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Current Important paper work is done, I am free again.
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24 days ago
Been busy lately, major apologies to my partners!
1 mo ago
Watching Battlestar Galactica for the first time.
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2 mos ago
Still feeling a bit sick. Bleeh.
2 mos ago
Seeking a L for a Death Note RP. I am hoping to double as Light and Misa. Anyone game? It's a massive craving right now.


At the moment I am not accepting any new roleplays (unless maybe it's a fandom) as I feel I have enough awesome ones lined up.

I'll edit this to include those I am roleplaying with.

Thanks guys. :)

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Yeah am, sorry! Personal crap crept up but I am around and will post. :)
Bumping bump bump.
I'm sorry about being sick but congrats on the job!
Yumina Atarashi

Yumina was taken aback by Takeshi's reaction, not thinking he'd care much about what people thought about him. If he did, she would have thought he would put more effort into doing work and not acting like such a outcast. In her mind, it was his own fault he didn't engage in people which then led people to assuming things about him. But she held back her thoughts, wondering what he wanted with the pen. Takeshi pulled out a thin leather book with the words 'Death Note' on it. Her heart skipped a beat. "I suppose that's possible." She swallowed as he put it away.

Yumina held back a laugh when the boy then demanded the pen. Despite the attempt at being nice, his eye roll sealed his fate. "What? Why would I give you the pen? That's as crazy as me asking for that notebook." She pointed out, not sure why he would think she'd comply with his request. Not when he was acting like a creep. "I am not giving you this pen." She told him firmly as she took a step back. "A weird lady..." She tried to think of her name. "Ah! Rem. She's a Shinigami and she told me the pen and notebook need each other to work." Yumina said, quickly realizing how silly it sounded.

Sighing, she rubbed her neck and looked sideways at Tekeshi. "If you won't give up your book and I won't give up my pen then I guess we're both stuck with a useless item." She gave a dramatic shrug. Even though she didn't know the details or the rules, she had to believe this was something more than a prank. Takeshi clearly hadn't seen any weird Gods of Death or he wouldn't be so casual about the items. "I don't know what these items do but," She felt a bit uneasy and looked around quickly before continuing, "whatever they's probably something really freaky." She said quietly. "Just thinking about the pen fills me with dread. I can't explain it."
It was interesting to hear more about how a student spent their time at Durmstrang and why a place like Hogwarts would interest him, as they were clearly very different in regards to rules, expectations and overall treatment. Fianna had no doubt that students who left the Durmstrang Institute were tough and ready to tackle the world but she hoped there had been room for some fun and playfulness. Fianna was sure she wouldn't last a week in Durmstrang. It sounded like Durmstrang liked to view the world in black and white which wasn't really fair but she knew she couldn't exactly judge a school by one former student's account. "I was hoping your life at Durmstrang would be applied somehow to teaching here but that doesn't look like the case." She frowned slightly.

Still, it was worth a shot in asking and she was glad to know more about Gabrial.

"Sounds like an intense place to be, but you seem to have made it out alive." She smirked slightly. "But I bet you'll do great here and the students will appreciate your encouragement and your different experience growing up in another school." She told him. It sounded like Gabrial wanted to be a better role model than the ones he may have had growing up which was a noble idea. Slytherin kids weren't often picked on anymore but she was sure if any were, Gabrial would be able to handle the situation. "All in all, ya didn't even need my help." She teased him as she eased herself up from the table, patting it with her palm.

"You've got nothin' to worry about." She assured him. "You turnin' in for the night?" She asked him. Fianna intended to head over to Hogsmeade in the afternoon and do some shopping prior to the students' arrival. She had to wonder if Gabrial had ever been down there but it was likely that he hadn't. Fianna was glad to start a new term, enjoying the students and their insights immensely. If some seventh years did well, she didn't mind inviting them round for a drink or two to celebrate a hard-earned mark or other accomplishment. Getting along with the students was what made the work worth it. The new generation of witches and wizards was vital to everyone's survival.
Sorry it's not much. -__- Life has gotten crazy this past week.
At the inquiry that Rommie posed, Riker was about to go into detail about the Federation itself but found his voice failing him as Captain Picard arrived. Riker glanced to his friend before they began to discuss the origins of the pod itself. The man began to explain what had happened leading up to their escape. It was a very wild tale and while he had no reason to question its validity, he was still a bit uncertain as to whether or not The Enterprise was where they assumed it to be. Had their run-in with the anomaly somehow altered their position? Was that possible? It was a puzzling situation.

Soon the door slid back to reveal a woman with long blond hair. "I apologize for being late." She gave everyone a quick look before she found a seat. Nex was picking up a lot of emotions, most of which were originating from those of Riker and Picard. Nex turned her gentle gaze to the newest two additions to the ship. She picked up a sense of urgency from the male but found herself unable to connect with the woman, which wasn't a situation Betazoid often found themselves in. There could be some technological interference but it was almost like Rommie was emotionless.

There was also some hint of Rhade feeling anxious.

"They're not lying." She said, only having heard the last bits of their story. "They've had to endure a lot of hardship in a very short amount of time. Nex folded her arms, looking to Picard still. "I understand the ambivalence of their story, Captain. They do not pose a danger to us so I think it is within reason to assist these two in finding home, wherever that truly is." Nex told him. She was curious about the woman though and knew she may need to approach the topic with great caution.

Riker wasn't entirely convinced and still found these two to be very odd and out of place. "Could you tell us more about this Commonwealth of yours? It's not a section or faction we've heard of." Riker said. He wasn't sure they could locate a place they had never heard of but if Rommie was skilled with locations and the reading of stars, it would prove helpful to have her work alongside Data or himself to help settle on coordinates.

"I would be happy to show you both to your quarters if you need to rest and clean up." Nex commented. "We've also got a great place to grab a drink if you're in need of that as well." She smirked lightly. From what she could infer, the two weren't romantically involved so she had to assume it might be better to give them separate quarters that were close in proximity. "Consider me your personal liaison while we sort everything out, anything you need: I'm your gal." She offered them.
This will come. Eventually. I swear.

-sighs- Mostly it's my fault for putting off some vital steps in this application I'm working on but bleh. It feels like I'm in college again with all this nonsense. Bleh.
You still with me? -smiles- I don't mind the wait, I think we've both become a bit busy but I wanted to check in.
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