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My life is like a tootsie pop. It's kinda boring for a while, and hurts after a while, but then it's really sweet and nice.. and then, everything just sucks again -_-
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Oi m8s, I got an asylum casual interest check up. I can't link it, because it's too many characters ;-; , but it's 'A Place Named Westwood'. If anybody wants to join, go ahead and take a look :3
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So, for the first time in years, I'm actually going to a doctor on Tuesday. They're probably gonna want to take blood. I'm a bit freaked out. Wish me luck ;w;
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Naming stuff is hard ;w;



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"They were? I had no clue. I'm very sorry, I'll be sure to go back and re-write those." They apologized to Dain, a tad embarrassed. "The last I heard of him, he was preparing to journey out to the far lands in search of some magical stone or... something..."

"As for a place to stay, I would suggest Duskler's Inn, it's just down the street. Make a right on Pav. Lane, and it should be right next to the stables. Just look for the banners." They directed.

Nora's eye darted towards Dain, "Food?" They questioned as their stomach let out a growl like that of a starved dragon.
They turned to face the large armored figure, smiling brightly as they took their hand.

"What an interesting name you have there! A beautiful one, indeed, if I may say." They complimented. "I'm sure you three are going to love it here!" They stated, their smile growing with every word.

They look up to meet the gaze of the person who was now on Gangraena's head. "And who might you be, my petite pal?"

"My name's Nora!" The cyclops replied in a soft, but energetic tone, smiling down at them.
"Why, thank you. I actually made this myself, and wrote everything in it, and edited everything, and.. I've spent a lot of time on this." They laughed awkwardly. "Anyway," They continued to turn more and more pages.

"Merlin... Merlin..." They muttered. "..Ah! Merlin, here we go, right here." They turned their book towards you. In bold, grand writing in the top left corner of the page read the name 'Merlin the Great', with a small, semi-poorly done visual sketch of the elder wizard beneath it. The rest of the page was filled up with information of his arrival, where he had stayed, what he did, ect.
"Certainly!" They replied cheerfully.

"Now, before I start," They took out a small, but thick and heavy book from a bag on their side "Is there anything in particular you care to know more about? Perhaps something of that Merlin you spoke of? I'm sure we may have something on that." They said, flipping through the book's pages.

As the small crowd gazed in awe at the new arrivals, they failed to notice the last.

A small, dwarf-like being hopped out of the carriage door, jumping up a few feet in the air before landing safely behind the ancient warrior and elderly wizard. They tried to peak around the others legs, but decided it would be better to just get somewhere higher. They leaped into the air again, only to now land on the warriors shoulders.

One of the townsfolk came up to the unlikely trio, and greeted them "Hello there, and welcome to Haralock! We've been expecting you two-" They just now noticed the oddly petite cyclops "... Three. It's a pleasure to meet you all. May I ask for your names?"
@Tati teh Pteri - So a quick question: Are the passengers coming off the carriage supposed to be our characters or is it something else?

Yes, they are your characters. I thought it would be nice to have a little introduction thing, y'know?

The post is up! Finally -3-

I hope that's enough to get this started. I know it's a little short, but post will most likely get longer as this goes on. That, and I didn't know what else to add ^_^'

Chapter One: The Arrival


Haralock, a grand shelter for those brave enough to journey through the mystical gateways, anyone who has been shunned by the overruling Kingdom of Zorelle, or lost travelers, looking to stay the night somewhere that isn't an abandoned cave or a bloodthirsty village.

The structure's outer walls shook lightly, as its large wooden gates opened inward to allow a carriage to enter.
The carriage seemed rickety and old, the body was made of old dark oak planks, with bits of rusty silver here and there, supposedly keeping it from falling apart. Its horse was mutated, almost half the size of the carriage it pulled, with a coat of midnight and terrifying beady grey eyes. Its mane was put in a messy braid by its handler, dragging across the dirt road as the horse slowly pulled its load. If one thought the horse was scary, they shouldn't lay an eye on the driver. It had the appearance like that of what some imagine as a wispy spirit, a body made of some kind of smoke-like substance, with round white orbs in place of its eyes, and no mouth. Dressed in oddly well-kept rags, and large black boots, splotched with mud.

The carriage slowly came to a stop in the road. The driver hopped down from his seat and opened the carriage door, allowing the passengers to step out.

A few passersby stuck around to see who they'd most likely be living with now.

@A Lowly Wretch @Stuzzie

So, as you can tell, the IC was not up last week, and I am super sorry. My brother had an appointment, and we all had to go with him, for reasons I won't get into.

But the good thing is it'll be up before 1:30 I hope, at the latest. I, once again, am really sorry for the wait, but I hope it'll all be worth it.

Thank you both for being patient with this. I really do appreciate it.
@Tati teh Pteri - My apologies for the delays in getting my CS up. I've had a cold lately and work hasn't let up much before now. Since I have a couple days free this week I should have a CS up by this evening or early tomorrow morning at the latest.

Aw, I hope you get better soon! Thank you for letting me know, though :3

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