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Current Notice: I'm going to Catalina Island on March 17-22 and won't have WiFi or cell signal. I'll be back to writing again when I get home!
2 mos ago
If I ever say 'goodnight' and you see me online later, it doesn't mean that I lied, it just means that I failed.
2 mos ago
My cat wrapped herself in coats, and now she looks like a warm burrito. I think my pet is smarter than me
2 mos ago
I've noticed that if I get sick, it always seems to happen on the weekends. I can't tell if it's a blessing because I don't miss my responsibilities or a curse because it spoils my down time *shrug*
2 mos ago
The longer I live, the more I'm convinced that you're never too old to pretend to be a dragon in below-freezing weather


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Name: Taylor, but everyone here just calls me Summer
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Writing History: I've been on a number of different roleplaying websites since I was about ten years old
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Format: 1x1s
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Hard 'no's: Fandoms. Sorry, but I can't maintain interest in characters/worlds I didn't build with my partner
Template: Threads only. Might be convinced to do PMs, but not likely
Rating: Comfortable with 18+ content, but will not write smut (fade to black is preferred for explicit scenes)
Level: Advanced. Will consistently provide 3-6 paragraphs with character interactions, often much more without
Character preference: One main, but large side casts are greatly enjoyed. Because I write long posts, I prefer not to double
Gender preference: Willing to play M or F, but preference is M (My mind is androgynously more male than female, so I write better for the opposite gender)
Romantic Relationships: MxF only
OOC chat: Yes please! I'm a hardcore extrovert who loves to get to know the amazing minds behind my partners' characters
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Let Me Steal Your Heart - Medieval saga going 4 years strong with @BuzzingBee
Match Up in Malibu - Slice of life with a twist set in California with @Bee
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Crow's starting to trust other people more cx
Crow listened contemplatively as Penelope explained that she was going to use the angle of ending the war to convince Mia to let her leave early. After speaking with the baroness, himself, he took her to be the sort of person who would actually care about something like that, so the knight’s plan could work. As long as she didn’t need to get the permission of the other two barons—the ones whom appeared to be more warmongering in the thief’s opinion—she hopefully wouldn’t have a problem getting away.

As Penelope went on to question him about how they should explain his sudden reappearance to her comrades, Crow knitted his brow in thought. He hadn’t thought much about it before, but he supposed it would look strange for him to suddenly reappear in the battalion’s camp barely a week after he had left for the inner kingdom. Like the rest of the nobles he’d encountered lately, the knights on the warfront had probably assumed that the king had sent John to arrest him. They must have been expecting an announcement for his execution by now, so his return was likely going to cause some confusion amongst them.

Regardless, he didn’t think it was going to be too big of a problem for them to deal with.

“I don’t think we’ll have to explain anything at all,” he said with a shrug, pulling out the paper his father had given him before they had left the castle. “They can’t touch me as long as I’ve got this, and we technically don’t owe them anything. If anyone pesters us about it, we can just tell them that the king is going to be giving an explanation soon enough.” He returned the paper to his tunic pocket and turned to her with a smile. “I suppose it wouldn’t matter if we said something to Olivia or Gavin though. They’ve kept plenty of our other secrets, so I trust that they would go running their mouths about this.”
They're my favorite couple x3
Crow noticed how much he's changed since he met Penelope cx
Crow followed Penelope out of the room, letting his eyes wander over the inn as he got one last look at it before they left. It was still strange to him to think that he would be entering into this type of luxury permanently in less than a week’s time. Until now, he’d always gazed upon the lavish buildings of nobles with disgust and contempt. While he still believed the money that went into them could have better served the starving peasants in the outer villages, there was a part of him that was starting to try to associate the wealthy structures with home. It was still difficult to do at the moment, but he hoped it would get easier as he adjusted to the fact that he wasn’t a peasant anymore.

Gods, that’s such a weird thought, Crow shuddered, still unsettled by the knowledge that he was about to formally accept a noble title. He slipped his hands into his pockets and moved to walk a little closer to Penelope, looking ahead again as she approached the innkeeper to drop off the room key. As he lingered behind her, he noticed the nobleman’s eyes drift toward him and narrow warily. He just smiled in response, a gesture which, to the thief’s amusement, only seemed to frustrate the innkeeper even more.

Once the key had been returned, Crow walked with Penelope back out to the road to continue on their way north. He fell in step beside her and smirked at her comment about ‘unwanted staring.’ “I hope you’re right about that,” he sighed with a shake of his head. “I used to like the attention a lot more when I was younger, but now it’s more annoying than fun.” He glanced off to the side where, as if on cue, a small group of noblewomen began whispering amongst themselves. He was quite certain that they were formulating a rumor to spread about why he wasn’t being hanged at the gallows, so he turned away again, uninterested in their gossip.

Three years ago, he might have even encouraged the rumors that would occasionally spread about him, but he was getting tired of all the attention. He’d had his fun as an infamous thief. Now, all he wanted was to keep his head down and focus on building his life with Penelope. Unfortunately, it looked like it was going to be a while before people stopped staring, especially since he was about to become his father’s royal ambassador. He exhaled softly. Until the excitement died down, he was just going to have to put up with being the center of attention for a little while longer.

He glanced down at Penelope as they walked, wishing he could take her hand but knowing that the gesture would be too risky while there were so many other people around. “So, do you have a plan for confronting your baroness yet?” he asked, wanting to get his mind off the onlookers as well as talk about the other issue that was still weighing on him.
That makes a lot of sense actually. If Penelope was on this trip with Gavin instead of Crow, they'd probably just be focused on getting from point A to point B as fast as they could, haha
On the other hand, Crow and Penelope so opposite that way xD He's definitely a "go where the wind takes you" kind of guy.
Also he's still learning to choose work over pleasure in general lol
Crow sighed when Penelope turned him down and shifted on the bed to let her put some distance between them. Though he still believed they had more than enough time to enjoy the morning together, he knew there would be no changing her mind now that she’d made it up. It would be more efficient to just get up and keep moving rather than pester her any further. So, instead of insisting on his own way, he merely gave a reluctant nod when she kissed him on the cheek and sat up with her.

“Alright, fine,” he conceded, standing up to gather his clothes from where he’d left them haphazardly on the floor the previous night. “But now you owe me one, so don’t forget it.” He winked at her teasingly as he slipped his pants back on and picked up his tunic. Despite the reason for the trip and the unwarranted stares of the noble bystanders, he was already enjoying having so much time alone with Penelope. It was the first time in a while that they’d been able to talk and act so freely without fear of being caught by someone who didn’t know they were together or reprimanded by someone who did. He was glad that his father had permitted her to come with him, since it was his approval that had allowed them to have this time alone to begin with.

After taking a moment to straighten out his clothing, Crow leaned against the edge of the bed to put on his boots and grabbed the bag that the king had given him, slinging it over his shoulder so it fell comfortably against his back. “Ready to go, love?” he asked, turning to Penelope with a grin when he’d finished everything he’d needed to do.
She woke him up real fast xD
Guys' libido is really high in the morning
Between the security of the inn and the warmth of Penelope’s body beside him, Crow ended up sleeping more deeply than he usually let himself. He liked being so close to her and knowing that he was safe from the bounty hunters and other enemies he was usually watching out for. So, when Penelope woke the next morning, he barely stirred at the feeling of her moving against him and just rolled onto his back. Half-conscious and too comfortable to move, he let out a quiet exhale and drifted off again to keep sleeping. However, he didn’t get to stay asleep for very long before something else roused him.

Crow smiled tiredly against Penelope’s lips as he felt her kiss him. “’Morning,” he yawned in response to her greeting, stretching languidly as he woke up a bit more. Though he didn’t want to get out of bed yet, he felt much more well-rested than usual after spending the night by her side. There was a faint twinge in his left shoulder from lying pressed up against her for so long, but other than that, he was refreshed and ready to handle another long day of walking to the next village.

Finally opening his eyes to look up at Penelope, his smile broadened into a grin. She was so beautiful, leaning over him the way she was. His gaze swept over the knight from her hair that fell like a curtain around them to her pretty face to the rest of her body that he found so attractive. In the soft morning light that was coming in through the window, she almost looked unearthly to him, and he felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest of its own accord.

Crow reached up to rest one hand on the nape of her neck, pulling her down into another kiss as he trailed his other hand over her shoulders. After a bit, he pulled back again and casted her a mischievous smirk. In the next moment, he shifted to push her onto her back, using his weight to adjust them both so that he was leaning over her instead.

“It’s still early,” he said in a low voice, pressing a few kisses to her collar and tracing his fingers sensuously down the length of her side. “We can stay just a little longer…”
Crow passed out cx

Same here. Romance as an addition to the main plot is great though
Our moms would probably get along, because mine loves those movies too xD She used to try and get me to watch them with her sometimes, but I couldn't handle the cheesiness
Crow rolled his eyes when Penelope joked about not having enough space between them. “Of course,” he teased, pulling her a little closer as she nestled her head beneath his. “Or we could just keep this a secret from your father. I think that sounds much easier.” He shrugged faintly, closing his eyes as he relaxed against her warm body. After the whirlwind of everything that had happened in the last two months, it was nice to finally be able to slow down and simply enjoy being with her. After all, there was no telling when they would be able to do so again. Between the training his father had planned for him and the fact that her return to the castle was still up in the air, it seemed unlikely that they would even be able to see each other on a regular basis. The thought made him hold her a bit tighter.

When Penelope spoke up again, Crow nodded faintly in agreement, feeling his weariness from the long day begin to settle over him more prominently. From announcing his decision to his father, to trekking to Sarton, to sleeping with the knight, he was thoroughly exhausted and ready to pass out. “Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we get to spend every night like this,” he murmured, meeting her gaze with a tired smile when she pulled back from him.

In the next moment, he yawned and shifted to lay more comfortably against her, closing his eyes again as he decided it was too strenuous to keep them open any longer. “This is the most relaxed I’ve been in ages,” he breathed contentedly, lulled by the gentle stroke of her fingers against his back. Though he wanted to spend the whole night enjoying their time together if he could, it was getting harder to stay awake. He stifled another yawn as he buried his head against her neck, slowly drifting off despite his best efforts.

“I don’t think I can stay up any longer…” he mumbled in a tone that was barely audible as he succumbed to his weariness and fell asleep in her arms.
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