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@World Traveler Given that the history of canon does not apply, and my character's very reason for being in Britain in the first place is Voldemorr related, why is my character approved? XD and, in case that was just an omissiom on your side, should I just change my pre-Hogwarts bio into another, original reason why dark magic might have been accepted in Britain for a brief period in the past?
My character will be up tonight.

Question. What year does this take place in?

From 3rd to 5th depending on your real age (26 to 28).
Yep, still interested. And I still want to know, if possible, the answer to the question I asked in my initial post :).

Also, as I would assume our characters retain all magical knowledge they had as professors, BUT magical power also increases with age so I would assume we don't have access to everything in our regressed state, what are some limitations that our characters have? (For reference, the character I'm thinking of, before the regression, was proficient in obliviation, legilimency, occlumency, and mind magic in general up to and including Imperio)

Ahh, already got an idea for this.
Sounds good. Interested. I'm probably going to submit a sheet for a (former) Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

I only have one question. Going back in time, do our characters preserve the same wand they had in the initial timeline? It is very important for the character I'm thinking of.
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