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⚠️ 18+ Only
⚠️ I only play a female role in a pairing with a male
⚠️ BUT I can double for NPC characters and would love to work with you on world building
⚠️ Warning: I am mainly interested in dark, sadistic, abusive male characters to pair with in plots that lead to romance/surrender/bad ending. Some stories may work for a less painful romance, though! Maybe "she can change him." We can discuss.
⚠️ I prefer smut to be written out than fade to black. This is up to you, it just makes the most sense with the type of story I'm leaning towards (erotic).
⚠️ Hoping for more plot than ONLY the smut, buildup and overall plot/events/adventure
⚠️ Looking for medium casual to low advanced writers | 2 paragraphs + unless scenario calls for shorter
⚠️ Be chill to talk to OOC, please go easy on old me
⚠️ Preferred activity level is in PMs from one post a day to one post every three days
⚠️ Two PM threads | IC | OOC
⚠️ Simple character sheets for all major characters

Welcome! You can call me Techno or Katie, whatever your preference!

I used to write stories and roleplay many years ago, and I've since lost my skill at it. I'm not the worst, but I am essentially practicing how to write. Trying hard and all, just please forgive me if I kinda suck. I'm here looking for anyone willing to play the Male role for some dark and mean romance! Listing certain kinks here is likely off limits, but we can discuss further what I'm implying in PM.

Ideally, I hope to find a long term partner who will get invested in our story. Who likes the little details and discussion. Of course that depends on how we get off the ground. I consider myself friendly. :) If you ever need to take a break, just let me know what's going on in OOC, and it won't bother me any to accommodate.

Below are some ideas of mine. They are my preference, but I won't snub a cool idea of yours if it's similarly themed!

God's Long Dreaming

[Fantasy RPG-ish? Anime-ish?]
In a far away world where the great forests are slowly decaying amidst two ever-warring human and vampire empires, the elusive cult known as the Fae's Endcourt has made a secretive comeback. Seeking a way to power through their ancient roots, they've decided to call upon YC. With or without his consent. YC is a man coming from any background in this world who has been chosen for a ritual. He will be imbued with a second soul, the soul of the chaotic god Olios, containing him so he can walk upon the world without devastation. Meanwhile, a second ritual takes place. Olios' wife, the life Goddess Anapiel, is contained within a virgin woman stolen from the nearby valleys. (MC) It is known that the God will not suffer long without her.

Together, they are spiritually-chained, charged with pursuing the restoration of their realm to the Old World. Removing the barriers humans and vampires have laid to seal away the Dreaming realm in which eldritch creatures reside. Whether they initially agree to this or not, dealing with the complications of holding beings within them, there is pressure. Little time remains before the empires may come together to take action against the Fae's Endcourt.


A superpowered woman | Captain/Enforcer of a vampire Mafia who needs her help
A woman escaping an abusive husband | Hitman sent to kill her
Superheroine | Supervillian (could be magical girl style plot)
Female patient | Yandere Therapist
Banned because only one avian avatar allowed per page
I've typed a letter before backspacing about 100 times. I'm so nervous!

Hi, you can call me Techno (weird?) or Katie (normal?). Feeling very nervous as the truth is I've been through a lot in the past five years. I'm currently disabled, but that's getting too personal maybe. More to the point of this intro...I haven't written anything (decent) in MORE than five years and I'm very out of practice. I tried a good sized roleplay. Looking back on it I'm so embarassed at my levels of "cringe" or really just going overboard. Hey I'm going to try and do better! I'm going to practice here with roleplays in the hope I can escalate to a written book one day.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with many fandoms. Original stories with fantastic elements (rarely, but sometimes enjoy realistic) and original characters with angst excite me though.

Other than that I love my cat! And like being alone with my computer.

Hope to dive in soon! Thank you for reading.
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