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Current "For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is John Galt? This is John Galt speaking."
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Allow me to quote the most prominent figure of Bethesda's E3 conference
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Dabba Dabba
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We're talking away // I don't know what I'm to say // I'll say it anyway // Today's another day to find you // Shying away // I'll be coming for your love, okay?


For the last few years you may have been asking. Who is SubjectVision? This is SubjectVision speaking.

What's there to say about myself? Well, uhhh, I guess we can start that I've got an atrocious taste. I'll happily dip my head into gacha and P2W games for the faint hope of coming out victor whilst not paying a cent. And the latter part comes out of physical incapabilities rather than a steady will, as there is no way that I can shill a single shekel to get my current one true waifu drop from the game I'm playing.

Also, I like shitposting. Surprisingly, I can engage in conversation if needed, although I do not often do so. However, if approached through messages or so, I'll always reply or, if not interested in doing so, state as such through DMs. Sincerity begets sincerity, or at least that's what I hope to make understood through this.

This section will be filled as time comes in relation to what I feel like needs to be put here.


Also hello.

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Small space I'm reserving for my character, who I'm planning to make a Crown of Grief.

Sheet will be up here soon-ish.
@AdmrlStalfos19 Since it's the Lorem Ipsum, I'm assuming it's there to showcase how it would look with formatted text in it rather than having a specific meaning.
Got space for one more?

Before the Dawn of the Third Day
Montmarte - An austere hotel room
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL)

It was a nice little room. Two comfortable single beds, a nightstand with a lamp and a dresser with a radio that was perhaps a bit too keen on a particular song, as this was the third time during that it had played the same french song during the whole day. Although it wasn't unpleasant, it was starting to become grating and distracting, and Yazhu didn't want to have it stuck in her head, so she rose from her meditative posture and turned it off. Perhaps she'd have more peace of mind for artistic appreciation of this land's crafts once the Holy Grail War was finished.

If she was to be honest with herself, the entirety of the situation annoyed her. Whilst preparing for the second day of the War, the results of her encounter on the first night begged to differ to this course of action. Even if she didn't have any external wounds because of the resiliance of her Mystic Code, her body was still recovering from the power of the strike, and it was limiting her mobility. It was a minor disadvantage, but Yazhu and Tristan were already in an impaired position because of her own ineptitude as a magus and, whilst it took her a long ten minutes to arrive to the decision, she eventually declared that she'd remain in her room until she had fully recovered. After all, if she was to fight another Master, she needed to be as close to her full strength as she could. Noon had a trump card that almost costed her life, and it would be foolish to assume that the other Masters wouldn't have their own tricks as well. Not only that, but he and his Servant had already made an alliance with another one, if the combined efforts of the two Sabers to take down her Archer were anything else other than mere happenstance. The only one that didn't have anything up her sleeve was herself, and there just wasn't enough time to fix that. She had to win this war with what little she had, if only to save her family from certain doom.

Before she could descend further down the spiral of self-loathing, the melancholic voice of her Servant reached her mind. An apology, first and foremost, then a request for her to use a Command Spell once again, this time to bolster his powers and to win this fight. Without a moment's hesitation, she agreed to the request. After all, if there was a moment to use them was now. Even if this was her frustration or emotions speaking for her, she couldn't afford to lose her only partner in this situation. Someone who, despite these horrendous two nights and her failures, still trusted her. Even if that was what he was meant to do, due to his nature and his honor. And, so, she couldn't afford to let him down.

"Very well. Tristan: Break through your limits and seize victory for us" ordered Yazhu, expending the second of the three spells in order to aid the sorrowful knight on his fight. If all things went correctly, then they could possibly end the night in a positive note. A faint sliver of hope, one that she hoped they would be able to grasp. A heavy sigh escaped her lips and she changed the frequency of the radio to another station before turning it on once again. The static slowly gave way to the melody of a song, and Yazhu resigned herself to the sounds of Mylène Farmer's Désenchantée. Perhaps this station wouldn't be that keen on repeating the same song over and over again.
>Accept the trade.
>Cast mine blessings up thy Lime
>Levy Earthly taxes Head to the tunnel Divine Passage of Cubical Illumination.
>Absorb materials for the first great wonder of the slime world.
>Second, actually. Cube was the first. It is humbled by its duty.

Latin District - Arènes de Lutèce
A Cowled Figure

Mentions: @Cu Chulainn (Dietrich) @GreenGoat (Tenryuu)

And the familiars fell down to the Saber's powerful strike like wheat to a farmer's scythe. They had no say on the matter, as they were simple automatons meant to carry a duty, and they didn't lift a finger to retaliate or even defend against the strike: the only reaction was a broadening grin on the hound that was leading the group. And, before the lights in its eyes faded as its limited life quickly abandoned the sliced carcass, the mouth of the perishing canine moved enough to mutter two syllabes: "Amen". And thus, the hounds were no more.

Latin District - Northern Sector
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL)

"Thank you, Archer" commented Yazhu once she was sweeped up by Tristan. Whilst she listened to his remarks, she absentmindedly rubbed the arm where she was just hit. "I agree, let's return and plan for the upcoming nights". She didn't speak much during the travel, as she was thinking about her previous opponent and the encounter: what could she have done to turn it to her favor earlier. Next time, she'd be much more careful when dealing with opponents. This encounter reminded her that magus weren't as limited as her in terms of magecraft and, as such, they'd have many tricks up their sleeve prepared beforehand besides traditional use of magecraft.

Yazhu first thought that a week was just too short of a time to do anything to win a war. Today she thought that it was gonna be a long week.
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