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Bump! Because why not. I want to return. I'm back. I think...


Alright so, name's Ike. I'm 19 (20 on the 15th :]) and have been wanting to fill some of my free time rping a good story with someone. I've been on and off of RPG for awhile since I haven't been able to find any solid partners. I like post 1-3 paragraphs per post. I'd like a partner that can do about the same or more. I'm not a stickler for spelling but I am one for grammar. I don't necessarily expect you to have perfect posts, but it does get a little annoying when every other sentence isn't worded properly or is full of errors. I'm open to most ideas and pairings.

I don't have any specific plots in mind since I decided to make this thread spontaneously. However I do have a few parings and genres I want to try out.

These are only a few ideas that I've come up with on the spot. If you see anything you'd like to try or have ideas of your own, Pm me!
If I do I have to do a lot of adjusting. There's so many things wrong with the way I set this thing up. I let this go right around the time I started taking school a bit more seriously xD.
Werewolf x (human), TWD, Naruto/Shippuden. If you're still looking I'm up for any of these :].
Well I'm hoping for at least one or two female characters to keep things a little diverse. But if we don't by tomorrow I might start the RP.
What's your full name: Roy Neill

How old are you:15

What Grade are you in: 10th

How would you describe yourself and don't hold back, we don't judge here: I can be well, quite cocky at times. I know, I know, but it's a bad habit of mine. I find myself quite funny, but not everyone shares that opinion. I can be serious when needed, but I try to be comical, though sometimes I keep that to myself. I'm a pretty hard worker when it comes to things that interest me, such as training and learning how to better use my powers.

Describe your abilities as best as you can: Well, I guess that I absorb and redirect kinetic energy. Let’s say I was being beat up by a group of punks, or I got hit by a car, I could absorb that kinetic energy to heal myself and then redirect it into a ball of energy or into an explosion aimed at the enemy. This does not at all mean I am invincible though, as not everything has enough kinetic energy for me to be able to absorb, meaning that I would be vulnerable. Also, If I were hit with enough force I could still be hurt, or even killed. And just because I absorb the energy doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain, I just get over it quickly as when I absorb energy I am usually healed slightly and pain alleviates.

Describe some of your weaknesses: My power levels correspond to how much kinetic energy I absorb. I have to have kinetic energy to absorb for me to be able to do anything at all. I can absorb energy and use it for later, but it will run out. I also must be aware of incoming energy so that I can absorb it, or else I will simply be hit

Did you know about your...abilities before we found you: Yes

If yes how'd you find out: Well, It really wasn’t anything too spectacular, I saw a couple of the bigger guys from my school pick on a less popular kid, I walked over, tried to break it apart. Good news, they let the kid go, bad news, they decided to hit me instead. I was on the floor being kicked around by three jocks and next thing I knew, a wave of energy was released from my body, the bullies were on the floor, and the pain was gone.

What's your story again don't hold back: Well, I’ve lived a pretty normal life, nothing special. I took some Judo when I was younger but then moved on to kickboxing, which I partake in regularly. I’ve always been a pretty athletic guy, with a love for apples, I get half decent grades, got my learners permit. Just the usual stuff up until I discovered my powers around a year and a half ago, now I’ve dedicated most of my free time into learning how to use them, because, like, superpowers are awesome, duh.


As long as he can't "copy' any powers of others he's good to go (Love Heroes btw).
Question! Is the MEU a publicly known entity? If they are, are they viewed as the good guys? I ask because Kana was raised with a morally gray perspective and she doesn't have a problem with being a bit dark. :P

Nope, like the "Organization" they are secretive. I'm sure that will change.
@TrulyAwakened Oh sweet. Would it be alright if my character was older, but still in high school? Like a super senior. I was thinking intelligence wouldn't exactly be their strong suit.

Yes that's fine. More diverse characters = More fun.
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