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8 mos ago
Current I love All Might a bit too much...ehehe.
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11 mos ago
That moment when someone makes a terrible OC with a cringe self-centered plot and you have no idea how to react because you want them to indulge your own shit.
1 yr ago
Final Space is awesome. Anyone wanna RP it?
1 yr ago
Going out of town for a wedding (!!!) so I won't be on a whole lot.
1 yr ago
Discord is a strange place...but let's do it.
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Work is slowly stabilizing so I hope to return a fairly normal posting schedule soon. Thanks guys!

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<Snipped quote by Tranquility>

Fantastic! Shall we work on a plot via PM or do you have another place where we can talk shop?

We can PM but I am open to discord or say reddit lol
<Snipped quote by Tranquility>

Would be happy with either! There would be plenty of good chemistry and story between Peter and both those characters.

I think Jessica would work well!
I would be interested in playing Peter Parker if you have the interest and bandwidth to do a casual / high casual role play with me playing that character.

I don't have any immediate plot ideas but would be happy to talk details if that is a current interest you have!

All the same it is a lovely interest thread!

I could play Jessica Jones against him maybe? Or maybe Pepper Potts?
I have to give Harry Potter & Fruits Basket a reread sometime in the future once I'm done the stack of books I'm currently working on. But right now, I'm up for giving FE Fates a shot. I haven't gotten to rp in that universe yet

Okay, from Fates, who would you want to try writing for?
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