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5 mos ago
Current Back from the dead. In need of roleplays.
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3 yrs ago
Gotta love my college courses that I am taking! Amazing!!! They are tough but I will achieve this.


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Hello! I believe we can rp together. I love writing alot honestly. Currently craving something around Black Butler or Demon x Human, Demon x Angel.
Go ahead,Pm me
Hmm That is different, doesn't hurt to try it out, right?
I am still looking
Hey did we want to do a f x m? Would you be okay playing the male? If so i am totally interested!
Anybody wanna still rp? I am still looking.
Still searching!
Hey! I'm back, sorry for the disappearance. Life's more stable. Wanna do a Percy Jackson type thing?
Yes! That way we can juggle ideas around.
I'd love to do that one. Any plot ideas?
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