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so I used to play here. its been a year but I'm back! my old account was Masterwriter234.
I played in some of your role-plays for a couple of months. they mostly sputtered out and died though.
I played in the Gemstone warriors, Demon shards, and a couple others . I think you had just started the zodiacs.
thanks. my old username was masterwriter234
thats fine. if you did I would be incredibly surprised. I'm using a new account. forgot the password to my old one
hello again!
This planet is a blank slate. Nothing but a white expanse. When people come to this planet the landscape responds to their will. They may create and destroy. The planet responding to every whim of its inhabitants.

Create whatever you like its your playground.
Name: Jack Pine

Influence: # (term); The extent to which your character influences their environment. Refer to the Influence System below.
Group(s): Any approved groups your character is a member of.

Description: Tell us about your character's appearance or personality. This may may include any or all of the fields below.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 120lb
Race/Species: Human
Appearance: dark brown hair, green eyes, light skin, is wearing a lime green t-shirt and jeans.
Personality: kind but manipulative

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers: Include this section if your character has any unique or significant abilities, talents, traits, or powers. If not, omit it.
can take on a form of pure energy. his abilities and appearance change depending on the place and situation.
( influence 5? )

Items: Include this section if your character has any unique or significant items. If not, omit it.
a fist sized crystal which is the source of his power. Can be used by others. its uses depend on the situation (it could heal if someone is badly injured)
( influence 5 )

found the crystal while out exploring. since then he has been hopping from world to world looking for something to do. he can help or harm his choice. its not like there's ever been consequences.
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