s any kind of posting protocol. Do what you’re comfortable with!
Word. I think we all get it, haha. I'm just OCD.

Posted for Knox. Sorry, Yoshi, I stole your header format. Hope ya don't mind, heh.

EDIT: also, my post was another bit of a nod at the old installment, heh (but not by much!). I promise I can also be original lmao

Knox Callahan

Location: The Train Yard -> McNerta Ave.
Interacting with: Introduction

On the other side of town, on the border of Tersei and Amaranth, there was a lonely old railroad yard underneath a network of raised highway ramps. Though most train yards weren't particularly beautiful, this one was especially rundown, though still functional by some miracle. A few locomotives sat motionless on the tracks, in the middle of being loaded or unloaded. Many of the cars were covered in graphic or profane graffiti. Being shielded from most of the elements by the overhead highway ramps and the surrounding buildings, the air was dense, eerily still and quiet.

Only the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps through the gravel broke the silence. A pair of old, faded white basketball shoes kicked up the little stones that ran parallel between two stalled trains. The young man, whose face was obscured by his hood in the dim lighting, checked the time on his phone before reaching his hand out and touching the rough metal surface of one of the train cars that was covered in spray paint.

"Wish I had this kinda talent," he mused to himself.

"That's not you at all, Knox." A different voice rang out from farther down between the two trains. The hooded boy turned his head and removed his hand from the graffiti. A smile formed on his lips as he chuckled.

"Oh?" he asked aloud, before a new figure emerged from the dark—a tall but lanky main with dark skin, hair, and eyes. He was shouldering a backpack and dressed casually.

"You're not the artsy type," he declared.

Knox looked again at the graffiti.

"I don't think most of the guys who made these were very artsy either," he supposed. He reached up with both of his hands and pulled back his hood, revealing more of his face, his eyes, and his hair.

The newcomer came up next to him and also touched the side of the train car.

"Eh, maybe you're right. Still not you though." He paused for a moment and spoke up again. "Always wondered who made all this grafitti and where they're from, you know? Trains go all over the country. Whoever did this could've been from Chicago, St. Louis, maybe even somewhere out in California."

"California..." The previously-hooded Knox pronounced the word slowly, feeling the words on his tongue. "Just the sound of it seems like some kind of distant, exotic land."

"Why not go out there? It's only a train ride away. Warm year round, and the best weed in the country."

"I can't now. I'm... tied down here."

The one with the backpack snickered and pulled off his backpack, setting on the gravel at his feet.

"Ah, right. How's the gangster life going for you?" he asked coldly.

"Can't complain. Would've probably died without 'em."

"Sure, sure." The newcomer unzipped his backpack and rummaged around inside.

"What you got for me today, KJ?" Knox asked expectantly.

"I've got your favorite."

"White widow?"

KJ pulled out a bag and held it before Knox's beaming face.

"My man!" he exclaimed. He shoved his hand into his hoodie's pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, handing it to KJ before snatching the bag from his hand. He held up the bag to the light of a dim service light and examined his treasure.

"Noice," was his only affirmation.

"Guess where it's from," KJ told him.

Knox brought down the bag and stuffed it into his pocket in lieu of the money that was previously there.

"California?" he guessed.

"That's right."

"Whatever. As long as I've got hookups like you here, I've got no reason to leave."

"That's fair." KJ zipped his backpack back up and shouldered it.

"You should consider joining yourself," Knox suggested. "They're really chill. Good group of people."

"No thanks," KJ laughed. "I've got business with y'all and the Wolves. Gotta stay neutral for the maximum customer base."


"Tell that to my profits. Is that all for tonight, Knox? You could smoke through that in a day's time."

Knox shrugged.

"I'll text you if I need more."

"Oh, I know you will. See you around. Careful not to get lose down here, either."

"I won't. My sense of direction isn't that bad."


With that, Knox's drug deal turned and sauntered down the gravel back the way he had came. Knox, however, lingered for a moment more, looking and and touching the trains cars a bit longer. Finally, he turned and walked back the way he had also come from, leading onto a quiet side street of Tersei. He wandered down it for nearly half an hour, trying to find a good place to smoke at.

Eventually, he drew near McNerta Avenue, and spotted a park across the street from all the dive bars and strip clubs. Well, it was a park at some point. The grass had yellow and the trees had lost their leaves one winter, never to get them back. The fountain in the middle no longer ran and was filled with an opaque brown liquid that was more sludge than it was water. The ugliness made no difference to Knox, however. He eagerly took a seat on an old park bench in front of the fountain. He quickly and discreetly ground up a bit of the weed and packed it into his favorite bowl. He snatched out his lighter from his pocket and sparked the flame, taking a long, slow inhale from the open end of the bowl.

"Oh, fuck yes." He was in heaven.
Also, if y'all don't mind sharing, what time zones do y'all reside in? Just curious, if we ever need to work out good times for collaborating.

I'm in CST (or I guess CDT now because it's Daylight Savings Time now), also sometimes in EST (or EDT). So, I think, I flicker between UTC-6, -5, and -4 depending on the time of year? Lol
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