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I was like 14 when I joined this website and now i'm 20.
Well hello, I decided to check up on hell. (Okay there title doesn't really make any sense, but let's just go with it). How are you guys and your dank attitudes?
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Oh no I've been forgotten.
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Omg it's been forever
I'm so excited. Being a junior this year means better sway with the coach and seniors lol
Gowi said
Yeah, I understand how it works. But even in TLA I hated how they were written and designed. They make sense, but I think they are wonky and I don't like them conceptually.

Why are you even in this thread is my question.
It's not there
Lady Squee said
I enjoyed Season 1, but everything is is bland. The writing could be much better. Someone compared the writing to Breaking Bad and I almost flipped out. I'm only on Season 3 of BB, but still. The writing for BB is beautiful. The writing for TWD is predictable.Also, because I mentioned Breaking Bad, please no spoilers. I have managed to remain a BB virgin and nothing has been spoiled. :3

get your filthy mouth out of here
Aragorn said
He's kidding. The IRC is dead. They are too busy circle jerking in that skype group.

lololol this is more true than anyone knows.
Carol was always my fav
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