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2 yrs ago
Current I've started book 2 of my trilogy! Thanks to those who beta-read the first one for me!
2 yrs ago
First DnD session went awesomely! My players loved it, and a dragonborn was nearly killed by a bugbear.
2 yrs ago
Starting up DMing my first campaign this weekend!
2 yrs ago
50,033 words written! I finished NaNoWriMo!
2 yrs ago
Thanksgiving+writing a book+looong papers for school= not much in the way of activity from Tybalt for the next week.
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Heyo! I'm Tybalt, and I'm an alcoholic...

Shoot, I think I'm doing this wrong. Y'know what, I'mma just throw up a character sheet for myself, y'all know how to read those.

Name: Tybalt
Species: Human. But, like, kinda Hobbit, too?
Age: 21
Rank: Peasant, probably.
House: Probably, like, Ladrian or Venture? Oh, duh. Capulet.
Personality: Hard to nail down since I'm the one writing it, but I'm a type three on the Enneagram if that's worth anything.
Description: Two arms, two legs, a head, no feathers.
Abilities: Casual to advanced writing. I love a good advanced, but it's gotta be engaging as well as deep. Advanced is an investment, so I rarely keep up with more than one at a time.
Likes: Pirates, Knights, Cowboys, and everything in-between. I don't mind a good romance, but I'm just as happy to have a bro-tp as an otp. I also love anything by Brandon Sanderson, so if we've got some other fans out there, hit me up in the pm's.
Dislikes: This is less a dislike than a personal failing, but I tend to over-commit to too many stories, then not respond very quickly. You have been warned, I guess.

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There very well might be, I just got hit with some unexpected essays, so I'm going to unfortunately have to drop out. You should check with the gm, though.
This looks like a great time! Count me as interested!


And then, the fighting was over. It hadn't taken long, no more than a few minutes, but god, it had felt like more. Aster felt her hands shaking on the katana's hilt, and sheathed it carefully, feeling it rattle a bit in the scabbard as she did. They'd done it. Somehow, they'd killed their first boss, without losing even one of their members. If that wasn't enough, there were signs that even more members might be joining soon. All was well, wasn't it?

Somehow, Aster felt unfulfilled. They'd slain a boss, which was in itself incredible, and yet... in doing so, they were that much closer to leaving... leaving this world where she was... whole. It was necessary, she knew that, particularly if she wanted to keep her new friends alive, but damn if it wasn't bitter as much as it was sweet.

With a sigh, Aster sheathed her now-damaged katana and withdrew the magically-imbued dagger gifted to her by the admin, Kadeen's Dagger. That in itself was a bit odd, that the admin would give his supposed opponents aid, but perhaps he had faith in the game he ran, that no matter what he gave the players, they would still eventually fail.

With a shaking voice, she called out over the conversations, "Umm, hey, everyone? I can take us all back to town, if you'd gather around. It's one of my items, if you don't mind coming over here." As the other players gathered, Aster took a breath, then plunged the slim blade into the earth, where it shimmered, then sent a ring of light outwards, encompassing everyone and dropping them back into town.

"I don't know about everyone else, but I'm heading back to the inn. I'm really tired, honestly. If anyone wants to meet in the morning, I'd love to grab breakfast." With that, she started back to the de facto base of operations, as smoothly as she could manage.

Health: 1100/1500
Mana: 100/300

The guild just kept growing. More and more people, most of them wonderfully cheerful, likely hiding their own pain. It wasn't hard to imagine all that they might be dealing with. This place could be a hell of a lot of fun, but it could also be a hell of a lot of... well, hell. Aster couldn't relate terribly to that, but her mind jumped uncomfortably to all the ways that others could.

The benefit of the guild structure was the fact that, for once, Aster could rely on others. That was something marvelous indeed, and as she rushed forward once more to strike at the Herald, Reylan's words ringing in her ears, she nodded once to Dirk, her most common partner-in-combat. She didn't say anything, simply nodded once, then let her pent-up roar rip loose from her throat as she leapt forward and up, at the monstrous creature before her.

Her throat burned from her scream, but her focus was on her hands, gripping the katana loosely, then tightening to strike the creature with a two-handed blow across the chest. Spinning in the air, she pivoted, engaging Triple Strike while she fell, to make the blows rain down on the beat's shoulder and side, opening glowing red cuts that vanished almost as quickly as they appeared.

Her mana was already starting to run out; there was no way she could do more than one more triple strike, and the enemy was far from death. Dammit, she needed more skills. Gritting her teeth, she braced herself, feet planted, for the fall of the monster's next attack, one hand bracing the back of her sword as a sort of improvised, bladed shield.

Summary: Strikes at chest
Strikes shoulder/side with Triple Strike (-100 mana)
Braces for impact.
@AchronumWelcome back, man! Hope life has gotten better from there!
Yeah, the site is making it really hard to get any writing done! It's really frustrating.

I hereby bequeath one internet hug! XD
Yeah, the site is making it really hard to get any writing done! It's really frustrating.

I hereby bequeath one internet hug! XD
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