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Current Yo, life has been crazy, so I'll do my best, but everything is going to be sloooooow.
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All I want to do is join a Mistborn-themed RP, but I'd have to start it myself, and GM'ing looks crazy hard.


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Aster held her hands out in a defensive motion, palms facing Alisea. "Oh, no, that's alright. I'm really not too interested in the whole magic thing. Thank you, though." She closed her eyes as she waited for everyone to finish up their shopping, and just took in everything around her; the scents, the blurred sounds, and the blessed absence of so much light. She nearly fell asleep; overall air of warm familiarity in the marketplace lulling her into a sense of security that she scolded herself for after.

Once Alisea asked about purchases, she finally had something to keep to herself. "I bought a secret weapon. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm hoping I can test it out soon. I heard something about unique skills that can be awarded to unique players, and so, if I'm lucky, this'll be a pretty decent advantage." He hand went to her pocket, where she felt the silky length of silvery-white cloth she'd bought. "Who knows. Maybe it'll make things worse."
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