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The best part about living in a house at age 20 is when salesmen come to the door and ask where your parents are, and you get to spring the whole "This is my place, bitch" line
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Note for my writing partners: I think the site says I'm online sometimes when I'm not because I have a tab open on my phone, so I might be ghosting occasionally
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YALL. I finally came up with an original idea for a novel that could be published. Time to find out whether or not I'm dedicated enough to writing to make it a career!
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Will be on less frequently now that the fall semester is starting up
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Hello, internet! My name is Taylor (you can call me by that or Summer) and I'm a veteran roleplayer of almost ten years. I'm 21, and I'm a full time university student, so I'm usually only able to write during my summer and winter breaks. Here's a little bit about what you can expect if you want to roleplay with me:

  • I only write at a high-casual/advanced level, so I expect my partners to do the same.
  • I'm willing to roleplay most genres, but I'm not a fan of fandoms. Sorry, but I always lose interest too quickly
  • My favorite genres are historical/medieval, horror, romance, comedy, and adventure
  • I roleplay both genders, but for some reason I prefer male characters (maybe it's my tomboyish tendencies)
  • I only do MxF pairings
  • I am over 18, so if a story turns 18+ I'm okay with that, but let's please tastefully fade to black
  • When the school semesters start up, I may disappear for a while, but I always come back in a few months to pick up where we leave off

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Why would someone want to hang out with people they don't get along with?
As soon as Crow woke up the next day, Hazel was at his side to find out how he was feeling. She prodded him for specifics, wanting to know exactly how he felt better or worse than the day before. However, as much as she tried to narrow down a reason for his sudden coughing fit yesterday, he couldn’t give her any clues that would explain why the medicine wasn’t helping. As far as he knew, he felt just as good today as he did before. He had woken up around midafternoon again and had very little fatigue. The only thing that was different was that he had a bit of soreness in his chest from what he guessed was another bruised rib. Aside from that, it was almost as if the coughing fit had never even happened.

Eventually, Hazel gave up and left him alone, and he headed outside to look for the others. As he walked along the riverbank, he found them lounging around the fallen tree where he had spent his evening two days ago. Simon was reading a book, while Rikki watched Alistair try to cast a fishing line he had picked up at a market. The thief didn’t have a rod. Instead, he simply wrapped one end of the string around the palm of his hand while he threw the other end into the water. It was an amusing sight.

Crow stepped over to sit beside Rikki, who greeted him with a smile. “How are you doing?” she asked, glancing him over as if trying to figure out the state of his health just by looking at him.

“Better,” he said simply, watching as Alistair attempted to cast his makeshift fishing line again. “Has he caught anything?”

“Nope,” Rikki snorted. “But he’s convinced that he’s going to catch us a fish dinner, and he said he won’t stop until he does.”

“Doesn’t he know fish are easiest to catch in the early morning?” Crow turned to her in amusement as he recalled when the fishermen in Farhill would go out on their boats. “He’s not going to catch anything in the middle of the day.”

“That’s not going to stop him from trying,” Rikki laughed. Leaning a bit closer to him, she lowered her voice, “I’d bet anything he’s going to get frustrated soon and go after them with his bare hands.”

“I’d enjoy seeing that,” Crow grinned, looking back at Alistair as the thief cursed and drew in his empty line again.

“That’s the only reason Simon and I are still hanging around,” Rikki snickered. “Although I’m not sure how much longer Simon will stay now that Hazel is done with you.” She glanced over her shoulder at the blonde thief. “He’s been waiting for her, so they can go off somewhere to be alone.”

“Really?” Crow raised a brow, glancing over his shoulder as well. “I honestly didn’t expect him to move that fast.”

“He really loves her,” Rikki sighed, resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

“It seems that way,” Crow nodded, turning back to her. “Although I never did take him as the type to sleep with a woman unless he really cares about her. In all the time we’ve been traveling together, I’ve never seen him sneak off to be with anyone.”

“Come to think of it, neither have I,” Rikki mused in agreement. She gave a small shudder. “Gods, either the man has the willpower of an ox, or he’s never slept with anyone before.”

Crow met her gaze and exchanged a look of surprise as they both made the connection at once. “Do you think—?”

“I’ve been living with him for a lot longer than you have, and even I’ve never seen him with anyone before,” Rikki shook her head. “I think she’s his first.”

Crow whistled softly, glancing furtively back at Simon, “Well, good for him, I suppose. I’m glad he found someone he thinks was worth the wait.”

“Me too,” Rikki agreed softly. As she spoke, her brown eyes wandered over Crow, and she bit her lip, looking away again with a faint blush on her cheeks. “We should take a walk,” she said suddenly. “Just to get away for a while.”

Crow looked back at her and frowned. “Darling, you know I can’t do that anymore,” he said quietly. “I’m faithful to Penelope now.”

“I know,” she met his gaze with a sly smile. “But no one else here knows that, and you said you don’t want them to figure it out, right? They’re going to find it suspicious if we suddenly stop sleeping together.” She leaned in a bit closer to him, keeping her voice low. “All we have to do is leave here together and they won’t know the difference. You get to keep your secret, and you’ll have me as a cover up if anyone starts to question you. It’s a win win.”

Crow shifted his weight, “I can’t ask you to do that for me.”

“Come on,” Rikki nudged him. “I’m offering. Besides, it will give me a chance to spend more time with you, which is the most I can get out of you these days.” Her smile faded slightly. “Now that I know our time is limited, I want to make the most of it while I still can.”

Crow held her gaze for a moment before giving a reluctant nod. “Alright,” he said. “If you’re certain you can handle it, then we can go for a walk together.” In the next moment, he chuckled softly, shaking his head. “You know, this is the first time we’ve ever said we were going on a walk and actually meant it.”

“Funny how times change,” Rikki murmured, averting her gaze to hide her wistful expression from him. However, it wasn’t long before she turned back to him with a grin, “Anyway, we should get going before Hazel comes and steals Simon away, or the whole point of this plan will be moot.”

Suddenly, they both jumped as Alistair cursed loudly and threw his fishing line aside. “That’s it,” he snarled. “I’m coming after you scaly bastards myself!” Haphazardly rolling up his pant legs, he stormed into the shallow water and plunged his hands in as he began trying to catch the fish by himself.

Crow and Rikki bursted out laughing at the sight. “Alright, I think that’s our cue to go,” Crow snickered, rising to his feet and offering Rikki a hand to stand up as well. He wanted their act to look believable, after all.

Their timing was perfect. As soon as Rikki was on her feet, Hazel walked up from the camp to collect Simon for their own retreat. Rikki glanced at them and laced her arm through Crow’s. “We’re going on a walk,” she said, smirking up at him coyly before returning her gaze to the others. “We’ll be back before dinner.”

“It’s about time you two made up,” Simon snorted, predictably assuming that ‘walk’ was an innuendo.

Hazel glanced between her suitor and the female thief before narrowing her eyes at Crow suspiciously. He gave a subtle shake of his head, silently praying she would understand his gesture and figure out it was all just a rouse. Considering the fact that she was supposed to be meeting with Penelope and the physician that night, he didn’t want her to go spreading any rumors that he had started hooking up with Rikki again.

Fortunately, Hazel seemed to pick up on it quickly enough. “Well, the same goes for us,” she said, wrapping her arms around Simon’s waist and looking up at him affectionately.

“Wait just a moment,” Alistair looked up at them all and frowned. “You’re all ditching me?”

“Looks like it,” Crow shrugged and then winked at him teasingly. “Good luck catching your fish.”

“I get it,” Alistair shot him a glare. “You all don’t think I can catch anything. Well, I’ll prove you wrong. Just wait—by dinnertime tonight, I’ll have caught enough fish to feed the whole lot of you!” As if to prove his point, he turned back to the river water and lunged at another trout that swam between his legs.

“You do that,” Rikki said blandly. Giving Crow’s arm a tug, she took the lead as they began walking into the woods. “Come on, let’s get out of here before he makes us join him in there.”

“No arguments here,” the thief nodded, hastily following after her as they headed away from the riverbank. Despite his words, he was quick to put distance between them and the others so he could distance himself from Rikki again as well. Even though he knew it was just an act, he felt uncomfortable about having her so close when he knew she still had feelings for him. If there was even the slightest chance that she would try to act on those feelings, he wanted to have a safe interval of space between them, so he could end it before anyone crossed any lines. He just hoped she was right that this trick would help him keep Simon and Alistair from ever realizing the truth about him and Penelope before the end of the war.


Around sunset after dinner, Hazel made her way through the forest to Myrefall. After being with Simon for the first time and having a pleasantly filling dinner—as expected, Alistair had only managed to catch one small fish, which he ate while the rest of the group enjoyed a hearty stew—she was in a much better mood coming into this meeting tonight. She was hardly even bothered by the fact that the two women she was going to meet with were of noble blood. As long as she and the physician managed to figure out what was wrong with the medicine she had been using on Crow, she had a feeling this wasn’t going to be such a terrible night.

When she reached the tavern, she found an empty table near the far-right corner of the room and sat down facing the door. Drumming her fingers impatiently on the wooden surface, she waited for the noblewomen to arrive so the meeting could begin.
Nice cx

Crow isn't doing quite as great as everyone thought
Crow spent most of the following day outside watching his companions spar in the clearing north of their camp. He had woken up in the midafternoon, a bit earlier than usual, which Hazel took as a sign that he was healing well inside. Between the success of the new medicine and her courtship with Simon, the herbalist was in a much better mood lately, and Crow found her more enjoyable to be around. She had stopped calling him insulting nicknames and prodding him about the ways he had hurt her in the past. Now, she treated him no differently than anyone else.

There was never a verbal communication between them about her change in attitude nor an apology for the way she had held a grudge against him for so long, but he didn’t care. As long as they were on good terms now, he could live without hearing her say she was sorry or that she had finally forgiven him for the past. As far as he was concerned, it was all water under the bridge.

The improvement in Hazel’s attitude wasn’t the only good change he noticed that day. For the first time in a while, Rikki had saved him a portion of lunch as well, which gave him hope that they would be able to restore their friendship too. He missed having her around to banter with during the day and looked forward to a time when they would be able to talk so casually again.

The thief leaned back against a tree with his arms folded over his chest as he watched Rikki and Alistair come at each other with swords. He stood next to Simon and Hazel, who sat across from each other in the grass having their own conversation. They held hands and stared into each other’s eyes as they chatted and exchanged ‘I love you’s, occasionally leaning in to kiss during breaks in their discussion.

After a while of enduring their affectionate behavior, Crow rolled his eyes. “You two are disgusting, you know that?” he wrinkled his nose as they kissed again.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Hazel turned to him with a sarcastic smirk. She leaned in closer to Simon and went on in an intentionally loud whisper, “Sounds like someone’s jealous.”

“I am not jealous,” Crow snorted, averting his gaze. “I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of how nauseating you both are.” In truth, their mushy, lovestruck behavior reminded him of how much he longed to see Penelope again. It had been almost two weeks since the last time they had been together, and he missed her quite a bit. But, of course, he would never admit such a thing to Hazel.

“This is nothing,” Hazel grinned at him wryly and then turned back to her suitor. “Come on, Simon. Let’s show him just how ‘disgusting’ we can be.” She moved from where she was sitting to kiss the thief passionately, leaning into him until he fell backwards, and they were laying on top of each other in the grass.

“Real classy, guys,” Crow scoffed. Hazel raised a hand to shoot him a rude gesture, and he shook his head, turning back to watch the rest of Rikki and Alistair’s fight. He managed to catch the tail end of it just before Alistair pinned Rikki against a tree with his blade pointed at her ribcage, and she was forced to admit defeat.

Now finished with their sparring match, the two made their way over to the others to take a break. “We’re out,” Alistair panted, flopping down against the trunk of a tree. “Who wants to go next?”

“I’d offer,” Crow shrugged. “But apparently I’m still not allowed to fight.” He shot Hazel an accusative look.

“That’s right,” she said, meeting his gaze evenly as she smoothed down her dress. “No sparring for you until we know you’re healed.”

“I feel fine,” he muttered under his breath. However, he didn’t bother to argue with her since he knew she was too stubborn to cave.

“So, are we done here?” Alistair looked between them.

“Well,” Simon spoke up, glancing at Hazel. “You and I could go a round. I wanted to teach you a few tricks, remember?”

“Right,” she grinned at him challengingly. “Because you don’t think I can hold my own in a fight.”

“That’s not it,” Simon said in hasty defense. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just think I could teach you some things, that’s all.”

“Oh, so you don’t think I could hold my own in a fight against you?”

“Well…” Simon shifted his weight awkwardly.

“That’s it,” Hazel rose to her feet and turned to Rikki. “Give me that sword. I’m going to teach my lover boy here a thing or two about how a real woman fights.”

Rikki whistled and handed her blade off to the herbalist. She leaned over to Crow and Alistair and murmured with a smirk, “I have never been more excited to see Simon get his ass kicked in my life.”

“Wanna put some money on this?” Alistair grinned at her. “Five gold coins says Simon wins.”

“I’ll take some of that action,” Crow jumped in. “Ten on Hazel.”

The three thieves finished placing their bets on who would win the match and then turned back to watch as Simon and Hazel began sparring in the middle of the clearing. Alistair sat back against the tree trunk while Crow and Rikki stood nearby. The female thief turned to him with a curious smile, “I wasn’t expecting you to put your money on Hazel. What makes you think she’s going to win?”

“I’ve known her for a long time,” he said, glancing at her slyly. “She’s a terrible fighter, but Simon is too love-struck not to let her win.”

“Sneaky,” she laughed. “Well, I hope your right about that, because otherwise, Alistair is going to get all of our gold.”

“I know I’m right,” he shrugged cockily. “Alistair isn’t going to get so much as a copper coin out of us.”

Rikki looked up at him and then sighed softly, “I missed this.”

“Me too,” he agreed, glancing down to meet her gaze.

Rikki looked over her shoulder at Alistair for a moment and then shifted to stand closer to Crow. “I’ve been wondering,” she whispered, keeping her voice down so the other thief wouldn’t overhear her. “When you said you had plans to be with Penelope after the war… do those plans have us in the picture too?” She frowned as she held his gaze searchingly.

Crow averted his eyes uncomfortably. “Not exactly,” he answered her in a low voice. “I’m worried that she won’t be accepted here. Simon and Hazel are openly hostile to nobles, I have no idea what Alistair would do, and…” he glanced at her again. “Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable having her around after everything that’s happened between us?”

“Maybe,” she frowned. “But I’d rather have her around if it means I won’t have to lose you.”

“I don’t want to lose you either—any of you,” he exhaled. “But it’s not that easy. We want to settle down together, and we can’t do that if we’re living with a band of thieves.”

“Oh,” Rikki lowered her gaze. She fell quiet for a moment in contemplative silence before looking up again with a halfhearted smile. “Well, I guess I just need to make the most of our time while I still have you, huh?”

“I guess so,” he mirrored her expression.

In the next moment, Crow blinked in surprise as he felt a familiar tingling sensation in his chest. Before he had a chance to react, he doubled over as another coughing fit wracked his body. He leaned against a nearby tree and covered his mouth with one hand as the metallic taste of blood wetted his tongue.

“Crow?” Rikki’s eyes widened and moved quickly to his side, resting a hand on his back. She inhaled sharply as she caught sight of the crimson droplets seeping between his fingers. “Hazel!” she called frantically. “Something’s wrong with Crow!”

The herbalist froze mid swing at the sound of Rikki’s panicked voice and turned to see what was going on. When she saw that the thief was having another episode, she cursed under her breath and dropped her sword, hurrying over to his other side.

“What’s going on?” Alistair knitted his brow worriedly and climbed to his feet.

“It looks like he’s not as healed as we thought,” Hazel grumbled, muttering another short string of curses as she looked him over.

“Will he be alright?” Rikki asked.

“Should be,” Hazel nodded. “This isn’t the first time this has happened. He just has to ride it out until it passes.”

Surrounded by all of his companions, Crow felt a wave of self-consciousness as the coughing fit dragged on. He silently pleaded for it to stop, hating how weak he looked whenever it happened. Fortunately, the tightness in his chest faded again not long after it began, and he was left panting as he caught his breath against the tree.

“Are you okay?” Rikki said as she rubbed his back.

“I’m fine,” he said breathily. Pulling his hand away from his mouth, he felt a pang of worry as he saw how much blood he had coughed up this time. He glanced at Hazel, who had a concerned look on her face as she took note of the amount on his hand as well.

“It looks like this new medicine has stopped your fatigue, but it isn’t stopping whatever keeps causing that to happen,” the herbalist mused, gesturing to his stained palm. “I’ll have to figure out why that is, but for now, let’s get back to the camp so you can rest.”

Crow nodded, feeling a bit tired from the toll the coughing fit had taken on him. He bent down to drag his hand across the grass and wipe off the blood. Straightening his posture again, he joined the others as they all headed back to the tunnels, finished sparring for the day.
Crow and Rikki are finally starting to repair their relationship cx
The evening of the following day, Crow awoke feeling even better than he had the day before. He was sure of it now: the medicine Hazel was using on him was finally working. He felt a rush of excitement as he managed to sit up on his bed without much trouble. It felt like his strength was finally coming back to him as well. Leaning back on the palms of his hands, he looked down at his legs and rolled his ankles thoughtfully. He wanted to try to stand on his own today. It had been a week since the last time he had been able to move without help, and the thought of being able to do so again was thrilling.

Just as he began to brace himself to try, he heard Hazel’s voice. “Still feeling better, huh?” she said with a pleased look as she made her way over to him.

“Much, actually,” he nodded. “I was going to try standing.”

“Great,” Hazel glanced back over her shoulder and gestured for Simon to come over. Turning back to Crow, she explained with a shrug, “I can’t catch you if you go down, so he agreed to make sure you don’t fall on your face for me.”

Crow nodded again, unbothered by Simon’s presence. He felt confident that he would be able to stand, but it was nice to have a backup just in case something went wrong. After all, he didn’t want to fall and risk reopening the wound in his leg. On top of being painful by itself, it would make it more difficult for him to try getting up again in the future. He didn’t need any more barriers to an already strenuous task.

Once he was ready to try, the thief braced his legs and forced himself to slowly rise from the ground. The effort was taxing, but he managed to stand up and remain on his feet without any help from Simon. His heartbeat quickened in excitement as he realized what he had just done. For the first time in a week, he could move without asking anyone to support him. That meant no more being trapped in bed, no more uncomfortable assisted walks to the bathroom, and best of all, no more being confined to the tunnels. He could finally go outside on his own to simply enjoy being out of the cavern.

“Looks like you’re doing much better,” Hazel looked him over clinically as she made notes in her journal. “I don’t see any shaking or other signs of weakness.” She looked up to meet his gaze and grinned. “If you keep up with his pace, you’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“Thank gods,” Crow sighed. “I can’t wait to be done with all of this.”

“It will be good to have you back,” Simon agreed with a shake of his head. “Trying to keep Alistair and Rikki under control is exhausting. I don’t know how you’ve managed to do it for so long.”

“Who knows?” Crow shrugged, biting back a laugh. He was sure that Alistair and Rikki were just giving Simon a hard time to mess with him, since he was such an easy target. However, in the spirit of not ruining the wily thieves’ fun, he didn’t want to tell him the truth. Glancing toward the entrance of the cave, he went on to change the subject, “Since I don’t need help walking anymore, I’m going outside.”

“Alright,” Hazel said. “Just don’t go far. You may be alright for now, but I want you to stay within shouting distance in case you need help.”

“I will,” he agreed. Tipping his head to them in a curt goodbye, he made his way to the entrance of the cave, taking the trip slowly so he wouldn’t tire himself out while also relishing the feeling of being able to walk at all.

He circled around the edge of the waterfall and headed towards a fallen tree by the edge of the riverbank. When he reached it, he sat down and closed his eyes, dangling his legs over the water serenely. It was the first time in a while that he’d had this much hope about being cured of his illness, but with a medicine that was finally working, he felt confident that he would make it.

His enthusiasm wavered slightly as the memory of his mother came suddenly to his mind. He wished he had thought to have someone try to treat her back then, but being young and naïve, the idea had never even crossed his mind. He opened his eyes again to watch the river flow over the tumbled stones below his feet. It seemed unfair that he would be the one to survive the illness that took her life. His mother had been a kind and selfless woman who cared about the people of the outer villages just as much as he did, if not more. Part of him wished there was some way he could switch places with her, to offer his life in exchange to bring her back. Having empathy and a sense of what people needed—two qualities he lacked—she probably would have done more for the peasants of Brerra than he ever did. If she had lived and he had not, the people of the outer villages probably would have been better off.

He sighed, picking absently at the moss on the tree he was sitting on. He knew that such thoughts, however wistful they may be, were pointless. His mother had been gone for over a decade now, and nothing was going to change that. Besides, even if he couldn’t help the villagers the same way she would have, it wasn’t like his life was meaningless. He had done quite a bit for them in his own way, and there was no denying that they were better off for it. He wasn’t his mother, but he would do his best to emulate her values and protect the peasants of Brerra.

Tossing a ball of moss into the river, he smiled softly to himself as Penelope’s face appeared in his mind. Putting everything to do with the villagers aside, she was the one who gave his life more purpose than anything or anyone else. She was also the reason why he had even sought Hazel out in the first place. He wanted to live, not just for himself, but also for her. He wanted the life they dreamed about when the war was over.

Crow was so caught up in his introspective thoughts that he almost didn’t notice the sound of someone moving to sit next to him on the log. He looked up and blinked in surprise to see that it was Rikki. The female thief had her dark eyes fixed on the water as she took a moment to think before finally speaking up, “Hazel told me you were doing better.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, shifting his weight slightly. Given how tense things had been between them lately, he wasn’t sure what else to say to her.

“I’m glad,” she said in a soft voice that caught him off guard. Pausing again, she tightened her lips slightly. “Look, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I’ve come to a conclusion.”

Crow glanced at her curiously. He recalled that Rikki had said she had a lot of thinking to do after she had found out about him and Penelope, but he had thought she would take much longer to approach him. Not wanting to make any assumptions, he remained quiet as he waited for her to explain what her decision was.

“I’m still hurt that you would have lied to me like that,” she said after a moment. “But I know you were just trying to handle this in your own way, and I know you weren’t trying to hurt me. I can’t stay mad at you for something you didn’t intentionally do, especially when I saw how upset you were when I told you I was hurt.” Looking up, she finally met his gaze. “I can’t promise that things will be the same between us… honestly, they probably won’t, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m not angry anymore.”

Crow stared at her as he took a moment to process everything she had just said. When he was done, he offered her a smile, “Thanks. I’m still really sorry I hurt you, love, but I’m glad we can start to move forward from this.” He reached out to wrap one arm around her shoulders, pulling her to his side in a brief embrace.

“Me too,” Rikki smiled softly as well, but the expression soon disappeared, and she lowered her gaze again.

Crow frowned as he watched her. It was easy to tell that she was thinking about how he was never going to be with her the way she wanted. She had come to a conclusion in her head, but her broken heart had yet to catch up. He removed his arm from her shoulders and dropped his hand in his lap. “I may not be able to return the feelings you have for me, but I’m still your friend,” he said quietly. “That’s not going to change.”

“I know,” Rikki took a calming breath. “It’s just going to take some time for me to accept that.”

“Of course,” he nodded. “Take as much time as you need.”

“Thank you,” she murmured. Another brief moment of silence fell between them, and then she moved to stand up. “Dinner is going to be ready soon,” she said, casting him a quick glance. “If you want some, you should come back before Alistair eats your portion.”

“He’d better not try,” Crow snorted. “Now that I’m feeling better, I’ll fight him for it.”

Rikki cracked a small smile as she turned to leave, “I’ll be sure to pass along the warning. See you there, Crow.”

“See you,” he said, looking back at the river as she walked off. He spent a little while longer by the water’s edge, taking some time to relish how good of a day it had been, before he finally rose to his feet and headed back to the camp to join his companions the for dinner.
That's good xD Does your whole family watch, or just you two?
If you liked the first season, you'll definitely like the rest. Imo, the first season wasn't great, but it really picks up in the second

No worries! I was watching the new Fantastic Beasts movie with my husband, so I just got home before you posted ^^
When Crow woke up the next day, he yawned and rolled onto his back, reaching his arms over his head in a long stretch. He didn’t feel quite as terrible as he normally did when he rose this time. Aside from the ache in his wounded leg and a kink in his right shoulder—he guessed he had probably slept on it funny—he actually felt somewhat decent for once. His heartbeat quickened in excitement as he remembered the new medicine Hazel had given him the night before. Had she finally found something that worked?

Eager to test it out, he moved to sit up. However, he immediately regretted the decision when a sharp burst of dizziness forced him to squeeze his eyes shut. Clutching his head in one hand, he breathed slowly until it passed. It appeared that, even if the medicine had had some effect on him, it wasn’t healing him that quickly. He still couldn’t move very much without tiring himself out. Regardless, he was ecstatic to think that his slight improvement had been caused by the herbalist’s new remedy.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you sit up in a couple days,” Hazel’s voice caught his attention as she walked over from the other side of the camp. The red-haired woman grinned at him, “I take it you’re feeling better?”

“A bit,” Crow nodded, looking up at her as she sat down beside him. “What time is it?”

“Early evening,” she answered, smoothing out her dress over her crossed legs. “But even if you start to get better, I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. You need a lot of rest to recover from this.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” he shrugged absently, flexing his hand as he observed the reaction of his muscles. It wasn’t much, but he could tell that his reflexes were slightly faster than before.

“How exactly are you feeling better?” Hazel asked, pulling out her journal and quill. “I need to make some notes, so I can keep refining your medicine.”

“Let’s see,” Crow glanced up at the cave ceiling in thought. “I woke up feeling more well-rested, and I don’t feel as tired as I usually do right now—at least, I don’t feel tired mentally. I still doubt I’d be able to stand up on my own.”

“Care to try?”

“I don’t think so,” he shook his head. “At least, not today. Just sitting up by myself was almost enough to take me down again.”

“Alright,” the herbalist scribbled down a few more notes and then closed her book. “I’m glad this medicine seems to be affecting you, because I’ve already got another batch ready for you tonight.” Reaching into her bag once more, she withdrew the container and handed it to him. “Let’s just hope it keeps working.”

“Hear hear,” Crow raised the jar to his lips and drained it of its contents. Once he had finished, he wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Gods, you actually kept your word yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Hazel winked at him mischievously. “You didn’t think I would actually let you get away with that attitude of yours, did you?”

“Lesson learned,” he coughed. “That was rancid.”

“I’m pleased you think so,” Hazel smirked.

Crow rolled his eyes and then met her gaze again as another thought came to him, “By the way, do you mind switching out my bandages again? The ones I’m wearing now have been on for a few days, and they’ve started to chafe.”

“Sure,” she retrieved a roll of fresh bandages from her bag. Working efficiently, she switched out the old wrapping on his leg for a new one. Once she was done, she put away her supplies and stood up to rejoin the others at the fire for dinner. Before she could leave, the thief spoke up again.

“One more thing,” he started.

“You’re expecting quite a few favors from me today, hmm?” Hazel quirked a brow at him.

“I would do these things for myself, but, you know,” Crow gestured to his own body in reference to the illness. “Anyway, could you help me up? I want to eat with you and the others, since I haven’t been able to in so long.”

“I guess,” she shrugged and offered him a hand to stand up.

“Thanks,” he said as he took her hand and rose unsteadily to his feet. Once he was up, he moved quickly to lean an open palm against the wall for support. Using the wall to stay upright, he followed Hazel over to the fireplace to enjoy a social dinner with his companions before he would go to bed that night.
That's cool that you have that in common though cx
My fam never liked the shows I like, but to be fair, I mostly rewatch sitcoms lol
Speaking of which, my husband and I were watching New Girl last night, which was why I couldn't reply ^^;
It's such a well written show. I love it

That's a good song! It fits really well
The following day, Crow awoke late as usual. He opened his eyes and looked around the camp dazedly, trying to remember when he had fallen asleep. Having wanted to hear about the results of Hazel’s meeting with Penelope and that physician, he had tried to stay up and wait for her to return the night before. Apparently, that hadn’t happened.

He sighed and rolled over on his bed. From what he could see, it looked like all of his companions had gone out again for the day, so if he wanted to hear anything from Hazel, he would have to wait for her to come back from wherever it was she had gone. He shifted impatiently, the motion causing his injured leg to smart in response. He grimaced and made a mental note to ask the herbalist to change out the bandages for him later as well. In their focus on his illness, the wound had gone somewhat forgotten.

It didn’t take long before boredom began to set in. He rolled over again and let out his breath in a long exhale, toying with the idea of going back to sleep. There was no telling how long it would be before Hazel returned, and he had nothing to do until then. However, before he even had a chance to close his eyes, he felt his chest tighten, a familiar indication that he was going to have another coughing fit. Not again, he groaned inwardly. Ever since he had reached the third phase of the illness, the Myrefall herbalist’s medicine no longer worked to suppress the episodes.

In the next moment, he doubled over as the fit seized his body. Unable to do anything to fight it, he didn’t bother to try. Instead, he simply waited for it to pass, enduring the pain it triggered deep in his chest. That was another change he had noticed recently. Before, the coughing fits had been uncomfortable, but they had never caused him anything more than some bruising on his ribs, and even that had only happened once or twice when the episodes had been especially bad. But now, it felt like they were tied to something worse.

Dark scarlet droplets spattered the cave floor as the cough drew blood at last. Soon after, it finally passed, and he was able to lay his head down again. “Damn it,” he muttered, closing his eyes and breathing heavily from the exertion. He had been hoping the last medicine Hazel had made for him would be the one, but apparently it hadn’t worked either. It was getting harder to hold onto the hope that there was even a cure for his disease out there at all.

The metallic taste of blood lingered unpleasantly on his tongue, and the thief spat on the ground in a vain attempt to get rid of it. Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps echo near the entrance of the cavern, and he glanced up to see that Hazel had returned. The herbalist walked over to him with her bag of supplies and sat down, knitting her brow in a concerned frown as she looked him over. “It happened again, huh?” she mused as she set down her things.

“Yeah,” Crow sighed. He met her gaze curiously. “How’d you know?” The sleeping area of the cave was shadowed in darkness, so he doubted she had noticed the blood on the ground so quickly.

Hazel tapped the corner of her mouth, and the thief blinked. He reached up to drag the back of his hand across his mouth, wiping away the blood from his lip.

“Well, hopefully that’ll be the last time,” Hazel said with a smirk. “I’ve got a new medicine for you that I have a good feeling about.”

“So, I take it your meeting last night went well?” he raised a brow, finally able to ask the question that had been on his mind all day.

“Surprisingly, yes,” the herbalist nodded. “As much as I hate to admit it, that physician knows her stuff. She gave me a few herbs that I included in your next batch of medicine.” She reached into her bag and withdrew the usual jar, handing it over to him. “Try this.”

Crow propped himself up on his elbows and took the container from her. Popping off the top, he lifted it to his lip and tilted his head back to down the whole thing. When it was empty, he looked down at the empty jar with a thoughtful expression, “Huh.”


“This one didn’t taste nearly as bad,” he said, glancing up at her. “It’s kind of like mint.”

“That would be the motherwort,” Hazel explained. “It’s one of the herbs that noble gave me. I added a lot of it, since she said it’s effective at healing the heart.”

“Well, I hope it does the job on me,” he said as he handed the empty container back to her. “I’d much rather take this than that bitter stuff you were giving me before.”

Hazel rolled her eyes. “Well excuse me for not making you a draught you enjoy,” she drawled sarcastically. “I was too busy trying to find ingredients that will actually heal you.”

“I’ll forgive you if you keep bringing me medicines like this,” he grinned at her teasingly.

“Just for that, I’m going to be sure your next one is extra bitter,” she snorted, rising to her feet.

“Oh, come on,” Crow rolled his eyes. “I was only kidding.”

“Too late,” the herbalist said with a wry smirk. “Consider this payback for all the attitude you’ve been giving me lately, snake.” With that, she turned and headed toward the fireplace, where the other thieves who had just gotten back to the camp were beginning to gather.

“Me and my big mouth,” Crow muttered, shaking his head. He laid back down on his bed and rolled over to face the wall. Regardless of how Hazel prepared the medicine to taste, he was glad that she finally seemed to be on the right track to finding a cure for his illness. He closed his eyes, eager to fall asleep so he could find out if the draught was working in the morning.
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