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If I ever say 'goodnight' and you see me online later, it doesn't mean that I lied, it just means that I failed.
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I honestly just like most of the characters in this RP xD

Crow managed to get John to loosen up with him just a little cx
Like the walk to the training grounds, the trip to the bathhouse was spent in what Crow found to be uncomfortable silence. John seemed content with it though, so he stilled his tongue from interrupting the quiet with any unnecessary small talk. Instead, he let his mind wander to other things, such as the curiosity of what had possessed him to invite the knight to take a bath with him in the first place. As past experience had proven, they had little to nothing in common, and the only time the older man seemed interested in speaking with him was when he had something critical to say. The more he thought about it, the more he was starting to think there was no way this was going to end well.

So, by the time they reached the bathhouse, Crow’s mood waned, and he began to find the silence between them to be more pleasant, knowing that the alternative would have been worse.

As usual, the noblemen who were already in the pool wrinkled their noses at the sight of the former thief and hurried their attendants along to finish washing them before he got in the water. Crow paid them no mind as he stepped aside to strip off his grass stained clothes. Partially, he had been hoping that one of the other men might recognize John and strike up a conversation so he wouldn’t have to. But, of course, they were all too busy avoiding sharing their bathwater with a former peasant to pay any attention to his company.

The viceroy set his clothes down in a pile away from the water, wincing slightly as the effort of leaning over caused the bruises on his torso to smart. Suddenly more eager to get into the warm water, he turned back around to find that John had also just finished removing his armor and underclothes and was wading in ahead of him. He was a bit surprised that the knight had undressed faster, especially since he’d been wearing more layers, but he supposed he must have been moving more slowly because he was sore.

Casting the unimportant thought aside, he stepped over to the edge of the pool and climbed down into it. The water instantly soothed his aching muscles, and he sighed in relief. Leaning his head back against the side, he closed his eyes as he let the warmth relax him. This was definitely a better way to unwind after a sparring match than the old ways he’d used to lick his wounds in the outer villages. Even if he’d been lucky enough to take a nap, he’d always woken up feeling sore and lethargic afterward. Compared to that, the bath was a marvelous change.

Crow had expected the silence to last until he parted ways with John, so he was caught off guard when the knight broke it.

“You think too much,” John said, looking at him from across the pool.

The viceroy nearly scoffed. What else was there to do but think when talking would just make him look like a bigger fool? He was about to make the sardonic suggestion that Penelope’s father should come up with something else for them to do if he wasn’t allowed to speak or think, but didn’t get the chance before John continued.

“In battle.”

Now it made more sense.

“You either get too lost in your head or you give in completely to impulse,” the knight analyzed. “You’re going to need to learn how to trust your instincts if you want to improve as a swordsman.”

“So I’ve been told,” Crow rested his arm on the edge of the pool, reminded of Penelope’s same advice to him in Younis. He’d thought he had improved since then, but maybe he hadn’t.

John grunted and fell back into silence. Crow watched him curiously. The knight’s sudden urge to correct him made him wonder. Until now, he’d thought the older man was content with the quiet between them, but perhaps he wanted to talk after all. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to start a conversation that doesn’t involve chiding someone, the realization struck him suddenly.

Taking a chance, he decided to take the liberty of speaking up. “Have you taught many knights before?” he asked. “You seem to be an experienced teacher.”

John turned back to him. “I taught my children,” he answered curtly, then paused before adding. “Despite the overthinking, you do have some talent as a fighter.”

“Thanks,” Crow blinked. Though it had been a little backhanded, that was the most flattering thing the knight had ever said to him. Relaxing a bit more, he grinned at the other man, “You’re not so bad, yourself.”

“I’ve been in this profession nearly twice as long as you’ve been alive,” John said, clearly missing the humor in the viceroy’s words.

Crow rolled his eyes, tempted to prod at the knight some more. Thinking better of it, he said simply: “It shows.”

John grunted again, and for a moment, Crow thought their brief conversation was coming to an end. However, the older man surprised him once more by going on.

“It’s unusual for the king to have you incorporate fighting into your studies so soon,” he said, eyeing the viceroy carefully. “Do you have any idea why he’s rushing your education?”

Crow lifted his gaze to the ceiling in thought. He hadn’t realized his father had been rushing anything, but now that he thought about it, Albin was hurrying him to learn all the skills he needed as soon as possible. “I think I do,” he admitted, meeting John’s gaze with a frown. Though he was hesitant to share what he knew of the king’s plans, this knight was Penelope’s father. The older man should know about the potential opposition standing in his daughter’s way.

He casted a quick look around to make sure they were alone—the other noblemen had long since fled the bathhouse when they had arrived—before he explained in a low voice: “My father told me he’s planning to send me to Gorm as soon as he deems me ready for the journey. He wants me to negotiate with the Gorman king to form an alliance in the war against Younis, so he can conquer their land with overwhelming numbers.” He sighed, leaning back against the wall of the pool. “Apparently his council agreed it was the best decision, and he sounded pretty certain that it was the course of action they’re going to take.”

“I see,” John mused, knitting his brows. “Well, you still have much to learn. There’s still time.”

“Mmh,” Crow shrugged, not quite as confident. He may have had a lot to learn, but he had already demonstrated to his father that he was a quick learner. It wouldn’t take him very long to cover everything he was supposed to know. He couldn’t intentionally slow down either. Albin was sharp. He would notice if his son’s performance took a sudden dip. The best they could hope for was that Penelope would outpace him in her efforts to garner support from the other high-ranking nobles in the kingdom.

Crow and John passed the rest of the time by speaking more with each other. By the end of it, the viceroy felt like he’d gotten Penelope’s father to warm up to him at least a little. The knight didn’t seem quite as tense, but it was hard to tell if it was because of his efforts or because of the soothing effects of the pool. Either way, he felt good about how the exchange had gone and was hopeful that he could convince the older man to see that he was responsible enough to court his daughter.

Once they were done bathing, Crow got out of the water and dried himself with a towel that he’d found near the edge of the room before putting his clothes back on. His tunic and trousers were still dirty, but at least he wasn’t covered in sweat and mud anymore. Plus, the ache of his bruises had faded to just a mild annoyance. Overall, he was feeling much better by the time he and John were ready to head to the Great Hall for supper.
Oh no xD

I really like Crow's interactions with John lol
Crow discovered quickly that John was on a different level than the knights he’d fought with in the past.

As the older man had said, the first thing he focused on was teaching the viceroy the basics of sword fighting, which Crow also discovered that he had been lacking in. John walked him patiently through a number of different moves that the former thief had some grasp of, but had never properly learned. Since he had taught himself by watching knights from a distance and sparring against them while drunk, there were quite a few gaps in his knowledge. He was grateful that John didn’t get short with him as he fumbled through the process of breaking down his old habits and replacing them with new ones.

He also found himself impressed with John’s skill with a sword. The knight demonstrated every move with the grace and poise of a much younger man—a stark contrast compared to his own messy performance—and matched him for every stroke when the viceroy practiced sparring against him. His experience was evident, and Crow wondered just how many battles he had seen to have come so far in his work. The scar on the older man’s face certainly told a tale of a long and dangerous past. However, he was still too stiff around him to ask about it.

Once John felt that Crow had progressed enough, they moved on to real sparring. This was where the former thief really learned how formidable the knight could be in a fight. Even though he could tell Penelope’s father was holding back a bit, the older man certainly didn’t restrain himself from striking hard whenever he slipped past his student’s defense. It was “incentive,” he claimed, to persuade the viceroy to try harder at keeping him from landing a blow.

Crow had a feeling it was revenge for a certain night two weeks ago.

By the end of the last match, he found himself lying on his back in the grass, breathing heavily from the exertion of fending off John’s relentless attacks. Every part of him ached, and he knew he was going to be covered in bruises and welts by suppertime. One spot on his left side was especially sore from a swipe the knight had taken just below his ribcage.

Meanwhile, John stood nearby, unafflicted. As hard as Crow had tried, he’d only managed to cut through the older man’s defense one time. Even then, he had barely nicked his arm before the knight had wrenched his wooden weapon from his hand and delivered a prod to his collar that was going to leave another welt.

John’s stamina was surprising too. He was barely panting by the end of the fight. Crow had an idea why though. As they sparred, he had noticed that the knight conserved energy by minimizing his movements. While he had been swinging his own sword wildly about in the hopes of landing a blow by chance, every motion John made had been carefully calculated. The older man swung his blade half as much, yet inflicted ten times as much damage. His skills inspired the viceroy to get better with the weapon, so he might one day stand on equal footing with him on the battlefield.

“Get up,” John said, looking down at his student with a critical frown and gesturing with his sword. “You’re the king’s viceroy now, Collin. Have some honor.”

“My honor,” Crow grumbled without moving. “Left with my dignity when you poked me with that thing in the ass.”

Off to the side, he heard a couple knights snicker, and he shot them an icy glare. He knew they had seen it happen. Once word had gotten out that the thief-turned-noble, Lockton, was going to be learning to fight under Vermillion’s tutelage, men from the barracks had gathered to watch the spectacle. He was certain they had found it amusing when Penelope’s father had struck him in the rear, or when he had knocked him off his feet, or when he had disarmed him, or any other point in their sparring, really. He’d done a pretty pathetic job of fighting back.

“You can’t just throw a fit every time you feel embarrassed,” John criticized him sternly. “Now get up. You’re acting like a child.”

Crow set his jaw, prepared to argue that he would get up when he felt like it, but then thought better of it. Reminding himself that he wanted this man to like him, he reluctantly climbed to his feet and picked up his wooden sword. “I’m done sparring though,” he announced, deciding to draw his boundaries somewhere while he still could.

John didn’t seem to mind. “Very well,” he agreed.

The two replaced their weapons with the rest of the knights’ supplies, and Penelope’s father eyed over the grass in Crow’s clothes and hair. “You might consider a bath before supper,” he suggested in the usual manner that implied he was giving an order.

Crow glanced down at himself, taking note of the dirt he’d collected from rolling around on the ground. After the recent rainstorm, the dirt had been moist and clung to his skin like sap. “I might,” he shrugged. Though he would never admit it out loud, he really did like the idea of going back to the bathhouse. The warm water would feel heavenly on his bruises, and it would be a pleasant way to wind down after an afternoon of sparring.

Deciding it was a good choice, the viceroy turned to head back to the castle but then wavered. He glanced over his shoulder as John made his way toward to knights’ barracks. An idea crossed his mind that made him shift his weight uncomfortably, and he bit his lip. Even though he didn’t like it, he couldn’t dismiss it either. I’m probably going to regret this…

“Why don’t you come with me?” Crow called to the knight. As John turned around with a surprised look, he averted his gaze. He wasn’t sure what he thought he was going to gain from inviting Penelope’s father to the bathhouse, but he knew he’d wanted to make the offer. Perhaps it was a bit of a desperate move, but he wanted the older man to see that he was worthy of courting his daughter. Maybe he would find an opportunity to do that with this gesture, or maybe he would just make an even bigger fool of himself somehow, but the only way to find out for sure was to make the venture.

John studied him for a moment before he replied, “The bathhouse in the castle is for higher ranking men than myself.”

“I don’t care,” Crow insisted. “I’m inviting you. And besides,” he smiled at the knight amusedly. “The other men here like you better than they like me, so I doubt anyone would complain.”

John paused again before he finally nodded, “Fine.”

“Great,” Crow waved his hand in a beckoning gesture and waited for the knight to fall in step beside him before he turned and headed back to the palace to get cleaned up before supper.
Same cx
Crow is too cocky for his own good xD
Crow watched Penelope walk away with a frown, wishing again that he could have had more time with her during breakfast. Gods knew he needed it after the morning he’d had. Unfortunately, it seemed that they had to go their separate ways once again as their lives in the castle diverged. He let out a quiet sigh. Nobility was so much busier than peasant life. He missed being able to live by his own rules on his own time. Compared to the freedom he had before, being a viceroy nearly felt strangling.

“Ready to go?” John grunted, his tone implying that his words were more of a command than a question.

Drawn from his thought, Crow turned to the knight and shrugged, “I suppose so.”

Of course, Penelope’s father said nothing in response. Instead, he wordlessly led the way out of the Great Hall, leaving the viceroy to follow in his wake.


The walk to the training grounds was uncomfortable, to say the least. Neither Crow nor John spoke a word as their traveled to the palace courtyard, where the former assumed his training session was going to take place that day. On the way, he was torn between leaving the silence between them unbroken and starting up some small talk, mostly for his own peace of mind. However, the latter choice won out, since he decided it would be even more uncomfortable to talk for the sake of hearing his own voice when the knight struck him as the type of man who enjoyed a good, long quiet. So, he spent the entirety of the short trip biting his tongue to keep from giving Penelope’s father any more reason to dislike him.

Only when they arrived in an open, flat area near the knights’ barracks outside did John finally break the silence.

“You’ll start with sword fighting,” the knight announced in his usual oh-so-friendly voice.

Behind him, Crow grimaced. With the memory of his nightmare still fresh in his mind, the last thing he wanted to do was pick up the weapon he had been killed with in his dreams. Regardless, he refused to voice his unease with the older man’s order. Though he would never say it out loud, John was one of the few people whose opinion mattered to him—at least a little bit. As such, he didn’t want to make a fuss and give off the impression that he was incompetent or weak.

Luckily, John didn’t seem to notice his hesitation. “First, we’ll need to find you a proper tool,” the knight went on, stepping over to a rack of various weapons near the edge of the clearing. After looking them over for a moment, he withdrew—much to the viceroy’s relief—a wooden sword. He pulled out a second one for himself before walking back and handing off one of the mock blades hilt-first. “We normally use these to teach children, but they should work for you just as well,” he said.

“I’m getting used to that,” Crow muttered as he accepted the wooden sword, thinking about the scrolls Udolf had used to teach noble children in the past. At first he had been chagrined by the knowledge that he was being taught with supplies meant for kids, but after a week of it, he had grown numb to the embarrassment. After all, it wasn’t his fault that he’d never had the education that noble children were raised with. He’d been too busy learning to steal to take care of his ailing mother.

“How much do you know of basic sword fighting?” John asked, taking a few steps back to put some distance between them.

“I’m not sure,” Crow answered with a frown as he looked over the tool in his hand. It was light—much lighter than the swords he’d stolen and used in the past—and maybe even a little bit smaller. It was certainly going to be easier to maneuver about than the real deal. He glanced up at the knight, “To be honest, I don’t think I know anything about proper sword fighting. I’ve sort of just used whatever worked for me in the moment.”

“Then we’ll start from the top,” John said decisively. “I’ll teach you a few simple moves that will become the foundation for the rest of your training.”

“Alright,” Crow tossed his wooden sword from his right hand to his left and back again, smirking at the older man with a hint of challenge in his pale green eyes. Even though he knew next to nothing about this particular skill, and he was still a little unnerved because of his dream, he enjoyed the prospect of testing himself. He wanted to find out how much better he could get with some real guidance instead of a few drunken night guards in the outer villages.

The viceroy pointed his blade at the knight, “Show me what you’ve got.”
I'm probably gonna have a couple posts for John and Crow's interactions btw cx
Great opportunity for some bonding and awkwardness
Crow shook his head faintly when Penelope responded. He’d almost forgotten just how stubborn she could be when she cared about something. He just wished he wasn’t at the center of her concern right now. Even if she spoke with other knights who may have had nightmares too, he would have been shocked if anyone had actually found a way to get rid of the dreams. It seemed impossible to him that a man could control the inner workings of his mind when he was unconscious.

Maybe she’ll let it go when she finds that out for herself, he mused, taking a small bite of rye bread.

“Progress is progress,” Crow shrugged when she told him she’d already sent letters out and was in the middle of waiting for replies. Glancing up from his plate, he casted her a confident smile. “Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon with good news.”

As she announced that she had to go, he nodded and then winced when she wished him luck with his lesson. Her words reminded him that he was going to be training with John today instead of Udolf. “I may need luck this time,” he sighed. “Your father is supposed to be teaching me this afternoon.”

“You won’t need luck if you pay attention and follow directions.”

Crow jumped at the sound of a voice behind him, inwardly cursing himself for neglecting to pay attention to his surroundings. Just because his nightmare had thrown him off didn’t mean he should have been letting his guard down this much. He turned around to see John standing behind him. The knight must have arrived to take him to the training grounds, as Udolf had said.

“You’d be surprised how difficult that is for me,” the viceroy muttered under his breath, still disgruntled by the older man’s sudden appearance.

“What was that?” John raised a brow.

Crow just waved his hand and shoveled one more bite of food into his mouth. He chased it with a quick gulp of water before standing from the table. “I guess I need to be going too,” he said to Penelope with a lopsided smile. “I’ll see you later, love.”
That's a good thing, since he's still bad at relying on other people xD
Crow huffed when Penelope said she wished he would speak to the physician about his dreams. He didn’t understand why she was trying so hard to convince him. What good could Eldon do when his troubles were all in his head? As far as he was aware, healers could only treat physical symptoms. The physician had been helpful enough when dealing with his chronic cough, and he was glad that he was pretty much cured of that, but this was far different. He doubted Eldon could do anything more than try to connect his nightmares with something physical, and he didn’t feel sick in any other way.

He was about to tell his thoughts to the knight, but fell quiet instead as Preston approached the table with his breakfast. The attendant performed a quick check of his food as usual before leaving them alone again.

Once he was gone, Crow turned back to Penelope, who had gone on to say that she was going to ask around for him. At first, he felt a pang of annoyance, jumping to the assumption that she was going to ignore his request to keep his nightmares quiet. However, as she went on, his frustration simmered down. Thinking about it a little more, he supposed there was no harm as long as no one suspected she was speaking on his behalf. Even though he still wasn’t overly fond of the idea, he decided he had no reason to object.

“I doubt you’ll find much of anything,” he sighed, poking despondently at the food on his plate. “But if it will make you feel better, then I’m not going to stop you... Just make sure no one traces it back to me.” Looking up at her again, he managed a soft smile. “Don’t spend too much time on it though, alright? I can get past this. I have done it before, after all. Your priority should be convincing the king to end the war.”
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