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Greetings, traveler! My name is Lotus; I am a 19 year old artist, writer, gamer, RPer, and DnD-er/DM. I love to write stories, draw characters, and generally create.
I hope to RP with people here, but cannot guarantee how often I will be able to get on. Life and such, but I will try my best!

(My profile picture was drawn by myself.)

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Alright, sounds neat! I will check it out. ^^

Thank you for the information! I will definitely check it out! By "rules lax", do you mean lax on book rules? Like with the book editions (like 5th and such)? Because I'd be good with that -haha-. I am more of a free-form DM, a home-brew kinda nerd. Nonetheless, I am interested and will check it out! Thanks for the help, man.
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Welcome to the Guild, Lotus! Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

Thank you, ma'am! I will certainly come to you for any questions. :}
-A friendly Bard approaches, waving.-

Greetings, friends! My name is Lotus and I am very much new to this place. I have been RPing for many years, and playing DnD for about 4 years. I love to create and write and have fun with others! I hope that I may be welcomed into the community and able to join some awesome Role-Plays. Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself a bit more, hm? As I said, I am Lotus; I'm a 19 year old artist, writer, RPer, and gamer, as well as DM/DnD'er on occasion. I am a literate RPer who enjoys RPs with plot, but also casual 'wing it' RPs. I am many a fandom, and by many I mean way too many to list here.

My DeviantART is Mizuki-Shibara and my tumblr is Abnormal-Lotus for those who may or may not know me. On Reddit, I am LvL20Bard. I write stories and draw, so...yeah!

It is nice to meet everyone!
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