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Jericho would nod to Daniel and try to think of a cover. He decided on one, and had gathered the students' attention so he could enact the plan. He held out a memory eraser and cleared his throat. He would say loudly.

"Alright boys and girls, listen up, I am going to tell you all what you just witnessed..just focus on this here...aaand..."

He flashed the memory memory eraser once when everyone had looked at it. He continued.

"Good! Now what you just experienced was NOT of the supernatural, it was merely a well planned prank from a couple of knuckleheads that went WAY to far. We do not know the identities of these tricksters, but we know they don't go to this school."

He scanned the crowd to find the kids who had stronger minds, and when he identified them, he would press two fingers from his free hand against Daniel's forehead and taps once. He urges him to look at the crowd, and he would see 4 kids that seemed to glow, an altered perception spell it would seem...he whispered to him.

"Those kids are going to need a bit of extra work to get them to forget. Think you could help with that?"
@KatherinWinter I guess i need info on how susceptible the crowd is to mind altering magics.
Jericho would nod, wholly agreeing with reporting Archie.

"Leave that me. This is why I hate taking orders from a suit who is sitting in a nice cozy office and isn't on site with the people they choose to send...ah well, could be worse...So how do you gents think we can salvage this? Any ideas?"

He would look between Daniel and Curwen, hoping someone could think of an answer.
Jericho would be on the other side of the school investigating the wards as they were broken and the shit hit the fan.

"Ahh bollucks!"

He said as he sprinted back to the others surprisingly fast.

"What the hell happened?!"

He looked and saw Archie strut into the school. He turned to Curwen, saying not so happily.

"Please don't tell me...Damnitt...remind me to beat that kid when this is over..."

He sighs angrily. He looks at the others and says.

"What's the plan? I mean I can keep it distracted with illusions if it isn't too powerful, but I cant distract it and fight at the same time...if we are going to do something we should do it quickly."

Jericho would smile coyly at Daniel and said to the alien.

"Look for disturbances I reckon, something that if the Demon left the building, it would be able to get past. Or maybe it could do that from the beginning...Hmm..."

He began to find a way to get in quietly. He would make rounds around the building testing the doors and windows.
Checking in, Jericho is going to try and see if there is a way to get in without alerting the demon.
Stepping out of a taxi, Jericho Song's unnaturally blue eyes took in the scene unfolding around him. He shook his head and sighed. He said to himself out loud.

"Dammit all...people can't seem to leave demons well enough alone can they?"

He looked and saw Daniel and Archie's entrances, and walked over to them. When he got to them, he said, rather amused.

"Brilliant entrances you two, but didn't the boss say this was supposed to be discreet?"
@KatherinWinter Alright cool! Looking forward to our first mission.
@KatherinWinter Okay, sorry about the wait, I changed things a bit on my character sheet. Is that good? I can always make more changes if not. ^_^
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