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Current We should all sit down and think about the inevitability of death.
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No looky, using this for a upcoming RP I want to do.…
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I just learned I am not popular enough for vistor messages.
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Banned for red vs blue
As the roots grasped at Ford's legs, his eyes opened wide. The roots forcibly dragged him inside the tree monsters body.

"It's larger than I thought," Ford said, " Let's light this puppy up!" He began to reach for his gun when it was only air he caught.

Where was the gun? The roots had taken it, seeing the gun being dragged to the heart, where the woman was.Trying to walk toward it, his foot was stuck between some branch's, "Dammit.. Think...Think.." His index finger at his temple he was trying to find out a way to free himself and hopefully get the gun too.
Banned because... I donmo
Nice, still interested
Im interested
Banned because, Foster your my ninja target
Clifford was annoyed at the fact that he could find anything, scoffing he said,"An Omega level? Omega my as-"

A huge thump, as if like a footstep, was booming, making his teeth rattle.

Ford was spotted by it before he did, a giant tree monster, with light green eyes was attacking hom.

Attached to the chest of the beast was a women, with arms spread out and head titled down.

The monster had slammed it's arms at Ford, making him roll out of the way, Ford, reaching in his coat, had pulled out a small little plastic toy. The monster, looking confused stopped, give Cliff the time to pull the trigger, sending an invisable blast making the monster fly.

As it slides across the road, Ford already ran toward the momster, gettong ready for the death blow.

That when he saw the women, somthing... familar was about her, Don't koll it, or her, maybe their important.., he thought, and so he had put away the gun and was thinking of a way to trap them. Though, the momster was still alive, roots slowly began to craw up his pants, Ford not knowing.
"Attack on Titan is on! You can jump later!"
Banned for not knowing that is Coca.
Banned because I got promoted to ninja master
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