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I just replied. Alright, night.
Elissa looked up at him with a smile. She slid his hands down to her hips. “Start wherever you like, I’m sure you will search throughly.” She replied, draping her arms over his shoulders and kissing his neck, then his jaw, his cheek and finally his lips. This was what she had been wanting. When he’d pulled away she’d been sure this wasn’t going to happen, but now that he’d turned back to her she wasn’t going to resist and wasn’t going to distract him again with talk of the past. This was new to her, it was an adventure but one she wasn’t afraid of. “Shall I tell you if you are getting warmer or colder?” She asked softly. Elissa kissed him again.
It is and he’s great at causing it.
If Elissa gets her chance she’s going to kill him. If it plays out that she can’t then we can have him return later for more trouble.
Elissa sat there for a moment before slowly getting up. She joined him at the window. “Convince Rhea to let me stay and once we have your ship back, we can find out what happened to you and your father. He never came back to Kent. Someone, however, must know what happened. We will find them and we will find out the truth. You deserve to know the truth of your past and once we know who is responsible we will avenge your father and your memory.” She said, resting her hand on his shoulder. “You are still my best friend and I will still do whatever I can to help you. I’m not leaving you, not now. If Rhea can’t be convinced to let me stay she’s going to have to drag me off this ship herself and I won’t go without a fight. Not when you need me.” Elissa followed his gaze out to the ocean. “I promise I won’t leave you. I’ll help however I can.”

She hoped he understood how much she wanted to help him. “I’m sorry if I said anything to upset you. That wasn’t my goal. I was just telling you what I knew, what I’d been told or heard.” She sighed feeling like the apology sounded empty even though she’d meant every word. “Perhaps fate brought us back together not to save me, but to restore what you’ve lost.”
That sounds like a good plan to me. Then Blayne can always try to “do what should have been done the first time” and try to weigh Joseph down when he attacks him in France.
Elissa didn’t feel him jump when the cabin boy knocked on the door because she had jumped as well. She’d forgotten about the boy bringing food. “As you got older your father took you on business trips all the time, it wasn’t unusual for you to leave with him. You just normally told me so I wouldn’t worry. When you disappeared that last time I thought you’d just left and forgot to say goodbye, but when you never came back I knew something had happened.” She explained. “I feared the worst when father said one of your father’s ships had been found destroyed. Now it seems like someone destroyed it to get rid of you and your father but make it look like an accident.” She sighed. “I’m just glad that you are safe and that I have found you.” Elissa looked up at him with a smile before kissing him. “You sent the cabin boy away. Are you going to search for the dagger now?”

She’d told him nearly everything she could remember about their childhood. There wasn’t much more left to tell unless he wanted details to some of their adventures. “Things got lonely after you left. Almost like my life was over and I was just left to watch the world go on.”
I hope everything gets better.
Her heart skipped a beat when he began to play with her hair. What if he found the dagger? That would ruin the fun before it even started. “I don’t know exactly what caused us to become friends, if I were to guess, I’d say Blayne had something to do with it. I know he was the reason we became close. He’d bully me and you’d beat him up. Finally you taught me how to beat him up, but you still did it anytime you were around. We had a common background, both our fathers were merchants and we both loved the sea. It was like we were meant to be together.” She smiled up at him.

The sound of his heart beating steadily was making her sleepy again. She’d never had this much time to sleep before, she normally worked on a few hours of sleep. Now that she had free time her body was almost forcing her to rest whenever she could. She couldn’t sleep now though and began telling about their adventures they’d had as children. She told about him teaching her to fight, how they’d almost been trapped in a sea cave when the tide was coming in, she told him about everything she could remember.
For the fundraiser I was Elsa in her spirit dress, I was a bat for the teacher dress up because our theme was zoo, and I was Winifred Sanderson last night. It was fun but I’m glad I can relax now.
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