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Current ive missed this place
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ive missed this place
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heading to bootcamp soon
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I don't have a conputer now so I can't post at all unless it is on my phone....
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just got a new bio and it explains some stutf


Hi everyone I'm ghost in black but really you can just call me ghost, I am 19 years old and I love super power RPs because they allow funny things to happen in them that you wouldn't expect. I like to RP as a girl most of the time but I will by a boy if I need to be. I hope we can all be friends. If I post don't post in an rp a way to get me to actually post again is to interact with my character or have somthing that requires everyone to post. I just don't enjoy forcefully making my character stand out when there is a big group of people in the rp, this if while I stay in small rps so we all get the spotlight, the roleplay should be like the wizard of Oz play not an opera. To those who's rps I have dissolved from I'm sorry it is hard for me to do it but the way it was going at the time of my dissappearance it was just a thing that happens. As you have read, I like small group rps because less people means more time for all of us. Sorry you had to read this in my bio and not from me actually typing it to you but hey I just can't bring myself to do it, again I'm sorry, Have a great life.

Ok back to me I'm actually a big scardy cat who is afraid to confront people about things

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<Snipped quote by The ghost in black>

Yeah, that and the history of other players, let alone other countries, is murky as there is not a lot of exposition and I have just started reading the Light Novel, so I do not know for sure.

I've personally only watched the anime and read most of the manga so the history for me isn't really a strong topic, but i really like the idea
This sounds like a really interesting take on the story, I think an A/U would give more flexibility with the story right?
Sorry, sorry, im back now, i had a emergency that i had to go to the doctor for, what did i miss if i may ask?
geez you guys move fast, it makes this think more lively.
Ruka groaned at being mentioned by K-12, the crazy robot was not very high on her "friends list".....well not the red lighted one. "I hate that nickname...." she said to herself as she began to eat.
Ruka let out a sigh and went to get a tray of food, hopefully she didn't fall asleep while holding it this time since the last time it happened it was a bit of a mess.
The charge slowly dwindled and Ruka sat up to look around with a sigh, "did i fall asleep?"
Ruka stayed fast asleep, her finger slowly lowering to the table to let out a discharge of electricity straight into the metal.
@Overlord24 im liking it a lot
Ruka raised her middle finger when she heard grant's voice, " original Gra..." she started before falling asleep, her finger still in the air but her head face down on the table.@Overlord24
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