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Current Final Space is awesome. Anyone wanna RP it?
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Going out of town for a wedding (!!!) so I won't be on a whole lot.
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Discord is a strange place...but let's do it.
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Anyone wanna RP Little Witch Academia? Group or 1x1?
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Nothing like your paycheck paying for your terrible funk food eating habits. And Spotify.


Work is slowly stabilizing so I hope to return a fairly normal posting schedule soon. Thanks guys!

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For some reason I can't PM you? So I'll just leave these here? ^^;

What regions were you hoping to explore?
Would you lean more toward Death Note or Yu Yu Hakusho?
About Me:

-I'm in college so posting won't be rapid. I will try to give my partner at least one to three posts a week but again, I'm in my 20s so it's tough to really nail down exact posting habits. What it boils down to is that I don't want someone to demand I post, but to be patient and understanding that life comes first. In the same regard, I won't nag someone to post unless it's been over a week.

- I give about three to five paragraphs. Generally my posts stick to the 500-1000 words range but I can give more or less, it just depends. I'm looking for someone who enjoys a lengthy post (and doesn't mind waiting).

- I want us to use canon characters. In some special circumstances, I'll deal with canons but it's a very rare occurrence and does require us to both double as a canon and an OC and to make sure we're not overly favorable towards just our OC. That's not fair.

- I stick to third person, past tense. It's important for me to distinguish myself from who I write as and I hope my partner can respect that and not confuse the two.

- It's important we keep in touch to plot and stay on the same page. My partner should be happy and eager to post and that means voicing what we both want to happen. I love chatting with my partners. I also like knowing if any delay is gonna happen, if you need to wait a couple weeks, that's cool. I'm a patient person. I try to stay chill but please try not to keep me on the hook for too long. Generally speaking if we need a break, I'm fine as long as I'm not kept in the dark about it.

- Mature content is okay with me but I don't like it creeping into the RP frequently. My focus is on storytelling, not ripping off one another's clothes or seeing who can create the music epic combat scenes. Also any characters who might be under 18 will be aged up to be 18 for romantic plots. I'd also love it if partners were also over 18 for more obvious, legal reasons.

- Lastly the general tone of my RPs tend to be light and focused on slice of life stuff. I don't need tons of action or dramatics happening all the time because it's just going to drain my motivation to post. To me writing is about escape and life is too dramatic to have it being written about as well.

F - A - N - D - O - M - S:

Okay so below are a collection of canons I can play and ones I am seeking for someone to play for me. I am open for doubling and sharing roles. Please PM me to talk about plot and pairs. Before we move to another platform, I do want to talk via Reddit PM so I know we're on the same page. I'm also open to other fandoms and maybe even crossovers. Thanks guys.

Final Space:

Characters I write as: Quinn, Little Cato, Lord Commander, Gary.

Characters I want someone to write as: Gary, Avocato, and Lord Commander.

The Good Place:

Characters I write as: Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, Jason and Trevor.

Characters I want someone to write as: Michael, Tahani, Chidi and Eleanor.

The Hunger Games:

Characters I write as: Katniss, Gale, Peeta.

Characters I want someone to write as: Haymitch, Gale, Primrose, Peeta,


Characters I write as: Pepper, Jessica, Trish, Steve, Tony, Domino, Colleen, Danny, Raven, Erik, Charles and Laura.

Characters I want someone to write as: Logan, Matt, Tony, Steve, Peter Parker, Peter Quill, Gamora, Jessica, Kilgrave, Wade, Cable, Danny and Natasha.

Harry Potter:

Characters I write as: Hermione, Luna, Ron, Ginny, Draco and Lily.

Characters I want someone else to write as: Harry, Draco, Snape, Lupin, Luna and Cho.

Death Note:

Characters I write as: Light, Misa, Matsuda, Sayu, Near, Ryuk, Rem and Naomi.

Characters I want someone else to write as: L, Light, Ryuk, and Rem.

Dot Hack:

Characters I write as: Blackrose, Kite, Elk, Atoli, Haseo, Pi, Saku, Bo and Endurance.

Characters I want someone else to write as: Haseo, Kite, Saku, Kuhn, Atoli and Alkaid.

Fruits Basket:

Characters I write as: Kagura, Tohru, Kisa, Momiji, Hana, Kyo, Yuki, Shigure and Ayame.

Characters I want someone else to write as: Haru, Hatori, Kagura, Momiji, Kisa and Uo.

Star Trek:

Characters I write as: Nyota, Kirk, Bones, Beverly Crusher, Riker and Geordi.

Characters I want someone else to write as: Picard, Troi, Date, Spock, Bones and Kirk.

Fire Emblem Fates:

Characters I write as: Sakura, Laslow, Kagero, Oboro, Kaze, Hayato, Hinoka, Leo and Rinkah.

Characters I want someone else to write as: Xander, Ryoma, Laslow, Leo, Kaze, Silas, Rinkah, Camila, Sakura, Jakob, and Silas.
Would you be up for a L x Misa RP (I have a lot of plots for them actually) or a Hiei x Botan RP?
Guidelines and Stuff:

I tend to reply two to three times a week, depending on how I feel and how much time I have (and how much I tend to write for someone). Other duties include taking care of my parents, chores, work and an online course in teaching abroad. I'm also dipping my toe into the dating pool. So posts will not be immediate. I have other priorities but that does not mean I don't take writing or the partnership of writing seriously. The more we communicate our goals and interests for the future of the story, the more likely it stay alive and we both remain interested even if the pace is slow.

I play females and males so while I am seeking a male partner, I am capable of doubling or tripling up on additional roles.

Generally I can give anywhere from three to six paragraphs. Three is the minimum I give and take but I like writing more. And I have no issue waiting days or even weeks if the post is more thoughtful and epic, than one thrown together in haste.

Finally, mature themes are probably going to arise but I don't make a big deal about them. I'd prefer to have someone who is old enough to handle darker topics but who doesn't want to push them onto me constantly.

Below I have outlined characters I am capable of playing. They are listed in order of both experience and interest. I will outline my vision for the character and then the male characters I would want someone else against them and how I see those dynamics playing out. I am open to other suggestions. We can plot together and see what we both want to try.

And this is all pertaining to the movies and tv shows, sadly I cannot compensate much for not being aware of the comics or outside information. To me it's too much to really dig into so I would like us to stick to the movies and shows if possible.

Thank you.

Characters I can play:

Pepper Potts: I see her as being outspoken and bold. She has worked for one of the most difficult people in the world. She came from a small town with loving parents who secretly wish Pepper worked elsewhere but they cannot deny how their daughter's hard work paid off. Pepper makes sure her parents don't have to work another day in their lives. She gets things done and she is wildly independant. Her social life is nonexistent as she's poured her life into bettering both Stark Industries and Tony Stark himself. Dating has been pretty much cast aside as she works on her career. She believes Stark Industries can be a global force for good. She has even taken steps to learn self-defense and firearms from Natasha. Pepper Potts is a woman who is always in control, knows what she wants and doesn't let anything stop her from achieving her goals.

Suitable Matches:

Tony Stark: He was her boss for many years. They know each other rather well. Pepper has always held a soft spot for him, despite the many headaches he has caused her. He has taken steps to better himself, not wanting to die without having done more for the world than make money off of its old wars. Tony is protective and very smart, hopefully smart enough to see the amazing woman who has remained by his side for so long.

Logan: A man who keeps people at arms length. He has been through a lot, he has lived through a lot. He could either fall back in time or Pepper could fall forward in time. Old or young is welcomed. Logan pretends that he's cold, hoping to not just protect himself but those he's hurt in the past. Pepper has dealt with difficult men before, she knows their walls will crumble eventually.

Matt Murdock: Needing a lawyer is pretty vital when you run a company and Mr. Murdock had proven his heart is in the right place. He is brought to Stark Industries to help with the public image and ensure the Stark name isn't dragged through the mud. Matt's other identity is something Pepper perhaps stumbles upon and she takes it upon herself to accompany him in his pursuit of The Hand.

Steve Rogers: By all accounts, Steve is a good guy looking to acclimate to his new life. And Pepper is hoping for a break from work, the stress prompting a needed vacation o her own. They come together in a small town, hoping to save a few people and remember who they are, not just what they have done. They have different strengths but can find comfort in one another, aware their past doesn't define them.

Charles Xavier: He is a man who has many gifts. He and Pepper converge when mutants come forward to help in defending New York from an alien invasion. Charles decides to offer his services to Tony and Pepper, believing it vital for everyone with gifts to work together. While Tony is busy tinkering, Pepper and Charles grow closer as Charles begins to reopen his school and Pepper assists him, using grants from Stark Industries. Young Charles preferred here but I'm not picky.

Jessica Jones: I see her as young and snarky, able to cut down the biggest man with a snide comment. She loves her best friend and sister dearly, would do anything for Trish. Jessica is tying to give up drinking, trying to take on more cases, likely following the events of season two (or one) of JJ. She is slowly learning to open up to people. She is still damaged after being kidnapped and raped by Kilgrave, having been reduced to a pretty puppet under his control. Now she tries to reclaim her life and her freedom.

Suitable Matches:

Logan: The two meet in a dive bar, both deciding to break up a fight. Both then decide to team up to take down a pharmaceutical company called Transigen. They uncover the truth about mutants being genetically modified and free the children inside, including a girl named Laura.

Tony Stark: He and Jessica meet at AA. Both of them promised their respective best friends they'd try to do better. But upon meeting one another, they start to slip. They continue to bond over bottles of scotch and vodka. When caught they decide to stop dragging the other down and finally shape up and be better people.

Peter Quill: When finally able to return to Earth, there is a lot of adjusting that has to happen for Starlord. He just so happens to rent an apartment in Jessica's complex and the two begin to form a strange friendship as she helps him adjust to the shitty life on Earth.

Wade Wilson: The two end up crossing paths and their banter carries them off to some dive bar in the city where their both recruited into the X-Men but both would rather start up X-Force and be their own group.

Trish Walker: She is passionate about her work, wanting to make the world a better place. She has done a lot of stupid things and she is hoping to move beyond her past as a child star. She was abused and manipulated. She then went on to try her hand at singing which didn't go that well and planted a wedge between her and Jessica. Now that they're reconnecting, Trish wants to move forward. Jessica has her business and Trish wants to get into more serious investigation pieces. Trish decides to be a different kind of hero, beginning to explore the catlike skills she's starting to develop.

Suitable Matches:

Kilgrave: Kilgrave is not dead. He has been resurrected and is considering a change in his path. He sees now that Jessica will never be his again. Not truly. He decides to seek out the one person who has been somewhat sympathetic to him (at least when he had been held captive and assaulted by Jessica), aka Trish Walker. He decides to make her his mentor in order to better himself. Will he bring out her darker side or will she bring out some good in him?

Logan: After a long night of drinking and mild property destruction, Trish bails out Jessica along with someone else who was with her, a man named Logan. Trish and Logan get to know each other over coffee as a way him somewhat paying Trish back for her help. The two continue to see each other and when Will returns, Logan is there to help put him in his place.

Steve Rogers: As she's following a tip for one of her radio programs, she crosses paths with Captain America. She ends up convincing him to let her interview him and they hit it off. When Trish begins to exhibit signs of having powers, Steve decides to take her under his wing.

Raven Darkholme: Depending on where she is in the timeline, I see her as a fearless warrior but not keen on leaving her human side behind either. She struggles to embrace both her mutant side as well as her human side. She wants to embrace who she is but believes the world will only use or mock or fear her. Raven is skilled in combat and enjoys used her shapeshiting to get what she wants. She has no qualms about lying to people if it means she and those she's close to, get what they need. Raven can be sweet just as she can be ruthless. Deep down she wants to live a quiet life.

Suitable Matches:

Erik Lehnsherr: His views on the world may be skewed but he is the one person who sees Raven as she is and not who she could be thanks to her gift. Erik relies upon her companionship and together they take on the world. I'd prefer something between FC and DoFP or something during Logan's timeline.

Logan: Set during the Logan timeline, Raven disguises herself as a nurse and helps Laura escape and unite with her father, Logan. Together she, Logan, Laura and Charles embark on a quest to save the mutant children. Along the way, Raven makes it her mission to destroy Transigen and its various labs throughout the country. She and Logan eventually run into cloned mutants of their fallen comrades.

Steve Rogers: Steve believes there's no to Raven then meets the eye. He also doubts that she has truly turned her back on the world. But to Raven, the world has turned its back on her. Steve tries to help Raven seen that the country still needs people like her and him and that she is beautiful in her truest form. At the same time, Raven brings a bit of a wild side out of Captain America.

Karen Page: Karen is sick of staying on the sidelines. She decides to step up her investigations into the various crime syndicates of New York City. She begins to prowl around Hell's Kitchen and ends up following a few leads. In her past, to get through college she had to take part in a certain film industry. But she is trying to put those mistakes behind her and make a name for herself, hoping to carry on Ben Urich's legacy.

Suitable Matches:

Matt Murdock: As Matt continues to be the Daredevil protecting Hell's Kitchen, Karen insists she helps him fight crime. Matt teaches Karen some self-defense and together they fight crime.

Peter Parker: While Karen is lurking around the streets of Hell's Kitchen, Peter ends up saving her from some thugs. She decides to get to know him better they bond over their need to make the world a better place. Peter is attending college now and Karen offers him an internship at her newspaper gig. Together, they work to clean up Hell's Kitchen.

Charles Xavier: Karen is tasked to investigate some unusual activity in upstate New York, she uncovers a school for mutants and decides to help keep their school a secret. Eventually Charles decides it's time to start promoting for more students in need of guidance. Karen takes on a professor position in hopes of helping some of the wayward mutants turn down a more positive path in their lives.

Domino: Also known as Neena Thurman, she is very lucky and she knows it. Yet she doesn't gloat about it, she simply gets to go through life without a lot of anxiety about how things will work out. Her childhood was riddled with torture and pain but somehow it still worked out as it led her down a path to help other mutant kid who were victims of brainwashing and torture. She is passionate, spunky, kind and a bit daring all rolled into one.

Suitable Matches:

Wade Wilson: Together they have formed a team to help other mutants. Even though his girl is back together, things aren't the same and he soon decides it's more important to have a woman who can defend herself, than one who he worries about getting hurt because of the countless enemies he makes. He and Domino travel around the world, helping people.

Logan: Domino finds herself with Logan, busting up baddies and enjoying life as they're able to. With his general misfortune, he has been able to find a balance with his new companion.

Cable: Following the events of Deadpool 2, Cable stays in the present and decides to see more of the world and Domino tags along with him, finding his tech interesting but also his stories of the future.

Matt Murdock: When she ends up getting sued by a man in Hell's Kitchen for crashing into him, she ends up being given a lawyer by the state, a man named Matt Murdock. It seems like her luck is still on her side as she helps him fight crime.

Peter Parker: Peter decides to join the X-Men as opposed to the Avengers. He finishes high school and goes to the mansion and ends up being taught by Domino regarding how mutants can make the most of their human and mutant abilities in the real world. Together they end up getting close as they help recruit other students.

Peter Quill: As luck would have it, Domino gets caught up in the ends of Infinity War and finds herself tagging along with Peter and the others as they try to save the world.
I hope exams are all done and you're now able to relax. :)

Yasss! :)
If anyone watches Final Space, I'm craving that too~
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Ahh a post. I'll try to get one up tomorrow during work! :)
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