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@Fabricant451 & @Universorum
Featuring: Kit “My Advice Owns” Thomas and Min “But It’s Way Bigger Than a Lollipop!” Seo
Location: The ladies room!

Kit had stolen Min-seo from her boyfriend, straight ripped her away. Kit, in a natural fashion, didn’t really think about what Min may have wanted or planned to do, because she was focused on talking to her friend. She wanted to know about how Min’s date was going, and if she was having a good time with Henry. Did she kiss him!? Did they use tongue?! Did Henry touch Min’s butt? Kit had so many questions, and apparently so little time, as Henry had warned that Min was needed in thirty minutes for something that was apparently important, so Kit was on the clock, dammit.

She had pulled Min aside to a bathroom, which had been marked as a ‘Ladies Room,’ and Kit was all smiles as she hugged Min tightly. “How’s it going? Is he kissing you lot? What have you guys done? Did he touch your butt?! Tell me everything! I want details.” Kit said, before releasing Min and finally taking a second to look around the luxurious bathroom. “Dude, is the mirror framed with real gold? What the hell?”

Min-seo at least managed a wave to Henry before she was whisked away off on a little adventure with her friend. Some things were easier said in person, specifically matters of intimacy; it wouldn’t have the same effect if Min simply sent a text saying what she and Henry did even if that would have made for a good enough excuse to spend those thirty minutes with Henry still. Min-seo wasn’t angry at Kit for interrupting. She wasn’t even the least bit upset. The party wasn’t over and she and Henry lived under the same roof, so seeing each other wasn’t a make or break situation. But even still, thirty minutes had a way of feeling like an hour when your mind was with someone you cared for.

The bathroom wouldn’t have been her first choice for conversation, but it at least seemed to be empty. No one was puking or freshening up. Min turned on the faucet to splash on her wrist where Kit had partially grabbed her away and it wasn’t until she was hanging the towel back on the rack that she finally could answer the myriad of questions fired at her. ”We...kissed. Tongue...yes. Many times. We…” Min-seo had to pause to both find the words and say them without sounding too vulgar about it. ”I touch him...his…” Min-seo did a short little pantomime of moving her hand up and down. ”And we...were together.” Min-seo quickly looked to make sure the bathroom was empty. Sex.

Just saying the word made Min-seo blush in the cheeks.

“You FUCKED!?”

Kit’s eyes went wide and she covered her mouth after asking her question. That’s crazy! “That’s friggin’ wild dude! Was it awesome!? What’s his dick like? Is it big? Is it small? What does it feel like!? What’s it taste like? Did you put it in your mouth?” Kit hugged Min tightly again, before releasing her and putting her hands on either shoulder of Min’s, “I’m so proud of you!” And really, Kit was. She hadn’t expected Min to kiss this soon, let alone cross the hallowed hall of ‘losing your v-card.’ It was awesome!

She pulled away and shook her head, “sorry for asking so many questions. I’m just so curious and interested, and exploding with joy. At least one of us had a good night. And you’re my best friend, so you having a good night makes me have one.”

Kit’s eyes weren’t the only ones that widened; if Min’s face was red by her own admission, hearing Kit yell like that made her turn more red than a fully ripe tomato. The enthusiasm and surprise was almost an expected reaction but the volume was not. Min-seo was just glad they weren’t in the chemistry classroom or else a portion of their classmates would now have opinions about Min that were likely different from the neutral ones they had as is. Min was gesturing for Kit to keep her voice down but the motion of moving her palms down must’ve gotten lost in translation.

”Yes, we...yes.” Repeating it didn’t make it any easier to say, but Min had every reason to believe that this was just normal talk between friends. Even back home she often heard her classmates discuss which boys they thought were cute and which member of an idol group they wanted to be with. She was never part of those conversations, but they didn't’ sound all that different from the one she and Kit were having. Just louder.

”It was...better than...good. G...Great, is the word? He...he is very good at...comforting. At first it...hurt because...first time and because...big...big,” Repeating the word came complete with Min trying to use her hands to show off the size, but it was rather exaggerated given that her hands were spread apart. ”Taste? No. No taste. Why would...was I supposed to...use...mouth?”

Min-seo thought she was doing so well but the surface was barely scratched. Kit really did know everything.

Kit put her hand on her chin, and nodded as if she were a critic when Min put her hands out. “Mhm, mhm…” That seemed big, and now, the next time Kit looked at Henry, she’d be thinking about his dick. Which, she supposed, wasn’t a bad thing. At Min’s question, Kit looked taken aback. Had Min never watched or read anything sexual before!? “Oh, yeah, totally dude. You’re supposed to like, get on your knees and lick it like a lollipop. And then, from what I understand, you put you mouth around it and like… suck like a straw and let him use your hair to sorta drive you? That’s what I’ve seen anyway. THEN, if my research is correct, he is a very happy boy, cuz you swallow it down. I think it tastes sweet, like candy? It’s gotta, because people seem really excited to eat it… The, uh, end result, y’know? It’s called blowjobs! You ought to ask if he wants one, it seems like a girlfriendly thing to do.”

Kit smiled at Min reassuringly, quickly making sure that Min knew she wasn’t doing anything wrong. “Honestly, you’re probably doing an excellent job, though. He seemed like really happy, which is legit! But you should suck his dick. I think that’s like the important thing to do…? I don’t know a whole lot, since I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I’ve done a lot of research — for, ahem, scientific reasons — seems to point to the best girlfriends doing a lot of it.” Kit explained, nodding to herself. Her research was varied, and in her opinion complete. She had spent a lot of time on the internet, learning about things like this. “Are you guys gonna do it again, or is this the only time? I bet you guys do it a whole bunch! You live with him, don’t you? What position did you do? Which one are you gonna do next? Did you ride him? You should tell him you want to. I dunno what it means, but it’s really popular.”

Min was feeling like she should’ve brought a notebook. Though it wasn’t like the lectures in class, Kit was very much like a teacher distilling information that Min-seo would have to apply. Relationships weren’t like tests but it didn’t hurt to brush up on things in order to make a good relationship into an even better one. With as much knowledge as Kit had, Min was surprised that she was single, but maybe she just hadn’t found the right person yet. That was often the hurdle. And yet even though Min-seo was ahead in that regard, Kit still was miles ahead of her.

”Like...lollipop? Blow...job? It candy? Okay, I will ask if he wants...blow..job.” If it meant that she would be a better girlfriend and the end result was akin to candy then it was the most win-win situation there could possibly be. This was why Kit was the master and Min-seo was just a student. ”But he is..not small like lollipop...what fit?” The thought entered her mind as she remembered what it felt like going in a place designed for the act of insertion. Lollipops were easy to suck on because of their size and flavor. Even on a good day Min didn’t exactly have a mouth made for doing much other than petite bites of food.

”Position? No was sex. I was..on back and he...go. We were...going back to the room came first.”

“If it’s too big, you just open your mouth wider! Would you rather a jaw that isn’t sore and a disappointed boyfriend, or a happy boyfriend and a jaw that’s kinda sore? These are the kind of choices you’ll be making as a girlfriend now, Min! It’s tough, I know, and I bet it’s like, uber stressful, but man, I’m kinda jealous. Oh, look!” Kit leaned towards Min, pointing at her neck, where there was a huge hickey forming. “He left a mark on you. That’s soooo hot. Now I’m definitely, one hundred and ten percent, mad jealous!” Kit shook her head, blown away by Min’s luck.

Not only had her friend found what seemed to be a sexually pleasing boyfriend, whom Min apparently liked a bunch, but Min-seo lived with the dude! Her life was going to be soooo awesome. Kit wished she had someone that she could sleep with every night… Well, she had stuffed animals, and a dog. But she didn’t have another human. That had to be way different! Though, she supposed she didn’t know if Min and Henry were going to stay in the same room or not.

“Hey, Min? Since you and Henry are totally a thing now, does that mean you’re gonna move into his room?! You can be like a little housewife! That’d be cool, right? Well, it might be fun for a little while, then… shitty. But, I dunno. I’ve never tried! Your life is so cool.”

Min-seo had to admit, Kit made a fair point. A jaw would heal with some ice and rest, but a relationship that started off rocky wasn’t so easy to mend. She’d seen many a drama where the couple fell to pieces shortly after getting together and if there was one thing Min wanted to avoid it was winding up like that. Her stepmom used to harp on about ‘wifely duties’ and how a good wife ‘knows what her husband wants before he does’ but just because she and Henry weren’t married didn’t mean the principles didn’t still apply. For all the flak she gave her stepmother, those lessons and Kit’s advice were certainly shaping Min-seo into being the girlfriend she pictured.

”His room?” That thought never crossed Min-seo’s mind but that was what boyfriends and girlfriends did, right? Min-seo had a hand up to her neck, palm covering the hickey out of embarrassment as she gave the notion of living together a thought. They already lived together technically, but she shared a room with the guest - which was a roundabout way of saying whenever Parker hung out and stayed the night she and Min shared the same room. But now she had a reason to live together and sleep together under the same roof in the same bed, and that thought made her smile.

”Yes, his room will be...our room. It will be...good.”

“Ooooh, ‘our room?’ That’s ace.” Kit teased Min. She was happy to give Min advice, even though it was somewhat questionable as to whether or not it was ‘good’ advice, Min seemed to appreciate it and that made it all the better, as far as Kit was concerned. Plus, Henry would definitely be happier if Min listened to just half of what Kit had to say! Most of it involved making his life better!

“Hey, I’ve never seen a dick before,” Kit said, her expression suddenly shifting to seriousness. “You should take a picture for me! That would be cool. You can ask him first. Tell him it’s for science!” Which, technically it was. If you asked Kathryn Ingrid Thomas, she was a scientist, and this was just research to store away for future experiments. Were all dicks the same size and shape? Kit wouldn’t know, but this way, she’d at least have something to compare it to when she saw one next!

”Picture?” Was that allowed? She couldn’t just take a picture of Henry’s dick and send it to Kit, though maybe asking him would be okay. She wasn’t sure how she should even bring up the idea? It wasn’t like she could simply walk up and ask if he wanted a ‘blowjob’ and also if it would be okay for her to take a picture of it. Although, he seemed agreeable enough to worry about her own enjoyment for their first time, and he did tell Kit that he was Min’s boyfriend...and if this was, as Kit said, something that couples did then a dick picture was practically the next step in their relationship.

”Okay, I think...I think it is not a problem. Do I take it before or after blowjob?” If it was for science, she wanted to make sure it was done right. The last thing she needed was some kind of lab accident to get in her eyes.

“Uhm… take one before and one during… I don’t think aftermath is very important for my research! Thanksssss! Alright, I guess I can take you back to Henry now. Come on, Min, let’s rock and roll.” Kit said, taking Min’s hand and interlacing their fingers as she walked toward the door.

@Universorum and @Fabricant451
Featuring: Min “I Wanna Tell Parker!” Seo, Henry “Yo, What’s this Button Do?” Green, and Brian “Don’t Tell Parker! And Don’t Press that Button!” Helmsley
Location: The Captain’s Bridge

Henry was pulling Min along through the halls of the ship, constantly stealing glances at her with an apologetic hint in his eyes. Henry felt awful, he really did. Because he’d promised Brian his assistance in whatever his goal was here tonight, his and Ducky’s date had been cut rather short. Did this even qualify as a date? Henry had dragged her to another party, this time after sending her to his sisters for a makeover, which he was certain was exhausting. Then, at the party, he’d fed her shitty party food and pretended it was some kind of a meal they could talk over. The dance?

Well, the dance had been the single most romantic moment of Henry’s life. He didn’t think he’d ever come anywhere near topping it. The mood had been perfect, the setting perfect, the song was good. The girl was a twelve out of ten, and Henry had been really, truly, genuinely happy. A landmark moment in his teenage years. When he’d been younger, it had been simple. Life was simpler back then. Wake up, eat pancakes, play with mom. Play with dad. Play with mother. Exist and be happy. It wasn’t until people started being dramatic that shit fell down the drain.

Now, though, it seemed Henry’s life was on the up. He’d even got it in, and was determined to make sure that tonight wasn’t just a one time show. In fact, if Brian hadn’t called, he probably would have had her out of her clothes after he did the line. Unfortunately for him, though, Brian had called. And now, Henry found himself standing in front of the door to the bridge. He took both of Min’s hands in his as he turned to face her, “hey, Ducky. I don’t think you’ve really met Brian before, and I just want to warn you… he’s a little weird. He’s cool, though, we’re friends. Don’t get me wrong. Dude’s just kinda different. And I don’t want him to freak you out, okay?” Henry kissed her lips, and gave her a smile. “If it’s too much, just give me a sign. I’ll protect you.”

If Min-seo was on the outside looking in she probably wouldn’t find a lot of positive things to say about the night. It was easy for someone as a passive observer to remark on things, and she had done so many times when it came to lame romantic moments in melodramas back home. As a viewer, if Min-seo watched a show where the two leads had snack foods for a meal after the male protagonist made the female lead get a makeover, Min-seo would’ve taken to the internet and voiced her concerns as to how unrealistic and unromantic it was.

But Min-seo wasn’t an observer and life had a way of messing with expectations in surprising ways. The night so far might not have been the storybook romance of a first date that many young women picture, but on the whole Min-seo didn’t have many negative thoughts on the matter. Even the meal of party food was cute; it wasn’t a candlelit meal with a violin player serenading them, but to Min-seo it showed that Henry cared enough to give Min-seo a memorable time. She was certain that Henry had had many dates and possibly even more women, but the fact that he put forth an effort to make Min-seo feel like royalty even with the limited resources counted for a lot.

Even though going off to talk to his friend wasn’t anyone’s idea of how a date should go, Min-seo was at least happy to provide the bit of moral support like a good girlfriend would. If nothing else, she saw it as more means of spending time together and that was enough reason not to be too upset. Having friends was great, but Henry had a girlfriend now and Min-seo wanted to make sure he knew that. ”Freak..out?” That painted a certain picture and Min-seo was already picturing someone that threw chairs around and shouted a bunch or something of the sort. If that was the case then maybe there would be a conversation in the future about Henry’s choice in friend, but for now she was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. ”If I get scared I will...squeeze your hand. Okay?”

“Not scary… just different.” Henry said, before knocking on the metal door in front of him. There was a delay, before the door swung open, and Henry pulled Min inside, and the door closed behind them. Henry looked around the bridge, which was largely unremarkable, unless one was impressed by various nautical instruments. Admittedly, even a layman would be able to appreciate the sleekness of the room; everything seemed to be metal, chrome in most cases, and shined to the point you could see your reflection in it. Henry was largely unimpressed, having been in similar rooms before. Eventually, however, he laid his eyes on their target: Brian Helmsley.

Brian was sitting in a chair that floated over the steel floor they stood on, most likely via magnetism. His back was turned to the pair, and he was instead facing six televisions mounted on the wall, each maybe twenty-seven, or thirty-two inches big. Like any proper set up, they matched. Each one was currently providing a live feed of different parts of the party, and Brian was just watching it. Henry snapped his fingers to get Brian’s attention, and Brian spun around in the chair to face him. On his lap was a bag of McDonald’s, and one of his hands held a large cup, filled most likely with some kind of sugary drink. “Dude, Damian just left. What am I supposed to do now? He was supposed to give a speech to everyone and get them excited, like he so often does bu— hey, is that Min-seo? Geeze, man. Glow up, much?”

“Hey, Brian. Yeah, it’s Min. I brought her here, like on a date?”

Different. Different didn’t necessarily mean bad, but Min prepared herself for the worst all the same. On the other side of the door, she was instead taken by the sharp shine that seemed to coat the entire room. Min could see herself in various instruments and some of them even distorted her appearance like she was at a carnival funhouse. She wanted to reach out and touch some of them but figured doing so could be bad, like pushing a button and causing damage levels of bad, so she refrained and simple started opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish as she looked at a particularly funny chrome knob that made the bottom half of her head look scrunched up.

It was when Brian and Henry said her name and she could feel that inkling when eyes were on her that she stopped making funny faces in the nautical gear and remembered that she was kind of meeting one of her boyfriend’s friends which was surely a big deal for all involved. Min-seo waved at Brian, though when she saw that the monitors in the room were real time her eyes widened and frantically she looked between the two males in the room.

”Is The boat?” Min-seo was understandably concerned as her mind recalled the sign in to the room. Were there cameras there too? Was Brian some kind of...weird pervert? If that was the case then Min-seo was definitely going to have a talk with Henry after this.

“No, not everything. Just the public areas — no bathrooms, none of the bedrooms, or anything like that. I’m monitoring, to like make sure that there’s enough dramatic crap that the Weekend Warrior, if they’re on this boat, write about something, so I can figure out who it is. Look, it’s a really convoluted plan that you’re probably not interested in.” Brian said, waving her concerns away with his hand; the very same hand that held a chicken McNugget that was quickly thrown into his mouth. As Brian crunched on it, Henry put an arm over Min’s shoulder, draping it around her as he pulled her closer to him.

“See? I told you he was weird. He has a vendetta against the Weekend Warrior, because they made people think I date raped Parker, which kinda made people be weird to Parker, and Brian… well, Brian likes Parker. That’s a secret.” Henry said, and Brian’s lips curled into a frown as he thought about what Henry had just said.

“You told your girlfriend that I’m weird!?” Brian snapped, and Henry did not’ respond with words, and Brian sighed, and backed down, realizing that this was a hill he had no interest in dying on. “Look, I just need you to go to the stage we had built, walk up there, wear this glove,” Brian said, throwing Henry a glove with a button on it, “and then press that button.”

Henry thought it was a little shitty of Brian to call Min his girlfriend just like that! Henry had only been on one date with her, and that wasn’t enough to call her his girlfriend! However, Henry didn’t find himself totally adverse to the idea, which was a strange change of pace for him. Rather than point that out, though, he looked at the glove he’d been tossed, and stared at the button. “Why, what’s the button do?” He asked, moving his hand to press it.

“Don’t press that button!” Brian yelled, and Henry froze.

Brian was definitely...strange but Min-seo kept her comments on that front to herself; she was honestly just relieved that he wasn’t a weird pervert spying on private rooms, though she couldn’t say that watching cameras at a party was all that less perverse a hobby. Security guards did that but security guards were paid and were looking for criminals; Min-seo doubted that any criminals went to this school let alone this party. For the first of Henry’s friends, Min was feeling absolutely mixed. Brian was like the people that put on weird foil hats, at least that’s what Min was picking up from the vibes being let off.

”Parker?” There were a few things spoken of that caught Min’s interest, however. ”You like...Parker? Like…kissing like? You...have crush...for Parker? I...tell her, she will be...happy,” Min-seo was surprised, pleasantly so, at this revelation. Not too long ago she assumed Henry and Parker were a couple but now here was Henry’s friend who had a crush on Parker, of all people. This talk of plans and Warriors didn’t interest Min-seo, what interested her was picturing Brian and Parker and what that date could possibly be like.

Min did break into a smile when Brian called her Henry’s girlfriend, and that only made Min-seo nuzzle against Henry’s arm for a brief moment of affection. It had a good ring to it, didn’t it. ‘Girlfriend’. Of course, Henry was her boyfriend and she was his girlfriend, that’s how it worked. They were together and so now they were together. Brian had eyes on the boat everywhere and even he could see it with his own ones. The good vibes lasted until Brian shouted about a button, which made Min-seo flinch.

Fortunately she had her boyfriend to cling to.

“Dude! What happens when I press the button? Don’t yell at me, that makes me want to press it more! I’m high.” Henry protested, as Min snuggled up against him with a somewhat silly grin on her face. Henry was suddenly very stressed out over this glove and its button. Even after he spoke, the feeling only got worse, as Brian scrunched his nose up in seeming disgust, before pointing at Min-seo.

“You’re out with her, and you’re high? Probably on coke, too, huh? You’re the scummiest, man, but whatever. Not my place. Just don’t push the button.” Brian shook his head, and Henry seemed to visibly deflate as Brian mercilessly popped his bubble. Henry stuffed the glove into his pocket, while Brian focused on Min-seo, focusing on the other important part of the conversation. “Don’t tell Parker! It’s really important that you don’t. I’m gonna tell her myself, uh, one day. I hope to, anyway… I have to make sure everything is right first! I have a plan.” Brian said, talking in an unusually hurried tone, as he shook his head. He didn’t want his secret crush to get out in any way other than him telling Parker himself. In a special, memorable way. Brian had a plan that he knew Parker would never forget, and he was excited to do it, he just had to wait until the right time.

“Just go do a speech, then press the button when you’re done, right? You don’t have to do anything more than that. I know you, Henry, and I know you of all people can get everyone excited. Throw shade, set fires to the dumpster that is our high school, hit that button, and kiss your girl in front of everyone. Then you can do whatever, I just need you do this, alright? Damian was supposed to, but he bailed on me. I’m gonna have words for that guy...” Brian had rambled a bit, but Henry nodded affirmatively. “I have a time frame, so you have like… thirty minutes. Then do it, okay? Everyone will be herded there, so you should have an audience. See ya.”

Henry nodded a bit, though his feelings were still a little hurt by being called out like he had been. He looked at Brian, and Brian spun his chair back around, done with the conversation. Henry sighed, and led Min out of the room, and the door shut behind them. “It’s like talking to my parents, sometimes. Brian takes things pretty seriously. He doesn’t like drugs…” He said to Min, giving her a look that showed Henry’s interior feelings better than his words could have ever done: Henry felt personally attacked by Brian in that scenario, and was embarrassed now. Should he have had not done the drug?

The main takeaway Min had was that Brian didn’t seem like a bad person, just a little weird. But she also thought Henry was weird when she first came to America and that went triple for Parker. Everyone was weird at first, but that didn’t mean they weren’t good people too. Anyone who had a crush on Parker couldn’t be a bad person, of that Min-seo was certain. Of the one friend of Henry’s that she had met, Min put Brian at the top spot. And because he asked her not to tell Parker, she wasn’t; but he didn’t say anything about suggesting it. Given the time Min-seo spent around Parker, they were sure to have a little girls talk at some point.

”He is your friend.” Min could see that Henry was having mixed feelings and was it not part of the job as girlfriend to cheer up her boyfriend? ”Even if...hard words..he is still...your friend. It is...okay.” Min-seo took a little bit of initiative and kissed Henry on the cheek while lightly squeezing his hand. Who wouldn’t perk up after a kiss from their girlfriend?

Perhaps more surprising to Henry than to Min, the little show of affection did make him smile a bit. She was right, after all. Brian was still his friend, and he didn’t normally get that up in arms about drug use. Henry decided to chalk it up to stressors from hosting a party that was basically designed to let him capture someone who did a good job of hiding. He was all in on this, that much was for sure. “Yeah, you’re right. He’s chill, so I’ll be chill.” Henry’s smile returned to his face again, now with his normal warmth as he stared at Min, and found himself considering what Brian had said. Was Min his girlfriend? Did Henry want that? As he gazed into her eyes, he found himself thinking, “Yes, dumbass. You do.” Despite that, though, Henry was shook to the core with the idea of responsibility.

Being a boyfriend meant that he had to care. He had to watch over her, support her when he cried, make sure she was happy, ensure that she always felt beautiful, kiss her and hold her, sleep in the same bed as her — probably every night, since they lived in the same house! — cuddle her, watch shows with her, and love her. That was a lot of stuff! Henry had to think about it, and as he mentally listed things, it occurred to him that he already did some of those things… Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, huh?

There was certainly one thing that would encourage him. “Hey, Min, we have like 30 minutes, do you wanna go back to the room and go again?”

In her next letter home Min-seo would have to give some words of thanks to her stepmother. While Min and her stepmother were often at each other’s wits end, now that Min-seo was applying some of the ‘wifely lessons’ that she learned she was finding that there was some knowledge there. Being a girlfriend was as much work as it was pleasure, but Min-seo was confident she could strike the balance and be the best one Henry had ever had. Already her super secret technique of showing affection and reassurance was working, though that one wasn’t part of the lessons given by her stepmother. That was pure Min-seo.

Thirty minutes? That meant that in thirty minutes Henry had to do his speech thing which would definitely be a bit of a gap in their date, and thirty minutes had a way of feeling like an hour or longer when it was with someone you cared about. She knew what was meant by the room, however, and if in thirty minutes they could recapture that feeling of the first time then Min certainly didn’t mind spending her time like that. She gave it a moment’s thought before giving her reply.


It wasn't Min’s voice that filled Henry’s ear, but rather a higher pitched one coming from behind them. As Henry turned around, he found himself looking at a blonde girl that he could have sworn he knew. The girl was dressed in a short black dress that had small wet spots on it, as if she’d been splashed by someone in a pool. Her hair appeared to have been freshly blow dryed, and looked slightly frizzy. Min, though, would know exactly who the mystery girl was; her best friend: Kit! “I’ve been looking for you! You must be Min’s boyfriend! Right?”

Henry stared at the blonde girl dumbly for a few seconds, as his cocaine fueled mind tried to process the question. Was he? Was she his girlfriend? Were they a thing? Were they official? Was he ready for an official thing? Would his moms be okay with this? What about dad!? Wait, Henry didn’t give a shit what they thought. Kit glanced at Min, while Henry kept his thousand yard stare, before Kit quietly spoke. “Hey, is your man alright…?” Her eyes went wide when Henry finally barked his reply out, coming out of shock very suddenly.

“YES! I mean, uh, yes. I’m Min’s boyfriend. And Chae Minseossi is my girlfriend. And I think I like it.”

“That’s cool! Can I borrow her?”

It seemed like fate had other ideas in mind, at least it would if Min-seo was someone who believed in fate. Karma was a different situation, but when her response was interrupted by Kit, Min-seo wasn’t sure if she should have been annoyed at the appearance or happy to see her friend. She opted for the latter, since if she really thought about it it was Kit’s advice that helped make tonight go as well as it had. Min remained silent after Kit’s question precisely because it was asked to Henry first and foremost. Min already had her answer in mind and had since they had seen each other naked.

Her silence was broken by a gasp. It wasn’t the fact that he said yes - she had no doubt that he would since she had no doubts about their relationship status - it was the fact that he was formal about it. ”Henry-oppa…” Min-seo responded in a voice that was practically causing someone to have a diabetic episode with how meltingly sweet it was. Even though Kit was there, Min-seo had to give Henry a kiss, not on the cheek this time, as if to cement it officially. And as a reward for him going out of his way to drop a little bit of Korean into the mix.

Now Min-seo turned back to Kit, though she looked towards Henry a moment before responding. They only had thirty minutes, but Kit was her best friend and Henry had taken Min to see one of his friends. Henry-oppa...I will meet you for..speech, okay? Kit friend. We will meet before...speech.”

Henry might have been disappointed, but Min-seo had so much to tell Kit and not nearly enough time to say it all.

“Oh, yeah, that’s totally fine, Ducky. Have fun, I’ll be waiting for you.” Henry said, giving Min a squeeze of her hand. Min’s other hand was taken by Kit, who tugged her away.

“Thank you! Byeeeee.”

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Featuring: Noah “Distillery” Nichols, Cassandra “Your Hair is Better in Person!” Clark, JD “Why Yes It Is” Piccoli, Scott “GET OFF MY DICK” Lyon, and Katie “I WOULD NEVER GET ON IT” Callaghan
Location: Just… follow the screams.

By this point in the night, Noah and Cassie were far past drunk. They were sloshed. The bottle of Smirnoff had given it’s last drop to the duo only moments before, who’d spent the last hour or so drinking, crying, and laughing. Typical drunk person activities. For Noah, though, this was all new. His head felt heavy, and his stomach was churning, but that didn’t stop him from climbing on top of the railing, which was the only thing protecting him from the cold ocean below. “I’m the king of the world!” he shouted, his words slurred, as Cassie giggled and cheered behind him, her face flushed red from all of the liquor.

Scott’s luck had seemed to run out. First, he’d ran into Katie. That, of course, had went brilliantly. Then, he’d went to the food table, and found that his favorite kind of pie was either not there, or completely eaten. Both were equally sinful. And then, he ran into Cassie and Noah. Holding his massive plates of food in either hand, he stared at the pair of them, both obviously very drunk, and Scott Lyon put his foot down.

“You guys can’t drink no more tonight! Ya’all need to get away from the edge of the boat before your drunk asses tumble into the ocean and die a shitty death! Go on, ya rat bastards, get! I gotta eat.” Scott hissed, waving around the plate of pie.

Cassie looked over at Scott, and rolled her eyes. “We were here first, Scotty! Find somewhere else to be mopey,” she teased, as Noah laughed from his perch on the railing, teetering slightly, and laughing even harder. “Me and my new friend were having a lovely conversation. Didn’t your mom teach you not to interrupt?”

“First off, don’t call me Scotty, that’s for special people. Secondly, I’m not here to mope, I’m here to eat my pie and enjoy my night for the first time. Noah, get down from there!” Scott barked, stepping forward and setting down one of his plates before he wrapped an arm around Noah’s waist and pulled him off of the railing, sitting him down on the floor. “You gotta be careful, dude, Katie would bitch at me for like 18 hours, that harpy, goddammit.”

Noah, having been relocated to the floor, was now pouting, his arms crossed and his head down. Cassie on the other hand was glaring at Scott. “Scott! I can’t believe you just assaulted my friend!” she screamed, her tone rife with disgust.

“Or she could bitch at me anyway.”

Before the situation escalated past a point of no return, one blonde actress and her green-haired friend rounded the corner. Katie’s face screwed up in confusion for a moment, and turned to anger the moment she processed that Scott was there. “Of course you’re here!” she complained, shoving past him and over to Noah, who was still pouting on the floor.

“Well… that was easier than expected.” Dixon said quietly from beside Katie. Finding Bible Dude didn’t turn out to be that hard of a task. Before him, he recognized Noah who, for whatever reason, was sitting on the ground. There was also some random drunk chick with Noah. Scott was here too, which was probably going to go swimmingly now that he and Katie were within ten feet of each other again. JD took in a preparatory breath and waited for the explosions.

“Jesus, Noah, how much did you drink? You smell like a fucking distillery!” Katie said, crouching beside him and wrinkling her nose at the aggressive scent of vodka

“Don’t woooooory! It was only a lot!” Noah said, giggling like a middle schooler, much to Katie’s chagrin. She stood back up and glared at Scott and Cassie. “I’m guessing you assholes got him trashed? This is so fucking like you, Scott! Immature, and reckless!”

“ME!? Why the fuck you THINK I did it? I don’t even care about him! Besides, I wouldn’t assault him either, he’s a PUSSY! I don’t beat up people who can’t fight for themselves, goddammit. I’ll have you know that I pulled him down from the ledge before he fell into the ocean and died! What is your problem, bitch?” Scott yelled, shooting a look at Katie. This fucking bitch, no matter what he did, she went ballistic on him!

“Dude, don’t call him a pussy. It’s not his fault that you hate Katie.” Dixon said to Scott, squinting at him disapprovingly. He briefly glanced down at the rather pathetic looking boy. Maybe he was a pussy, but he didn’t deserve to be called that just because Scott was riled up. “You two should just hate fuck and give the rest of us a break.” He said grumpily, looking from Scott to Katie.

Katie could feel her heart beating faster and faster, her stomach doing flips. Why did Scott make her feel so...unhinged? It didn’t matter. This wasn’t the time for deep personal insights. “First off, don’t call me a bitch and second off, Dixon, I would never fuck Scott,” Katie said, shooting a glare over at her friend. “I don’t believe in beastiality,” Katie said, her eyebrows raising as she dared Scott to continue their verbal duel, then turning to pick Noah up off the ground.

“Whatever you say…” Dixon said under his breath. He put his hands in the pockets of his hoodie uncomfortable. Maybe he should get Bible Dude out of the crossfire and leave the lovebirds to do their thing.

“Listen up, you fucker. Just because you don’t like me doesn’t make me a goddamn animal! I’ll have you know I have friends that actually like me and aren’t just bullied into submission like Noah over there is. Yeah, that was fucked up the way you treated him earlier, dude! You turned the fire straight onto him, because you can’t control yourself!” Scott snapped, half ready to throw something at her, already. Why did this always happen? And why couldn’t he just walk away from her?

Katie turned to face Scott again, falling right back into the familiar rhythm of their constant back and forth. “Yeah? And where are those friends right now Scott? Cause I don’t see any!”

“They’re off living their own lives because I can handle not being the center of attention for most of my life, you goddamn spotlight whore! I can’t even eat my fuckin’ pie in peace because you heatseeker’d toward me, and blew a goddamn gasket, so now we’re just BACK AT IT AGAIN! I hate you more than I hate ANYTHING.”

As their screaming escalated, Cassie sidled over to Dixon. Leaning over, she whispered in the boy’s ear, a simple question. Are they always like this?

“Yes.” He responded equally as simply to her. JD did a double take and realized who the drunken girl was. She was one of the populars. The hot girls plus Marshall that called themselves something stupid. Sweeties? He couldn’t exactly remember it. “Uhh, Cassie, right? I’m JD.”

Cassie grinned. “Yep, that’s me! I like your hair! Noah did not do it justice,” she said with a giggle.

Meanwhile, Katie and Scott were still going at it, their voices tearing through the muffled music and the sea below. “I am so not an attention whore! It’s not my fault people think I’m better than you at everything!”

“Like fuck you ain’t! All you ever do is try to get people to pay attention to you, since they can’t differentiate you from Shauna, or separate you from your older brother in their heads. You’re replaceable! Interchangeable! You’re IRRELEVANT!”

Dixon looked surprised, he even made eye contact with Cassie for confirmation. Noah didn’t do it justice? As in, Noah was talking about him? JD chewed at his lip ring nervously. “Do it justice? ...uhh, thanks.” He said and looked away from her quickly, his eyes flicking back to the drunk boy who Katie had gotten distracted from helping up. Dixon walked over and offered Noah a hand. “C’mon, we should probably… go. Or watch from afar. Do something that’s not standing here, at least.” JD said quietly.

Cassie looked over at the two boys, and smiled, before tapping JD on the shoulder and gesturing for him to follow, quietly removing herself from the volatility of Katie and Scott.

“Go to hell, Scott!” Katie shouted, not even noticing the others vacating the premises. “You’re an arrogant brat, no more, no less!”

“Oh, shut up, you dumb cunt!”

Oof, mom told him never to say that.

That was it. The metaphorical straw that broke the metaphorical camel’s back. Katie ran at Scott, like a bat outta hell, only for Scott to step out of the way, and for Katie to take a trip. A trip into the cold waters that waited below.

“...son of a bitch.”

Without even a second of hesitation, Scott ripped his jacket off and dove after her before she even hit the water.

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A Minry post
Location: Their room —> A place to see the stars —> heading to see Brian

The deed was done.

Henry was laying on the bed now, resting on his back. He had fought a bit to pull himself from Min’s grasp, but she seemed satisfied after he got comfortable and pulled her back into her arms and into a tight hug. They laid there for awhile, together and in comfortable silence (if a bit weird for Henry, he wasn’t normally the snuggles afterward guy), before Henry kissed her, and insisted they take a shower, during which Henry expertly washed her, avoiding her hair and face so as to preserve her hair and makeup.

When they were done, Henry turned his back to her as he pulled his shirt on, bending forward and revealing the claw marks that Min had left on his back. From the hot water beating on his back in the shower, to the ferocious rubbing of the towel, the marks were now apparent: bright red against the pale skin of his back. They didn’t seem to be causing him much discomfort, but they were nonetheless there, right up until he tugged the shirt down and turned around.

“Hey, Min, after we get dressed, before we go out, there’s oneeee last thing I want to do.”

Min was certainly more content to cuddle after the fact and relished the opportunity to do so. She didn’t feel the need to say a word, they had said enough during their act and now was the time to relax and let the bliss carry them. Min-seo had been all smiles that night so far, which was a miracle given her initial apprehension towards a spa treatment, but as the pair lay in the comfort of one another Min’s smile was the widest - and brightest - it had been. Min-seo would just as soon agreed to staying like this until the sun came up if given the choice and opportunity to do so.

But a shower wasn’t the worst idea she’d heard. The water was cooling and it was nice to have someone there to wash her back which was always the hardest part. The shower signaled the end of their first cuddle session and though Min-seo was a little saddened she figured it wouldn’t be their only one and took comfort in that. Her good vibes wavered when she noticed the marks on Henry’s back; mild panic set in as she looked to her nails and back to Henry’s markings. Was that her doing? Should she say something? An apology? Did Henry even notice? Before she reached a decision, the shirt was on Henry and Min had missed the chance to point them out.

"One..thing?” She blinked and was just shy of tilting her head; her mind was still on the markings and the deep hope that he wouldn’t be mad when he found out about them. "What thing?”

Henry nodded, smiling at her. It seemed that for now, he wasn’t upset about the markings on his back, but instead had something else on his mind. Henry finished pulling his belt back on, then sat down on the bed. “Okay, so… I guess there’s no other way to say this: can I do cocaine off of your stomach?” Henry asked, reaching into his pants pocket and withdrawing a small baggie filled with white powder. “Like, off the midriff. See, I have a thing for midriff, like a real big thing. And then I have a smaller, but still pretty big thing for coke. Combine the two things together, and you have one happy Henry.”

There, it was worth a shot. Henry couldn’t remember a time when Min did drugs, or really even drank alcohol. He was hopeful that asking for something like this wouldn’t impact their relationship, but hey Henry had came inside like a hurricane warning and that didn’t seem to ruin things. Hopefully, all went well and he got his wish.

After asking what was on Henry’s mind, Min-seo used the opportunity to collect her clothes that were strewn about the ground. She was just finishing with the hooks and making sure everything was in place when the request was made. Her lower dress was in hand and it was as if she was paused in a moment in time, blinking both at Henry and at the baggie in his hand. Min-seo couldn’t claim to have done any illicit substances but she recognized the look of one; for a moment it seemed as if Min was going to say no. In the explanation of the request Min-seo only parsed about a third of it, but she focused on two particular words.

‘Happy Henry’.

Even though she was not someone who took things like cocaine, she was almost certain that he wasn’t asking her to do it and that putting it on her stomach didn’t count as taking it. Cocaine didn’t seep into the skin, right? Regardless, her mind was made up. "If you...happy...then...I say...okay.”

Success! It was a day of successes, as far as things with Min went, and Henry planned to keep it rolling for the foreseeable future. Once she was dressed again, he laid her down on her back again, and kneeled down by her stomach. He opened the baggie and carefully dumped some of it out. He pulled his wallet out and took out a credit car, moving the blow around to be more of a line. He smiled up at Min, “Thank you, Ducky.”

After speaking, Henry took a cut-in-half straw out of his pocket and press it against her stomach, snorting the line up quickly, and then blinking a bit as he leaned backwards and smiled. “That’s… good. Too bad Hana’s out of the game now, I dunno what I’m gonna do.” He said sadly, before standing up and holding his hand out to help her out of the bed.

She could safely say that this was nowhere on her list of expectations, the one she made on the long plane ride over two months ago. It was quite the unusual experience, but she was hard pressed to think of something that wasn’t the least bit unusual on a daily basis, especially compared to what she was used to at home. The weirdest part wasn’t when the white powder was placed on her stomach, but rather how...normal it all seemed for Henry. Min-seo could tell from the hand motions that Henry had done this before; not necessarily the ‘from a stomach’ part, but making lines and snorting them up.

The powder was kind of ticklish though Min-seo made sure not to laugh or move too much for fear of the powder falling and going everywhere. When it was over, she made sure to rub her hand over her stomach just to make sure she wasn’t going to be walking around with some white powdery stuff on her skin. "Hana?” Min-seo blinked as she was helped to her feet, adjusting her dress and getting out any unsightly lines. "Hana is...your...ex? Out” It wasn’t a question of jealousy but one of confusion. Americans had so many expressions and terms that all said the same thing.

Henry turned to look at her in surprise and shook his head. “Nah, not my ex. Hana is my drug dealer, but now she’s dating Hailey — or Hailey owns her, depends on who you ask — but anyway, Hailey told her not to deal drugs anymore. I can only assume, she was told that to spite me, because Hailey hates me and everything that brings joy to my life. So, I’ll have to go out of bounds to get drugs now. Which is shitty, but whatever…” Henry shook his head and looped his arm around Min’s waist, directing her toward the door and stepping outside, back into the hallway that led toward the main chunk of partygoers.

“Okay, Min. Where do you want to go next? Honestly, this party seems like it’s going way better than the one I threw… I guess that’s what happens when Hailey is distracted by someone, and doesn’t show up to ruin things.” Henry kept his arm around Min’s waist, and had her nearly glued to his side, as if he didn’t want to risk her getting taken by someone else. Henry couldn’t let that happen — after all, he planned to take Min back to one of the private rooms.

There was a lot going on with the people at this school and hearing news that Henry’s sister owned another person made Min somewhat glad she mostly kept out of the affairs of others. On the plus side it meant she wasn’t wrapped up in drama which might well have been too much to handle; on the other it meant that it took her a bit longer than most to find her first friend. Min-seo blinked as she reminded herself to thank Kit when she saw her next, if it wasn’t for the text message guidance it was likely Min would’ve had a vastly different night tonight.

Back out into the hallway, to the party, Min enjoyed how close they were walking and she had her head resting against him, her face locked in a seemingly permanent smile. "Go next?” She considered a moment, letting her eyes take in the wondrous sight of hallway and flooring. "Anywhere. It will be...good. We can...walk...together.”

Henry followed her eyes to the glowing floor, and he nodded in agreement. They could just walk together, and nothing could ruin their night. Henry was working hard to meet her expectations, and as far as he could tell, he was doing a fantastic job of it. He led her across the glowing floor, and again directed her away from the large masses of people, instead taking her to the stern of the boat. While not completely alone here, they were mostly secluded, and Henry was certain Min preferred that.

He took her to the very end of the boat, and looked out at the Los Angeles skyline, with the still lit up skyscrapers dotting the horizon. “It’s a nice view here, so I thought you might like it.” While they stood and stared, Henry wondered if he should have done more blow than what he did; he didn’t feel that high, but he figured the thrill really came from doing it off of your girlfriend’s body. Like when you eat sushi off of a naked woman.

Never done that before, maybe he’d have to see if she’d let him do that one.

The order was a little out of whack, but walking together through a boat and taking in what sights there were was definitely within the lines of a good date activity. In her head, Min-seo always imagined her first date being a bit more out of a fairy tale with the night ending in conversation while being escorted home, but the reality had been surprisingly like a fairy tale of her own making. She had the makeover, got to wear a dress, and even got to dance in the center of the floor. And now here she was, enjoying the comfortable silence of ambiance and being led to a rather scenic overlook.

She’d never had the chance to see the city at night like this, but as she looked at the skyline she could almost see home. The night sky, the buildings lit up, some faintly glowing neon. Back in Korea she could overlook the skyline from the penthouse her family often lived in; but it was different here on the boat. Here when she looked out at the city she didn’t feel isolated and alone or overwhelmed. Likely because of who she was watching it with, Min-seo just felt comfortable. The night may have gone differently than she had built up in her head, but that hadn’t mattered. Because as she looked out at the buildings with her arm around Henry’s back, she could only have one thought in mind.

"It is...perfect.”

The night was silent, and it was theirs.

That is, until a whirring noise came from Henry’s pocket, and Henry froze for a second as the music ramped up. He looked at Min and kissed her lips softly, “Uh, one second.” He said, before pulling the phone out and putting it to his ear, “this is Henry. ...Uh-huh. ...Yeah, I guess we could. ...Damian did what now? Sighhh. I’ll be right there. ...Yes I’m bringing Min! She’s my date, idiot. ...Well, it’s a thing that’s happening now. ...Nah, don’t trip. This is right up my alley.” He hung up and pocketed the phone, looking at Min.

“Hey, lover. We gotta go see Brian, okay? He wants my help, and I usually try to be a good friend, so I gotta go…”

At first Min-seo didn’t know what that music was or where it was coming from. It wasn’t loud and muted enough to be the music on the dance floor and it sounded closer; up until Henry pulled out the phone Min-seo was ready to assume it was someone that was playing a game or something. There was surprise when it turned out to be Henry’s phone, mostly because of the choice in ringtone. wasn’t what she expected Henry to have for his phone but the surprises never stopped today.

Min-seo took a step back as Henry spoke. The last thing she wanted to be was one of those girls who tried to listen in on conversations with their dates and boyfriends. Had Henry not told her to trust him? When the call ended and Henry explained the situation Min-seo was understandably a little disappointed, but understanding. She had been taking up a lot of his time and she knew full well that his friends were important too. "I understand. It is okay. We can...go see...your friend. Okay.” Min-seo didn’t sound the most enthused but she did give a thumbs up and a smile just to ensure that it was clear she was on board.

"You are...good friend…Oppa.”

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Location: The Lyon’s Den → Captain Cuddles
Featuring: Owen “No Notifications!” Lyon and Kylie “All I Own is Fuck Me Dresses” Lyon

This was tragically hopeless! In her too big for words walk-in closet, Kylie Lyon was scrambling through a pile of shoes. The pile of shoes wasn’t originally there, but after a half hour, her once so neat closet turned into a junkyard. Cluttered and hardly anywhere to walk. Was she too dressed up for her date with her son? If she was, she didn’t care. She looked good and felt good (its been a while since her son took her out), plus she wasn’t in the mood for a maxi dress or something too conservative and boring. This dress spoke to her. Black, sophisticated, sexy. The only problem was she couldn’t decide which red shoe to wear. Such unfortunate circumstances. “Daddy! I can’t decide between this one or this one OR this one!” With all three left shoes in her arms, she displayed them for her husband, who was sitting on the lounge couch within her closet.

Troy often wondered if he’d know the difference between high heels and pumps if it weren’t for Kylie. He considered himself to be very masculine, and the fact that he not only knew the difference between different kinds of shoes, but knew the difference between different brands was just a testament to how fantastic of a husband he was. He had learned long ago that ‘just call Belle’ wasn’t the response Kylie was looking for when she asked for opinions on an outfit. In fact, that seemed to do nothing but make her cry and make him look like an asshole who didn’t care if she looked good or not. So, like any man would do, Troy had went (reluctantly) to Sofia, Belle, and a few of the other women within close reach to him, and had learned about fashion.

If any of his friends or family knew, they’d probably endlessly harass him for being gay, or worse, girly.

But, this was his life. Besides, Kylie often gave him not so subtle hints about what she actually wanted; she just wanted affirmation from Daddy that it was a good choice. “The Christian Louboutin's would look best with that dress, baby.” Troy said, smiling warmly at her.

“I couldn’t agree more, love!” After placing the unwanted expensive shoes ungracefully in the pile of other unwanted expensive shoes, Kylie took a seat beside Troy and started putting on her shoes. Their son was waiting for her downstairs. He had already sent three texts asking her what was taking so long.


“I’m so excited! It's been over a century since he’s asked me out. This means he’s getting better, which also means he’ll stay home and not leave me again.” Projecting her emotions at her husband, she slipped on her last shoe. Her gorgeous, red hair styled to perfection, ends with a little curl to them, draped down, curtaining her face from her lover.

“I hope so. I’m sick of my gym smelling like depression… I hope you guys have a good time, love. Really, I do. The kid’s gonna be alright… I think you made a good call by telling me not to punish him for getting suspended. I guess I can’t really punish him for his classmates being assholes. All of my friends were assholes, I did okay. Go on now, get outta here before Ty and JJ show up.” Troy said, leaning around to kiss her on the cheek.

Just when his face was near her, her shoe secure and on her foot, she turned her head and pressed her red coated lips on his. Lovingly. Passionately. With a tad bit of heat. She kissed her big man for a long, very long, second before releasing him and playfully grinning, “I know who you could punish later.” Winking at her husband, she stood up, brushed her dress for any noticeable wrinkles, her divine ass inches away from his face, before turning on her heel slowly. Troy smiled to himself and rolled his eyes, having a good idea of who he could punish later too. Reaching out a lazy hand, Troy smacked her on the rear, more of a love tap than anything — but a sign of what was to come later that night.

Pouting after his love tap, she was totally prepared to over exaggerate and do a cute ‘owie’, but instead she huffed, “It better be harder tonight or no lovin’ for you, mister!” Now facing him, she backed out of her closet and giggled, “Love you forever~”

“Love you always.” Came the ever present reply.

Owen was patiently waiting impatiently for his mother to come downstairs so that they could go about their night together. Honestly, he was excited for it. He hadn’t spent much time with his mom in a while, and he enjoyed it when they did. This would give them some time to catch up, and Owen would have a reason to not be at the night’s party, something he very much needed after the events of the last party. Owen shook his head and pulled out his phone, looking at the two or three texts he had from Damian and Henry, both asking where he was, or if he was coming. Owen, in a way just like his father, chose to ignore all of these.

“Hey, do me a favor and block all notifications for the night. I don’t want to be bothered tonight.” He said to his Assistant, who quickly replied.

“What, all of them? Even the high priority ones?”

“Yes all of them! I said it, didn’t I?” Owen demanded, while slipping his phone into his pocket.

“Alright dude,” the Assistant replied, blocking the first notification of the night: a Snapchat from Trixie; who was at the top of the priority list, as far as notifications go. But, hey, orders were orders.

Kylie’s heels could be heard from upstairs and soon enough, she was sauntering down with her sexy date night dress on, more appropriate for her husband than her son. “Pumpkin, I’m ready!!” Approaching him like she was on a runaway, when she neared her son she fiercely twirled, displaying her dress, “You like? Your father helped me pick it out!” All with intention. After the date, it was inevitable that Kylie would return to her husband.

Owen shook his head, but smiled. In normal families, it may have been strange behavior, but the reality was this was just the kind stuff he’d grown up with. Maybe that’s why he and his sister were so fucked in the head… “You look great, I’m sure dad loves it. So, I was thinking we’d go get dinner, and then watch a movie? Or… we can reverse those.” Owen said, walking over to his mother and offering her his arm.

Yeah, they were gonna be on the front page of tabloids tomorrow. Oh well.
“Knowing me I’d be a fatass and eat popcorn until I puke, so to prevent that… dinner sounds like a splendid idea. What did you have in mind?” She graciously and tenderly grabbed her son’s arm, allowing him to lead the way. Tonight she was finally having bonding time with her son. She missed this. She missed him.

Owen nodded and led her out of the house and toward his car, parked in front of their beautiful home and to his equally beautiful car. Rather than let go of her and get into his seat, Owen instead took her to the passenger’s side, opening the door for her and helping her into the car. Then, he got in on the driver’s side and started the beast. “I was thinking we’d just go to Captain Cuddles — they’re still open, and I know you like pizza. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Dad.” Owen teased, smiling over at her before he shifted the vehicle into gear and pulled away from the house.

Her heart was fluttering. Her boy was doing everything a gentleman was suppose to do and as a result, her pride skyrocketed. He opened her door, helped her into her seat, planned their date around what she liked. As a seasoned gamer girl back in the day, pizza was her life. Then she got in a committed relationship and Troy was concerned for her health, so she had to cut down on a lot. Like pizza and mountain dew and ice cream. For someone who ate like a pig, she was blessed with a fast metabolism, but now that was older, she had to be careful. If she lost her shape, the magazines would go crazy. For as long as they could remember, she was presented to the world as one of the hottest celebs known to date, aside from the models in her family. Tonight would be a cheat night. “Pizza sounds wonderful, Pumpky.” She glanced over at him as he drove, a soft smile appearing on her face. She had a motherly stare that spoke volumes. That said "You are my world." Her family, her son, was everything to her. “Your dad will find out, you know he will. He always does, but that’s okay. I can handle him just fine. If you know what I mean.” She gave her son a playful wink and ended her comment with a lighthearted giggle.

At that, Owen rolled his eyes. Yes, he knew exactly what she meant — but he wasn’t that interested in his parents’s sex life. “Yeah, I guess I do. You know, I still haven’t told him about the gym. Grandpa did a good job, I think he cleaned it up well enough that Dad wouldn’t even notice… But he kinda has a sixth sense about that place. So he probably already knows.” Owen said, shrugging as he turned onto the highway, “so anyway, how are you? Have you done anything cool since the last time we hung out?”

“I don’t know if this would be considered cool, but somehow your sister ended up in Las Vegas and needed me to come pick her up. This was... three weeks ago? I asked grandma if I could use her card so your father and grandpa would stay in the dark about this one.” Kylie nervously laughed, before thinking back of anything ‘cool’ that has happened these past months. The cold era. Her days have been filled with sorrow and gloom because Owen had been distant with her ever since the break up. If she was being honest with herself, it was hard to think of the good. She was downright miserable without her son, who use to tell her everything.

Plus, she was still on ‘meh’ terms with her father for giving her son that god awful tattoo. “Oh! Belle and I went to this huge black and white party recently. Big names and a lot of people judging each other behind fake smiles. The usual. That’s sorta cool!” She paused and shook her head, not agreeing with her recent comment at all, “Eh-hem. Not really. I’m getting too old to have exciting adventures...” Living it Up with the Lyons, woo!

“That’s actually like the antithesis of cool? Those kinds of party suck — I hope I don’t have to be famous… Like, actually be famous, because it seems exhausting. People are super judgey. Let’s see… I got dumped by Trixie because of a lie that I’m pretty sure my own cousin started, which led to a downward spiral of my only friend no longer being my friend. Then I was asked to be part of the Elite with Damian, and Trevor, and Henry. Henry isn’t part of it, though, he’s just a consultant and he made a big deal out of it. Anyway, we threw a big party to make Hailey, Trixie, and Ophelia look shitty, and like it kinda worked. But at the party they showed up and picked a fight with me and Lia called me autistic so I flipped out and then Marshall stepped up and I was gonna put him down, but I didn’t because some blonde guy got in my face, then kissed me like some kind of fucking faggot.” Owen paused, briefly, to take a quick breath. “Then after that it was all for not because Joy showed up with red hair and I guess that turns Damian into a carnal, primal, horny dude because he made me let everyone inside so he could hit on her. Last I saw, they were making out and heading upstairs. Then they hooked up again while she was babysitting the little dude — and by the way? Damian is probably balls deep inside of her right now, just so you know. Your daughter is getting the Alpha dick so that’s either good or bad, depending on your perspective — then Jamie showed up to the gym and I beat his lil gay ass, and if he shows up again I’ll stomp his fucking face in till he can’t get back up. Then, today, I got in a fight with three assholes who were beating Jamie up for being homo and I can’t let that stand, so I beat the shit out of them and then guess what? I got fucking suspended for it.”

Owen paused and ran a hand through his hair, thinking if there was anything else. “Oh, yeah. Then, Brian decided that he was gonna be on the morning show and said that he and his sisters are throwing a party on their boat, which I didn’t go to because I’m not going to anymore parties ever again. But they threw that party because I think Brian hates the Weekend Warrior now. Anyway, that’s my week. It wasn’t cool, but I guess it’s been exciting. Wow, it feels a lot better to get all of that off of my chest...”

So many words. So many happenings. Kylie’s head was spinning, trying to digest every detail as fast as she could. Scanning through all the new intel, she back tracked, raising an eyebrow, “Which cousin? We have a large, very large family.”

“That super cunt Ophelia.”

The concern and stress was visible on Kylie’s face now. “Why? What does she gain from destroying your relationship with Trixie?”

“Hailey’s call. Hailey doesn’t like me because I told her to stop bullying someone that she had no reason to bully, so she didn’t want me to be a part of their friend group anymore. Because I told her what’s what. So, she took Trixie away from me.”

“And Ophelia… went along with it?” Kylie was in disbelief. Was high school ever this bad for her and her friends? The only real problems any of them had was Jude getting constantly bullied for being transgender, but Troy dealt with her bullies accordingly. Well, there was also that period where Troy stopped protecting the school because he didn’t feel appreciated and everything went to shit. But still. BHHS sounds like it has turned for the worst.

“Turns out, Ophelia’s a bit of a psycho. Or, Hailey is just that scary and demanding. Could go either way, I’m not sure.”

“Crazy isn’t so far fetch from someone who looks up to Belle… but the latter could also be true, Hailey has a lot of all her parents in her.” Kylie pouted at the thought that Lia ruined a relationship. Ruined her son’s relationship. Wasn’t she the Queen of Candyland? Neither Belle or Molly would be pleased with the results of their legacy. She’d have to make sure to update her girls about the potential end of their organization. Shaking her head in disappointment, she replayed his words from earlier and went to the next subject, “No one died, right? At the party? You don’t know anything else about the blonde guy that kissed you? Why did he kiss you? Trixie didn’t get hurt did she?” So much to discuss, so little time.

“Trixie is fine, as far as I can tell. Hailey had her falling down drunk though, I was so heated. Everyone just lets her fall down, but no one but me helps her back up. He kissed me because he got in my face to stop me from hitting Marshall, and I spun around I got in his face and told him he’d better hit me or kiss me. He kissed me. He’s Selena’s brother, I think?”

“Sean’s back? That’s nice. I didn’t know that.” Kylie smiled to herself. Truth be told, she’s changed the Sterling twins diapers in the past, but that has long passed. Kids grow up and people become distant with one another. She hasn’t seen Cassie in awhile. “You know Trixie is related to him, right?”

“I mean, I do now. Jesus, is everyone related to everyone? I’m not related to Trixie, am I? Because if I am, then I’m sorry mom — but incest is the best, and I’ll keep puttin’ a cousin to the test.” Owen said, chuckling to himself.

“No, you’re in the clear. I know. Family is everywhere. I actually met Cassie, Selena and Sean’s mother, because of Trixie’s mom. It’s hard to keep track of who’s related with who, but I would’ve let you know years ago if you were related to Trixie!” Honestly, she was proud she remembered some of these relations. As a celebrity, you meet A LOT of people. “I’m getting distracted.” Intentionally, Kylie went over all things Joy, because she was the enabler and the one that dyed her hair… she was the one at fault. Next subject! “Why do you hate Jamie so much?”

“He’s snakey and wants to use Trixie as a springboard to get what he wants. Also, he does whatever Hailey wants, and I don’t appreciate that. And he came to the gym and was digging in my personal business — dad taught me to never allow that or take it lying down. So naturally, I hate him. I can’t stand people who use others...” Owen explained, shrugging his shoulders in response.

“What about Trixie? Hasn’t she made you feel used? She didn’t hear you out. You can blame everyone else for her believing the lie, but she still believed the lie. She convinced herself you didn’t love her anymore and then tossed you to the side.” Kylie wasn’t completely for Trixie since she did hurt her boy to the point that he closed himself off to his mama. It would take some time for his first love to earn her forgiveness. Hmpf.

“She did, and she’s at fault too. Dad also taught me that you forgive, you just never forget. Trixie made a mistake, but she’s just scared. Of stupid shit, but still scared. Once I get to talk to her, and get to tell her my side, then I think things will be okay. I wasn’t ready to forgive her, in fact I was ready to abandon all hope, and I gave her all her stuff back, but then she left some stuff back in my locker… Mom, we’re kids. We’re not perfect, and everyone makes mistake. Trixie has years of my life and time to give me reason to give her a second chance — Jamie doesn’t. All I know about Jamie is he sucks and Scott hates his sister. And AJ, who I also kinda don’t like, fucked him.”

“Stuff? What stuff did she leave in your locker? And, so..." Kylie paused and asked the question she actually wanted to hear the answer to, “She still loves you?”

“A bunch of stuff. The ring I gave her, some of her… clothes, her chapstick… just, stuff. She’s keeping my stuff, too. She has my jacket and some of my other things too.”

“And the answer to the last question?” Kylie observed her son’s expression, contemplating his wisdom and how strong he was. She supposed she didn’t have much right to talk. The beginning of her and Troy’s relationship was rough. Loud and constant yelling, neither unyielding, but over time they grew out of that. They started to realize what actually mattered.

“Yes, I think she does.” Owen said with a smile and a nod, “I really do. I won’t know until we get to talk, but I think she does right now.”

Having not looked away from him this entire time, she brought her hand to his hair and gently ran her fingers through it, “I’m amazed you’re my son.” There was small hope for him that he could get back with his first love. That’s all he needed to know to persevere. She could see him learning from everything he’s been through. No more will he digress. No. Her baby was ready to handle his business and she couldn’t help but be proud of him. “Thank you. For sharing all this with me. We haven’t talked like this in what seems like forever.”

Owen nodded as he pulled into the parking lot of Captain Cuddles and threw up his door, “hey, so I noticed you chose not to address that stuff I said about Joy, and I’d really prefer it if you did.” He said, stepping out of the car and over to her side, opening the door for her. “I figured if I added in some of her, maybe you’d like… judge her a bit too.” Owen explained, holding out a hand to help her out of the vehicle.

What’s there to judge when she was the one that caused all those actions with Joy and Damian to transpire? “Let’s save it… talk about it over pizza?” Kylie gave her son a guilty grin. Ugh. She was going to get in trouble, especially if word got to Jude and Ender.

Written by @Universorum and @Fabricant451
A Minry post
Location: The dance floor —> A private place
Interacting with: No one else matters tonight

Henry wasn’t sure whose idea it was to play slow songs and shift the mood below deck of the boat. It could have been Brian’s call, or it could have been that of the DJ. No matter who had made the call, the mood shift in the room that had just minutes before been a classic blacklight party was abrupt and apparent. Henry thought it fit the night, though, and he was happy to be on the floor with Min-seo.

Below deck of the ship was all glass, so they could look out into the ocean. No longer an explosion of color and harsh, flashing lights, the dance floor was lit by a soft blue, and the shadows of the ocean danced on the few pairs of people who’d stayed after things had calmed down. The music was quieter and less hype now, instead of a trap-heavy club track, a softer, more romantic tune played.

Henry and Min had taken the center of the dance floor. Henry had dragged her there, and now he was holding her close to him and they slowly moved on the dance floor. Henry was leading her in the dance, and he’d been uncharacteristically quiet. He was focused on the music, and keeping his feet moving in the right direction… and her. She was definitely a big part of where his mind was.

Henry had very much been a bit of a hit it and quit it boy so far, bouncing between one night stand and one night stand, but this was different! He hadn’t expected it to be different, but here it was. Maybe it was because he knew her, which was something he typically avoided. They were friends, and now they were becoming… more than that, maybe. Henry was still intent on having sex with her, but this intimacy was, for him, a breath of fresh air.

And it was welcome.

In a word, Min-seo was surprised; in a modifier to that word she was pleasantly surprised. Given her track record with parties that were somewhat grand in scale, she had expected the date to be loud and exhausting. Fun, sure, but still loud and still exhausting, especially given the experience that was still so fresh in her mind. She didn’t know if strings were pulled or if fortune was smiling on the pair of them but she was happy that she was able to both hear herself think and talk, such as it was, like any other normal date. Min-seo had ideas as to what her ideal date would be like, but given her first kiss from earlier today she found that it helped not to get hung up on the ideals and fantasies. Sure, her first kiss was surprising and not what she pictured for so long, but the second had gone above and beyond even her wildest imagination and would likely occupy the space in her mind for what a great kiss could be.

It was seeming possible for this date to share a similar fate.

The quiet little feast of snacks was a good way for the awkwardly cute portion to bubble to the surface. Light conversation, light compliments, light snack, all of which added up to a satisfying whole. Much to Min’s continued surprise, she didn’t expect there to be a dancefloor that seemed like it would fit right at home within the castle in Beauty and the Beast. When it came to dancing, Min-seo assumed that it would be dark and close and somewhat vulgar but such were the things one did when wanting a date to go well. But a slow dance? Henry might not have spoken Korean but he was speaking Min-seo’s language.

Given her father and step-mother, Min-seo attended many a fundraiser or social gathering in her time, and even when she was a little girl she found herself dancing - often just a playful sort of twirl with her father (or, most often, her father’s personal assistant) - but dancing all the same. She could tell from the start that Henry seemed a bit unsure, maybe he wasn’t an experienced slow dancer, but Min-seo still just smiled and went along with the leading rhythm. He was trying, and he was doing better than someone who would only use a slow dance as a means of grabbing a bit below the waist, and that was what mattered most to Min-seo. The effort. The sincerity. The fact that Henry cared.

It didn’t matter how short or long the song was, while they were dancing Min-seo had felt like they were doing so forever.

As the moved together slowly on the dance floor, Henry took his hand and slid it up her back to the back of her head. Rather than pull her in for a kiss, though, Henry just let his fingers run down through her hair, slowly gliding through locks of her hair. As they moved across the dance floor, Henry stayed quiet. He moved his head, to rest it against hers. He normally never stopped talking, but he wasn’t sure what he could say without the risk of breaking their moment, which he wanted to avoid.

He stepped back the slightest bit, and took Min-seo’s hand in his, lifting her arm up over her head and twirling her round in a circle, before he dipped her down backward. Did the move go along perfectly with the music? No, maybe not, but he wasn’t doing it for anyone but the two of the them. As the song came to a close, Henry leaned down and kissed her on the lips, pulling her back up straight while he kept their lips together. Once they stood up straight, and the room was quiet before the next song began playing, Henry finally broke the silence.

Henry slowly leaned down and forward, toward her ear, “ was that?“ He asked her, in an almost whisper, directly into her ear.

Min-seo had never really been too conscious about her hair, it was straight excepting the days she opted for a different style, and long enough to rest past her shoulders. Yet now she found herself hoping beyond hope that there weren’t any knots, that it was smooth, that Henry’s hand didn’t caught in some unseen wayward curl. Of course the twins took good care of her and she knew that any worry was just in her head; given the situation, though, she felt it was warranted. Happily, it was a smooth transition from back to hair and Min-seo let out a sigh that almost got in the way of the rhythm they had been dancing to, but she managed to stay upright.

A highlight of her outfit for the evening came with the twirl. As she spun, the hem of her skirt lifted upwards with the rotation, and sewn into the frills were little stones that caught the light, making it appear as if Min-seo was glowing. Truth be told she was, though moreso in her face than anything else; the accoutrements were just a bit of extra flair thrown into the mix. For a moment, Min-seo twirled and felt on top of the world.

And then came the kiss.

She hadn’t been expecting it, but where she had felt on top of the world she now felt as if she was at the center of the universe. It was the kind of kiss, and the setting of it helped rather tremendously, that would make a person believe in magic. Min-seo’s eyes closed and in that moment there were only two people on the boat where she was concerned; it was like a Jack and Rose affair. When she was stood upright again one of her hands was resting, pressing almost, on Henry’s shoulder while the other was pressed palm-first onto his chest, just shy of grabbing his lapel and holding tight.

“It was...perfect.“ Min-seo whispered in response, the truth in her words tangible in her delivery.

As he listened to her response, Henry could feel his pride swell up. He had been called a lot of things in his adventures, but never perfect. Henry could feel her tugging at him, and it made a smirk pull at the edge of his lips as he pulled back to gaze into her eyes. A much more natural reaction of Henry came next as he winked at her, and reached out with a hand to gently brush some of her hair out of her eyes. Not knowing how long the moment would last, or if there would ever be a better chance to ask, so Henry shot his shot. “Min-seo… do you wanna go upstairs with me? So we can have a little more privacy.“

To emphasize his question, and to try and convince her just a little bit more, Henry cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her head back, leaning down to kiss her again. Henry again let it linger, and he would have used his tongue — if he didn’t want to save that for when the door closed.

The question wasn’t as much of a surprise as Min-seo thought it might’ve been. Going upstairs was a term she knew and one she had incorrectly attributed just a few days ago but there was no mistaking it this time. Several different scenarios played out in her mind but none of them ended in a way that would turn her off the idea. Henry wanted to go upstairs. With her. Out of everyone. He had pulled out several stops and made Min-seo feel like a genuine princess in a night that she was bound to never forget. There was only a slight pause from the transfer student that was interrupted by another kiss. She was getting used to those, and that was not at all a bad thing from where she was standing.

“Ne.“ She responded almost as soon as their lips parted, though she had to laugh at herself after the realization set in. She had responded in Korean in a way that sounded like she was saying ‘nay’. “That...that means yes.“ Min-seo was blushing as she explained herself but whether it was from the little bit of lost in translation or because she had agreed was anyone’s guess.

Min-seo was all smiles either way.

Henry could feel heat rising to his cheeks after her initial response. She didn’t want to? Then he just looked like a jackass. Luckily for him, the misunderstanding was quickly explained away and he could feel the same heat leaving. He nodded happily, and took her hand once more. He led her out of the room where they had danced, and up the stairs. Henry paused in front of one of the personal rooms, where the tablet next to the door indicated that it was not taken.

He glanced at the tablet and read the message on it: ‘Please sign the name of you and your partner, and the door will unlock. Thank you and have a beautiful night!’ Henry looked at Min-seo, and furrowed his brow. “Really? That’s weird, Brian… Whatever.“ Rather than question it or wait, Henry instead signed his name with the provided stylus, handing it to Min. “Sign your name.“ He explained.

This was something that wasn’t covered in the extensive amount of research done. It must have been a new thing; Min-seo likened it to a hotel check in only without the necessary payment and credit card information. It was odd, sure, but not something that would cause her to rescind her agreement. She had said yes, and she meant it, and this was just a rather strange part of the experience. There was only one question, did she sign in English or with her name characters?

It probably didn’t matter but it gave Min-seo a little pause as she held the stylus in hand. “So...weird.“ She shook her head and took stylus to tablet, writing out the Hangul characters of her name as she would have done back home. “Is this...normal?“ She had to ask as the stylus went back into the tablet’s holder.

Henry shook his head as the door made a noise to signify that it was unlocked, he turned the knob to let them in, pulling her in behind himself. He clicked the lock shut, and then explained, “nah, it’s definitely not normal. Brian’s kinda weird, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he set that up himself.“ Henry wrapped his arms around her waist, “don’t think about that. Just think about… me.“ He said, smiling at her as he kissed her again.

This time, the kiss was different. It was passionate, yes, but it was less romantic and more… carnal. Henry lifted her up into his arms, keeping his lips pressed against hers. This time, Henry used his tongue, pressing it softly against her lips until she parted them to let him in. Henry pressed her back against a wall, and broke the kiss, instead finding her neck with soft, rapid, and feathery kisses.

Crossing the threshold of the door was like stepping out of the fantasy into reality. It marked a subtle change in demeanour that was picked up on by Min-seo who had expected a shift though was still surprised by its intensity. The feeling of being overwhelmed was a creeping threat, but this time she knew she’d be able to weather it out just fine given that she was with someone that cared and was making her feel special. There came a gasp of surprise when her feet left the ground but it highlighted the key difference in height and size; plus Min just found it to be another stroke in the plus column. Was it not within her rights to like a man that could sweep her off her feet and literally?

When the tongue came knocking at her lips she hesitated a moment out of uncertainty of what to do, but she figured it out well enough. When tongue was involved it was like an entirely different experience, one that lacked a bit of the romantic vibe of the dancefloor but contained a desire that made up for it in spades. Her back against a wall caused Min-seo to gasp again before she rolled her neck and exhaled a gentle breath as kisses were given like samples, a reaffirmation between parties that this was the desired outcome. Her lack of experience was showing as she didn’t quite know how to respond other than naturally, another exhale that came with her pressing her fingers onto Henry’s shoulder. The time for thinking and imagining the ideal was long past, Min-seo was just going to go with it.

It had been working so far.

The natural reaction was really all Henry needed. Hearing her little gasps, and feeling her move her neck was a good thing, and Henry was living for it. His hands finally went for the kill, slipping below the waist as he went underneath the skirt and squeezed at her thighs, going so far as to bite at her neck. Henry pulled away and looked directly at Min-seo, and he paused for a second, lifting her up and placing her bottom down on top of the dresser.

A sudden realization had washed over him. It was probably because he was stone cold fucking sober, but Henry was realizing that if they did this, it’d change their whole relationship. He wanted it, yes, but he had to be sure that she wanted it. This wasn’t like the rest of his one night stands, where he could chalk it up as a drunken mistake.

He wasn’t drunk, she wasn’t drunk, and most importantly, this was Min. He cared about her.

Damn feelings.

Henry was breathing heavily as he stared at her, leaning forward and resting their foreheads together. Henry put loving kisses on her lips, not the passionate, primal ones of moments before. “Min…“ Henry said in a breathless voice while he kissed her again and again, “You want this… right?“

Again Min-seo’s eyes closed to let the feelings wash over her, and they were strong feelings at that; with her closed eyes came Min-seo’s slightly increased breathing and fingers raking upwards before clutching down at Henry’s shirt as she braced herself following the teasing squeeze to her thighs. There was a brief moment of tension that worked itself out as quickly as a breath. And almost as soon as things had started, they came to a pause.

Min-seo opened her eyes, blinking once, then again as the kisses continued like droplets of dew. She had to give Henry a smile, a genuine curve of the corner of her lip as she instigated one of the kisses this time. It would have served as a reminder of itself, Min being the one to seek Henry’s lips out for a lingering lip lock, but she punctuated the gesture with a small, self assured nod. “Yes.“ Min-seo wasn’t fluent in the language, but it didn’t matter in the slightest.

“I want...this. Yes.“ A reiteration that was sealed, as many things had been that night already, with a kiss.

Collab with @Fabricant451
Featuring: Henry “She’s 12/10” Green and Min “Feels like the First Time” Seo
Location: An empty dining room —> The dance floor for couple’s song

Every guy, whether they tell people about it or not, has a scale he rates women (or men, or both) on. Henry Green’s scale went to ten, but... Twelve was Henry’s favorite number, so he liked to liken really attractive women to twelves on the scale of ten. Before tonight, only one girl had hit that number, and she’d later been downgraded after he really got to know her.

Henry didn’t know how they did it. Women were kind of like magicians. When one combined mastery of /r/makeupaddiction and good genes, then you could make a six look like a ten out of ten. That was as far as looks could take you, though.

It took more than just looks to be a twelve. Riding on just looks alone, you could be an eleven or an eleven point five after a heavy makeover and wearing just the right stuff (in most cases, short dresses). You could even be a physical seven and be a ten on the scale if you were a good person. The scale didn’t rate just looks, but took personality and character into account. A twelve was a girl worth marrying — or at least dating and not just hooking up once.

If Henry had been asked to rate Min-seo on his scale before seeing the commercial on Parker’s phone, he would have comfortably given her a six and a half. It hadn’t really registered in his head that Min-seo was a viable sexual or romantic partner, because he’d only ever looked at her as a friend. But, Min-seo was a good friend. A very good one, in Henry’s humble opinion.

She was kind and patient with Parker, and that meant a lot to Henry. On top of that, she was nice to him and had even been happy to sell her soul for a night to work behind a bar with him, where he knew she’d struggled to figure everything out. Min-seo was also one of the few people that Henry trusted to watch Benedict and Arnold when he wasn’t around. She had a certain air of ‘awwww, that’s cute’ to her, mostly stemming from the way she hadn’t yet grasped all of the intricacies of American society. Even before the events of the past twenty four hours, Henry was of the opinion that Min-seo’s infatuation with ducks was a very cute quality. Her reaction to the Donald Duck stuffie he’d gotten her had made him smile.

Min-seo wasn’t perfect, nobody was, but she tried. She tried really hard, and Henry could see that — honestly? she probably tried harder than he did — and he appreciated it and in a lot of ways admired it. It wasn’t easy to jump across an entire ocean, and try to find your way with nothing but a family that had agreed to host you. Especially a family like his, headed by a sociopathic woman and her slightly less sociopathic partner, who had raised on sociopathic child, one child that was likely to end up in prison before he turned twenty-two, and one child who had been traded for Min-seo…

It wasn’t easy, and Henry knew it wasn’t easy. He’d been there with Min since the first day she’d landed at the airport. He wouldn’t have stood a goddamn chance in the scenario she’d thrust herself into, and it was cool that she did it! So, because she was such a nice person, she got a six point five by default, without Henry taking her looks into account — why would he?

Today, through the power of the internet, Parker Ashford had either made a mistake or she had accidentally played matchmaker. Henry had learned today that Min-seo looked pretty damn fine when she was dressed and trying to be hot, rather than trying to be unassuming. This made her a nine. Henry had asked her to the night’s party there, and then he’d dropped her off with the twins, the magicians who would wave their magic wands and turn Min into Cinderella for the night.

Henry hadn’t seen her yet, but he was excited! He trusted Stella and Luna to do her up right, especially since they were his sisters, and knew what he liked. He knew that they’d have done something truly magical, and whatever he saw here was the absolute top of Min’s looks — at least until she got married and got to wear a flowing wedding dress and all that jazz.

Henry’s sisters had texted him where they’d left Min. Per Henry’s request to leave her someplace private, the two girls had abandoned her at the empty dining area near the boat’s ballroom (which was more of a rave room tonight), and Henry had decided to get himself and Min-seo food. He was walking now, with a plate full of finger foods. He strolled into the empty room (people didn’t want to sit and eat a party, who knew?) and held the plate up, “Min, I brought us some food…” Henry was now able to see the result of the twins’s handiwork, and it made him stop in place, and nearly drop the plate. His breath taken away, Heny spoke in a voice that was oddly soft coming from him, and barely audible over the loud noises emanating from where the actual party was. “Oh, wow.”

There was now a second woman who was, in Henry’s opinion, a twelve out of ten.

There was an older show that used to air its reruns on a regular, near daily basis; the idea of the show was similar to many reality dating programs in that a bachelor or bachelorette had a series of suitors carted off a bus one by one. The bachelor could move onto the next suitor at the snap of his finger and often this was done as soon as a suitor stepped off the bus. Physical appearance mattered tremendously in this case. It was a silly show but it was fun to watch if only to get a sense for what certain people really were looking for in a date: namely someone that had minor to no actual imperfections. It was not a coincidence that many of the bachelors went home without a date because of their desires. For some reason, Min-seo found herself reminded of that show, along with many other dating shows that she often watched in the two months she’d been here.

The day had been a whirlwind. Moreso than usual and it started with that car ride. There was a whiplash of emotion going from ecstatic over the Donald Duck stuffy right into fear when Parker accidentally stumbled onto Min-seo’s biggest secret. That fear gave way to a whole plethora of emotion that culminated in Min-seo agreeing to be a date to a party. Not just any date, of course, but Henry Green’s date. Even in her brief time in America she had heard stories about her host family’s ‘favorite son’ though given the language barrier many of it had been lost in translation.

Min-seo had gotten to know Henry over the two months though she didn’t really have a clear opinion of him until the second month. That first month was still so overwhelming, but sticking around had allowed her to see a side of him that she doubted many got to see. The side that acted very mature given that he was sometimes like a cool older brother to Parker - when he wasn’t being an enabler - the side that had a fondness for animals. The side that surprised Min-seo with a gift of a stuffed Donald Duck. That the biggest slight against him that Min-seo could think of was his questionable choice in girlfriend spoke volumes; of course learning that Parker wasn’t his girlfriend was as much a shock as American culture.

Now she was sitting at an empty table in an empty area of an unfamiliar room on a boat, having been deposited there by people who had done their hardest in dolling her up. They were efficient and worked faster than the makeup team that had been on set of the commercial work she had done back home. Min-seo didn’t even have to say much at all, they seemed to have the girl well enough in hand. There weren’t any mirrors in the dining area but she trusted them enough to believe that they did their job well.

And certainly they had.

It started at the top. Min-seo’s hair had been brushed and washed, styled to be sleek black and volumetric, it practically bounced at simply turning her head; this stood in contrast to Min-seo’s often unruly hair that had a bit of bedhead to it as well as hanging on her head loosely, like someone who was stressed beyond measure. Her eyes had a smokey contour to them, a marked difference from the confused sleepy gaze she had so often rocked; the makeup brought up the most of her brown eyes and the lashes helped. There was makeup and lipstick on her face, but it wasn’t caked on or layered on to where she looked like she was trying to stand out on the street corner. Pink lipstick to bring out their already thinly perky shape, and her face was blemish free and her cheeks were rounded in line with her chin, hiding the stress lines.

Then there came the outfit. It was as if someone put Min-seo in a short dress and chopped off the middle half. The dress, or half-dress, was a slinky red number that worked well with her makeup. Sleeveless, the top stopped just above her navel, exposing the fit midriff that all but started it all. Below that was the lower half of the dress, a skirt that was light but had an elegance to it and was hemmed perfectly to rest above her knees. If there was one asset she had, it was her legs and her outfit made that rather clear, down to the chic flats on her feet - wearing heels all night would have been absolute murder.

She was in the room for what seemed like hours before finally she heard footsteps and heard Henry just as he arrived. Min-seo stood up, standing in front of the table and the full breadth of her makeover was on full display. She smiled towards Henry and waved with a demure fashion. ”Henry...hello. It is...good to see you.” She was still quite nervous, but she was owning it as well as she could.

Henry’s face had an initial mask of happy surprise as he took in Min-seo’s entire ensemble. He brushed it off though and replaced it with a genuine smile before he spoke. “It’s good to see you too. You look… amazing, breathtaking even.” He smiled wider and held up the food again, “I brought us some food.” He said, before he danced around Min and sat the food down on the table. He took a seat at the table, and looked over his shoulder, gesturing for Min to sit across from him.

“I thought it would be better for you if we didn’t like… jump straight into the deep end, I guess? The whole party, I mean. Since it’s your first date in America, I thought it’d be more special if we were, alone for a bit. So that it didn’t seem like I just dragged you to a loud party just to… well, y’know what I mean.”

It was impossible for Min-seo not to blush and look away with a smile at the response from Henry; she might not have been fluent but somethings were universal and even she knew a genuine compliment when she heard one. She just wasn’t used to hearing them. As far as first time experiences went, this first time date was off to a good start. Kamsa-hamnida Min-seo found her response coming out in her native tongue before she could even catch herself; it only added to her flushed tone with a mild embarrassed turn of expression. ”Ah...I mean...thank you.”

She took a moment to collect herself, to take a breath, and most importantly to try and stop trying so hard to be perfect. Min-seo had it in her mind that Americans liked things a certain way when it came to dates and the last thing she wanted was her own lack of experience on the subject matter to be a detriment. But, as she reminded herself, this wasn’t like those dating shows she watched on the side. This wasn’t a blind date sort of thing. They knew each other, now it was just a matter of getting to know each other on a different sort of playing field.

Min-seo sat across from Henry and exhaled a small breath, nodding at Henry’s reasoning even if she picked up only about eighty percent of it which was, by her estimation, an improvement. Being around quick talkers while in a salon booth for a few hours had a few benefits to it where listening was concerned. ”I like it. Party but...loud.” Min-seo gestured with her hand by her left ear. ”I want have...good time. I am too.” Min gave a smiling bow of a nod before reaching for a small bit of food. ”Jal meokgesseumnida.” Some habits of Min’s were unlikely to pass.

Henry was happy to see she was enjoying herself. In a moment very unlike himself, Henry had earlier found himself idly wondering if he’d be able to make sure the night lived up to what he assumed may be unrealistic expectations from Min-seo. He wasn’t sure how much she’d played up her first date, like in her mind. In a different place, under a different light, Henry was confident that he could meet and exceed those expectations, but in this place, with this many people surrounding them and denying them intimacy?

It was questionable, at best. Henry figured he had a thirty three point three-three (repeating, of course) chance, at best, of beating those expectations.

He would try his best though. Underneath the table, he reached out and put a hand on Min’s knee, giving it a squeeze and nodding. “I know I’ll have a wonderful time. There’s only one way tonight can go for me, and that’s up.” He assured her, using his free hand to grab a bite to eat himself, while the hand on her knee rested comfortably. “Were the twins nice to you?”

There was a brief moment of confusion when Min felt something on her knee and for the initial seconds she assumed it was some kind of bug or, worse, a rodent. She had every intention of slapping the creature from her knee until cooler heads - and senses - prevailed and she understood that it was the furthest thing from a gross insect. It still made her twitch, but not unpleasantly so; she would just have to get accustomed to such direct gestures of affection. She came from a place where dates were full of awkwardly cute pauses and difficult eye contact. Score one for American bravado.

”The twins? They...they are good with their work.” Her language was still choppy but it was sounding less robotic and sluggish every day. There was no mistaking her for a native speaker but it was clear she was putting forth effort where she could. ”But...I think...I won’t go back...unless...serious. It is there.”

Henry nodded. He could understand that. The whole Sunset Castle could be a bit much, if you were rushed in by someone who decided you needed a makeover right then, and given to the twins. Henry decided to fight the good fight for his second mom. “I understand where you’re coming from. The twins were a little rushed, by me.” It’s important to note that Henry’s speech patterns were slowed down a little at this point, and he was enunciating more clearly. This was to make it easier on Min-seo. He wanted to be able to talk to her, not just ramble and hope that she caught everything he said. “I promise it can be a lot better than that. Next time, we’ll give them a notice and I’ll make sure you’re relaxed, rather than rushed.”

Henry squeezed her knee again, trying to reassure her. Realizing that he wasn’t sure the gesture would be accepted positively, or even wanted, Henry did a quick once over on Min, to see if there were any obvious signs of confusion or discomfort. Seeing none, he instead munched on another snack. “Sorry that’s it’s kind of all snack food… They didn’t have much else. It’s still a party.”

It was the little gestures that mattered most of all and while she didn’t say as much, Min did appreciate Henry’s slower manner of speaking. When she was around people that spoke rapidly it often felt like the teacher from Charlie Brown, which was part of the reason why she’d still had trouble with some of the more simple concepts like articles. But she knew that Henry wouldn’t get on her case for her pronunciation and she truly did try to improve for her sake as well as others. ”Food” Min offered with an appreciative nod and an accepting bite of a little hot dog wrapped in a pastry.

”The food is...second. What is first is...time together, yes?” Min-seo all but tilted her head in response, but it was a genuine response. It didn’t matter to her if they were having a five star meal or bags of corn chips from the vending machine. As if to drive the point home, Min gave the hand on her knee a gentle pat before she took another nibble of the plate of food.

At this, Henry’s face lit up in a bright smile. It was reassuring to hear it from Min-se like that, and he turned his hand upside down and interlaced his fingers with the Min’s before she could pull her hand away. Holding hands under the table, Henry ate in silence for a moment, before he leaned toward the wall the music was leaking from. Later into the night now, he could hear that the music being played had shifted from the more intense and loud music of a rave, to something slower. Something that seemed to encourage slow dancing, as opposed to the fast paced grinding and sleazy dancing that Henry knew was going on.

He tilted his head at Min-seo, and thought about it. Was he a very good dancer? He was okay. He and Evelyn had taken mother/son dance classes, as a birthday present to her, and he was alright. So he wasn’t worried about that… It was just embarrassing, and he was certain Min-seo wasn’t aware that he knew how to dance. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. In the name of love, and doing it all for the nookie, Henry smiled at Min-seo.

“They’re playing slow songs. Do you want to go dance?”

A @Universorum and @Fabricant451 collaboration

Featuring: Butler “Eat your Fries” Butler and Parker “But Brownies!” Ashford
Location: All over the place, but where does it end?


Butler wasn’t used to assignments such as this. He wasn’t used to being told, quite plainly, that he was going to be a babysitter and a moving mule. He could not, however, find a way to decline. Miss Green seemed preoccupied with her new friend — they were having a ‘LAN party’ in her room, whatever that amounted to. And, unfortunately, Mister Green’s Butler was still on vacation. He’d have to call her to make sure that this never happened again.

That left James, Hailey’s Butler, in the truck with Parker, Henry’s friend, in shotgun beside him. Currently, they were headed toward Parker’s place of residence, where he had been instructed to obtain all of her belongings, and take them home, and transfer them to the room across the way from Mister Green’s room, where the freshie stayed. His objective after that was to take Parker shopping: furniture, clothing and whatever she designated as ‘essential.’

Butler brought the car to a stop at a red light, and turned his massive frame to look at Parker, his charge for the evening. “How many trips do you think we’ll need to get everything from your house? There’s plenty of room in here. However, if you feel we may need a U-Haul trailer, then I’d like to know now.”

Parker was bouncing in her seat; the fact that she was excited wasn’t because she was bouncing - she did that anyway - it was because she wasn’t looking at videos on her phone. The idea of getting bunk beds and sharing a room with a cool sister like Mincy was even more exciting than having crackers and peanut butter after a bath. But it wasn’t more exciting than grape juice. Of course that wasn’t a fair comparison. Nothing was more exciting than grape juice.

The man driving the car was someone Parker didn’t know, so naturally she assumed he was Henry’s dad. They didn’t look alike but sometimes the people in movies don’t look like their children so maybe it was like that. She didn’t ask questions. He looked like a dad so that’s what he was. Simple as that. "I DON’T HAVE A HOUSE!” The standard answer that came up whenever someone asked about her living conditions. For a dad, this guy didn’t seem too up on things, but it was okay, Parker didn’t go around telling people she lived in a tent. Not even her best friend knew until this morning.

"IT’S OKAY, YOU LOOK STRONG!” While not really answering the question about trips, Parker offered reassurance. She didn’t have much to pack. A tent. The cooler that once housed her grape juice boxes could be replaced by a mini fridge. Her clothes were in a toybox looking chest. And her handheld gaming device. "IT’S THERE!” Parker undid her seatbelt and opened the passenger door while the car was rounding the corner towards her house. She was on the sidewalk and running towards the front door as the car door was swinging freely. Parker almost tripped going out, but she moved with the grace of someone who had clearly done that before.

Did she just jump out of the car? Butler brought the vehicle to a complete stop in front of the home and opened his own door, turning to look at the girl for a brief second before he walked to the passenger’s side and slammed it shut. Then, he lumbered toward the front door, This is a home, you realize?” He asked the little girl. Before she could respond, he added, “Don’t jump out of the car again. You could be hurt, and I don’t want that to happen on my watch. Now, lead me to your room so that I can grab everything that belongs to you and load it up.”

Idly, Butler wondered if this technically counted as kidnapping. From what he understood, they didn’t have the girl’s parents permission, nor had they even asked. They were simply extraditing her from her current home to the Green estate. While not a morality problem, Butler wasn’t interested in the potential trouble the Green children could find themselves in if this went the wrong way. On the other hand, having the loud one around on a more permanent basis may serve as a way to stop Henry from being so many random women around. That was a positive.

This was the second time in as many days that Parker had someone over and the reasons for it couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed. Shi-Shi had been really cool and even hung out with Parker for a little bit before Parker got bored and went to Henry’s house with her new friend; this older guy seemed a bit less willing to hang out on the air mattress and look at Parker’s collection of Pocket Monsters. She had an entire box in the game full of the same bird type because when the game told her to ‘catch ‘em all’ she assumed first that it meant ‘catch all of them in the first patch of grass’ and it wasn’t until she asked how many birds she had to catch that her error was corrected. No, this adult was acting very parental and while Parker still thought he was Henry’s dad, she didn’t think he had to be

"WAIT HERE.” As with yesterday there wasn’t the same enthusiasm to Parker’s tone when she told Butler to wait in the front while she bounced up the front steps and entered the house, closing and locking the door behind her. Before she popped up in the backyard to open the fence, she made sure to grab the photo of a woman on stage from off the mantle. "IT’S THIS WAY.” The gate to the backyard swung open and Parker led the way, gesturing to her tent.

"YOU TAKE THAT.” Parker pointed to a chest normally reserved for lawn chairs which contained her clothing - only it was a mix of clean and dirty clothing and not exactly organized. Parker crawled into her tent to grab her handheld gaming device and the nearly finished bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows. Between the chest, the marshmallows, the gaming system, and the tent, along with the photo cradled under her arm it was safe to say that Butler was seeing everything Parker had to her name. "CAN WE GET ICE CREAM AFTER?”

Parker didn’t seem to mind that her life was essentially worth no more than a camping set.

Butler looked at the chest that Parker had gestured at, then back at the moving truck he’d brought, then shook his head. “This is it?” He asked, walking over and picking it up. He looked inside, and dug around for a second, before frowning. Did this child live alone? Did she have a parent in her life? He hefted the chest, and looked at the girl, “young lady, we are going shopping. Apparently, you need everything.”

He sighed. This was turning out to be more of a time consuming venture than he’d wanted it to be. He had to take her to get clothes, furniture, and who knows what else? He’d probably have to feed her. From the looks of things, she didn’t eat very well — was she just carrying a bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows? Yes, it appeared she was. “We can possibly go get ice cream, if you’re well behaved.” Butler said after a few moments of silence. He wasn’t sure about this plan. Was it wise for the Green family to step in here? Had the matrons even been approached about this?

Butler was a firm believer in the idea that it took a village to raise a child — after all, Miss Green had been raised by three parents, and he liked to think that she looked at him as somewhat of a role model. After all, he’d been by her side since the day she was born. As a firm believer in that rule, he felt that perhaps Parker moving in with the Greens could be a positive thing. Maybe she’d learn, and grow as a person. Maybe it’d be better for her. At the very least, she would be able to eat better meals.

“Let’s go. We’ll do furniture shopping, then clothes shopping, then we’ll get something to eat. Something real. And filling.”

"BUT I LIKE THE MARSHMALLOWS. I LIKE THE RED ONES, THEY’RE THE BIGGEST!” Parker went on the defensive at the sheer suggestion that marshmallows were somehow not a real meal. They were her only source of food since she wasn’t brave enough to use the oven and the microwave was too tall to use. Sometimes she ate burgers at the diner but only if the customer sent them back, otherwise they came out of her paycheck which sucked but if it didn’t then Parker would probably eat more burgers than she could actually handle. So a meal, a proper one at that, didn’t sound all the way bad.

"CAN I RIDE ON YOUR BACK? PLEASE?” Because Parker saw Butler as an adult figure, she was using her manners instead of just hopping on his back and hoping for the best. Her eyes were hopeful because to her, the trek from backyard back to the car was like a forty mile desert and Butler was the perfect camel.


Butler paused in walking, glancing over at Parker. She wanted to ride on his back? That wouldn’t be a problem. He was big, and tall, and strong. He could definitely carry her, but he’d learned long ago to never just give things away. Kids were easy, if you knew what you were doing: make a trade. So, Butler countered her request with one of his own. “I’ll give you a piggyback ride, if you’ll answer a question for me. How is your mother going to feel about this, uh, extended sleepover, Parker?” Butler had to ask, and he had to have an idea of it. He would be bad at his job if he didn’t; both Mrs. Greens were likely to ask him about it.

“Does she maybe have a number we can call to talk to her if we need to?” Butler had broached both subjects that were important to him. If Parker answered both of them now, then his work was done and he could carry on without a worry. “Churros? I guess we can get some churros. Yes, we’ll probably go to the mall. I think a lot of what we’ll need will be there.” Butler looked down at Parker expectantly, waiting for answers.

There was a singular moment of silence at the mention of Parker’s mother; Parker binked up at Butler as if he had just asked the poor girl to recite the multiplication table and Min was nowhere around to whisper the answers to her. It was the first time Parker’s goofy constant grin showed signs of going away and turning upside down. "YOU CAN ASK HER YOURSELF.”

Parker reached under her arm and pulled out what she had cradled there: a framed photo of a woman that seemed to be a promotional shot given that it was framed to ensure some kind of music award was also in the picture. Parker held the photo up in front of her face and started to lightly shake the photo back and forth. "I THINK IT’S OKAY AND YOU SHOULD GET ME...HER SOME ICE CREAM.” Parker tried her best to sound like a mother but it was just her lowering the pitch of her voice while still keeping the volume in tact.

She put the framed photo back down and under her arm again. "NOT A CHURRO WHAT’S A CHURRO I MEAN THE BREADY TWISTY THING! CAN WE GET BOTH? PIGGY BACK RIDE! IN THE MALL TOO! YEAH!” Whatever moment of hesitation Parker might have had was forgotten amidst a promise of piggybacking and snack foods.

Butler watched as Parker seemed to briefly… lose whatever it was she had. It came back, while she pretended to talk from behind a photo frame. This, to him, sealed the deal. Whatever her living situation was now, it was far from ideal, and he would have no problem taking her home and explaining to the Green matrons what the deal was. They could figure out the details if they so chose, but if this child was so far gone as to talk from behind a photo, then it could only be up from here.

He turned his body and dropped down to a knee so he was at a more manageable height. Butler shifted the package in his arms, and nodded. “Very well. Get on. Churros are fried bread covered in cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate sauce. However, I’ve since changed my mind. You will get ice cream after supper if you behave.” This… this would be an experience.

In that moment, Parker didn’t know a churro from chorizo because she was about to be given the piggy back ride of her life. When she hopped on the backs of her friends sometimes they went along with it but sometimes they had weak backs and almost dropped her. It seemed unlikely that this would happen with Butler and Parker was all too happy to climb aboard. Her laughter was a pure expression of joy as she ushered her mighty steed forward and onward.

"CAN I GET THREE SCOOPS? NO...NO FOUR! FIVE! FIVE SCOOPS! YEAH!” This was turning into one of Parker’s best days ever. Any day that involved ice cream was a great day.

Sometime later, the dynamic duo were on their way out of the mall. Butler had purchased bunk beds, several different posters, and a pile of clothes. He had also stopped at a pretzel stall in the mall and bought her a single, classic, salted pretzel. He himself had bought one as well. All of their things had been loaded into the vehicle by trained professionals, and they were nearly out of the place, when they were stopped by an employee of a nearby shop. “Why don’t you two stop by Happy Paws? Maybe you can find a new friend! I be they could fit on your shoulders — like she is,” the young man said, pointing at Parker, who was still receiving a piggyback ride.

Butler shook his head, and moved to get around the guy. “We’re not interested.” He said, giving the man a nod. It wasn’t his fault. He was paid to be annoying. “Thank you, but if you could move out of the way, it would be greatly appreciated.”

The employee, however, turned his attention to Parker. “Awww, come on. Don’t you want to come look at some kitties or puppies?”

Butler scowled. Scum.

There were few things that could get Parker willingly to come down from a piggyback ride; it was unfortunate that Butler had encountered one of those things. "LOOK AT THEM!” Parker, even from her vantage point, could see through the storefront window at the animals just on the other side. She wanted to go inside. More than that, she wanted one. Almost more than she wanted ice cream. More than she wanted a pretzel, which she found delicious and freshly baked. "I WANNA GO IN! I WANNA KITTY! HENRY HAS WATER DOGS AND MINCY GOT A STUFFED DUCKY SO I NEED A KITTY!”

Pets were all over the place at Henry’s house and if Parker was going to stay there she would need to have one. Or two. Definitely two. "KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY!” Even if Butler said no, Parker was wiggling and worming her way free; it was quite possible that she would take a tumble off Butler’s back if it meant the chance to go inside and pet or look at the animals. "COME ON! INSIDE!”

Butler wasn’t sure about this. He hadn’t been told to buy her animals, but he supposed he had no choice at this point. He took Parker off of his shoulders and sat her down in front of him. Butler kept a firm grip on her shoulders, keeping her from running off as he took a knee in front of her, so they were… closer to eye level. Ignoring the annoying employee, Butler stared into Parker’s eyes with a heavy look. This was not a good plan. “We will go look at pets. BUT, you will get on one with some conditions. You are going to be responsible for it, young lady. That means training it, feeding it, making sure it has water, cleaning up after it, and, most importantly, playing plenty with it to make sure it has plenty of exercise. Your kitty will be your charge. If you fail your charge, then I will step in and take over for you. And the cat will be mine.”

Butler squinted at her, his eyes hard and his gaze a challenge. “Are we clear, Parker?”

If this were a cartoon, as Parker so often liked to think it was, her feet would have been going so fast they would resemble the Tazmanian Devil; such was her enthusiasm that not even Butler’s strong grip on her shoulder could keep the girl from bouncing up and down like she had just eaten a bowl of sugar. There were only a few words that Parker heard and they were the only ones she needed to hear: pets, one, kitty, cat. She was getting a kitty! And it wasn’t even her birthday. Was it? No, there was still school, so her birthday hadn’t happened yet.

"YES! I’LL BE ITS BEST FRIEND HONEST. THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” If her body wasn’t being held back by Butler, she likely would’ve hugged the man.

Butler shook his head, fairly certain that this was a poorly contrived plan, that would only end in him having a kitten. Sighing, Butler released his grip on Parker’s shoulder, instead transferring to holding the tiny girl’s hand in his, before he pointed toward the pet store. “Well then, Miss Parker. Lead the way.”

Stepping into the store was like stepping headlong into a new world, one that Parker was exceptionally glad to be part of. Right away the sound was different, gone was the light music of mall shopping it was now replaced by animal noises and the chirps of birds fluttering about in their cages. There was a pit of puppies playing about and Parker had to be informed by a sign that said ‘DO NOT ENTER’ to keep herself from climbing the little gate and never coming out of the puppy pet zone. As cute as the puppies were, Parker couldn’t have one. She was once bitten by a dog when she had just tried to play fetch with the bone in its mouth and for that she swore off dogs forever. Unless they’re in movies or cartoons.

Parker led the way through the store, making a point to go down every aisle that had an animal, before finally arriving at the Kat Korner. So many cats and kittens were there for the browsing, orange Garfield ones, black ones, white ones, fluffy ones, but Parker’s eyes honed in on one almost right away. Its seagreen eyes had locked onto hers and Parker was taken in by the silvery blue of ts fur.

"THAT ONE. IT MEWED AT ME. IT’S MY FRIEND!” Parker didn’t have a name in mind yet, but she knew that was the cat she wanted. A little Russian Blue kitten.

Butler was silent while she stared at the pets. Watching Parker get caught up in the general childlike wonderment of a pet store was… interesting. Really, there were no words to describe her other than ‘cute.’ Once she’d made her choice, Butler nodded, and waved over an attendant, who got the cat out of the back. After a few more minutes of shopping, now needing various cat related items, Butler and Parker were sitting in the now very full moving truck.

“So. What are you going to name her?” Butler asked, putting the vehicle into drive, and heading back on the road. “Remember, Parker. I have high expectations for you here. You’d best take good care of this pet.”

It was a herculean task getting Parker to sit still long enough for the seatbelt to be applied as she was bouncing in the seat like a hyperactive child on a sugar high. The carrier containing her new cat was in her lap and it took every single bit of restraint the girl had not to just open the thing and let the cat out into her lap. The temptation was there, stronger than anything she’d felt thus far, but the car was cramped and at home there would be more places for the cat to enjoy herself.

"HER NAME IS JASMINE. LIKE THE PRINCESS! BECAUSE SHE HAS BLUE FUR LIKE JASMINE’S PANTS.” She was proud of the name and her gaze was locked on Jasmine. Parker’s enthusiasm was there but she was determined to show Butler - and herself - that she could do this. That she was a good pet owner.

"I love her.” That Parker had found an indoor voice was shocking, almost as much as the fact that her eyes were a bit watery while she was still looking at Jasmine. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

The princess with the blue pants, huh? Butler was surprised that Parker was able to speak in such a quiet voice, but once she did, Butler nodded. “Alright. Let’s go get dinner,” he said, and before long they wound up at a diner — not the one that Parker worked at, but not too different from it. It took Butler a hundred dollar bill, but ultimately the restaurant relented on their ‘no pets’ rule, and in the end, Jasmine’s carrier was sitting beside Parker in the booth they were in.

“What do you want to eat? And no, you can’t have ice cream for dinner. If you eat all of your actual food, I’ll let you get dessert.” Butler said, eyeing the girl on the other side of the table. His menu was already folded and laid face down. He knew what he wanted, and was simply waiting for Parker to decide.

Parker had barely bothered looking at the menu given that her time was better spent on peering into the carrier at her new best friend. She could tell some of the other customers were a bit put-off but let them stare. Parker was used to that. As much as she would’ve liked to sit there with Jasmine and possibly even take her out of the carrier, something told her that that would be a surefire way to not get ice cream at the end of the meal. She picked up the menu and immediately looked for the pictures. It was how she always ordered, showing the picture of the food item instead of just saying it. This of course meant her selections were limited but she was someone that lived on Lucky Charms marshmallows so anything served here was several steps above that.

"THIS. I’M GETTING THIS.” Parker showed Butler on the menu, A thick looking burger with two patties. Over a pound of meat and that was without the toppings. "AND GRAPE JUICE. BIG, COLD GLASS!” If this place didn’t have grape juice she would have demanded they go somewhere else.

Butler looked at what she had pointed at and thought about his play. Could he convince her that she probably didn’t need that much food? No, probably not. But, he could always play the system a bit. “Okay.” He said, before waving a waitress over. Once the woman was there, Butler placed their order. He took the menu away from Parker, and turned it so only the waitress could see, pointing at the much more manageable quarter pound burger. “I’d like a double bacon cheeseburger for myself, and then for my friend here, one of these.” Butler tapped the menu again, before the waitress nodded, marking on her notepad.

“To drink, I’ll have a Shirley Temple, and she wants grape juice. You might as well bring a pitcher of the stuff.” The waitress nodded, and took both menus, before heading off into the kitchen to place their order. “Don’t waste any food, Parker. You’d better eat your whole plate.” He said, before the waitress returned with his red drink and — as requested — an entire pitcher of grape juice with a glass filled with ice. She sat them down and Butler nodded his thanks, before pouring Parker a glass.

"I CAN’T EAT THE PLATE, IT’S NOT FOOD!” Whether the expression was understood or not didn’t seem to matter; Parker was making the obvious little comment all the same and she was giggling as if she had just seen a stand up routine. Her little bout of laughter lasted just long enough to be silenced by her downing half her glass of grape juice as soon as it was poured and put in front of her. At the rate she was likely to go, a second pitcher was in the cards. "DO YOU THINK JASMINE WANTS SOME? MAYBE I SHOULD GET HER A FISH SANDWICH THING. BUT NONE OF THE WHITE STUFF, CATS HATE IT.”

Parker again looked inside the carrier, sticking a finger through the opening and lightly petting Jasmine’s fur. It was taken by the little blonde as a good thing that the cat didn’t scratch or mewl angrily. "ARE YOU HENRY’S DAD? YOU’RE LIKE THE COOLEST DAD. HENRY DOESN’T TALK ABOUT YOU IF YOU ARE.” Parker took another gulp of juice, her glass now empty save for the clinking of ice.

“No, I am not Henry’s father. I am Hailey’s butler. I’m on loan for the day, to help you. Parker, have you yet considered that maybe Jasmine would prefer you talk in a lower voice? After all, cats have very sensitive ears.” Butler explained, keeping her grape juice full. He had a plan, but he wasn’t sure if it was going to work. Like any plan, though, it was worth a shot. After a few more moments, their plates were brought to them: Butler a large burger with a basket of steak fries, and Parker a smaller burger with a basket of steak fries.

Butler popped one of the fries into his mouth and frowned. “Hmmm. Maybe you should read instead of just using the pictures, Parker. That doesn’t look like the picture — but sometimes the pictures are made to look better so you’ll buy it. Oh well, I guess.”

"SHE CAN’T HEAR ME RIGHT NOW.” Parker spoke in a lower voice which still carried well across the table, like a whisper that could be heard down the hall. "SHE’S IN HER CARRYING THING.” Parker’s grasp on things was unique though she would have to keep it in mind going forward. The materials given at the pet store included a care manual but her excitement meant that she hadn’t exactly read it or even listened all that closely to the pet shop clerk as they explained some of the more important bits.

When the food arrived, Parker was visibly disappointed in her burger. Pouted lips obscured only by another sip of juice. "THAT’S NOT FAIR, IT LOOKS BIGGER ON THE MENU.” Though she was upset, a burger was still a burger and after getting over the disappointment she dug in all the same. The first bite was a bit of a messy one, as her eating style meant that some of the toppings on the burger - bits of lettuce and onion - dropped onto the plate but she didn’t much mind as she had a second bite. "BUT IT TASTES GOOD. AND I CAN READ BUT THE PICTURES ARE THERE FOR A REASON! READING TAKES TOO LONG.”

While Parker was eating with a ravenous hunger, Butler made sure to keep her glass almost constantly full. She sipped half of it, he filled it back up. If she ate enough food, and drank enough liquid, then she wouldn’t have any room for dessert. And more importantly, he wouldn’t be dealing with a sugar-high’d out Parker. Based solely on his experience so far, that would be a truly awful thing to have on his plate.

Butler drowned his fries in seasonings. First, in the black pepper on the table, then with a splash of salt. Then, he called the waitress over again, asking if they had any parmesan cheese, or chili flake shakers. Luckily for her, they had both, and a set was brought to the dynamic duo, which Butler quickly dumped onto his food.

“Maybe you could learn to speed read. You can read faster than you look at pictures, if you just practice. But, I get it. You probably couldn’t do it even if you tried — it is pretty hard, and it’s tough to read that fast, and retain the information.”

He paused, and ate one of the fries.

“You probably couldn’t do it if you tried.”

Parker looked on in horror as Butler utterly ruined his fries with the addition of all that…stuff. She wanted to just snatch his plate away to prevent the murder of those innocent potatoes but it was too late. The fries were slathered in bits and pieces of different spices and seasonings. Parker could only save her own fries from such a fate and chomped down two of them at once. What kind of monster put all that on there?

"I CAN DO IT. MY MOM SAID I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT.” Parker hadn’t realized that she had been baited so effectively but if she had she likely wouldn’t have cared anyway. "I JUST DON’T LIKE READING. IT’S BORING. I KNOW HOW. SEE?” Parker reached for the bottle of ketchup at the table and turned it over to the boring bits. "SERVING SIZE...CAR-GO-HIDE-RATES.” She set the bottle down and, for good measure, proudly puffed her chest like she had won some argument.

Butler shook his head in disbelief, throwing another fry into his mouth. “Parker, that’s not what that word says.” He took the bottle away from her and scanned the back of it, “it says ‘carbohydrates.’ I don’t think you can read, you’d better practice. If you don’t well in school, then you’ll never do well in life. And that won’t be fun for anyone.” He explained, before fully turning his focus onto his plate of food. Butler was taking huge bites of his burger, and throwing two or three fries into his mouth at a time.

“Eat your food.” He said with a mouth full of food. If eating the food was a race, at the rate he was going, Butler was going to win.

"I CAN READ! AND I’M GETTING GRADES IN CLASS! I BET I GOT BETTER GRADES THAN YOU!” Parker stuck her tongue out at Butler , a nerve seemingly being struck by the man’s comments. The little sense of accomplishment that Parker had deflated along with her puffed chest. She dealt with this massive blow to the ego by taking chomps of her burger, barely swallowing the first bite before she went back for the second. More of the condiments dropped to the plate as Parker silently consumed her burger.

"I AM EATING. AND YOU PROMISED ME ICE CREAM.” Parker was still focused on the prize of a cold, sweet treat, and her burger was being consumed rapidly, though some of it was splattered onto her face and plate as she ate the whole thing. Savoring the food was not in Parker’s vocabulary. With her hands, she picked up some of the lettuce and onions that had fallen and started eating them too, leaving only the fries and drips of condiments on the plate.


Butler looked at her plate, and saw that there was still food there; actual, real food in the form of french fries, he shook his head. “No. You can’t be wasteful. Finish your meal.” Butler tossed the last french fry of his own plate into his mouth, and waved the waitress over. “Can we get the brownie ala mode, please?” He asked, pointing at the picture of the large brownies covered in vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.

“Just one spoon, for now. She can’t finish her dinner, she can’t have her dessert.” He said, glancing over at Parker. The waitress nodded, and Butler looked at Parker. “No wasting food.”

"BUT THE FRIES ARE THE WORST PART!” Parker was pouting as she looked at what might as well have been a mountain of fries. While she was upset that Butler ruined his by putting a bunch of seasonings on there, Parker wasn’t much of a fan of fries in the first place unless they came in a little red carton since those were hot and salty and she could stick them in her gums and have french fry walrus teeth. "CAN YOU EAT THEM? I JUST WANT ICE CREAM! I WAS GOOD, YOU SAID IF I WAS GOOD I CAN HAVE IT!”

Parker really wanted that ice cream. And this ice cream came with a brownie attached which only made it better. The cold of the ice cream and the warmth of the brownie was like the best thing ever! Begrudgingly, Parker scooped some fries in her hand, squeezing a little too hard thus making bits of potato stick to her palm, and she chomped away, barely chewing the fried side before going for another hand and mouthful. "CAN I HAVE SOME NOW? PLEASE? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?” There were still fries on the plate, but fewer now. Parker was half tempted to just dump the fries in Jasmine’s carrier but she was almost sure that cats couldn’t eat people food. So she ate a few more, wiping the residual potato on the table mat.


Butler shook his head. It wasn’t good enough, not really. To help her though, he leaned across the table and took a few of the remaining fries for himself, munching on them. “You ought to let this be a lesson to you: don’t order more food than you can eat.” A few more fries in his mouth. He could relent, and he could give her the option to just eat the ice cream, but that wouldn’t prove his point. Don’t waste food.

“You can have the ice cream, but you’re taking whatever’s left on the plate back and you can’t have any snacks when we get home — except for what’s in the to-go box.” Butler said, as the waitress returned with the dessert in her hand. She put it down in front of them. “Another spoon please.” He said, and the young woman nodded and took off again.

Butler held out the spoon, scoop side out to Parker. “Deal?”

"WHEN I ORDER FOOD THEY LET ME ORDER DESSERT NO MATTER WHAT. HENRY DOESN’T CARE WHEN I ORDER STUFF!” Parker was back to pouting as Butler essentially read Parker the riot act. It seemed like a fair compromise anyway, it wasn’t like Butler was gonna be watching her all night so she could still probably find other snacks later on. Still, the ice cream and brownie was far too alluring to let it go anywhere other than her mouth. "FINE. I’LL BE CAREFUL NOW.” Parker snatched the offered spoon and dipped it into the ice cream.

She practically melted as the sweet treat slid down her throat. "IT’S THE BEST EVER!” Despite the little lecture, Parker was happy as can be, and now she was digging her spoon into the brownie beneath the ice cream without a care in the world.

Butler seemed satisfied with her reaction. He was a little strict, but not too strict in his opinion. Henry seemed like he spoiled her, and Butler would have no part of that. He took a spoonful of the ice cream, and ate it himself, nodding approvingly. “It’s good.”

Parker had almost forgotten the ice cream altogether as she started favoring the brownie, taking bites of it and dipping it in the ice cream like it was chocolate sauce. The warmth of the brownie blended well with the ice cream. The burger had been good but this was on a whole other level and it was clear with how enthusiastic Parker was as she dug into the dessert. "WE SHOULD GET ANOTHER ONE!” Parker’s suggestion came as a result of damn near half the treat being consumed at a rapid pace. Whatever misgivings she had about fries clearly didn’t apply to desserts.

Butler watched her mow down the dessert, and shook his head. This was an odd child, an incredibly odd child. He was almost one hundred and twenty six point eight nine five percent certain that the matrons of the Green family were not going to be happy that Parker was moving in full time. But, that wasn’t his place to step in and say something.

After a few more moments there, they finally made their return to the Stentorian Estate, where Parker now lived. A few hours after that, and Butler had set up her room, complete with a mounted TV close to the top bunk bed, where Parker would be sleeping. Butler had moved all of the old furniture out, and once Min-seo returned from her date, she likely wouldn’t even recognize the place. Butler, however, was satisfied.

He turned now, to look at Parker, who had been playing with Jasmine while he was putting everything together. He checked his watch, and seeing late it was, he cleared his throat. “Come on, Parker. It’s time for bed.”

Jasmine was out of her carrier as soon as they were in the house, with Parker damn near running a circle around the cat as it got acclimated to its new environment. It became quite clear that Parker had little to no intention of actually helping with the move-in process; and why would she when there was a perfectly good cat to attend to instead? When she tired herself out from running, she dropped down to pet Jasmine and to play with one of the cat toys the pet shop tossed into the mix.

It seemed like no time had passed at all when Butler called her from her cat shenanigans. The pout returned, obscured as it was behind a tuft of Jasmine’s fur from Parker’s position of laying next to the cat. "BUT IT’S EARLY! AND JASMINE ISN’T TIRED! PLUS MINCY ISN’T BACK YET! I DON’T WANT MINCY TO STEP ON JASMINE’S TAIL WHEN SHE GETS BACK!” Parker likely could come up with other excuses but she felt her point was made. A cat made for the best excuse.

Butler shook his head. He didn’t have time to argue anymore, and instead he bent down and lifted Parker up onto his shoulders and carried her over to the bed. He stood in front of it and reached out, pulling back to the bedspread, before he threw Parker onto the bed and tucked her in snugly, fixing the blankets so they were underneath her. “Here.” In one hand, he picked Jasmine up, and lifted her up to the bed, sitting her beside Parker. “There, she’ll sleep with you, and there won’t be any chance of Min-seo stepping on her tail. The remote is beside you. Sleep well, Parker. Do you want the lights on or off?”

While Parker could complain, she didn’t. This was technically still a school night whatever that meant. Back in the tent, Parker knew it was time to sleep when the battery on her gaming device ran out but she didn’t have that luxury here. It was a fair compromise, anyway, with Jasmine curling up into a ball on Parker’s chest. If she was being made to sleep now, at least she’d get to sleep with her newest and bestest friend. That made all the difference.

"YOU CAN TURN…” She remembered Jasmine and seeing the cat stir at the volume made Parker pause. "Lights off. I’ll be okay!” The night was way less scary when there was a furry, cuddly guardian there to watch her back.

"G’NIGHT.” Her whisper still on the louder side of things, though Jasmine didn’t stir. "I HAD A LOT OF FUN TODAY.”

Parker was out damn near the second the lights were.

Featuring: Scott “Comes Through With the Clutch” Lyon
Location: The boat
Interacting with: As usual, Katie “I Swear I Don’t Want to Bang Her” Callaghan is mentioned

Scott was pissed. He was furious, he was enraged. Katie had this effect on him, she had basically since the day they’d met. He honestly didn’t think it’d ever stop, they fought every day and every class and it always ended with him in a bad mood. And now he was in one, again! He had found an empty hallway, and he was having a moment, freaking out in the direction of the camera, knowing that Brian was probably watching it.

“We’ll get together, have a few laughs! It’s gonna be a party, bro! Nah, fuck it, ya don’t need no alcohol. What, Katie? PFFFTTTT, she’s not gonna ruin your whole fuckin’ night in less than ten goddamn minutes. Ya, just verbally spar, duder, you know, dude. Fuck it! Let the whole world see you and her try to run through each other. Yea, bro, I’ll owe you one. You’re really gonna come through with the clutch for me here, ya know, dude? Just with the clutch! Scott Lyon, he always COMES THROUGH WITH THE CLUTCH. Best player in the goddamn game. Who can get everyone to look at him and that bitch who threw chess pieces at him? Scott, duh. Who can stir up a little drama at the expense of his own damn night? Scott motherfuckin’ Sebastian Lyon. WOOO! Friendship!”

Scott paused to look at one of the cameras. “I know you see me, dude, I know you hear my ass out here bitchin’ up a goddamn storm because of this bitch, so eat this, fucker.” Scott held up his middle finger at the camera, sneering. “I hate her so goddamn much that stupid blonde bimbo bitch, can’t do nothin’ fun without her RUINING IT. And I can’t even use a shot of jack — actually a bottle since she drives me so up the wall — to ease the pain because you MADE ME PROMISE NOT TO.”

He was shouting at a security camera now, and he had half a mind to go let himself into the bridge and give Brian a piece of his mind. Scott went to take his hat off, so he could run his hand through his hair. How he normally chills himself out… only to realize that it wasn’t on his head. This reignited the flame of his rage, and Scott snapped, “I THREW MY HAT AT HER!” He was naked, he was exposed, he was without his hat. He probably looked like he was acting a goddamn fool too.


Scott kicked the wall, and then his face contorted into the pain of instant regret. That hurt, that actually hurt. “I blame Katie,” he snapped, before stomping back down the hallway, headed toward anywhere but this godforsaken area. Away from the camera, and hopefully away from Katie. If he never saw Katie again it would be too soon.

It was days like this, experiences like this, and people like her that made him wish that his parents had just kept him in Australia. At least there he would have never ran into an aesthetically pleasing woman that he could stare at for longer than any person should stare at another, right up until she opened her mouth. It was grating, like nails on a chalkboard. And it wasn’t that her voice was shitty to listen to, it was more like the words she said were shitty to listen to.

She went out of her way, he felt, to blend and devise sentences usings words he was quite fond of to do nothing but upset him. She was ruthless, cunning, and even tactical in the way she made him hate her. In fact, just thinking about it made Scott feel a certain way. “Goddamn, what is wrong with me?” He asked no one in particular. Was he into screaming matches? No, he hated them. He was into screaming matches with Katie.

Scott chose to ignore this thought, and instead focused on something else. He was very, very hungry. He found his way to the food table, and looked it with a hunger rising in his stomach. Yes, eating this would cleanse all the thoughts he was having about Katie. He would be able to comfortably reset his evening, and go about the rest of his night happily.

Scott loaded a huge, turkey dinner size plate with food. He covered it with sweets. Scott had a sweet tooth, and a lot of things here would help him scratch that itch. He put a piece of cheesecake (strawberry), a chunk of Oreo mud cake, a chunk of peanut butter pie, several cake pops, then he balanced that plate on one hand, and grabbed a bowl, scooping ice cream into it from the selection that was spread out from them. He took two scoops of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and two scoops of cinnamon roll ice cream.

“Alright, here we go, dude.” Scott said, before dipping. He was heading to somewhere no one would bother them, somewhere he knew no one would ever go: the stern. There, he could eat his food in silence and peace and quiet.

No Katie. Perfect.
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