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3 days ago
Current It's actually 21st of January of 1975
3 days ago
All we need is, Radio Gaga, sang Freddie Mercury. All I need is out, thought Crowley
4 days ago
As far as I know, 27 fatalities in New Zealand.
4 days ago
There has been a shooting in a New Zealand Church.
5 days ago
Good Omens: good book, but quotes aren't short enough to place them here and allow them be properly appreciated.
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For the last few years you may have been asking. Who is SubjectVision? This is SubjectVision speaking.

What's there to say about myself? Well, uhhh, I guess we can start that I've got an atrocious taste. I'll happily dip my head into gacha and P2W games for the faint hope of coming out victor whilst not paying a cent. And the latter part comes out of physical incapabilities rather than a steady will, as there is no way that I can shill a single shekel to get my current one true waifu drop from the game I'm playing.

Also, I like shitposting. Surprisingly, I can engage in conversation if needed, although I do not often do so. However, if approached through messages or so, I'll always reply or, if not interested in doing so, state as such through DMs. Sincerity begets sincerity, or at least that's what I hope to make understood through this.

This section will be filled as time comes in relation to what I feel like needs to be put here.


Also hello.

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KingOfTheSkies 10 days ago
And luckily for you, I have no idea.
Quote5 14 days ago
Nice avatar.
QueenOfTheLand 17 days ago
Excuse me, but is that Toyo from Touhou in your avatar?

I believe this calls for a PM to further acquaint ourselves, fellow 2hu fan.
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