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Engaging TC-130, Mental Dislocater.
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Taking more naps anyways.


Probably the realest.

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"Alright old man let's just skip to our questions, where are we, what's with the ghost things, and where can I get a suit, it's kind of cold in here."

"...and where can I get a suit, it's kind of cold in here."

"'s kind of cold in here."



Next you're going to ask how a fifty foot tall spirit dragon fits into a room this size. Like, come on man, get with the picture.

*Grumbles* ...isn't even a cute girl...
Posts up. If anybody asks how a incorporeal spirit rests its head on a vengeful, super-powered zombie's shoulder, I'm probably dropping this rp and moving to the countryside.
Mariah Point

The most overdressed member of the living dead in the room blinks, considering the timeliness of her arrival and the vaguely unnatural tone of the situation as a whole. Then, not being one to refuse a chair given, she sits down in one of the seats closest to the wall. "Well," she starts, fixing her sub-zero gaze on the man who she presumed was her host. "I'm Mariah, and I'm pretty sure I'm dead. Actually, scratch that, I'm totally dead. Is that your doing, Suit?"

"Now now, Mariah. I'm sure that Mister Suit is a perfectly nice old gentleman~" Sunny admonishes her host in a sing-song voice, resting her head comfortably on Mariah's shoulder. She manages to break her eyes away from the subject of her affections for long enough to give George a quick once-over, smiling in his direction before returning to doting over a sighing, resigned Mariah.

"Alright, play nice with the guy who probably killed me. Got it, Sunny. I am really, so glad to have you around."

"So," turning from her Memento Mori before she could start pouting at her.

"Serve any drinks in this place?"
There. Decided to make a neat little monster tamer, or something. Is she edgy enough for this?
@The Narrator Um, I just thought I would let you know that its normal to link the OOC in the Interest Check so that people know its posted. From my perspective, it just looked like you said you would have it up the next day and then bailed. I also totally don't check the little bell because I'm old fashioned.

I am planning on making a sheet, though. Expect me.
@The Narrator Could a Memento Mori thats power is specifically that it can physically manifest or act separately from its user be valid?
@The Narrator Thanks for the clarification. I was picturing something more like a Stand, but the way you've just described it makes it seem more like a sentient, ghostly symbiote of sorts that grants its host supernatural powers.

Can the Memento Mori act independently? Is there like, a range at which they can no longer provide their Revenant with abilities? Does the Momento Mori itself have powers, or is it dependent on its Revenant to fight?

So, in your example the conduit of Jimmy's Momento Mori's power is his own physical body, but the power itself is something that is supposed to belong to the Momento Mori. Does this mean that a Revenant can directly activate and wield the power possessed by their Momento Mori?

If so, how is that any different from the Revenant themselves possessing the power? And if not, are there delay issues with having the power you're trying to "use" be channeled through a separate entity possessing its own will and motives?
What a shocking turn of events!
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