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... sounding as if he were speaking here, in this room, not to a group, but to one man; it was not the tone of addressing a meeting, but the tone of addressing a mind.
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... Only his voice filled the airways of the countryβ€”of the world, thought the chief engineerβ€” ...


For the last few years you may have been asking. Who is SubjectVision? This is SubjectVision speaking.

What's there to say about myself? Well, uhhh, I guess we can start that I've got an atrocious taste. I'll happily dip my head into gacha and P2W games for the faint hope of coming out victor whilst not paying a cent. And the latter part comes out of physical incapabilities rather than a steady will, as there is no way that I can shill a single shekel to get my current one true waifu drop from the game I'm playing.

Also, I like shitposting. Surprisingly, I can engage in conversation if needed, although I do not often do so. However, if approached through messages or so, I'll always reply or, if not interested in doing so, state as such through DMs. Sincerity begets sincerity, or at least that's what I hope to make understood through this.

This section will be filled as time comes in relation to what I feel like needs to be put here.

Also hello.

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Haruka Fujimori

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Well, wasn't that quite the amusing turn of events. After very definitely catching the eye of the most boisterous one of the bunch, Haruka was able to spectate this fellow's great claim to fame as Jigokuraku's Number 1 only for someone more fitting for the position to open the gates to their new fate. Nevertheless, this didn't stop the man from attempting to squash the bug that had wronged him. However, what happened after that surprised her even more as she saw that Goudo, of all people, was there. It took her quite a bit of effort to keep her composture and not go over to ask for his autograph, as she was the proud owner of a poster featuring the man as one of his most iconic roles: a suave lady-killer that served as the antagonist to a cheesy action movie. Granted, such a liking to the man had been boosted by being around the older women of the family, but the fact remained that one of her idols was present and, to top it off, it seemed like he was going to be their teacher.

They were all beckoned to enter the assembly hall of the new school, an invitation that Haruka took her time to accept as the crowd of students made their way in. What they'd see is that the plant woman was pulling out a spray bottle from her bag which she'd generously apply on her face and mane of leaves before storing it back where it came from and taking a swig from a bottle of water in a manner that'd make bystanders wonder if this was a commercial for a summer refreshment. However, all of these motions were deliberately slow and careful: she was biding her time to enter amidst the back of the group. All of the other students were there and she could see that several of them were quite eye-catching themselves by their own standards. Not only that, but her presence during the Jigokuraku was relegated to a supporting role for others, something that had earned her enough points to pass but it costed her recognition. Therefore, if she wanted to leave a lasting impression on her peers she'd have to engineer it as much as she could with what she had at hand.

And that's exactly what she did.

After a couple more of moments dedicated to letting the bee fulfill its natural duty and avoid the ruckus that such creature tended to cause in enclosed spaces filled with teenagers, Haruka made her way into the assembly hall at a measured step. Holding her bag with both of her hands in front of her, a straight and proper posture and a polite smile never leaving her face, Haruka made sure to play the part of a perfect japanese school idol even if she wasn't one yet. The natural fragrance of the hyacinth on her head, intensified by them being now indoors, would only accentuate this effect, acting as a natural perfume that'd have the heads of other students turning towards her.

When the leaf-haired student reached the assembly hall, she took a couple of moments both to admire the amount of space and to let others admire her as she stood by the door before letting her bag down with the others. The downside of this was that there weren't that many seats around for her to use, and she'd rather not sit next to a male student to try and avoid having someone flirting with her when she'd rather be paying attention to the opening ceremony. Her eyes scanned the landscape and she spotted an odd sight: a lump on one of the seats that she later discerned to be actually a little girl. It took her another second to recognize why the girl's legwear was familiar: she had caught a glimpse of this girl during the exams. Moreover, she didn't remember her being this thin. Nevertheless, Haruka didn't waste any time approaching the girl and adressing her with a gentle smile. "Excuse me, do you mind if I sit with you?".

Heya. Things have been hectic and I didn't get a good time to sit down and write. Today I do, however. Mind tossing the link again. It expired.
Haruka Fujimori

The advantages of being the beloved daughter of a member of Kirisama's supply and demand chain came to shine at this particular day, as her father drove her all the way from the coast to the first step of the stairs on the family's van, saving her the hassle of waking up absurdly early in this chilly winter morning. Haruka's family had taken the news of her being accepted into Jigokuraku rather well and threw a big dinner party for the ocassion. Her uncle had even tried to push her into drinking a bit of wine, but she managed to politely decline the invitation by stating that she needed to be up early now and waving goodbye to the rest of her relatives.

Haruka made sure that she had brought everything needed. Notebooks, pens and pencils in their case and a couple of bottles filled with mineral water to keep herself hydrated, one of which was actually a spray bottle she pulled out of her bag and began to use on her face and hair. The transition from winter to spring had her in a rather good mood, if she was to be honest to herself, and to cause a better impression on her classmates she had spent the last few days making sure that her mane of hair was lush and verdant. Not only that, but since this morning she had been preparing a special flower for the ocassion and to ensure she had a good first impression on those that saw her today: a large hyacinth blossom had grown on the side of her head, the sweet fragrance making her father complain and roll down the window. She hoped that her future classmates would be more understanding.

When she was done grooming herself, she pulled out her phone to check the time and smiled to herself at the fact she didn't have to hurry up the steps and take the ascent at her own pace. After all, winter ugg boots weren't particularly good for running up half a thousand steps. Her choice of an outfit clearly veered towards fashion rather than practicality, being composed of a light brown coat with a belted waist that reached down to her knees, after which one'd see that she was wearing black tights to protect her legs from the cold weather.

After a bit of time, Haruka had reached the end of the ascent and she took the liberty of sipping from one of her bottles. She was mildly agitated for the lengthy trek, but she made sure to not show it and instead look as prim and proper as possible. A quick glance was given towards everyone and her attention was fixed for a moment at the stocky man or, more specifically, his moving antennae. That was certainly unfortunate, but she hoped that they wouldn't have to interact further from exchainging pleasantries and ocassionally aiding each other. There were only a few kind of bugs that she was willing to let near her, one of such specimens having taken to follow her on the last part of the ascent. As such, when Haruka began walking closer to the group, they wouldn't only be alerted by the approaching fragrance of her purple blossom but also the light buzzing of a bee that couldn't manage to rest on her head. With this, she hoped that she wouldn't need to go out of her way to get closer to anyone personally.

Uriel Bertolini

Alright, this was a major issue. The sheer shock of the revelation had caused hi-he-them to forget how to properly swim for a brief moment, causing Uriel to sink down and flail their arms around in a frankly pitiable show and it took them a couple of seconds to calm themselves long enough to rest a hand on the inner wall of the well to support themselves better. At this moment, he didn't know whether to hate or thank the darkness they were in, as it was what avoided Uriel from seeing just how they looked at.

Whilst they were pondering how they could try and get out from this situation when the darkness got slightly darker. Uriel's eyes turned upwards and, whilst they couldn't make out exactly what was obscuring the few rays of sunlight that came downwards, they made out shapes altering the circular shape of the hole. Then, the sound of a child's voice echoed from wall to wall until it reached Uriel's ears and the complaints of a man who found his virility taken away from him were soon overshadowed by the kid's words:

β€œWeird lady, you know there’s a monster in our well right?”

Revived only to be eaten by the Loch's Well Monster, what a fate to be subjected to. However, Uriel was gonna take this new chance given to him, even if it means saying goodbyes to certain commodities his original body provided him. "Hey, kid!" Uriel stopped for a second, surprised at how femenine his new voice was. Even if it had a distinct masculinity with his tone and manner of speaking, his vocal chords made it sound like a tomboy rather than a stereotypical butch. "Mind throwing a length of rope or something for me to climb out?" requested Uriel. Meanwhile, his eyes darted around and he kept his ears peeled for any sort of disturbance. He was in a woman's body, he had been brought back from the dead, there was a Goddess and he was inside of a well. A monster didn't sound far fetched, so it would be better for hi-he-them to prepare.
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Spelling Bees
Welcome to the guild! Hope you have a fun time RPing, een if we don't ever bump paths.
Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
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