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Current Tell me why my dog has the audacity to growl when I get within two feet of his food and then stick his face right next to mine
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@Kuro I got a couple of those when I was graduating high school too, but I'm definitely too old for that now. Told the guy I'm not interested because I'm already married and settled down
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Y'ALL, I was researching army info for a military RP character and just got a text from an army recruiter. The government really does monitor our writing searches!! xD
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@Cleverbird Tequila shots and Planet Earth. Let's go
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According to my Netflix history, drunk me really likes nature documentaries


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Name: Taylor, but everyone here just calls me Summer
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Rating: Comfortable with 18+ content, but will not write smut (fade to black is preferred for explicit scenes)
Level: Advanced. Will consistently provide 3-6 paragraphs with main character interactions, often much more without
Character preference: One main, but large side casts are greatly enjoyed. Because I write long posts, I prefer not to double
Gender preference: Willing to play M or F, but preference is M (I'm androgynously more masculine than feminine, so I write better for the opposite gender)
Romantic Relationships: MxF only
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Let Me Steal Your Heart - Medieval saga going 5 years strong with @BuzzingBee
Match Up in Malibu - Slice of life with a twist set in California with @Bee
~Bonsoir~ - Victorian era vampire saga with @Angel Vicky
Cirque du Sombre - Supernatural circus of monsters with @Siaya Dragalorn
Bravely Into the Night - Military sci fi with @DarknessDawning
Amnesia - Modern dystopian romance with @sukikyoufu

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Cas was just about to get up from his seat when Iris objected, saying she hadn’t meant to come across like she wanted him to leave. He looked up at her with a flicker of surprise. She had been so quiet before that he’d thought she’d been offended somehow. He must have misread the situation. Too late, he realized he shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions so fast when he still barely knew her. Hell, even she barely knew her. It was way too early to gauge what she was thinking from just one prolonged silence. He should have just asked her directly if she wanted him to stay or go.

He almost opened his mouth to say that he wouldn’t leave her yet, but then froze when she added that she liked him and his company. The way she worded it made his face feel hot. He knew he had no reason to get flustered over something so simple—she probably hadn’t even meant it the way he’d taken it—but part of him wondered if perhaps she thought he was attractive too. The idea was unexpectedly appealing to him. With all the other women in the capital, he could never tell if they were genuinely interested in him or if they were just trying to get something from him. Even if nothing came from it, he enjoyed the thought of someone liking him for more than just his status.

Apparently, Iris was even more flustered than he was. As she tried to backtrack, a smile tugged at the corner of Cas’s lip. He thought her awkward stammer was kind of cute, and it made him feel a lot better about the accidental remark he’d made earlier. Knowing that she was clumsy too helped him to relax again. “I’m not going anywhere,” he assured her when she asked him not to leave. Making the connection that she might have thought he was going home because he’d turned the music off, he clarified: “I haven’t charged my phone in a while, and I don’t want it to die again in case my dad calls. Sorry, but the café is gonna have to be put on hold for now.”

When she joked that her brain was broken, he chuckled, “Maybe a little, but it’ll get better just like this will.” He gestured at her bandaged leg. Really, he wasn’t certain how bad her brain damage was from the fall, but he hoped she would be back to normal with enough time. The human body was supposed to repair itself when it was hurt, right? Surely the brain would fix itself too.

“I hope you will be,” Cas nodded when Iris said she could be home with her family by his next visit. He was starting to like their conversations quite a lot, but it was better for her to go back to the people who actually knew her. They would be able to help her reintegrate back into her life better than he ever could. Still, he wanted to keep in touch with her if she left. “And if you are…” he went on, standing up to rifle through the doctor’s desk drawer until he found a pad of neon orange sticky notes and a pen. He scribbled down a quick note on the top sheet and then pulled it off to hand to her.

“Here,” he smiled. “This is my personal number, so you can still reach me if they send you home.”

Noticing her fidget with her dress, his smile faded slightly. As she talked about the broken mirror, he glanced at the bathroom. Even though she said she would pay for it, he silently added it to his growing tab. A new mirror probably wasn’t too expensive, especially compared to healthcare fees, but it was still more money he would have to cover on her behalf, since the bill was already under his name.

Besides that, to him it was evidence that she was unhappier than he’d realized. Being cooped up in a hospital room all day probably hadn’t helped anything either. If he had been in her shoes, he would have wanted a way to take out his frustration about everything that had happened. Here, there was no way to do that. At least, no non-destructive way that he could think of.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, turning back to her. “I’m sure they’ll understand. And if you don’t want to tell the doctor, I could do it for you. I had something else I wanted to ask him about anyway.” He needed to find out just how much this whole thing was going to cost him. As much as he wanted to see Iris get picked up by a family member tomorrow, there was always a chance she would go yet another day in the hospital. He wasn’t sure how many more nights he could pay for without incurring his father’s wrath. In fact, he hadn’t expected to be charged for more than one to start with.

But if she can’t stay here, where will she go? He wondered, absently running his fingers through his hair. If the king forbade him from covering her stay any longer, the hospital couldn’t hold her. They didn’t have any other person to charge with the bill. They would have to make her give up the room to another patient who could pay for it.

Deciding that was a problem to think about if her family didn’t show up by tomorrow, he put it aside for now. “So, is there anything you want to do when you get out of here?” he asked, trying to lift her spirits again by changing the subject to something more lighthearted. “I know you don’t remember a lot, but maybe you can think of some hobbies you liked?”
Aw, she's adorable, haha.

Okay! Have a good night ^^ I should be around after my class
They are xD

And awesome! I just got mine done. Cas beat himself up a little bit ^^;
When Iris questioned him about his “trade,” Cas toyed with the hem of his shirt as if it was suddenly interesting. He’d never been a smooth liar, and he wasn’t always quick on his feet when it came to coming up with excuses either. It was a skill he’d simply never had the chance to develop, since he rarely found himself in a situation where he had to play dumb. But he didn’t want to just give up either. Things were going so well with her. He didn’t like the thought of ending the ease of their conversations by confessing that he wasn’t actually going to trade school. Even his closest friends, Jay and Miles, didn’t always speak their minds to him out of fear that his father would have them arrested if he found out. They had to agree with everything the royal family said just like everyone else.

“You could say that,” he shrugged in response to her inquiry. Being the next king was pretty important. “I don’t really like to study though. It’s boring. I just do it because I have to, so I know what I’m doing when I start working my future job.” It was a good enough answer, he thought. As long as she didn’t directly ask him what sort of field he was going into, he hoped it would slide.

As he spoke about his curfew, he noticed that her mood seemed to wane again, and he wondered what had made her upset this time. He observed her with a frown. Was it something he’d said? He’d gotten pretty comfortable in their conversation, so he had forgotten to watch his tongue as closely as he had the night before. He hoped he hadn’t done anything that had offended her when they were getting along so well. It would have been nice to still be on her good side by the time she recovered. He still wanted to go out for drinks with her.

After a moment of silence, Iris spoke again, and Cas was sure he’d messed up something. Just a minute ago, she had been eager to spend time with him, but now it almost sounded like she was pushing him toward the door. He groaned inwardly. “Yeah, I spend a lot of nights out, but no one is doing anything tonight as far as I know,” he shrugged, glancing at his phone. Usually, someone would text him whenever a good party was happening, since they always wanted him to join. He hadn’t gotten any alerts this time though.

“You’re not keeping me from anything,” he assured her. “I don’t have to spend every day going to parties anyway. A little variety is good.” Still concerned that he might be overstaying his welcome, he added: “…But I can leave if you want to get some rest.”

Honestly, he had been hoping to hang around until nine, since he really enjoyed talking to Iris, but if she didn’t want him to be here that long, there was nothing he could do to change that. He reached for his phone to turn off the music that had been playing. Whether she wanted him to go or not, he didn’t want to drain the battery like he had last time. If his father tried to call him, he needed to be able to answer to let him know he was okay.

“Someone will probably come for you tomorrow, you know,” he said, hoping to lift her mood if he could. “They probably just haven’t thought to check the hospital yet. I bet they’re searching high and low until they find you though. They’ll be here as soon as they realize where you are.”
Yep, she's a weirdo xD

They probably would, haha.

I'll get started on my next post now!
Cats are so weird xD Mine is sneaky too. If I push her off, she'll go spy mode and crawl back onto my lap super slow, like one paw at a time, so I "won't notice" lmao It's pretty funny, so I usually let her get away with that one so she'll keep trying it

I can too, haha. Cas might cave to Iris once and then insist to pay every other time xD
That's funny. My cat is the same way xD She always lays on my hands when I'm trying to do school projects or write, haha

Honestly, Cas would swipe the check even if she took him out for drinks though xD He'd feel weird about letting someone else cover him when his family has more money than everyone else in the country
They are! He also watches TV with me xD He's my movie buddy on the weekends sometimes

I know. It's gonna be hard to write ^^; Poor guys have no idea what's coming later
When Iris said he didn’t have the authority to tell the nurses what to do, Cas nearly gawked at her before he remembered that she didn’t know who he was. Technically, she was probably right that the nurses wouldn’t listen to him without asking any questions first if he made such a ridiculous request, but by law, they had to do what he said, no matter how absurd the command was. The royal family had the highest authority in Aspiria, and the only person whose word carried more weight that his was his father. However, not wanting to ruin the lightheartedness of the evening, he kept that to himself.

“I don’t think you need to shorten it,” he mused when she mentioned her envy. “Iris is a pretty name. I like it.” Did that sound flirtatious? He hadn’t meant to flirt with her. It was an honest remark, since he did think her name was unique, but it was hard not to second guess himself when he knew he thought she was cute too. Either way, he hoped she understood that he wasn’t just trying to flatter her or anything. He just wanted to hang out with her so she wasn’t alone.

At her comment about his father, he just lifted his shoulders again in response. He wished the king was that understanding, but he had always been more interested in making sure his heir was safe above anyone else. Sometimes, Cas wondered if his father only cared about making sure his own bloodline would succeed him when he passed, but, knowing he was probably just making something out of nothing, he tried not to dwell on it much. Atlas had said before that he loved him, and he often made small gestures to prove it, such as when he had delayed his economics lesson to let his son sleep in a little later. He was just being paranoid.

When Iris beamed at the music, a grin spread over Cas’s face as well. He liked seeing her smile. It was definitely an improvement compared to the desolate look he’d seen in her eyes when he’d first arrived. He nodded at her question, “I do a lot of studying for my… trade—” he substituted the word a bit clumsily. “—and music like this helps me focus. I listen to a lot of other stuff too though—usually not this mellow, to be honest.”

Setting his phone down on the table where the doctor’s computer was set up, he leaned back in his chair with a relaxed exhale as he listened to the music play. Her grateful expression for his visit made him feel warm. He was glad he’d stopped by too. “Well, I called Dr. Emett, and he said no one else had come for you yet, so I just figured you’d like some company,” he explained with a sheepish smile.

As she brought up her dress, he chuckled. He wanted to say that she didn’t need to change for him, especially since the black dress she was wearing looked good on her, but he’d already made one borderline flirtatious comment that evening. The last thing he wanted to do was give her the impression that he’d only come back to hit on her. He hadn’t dated very many people before, but he was smart enough to know that picking up an amnesiac girl in a hospital was pretty sketchy. All he was here for was to spend time with her and nothing more.

“Well, I’m supposed to be home by midnight every day,” he said in answer to her last question. “But the hospital doesn’t usually let visitors stay past nine. The doctor only let me be here as long as I was yesterday because you had just gotten here. Now that you’re settled in, I’ll probably have to go when they ask me to leave.”
It's very good. Weirdly, I think Kai likes it too, because he started wagging his tail as soon as I turned it on cx It was cute

They are! I like how easily they just clicked. It's a good thing Iris didn't kill him xD
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