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No need to reserve I'm taking in as many as I can.
<Snipped quote by TrulyAwakened>
hard cap the weight my powers affect? Or is the mistake more flavor than mechanics?
Edit: edited CS

You're good to go now.
Just read the rules they're in the first post can't miss 'em.
Then go for it send the CS to me through PM. I may need to collaborate with you to make sure any back story info will correlate with the future plot-line since you'll have an important character.
@TrulyAwakened Would you be against Kana being a member above the age of 18? Perhaps 20 or 21? Kana isn't new to her powers and she has had plenty of time to exercise them both on her own and in combat. Perhaps she could be one of the ten? Or a colleague who shares similar interest?

No problem at all. If she's going to be anything like the Kana you posted in the interest thread, I'm sure she and Zack (Military Overseer) would get along just fine.
Jackson constantly butts heads with his father over his father's bigotry towards non-whites, Jews, and Metamorphs, and it was after an argument with his father that Jackson discovered his powers. Jackson had been planning on running from home for about a year, and that argument proved to be the catalyst. Taking his father's car, Jackson drove to the Tennessee-Alabama border, before being stopped by two cops, whom Jackson recognized as members of the CC. As he was forced out of the car, Jackson reflexively pushed at one of the cops with his left arm, and launched the man nearly ten feet in the air. That was when the other cop tasered him, and as he began losing consciousness that he noticed a figure behind his aggressor.

Two things; read the rules and normal people are not aware of Metamorphs (Yet). The second issue is probably my fault I don't think I clearly pointed that out.

Hope the CS is good, I only wrote it in first person since the fields were more like questions so I was just responding in character :)

Yep that's fine. That's what I was hoping for. You're good to go. Glad you balanced your character's power with the eye contact thing, I was prepared to slap you with my "rejected" picture.(I don't get to use it often :(((( )



Just read the rules and edit your CS. It's not your fault I didn't put it in a very obvious spot.


OOC. I'll answer anymore questions there, I won't be checking this thread anymore.
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