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Hey, I am a first year college student at UNLV and I love RP guild lol. But yeah hmu if you wanna get something started or if you just have cool rp that I can read.

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Issa Ramsay Anderson
Location: Dance Floor -> Snacks/ Interacting with: Ariana Song (@Bee)

When you got your first glance at Issa, you don't think he would be the type to get out there with the grinding bodies and sweaty animals, but in fact, he loves it. He loves the bassline filling a room shaking it to its core, the way that one sound can control the bodies of more than 90% of the people at any event. It does not matter if your talking, eating, dancing, hell even cucking (in Issa's terms), once the vibrations touch your body everything works in sync. This was one of the main reason Issa loved to play bass, and he loved to get down, so for a while, he danced from person to person, sometimes a little saucy and other times more modest. To Issa, it was all fun, not sexual tension or hidden intentions involved, it did not matter if he was dancing with a guy or a girl, hell even both at one point. As long as he was having fun the heated stares and frustrated whispers went right over his head.

What broke his musical haze was the change in tune, Issa came back to reality and quickly took note of three things: he was hot, thirsty, and this dudes phone was poking him in the butt. "Hey man, I am gonna go now see you later." Issa said with a shy smile and then detached himself from the male. He did not catch the 'tease' whispered out by the male as he departed but why would Issa? He was on cloud nine, and so far had only noticed good vibes all around, so with a lazy smile he walked over to the snack table. His colorful jacket had long been taken off and tied around his hips, sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and hair even more of a curly mess, the look suited him.

Ha! Told Grayson I can get my own drink, did not need his help. Issa can do things. Issa thought while he poured a cup of the red liquid in the large glass bowl sitting next to the finger foods. If he had to describe the taste of the Shady Punch in one word(he did not know the name), it would have been magical. It was sweet, tangy, but had this quiet kick at the end as it traveled down your throat, well the kick had hints throughout the gulp but it really took effect once the last drop went down. So he chugged it, and the proceeded to pour another cup and drunk that one don't judge him whoever made this concoction had a gift from God. The drink was a devil and it had succeeded in taking advantage of Issa's naivety, the boy had never had alcohol before and his first taste was great, so of course, he was going to keep going. Is it supposed to make you feel fuzzy, heck I am getting warm too.

By his fourth cup, Issa had slowed down and once again tuned into his surroundings, noticing Ariana standing nearby with a cup of her own. Iss got excited and poured another full cup and went over to her. "Ari, drink this its great. Might make you feel funny but I think that's a part of the experience." he said and then they both quickly down their cups of Shady's cider. Issa was starting to feel good, great even, and that was only the start. "This is cucking great, let's go get some more." He said and thus would start the corruption of the Lamb.

Collab with @Universorum
Location: The kitchen -> the bar
Interacting with: The whole party. Swig o' beer.

With his mission objective already in mind, Henry was headed downstairs to get Parker her crackers and some peanut butter… well, and a banana. His girl needed some fruit, something healthy. Not just Ritz crackers and a huge spoonful of creamy peanut butter. As it happened, even though he had to shove past a few different groups of people, it wasn’t an issue for him to get to the pantry.

Once there, Henry got the plate ready for Parker, first arranging Ritz crackers around the edge of the plate — a couple of people tried to snatch them away, but Henry threatened them with a butter knife. Then he set about the next part, taking two bananas and slicing them so they formed a circle around the plate as well, with the crackers on the edge, then the bananas. The final touch was the most important.

Henry grabbed the container of peanut butter and scooped some of it into the center (probably way too fucking much), then added a plastic butter knife to the presentation. He took it back upstairs, unlocked the door again and sat it down on the dresser, before knocking on the bathroom door. “PARKER! I put your snack on the dresser table. You got like 10 minutes left!” With that, Henry set himself to the task of going back downstairs and resuming his post behind the bar, or at least checking on Min-seo.

What Henry didn’t expect was laying eyes on something very important to him. Well, not something exactly, but someone. The person in question? One of Henry’s best friends, Kayleb. Kayleb had been missing for… well, to be honest, Henry wasn’t sure exactly how long it had been. It was tough to keep track of things, given the other members of his little fambam.

“KAY! HOLY SHIT!” Without a care in the world, Henry began to ran toward his better half.

Kayleb was excited, he got the girl, all he needed now was a drink and Henry. Kay missed his bro, his man, his husband, leaving out of the blue in the middle of their break sucked and Kay devoted most of his snapchat time to bothering Sol instead of Henry. He had some time to make up for, and this party would act as a first step to sealing any gaps that had formed over the break. On top of all that Kay could tell Sol needed a moment, she had always been scared to be open with others about their relationship and he respected her reason why (well up until this point).
"Sol, I am going to go find Henry. Why don’t we meet up later? I love you.” He said quickly and left inside the party, not giving her the opportunity to respond out of fear of what she might say.

Kay had so much to tell Henry; Paris, Sol, how their couple of weeks apart went, plus he wanted an update on the activities of the ‘family’. Mama Kay had been on vacation but now it was time to come back and get the entire gang back together. Kay walked further into the house making his way over to the bar, taking note of Shauna and his friend Xi Xi, almost made his way over to go say something to her but was stopped by the sound of his name being called. A smile spread on his face at the owner of the voice and Kay turned around in time to see Henry running towards him. Kayleb opened up his arms and started running towards his best friend.

"HENRY, COME HERE MAN!!!!!!” Kay yelled with a 1 million watt smile on his face as he launches himself at Henry.

Henry accepted the hug, like any good friend would do. He wrapped Kay up in a tight embrace and squeezed him tight. “I’m so happy to see you, man! I swear, it was only like two weeks, but man, it felt like forever.” Henry was getting a little emotional… He sniffed a bit to compose himself and slithered out of the hug. “How was Paris? How was the plane? Was the plane good? I told you to just take my plane, but nooo, you wanted to go with your family. I hope you had an aisle seat in front of a child. There’s so much to talk about! Damn, man… I feel like a woman. Welcome to the party! How’d I do?”

"I feel like a woman too, it’s not to bad. The party looks dope man, I hope you got some weed, I need a hit.” Kay said as he let Henry go, he was so happy his face might break but who cared he this was how reunions went. "Paris was AMAZING, we will have to make a trip, I did all the touristy stuff, finally got to put my French to use, also saw some darker scenes there; parties and whatnot. The plane was not too bad, first class so no whining babies, just spoiled children and old women feeling my arms up the whole ride.” He said with a shiver of disgust at the memory of “Deborah”, and began to lead them back over to the bar so Kay could get a drink. "You said it was going to be epic and have yet to disappoint, now make me a drink time to get lit my dude. How are you? Was everything okay while I was gone? How are the girls, do they know Mama Kay is back.” Kay said with a smile at one of his nicknames.

Alright, cool. He could make Kay a drink for sure. Leading his friend back to the bar, Henry hopped over the bar and took his spot back behind the counter, realizing that he probably should have never left, but hey. He had a way soft spot for Parker, hopefully Hailey never found out about it. Eyeing a couple of grumpy patrons, Henry looked at Min-seo. “Sorry, Ducky. I’m gonna handle this.” But first things first. Family ranked higher than a bunch of angry (and still very drunk) teenages. He spun on his heel to look at the racks of the alcohol, grabbing the bottles most beloved by his bestie, and mixing the drink. He squeezed a lime into the glass and held it out to Kay. “Here you go, lad. Enjoy. Parker’s upstairs taking a bath, Ari is… well, somewhere… and Ducky is here helping me out. She’s trying to, anyway. And she’s putting forth a valiant efforts, and you fuckers —” Henry pointed at the surrounding patrons, “— Can suck a cock. She’s just a baby Korean. She’s doing her best. I’ll fix you up some other time, get the fuck outta here.” Henry waved a hand, and like clockwork, the disgruntled patrons dissipated.

Kay took his blue drink with delight and started to sip it down, he could feeling the alcoholic soulton spread throughout his body, dull his senses and set him in the right mood. A few more of these and he would be at the buzzed state and probably start taking his shirt off, but that would have to wait Kay still had to tell Henry about Sol. When they first started their little dance, Kay had told Henry all about it, keeping him up-to date on there secret meetings and hidden dates. Kay and Henry had a deeper level of trust than most would assume, and it was this trust that had given them such a strong bond. Seeing him after being away for two weeks is great, Kay was used to spending most of his day with either his “family” or Sol, so seeing his best friend in action was a heartwarming sight (almost enough to shed a tear).

"Thanks, I needed it. Glad the ladies are doing well.” He said with a chuckle at Henry’s antics, one fo the reason he liked Henry so much was his boldness, Kay could respect his lack of tact and honest attitude . "Me and Sol are a thing now, like as a few minutes ago. I kinda outed us but she seemed to be okay with it.” Kay said with a nervous smile, he was still uncertain about that, sure Sol had responded positively but things are sinking in now and he did sort of overreact at the whole Shauna thing. It’s not his fault, Shauna irks him and the history between Sol and her rubs him all the way wrong. He could only hope Sol still wanted to do this even after their rocky start.

“Oh, no way, that’s wonderful, dude! Here, I got you.” Henry turned around and poured himself a glass of beer, then one for Kay. He held it out to his friend and yelled out to the party, “SWIG OF BEER FOR THE DATING MAN! I JUST WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT SOL HAS MADE AN HONEST MAN OUT OF KAY!” Henry bellowed, before tipping the frothing beer back down his throat, followed by a fair amount of the drunk teens cheering before taking a swig of… well, whatever was in their hands. Were they cheering for Kay and Sol? Was Henry just well loved? Was it just the alcohol making cheering seem fun? Who knows. Henry liked to think it was a combination of all the things. After he finished his ‘swig,’ which really was most of the glass, he sat it down on the counter and nodded.

“Hey, does this mean she’s coming on the…” Henry looked over at Min-seo, who was busy with another patron, then leaned toward Kay, lowering his voice. “ trip?” Kay was the only one in Henry’s harem that knew of his plan to take all of them to Disneyland (again), this time renting the entire park out so that Parker didn’t whine about lines. If Kay wanted to bring his lady friend, then hey. More power to him.

Kay cheered along with him and the others at the party It felt good to take the weight off his shoulders, he was now a taken man. That meant he could change his status, update his instagram bio, Snap his girl whenever he wanted and not have to hide any more. Kay respected Sol’s fears, but also felt that they were not warranted, aside form the small jokes from close friends people would not care...he hoped. He just wanted to be happy and Sol made him happy, Henry gave him a family and that was something he was lacking as well.

"I really don’t know man, we are supposed to meet up later tonight and talk things out but I am worried I overdid it.” Kay said with a small smile. He chugged down the rest of his beer and put it on the counter. The Disney trip was something he was looking forward too, last time they went… well lets just say Henry shut it down. Kay was pretty bummed (it being his first time going) but this makes up for it, plus Sol can come and the day will be even better.

"Anyways, we need to start partying, I need to get drunk enough to take this shirt off. Wait where is my shirt you said you had one for me?” Kay said as he sipped his original drink.

Henry reached under the counter and withdrew a white t-shirt, which he held up. On the front it said in loud, large, black lettering: ‘IF LOST, PLEASE RETURN TO HENRY GREEN,’ and on the back it was emblazoned ‘MAMA KAY.’ “Boom. Ducky’s got one too. Parker does, but Parker’s wearin’ a special outfit tonight, bruh. She and her band are playing and it’s gonna be LIT.”

Issa | Grayson | Pippa
Lambswool | Tall Dark & Handsome | Retro Pixie

“Where do you think you’re going? You have practice tomorrow!” Grayson’s dad beckoned as he got all prim and proper for the New Year’s party he was surprisingly invited to. Grayson’s mother didn’t bat an eye as all the rogue programming in her Stepford body had been purged by his father’s command. Alas, Grayson was able to fight his own battles now, not that he wasn’t before.

“It’s a holiday old man, there’s no school or practice. I’ll be back later. Oh, and I’m taking the Gran Torino.” With the last fidgeting of his fingers through his dirty blond hair to encapsulate his rebel look, he was finally content with the way he channeled his inner James Dean. ”Not like you could drive it anyways.” he said under his breath.

“What was that?!” his father bellowed, drool pouring down the side of his mouth like a rabid dog, clearly provoked.

“Happy New Year, Pops.” Grayson said with a gritted smile. Grabbing his keys to his familiar 1969 Ford Torino GT, he quickly shuffled onto the door and into the garage. Ripping the covers off the timeless beast gave life to the small particles of dust that had collected from its last use. It was kind of like Christmas all over again. Throwing back the convertible top, Grayson hopped in and palmed the firm leather steering wheel.

The engine roared as his fingers slipped the keys into the ignition and turned with such ferocity, tonight would be a good night if any. Fingering the 8 track of Phil Collins into the player the crisp sound of In the Air Tonight began to electrify the air. Goosebumps running down his arms with the tinge of adrenaline left him burning rubber down the streets, leaving nothing but burnt tired marks inlaid in the asphalt behind him. The streets were empty and still with the guidance of the luminescent streetlights, the cool night's wind breezed through Grayson’s body like a refreshing wave. Ignition and music went silent as he pulled up to Pippa’s address, exiting the car he composed his appearance once more in his side mirrors before running up her porch and knocking on the door, let the night begin.

Pippa’s parents had left over an hour ago for their annual New Year’s Eve party at the country club. Her younger siblings had been dragged along with them, appropriately dressed like tiny fashion models. Luckily, when Pippa mentioned she wanted to attend Bryant O’Connor son’s party, her father was all for it. Apparently rubbing elbows with the Elite put her father in a good mood. If anything, tonight’s party was getting her out of attending another snob filled society event. Based on videos flooding on snap chat, tonight was going to be something for the history books.Pippa was dressed in her typical fashion: leather pants and black eyeliner galore made up her outfit of the day. She was full of energy and ready to party. She bounced over to answer the door and opened it up to the glorious Grayson.

‘This boy was stupid hot…

Pippa raised her eyebrows and looked him over. The things they could do together… The raven-haired girl almost got lost in her daydreams as she stared at him and smiled. She quickly came back to reality and practically skipped down the steps to his car.

“Let’s do this.” she grinned up over at him. She had a not so obvious crush on him, and though it was clear as day to some people, she hoped not so much to Grayson.

Grayson couldn’t help but try to figure out what to do with his hands- or his face for that matter. Despite coming off naturally cool and mysterious, he always seemed to think otherwise. Rehearsing what he’d say or do as she answered the door played in his mind like a kaleidoscope. His heart skipped a beat when the door opened and the image of Pippa floored his heart as if he got hit by his own car. Grayson’s eyes widened before he cleared his throat and watched the girl give him a warm smile and walk past him to his car. The young man couldn’t help but glance longingly before running off behind her and opening the door for her like any true gentleman. They had been bandmates for some time, but he had never seen her in this light nor did he open up to anyone ever. This was all uncharted territory for the precocious wallflower.

“Don’t you look good tonight, ready for this party?” Grayson managed to spit out while a ball was stuck in his throat. He started the car once more and In The Air Tonight came on once more. “I can change it to something more modern. If you want?” a devilishly sly grin etched on his face flawlessly.

She admired his butt for second as he walked past her to open the car door like her personal prince. “Why thank you, sir.” she said playfully, mimicking a southern accent. She slid into the passenger seat of his car and liked what she heard coming from the stereo.

“You look ridiculously hot as always, and you know I can jam to Phil Collins.” she replied, beaming at him. His smile always made her melt, but that devilish grin he just shot at her made her blush, which was a rarity indeed. She felt her cheeks flare up, and so she looked away as if busying herself with the seatbelt. “This party is going to be stellar.” Pippa said as they backed out of the driveway.

Grayson is usually never caught off guard, even in the backfield of the opponent’s team on a Hail Mary play. Although it seemed he needed to recite a few Hail Mary’s of his own as Pippa rigorously kept him on his toes. The shock of her abrasive compliments stirred him quite a bit, using her fidgeting with her seatbelt as a reprieve to catch his thoughts.

“I hope so, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the best looking one there. I always hated the HOT’s and Candies… Anyway, I guess we should go make our way to Issa house, then.” Grayson set off into the night and moved his arm around the headrest of Pippa’s on this decently cold winter night.

Well, this was a different side of Grayson... She had never had the privilege of hearing him flirt. It was wondrous, and she was enjoying every minute of it. The arm he had around her head rest was going to make her drool, and he smelled so good she had to fight the urge to lean in. Pippa blinked away her wicked thoughts and mentally told herself to focus. She had had a crush on Grayson since before they even formed the band, and the more she got to know him the more that crush grew.

“Yeah, those girls are something else. Hopefully, the Elite can keep them banished, but I have a feeling they will claw their way in.” Pippa said, trying to calm her hormones down by changing the subject. “I’m pretty sure Issa’s at Ray’s as per usual. He basically lives there. By the way, thanks for driving. You know how I hate it.” She said glancing at his flawless face in the rearview mirror.

“You know, I used to think the Elite were bad guys. But the more I’ve hung around them, the less bad they seem. It’s just not my crowd still, ya’ know? I like being in the company of you and the others.” Grayson turned to Pippa and gave her a short wink before turning his attention back on the road.

“Yeah, I was heading in that direction anyways, We should be there soon. It’s my pleasure, it’s not often I have such a pretty pixie in my car, hope it’s not too old for you.” His hand brushed up against her shoulder as he rolled into a stop just outside of Ray’s. With one honk he alerted the boy inside it was time to go.

He turned back to Pippa. “We’ll have to continue this at the party before we play.” Another smile before moving his arm away.

”I watch the work of my kin bold and joyful
Toying somewhere between love and abuse
Calling to join them the wretched and joyful
Shaking the wings of their terrible youths”

Issa bobbed his head as the beat picked up to one of his favorite songs. Ray’s Vinyl was quietly packed, as usual, people littered throughout wearing headphones listening to their interesting songs. Issa, being the special child, stood there dancing to the getting more sporadic in his movements with every passing second until he jerked too hard to the left and pulled cord out. ”Shatz...Sorry, Ray, I did it again.” Issa said with a goofy smile and a small blush. The 40 something-year-old man just stood behind the counter shaking his head with a sly smirk. Both knew how clumsy Issa was, and Ray had many previous experiences with the boy knocking over setups and even dropping a group of players one time. Issa never meant to make a mess, it just happened and Ray learned to keep a broom on standby whenever the tiny lamb came into his store (which was often).

Aside from his jams, Issa’s mind was on this party tonight. He was not that well versed in his school politics, but it sounded like it was going to be a wild time. He could only hope that his first party ever would end well and that he did not spill the punch. Wait do they serve punch?...Maybe juice? I heard they should have “the good stuff” whatever that means, hope its cherry that’s my fave His thoughts were cut off by the sound of the familiar horn sounding from outside.

Issa hopped up with a smile and practically ran out the store, successfully tripping over a stray box and landing on his face and spilling the vinyl’s over the floor. ”Sorry Ray! Gotta go see you later!” He said with a blushing face and a push on the old glass door, outside Issa brushed himself off and threw a silly smile filled with happiness towards Grayson and Pippa in the red vehicle. He waved and walked towards the car, climbing in the back and sitting in the middle of the fitted leather seats. His childish aura seemed to fill the entire back seat and made it look like he was more comfortable than a newborn baby wrapped in that first blanket. ”Hey Pippa, you ready for tonight? By the way thanks for the ride Grayson.”

Pippa was still silently reeling from Grayson’s last comment when he parked and honked the car. Her shoulder felt like it was on fire in a good way. All she could really do was bite back a huge smile. She could usually come up with one of her feisty, playful, or witty remarks, but they were lost at the moment. Grayson was messing with her mind. She was on the verge of doing whatever Grayson asked her to. Hopefully, some wild dancing at the party would cool her down because right now she was hot. Issa popped into the car, and Pippa purposefully shifted in her seat to move closer to Grayson under the guise she was just twisting around to greet their freshman. “Of course I’m ready. We are going to kill it tonight.” She said bubbling with energy.

There was something strange that occurred within Grayson. Having his childhood ripped from him led to a form of endearment towards Issa. It’s almost as his moral compass pointed him in the direction of responsibility for protecting him. This year had been the year that opened Grayson up the most and he couldn’t make heads or tails of it. “Yeah I Hop—“ cut off by the entrancing scent given off of Pippa, her pheromones were doing their job in roping her suitor in. His eyes lingered on the punk girl who was dangerously close to him now,

“Yeah let's put on a show for the ages, show these elites who the real elite are.”

Grayson continued his trip into the night only blocks away from the party now, mansions lined the street as if they were each a house from the Great Gatsby. “So once we get there we’ll find Parker and the rest Yeah? Get set up after a few drinks. Don’t worry Issa I’ll sneak you some” Grayson eyeing him through the rearview mirror.

Pippa didn’t drink, she had been wasted exactly two times in her life, and both times ended up acting like a nymphomaniac, and waking up next to plastered Pippa’s bad choices. She also had experienced an alcoholic’s bullshit at an early age and her conclusion was to steer clear of the drinking. Reefer, on the other hand, was something she was all for. “Good idea. Hopefully, Parker and Mario are already there.”

”Why would you have to sneak me drinks? Plus I can get my own, I’m not 4 dude.” Issa smiled a Grayson through the mirror and bounced in his seat like the child he was. The party was a big thing for Issa, he has been to a couple of kickbacks but not a popular party. Most of the time he either can’t get in or does not have anyone to go with so tonight was a good opportunity. One of the many high school experiences that Issa longed for was approaching quickly, literally.

She looked at herself in the side mirror and ruffled her bangs into place. She squeezed her legs together fighting the desire to hop on Grayson lap like a crazy person, and possibly scar Issa for life. A deep breath of the cool night air helped. What the hell are you doing Pippa, calm yourself…Jesus! It’s just a crush…Yes, he is sexy. Yes, he is kind of perfect but...but... She was trying to rationalize her feelings when they finally arrived.

The ride to the house was not that long and ended with Grayson parking his car and trio making their way inside. It was…DOPE, people everywhere, loud music, solo cups, DANCING, everything Issa could have ever wanted in his first party. All he needed now was to toss back a few “cold ones” (How cold are they?), and see if he could find a spot to cut up some rug.

”Guys call me when you are ready I’m getting a drink.” Issa said, not knowing the implications of his own words, and headed over to the bar.

Issa was full of spunk and quick wit, something he admired out of someone so young. Before he could get a word in edgewise, the young boy had already made his way inside. “Well I guess that’s our cue to follow. Let’s go see what this party is all about.” Grayson hopped out of his car and held the door open for Pippa. In a gallant and brisk fashion, he grabbed Pippa’s hand and took it in his as he guided her with him into the roaring party. He turned to look back to make sure she was still following without resistance, only flashing a suave smile as he egged her on to follow. “Where to next?” asking quickly before the deafening sound of the rest of the party swamped their hearing.
Did not know the ooc was up ill start my character.

Have you heard the story of Icarus? He was a prisoner, who fought for his freedom but ultimately ended up dying at will for the sun. As Kayeb stepped into his car and began the trek to the "bash of the year" as Henry has called it, he could only assume that he must have been sharing the same feelings as Icarus as he flew higher and higher towards the sun. The excitement, the passion, the fear, but most of all: the overwhelming joy of being free. After all, Kay had felt nothing but imprisoned by his own mind during his time away from his sun.

His mother decided that the "family" needed to bond and take a trip to Paris. It was ridiculous of course: their family was broken and far beyond repair. Kay had spent the trip getting money from his parents to "amuse himself" while trying his hardest to avoid his brothers. It was his first time in the French capital, and instead of going to the pretty places that attracted people like moths to a flame, he went to the dark areas that scare the weak and attract the brave. These were the places that reminded him of his Sun: the one that would either burn him and cause the plunge of his death or embrace him in her warmth and finally love him.

During his entire Pairs trip, he could only reflect on their entire relationship- if they could even call it that. They had met by chance a year and a half before and quickly clicked over one of Kayleb's favorite things: weed. Their connection was instantaneous, and the sparks that flew between them ignited a new universe: one that only the two of them shared. She was one of the main highlights of his entire sophomore year. Every time they met, it was a tornado of heated passion that soon grew to become a hurricane of scorching love.

Kayleb and his Sun had decided to keep their relationship a secret, fearful of how their newfound passion would affect their social status. Despite that, they grew stronger and closer. Kay was flying free behind the sun, following as close as possible without getting burned.

He did have fears, though. What if the sun burned him beyond repair? What if he gave it too much of himself and was left with nothing?

But for every fear, there were three reasons why he should continue his flight and put even more of himself into the brightest star of all: she brightened his day, twinkled in his night, and danced in his dreams.

When his trip to the City of Lights ended, Kayleb was left with an overwhelming longing for his sun. It was so powerful that he nearly willed the plane to travel faster. The short phone calls and flittering snaps where no longer enough to sate his hunger, and even now, he was flying down the road to the party. He would finally get to see his sun. To bathe in her glow, and hopefully not get burned in the process. This even then she had already burned him, marked her name into his abdomen and arm for all time.

When he arrived at Damian's house, Kay grew excited. He could see the glow of his sun shining in the distance, and before he knew it, he was face to face with her. He stood there staring for a moment with hope in his eyes, wanting to take flight and find his way back along her path again.
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