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Current YALL. I finally came up with an original idea for a novel that could be published. Time to find out whether or not I'm dedicated enough to writing to make it a career!
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Will be on less frequently now that the fall semester is starting up
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It's been over 48 hours since my last migraine. I might actually shed a manly tear of happiness
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Got my daith piercing! Fingers crossed it kills my migraines
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Has anyone tried getting a daith piercing for chronic migraines? I'm considering it, but I want more opinions first. PM me!


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Hello, internet! My name is Taylor (you can call me by that or Summer) and I'm a veteran roleplayer of almost ten years. I'm 20, and I'm a full time university student, so I'm usually only able to write during my summer and winter breaks. Here's a little bit about what you can expect if you want to roleplay with me:

  • I only write at a high-casual/advanced level, so I expect my partners to do the same.
  • I'm willing to roleplay most genres, but I'm not a fan of fandoms. Sorry, but I always lose interest too quickly
  • My favorite genres are historical/medieval, horror, romance, comedy, and adventure
  • I roleplay both genders, but for some reason I prefer male characters (maybe it's my tomboyish tendencies)
  • I only do MxF pairings
  • I am over 18, so if a story turns 18+ I'm okay with that, but let's please tastefully fade to black
  • When the school semesters start up, I may disappear for a while, but I always come back in a few months to pick up where we leave off

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“Right,” Crow frowned as he recalled the last inn they had stayed at. The lack of lodging wasn’t the only thing that worried him. Back then, it had been hard enough for him and Penelope to share a bed. He could only imagine the awkwardness of the situation if they couldn’t find a place that had more than one bed to sleep in this time. He was exhausted from all the travelling, so he was going to fight for it if William tried to make him sleep on the floor again. After being spoiled with soft mattresses on their way to the castle, he didn’t plan to settle for anything less on the journey back.

Leaning against Penelope, he closed his eyes to rest for the last leg of their trip that day. The warmth of her body against his made him relax despite his efforts to stay alert, but he enjoyed it too much to move. After all, the other two were still keeping watch for danger. He could afford to let himself unwind for a little while. He let out his breath in a long exhale, holding her by the waist as he reclined comfortably against her back.


When they finally arrived at a small inn, it was getting close to dusk. Crow slid down tiredly from the horse’s back, wincing slightly at the soreness in his legs and back from riding on the animal all day. He would be glad to lay down on a bed again after spending the last few nights on the ground in the woods. Casting a furtive glance at William, he silently prayed that the inn Penelope had found would accommodate multiple people this time.

Or maybe we could get our own room, he blinked as the idea suddenly came to him. It would be nice to get away from William and all of the tension that lingered between them. He wondered if Penelope would think it was worth the extra money too. However, there was no way for him to ask her while William was standing so close, so when she said a quick goodbye, he just nodded and hoped that she was thinking the same thing he was.

Taking the horses by the reins, he guided them over to a stable behind the inn. He pulled the door open and peered inside to see if anyone else was there. Fortunately, it appeared to be empty aside from a few other horses left by other travelers. He smiled to himself and stepped into the stable, closing the door behind the horses.

The thief led them over to two empty stalls and managed to get them in without too much trouble considering his lack of experience with the beasts. Once that was done, he slid the bow and staff out from their hiding place and began searching the room for a place to hide them where they wouldn’t be found accidentally. It wasn’t long before he spotted a good location behind some bales of hay. Any stable boys that came to check on the horses would have a hard time noticing the stolen objects lodged back there.

That should do it, he thought as he finished hiding the bow and staff. Satisfied with his work, he turned and headed back to the inn to meet Penelope.
Sorry I haven't replied yet! I just got home from my meeting
we ran so late, oh my lord @.@

I'll get started on my reply tonight. If I don't finish, it will be up tomorrow whenever I'm not on campus doing projects ^^;


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Crow and William are going to be cooped up in a room all night... oh boy xD
Crow climbed onto the horse after Penelope and shifted in the saddle so he was sitting comfortably behind her. He slid his arms around her middle, enjoying their closeness once again as they headed into the town. While he now felt safe from William, he remained on alert for signs that any of the Younisians they passed by noticed the staff or bow he had tied to the stallion. They were quite literally hiding in plain sight by taking the main road. All it would take was one noble to catch a glimpse of their stolen cargo or even of Penelope’s face, and there would be trouble. He couldn’t afford to relax as much as he had been during their ride through the forest.

And we still haven’t caught a trace of those other people who supposedly want to stop us, he remembered as he glanced cautiously down a side street. It had been a while since the mercenary had attacked them, but the silence just set him on edge. He didn’t like how their unknown enemy was able to strike from the shadows and disappear again just as quickly. It was much easier to deal with a threat that made itself known. At least we can be prepared, he thought. We know they’re still out there, so we won’t let our guards down again.

He turned towards Penelope when she asked where they should spend the night, pondering her question for a moment before replying tentatively, “As risky as it is, I think an inn is our only option here. Without the forest for cover, we can’t camp outside without getting caught by a patrol. The only other thing I can think of is sleeping on a roof, but there’s no way we could hide the horses if we try that.” He leaned into her and sighed, gazing out at the town as he mulled over the dilemma.

After a moment, he turned back to her again, “We can stay at an inn, but we’ll need to hide the staff and bow in the stables. I’ll do that while you and William get a room for us.” He glanced up at the sky, where the sun was beginning to sink towards the western horizon, and went on in a quieter voice directed mostly to himself, “I just hope we can find somewhere to rest before it gets dark.”
She kicked his sorry ass xD
Also, Crow brought up the other point they haven't talked about yet: Whether or not Penelope would be going to the outer villages with him when they get back
He thinks she's planning to run away with him
Crow made a bitter face at William’s back when the knight turned to walk off with Penelope. He hated how determined the knight was to tear them apart. William had threatened his life before, but this was the first time it felt like he could actually do it without hesitation. It wasn’t like the knight was wrong either. Now that he had stolen the staff, there was nothing left to stay his hand—well, except for the fact that Aeklora had told him to carry the staff until they reached Brerra, but there was no way William would believe that.

He turned to lean against a tree with his back to the knights, not wanting to even look at William while he was still angry. However, his attention was drawn towards them again when he heard the older knight shout at Penelope. Swayed by his curiosity, the thief glanced back over his shoulder to see William clutching a bloody nose. Even though the sight made his stomach churn slightly, he couldn’t help but smile. It was about time someone put that cocky man in his place.

As William drew a dagger and turned towards him, Crow flinched, expecting the knight to charge at him. However, Penelope was quick to prevent him from getting past her. The thief watched, his heart fluttering nervously, as the two knights began to fight each other. He didn’t relax until Penelope had managed to take her comrade’s weapon away from him. Even then, he eyed William cautiously, ready to draw his own dagger and come to Penelope’s aid if the older knight tried to attack her again.

Once the fight was truly over and Penelope had returned to his side, he took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her lips, grateful that she had defended him against her comrade. He was still going to keep his guard up around William for a while, but it seemed that the immediate threat was gone for now. As long as the knight was off licking his wounds, the thief doubted he would try to attack them again.

Picking up the cloaks they had purchased from the ground, he handed one to Penelope and tossed another in William’s general direction before draping the third over his own shoulders. He looked down at the dark fabric that now adorned his body, inspecting it with interest. “You know, I just might keep this when we get back,” he mused, drawing the hood over his head and turning to Penelope with a smirk. “It could come in handy when I go on night raids.”

“I hope you’re not expecting the king to set you free after this mission, thief,” William glowered at him as he finished attaching the saddlebags to his mare. “When we get back, you’re going straight into your old prison cell.”

Crow hesitated for a moment, toying with the idea of telling William that he was going back to the outer villages just to get under his skin, but then decided it would be better to keep his and Penelope’s plan a secret. After all, he didn’t want the older knight to interfere with his escape. “That’s ridiculous,” he snorted, feigning a wary frown. “I just stole a staff that was supposed to be impossible to steal and saved our kingdom from going to war. Letting me go home is the least the king could do as thanks for my bravery.”

“Criminals don’t deserve thanks,” the knight spat, slipping on his cloak. “Don’t go thinking you’re some sort of hero. You were just a tool to be used in part of His Highness’s plan, and an insignificant one, at that.”

Crow shifted his weight in mock uncertainty. “Yeah? Well, we’ll see about that. The king would have to be pretty unjust to lock up the man who just risked his life to save the kingdom.”

“He’d have to be unjust to overlook your past record just because you did him one favor,” William retorted with a roll of his eyes. He climbed onto the back of his horse and looked down at them scornfully. “Come on. We’ve wasted enough daylight.”

Crow turned around to face Penelope, mimicking the way the older knight had rolled his eyes and then winking at her slyly. “It doesn’t matter what he thinks, because we’re getting out of here when we reach the border anyway,” he whispered to her, giving her hand a squeeze before he let go to give her room to mount the horse.
Yeah, I have multiple projects due on the weekly now :'D

William couldn't handle being undermined by a thief anymore
As he began fixing the rope around the horse’s torso, Crow listened in on Penelope and William’s conversation. By the rising anger in William’s voice, it sounded like the older knight was getting more anxious to get Penelope to come around to his way of thinking. He wasn’t surprised that William was so upset. It had to be pretty ground shaking for the knight to see his comrade in a romantic relationship with someone he considered to be of the lowest members of society.

However, just because he understood the knight’s frustration didn’t mean he was going to roll over and let William have his way in his and Penelope’s lives. The stubborn man was either going to have to learn to turn a blind eye or change his opinion of the thief if there was to be any peace among them.

When Penelope walked up to him, he reached to put an arm around her shoulders and pull her to his side in a half embrace. “I think so,” he said with a nod in response to her question. Pulling away from her again, he gave the rope a swift tug, checking to make sure it was secure, and then moved to grab the bow and staff that were lying against a tree. He slid both into place beneath the blanket on the stallion’s back, using the cord and the saddle belt to keep them from sliding around.

Once that was done, he took a step back to check his work from a distance. As expected, the ends of the bow and staff protruded from beneath the blanket, since they were too long to be fully covered. He hoped the saddlebags they added would be enough to keep anyone from noticing the extra cargo they were hiding.

He picked up one set of saddlebags and slung them over the animal’s back, fastening them securely around its belly as he had seen Penelope do with the saddle belt a few days ago. After making sure they were on tight enough to not move, he put the arrow quiver inside of the bag on the right side of the horse’s body, closing it up again so it was hidden from sight.

“What do you think?” Crow turned to Penelope, crossing his arms. “I know the bow and staff are still a little visible, but if you didn’t know they were there, do you think you would notice them?”

“Anyone with two good eyes and a brain would be able see what those are,” William grumbled, obviously still annoyed by the thief’s outburst.

“Well then, let’s just hope the knights of Younis are all one-eyed halfwits,” Crow shot him a glare. “Unless you have a better idea, keep your complaints to yourself.”

“That’s it,” William curled his lip and marched up to him angrily.

Crow tensed, ready to run if the knight swung at him, but William didn’t seem intent on starting a fight. The knight stood, eyeing him venomously and clenching his fists at his sides. “You had better watch yourself, thief,” he spat the word with as much hatred as he could muster. “Don’t forget: Now that the staff is in our hands, you’re no longer valuable to us. There’s no reason for me to keep you alive anymore.” He narrowed his eyes threateningly. “I’m done letting you off easy. You’re a criminal, and you will be treated as such, so stop demanding anything more than that. If you step out of line again—” he glanced towards Penelope, seeming to think something over before adding: “In fact, if either of you steps out of line again, I will kill you where you stand, Lockton.”

Crow shifted his weight uncomfortably, not sure what to say. The spiteful side of him was tempted to dare the knight to try, but his logical side told him that he shouldn’t push his luck. So, he just held William’s gaze and said nothing.

William seemed to take his silence as a sign of compliance. “Good,” he stood up slightly straighter, seeming pleased to have reestablished his authority. “Now then, Penelope, come assist me in putting the saddlebags on my horse. I don’t want you near that manipulative bastard.”
“Darling, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Crow winked at Penelope. “I’ve picked up quite a few useful skills in the outer villages, and besides,” he shrugged, turning to look ahead again as they approached the edge of the town. “I can spot a swindler from a mile away. I used to use some of the same tricks as that merchant when I resold the things I stole for money. How can I call myself the best thief if I let someone else steal from me?”

As she moved a little closer to him, he smiled, enjoying the remainder of their privacy while it lasted. It was a shame that William was going to put an end to it when they reached him, but at least he knew now that they would still be together when they got back to Brerra. He was excited to be with her, free from the metaphorical shackles of the mission they were on. He planned to show her all the best parts of the outer villages, the places he was fondest of during his life there. Even though he couldn’t give her the same luxuries as a nobleman could, he wanted to do his best to make her happy.

He glanced down at her affectionately, I hope she finds peasant life as enjoyable as I do.

When they reached the spot where they had left William, the knight was quick to chide them for taking so long. Annoyed with his relentless criticism, Crow rolled his eyes in response, “If it bothers you so much, then you can go next time.” He snapped his fingers, as if struck with a realization. “Oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t go, because you can’t figure out how to mimic a simple accent. Looks like you’ll just have to leave the errands to us.”

“Watch your tongue, thief,” William narrowed his eyes warningly.

“No, you watch yours,” Crow said sharply, causing the knight to blink in surprise. “Listen here. Penelope and I have done all of the heavy lifting for this mission, and you’ve done nothing but complain and mutter about how you could have done it better. I don’t know how to get it through that thick skull of yours, but you’re not the most important person here—in fact, you’re not even remotely competent enough to be calling the shots. So, until you learn how to talk like a Younisian and start making some decent plans that don’t involve fighting anyone who looks at you the wrong way, just stand back and let us work.”

Feeling relieved after having gotten that off his chest, Crow stepped over to the stallion he and Penelope had been riding and began preparing it with the rope and saddlebags.
No worries! I'm getting projects dumped on me from all of my professors, so I'm pretty swamped too ^^;
Also, I started world building for a novel I want to write, so that's keeping me entertained in my free time x3

I'll get started on my reply now though!


EDIT: I imagine William will try to complain to Penelope about Crow's outburst xD
He would think it's her fault that Crow has more of an attitude with him now
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