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My name, as you may have noticed, is Sven. The last part of my username is a historical reference to an important person in Dutch history, William the Silent to be specific, an important leader during the Dutch revolt. If this didn't tell you already, I love history. I eat, breath and sleep history. Anything involving a historically correct setting will most likely draw my interest, whether it is during the first or perhaps the second World War, the colonial age, or even the the ancient times during the Roman Empire.

Now to sum this up to an easy and bite sized piece of information, I will most likely be down for the following scenarios or genres in terms of roleplay:

- Apocalyptic settings, whether that be Zombie or natural disasters. (Both post-apocalyptic and during the apocalypse itself.)
- Roleplays during the first or the second World War are things I enjoy immensly and that is something i'm very knowledgeable on as well.
- Ancient Rome, love it. If you have anything to do with that or possibly with things like that such as the Greek city states, I will most likely be interested.
- Videogames, roleplays based on video games such as the Metro or the Fallout series are things I can also enjoy.

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Four people seems like a good place to start this with, I will send all of you a private message. Or rather, one message that includes all of you. If new people are interested they will be included.
Mhh.. time to bump this back up to the top of the interest check page.
I'd love to participate in this if enough people are willing.

I fear that not enough people have played the games, but we will have to wait and see.
The Ghlukhovsky ones? Sheeeeeeeit yeah!

I don't know of any other series called Metro, but yes the Glukhovsky ones.
I am looking for a group of people that are interested in doing a roleplay set in and based on the Metro Series, it would involve a setting in a custom map of my personal creation (A mixture between the novel and the game map with possible added or removed locations, participants can have input on this as well of course.)

I have decided to avoid making a large topic just yet and instead want to find several people that are genuinly interested in order to help create the setting/roleplay. Basically just a few people to brainstorm and talk about the series. I have chosen to take this path because I have been very busy lately and I simply do not want to spend a large amount of time working on something just to see it fail. I therefor prefer to find people whom I know will stick around and then start the creation from there on out.

Simply leave a comment on this thread and I will eventually contact you so we can discuss things on Skype or possibly an alternative method of communication. (I will wait and see if enough people express interest before getting in contact with people though.)
@Jotunn Draugr@Vilageidiotx A lot of people on the Guild happen to share a similar political ideology from what i've seen. However, if you look in the Imigur Album you can see that my own result is on the far left and quite Authoritarian. That means different results are possible. As for a better test, i'm all for it.
@Kurai Assassin Your link doesn't appear to be working. It's best to link the image directly or to upload the image to say Imigur and link that instead.
A little while ago, the participants of the chat all engaged in a political test to determine where they stood on the political ladder, in the most accurate way I have seen so far. For most of the people on the Guild, or atleast the Guild chat, they tend to lean towards the left side and favour Libertarianism over Authoritarianism. So far, over twenty people have taken the test and it has been suggested to me that I create a thread specifically for this, hence i've done just that. The results are in the link below. I will also provide a link to the test so others can participate.

Imigur album: imgur.com/a/aFDNH

Political test: gotoquiz.com/politics/political-spectr..

Feel free to post the results in the thread and I will add you to the album at some point.
I've been a bit sick hence I haven't posted again yet. Once I feel better i'll reply.
Apparantly we're all meeting eachother one way or another, figured i'd get on that train, in a way.
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