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For the fourth time, my computer decided to shut itself off whilst I was typing out a sheet. Nevertheless, I will persist despite the continuous divine intervention.
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Does this mean that the easter scavenger hunt is actually of the reenaction of the omitted part of the bible where the Apostles spread across the world to find all of Jesus parts scattered about?
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Asked them a question about "why?" when they commented something about a movie. Ended up hearing the plot of the movie, a review and the reason behind them watching the movie.
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They don't let you love them. The act of petting a cat is the cat providing a charitable service to us puny and pitiable humans. They're letting us adore our feline overlords.


For the last few years you may have been asking. Who is SubjectVision? This is SubjectVision speaking.

What's there to say about myself? Well, uhhh, I guess we can start that I've got an atrocious taste. I'll happily dip my head into gacha and P2W games for the faint hope of coming out victor whilst not paying a cent. And the latter part comes out of physical incapabilities rather than a steady will, as there is no way that I can shill a single shekel to get my current one true waifu drop from the game I'm playing.

Also, I like shitposting. Surprisingly, I can engage in conversation if needed, although I do not often do so. However, if approached through messages or so, I'll always reply or, if not interested in doing so, state as such through DMs. Sincerity begets sincerity, or at least that's what I hope to make understood through this.

This section will be filled as time comes in relation to what I feel like needs to be put here.


Also hello.

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>Accept the trade.
>Cast mine blessings up thy Lime
>Levy Earthly taxes Head to the tunnel Divine Passage of Cubical Illumination.
>Absorb materials for the first great wonder of the slime world.
>Second, actually. Cube was the first. It is humbled by its duty.

Latin District - Arènes de Lutèce
A Cowled Figure

Mentions: @Cu Chulainn (Dietrich) @GreenGoat (Tenryuu)

And the familiars fell down to the Saber's powerful strike like wheat to a farmer's scythe. They had no say on the matter, as they were simple automatons meant to carry a duty, and they didn't lift a finger to retaliate or even defend against the strike: the only reaction was a broadening grin on the hound that was leading the group. And, before the lights in its eyes faded as its limited life quickly abandoned the sliced carcass, the mouth of the perishing canine moved enough to mutter two syllabes: "Amen". And thus, the hounds were no more.

Latin District - Northern Sector
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL)

"Thank you, Archer" commented Yazhu once she was sweeped up by Tristan. Whilst she listened to his remarks, she absentmindedly rubbed the arm where she was just hit. "I agree, let's return and plan for the upcoming nights". She didn't speak much during the travel, as she was thinking about her previous opponent and the encounter: what could she have done to turn it to her favor earlier. Next time, she'd be much more careful when dealing with opponents. This encounter reminded her that magus weren't as limited as her in terms of magecraft and, as such, they'd have many tricks up their sleeve prepared beforehand besides traditional use of magecraft.

Yazhu first thought that a week was just too short of a time to do anything to win a war. Today she thought that it was gonna be a long week.

Latin District - Northern Sector, Alleyway
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL), Ywain (@SSW), Noon (@Danchou)

The spear was let go from her adversary, and it followed the path it was meant to follow whilst being pushed by its former wielder just enough to let the spear get in her path. By any means, this didn't mean any sort of a hindrance to Yazhu, merely dedicating a moment to block it and send it away. But a moment was all that was needed.

It was enough of a window to let Noon grasp his new weapon. Another long hilt, which appeared on Noon's side, was grasped, and Yazhu believed she saw the attack. He'd unsheathe his weapon and slash at her at the same time, a powerful move if it managed to connect. If it didn't, Yazhu had more than enough time to disarm and incapacitate her opponent whilst he was recovering from the strike. To defend from such a strike was the right choice. Both because of what she knew and what she didn't.

He slashed. "Cross Ecliptic!"

It was a mere instant. A brief sense of danger, a primordial instinct left behind from the days of large beasts and insurmountable dangers. The hair on her back was beginning to stand, and Yazhu knew she couldn't dodge: that'd leave her chest open. With her arms crossed in front of her, she took the blow full on. She stood her ground with firm feet, rooted like an iron statue to the floor

She felt the force behind the strike. The sheer power behind it shook her arms, her muscles, her bones. It permeated through her upper limbs, to her chest, down to her legs. It pushed her back several feet, enough so that the initial conditions of the fight were once again met. And indeed they were, as the place of the strike emited a trickle of smoke yet her armor stood in place, unharmed. Her arms hurt from the pure force of impact from Cross Eliptic, and she knew that prolonging this fight would be dangerous: Her reflexes would be hindered, her arms would fail to respond as she needed them to be. A single mistake could kill her, and staying was a mistake.

"Master, please ready yourself for a retreat. I believe we have done enough for the night,"

The voice reached her mind and she took a defensive, yet unadvancing stance. Any strikes that came her way would be parried, dodged or deflected in the brief amount of time that'd it take for Tristan to come by her side. Nevertheless, she spoke her goodbyes. "We'll settle this on another night. Farewell, Mr. Noon, we'll meet again soon".
>Vibrate a song as the wonder of the slime world is constructed
>Emit appropiately holy Dirt Cube sounds whilst laying out the groundwork for Cube sculpture.
I'll be posting a base sheet of the character I'm using shortly.

Latin District - Northern Sector, Alleyway
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL), Ywain (@SSW), Noon (@Danchou)

And thus, the combat began. Noon's first strike was dodged with a quick turning of Yazhu's body, using her front foot as a pivot to move her torso out of lethal damage. The blade didn't graze her, just barely. Noon's following movements were wise; she didn't have enough distance to get a hit in. All she could do was prepare for the next strike that would come with the time his retreat granted her. The second strike was dodged as well, coming closer than the first to strike true on her heart. Her armor was iron, but his lunges could pierce through her.

The third strike came, and so did the fourth and the fifth. Every attack from Saber's master honed closer to the target. She managed to dodge them all, but the last two managed to scrape her front. At this pace, Noon would soon manage to score his first hit. And his first hit would be her last breaths.

If she took a step forwards, he took a step backwards. If she took one to the side, he'd follow suit like a mirror. Dreadfully precise, unerring on his strikes, too far for her to manage to launch a single attack. A false move would mean death, and the windows were scarce.

Yet, she saw an opportunity amidst his precision. His range was preventing her from getting close. Therefore, what granted him the distance had to go. When the last strike began to withdraw to bring another one, Yazhu bent her knees slightly and prepared herself, extending her left arm to the front. Once the strike came her way, she lunged forwards and deflected the strike with the back of her gloved hand, pushing the spear slightly away and letting it continue its path with its inertia. Breaking her pattern of dodges and risking another hit should she not be fast enough. And then, once the distance was closed, a quick strike with the base of her palm would be aimed to the hand of Noon, seeking to disarm him and take out his advantage.

It was a gamble. It was a lethal gamble. But it was her best chance at surviving.

Latin District - Northern Sector, Alleyway
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL), Ywain (@SSW), Noon (@Danchou)

So, she had been found. Granted, against a magus one couldn't expect much out of mundane hiding, yet it was worth a try. A dry chuckle came from the woman, who was aware of her misfortune, and she descended from the ladder. "That's correct, master of Saber" came her reply once she set her feet on the ground. She immediately got on a defensive stance, gauging her opponent by the weapon he wielded.

That was quite the introduction, though. Resolute, filled with determination. A greeting. A statement. A claim. A challenge. It wasn't his name only, it was the entirety of his being laid bare. It was who he was.

Who was she? Yazhu had wondered why she was here, why she was placed in this massacre. She didn't expect her first duel to clear her mind from any and all doubts simply to greet him in the same manner. Because he was here because someone else. And, in the end, so was she.

How fitting. How ironic. How poetic.

"Hua family representative: Yazhu. In the name of those that doomed themselves, I've come to seize Paris and the Grail". The former bodyguard smiled and stood in a defensive stance as she introduced herself. Her breathing was calm and steady. Her posture firm and resolute. Not a single doubt clouded her mind. Her eyes were set on the man before him, and on nothing else.

She stood where she was and waited for him to attack. No more words were said from her. None were needed. Both of them knew it. Both of them knew that only one would walk out of this alley, as this was not only a fight between Masters. It was a duel of prides. A clash of convictions. Neither of them would surrender nor give quarter. In the end, only the most resolute will live to see the second day of the Holy Grail War.

It was almost romantic. But all it was was a tragedy.

Latin District - Northern Sector, Alleyway
Yazhu Hua

Mentions: Tristan (@KoL), Ywain (@SSW), Noon (@Danchou)

The speed at which the Servants darted through her alley was alarming, the inertia they carried bringing forth a strong wind that could even be felt on her position in the emergency ladder. A very clear demonstration of just how far past humans the Heroic Spirits were and how she stood no chance against them. As such, Yazhu spent a couple more seconds in hiding to decrease the chances of the fearsome Saber turning around once he spotted her. Both him and Tristan were knights, but Yazhu couldn't be sure if their honor would be upheld when she could pose a threat to Ywain's Master, the person she was waiting for to appear. It would be a risky situation, but it was the only chance of victory both her and her Servant had in this situation: She had to eliminate the enemy Master as quick and effectively as she could. That meant killing him, and to do so she'd need to get the jump on him.

Yazhu closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The distant fight was drowned by the instant feral claws pierced flesh. Muscles and skin were torn open. Energy began to course through Yazhu's body. A single mutter came from her lips: "Four Symbols: White Tiger". The energy was redirected. The curse was applied twofold. Her limbs and body became like iron. Yazhu opened her eyes; the world was clear once again. Less than a few seconds had passed and now the chinese woman waited for her rival to arrive. She was ready for him to take him down.
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