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3 days ago
Current Sorry for the lack of posting, busy outside, so dont expect me going onlime everyday
9 days ago
It's point out a fuckboy day!
16 days ago
Might not post for some things, IRL stuff
24 days ago
Sorry for the lack of posting, the server is slow
1 mo ago
I'm bored
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Sorry, backing out, I don't think this is my jam, though you will see me on this OOC once in a while, avenge me! Peace
Sorry, I have to back out on this one. It's a most likely cance I wont do much Casuals, and I'm often busy.My biggest regret is not making a badass character. And to that, Goodbye my folks, avenge me, tell my story, Excelsior, or that kind of bullshit. Peace!
Donnie? Who's that?
New Recap on whats happening now?, Donno whats happening
YEET, I would like to join in on that action
Volky had stopped following her after 2 minutes of staring right at her, giving her the chills of her being watched, then, done with her, he floated upwards and became visible for a split second, letting her see, then disappearing, with his cold laugh in the air. He had token a huge risk for that, having the possibility of the humans to see, but if it works, he would have a feast! His face was serious, then floating back toward the basement, opening the door with a creak,hoping to draw some attention.
Not sure if I should back out of this, but will be staying for a while, see how I like it.
Question, we CAN make our own races?
Will respond.
People expect us to be 'polite', it's the fucking internet!
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