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Current There are lots of advantages to being short. Dipping through crowds, not ducking under doorways, free airplane travel via hiding in a suitcase...
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My last semester of university is starting on Monday, so my posting speed may slow down while I'm running the final stretch to graduate!
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Ad* Damn, got me too
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As sense here customizes the ads you see to your google searches, soooo...
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Currently trapped in the limbo of wondering if I should take on another RP and dreading the day all my partners post at once, and I collapse in on myself like a dying star


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And Rayner spoke for the first time since he was introduced xD
“You’d better,” Crow grinned at Penelope playfully as she took him by the hand. “We’ve known each other long enough now that it would be disappointing if you didn’t.” He fell in step beside her on their way to the inn, while Naida did the same on the knight’s other side and Rayner followed along behind them, silent as always. As they stepped inside, he lifted his gaze to look over the space, which was becoming more familiar to him as they traveled through the kingdom. It was the same place they had stopped by on their first trip to Younis, and it was where they had rested going to and from the outer villages a month ago. Like everything else in his new life as a nobleman, he wasn’t sure how he felt about becoming used to such luxurious accommodations.

The only thing that hadn’t changed was the lingering stares of the other people at the inn. As they stepped into the restaurant, he noticed heads turn in their direction right away. The feeling of so many eyes on him made the viceroy’s skin prickle, but he wore a mask of nonchalance on his way to an empty table with the others. He would have preferred to dress down for the trip through Brerra, so they could travel without drawing so much attention to themselves, but unfortunately, as long as he and the knights were wearing such eye-catching uniforms for the parley, he had a feeling they were going to be gawked at no matter where they were. Nobles loved to stick their noses where they didn’t belong in order to feel important, after all.

Trying to ignore the intruding stares, Crow sat down next to Penelope at the long table, and Naida and Rayner took seats on the opposite side. “I’ll say,” the princess sighed in agreement, shifting her weight back and forth on the wooden bench as if it was the most comfortable chair she’d ever reclined on. “If we have to ride for that long every day until we get to Younis, we’re going to be walking funny when we show up.”

“At least we’re not on our way to Gorm,” Crow pointed out, leaning forward to rest his arms on the tabletop. “That trip would have been even longer.”

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, another voice spoke up from behind him. “Good evening,” a bar wench bowed to the group with far more respect than the viceroy was used to receiving from the general public. “It is my honor to serve you all today. What would you like to eat?”

Crow eyed her with veiled amusement. He wondered if she would have treated them the same way if she hadn’t thought they were a group of important dignitaries. “I’ll have veal and a pint of mead,” he answered.

“Stew and cider for me,” Naida grinned.

“I’ll have the same but with ale instead of cider,” Rayner said. Crow glanced at him. Given how quiet the knight had been until now, he hadn’t expected him to have such a rich voice when he spoke.

The wench nodded and turned to Penelope, studying her with subtle intrigue, “And for you?”
I liked it! I think I'll include Atlas's reaction to everything in my next post when I start on it ^^
Yep, haha. And I can’t wait to read it ^^

I might be doing more homework later, so it could take me until tomorrow to reply. Not sure yet
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Sensitive to Victoria’s responses, Vail smiled against her cheek as he noticed the tremor in her movements and the spike in her pheromones. It was the same reaction he coaxed out of all his prey, but he took special pleasure in knowing that he could so easily commandeer the state of mind of the woman he loved. Unlike any other humans, he treated her affectionately and had become fond of far more than just the taste of her blood. Whether he would always be able to feed from her or not was of little concern to him, as was evidenced by his willingness to turn her into one of his own kind. Right now, however, with his primal instincts behind the wheel, he was drawn to indulge himself while the opportunity was still there.

“Good,” he mused, rocking back on his heels to undress the top half of his body. His father believed he had gone hunting in the city, so he didn’t want to return to the manor with water stains on his sleeves. To do so would have been to invite unwanted questions from the paranoid head of the Hygraces, since there were no rainclouds in the sky that eve. So, to avoid that confrontation, he hung his coat over the back of the chair and slipped out of his shirt and vest, placing the rest of the discarded articles in the same spot until he was left in nothing more than the trousers on his lower half.

No longer at risk of soaking his clothes, he leaned forward again to resume what he had been doing. His hands slipped into the warm water on either side of Victoria to stroke the soft skin of her chest and midriff, and he pressed his lips to her neck, inhaling her familiar scent. He had been honest when he’d said that he had missed her. After spending nearly a week apart, the anticipation of seeing her again had built up quite a bit, and even kneeling beside her now felt like a reprieve from withdrawal. He was glad that he had found her in the bath, because while discovering her naked had been a treat, the fragrant water would also mask her scent from Peter when he returned to the Hygrace manor.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something,” he breathed, wrapping his arms around her in an embrace from behind. As strong as his cravings for her blood had become, there was one other reason why he had been so eager to seek her out that night, and he wanted to address it before he lost himself in the feed. Holding her as close to himself as he could with the edge of the tub in between, Vail touched another kiss to her neck and then whispered in her ear, “I love you, Victoria.”
I think everyone was xD
For the rest of the ride to Sarton, Crow paid much closer attention to his surroundings than he had during the first half. Although nothing happened, and he still doubted that a mercenary would try to attack them while they were so close to the heart of the kingdom, he wanted to brush up on old habits that had become dusty since he had taken the title of viceroy. In the outer villages, he had been better about watching his own back no matter where he was, since there were people throughout the whole of Brerra who had wanted to see him dead or imprisoned again. If he had let his guard down the way he had been recently, he might not have escaped from some of said people who had tried to capture him themselves.

So, by the time they arrived outside the inn, he was mentally exhausted from keeping watch and physically exhausted, since it had been over two years since the last time he’d been on the back of a horse from dawn until dusk. He slid down from Baine’s back with a relieved sigh, his legs slightly sore from straddling the stallion’s back all day. There was still a long way to go until they reached the Younisian castle. He hoped his body would adjust to the strain of riding quickly, so he wouldn’t show up to the negotiation bowlegged.

“Thank the gods we finally reached supper,” he corrected Penelope with a smirk as Preston took his horse’s reins to bring him to the stables in the back. There were far too many of the beasts for him to handle alone, so Percival, the second lowest ranking among their group, collected Otto’s, Rayner’s, and Naida’s in addition to his stallion. He took two sets of reins in each hand as he and the attendant headed off to set all seven horses up for the night behind the inn.

“I’ll alert the innkeeper to our arrival,” Otto announced, turning to head inside the building.

Crow nodded wordlessly behind the baron’s back. Otto had earned some points with him for keeping Naida occupied during the remainder of their ride that day, but he still didn’t know what to think about the older man, so past prejudices kept him slightly cold. It was the same with Rayner, who seemed uncomfortable in the presence of the others now that his father was gone. It was difficult to tell if he was just shy or if he felt out of place because of the closeness that had already developed between Crow, Naida, and Penelope long before he’d been chosen to accompany them on the trip. Whatever the case, his awkwardness was tangible as he shifted his weight and continually glanced at the door to the inn, as if eagerly awaiting the baron’s return.

I can’t wait to get some sleep,” Naida groaned, reaching her arms high over her head in a long stretch. “I didn’t know how tiring these long rides were going to be. It would be nice if there was a way for us to get to Younis without sitting on a horse all day.”

“It’s called a wagon,” Crow laughed. “And it’s how we traveled the first time we went to Younis.”

“That’s not fair,” his sister crossed her arms. “Why don’t we get have a wagon on this trip?”

“Because all of us know how to ride horses,” the viceroy shrugged. “The king said we’ll cover more distance if we don’t have such a heavy burden dragging us down.”

“I’d prefer a long, slow ride over this,” the princess protested.

“Too late to change it now,” Crow pointed out and then turned back to Penelope. “We should go inside to get a table. I’m not going to sleep on an empty stomach.”
I got half done today at least xD Definitely not in any kind of order though.

Can't wait to keep this going! ^^
The next morning, Cas was awoken by the jarring sound of his phone ringtone. He groaned and pulled his comforter over his head, internally debating whether he should answer the cursed device or throw it across the room. Having gone to bed so late in the night, he had been hoping to sleep in until closer to noon. However, judging by the soft light coming in through his bedside window, it was still sometime in the morning.

The phone rang again, and he hissed a curse under his breath, wondering who would be trying to reach him at this time of the day. Mustering what strength he had, the prince sat up on his mattress and leaned back on one palm as he tiredly rubbed his eyes. Whoever was on the other end of the phone was still pestering him with yet a third call, but he took his time waking up rather than answering it right away. If the caller was going to be so rude as to wake him up at—he glanced at the digital clock on the wall—nine thirty in the morning, then he was going to make them wait before he responded.

Just as the third ring was about to go to voicemail, he swiped the phone from the table and lifted it to his ear without bothering to check the caller ID. “This had better be important,” he growled into the receiver. Usually, he was far more patient with other people, but he’d never been a morning person. That paired with the exceeding late night he’d had taking calls from security had left him in a grumpy mood.

Oh my god, you’re alive, Miles’s voice transmitted through the other end of the line.

“Of course I’m alive,” Cas pinched the bridge of his nose, hoping for his friend’s sake that Miles didn’t wake him up just to state the obvious. “What are you going on about?”

What do you mean ‘what am I going on about’? It’s all over the news! Miles replied excitably. Every jumbo tron in the city is broadcasting that the palace was attacked by terrorists. The reporters said there still hasn’t been much info released yet, so I’ve been trying to get ahold of you to make sure you hadn’t died.

“I wasn’t there when it happened,” Cas yawned, sliding down from his bed in reluctant acceptance that he would have to get up for the day. “And before you ask, everyone else is fine too. I’m sure the reporters will tell you the same thing as soon as they have clearance to start releasing more details.”

That’s a relief, Miles sighed. There was a pause on his end before he added. So, um… do you think this has anything to do with the chick you found in the woods?

Caspian froze in the middle of unbuttoning the shirt he’d worn overnight. “What do you mean?”

Well… This is the first time rebels have gotten inside the palace, right? It just seems fishy that it happened right after—

“This has nothing to do with Iris,” the prince interrupted and then winced at the defensiveness in his own voice. Going on more placidly, he explained, “She was with me in the historic district when the terrorists broke in. There’s no way she could have been part of it, or I would know.”

The historic district? Cas could hear the amusement in his friend’s tone followed by a whistle. You didn’t waste any time did you?

“Shut up,” he said, though a blush blossomed on his cheeks. He was well aware that Miles knew that he’d used the historic district as a date spot before.

Did it work? The inevitable question came through the phone.

Cas bit his tongue and then exhaled, “…Maybe.”

Atta boy, Cas, Miles laughed.

“You’re incorrigible,” the prince rolled his eyes even though he knew the other high born couldn’t see him. Not wanting to discuss it any further when he still didn’t know exactly what was going on between him and Iris, he changed the topic. “Anyway, things are still tense around here, and I have more work to do. I should go.”

Okay, his friend accepted the excuse without question. I’ll let Jay know you’re not dead. Later, Cas!

“Later,” he hung up the phone and dragged a hand through his hair in a stressed manner. The mention of doing more work may have been his out of the conversation, but there might have been some truth to it if his father was still in poor condition. He needed to find out how the king was doing that morning and brace himself for the possibility that he would have to continue heading the ongoing investigation with the security team if Atlas couldn’t do it yet.

I need a coffee… he thought wearily, throwing on a pair of comfortable joggers and a plain t-shirt before he headed out of his room.
That would be fun ^^ I've also enjoyed developing the other kingdom's cultures a little more through Crow's lessons with Albin.

And Otto actually helped out with Naida xD
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