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Current Found my husband peeing on a pregnancy test. He was so proud that it was negative.
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My dog's fur is black on top and brown underneath, so he's like one of those sequence pillows that change colors when you touch it. It's a great built-in party trick.
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Leaving for vacation on Wednesday. Posting will slow down and temporarily stop until the following Sunday or Monday. Thanks for being patient, everyone!
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Today is Tequila Sunrise which means the streets are covered with passed out, drunk 18 year olds, and I'm not leaving the house
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I used to think high school senioritus was bad, but it's nothing compared to the monster that is being a senior in university. C's get degrees, y'all


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In ~Bonsoir~ 23 hrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vail observed Walton from a distance as the doctor began his examination. He was protective of Victoria, but he was also genuinely curious to see how humans treated other humans. It wasn’t something he had ever had reason to watch before, since he had never grown close enough to another human to bear witness to any medical issues. Idly, he wondered what each of the man’s instruments did. James only pulled two from his briefcase, but the Hygrace heir could see more inside. He could tell the first tool that the physician used was designed to check the lady’s breathing, since he’d instructed her to breathe on his command, but the second test was more mysterious. Subtly, he touched his own wrist as he studied the interaction, trying to figure it out on his own. He couldn’t ask his question out loud, in case the procedure was common. It would come across as strange if he accidentally confessed he’d never seen a doctor in his life.

Upon pressing down lightly with his fingers, he discovered he could feel his own pulse just beneath his fair skin—a pulse many humans didn’t believe vampires had. The thought brought an amused half-smile to his lip. He knew the myths that had been spread about his kind, that they were undead demons who had clawed their way up from their graves to fill their bodies with blood they no longer had. Their skin was supposed to be clammy from death, and the sun would turn them to dust.

His hazel eyes roved to the window, through which the afternoon light warmed his chair. The legends were fantastical at best, but he couldn’t complain. The more misled the Order was, the easier it was for his kind to remain hidden. Vampires had cooler temperatures than humans, but they weren’t icy, so they could explain away the abnormality by claiming to have poor circulation. Similarly, their skin was pale enough to burn with prolonged exposure to the sun, but they didn’t turn to dust, so they could tell keen observers that they spent most of their time indoors. All of their excuses were plausible enough to put most nervous humans’ worries to rest.

Walton’s voice drew him abruptly from his musings when he inquired about Victoria’s bite. Vail turned back to the bed, concealing his concern with a mask of calm. He trusted that Lady Crest wouldn’t tell the man who had bitten her, but he felt a little guilty that he was the one who had caused her condition to worsen so drastically. Even if she had offered her neck to him, it had been foolish to take any of her remaining blood when she had been too weak to walk from her manor to her summer house. He had given in to his inner predator when he should have stepped back and let logic guide his actions.

While penitence seeped into the heir’s eyes, his father grew tense. Not knowing Victoria like Vail did, Peter didn’t trust her to keep their secret. He watched her with a hardened gaze, as if silently warning her not to confess that it was his son who had sunk his fangs into her flesh. The Hygraces had agreed not to kill the humans they fed on, but they didn’t abstain from taking lives because they believed it was a sin. If Lord James discovered them, he would not hesitate to drain the physician to death to keep him from spreading word.

When she blamed Lord Spencer, both Hygraces relaxed. Vail studied the bottle of antibiotics doctor Walton presented with interest. It fascinated him how much effort humans put into maintaining their health. There seemed to be something about mortality that gave them the determination to create and invent and make life better for themselves and for the generations to follow. In his two centuries on Earth, he had seen countless examples of human ingenuity, the most recent being the telephone. He was sure the new invention would become widespread once all the lines were set up, since mortals liked to improve the speed of things like traveling and communicating. He supposed medical advancements were highly valued as well.

When the physician finished his work, Peter casted one more look at Vail and Victoria before he stepped over to the door. “I’ll return in a minute,” he forewarned them as he escorted Lord Walton out of the room.

The Hygrace heir knew what that meant. He avoided his father’s gaze until the clan leader closed the door behind him. When Peter returned, he was sure there was going to be a berating over his rebelliousness. His father wouldn’t let him off when it was obvious that he hadn’t kept his distance from Lady Crest. He sighed, sinking down in his plush armchair. At least Peter had found someone to tend to her.
In ~Bonsoir~ 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Your life is a roller coaster, huh? I hope you feel better! That sounds like a pain to deal with.

I was busy yesterday, but I can write my next post this morning ^^
It's fine! I've been busy all of yesterday and today, actually. Hope you enjoy your visitors! ^^
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I feel like cats always know who’s allergic xD Any time our friends visit who have allergies, Frosty gravitates to them. To be honest, I think dogs are better anyway!

Congrats! That’s a really good score ^^
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vail held his breath as he awaited Victoria’s answer. Even if the solution he had come up with turned out to be a feasible option, it would amount to nothing if she didn’t agree to go through with it. He knew that asking her to completely change her genetic makeup for him was a lot. She was a human being through and through, equipped with every blessing and curse that came with the species. Transforming into a vampire, if possible, wouldn’t just give her a set of fangs. She would have to learn how to live the way he and the rest of his kind did, coping with insatiable bloodlust in exchange for immortality. He couldn’t predict if she would adapt well to the change or loathe him forever for condemning her to such a fate. However, it was her body that would be put through the rigors of mutation, so he would leave the decision in her hands.

Even when she confirmed that she would do anything for him, he was tentative. It was easy to agree to something when one didn’t know the consequences. There was still a chance that she would change her mind when he explained what he was asking of her. He parted his lips to answer her question, but before he could speak a word, the sound of the front door caught his attention followed closely by the scent of his father. Their time alone was quickly coming to an end. “That, he is,” he sighed with audible disappointment. “I’ll tell you later…”

Glancing at the door, he considered their current position. If it was only Peter who would be coming upstairs to check on them, he might have stayed put by Victoria’s side. Unfortunately, there was an unfamiliar cologne in the air, which meant the clan leader wasn’t alone. He didn’t want to cause a scene by clinging to Lady Crest’s side while the physician treated her so, reluctantly, he pulled away from her feeble grasp and climbed down from the bed. There was no hiding the faint traces of his scent that lingered on the sheets where he had been laying, but at least the human visitor wouldn’t be privy to their unorthodox behavior.

“He brought a doctor with him,” he notified Victoria as he returned to the armchair by the window. Less than a minute passed before there was a knock on the door, and the two men entered. Peter looked between Vail and Victoria with an unreadable expression, but the Hygrace heir knew he was suspicious of what they had been doing in his absence. In contrast, the physician had a cordial look on his face as he approached the bed, oblivious to the tension between father and son.

“Ah, Lady Victoria, I presume?” he stepped up to her and smiled warmly. Though his field could be grim at times, he had a perfected bedside manner to keep his patients from dreading his visits. “My name is James Walton,” he went on. “Lord Clark told me you’re feeling ill, so I’m here to help you get back on your feet.”

Subtly, Vail glanced at Peter. Like he had done at her birthday party, his father was also keen to use an alias when he interacted with humans. It was safer, since it was difficult for the Order to figure out who they were connected to, and it took almost no effort to let the fake personas disappear when their eternally youthful faces outlived the name that had been attached.

James took notice of him in the next instant. “And you must be Peter’s brother,” he assessed. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of making your acquaintance.” He studied the vampire with interest. “Let me guess: Fraternal twins?”

“Five minutes apart,” Vail shrugged, playing along with the charade. He propped his elbow on the arm of his seat, resting his cheek against his fist in an apathetic manner. Since he and his father looked so close in age, it wasn’t the first time they had pretended to be twins to explain away their appearances. The lie had become second nature to both of them as they continued to use it for almost two centuries.

“Fascinating,” Doctor Walton mused before turning back to his assigned patient. “Lord Clark told me you may be septic, but I’m going to perform an exam to find out for myself. Do you mind if I take a look at you, My Lady?”
That's fine! Take your time ^^
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
She's the boss of the house for sure, haha. She's actually got a pretty severe anger issue (we think she suffered some trauma, since she was 5 years old when we adopted her and had two previous owners) but we love her anyway! We just warn guests not to touch her, because she can be hostile and we don't want her to hurt anyone.

I was busier than I expected today, but I got my post done! It finally crossed Vail's mind that he should look into human-vampire transformation.
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vail was unsurprised when Victoria answered his question with the declaration that she would fight back if she had to return to her family’s manor. He had known her long enough now to be familiar with her stubborn spirit. Part of him was relieved to hear that she hadn’t been broken by her trials yet, but another part of him was worried that her efforts wouldn’t be enough to stop Spencer. After all, vampires were the species at the top of the food chain. Hunting down and feeding on humans was what they were built to do. The Order had been founded to fight back against them, and they were arguably successful, but Lady Crest wasn’t a formal member of their ranks. She didn’t have the tricks or the training it took to fend off one of his kind.

As she explained that ‘fight’ really meant ‘flee to Scotland,’ he pulled back from her just enough to meet her gaze with a contemplative expression. Her mention of the Saint named Ray meant little to him. He was possessive, but he wasn’t completely controlling. The Wynters had been unapologetically pursuing her blood, but he didn’t think every man she encountered was someone he should be concerned about. Unless he suspected her new friend was after her too, he wouldn’t fret over her involvement with him. Instead, it was the detail of her leave from England that captured his attention.

Objectively, it sounded like the best decision. Her home was no longer safe, and his father would never allow her to continue seeking refuge in the Hygrace once she was healthy again. However, he was well beyond the point of objectivity. If she went away, he didn’t know what he would do. The thought of losing her was painful, but his family was planted in London. Even though he was going against Peter’s wishes by choosing to be with her, voluntarily separating himself from the rest of the Hygrace clan was practically unthinkable. He felt like he was being torn in two, tugged one way by his fledgling feelings for Victoria and another by his bond with his family. He wished there was a way for him to have both, so he wouldn’t have to give up either.

For a long moment, Vail said nothing. The wheels of his mind spun in fruitless circles as he tried to think of a way to hold onto everything that was important to him. It seemed impossible. If he left the city to be with a human, he was certain his father would disown him. In the same manner, he couldn’t keep her here because his family would never support his decision to involve himself romantically with a woman of a lesser species. He buried his face into her neck, letting out a frustrated exhale. The common denominator in both cases was that she was a human. If she had been a member of the Macey clan or even the Goddings or the Jewels, Peter would have been far less combative—

Suddenly, he furrowed his brows as another thought came to him. He hadn’t dredged up the memory in decades, but when he was still alive, Reginald had told him that their ancestors had originally populated Europe by transforming humans into vampires. The concept seemed outlandish to the Hygrace heir, but supposedly it was factual. Perhaps, if the ritual was still doable today, there was a way to keep Victoria from fleeing England after all. His kind didn’t drink the blood of their own, so the Wynters would lose interest in hunting her down, and his father couldn’t protest their budding relationship if she became a vampire.

With an ember of hope burning in his chest, Lord Hygrace regarded Victoria with new resolution. “What if you didn’t have to leave?” he asked slowly, studying her blue eyes in the bright afternoon light. “If there was a way for you to stay here… with me… what lengths would you go to do it?”
In ~Bonsoir~ 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
They're very cute! I grew up with labradors when I was a kid. I want to get a second dog this summer, so Kai will have a brother or a sister. Right now, he just tries to play with our cat, Frosty, and she hates it. She's a 7 year old Siamese/Tabby mix with a lot of attitude and little patience for puppies xD

I was doing a bit of cleaning around the house, but I can get started on my next post pretty soon!
In ~Bonsoir~ 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Thanks! He's a total mutt, but he's mostly cattle dog, Australian shepherd, and chow chow ^^ I call him an Aussie cattle chow. What kind of dog is Thea? Also feel free to send pictures if you have any. I love dogs too cx
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