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@Obscene Symphony Awesome, look forward to it. Sleep well.

"Why?" You ask?

About a ¾ of the way into typing this, I lose the entire text and had to retype the entire post. This is what I get for trying to make a cute thread request.

So, here goes my second attempt.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Gah, I’m already dreading typing everything all over again. Peacocking is hard work. You better be impressed.


The name’s Ultralight, of course! I am a twenty year old female from the USA. I live in an EST time zone, but I may be on at any hour of the day and night. This may vary. I do try to be stable, but I cannot guarantee a daily response. I have been roleplaying since middle school, so I’ve got a few years under my belt! Below, you’ll get a breakdown of my roleplay style and preference.

Groovy Baby!

✿ Versatility & Diversity
I prefer my partners to be versatile enough to play a diverse cast. If you are incapable or uncomfortable playing multiple roles, we may not be very compatible. If the only character in your arsenal and comfort range is a flat, ‘damsel in distress’ that can’t help a story progress, we may not be compatible.

✿ I Accept All Genders & Gender Pairings
It’s your choice. Regardless of your sexuality or gender, I am willing to roleplay with you. Regardless of your character’s gender and sexuality, I am willing to play against them. Whether it is romantic, sexual or platonic. [tl;dr MxF, MxM, FxF are all welcome]

✿ Teamwork Makes a Dream Work
I very much enjoy OOC chat; communication is key. I like to brainstorm together- I will ask your input from time to time. I will pitch my own ideas, and of course I would like to hear yours! You never have to bite your tongue- as long as you're respectful, I’m always all ears and open.

✿ The Drama, The Angst, The Fluff
I like grit and darker themes. I like the saccharine fluff. Moderation is key, unless we discuss heavy emphasis on one theme. I have very few limits and I’d be willing to try writing most things. Smut, dark themes and elements, taboo relationships, abusive relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, mental illness. All that 18+, R-rated stuff is on the writing table with communication. Tell me what you would like, and I’ll let you know if I am up for it.

✿ Tell Me a Story, Sell Me a Story
I am not a novella style writer - a few decent paragraphs usually cut it for me. I don't have a word count minimum. I do, however, like to see your effort. Details make things interesting, more believable. Make me feel, make me see, make me relate. If you can do that with a single paragraph, then so be it. I average 3 to 5 paragraphs- give or take, depending on events. Less with dialogue heavy scenes or scenes that demand immediate response. More with multiple events, multiple characters, change or introduction of setting (that is being described).
I find really long post tend to get redundant or extraneous and start to sound like this.

✿ Faceclaims and Things
When it comes to faceclaims I tend to lean toward digital art and anime. Unless discussed, that will be my go to for faceclaims. If you prefer real life reference, you’ll have to mention that to me.
On the topic of faceclaims and references, I sometimes enjoy really going all out. I may occasionally use references for not just characters, but also sounds, gestures or actions, settings and scenery. I don't always do it, but occasionally I will to paint a more vivid picture and to more effectively convey what I imagine. If you like it, or don’t like it - let me know and I’ll use it more or less based on your preference.
‘Bout Tree Fiddy

How ‘Bout No!?

✗ Furries or Bestiality
Humanoid creatures (kemonomimi, werewolves, shapeshifters, for example) are fine though.
✗ Extreme Kinks
If you aren't sure, just ask.
✗ Characters with no room for growth or development (i.e, Mary-Sues).
✗Take It Personal
My characters are just that. Some are real bitches or assholes. Some might just not get along with a certain character. These characters usually come with a warning and will be discussed. But please, never, ever take it personally if one of my characters don't fancy yours. I think strife and tension makes things interesting sometimes.

The Plots - Mwahaha!

The Pairings+

Arranged Marriage
Single Parent (or guardian) x Single Parent
Human x Demon
Angel x Human x Demon
Single Parent/Guardian x Bachelor(ette)
Delinquent x Academic
Jock x Academic
Kemonomimi x Human
Supernatural x Human
Sibling’s Best Friend x Sibling
Sibling x Sibling
Love Triangle
Polyamory (Sharing Partner)
Royalty x Servant
Master x Slave
Band Members


Pokemon (OCs Only; I watched up to Gen 4, some of 5, less of 6 - but can do research where necessary)
Naruto (w/canon or exclusively with OCs in the verse)
Fallout (inspired)
The Last of Us (inspired)

And that’s all she wrote (twice). Any questions, feel free to ask me! Message me through PMs if you are interested! I will be updating with more ideas and perhaps my characters. Feel free to request to see my characters.
I would be willing to do a 1x1x1 - in which case, if you're interested, you can post below on this thread. And if more than one person share the same interest, and want to try 1x1x1, then I’ll PM you both and we can discuss. Some plots would be fun to have a love triangle or some polyamory. Or even just a platonic group (orphans, musicians, bounty hunters, for example). Let me know! It’d be a fun thing to try.

Also, feel free to request your own plot ideas! This is not an extensive list of my interests, so if there's something you've been dying to try, message me and see.
You might just get lucky.

P.S, I don't know what's the deal with this Austin Powers theme, I just went with it.

Perhaps some similar to The Last Guardian

A Quick Post

Items that I am currently Craving

A story revolving around a biracial couple in the 1950s-1960s (following desegregation in the US)
Two Slots Open, 1 for a male character and one for a female character.

A Fantasy/action Story about a child and her fantastic creature that becomes a friend. (Spirited Away, Monsters Inc, et cetera)

A Psychotic relationship between rivals or enemies. Violence, sexual tensions, angst, psychological problem. A vigilante and a villain in a forbidden and tumultous relationship.

A human and a demon forge a contract.

A group of bounty hunters and their antics.

For some, I have more in depth ideas. Feel free to inquire in the PMs. I have posted about my writing style and preferences before. You can ask if you want.
Bring your own ideas or cravings of you would like - I am open to new ideas and would like to do something.
The Real Monster

"She stopped fearing the monsters in her closet when she realized that they are brave enough to lie next to you."

We hear of tales of bloodthirsty vampires, vengeful ghosts, deceptive witches and the walking dead. But the reality of our lives are equally as frightening as such lore. Murderers, cannibals, kidnappers and powerhungry rulers. Humanity, is equally monstrous. A young woman has experienced the horrors of living - abused and used. Meek and submissive, she has adapted to her situation and survived. She doesn't put up a fight and obeys orders... Until she is challenged with a proposition. A chance at freedom... If she is willing to lose her fearful ways - willing to fight and give herself to an unlikely ally.
A monster.
Fear by many.
A monster has come to her aid, after lurking in the shadows.

Note: I assume thus monster will probably be a vampire, demon or mage, though other suggestions are acceptable. Essentially, this story will revolve around the transformation of a victim to a survivor - to a fighter. After accepting the monster's proposition, she exacts revenge on her captor/abusive lover and gives herself to the monster as agreed (a contract with a demon in exchange for his power, becoming a vampire or offering blood in exchange, or assisting the mage - we can discuss the specifics). Because the monsters prey of negative/weak emotions and desperate people, she becomes a target and eventually a vessel.
If you would like, we can add a psychological element.
Extra Note - While the abused character is initially submissive/weak willed, she will not remain that for long. If we decide that you will play that character, keep that in mind. So, no whiny, damsel in distress type of characters. Perhaps from the very beginning, but not throughout the story.
Dealing with monsters, can make a monster of yourself. You can become the very thing you fear or hate.

Rating: M to 18+
Genre: Drama, Horror, Action, Fantasy, Romance
Subject Matter: Domestic Abuse (At least allusion/reference to), Revenge, plot twists, body possession, character development, psychology, split personality (MPD) et cetera
Possible Gender Pairings:
MxF, FxF, MxM

After this single event (overcoming an abusive situation) passes, we will need to discuss further plot and where to go after.

My Fiend

A more lighthearted take, though still a bit dark.

A young child lives with an abusive, alcoholic parent. After a tragic event, the parent loses it and the child is on the receiving end of the backlash. She has few friends, but loves school. And wishes nothing more than her oarent to be better. One evening, as their parent rages, they lock themselves in their bedroom. After a series of events, a monster/demon reveals itself. For a while, the child had felt and feared its presence - but it turns out to be a fairly nice demon and has come to help, to protect her.
Perhaps it takes her to it's world, or tries to harm her parent. But, the novelty soon wears and she misses home. Even her parent, she should be there to help them.
This is more of a platonic story, but could age up and add romantic elements if desired. I have two characters in mind (one humanoid demon, one creature).
Rating: G to M
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Subject Matter: Travel/Adventure, character development, et cetera.
I've my fill of Apocalyptic/Fallout-esque plot, so I am not searching for them currently.
Added a plot that I would really like to try.
Added plots and characters.
More still to come.
PMs for contact.
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