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5 mos ago
Current I love All Might a bit too much...ehehe.
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8 mos ago
That moment when someone makes a terrible OC with a cringe self-centered plot and you have no idea how to react because you want them to indulge your own shit.
10 mos ago
Final Space is awesome. Anyone wanna RP it?
11 mos ago
Going out of town for a wedding (!!!) so I won't be on a whole lot.
12 mos ago
Discord is a strange place...but let's do it.
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Work is slowly stabilizing so I hope to return a fairly normal posting schedule soon. Thanks guys!

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<Snipped quote by Tranquility>

Fantastic! Shall we work on a plot via PM or do you have another place where we can talk shop?

We can PM but I am open to discord or say reddit lol
<Snipped quote by Tranquility>

Would be happy with either! There would be plenty of good chemistry and story between Peter and both those characters.

I think Jessica would work well!
I would be interested in playing Peter Parker if you have the interest and bandwidth to do a casual / high casual role play with me playing that character.

I don't have any immediate plot ideas but would be happy to talk details if that is a current interest you have!

All the same it is a lovely interest thread!

I could play Jessica Jones against him maybe? Or maybe Pepper Potts?
I have to give Harry Potter & Fruits Basket a reread sometime in the future once I'm done the stack of books I'm currently working on. But right now, I'm up for giving FE Fates a shot. I haven't gotten to rp in that universe yet

Okay, from Fates, who would you want to try writing for?
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