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When Zer-Du woke up there was a great roar. He got to his feet and looked around and he realized he felt better than before thankfully even though he was not back to full health. He also noticed that there were some things different about him like his body had become bigger and his tail was thicker and he felt more powerful. Zer-Due didn't know this but it was because of Ya-Shuur's blessing of fertility and the hormones and testosterone that now made him a true alpha male.

He saw from where the great roar had come and saw a giant red beast flying in the air with giant flame wings. There was smoke coming out of its nostrils and its claws and teeth were huge. Zer-Du turned and began running but because he was a big target and was now out of the dark forest the huge dragon spotted him right away and flew towards him and breathed a stream of fire. Zer-Du roared in pain before shooting right into the air and avoiding anymore of the flames. His back was hard and strong and protected him but he was still burnt and he flew up at a huge speed to the dragon and thwacked it with his spikey tail right on the head. It screeched and fell for a few seconds before rising back up with magma blood coming out of its head and it struck Zer-Du right out of the air until he smashed into the ground and left a huge trench.

Zer-Du moaned and got up injured and tried to get away but one of his legs was broken. Because of this he jumped into the air and flew higher and higher. The dragon followed him but it was too slow and Zer-Du flew very fast. The dragon still flapped after him and then Zer-Du flew through some clouds and all of a sudden he found himself in a place full of shining vines. This was because he had come through some clouds and accidentally entered into Asceal's sphere. Zer-Du looked around in fear and tried to see where the dragon was. He saw some trees with interesting orange fruits and tried to eat one of them but then he remembered that he didn't eat fruits and spat it out in disgust. When he saw that there was nobody in this place and it was safe he landed and limped until he found somewhere to lie down and he went back to sleep. Every now and again he would open his eyes suddenly to perk up and look around in case the dragon had come but it never was there. So he would go back to sleep.


The Hunter

When Vakk's monster woke up after being knocked unconscious by Kalmar it found itself in pain. It whined and tried to stand but couldn't so it fell back down. After a few moments it tried again and managed to drag itself to its feet and take a few careful steps. Its head was pounding and it was still injured because of the fight with the huge wolf but it was otherwise unharmed. It made its way to running water and lapped up the water and washed in the stream. It lay in there for nearly a day and let the water wash away the pain and dirt. Then it got up and flew into the air and followed the scent of Hermes.

It flew for a long time and sometimes it went down and floated in the water to rest because the injuries were not healed yet. When it was resting like this once it felt a disturbance and woke up. The hunter looked around sleepily and then suddenly felt itself in great danger. Beneath it the water bulged and a shadow darkened and then the water exploded in great fury! A powerful and terrifying creature blew up from the water with its jaws open wide and lots of jagged and razor teeth in its maw coming right for the hunter:

Vakk's monster screeched loudly and was already in the air but the megalodon was also in the air because it had jumped. Its mouth and teeth were closing in around the monster's tail and with a desperate attempt it moved its tail and thwacked it right on the snout. The megalodon snapped its mouth shut and seemed shocked by the strike and it landed back in the water with an enormous splash. Vakk's monster quickly rose higher into the air and looked behind it in case the megalodon could actually fly. After that it did not go back to the water and just kept flying and whenever it saw a small island it landed on it to rest and lick its wounds. Then at last it reached a huge island with lots of glowing forests and plenty of creatures for it to hunt and eat. It hunted some deer and ate them right up and then it stalked away under a tree in a dark forest and it looked around for a while before falling asleep.

Ya-Shuur sat still underneath the tree. Far away the water was beating against the shore and the cliffs and the world seemed darker than before to Ya-Shuur and the rain was beating down like it always did on Li'Kalla's island. The world didn't feel dark because it was actually darker but because all the death and injustices he had been feeling recently. Even though he wanted to go and see what was going on the pain was incapacitating him. Behr-Aat came and sat next to him and looked out at the forest around them. She whined and licked his face which had moss on it. Ivy was growing all on him. He had not moved from his spot for a very long time and was just staring out like a statue. Some birds had made a nest between his horns.

He knew that he was in pain and he knew that this pain was caused by things outside his knowledge. He realized as well that these were things outside his control. All he could control was on this island and even on this island he could not control everything. He could not control the weather and make it stop raining all the time. He could not control the ivy that grew on him or the moss or the birds. All he could truly control was himself and his soul. That was the only thing in all the world he had real control over. He did not have control over all those people and gods who were killing each other and doing injustice so what was the point in worrying about them and being in pain? He would solve all the things in his control and power to solve and those things that were out of his control he would not worry or feel guilty about.

On his island there was felicity. So Ya-Shuur was at peace.

Ya-Shuur felt excruciating pain and his eyes flared open. Tears fell from his eyes and screamed as tears streamed down his face and he fell from the bed he had made and thrashed on the ground for a while. His blood seemed to be boiling and screaming and there were whispers in his head and images. And when it had all settled in his head and his face was planted on the ground and he was holding horns and sobbing he knew that Vakk had died. This knowledge was instinctive because Vakk was the one who sired his physical form and his blood and Li'Kalla's blood were inside him. What happened to Li'Kalla's had been painful and terrible and it was almost like she was dead but Ya-Shuur knew that there was still a chance of saving her and still a chance that Vakk could undo the hurt that he had done. But there was no undoing this decapitation that Ya-Shuur felt as thought it was his own head.

And then anger surged through him and he sat up and leaned against the wall and stared in to the darkness. His eyes showed their anger and he stared without blinking in the darkness. Ya-Shuur knew that Vakk was unpleasant and that he had done some unpleasant things and that he had hurt some people. But Vakk had killed no one. Maybe he had hurt others this was true and he had even hurt Ya-Shuur when he was fighting Li'Kalla but he had not killed Li'Kalla and Ya-Shuur had not felt him to be a murderer. But now he had been killed and in his heart Ya-Shuur was angry and knew that it was unjust. He grit his teeth and frowned and bunched his hands up into fists. Tears rolled down his face and he sat in the dark all angry and sad for the going of both his progenitors.

This was not just a wrong against Vakk. This was a wrong against Ya-Shuur and his... his people. His close ones. His kin. Maybe one day he would come to know what happened and he might come to know the perpetrators and why they did it. And he would make sure that there was Justice in it all. He wrote a new maxim: "Good kinsfolk ask after the blood of their kin. The price of a hurt is to undo it or suffer like it and death which cannot be undone is paid with death. This is Justice."

Between Ya-Shuur's protected lands and the rest of Li'Kalla's island to the east there was a great cave. This cave started outside of Ya-Shuur's lands but it extended underground into it. Ya-Shuur went inside this cave and looked around it and thought it was beautiful and he wanted to leave something there to let those who slept in it who came from outside his lands know that they were under his protection here and that everything in the cave was under his protection as well. He thought he would mark the walls of the cave and he goat charcoal for this. But he thought that maybe charcoal would go away and he wanted something that would stay and in the end he cut himself and he used some of his blood on the charcoal to make it red and then he marked the walls of the cave with many different pictures.

The first picture was a simple one of a red blob with many tentacles and a smaller humanoid form. The blob's tentacles were extended towards the humanoid form. Above them floated a smaller thing that was also slightly humanoid. The second picture was of that same blob with tentacles except that now the humanoid figure was gone and replaced with a fearsome creature that had something coming out of its mouth. The smaller form was now below them and bright red strands were falling down on it.

The next image was of a humanoid form with hair and beard but there was no detail of its eyes. It looked to be undressed but there were no details and its arms were held aloft and extended outwards. Then the next picture was of that same figure except this time he had small horned creature next to him and he had a stick in his hands and they were both facing a great dark cloud. Behind the big dark cloud was a fearsome bear standing on its feet.

The next picture that Ya-Shuur drew was of that same man now dressed. He had a goat one side of him and what appeared to be a wolf on the other. Then he drew another picture of the man facing off against a terribly big creature. And the next was of two great creatures. One a giant wolf and then that same terrible creature and around them were other little creatures. Then the next one was a very big picture of the same man and he had two horns in his hands and they were extended in a dramatic way and all around him there were goats and wolves and there was a big wolf to his left and six of the little creatures now grown up to his right. Around his head there were some rays and he looked like a powerful figure. The next picture was similar except that the horns were now on his head and he was stood on what seemed to be a cliff overlooking a great land with many different animals. Some looked like donkeys and some looked like cows and there were dogs and other creatures. He had a staff in his hand and his other hand was extended up where some birds were flying near him.

Ya-Shuur drew more pictures. Some of them were of little butterfly creatures. These were the iceflies. He also drew the crows that followed him everywhere. He drew bears and he drew the spirits that guarded some parts of the island and never left them. He drew frogs and cats and he drew the sea and rivers and water-goats. He drew Li'Kalla's manor and drew the goddess in it and put great rays around her head and he drew a small humanoid figure floating around her feet. He drew spires of mud. He drew many small humanoid creatures going towards a great fire and all of them screaming in pain. He drew an ice woman playing the snow. He drew fishes and he drew the humanoid figure helping a dolphin back into the sea.

When this was all done Ya-Shuur looked around the cave and all the drawings he had done and he was very satisfied. Anyone who came here would know of him and would know that this was his land and they would see his good works and know that he was good and would have no fear. They would see that he was powerful and would know that they should not do evil things otherwise it would make him angry with their actions. And they would also know things about his life and things he had seen. Very satisfied Ya-Shuur left the cave and went back to his underground house to lie down and meditate.

With his stick in his hand Ya-Shuur climbed out of his house and looked around. The crows were up in the trees staring at him as usual and Behr-Aat and Jul-Urr were laying down not far from his hidden house. When he climbed out they stirred immediately and came to him. He climbed on to Behr-Aat and they went through the jungle. When they came near the herd Ya-Shuur noticed that there was some commotion and when he went near he found a very small animal surrounded by some of the wolves. It was a tiny creature with a long tail. It was growling in a low tone and hissing and its lips were peeled back to reveal very sharp small teeth. Its claws were also out. The wolves seemed to find this small creature curious and were keeping it away from a very young and small goat it had clearly been trying to hunt.

Whenever one of the wolves approached the creature struck out with lightning speed and was very vicious even latching onto the wolf's snout and biting. A few of the wolves were bleeding but they did not seem to be taking the small creature too seriously. Ya-Shuur approached and made the wolves disperse and he spoke softly to the feline creature. "Now now. There there." It hissed at him in warning but he calmed it down with some soft words and brought his hand to its head to stroke it. It did not strike at him because of his ability with animals but it did not let him touch it either. He got up and walked towards one of the larger goats and brought it near and then he spurted some of its milk into his hand and gestured for the cat to come near. It cocked its head curiously but did not move. Ya-Shuur wiped his hand clean of the milk and looked around. He went out into the woodlands and found a fallen branch. He broke a thick bit off and began kneading it with his hands and cutting away at it with his strong and long nails. With his powers he was able to carve it until it was a wooden bowl and then he went back to the goat and put some milk into it and put it out for the feline creature. It approached the bowl and sniffed at the milk and then it began lapping it up. While it did that Ya-Shuur went out to the stream and caught some fishes for the creature and put them next to the bowl and it was happy to dig into them. When it had eaten what it could it took one of the fishes and ran off into the forest and then it came back for the other. On the third time it nudged the bowl towards Ya-Shuur and he filled it up with milk again and then it ran off into the woodland and looked back at him. It waited till he had come after it and then led him to where a a litter of seven of its children lay meowing and he put the bowl near them and they drank. She watched him carefully as he put the bowl down and then stood in front of him in a confrontational way so he left.

It kept coming back and forth from the forest and Ya-Shuur was happy to feed it. Sometimes when he wasn't around it attacked a baby goat and dragged it off to the forest. The molves would watch it impassively as it did this and do nothing because they had seen it so many times with Ya-Shuur. When Ya-Shuur spotted it doing this he would shoo it off. But even then it was still a wild animal and did not learn so quickly so it continued eating some of the babies just like the wolves ate some of the goats sometimes because their hunter instinct was so great. This creature that Ya-Shuur called a cat would took to him so well that one day he returned to his house and found it there. When he opened the door to go inside it leapt inside and he was surprised when it came back out with a small rodent in its mouth. He stroked its head and praised its great hunting skill and speed. When he closed his eyes it was lying next to him and would sometimes even sit on his chest and he would stroke its head or back affectionately.

When he opened his eyes again she had disappeared. Her children were all big enough to look after themselves now and he had seen them going and coming from the herd and drinking from the milk bowls he left out (which the wolves and molves sometimes drank from as well). As he washed his hands in a stream he looked up and saw a water-goat eating some grass on the side of the stream. It was a truly big creature and its water environment allowed its head to be twice the size of a land goat. Ya-Shuur thought they would be very useful creatures to ride in the water the same way he rode the molves on land and in the air. He approached the water-goat but the moment it noticed him it turned around and fled into the water. He tried again with a few others that he saw feeding on banks of rivers or streams but they were very cautious animals and did not approach even when he offered them food.

He thought he would give up and leave them in piece but then a part of him rebelled and he decided he would not rest until he had tamed a few. So he dug a large hole big enough for two water-goats but too deep for them to be able to climb out of and he lay in wait for them. When one came out that he recognized as a male he leapt on it and wrestled with it. It was a powerful creature and a few times it seemed like it would slip from him and escape but at last he caught its horns and dragged it until he reached the pit and then threw it in there. It bleated in terror and tried to climb the sides but it was trapped. He then caught a female and did the same to it.

He continued bringing food to them and ensuring they were well-fed and healthy and in time they produced two litters of three. When the first litter was produced he took the babes to rear them and he did the same to the second litter. At this point 300 days had passed but because he had not interacted with the two adults a lot they were still wild and returned easily to the wild. He reared their goats to be tame around him and when they were old enough he released them into a lake and visited them continuously. If he left them for long periods without visiting some of them became feral again and the new litters that were produced had to be personally broken in so that they were tame. When he was confident enough he began trying to ride them but this did not work with the adults so he started doing it to the young ones as soon as they were capable so they grew used to it quickly.
This worked much better thought he had no way of keeping them above water when he was riding them. He experimented with a few things but eventually found that steering them from their horns was a good way. By pulling their horns backwards slightly he could keep them from diving and also be steering them right and left he could tell them what direction to go. Kicking their side also made them speed up and pulling their horns back not only stopped them from diving but also made them slow down.

For the next period Ya-Shuur continued travelling around the island and taming many animals he came across. He tamed foxes, cows, ducks, horses, buffalos, birds like gemstone gardeners and pigeons and even hawks, reindeers, and asses. This required him to make space around his house so he set about clearing areas and putting up enclosures to protect his domesticated animals from predators. When he was finished a sizeable part of the jungle had become enclosed and protected land that was often patrolled by him or his molves.

Ya-Shuur didn't go in the end and he stayed on his home island. He went into the forest and got a strong sharp stick and started to turn the ground in a place that was clear of trees but was covered so the rain didn't fall through. He dug a great amount and started shaping the place to be a bit like a room in Li'Kalla's manor. He covered the room-sized hole in wet mud and then waited for to dry so it all had a smooth surface without any bumps or holes and also so that the earth didn't stick to his feet when he was inside. Then he brought big logs and covered the room he had dug into the ground and he brought lots of grass and covered the logs. Then he brought earth and covered the grass. The entrance was a hole in the ground leading down some earth steps. He covered it in a cover made from twigs tied together and covered in grass and when a person looked at the house it looked like there was nothing there except earth and grass. (He does it like the first place in this video).

Ya-Shuur was satisfied with this because he now had his own home just like Li'Kalla. It was a good sign because it made him different from other creatures that were always outside. He had made one part of the room slightly raised like a bed like he saw in Li'Kalla's house where she used to close her eyes for a long time. He lay on it like she used to and closed his eyes for a few hours. He moved around every now and then as he thought about things. Then when he felt enough time had passed he opened his eyes and got out of the house.

He remembered that he had thrown his stick away when he got angry and now he wanted to find it again. So he retraced his footsteps with the help of the two molves with them him and eventually found it. It had become all soggy from the rain so he took it back to his home and put it inside and watched it until it became dry. When it became dry he picked it up and inspected it then he lay down again on his bed.

It was only now that he had started to notice how alone he was even though the island was full of different kinds of life and the strange sensation made him frown. On his bed in his dark cosy home he closed his eyes again to meditate like he used to see Li'Kalla doing. He felt weak for now but when he opened his eyes again he would be stronger and he would do something about this loneliness.

Ya-Shuur stayed in the ruined manor brooding for a few days. He had sought to rebuild Li'Kalla's home for her because it had been destroyed unjustly. But he had not been able to rebuild it despite the fact that justice demanded it. It demanded it of Vakk specifically this was true but it demanded it generally as well and of anybody willing and able to carry it out and Ya-Shuur was willing but not able it seemed. What did that mean for justice if someone was willing but not able? Did that mean that one was unjust? It was this question that had been on Ya-Shuur's mind for the last few days and at last he thought he had an acceptable answer. He hefted his stick and wrote in the debris. "Every soul is to be allotted its due. It is a general duty on all who can. It is a specific duty on whosoever takes what is due another without good reason. Those who do not fulfill this general duty though they can are shamed. Those who do not fulfill this specific duty are to be hurt until it is fulfilled. This is Justice."

He left it there and went to Behr-Aat and climbed on to her back and they went away. They travelled until the reached the sea and walked along the beach for a few days. Then one day they came across a gray creature that had washed up on the beach. It had a rather long snout and was clicking and whistling. Ya-Shuur could immediately tell that it was distressed and could see that it was trying to get back to the water without success. He went to it and spoke softly to it to calm it down. Then he focused his power and caused the creature to levitate. Then he moved it towards the sea and placed it in the shallows where it was able to swim again. It rose above the waves and clicked and whistled happily before disappearing in the depths.

Ya-Shuur had seen fish before but never up close like that and the ones he had seen were also different from that one because they never whistled or clicked and did not seem as intelligent. When he returned to his herd he sat down with some of the goats by a stream and encouraged them to jump in. They swam about for a while. They were good swimmers but not like a fish. He thought that maybe he could make them better. Maybe when they jump in water they could become more like fish. The idea was interesting and he looked at his goats and wondered how to do it. He brought one goat near and sat in shallow water and he caught a big salmon with his powers and brought it close as well. He inspected the salmon for some minutes before releasing it and he also remembered how that grey intelligent fish had looked and then he started mutating the goat so it was able to swim like a fish and breathe in the water. He released it and it swam around and then rose above the water and bleated. He did this to a few more of them but then noticed that they had begun to swim away. Worried by this he ran along the stream after them. Some stayed in the river but others swam all the way down and disappeared into the sea.

He had wanted it to be so they could jump out of the water and become normal goats again but he now realized that if they were very good swimmers like this they could wander off and he would not know what happened to them so he decided against doing that to more goats. He hoped these water-goats that he had made would be okay in the rivers and the sea.

At that moment Ya-Shuur suddenly felt a jolt of sadness felt by a sudden short-lived anger. He sensed that something terrible had happened. It was an awful injustice of some kind. Not too long after he felt that jolt of sadness again but far greater than before and what came after it was a fury that caused him to throw his stick and hold his head with trembling hands. Something terrible was happening. Crimes and injustice unlike anything before. He got up and ran away suddenly. His goats looked up and bleated in confusion and two his herder-wolves followed after him and so did the crows because the crows were always following. He saw a magpie and it started talking to him but he had heard its story so many times now that he could recite it off by heart and he wasn't feeling in the mood to listen to it so he walked on by it. A bear lumbered by and stared at him but he fixed it with such a look of fury that it mewled fearfully and turned around and went away.

As he went he came across one of the areas protected by those spirit beings. Usually they were friendly to him but this one seemed to sense the anger in him and assaulted him straight away. Ya-Shuur shouted out in surprise and ran until he was out of its area. It sent a few hissing and crackling sounds after him and returned to its area. His fury now gone and replaced with a deep melancholy he continued until he came to a great cliff overlooking the sea and sat down. The two herder-wolves that had followed him were Behr-Aat and Jul-Urr. Jul-Urr was not mottled like Behr-Aat but entirely white and he was slightly bigger. They sat down to either side of him and he placed a hand on their heads and watched the sea sadly. Somewhere (he didn't know where or how) a great injustice had happened and he was not able to stop it just like the last time. He looked at his companions and then looked out at the sea. "I... we could go. We could go and find out and we can make it right." He said to himself.

Ya-Shuur had taken the mottled black and white herder-wolf that was called Behr-Aat with him. Before him now was the destroyed manor of Li'Kalla. It was pouring with rain and fog was everywhere. Phantasmal crows shifted here and there in the mist and it seemed to Ya-Shuur that even through the fog he could see their coal-black eyes watching him.

He had come here because he wished to be near the place where he received a physical form and look further into his powers by rebuilding the home of Li'Kalla. It was all destroyed and broken and that made him sad. But he believed that he could rebuild it with the powers he discovered he had. He jumped from Behr-Aat's back and walked towards the manor. Li'Kalla was not here and neither was the monster. He closed his eyes and remembered how the manor had looked and then he raised his hands and opened his eyes. "Return!" He commanded with a strong voice. But nothing happened and he frowned. "Arise house!" He shouted. A few rocks from the ruined manor bounced around and he felt a spark of energy jolt through him. But the manor did not return.

He walked nearer to the ruins and Behr-Aat approached it too. She pawed some of broken stones from the ruined manor. Ya-Shuur focused and looked around. He saw the door of the manor and he saw broken glass and wood. He saw bits of Li'Kalla's bed and things from the kitchen. Everything was here but just needed to be assembled in the right way. It was just a matter of moving things and bonding them just like he had done with his horns. He inhaled and tried to fill himself with power and he raised his hands again. His horns seemed to tremble. The earth shook slightly beneath him and Behr-Aat barked. Ya-Shuur groaned and there was sudden movement. Behr-Aat barked again louder.

Everywhere around Ya-Shuur debris and bits and pieces of Li'Kalla's home were in the air. He strained and willed them be shaped according to the vision in his memory. A door rose and all around it broken stones came together to form bricks. Windows were restored and broken grass jumped back into its place. The broken bed stirred and leapt back into itself and the wardrobe and all the furniture. The utensils from the kitchen shook themselves free of the earth and cleaned themselves in the lake and then went back to the kitchen but Ya-Shuur was not able to restore the food as that had mostly become rotten especially because of the incessant raining. His hands were still extended and he looked happily at his success. He lowered his hands and moved towards the door but then Behr-Aat barked loudly and her tail whipped around Ya-Shuur and wrenched him into the air as the herder-wolf took flight. Ya-Shuur was confused but understood when he saw the manor collapsing on itself. He went limp and a bit of gloom overcame him. This was not lightened even when he realized that this was his first time flying.

Behr-Aat placed him gently on her back and he held on to two of her bony protrusions to stop himself from falling. "Go back Behr-Aat." He said as rain and wind whipped his face. The herder-wolf turned around in the mist and darkness and swiftly returned to where the manor finished collapsing. Because everything was wet there was no dust cloud but a lot of mud had been thrown everywhere. Ya-Shuur sighed and walked through the debris and sat on the once again broken and soggy bed and sat brooding there.

The Great Shepherd The Horned One

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