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closed atm, sorry everyone.
To be perfectly honest I had almost forgotten his face, those strangely attractive amber eyes and messy golden blonde hair. He left with his family, a vacation he said. He told me he would be back in a week, he was gone for six months. When he showed back up at school I was unreasonably angry, no calls or texts, no letters! He had vanished off the face of the planet for half a year, and most importantly he never told me anything about it.

To top everything off it seemed like he was avoiding me, we would lock eyes and he would turn away, quickly moving in the opposite direction and disappearing around a corner. When I finally caught him, all the words fell away from me, everything was out of reach as I finally looked at him up close. His eyes were no longer as bright as they once were, the mischievous glint now a shadow of it's former self, though more often than not they were void of anything even resembling emotion. Just under his eyes it became infinitely clear that he had not slept well, if at all over the last few days. And the most striking of all were the massive scars, as if he were attacked by a great beast.

He was as stunned as I was, and just like before he left, he regained his composure and the all-together too familiar glint in his eye returned, though now that I saw the truth the facade did not convince me.
" Heh, you caught me... Long time no see freind. "

Hi there~

Here to try and set up a story for my new character here, and I could not think of a better way of explaining it than an example post from Muse 2. In this, my character is a lad raised in an above average family, used to generally large amounts of spending money and being a professional brat. He lives in a small seaside town with Chara2 ( <--- This could be YOU :D ) Chara 2 comes from quite a bit less, perhaps they live with only one parent, perhaps they live in an overcrowded home with multiple siblings unlike MC, who is an only child. Perhaps they are barely an adult, either fresh in college or barely our of high school and struggling to pay for their apartment.

Either way we have it, our characters are/were close friends, spending lots of time together and generally being poor influences on eachother. With their age they had yet to understand it, but they were a bit closer than just freinds or ' besties ' and this quickly became apparent to Chara 2 when MC failed to return when they said they would. Half a year would go by before Chara 2 sees him again, and it is extremely apparent that he has changed.

More than happy to change things up, and add to the plot. A few things I do not wish to change though. MC is male, we can partner him up with any other gender be it male/female or NB, but he will be male and identify as such. I would also like to keep the general idea for the plot, as I am craving this a lot atm and am not looking for massive changes. Both our characters, at time of posing, must be 18+ and so must my partner. Also, as you can see I enjoy posting a fair amount, hopefully I will be posting at least the amount shown in the example, if not a little more or less depending on several factors, please try to do the same.

Seems I should have posted him sooner, but better late than never. I interested please pm or post here, I am more likely to respond to a pm that has substance ( Your ideas, thoughts, character or even just a return writing sample. ) Let's see what we can come up with together aye?

@MokleySimple really, He understands quite a bit and knows that something is causing his dreamers to turn to stone, stones don't dream. When you see a group of such strange creatures coming together it must be for a reason. Blu, I hope, will eventually learn to cooperate with the other characters instead of just following and doing so out of eyesight.

The basic plan for Blu is for him to follow and help out until somebody notices him, and convinces him to interact more with the group. Or perhaps he may be seen as a threat, as the cs implies his kind are unknown to the general public due to their rarity and wishes to stay hidden.
posts may be a bit slow if appearing at all currently, but character sheet anyways just in case.

Interested and already have a character idea, too late for me to trynout a cs?
Being a mage, a hero, it's not exactly what I expected. You see in movies how appropriate it is, the powers given to the people in the show, how easily they control it or even how quickly they learn it, I have learned life is not so simmilar to fiction.

So I had an idea, a twist on the normal magic high school setting. Imagine instead of the jock personality getting super strength, they get stuck with healing magic, and the bookworm has said super strength. The athlete is no speedster, instead that power belongs to that one quiet depressed kid nobody talks to. The entire idea is to create characters who come to this magic acadamy to gain and control their respective magical abilities, but are all individualy surprised at the abilities they display natural talent with.

True, this will be rather slice of lifeish but I would like to see characters eventually grow into their abilities, make freinds and enemies and even possibly have a Harry Potter esq adventure and save the school.

As said in the title I will need a co-gm, somebody to help with the bbcode or whatever it is referred to as so I can keep things neat, and somebody to bounce ideas off without ruining the story for the others.
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