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Current I'm back for the summer!
9 mos ago
Check out my GFX shop in the gallery for free commissions! I'm experimenting with new styles I learned in my graphic design class last week, and I could use the practice!
9 mos ago
If anyone would like a FREE GFX commission (avatar, sig, RP banner, etc...) check out my shop in the gallery! I'm taking requests before school gets busy again
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Does anybody else have one of those days where you have something to do, but you go out and do everything except for that one thing? smh
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Hello, internet! My name is Taylor (you can call me by that or Summer) and I'm a veteran roleplayer of almost ten years. I'm 20, and I'm a full time university student, so I'm usually only able to write during my summer and winter breaks. Here's a little bit about what you can expect if you want to roleplay with me:

  • I only write at a high-casual/advanced level, so I expect my partners to do the same.
  • I'm willing to roleplay most genres, but I'm not a fan of fandoms. Sorry, but I always lose interest too quickly
  • My favorite genres are historical, horror/suspense, romance, comedy, and action/adventure
  • I roleplay both genders, but for some reason I prefer male characters (maybe it's my tomboyish tendencies)
  • I only do MxF pairings
  • I am over 18, so if a story turns 18+ I'm okay with that, but let's please tastefully fade to black
  • When the school semesters start up, I may disappear for a while, but I always come back in a few months to pick up where we leave off

FREE GFX commissions by me in the Gallery!

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It's fine! I'll get started on a reply tonight
@BuzzingBee It's all good! Just reply when you can if you want to pick this up again :)
Finished! :D

Also, just so you know, I'm going to be on a trip to visit my fiancé's family for Christmas (tomorrow-wednesday), so I probably can't reply again until I get back
A regular work day at Precision Horizons Co. was, in a word: dull. At least, that’s how it felt to Roman. Unlike the other salesmen in his division, Roman typically met his quota within the span of two or three hours—it just depended on whether or not he felt like putting in much effort. Today was no different. He finished the phone call with the retail company in thirty minutes, and was well under way with the other project he had been assigned when Abigail’s text came in.

His phone chimed and he raised a brow inquisitively when her name appeared on the lock screen. Interesting. She was more forward than he first thought. He usually prided himself on being a judge of character—it was necessary since he dealt with so many feisty women, whom he needed to take precautions against—but it seemed like he had been off the mark with this girl. He picked up his cell and opened the message:

Hope you got to work safely. Thanks for the ice cream by the way!

Roman tapped a pen against his desk twice, a smirk tugging at his lip. It was still forward of her to text him so soon, but at least the message wasn’t anything crazy. No need to worry. He set the phone down again and continued working on his project. He didn’t want to respond right away and seem like he had been waiting for her to talk to him. To Roman, flirting was a well-rehearsed dance, full of grace and precision. Every action he chose to take had the opportunity to help or hinder his cause, and he wasn’t the kind of man to give less than one hundred percent when it came to getting what he wanted.

He finished his project after about another twenty minutes of work, and spent another two hours after that making sales calls to potential clients. He met his quota easily. With no more incentive to work—the company had a cap on commissions—he decided to take a break and finally text Abigail back:

Got to work just fine. Also, no problem at all! Happy to treat a pretty lady like you ;)

With that done, Roman glanced at the clock. There were about two hours left to kill before the day was over. Normally, he would just go home early, but he wanted to wait and see if his boss put in a request for his raise or not. He sighed and rocked back in his chair. There wasn’t much to do, and he wasn’t about to keep working without commissions. He peered out the door of his private office at his coworkers, who all shared a large room separated by cubicles. There wasn’t anyone he particularly wanted to talk to, and he doubted any of them wanted to talk to him. He had a reputation for causing trouble.

When Roman first started working at P.H. Co., he had been just as successful with clients as he was now. With so much free time, he got into quite a bit of mischief at his coworkers’ expense. He would flirt with the women, spread scandalous rumors about people he disliked, and blatantly distract any of the salesmen whom he deemed as any sort of threat to his own success at the company. It was part of the reason why his boss agreed to let him upgrade to a private office space.

Unfortunately, his past behavior left him with nothing to do but watch Netflix on his work computer for the next two hours. He had figured out how to get around the firewall long ago, so it wasn’t hard to access the streaming site. He yawned. Wish I could have a beer right about now…
@TacoNinja Finally have internet!! I'll start working on my post in a few hours (after my fiancé goes to work) :D
@AHeartlessNobody Update: I'm hopefully getting internet installed on Thursday! :D

EDIT: I got internet! I'll start working on my post after my fiancé goes to work in a few hours :D
@TacoNinja Update: I'm hopefully getting internet installed on Thursday! :D
@AHeartlessNobody I just moved into a new place, and I just found out I won't have internet right away (I'm on data on my phone), so I can't get a post done yet Dx I'll post as soon as my internet provider calls me back with the OK!
@TacoNinja I just moved into a new place, and I just found out I won't have internet right away (I'm on data on my phone), so I can't get a post done yet Dx I'll post as soon as my internet provider calls me back with the OK!
Thank you! I'll be able to post sometime this week :)
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