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"That... Thanks, Tempest. I, uh... I appreciate you saying that. Seriously." He looked uncharacteristically serious for a moment, eyes shining slightly. He took a slightly shaky breath and put a flirtatious smirk on again. "Maybe I can take you flying one of these nights. I swear, there's nothing like it."

He listened politely to Torok when he arrived, making no comment as the older-looking youth spoke. As the stocky young man meandered away from the little group, Mason let out a "Whew! That was a bit intense, wasn't it? My roommate, ladies and gentlemen." He ran one hand through his pale hair, raising one eyebrow in a slightly sarcastic expression, and gave his best imitation of Torok. "My dark past makes me mysterious, I swear. You don't understand, I'm a monster, man... Like, super mysterious, man." He put on his bet American accent, and muttered quietly "My god, this is going to be a long summer with that guy..."

He looked at the others standing near him. "Well, I never claimed to be an expert at accents an imitations. I don't know, though... that guy... I want to think the best of him, but he's so fu- I mean freaking intense. I guess everyone has rough stuff in their pasts, but still, it's camp, right? Have some fun, lighten up."

Suddenly, he noticed a brown-haired boy who looked about his age, standing a short distance off. "Hey! You, over there! You can come join us, if you want! We're just shooting the breeze a bit!"

@ReusableSword@CollectorOfMyst@candlelitcraft@Tenma Tendo
@forumsI'll make a new one. It's no trouble!
@SaikaAngeThat's my impression! I'm happy to bang out the details with you in a pm.
@SaikaAngeThanks! Just let me know what I can help with!
How would you all feel about a field-medic/sawbones character?
Very interested! Are your orcs more WOW or Tolkien?

@SaikaAngeIf you want to start it, that'd be awesome. I'd be happy to co-gm, as much as I'm available to, that is.
It's all good! And they were worth the wait, I really love how their personalities come out!
Same here in Seattle, though not quite as perfect.
@Thread Generator SIN I'd probably have to second you there. It'll make for easier backstories if we do't have to compare notes.
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