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Passing by the group of girls - and robot - chatting with each other, Mahiru made his way into the school to search for his designated classroom; 1-A. While he would have loved to spend more time observing the collection of... unique human beings gathered outside, he couldn't waste anymore time than he already had. He still needed to get Hotaru-chan prepared for her first day at school after all.

Finding his classroom wasn't much trouble for the fragile looking boy. The room still seemed fairly empty if it weren't for the enormous figure sitting at the back at the class. That guy was in his class too, huh. Now that he got a closer look, it was easy to tell the kind of quirk he must have been born with. The scales, the gigantic tail...

Despite the dragon guy's prominence taking up the rear of the classroom, Mahiru still snatched himself a seat at the back of the class as well - if there was one thing he hated it was people sitting behind him. The thought of someone staring at his back the entire time, watching everything he did... It made him uncomfortable, to say the least. And so he settled on a desk somewhere in the corner of the room that was still unoccupied, where he set his bag on his lap, opened it and pulled out a small container. Opening the container revealed a tiny skeleton, judging from its teeth must have belonged to a rodent of some sorts, which he placed on a stand of similar size to keep it positioned upright. "... There. Now everyone here can admire your beauty." he whispered to the rodent skeleton, one he called by the name Hotaru, and placed her on the front of his desk so she was the first thing to capture the gaze of anyone looking his direction - or well, if they weren't distracted by the big ass dragon freak or tiny muscle man next to him.

As if dragons weren't enough to make his new class a freakshow, out of all people to walk into the door next, it of course had to be the robot girl. Mahiru could only stare in awe at movements of this girl as she made her way over to one of the seats in front, and he feared for the chair's life as she took her seat. Soon after was someone who probably was more his style, although he could only wonder what was hiding beneath that mask covering his mouth...

Slowly the remainder of the students began pouring in, none of which caught his eyes as much as those mentioned before. However, just when Mahiru thought he had seen it all... the teacher came in. A T-rex wearing a fedora. Briefly he glanced through the classroom to see if it was just him who was fazed by this, and all of a sudden he regretted not taking a seat more upfront to actually be able to see the expressions on their faces. His own face barely showed the bewilderment he felt on the inside once the dinosaur man opened his mouth and casually began his introduction. Kyou Suika, was his name, and if Mahiru was here to stay; this creature was to be his homeroom teacher for the next years at the U.A. Academy.

His speech started out as exactly the kind he would have expected from a teacher at this school, but eventually became rather inspiring, even encouraging the ever so pessimistic Mahiru to think about them. 'Your past dictates your future, but your present dictates your past'... Was he just spouting out something random to make himself sound wise, or was there actual meaning behind those words? Perhaps it had something to do with this man's own past? All these thoughts however were blown out the window when the teacher's demeanor took a hundred and eighty degree turn, his hauntingly red eyes staring down his pupils intensively as he bared his teeth. "Now, who wants to declare their goals first?"

It was a tall girl at the front of the classroom to be the first to speak up. Introducing herself as Akeno Kudo, she revealed her ultimate goal that probably a lot at this school shared with her; to become a hero. Having no desire to be one of the first students to answer the question, Mahiru quietly waited for his turn to come.

Everything was going to be different from now on.

He still couldn't quite believe it... Accepted into the U.A. Academy, the most prestigious high school for heroics in all of Japan. A fate most of those gifted with a magical ability, a quirk most commonly called, could only dream of... And yet, it had never been a dream for Mahiru. Not once in his life had he imagined himself to follow the road of becoming a professional hero, to take part in a culture he didn't always agree with. While their initial intentions aligned with his, to protect humanity and create peace in the world, Mahiru wasn't too fond of what the superhero culture had grown to be - a business filled with so-called 'heroes' who were only in it for the money or fame.

For years he longed for a world without these quirks, the cause for all chaos and inequality among humans, an irregularity that brought out the worst in them. Quirks weren't natural, they were never meant to exist, and never should have fallen into the hands of humans... Granting them such power only lead to more disaster.

It took until his thirteenth birthday that he began to to view the academy, the most talked about phenomenon in his hometown of Musutafu, in a different light. Rather, what it took for him to do so was the meeting with a pro hero. A young woman who helped him come to the realization that there was little point in moping for what could have been, and that he instead should focus on making the most of what he was given. With his own power, he too could make a difference by protecting those in need. Among the way he might even enlighten other heroes with his philosophy, and perhaps one day be influential enough to truly make the world a better place.

And so, more than a year of intensive self-taught training to get the most out of his quirk, led up to this moment. The entrance exam wasn't as bad as Mahiru expected it to be. It helped that his opponents were robots, man made creatures without soul. Enemies he could go all out on without feeling regret. While it was difficult for him to fight them head on with his quirk as bone wasn't much of a match against the gigantic metal machines, they were quite easy to outsmart. By staying inside of the robots' blind spots and using the environment wisely, Mahiru eventually managed to get to the hostage and kept them safe from harm until time ran out. It hadn't been the best performance out of all entrance exams, but his stealth was deemed good enough to pass.

Today was the first day at his new school. It had only been a 5-minute walk from home, yet he seemed to have been one of the last to arrive, the school grounds already bustling with students ready to start the new school year. It certainly was quite the sight to see such unique looking people all gathered here, some having animal features, while others were abnormally tall and muscular as a result of their quirks. There was even a robot among them, chatting with a couple girls that must have been about his age. Clutching onto the strap of his school bag, Mahiru walked down the path towards the school's entrance, taking in everything in sight.
Just wondering if everyone is still up for this? ^^
I'm definitely interested! BNHA is always fun to rp :D
@Raijinslayer I've just read through it, and wow... that backstory was so long but definitely worth the read, well done!
Take your time developing the breath style, it's okay if it isn't finished before starting ^^
Alright, thanks! That was my original plan as well but just wanted to know if you guys were expecting me to start it earlier. In that case I'll wait for for everyone to get their characters mostly done!
That's up to you of course, but it's nice to see how far everyone is with their characters! Souma and Chiyo are looking great, I love the traits you two chose for them 👌

When do you guys think the rp should start? Do you want me to make a starter soon or should I wait for everyone to finish creating their characters first?
I should probably mention that I'm currently housesitting for a sibling for a week or thereabouts, so it might take me a bit longer than usual to finish this sheet, and for that I apologize.

Take your time! It seems none of us got their characters ready so far anyway so it might take a while before I'll make the first post. ^^
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