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Coco Pebbles are the shit.
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I gotta say, all that stuff you hear about missing your family after being away for a while is true.
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I have a new found hate for snow.
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Still accepting? I am really interested in this.
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TIMELate Night

Everyone's Golden Boy

When he arrived at the gas station it, Blu quickly got out of his car and stepped inside. It seemed like everyone wanted to get gas at this one station so the line was long enough that he would have to wait. The teen at the register was lazily wringing up customer after customer with a bord look in his eye. The men and women in line droned on slowly climbing to the front until it was their turn, the entire setting was mundane and kind of bummed Blu out. With a sigh he looked at the gummy bears next to him and picked them up, holding his spot in line and attempting to seem more interesting the those that surrounded him. He was only thinking about how his night would continue with this boringness, Blu would go home, make some food (try not to wake anyone up) and then go to sleep after reading a book. His life had been on this constant repeat of boring and dullness for a while now lacking color in many forms.

The door had chimed two or three times since he had got in line but he paid no mind to it, and once he reached the top he told the boy his pump number and handed him his card. The transaction was quick and fluid, but when Blu turned around he got the shock of his life. Standing there in all her radiant beauty, was the slayer of his heart, the one who tore down his temple, she threw him in a whirlwind of emotions and then left Blu for dead, it was Marlie. Blu stopped and stared for a while, no smiles, no bright eyes filled with hope (he stopped that a while ago), no twitch or fighting, just shock, and a blank stare. He assumed that they both agreed to avoid one another; it hurt too much for him and like a predator she was already onto her next prey. As these thoughts crossed his mind he quickly sobered up and walked past her like he didn't stare for three minutes, but once he got to the door he saw that their cars were parked next to each other and something ached inside his chest. Blu turned around and walked up to Marlie, their entire summer seemed to flash in his head like a slide show. All the laughs, the joy, the connection they shared. Blu was certain she felt the same way, he felt that you couldn't fake those smiles, that glimmer in the eyes, that familiar warmth... but apparently, Marlie could.

She had not acknowledged him but he gave her a timid smile and put his hands in his pockets. "H-hey Mar, long time no see." Blu said with a stutter in the beginning but finding his ground towards the end. If this was going to work he could not show weakness in front of her, Marlie was dangerous, a burning flaming waiting for her next source of fuel, but for some reason, Blu liked playing with fire even if he knew he was going to get burned.

"How have you been, beautiful?" He said with his normal confidence and smile.
LOCATIONTown Hall->Gas Station
INTERACTING WITHNo one in particular
MENTIONEDAnnalise & Abraham
TIMEEarly Morning->Late Night

Everyone's Golden Boy

Dear Future Self,
Promise me you wont make any stupid, impulsive, or brash descisons tomorrrow. Don't let the firework hipe get to you, don't fall for the silly smiles running around and the smell of burgers in the air. You have goals Mr.Carver don't let the festivites distract you, this little town is just a stepping stone, so please, for the love of god, don't let it turn into a boulder that has to be moved out the way.
-Love BC

Blu set his pen down next to the short letter he just wrote himself. It was letters like these that got him through the teenage angst and college struggles, he found the technique in a self-help book a while back and has been doing it ever since. The technique was simple; write a letter to your future self with some sort of pep-talk (or in Blu's case guidelines) and inspiration. Blu has the habit of "getting out of pocket" on holidays, all the hope and happiness in the air gets to him, Blu being Blu can't help but eat that shit up. That why the letter to the future is important, it should gently remind him of the important stuff without ruining his fun... too much.

Right now Blu was at work, a safe space, filing papers away and setting some meeting or another for his father. Abraham was ecstatic to hear his oldest wanted in on the family business and immediately took it upon himself to mentor his child. Little did he know, Blu didn't want to get caught up in small-town politics, he wants to put someone in office, hell even take the nice leather chair himself one day. It was a stupid, unrealistic and ambitious life plan but it was his life plan and he was sticking to it. The office he worked in was simple; wooden desk, computer, printer, some guest chairs, and a bookshelf in the corner. The only object out of place was the oversized headshot of his father sitting up against his desk that he could not find the time to hang (Blu refused to hang the "fathead", saying the man liked to go around reminding everyone how he won his little race, Abraham had no real competition but you know that's none of Blu's business is it).

Today was the perfect day, no hiccups, no last minute changes, hell he is pretty sure that no one of importance was even in the office. His father was probably at home testing out the brand new grill that never got used, mother off in some corner fixing her face while smiling for the cameras that wanted to capture the "family man", his mom nearby checking clothes and making sure she was the definition of "perfect". As much as it hurt to admit, becoming the Mayor's family turned his parents shallow. Blu and his sister had to come to terms with that fact in order to survive in their house when it came down to the senior Carvers you had to give a little and take a lot while they weren't looking (which was most of the time). Speaking of his sister, he hoped she was enjoying her secret rebellion, the girl did not give him many details just where she would be going and who she was with, give him many reassurances that she would be safe and not worry. Honestly, he wasn't, she had a good head on her shoulders and would return safely in good time.

The only thing that was left was to finish his work and go home, hopefully avoiding any distractions along the way. The city was in full swing and all the bars, pubs, and clubs would be waving those red white and blue flags. They had been like this since the end of June, and it has only gotten worse. His summer had been calm and boring, just like he wanted but Blu was determined to keep his record clean, with that in mind he set off to work.

Later on that Day

The sun was long gone and time had surely run away from Blu. Work was work but he enjoyed it so no harm was done staying until 11 at night. But he was getting tired and considering tomorrow was one of his favorite holidays, Blu was gonna need all the sleep he could get. Tearing his latest letter from his notebook, Blu grabbed his blazer and briefcase and walked out the door of his office. His car was sitting in the nearby parking lot for staff, a short little walk, plus he would get to admire the "law" that surrounded the city hall. When the sun is out this part of town was busy, filled to the brim with officials running the town, officers running after donuts, and vultures waiting to get their next big case. At night though, it was not quiet but there was a beauty to Salem's Downtown.

He reached the parking lot and noticed the nightly custodian coming in for his shift and waved goodbye as the man went inside.When Blu got in his car, he immediately let go of everything he was holding onto. His shoulders sagged, he leaned his head back on the headrest and let out a long sigh. Then started his car and noticed the gas light turn on and let out an even deeper sigh.

"Shit" he mumbled, remembering that he did need gas and going out on this venture would mean less time spent sleeping and more time having to deal with other people. These thoughts and more polluted his mind and ruined the mood as he drove to find a gas station.

Yes... I got mixed reviews about it.
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I got the Jade Falcon tattoo already so I'm signing up there.

I'm definitely interested in this
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