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Current Oi m8s, I got an asylum casual interest check up. I can't link it, because it's too many characters ;-; , but it's 'A Place Named Westwood'. If anybody wants to join, go ahead and take a look :3
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1 mo ago
So, for the first time in years, I'm actually going to a doctor on Tuesday. They're probably gonna want to take blood. I'm a bit freaked out. Wish me luck ;w;
2 mos ago
Naming stuff is hard ;w;
2 mos ago
Y'know when your hands randomly smell like blood, and you intentionally keep smelling them and no matter how much you wash them, the scent is still there
2 mos ago
Yo, regaining self-esteem is rougher than I thought it would be. In the last few hours, I have cried at least twice. This kinda sucks



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gonna be this g a y
@Chulance Great to know! Yes, there is a CS, it's posted in Characters (I just made it the 0th to make it easy :p)
Contacting patients...

Once open a time, on a now-deserted little island named Westwood, stood what was known as Westwood Sanatorium. The Sanatorium housed almost half of the island's population, all of them being either mentally ill, horribly infected, or both.

The year is 1936, and this is the story of a small handful of unlucky and unfortunate patients trapped inside this hellish place, uncovering it's horrific secrets, willingly or not.

If you wish to read/partake in more fanciful, magical stories of adventure and triumph, defeating great evils and overcoming the worst things live could throw at a person,
this is not a story for you.

This is a gritty, scary and realistic story, telling tales of true terror.

For those brave, and/or foolish souls who have made it this far, and wish to continue on...

You have been warned.


Are you or a loved one suffering from severe mental illness?

Are you shunned and rejected from society because of it?

Do you need help?

Well, worry not, citizens of Westwood, help is here!

With the support of both the mayor of this fine little town, and countless donations made from your own fellow Westies, we are proud to present.. 'Westwood Sanatorium'!

No more hiding behind blinded windows and blocked doors for the rest of your days, because now, you can get the help you've always needed. For a small price, of course.

Come on in and receive your treatment today!

I read back, and yeah, and I agree with you, @Spike.

So, I got an idea. I'm going to go to the last post, add on a few more things, maybe delete some stuff, and try to give a bit more of a start to the adventure. Like, maybe a little quest or something to start us off, get the characters together, then start to dive into more of the main plot.

I have a lot of future plans already in the works for this, so I'll try to get this rolling as quickly as I can.

If you have any problems or suggestions or anything, anything at all, go ahead and pm me. I'm always open to criticism, if you have it.
I have made a decision. The thread will be going up later today, if not tomorrow.

We will be having it open for new people to join, since the group of people now is pretty small.

Remember, if anybody has any questions about anything, send a pm my way. I'm all ears!
@Spike @Jasper19

Hey, sorry if this comes off as pushy at all, but... do you guys need me to add on anything? It's been, like, over a week :/

I understand if you guys are busy. If you are, I would've appreciated to be told that, but it's fine.

I was just wondering what's up
@SUN @vertigo17 @Canidae

Should I post the thread soon? I feel like it's been long enough, but I'm not sure...

Let me know what you guys think!
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