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Collab with @Lovely Complex
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy
Featuring Kevin Harrison and Claire Gilmore.
During Shock N AWE San Jose...


While the Battle of the Blondes segment was happening, Alice Kennedy, wife of the soon-to-be-famous Mordecai, was in one of the break rooms not paying attention to the screen but rather... reading Entertainment Weekly. Priorities. If she hadn’t started this article, she would be adamant on watching the fight, but her mind was distracted! There was so much juice in the world of the rich and the famous. Plus, her sister most definitely was recording the match and analyzing it to see how Ari, the Queen of the rebels, could improve herself against her competitors. That was not an issue for Alice since she was a valet, not a full time wrestler.

The only matches Alice felt inclined to pay attention to, when the matches were happening, were matches that involved the men Mordecai would go up against. Anything she could do to help her husband climb the ladder was truly all she cared about. While Ajax, or Mikey as she preferred calling him, took care of her sister, Alice would make sure her Hercules, her soulmate, her everything, Benjamin, kept fighting the great fight to make his mark in the AWE universe. His new act was pure gold and she was ecstatic to translate this fantasy into reality. Before they know it people would be wearing merchandise with his face and name on them! Hopefully made by Adriana Elliot (FC: Felice Fawn), the on road graphic designer, who was still flourishing with youth, like her, but also the best designer AWE has ever had. A dark beauty, who worked black just as well as the infamous Morgana did, but was a total animal behind the scenes. Alice would know, she got drunk with the girl on numerous occasions.

But for now… oh my god.

“Can you believe this, honey?!” Alice slapped the magazine on the table, revealing an article about Amity Bellerose, the princess of fashion, daughter of Maxwell Bellerose Sr., multi-billionaire high fashion designer and founder of Velvet Bellerose, VBR, a french multinational luxury goods and high fashion brand. Yet another article about America’s sweetheart, the triple threat idol, and her lover who went by the video game alias, Quantum Reach. “They’re saying that Amie continues to date this ‘nobody’ to rebel against her father. How long have they been dating, two yearish? Why can’t people let her live her life. She’s just a seventeen year old girl, who cares if her love doesn’t have a huge label. Oh! That reminds me, are we still going to see her live? I wouldn’t mind checking her music scene out.”

Here he was. At an actual AWE event, no longer toiling away in developmental. For three long years he’d worked his ass off but nothing had stuck; until he’d decided to try something completely different. Mordecai, the supernatural, mystical, cult of personality character had worked for him. Between that and the help of the newest coach down at the performance center, Kento Nakajima, who taught Benjamin how to make his in-ring work savage and stiff— ‘strong style’ —Benjamin had elevated himself into someone that had star potential.

Oh yeah, and a serious amount of self-discipline and gym obsession to give himself the ‘look,’ so that they’d actually give him a shot. Once a thin, wiry guy, Benjamin was ripped now. ‘You’re lookin’ real jacked, kid,’ Roddy (Yes, Roderick Quinn himself!) had said to him when they’d arrived earlier.

But, they were still backstage. Still not wrestling. Benjamin and his love, who had supported him through every second of the transformation into a star, were just sitting around backstage. It sucked. He hated it. Benjamin had been staring intently at the screen with his arms folded over his chest when Alice had spoke to him, and he looked over at her, with a blank look on his face before she gave him some context, before he started nodding. The secret to marriage? Just agree with her.

“Of course we can still go see her live. I got a raise when they brought me up, you know.”

Alice’s face had brightened with her childish grin. More money meant more spontaneous adventures when they weren’t living the life of a professional wrestler. Sure, it would be hard to find the free time, especially after they made their big debut, but when there was a will, there was a way! Alice absolutely needed to do more things with her life. The only way she could grow as an actress was if she experienced what the world has to offer.

Realizing her husband had other things on his mind, she closed the magazine and leaned closer to him, resting her hand on his, “Soon we’ll be on the big screen too!” She serenely gleamed at him. “Have you heard anything yet? If you want, I can annoy the writers for some answers.”

“No, nothing yet… I think Drayden getting hurt kinda ruined their long term plans. So most everyone is kinda up in the air now. I think sometime after this upcoming show, Sin City Showdown, we’ll all be able to get back into normality.” Benjamin explained as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, shrugging his shoulders. “I don’t think you should bother them. If you make them too angry, then they might just fuck me over and give me like… a dancing gimmick. I don’t wanna go down that road again.”

“Okay, okay, if you say so honey bunches of oats.” Alice glanced up at her hero and nestled her face against his muscular physique. All her’s. “And hey, you’re not a bad dancer. I can get down with you all night long.” The platinum blonde teased, as she took in his intoxicating scent. Even after marriage, she was still obsessed with him.

“Dancing wrestlers don’t exactly make for super stars, you know.” Benjamin explained, as she snuggled up into him. Looking down at the smaller girl, Ben furrowed his eyebrows. “Hey, don’t we spend most nights up anyway? ...should probably stop doing that. I don’t wanna look like a zombie on my debut…”

Peeved since her advances flew over his head, AND that he wanted to limit their time together, Alice puckered her lips into a pout, squinting her green eyes up at him, making ‘that face’. Her face where she was trying to understand and be reasonable, but wanted to be selfish and keep him all to herself, “I guess sooooooo. If sleep is what you want, sleep is what you’ll get!”

Damn, he’d said the wrong thing. Silently, Benjamin demeaned himself for making such a rookie mistake, and he opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by the voice of a very familiar writer boy. Speaking of your debut… it’s the week after Sin City Showdown so… two weeks. In good ol’ Boston, Massachusetts. You’re interfering with Ajax, who you’re going to be feuding with for… I think the next two big shows… Boston is generally pretty smarky so we’re DECENTLY sure they’re gonna pop for you — Heath swears up and down that the internet loves you, so enjoy that. It’s probably the muscles. I don’t know how you did that. Pretty sure you were like, skinny last time I saw you.” Kevin Harrison, AWE writing extraordinaire, took his arm away from his fiancee’s waist and poked Benjamin’s iron corded bicep muscle. “Unreal.”

“Hard work, and determination.” Was Benjamin’s only reply.

“Anyway. I figured it’d be easy for you guys to feud against someone you know so well, since the trust will already be there. But, anyway, you do your thing on the mic and make people believe you’re the antichrist or whatever it is your schtick is and sell t-shirts and you’ve got a long and storied career to look forward to.”

“And maybe as a treat, eat some hot cheetos with your wife and have a night out.” Claire added, having read the emotions on Alice’s face and assuming she wanted to be spoiled to some degree. On the first PPV, Claire had a surprise of her own for her love… hopefully all goes well and he doesn’t get too caught up in after party festivities. He’s a busy man and she missed him.

“Two weeks… this is great, love!” Hearing the news of the debut distracted Alice enough and now she was bouncing in her seat, “We need to make sure we’re ready. Work, work, work, and then play!” She grinned and gave Claire a wink when she said the word ‘play’.

Despite this talk about treats, and cheetos, and play, and work, Kevin was still focused on Benjamin’s physique. “When was the last time you had a carb, man? Eat a donut or something. You make the rest of us look lazy.” Kevin shook his head in disbelief and Benjamin shuffled his feet awkwardly.

“Uh… I’m sorry? Two weeks, huh? Against Ajax… I can work with that. I’ll have a promo ready to run by you guys before the pay-per-view —”

“Oh, uh, we only check certain people’s stuff. You have a greenlight. You don’t have to run anything by us, we trust you.” Kevin explained, and Benjamin’s eyes lit up excitedly. Freedom!? He’d had a degree of it in the developmental brand, but as far as he’d understood, there was only more restraints to come with joining the main touring crew… This was fantastic news, as far as he was concerned.

“That’s fantastic! Thanks. I guess we’ll go out and eat something now…” As Kevin opened his mouth, Benjamin cut him off. “Yes, something with carbs.”

“Good deal.”

“Oh yay! I’m famished.” Alice pounced up from her seat, grabbing the magazine with her.

Claire latched onto her fiance, leaning her head against his shoulder, “I can’t wait to see you two live.”

“You’re gonna look fantastic in HD.” Kevin muttered, before shaking his head and leading Claire off into the darkness to do more important things. Like… have sex in the locker room. Or his office. Or both.

“So, where do you wanna go? I’m thinking Italian food. I like Italian food. And I haven’t had it in like… a year. Almost a year and a half…” Benjamin asked, looking at Alice expectantly. Say Italian.

Rolling her eyes as she smirked, Alice grabbed his hand and interlocked her fingers with his, “Italian sounds delightful. I haven’t had it in ‘almost a year and a half’ too, you know, since I usually always eat with you.”

“I guess that’s undeniably true. Sorry, I had to get in shape… I think it helped me get moved up, don’t you? Plus you shouldn’t care that much. It got me all sexy and stuff.” Benjamin explained, pulling out his phone and dragging Alice along with him. “Let’s go find some delicious food and then later we can text your sister and her boy and let them know we’ll be feuding. That’s kinda cool, right?”

“You are sexy!” Alice’s cheeks flared in defense, “But I loved you even before you got the hot bod. I wasn’t trying to sound all whiny and complainy. I think by now you should assume I’d be happy to do anything with you, even change my diet so we can suffer together.” Hmpf. He was so serious sometimes. A lot of the times. “Yeah, that’s cool. I think that’s a great feud to start with. I’d love to share the ring with my sister.”

“I’m sorry, Ali. I’m just really nervous. So I’m getting all antsy and it’s making me turn off my carefree levels…” Ben frowned and gave his love a kiss on her lips, then nuzzled their noses together. “I love you. Sorry. Let’s go eattttt.”

hey it's not gonna close unless i say so, just saying. On record, @Silver Carrot and Brutal (whose user name i dont remember) are officially recognized as gms for this RP. Sorry it's been moving slowly, we got busy.

That being said, @LHudson you are certainly welcome to join still. If anyone wants the discord, let me know and I'll pm you the sharing link (or someone else can).

Location: En Route
Interacting with: A cute boy

Collab with: @Silent Observer

Now, for ten weeks, Ty might not get to hang out with his besties, and for ten long weeks, Ty might be mostly sexless, for ten long weeks he wouldn’t see his beautiful daughters, and maybe he’d have to spend ten long weeks making sure Melody didn’t riggity wreck herself… BUT, for ten wonderful weeks, he’d get to experience the wonderful scenery and even venture into the great wide open, for ten wonderful weeks he’d enjoy the companionship of the people around him, and for ten long weeks he’d chill out and eat Bugles.

See, Bartimaeus Locke, Head Ace of Spades, the heart and soul of the Elite, and the kid who turned his life around and found it in him to forgive Isabel for slashing his fucking tires and smashing the goddamn windshield, had the foresight to pack snacks. Ten weeks worth of snacks. Due to a common use of weed, Ty often had the munchies. This meant he needed a lot of snacks. And a lot of space for snacks. No, Melody, you don’t need fourteen pairs of shoes, twenty six summer dresses, and twelve different bikinis. YES I DO. Bitch, I need snack space. Look, I gotta store my snacks and you’re gonna eat ‘em anyway! HOW OFTEN ARE YOU EVEN GOING TO WEAR THOSE SHOES?!

It had been a long fought battle, but eventually, Melody had yielded. And so, the closet in the King of Spades cabin in Aces High was Ty’s snack haven, with a few of Melody’s favorite noms added for good measure. They’d been here, like, what? Three hours? Once the kids had arrived, and started wandering about, Ty had decided that he was most needed at the cabin, where he would spend his nights. He was hungry!

He’d just started tearing into a bag of delicious, delectable, unexplainably tasty ranch Bugles before his radio had rung. First, it was Kylie, screaming about coming or something (and Belle had made a hilarious quip about how Troy worked fast — go Belle, you rock), then Troy! Which was a surprise, because Ty had honestly assumed that Troy would spend the entire trip with the radio shut off so he didn’t have to interact with anyone. This was a pleasant surprise! So, when Troy had said that he wanted Ty to run him over some flowers, Ty had been happy to oblige.

Now nearly to the triad of Clubs cabins, Ty spoke on the radio again. In a drawn out tone, akin to that of the stereotypical airplane pilot, Ty spoke into the walkie-talkie, “This is, uh, LT Nighthawk. I’m, uh, closing in your position, Red Dragon. I have the care, uh, package en route. Over.”

The response was quick and just as annoyed and furious as Ty expected. “I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!”

As he continued his stroll, Ty was laughing, but composed himself before replying. “What’s that Red Dragon? You’re, uh, breaking up. Think the connection might be, uh, damaged. Over.”

“I’m gonna ram my fist into your stomach and break your goddamn spine!”

“You’re still, uh, cutting out, Red Dragon. Try saying over when you’re done talking. Over.”


“Rodger dodger, ten-four on that, Red Dragon. We are, uh, receiving you loud and clear now. I’ve, uh, got sight on the target. Think I see a few, uh, bogeys, en route to your position. One, uh, appears to be carrying a box. May be a bomb, may be some, uh, donuts. I’ll intercept. Night Hawk over and out. Over.”

Meanwhile, in his own cabin, with Jude still awkwardly sitting on the bed, Troy had shut off the radio and was now furiously kicking the hanging bag. Good idea, Troy. Hit the bag so you don’t hit the Ty.

Now, back to the good part: Bartimaeus Locke, LT Nighthawk.

Ty was losing his fucking shit laughing as he headed up the trail toward the Clubs cabins, with his pack on his back and the walkie-talkie now strapped firmly back to his belt. The whole call sign thing was the greatest idea he’d ever had, he decided. Whether or not Ash liked the walkie-talkies, they were coming home with him. Now, though, Ty slightly adjusted his trajectory and headed toward the girl with the donut bomb, or (hopefully) the bomb donuts. Could go either way.

Evangeline did not have enough hands or coordination for all of the things she was trying to carry. Precariously balancing a box of donuts waitress style on her right hand and pulling her suitcase behind her with her left hand proved to be a particularly arduous journey on the unstable “path”. Said path was riddled with tree roots and critter holes, plenty of places to lose your footing and lamentably drop an entire box of sweet sugary goodness, if your weren’t careful.

Taking a moment to look up from her calculated footsteps, Eva noticed that she wasn’t alone on the trail to her cabin. A brown-haired, blue-eyed male was approaching her with quite a determined look in his eye. He wasn’t wearing a counselor shirt, so she assumed that he was just a fellow camper. The punkish girl smiled in greeting after blowing a pesky strand of light blonde hair out of her eyes. “Hi there! I’m Eva - are you in clubs too?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah, sure whatever. Yo, lemme get those donuts for you, ya look like you’re gonna drop ‘em all over the gotdamn place and then ain’t nobody gonna enjoy a donut, goddammit. Wait, ain’t I got the shirt on? Yeah, dude. It says Ace o Spades. You know how it go, man,” As he spoke, Ty reached out and obtained the box of donuts, taking it from its perilous position in her arms, and into the safer, more secure, more stable position of his arms. “If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man, you win some lose some it’s all a game to me! Something, something, something the only card I need is the Ace of Spades! Nobody can understand what that man was singin’. It’s all good, though, yo. I’m the counselor for the King of Spades. yo. Where you at?”

Eva laughed at his rendition of the song, he was charming. “Yes, I am familiar with Motorhead.” With the box out of her hands, she was able to walk with ease. “Thanks for taking that, by the way. You can eat one! I was tempted to eliminate them myself before even reaching the cabin.” She laughed again, but it was obvious that it wasn’t just a joke. The girl could easily put down half a dozen without blinking… she’d just feel guilty about it afterwards.

“Oh, you’re a counselor! I’m in clubs. Queens, I think. Do you know my counselors well? Any juicy dirt to share?” Eva smirked up at him. This wasn’t her first time at a summer camp, there were always funny, embarrassing stories that spread around about the counselors. That was half the fun of staying in such close quarters with people for weeks on end, you really go to know them. Really. Even more than you might want to in some cases.

“Queens, huh? Queeeeennnsss? Of Clubs? Ain’t no dirt to share, really. Jayce is a farmboy, or at least he used to be, not so much no more, and Remy works with me at a pizzeria, Captain Cuddles’s Pizzeria named after what one of my girlfriends calls me, that’s Captain Cuddles. You, yo, you can call me LT Nighthawk. Or, Ty. Name’s Bartimaeus, but I don’t think anyone calls me that… So, it’s Ty, dig? I know all the counselors pretty well, though, we’re tight. I’m the glue of the foundation that is the homies.” While speaking, Ty popped open the box of donuts and perused the wares. “I got a suggestion. You and I eat all these donuts before Troy sees them, dig?”

“Hmm… a tempting proposition. But I planned on using them as a dirty tactic to win friends early on. I’m resourceful.” Eva beamed another friendly grin, proving that she really didn’t need the extra help in being social. That being said, everyone likes donuts, so having them certainly didn’t hinder her goals. “Who’s Troy? Is he cute? … maybe I want him to get one.”

Hmm, Ty had to make a decision here. Did he want Troy to get it in with the kid? Sure, fuck it. “Troy is probably the most conventionally attractive person here? ‘Cept for maybe Connor, but definitely in the Spades and the Clubs cabins. He’s jacked and he’s open to having sex. He’s got a charming smile and a bit of a rough personality but if you can dig past that, you’ll love him — always happens. Just checking, but you’re of age, yeah? Just wanna make sure I’m not encouraging statutory rape.”

The petite blonde raised an intrigued eyebrow when Ty described both Troy and some other dude as more attractive than even himself. Did he not realize that he was more than just “conventionally attractive”. Either he was mocking her curiosity, or he was telling the truth. And if he was telling the truth, then damn, Eva was in for one helluva summer. Instead of directly answering his question, Eva teased Ty. “Well, you speak so highly of him... You sure you aren’t looking to bang him? Wouldn’t want to step on any toes,” she said in a lighthearted tone.

“Trust me, I only speak so highly of him cuz it’s true, yo. Troy’s hot, dude. Iron corded muscles, bad boy look full force, all that good stuff. I ain’t wanna fuck him, but he’s the best man I ever met, so I put in the good word for him cuz if I don’t, who will? Trust me, Troy owns and you should go for it if you get the chance. Trust.” Ty said, and shot a wink her way after he spoke his words, then smiled, before selecting his donut: one that happened to be covered in fruity pebbles.

The wink threw her a little bit more than expected, and there was a moment of silence. She didn’t blush or go wide-eyed like most shy folks would, but this was the Evangeline equivalent. “Noted, thanks for the tip.” Out of the corner of her eye, Eva observed the selection Ty made of the treats. You could tell a lot about a person based on what donut they pick! At least, it was fun to pretend you could. Fruity pebbles seemed perfectly fitting of Ty’s personality, at least what she had experienced of it thus far. Colorful and sweet.

“Good.” she said with a quick nod at his choice and then promptly took the box back. They had arrived at her destination now, so she didn’t need the extra help. She didn’t really need it in the first place, but it was still a kind gesture - albeit most likely a selfish one on Ty’s part, as he took a donut tax upon carrying them. “Thanks for walking with me, and chatting.” Eva smiled warmly as she stood in front of the door to the Queen of Clubs cabin.

As she prepared to walk away from him, Ty stared longingly at the girl — and her donuts, but Ty was pretty good at keeping his eyes on the prize, in this case, he held eye contact with the younger woman. “Awww, babe. Should give me another donut to remember you by! Who knows when we’ll hook up next!?” The charming smile flew back onto his lips, replacing the pout that had grown on his face while he was staring at her. And then, another wink. It’d worked well before, and Ty was able to pick up on things like that pretty easily.

That little, handsome devil. Eva’s lips turned up in a smirk, betraying that she would probably be unable to refuse him. “I don’t know, from what you’ve told me it sounds like I’ve got plenty of friends to make with these.” When he winked again, Evangeline rolled her eyes playfully and caved. “Fiiine,” she said, opening the box to him again, trying to predict his next choice.

Winning, dude. Since day one. Never lose a battle. Utilize that charm. Take advantage of everyone with food. Never miss a chance to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. This right here? This was a chance to eat. Ty looked up and down the donuts carefully, before selecting a plain glazed donut. “Much love, thanks. I gotta go deliver a care package to Troy now. Think of me. Or don’t. Hopefully, do, and save more snacks. I’ll see ya around, remember. I’ll be the guy in the various dope t-shirts and not the boring ‘this is what suit I’m in’ t-shirt.”

“Wouldn’t expect anything less. See you around, LT Nighthawk.” Eva said before shouldering the door to her cabin open and stepping inside. So far, it seemed like she’d made a pretty good choice in selecting this summer’s activities. She looked forward to meeting her roommates and other counselors. Remembering how she read that a lot of the counselors were from LA — where she would be attending school in the fall — she wondered if Ty was among them. Eva hoped he was.
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So we're gonna go ahead and push forward to the next week. When you finish the segment up, please post it anyway so we can add it to the completed storyboard at the end! Thanks :)
I am not sure if y'all are still accepting or not, but I would like to join if you are.
If not, I understand.

Hey, yo. Sorry it's been a while! That's on us. You're totally accepted though.
Shock N AWE, Sacramento. After Segment 3, during Match 5...

Collab with @Lovely Complex

Following his sister, in a fast paced manner (she was booking it hella’ fast), who wasn’t heading back inside, unusual for Joy, Chance patiently asked, “Where you going? The main event is ‘bout to start.” Stressing his concern with his mellow toned voice, Chance kept his camera on his shoulder, never taking his eyes off her. He didn’t need his twin sense to know she was upset. Her actions spoke loudly, and only an idiot would fail to notice that Joy wasn’t her usual chipper self. Also, she always watched the entire show, but now she was heading outside. For what? He didn’t know.

Once she reached the exit door, Joy turned to look at her twin and gave a faux smile, “I just need some air!” She shooed him away. “And you need to go to your next position. I’ll be back inside for Aftershock. I promise.”

Scrunching his nose, he met his chocolate gaze with her ever-changing blue eyes. They stared at each other for a moment and then it finally clicked.


Giving her a nod, he smiled at his soft-hearted, other half, “Don’t be gone for too long, people will start thinking something is up.” Turning around to head inside, he left her with a compliment, “You’re a big part of AWE. Just like ma.” Without Joy, Chance was sure more than enough people would feel a piece was missing. She made tremendous strides and was well loved. Without a doubt, she was their mother’s daughter. The sound of the exit door could be heard and the filmmaker knew his sister was gone, at least for a little while.

Making sure she was not in an area with many others, especially fans, Joy aimlessly walked in a direction that led to a deserted bench, hidden by trees and the dark blanket that was the night sky. Surprisingly close to the arena, but luckily for her, the main event was happening, so the possibility of someone bumping into her was unlikely. Hopefully. Taking a seat, she glanced down at her lap and watched her thumbs fiddle with each other, in silence.

It was nice out...

In less than fifteen minutes, the game of cat and mouse that Joy Ryder and Caiden Everett had been playing the last few weeks shifted. No longer the hunted, Caiden had become the hunter. Luckily for Caiden, he had a secret weapon known as Chance, who guided him and told him the door that Joy had slipped out of. And so, he sniffed her out, wandering until he saw her off in the distance — escape was merely a dream.

He approached the bench wordlessly and didn’t talk as he sat down beside her, choosing instead to stare at the stars as he considered what he wanted to say. “I’m sorry I called you an idiot, that was uncalled for.” And kinda made him look… super dickish. Whoops.

Why was Caiden here? Joy didn’t want him out of everyone that could possibly come and check on her to check on her. He was apologizing? Slightly turning her head to look at him observing the sky, Joy shook her head in disagreement, “No need to be sorry! You were acting. It’s part of the job.” Her face might have been painted with a smile, but her eyes were enough to show that to a degree, she did think she was kind of stupid and to a degree, she was hurt. However, Joy wasn’t a broken record, but... she still was a woman, who lived a life that gave her insecurities, fears, and obstacles that to this day she still needed to work on. For the most part, though, she was happy.

Just not right now.

Women were a tough beast to handle, that much he knew for sure. Despite not having too many long lasting relationships in his career (Caiden Winters considered himself married to the job), he’d interact with them enough to know that a smile only meant they were really upset, not just kind of upset. What did women like? What could he do to repair this? He felt bad! She was Blake’s sister. It was hard to make friends in this line of work, people were always backstabbing each other and being cunts backstage in order to advance, and the friends that you could lock yourself down with, the friends you could trust and care about and love were rare. Few and far between. Blake was his BFFFL, even if that was a high school girl kinda thing. And he couldn’t just leave his best friend’s younger sister all upset!

So what was the answer?! Caiden searched his mind over and over again for something that was failsafe, something that would cheer up any woman, no matter how tragically upset she was. Something that would replace the criminally fake smile with one that was true and genuine. Something that turned Joy’s face back into the one that he wanted to kiss and love…

Wait, what?

Caiden visibly shook himself to banish those thoughts from his head and with that motion, he had his plan. “Let me buy you ice cream after the show. I think there’s a Coldstone Creamery nearby, so we can go there. Okay?” Women loved ice cream, dude. Failsafe.

Ice cream? Caiden wanted to take her out for ice cream? Stunned at the offer, the high school girl crush that she had for him came back, full throttle. This took an unexpected turn, and yet, like a true on-screen professional, she refused to let her internal feelings take surface. She would not blush. Her mind continuously told herself ‘do NOT blush’ and Joy would make damn sure it wouldn’t happen. That being said, her posture straightened and her face did lighten up - so was blushing necessary? “Are you sure? I could pay for my own.”

“Yes, I’m sure. My treat, really not a big deal. Let me buy you ice cream. I’ll drive, too, so you can just ride with me to the hotel room. I assume you’re staying at the same one I am. Again. For no apparent reason.” Though Caiden wouldn’t know it himself, there certainly was a reason for Joy always ending up in his hotel. Two reasons, actually. One really liked donuts, and one was a nerd. Luckily for our donut loving, and nerdy heroes, Caiden Everett would never know the truth. “I can walk you back inside now if you want. Don’t want you to miss Aftershock. Then they’d be fucked.”

She totally forgot! Joy hopped off the bench, checking the time off her wrist watch, “Yeah… the night isn’t over yet.” Glancing up from her watch to his face, she cheerfully (and genuinely) gleamed, “That all sounds wonderful, Caiden… would you?” She paused, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, before continuing, “Walk me?” Hey, he offered - she had to make sure. If she downright pinched herself to feel how real this all was she’d be far too obvious.

“...I just said…” Caiden paused slightly, looking down at her. Women were confusing sometimes… Caiden cleared his throat slightly, before nodding. “Of course I will. Come on, let’s go.” He put his arm around her shoulder, and off they went, toward the job that they both poured their heart and soul into. Trying her best to hide her face with her hair, Joy’s cheeks grew hot when he wrapped his arm around her…

A date.
@mskennedy615We most certainly are still accepting! However, one of the GM team is currently in the process of moving. When she returns sometime in this upcoming week, we'll look over the sheet for you!

Sometime before Shock N AWE Sacramento...

The booking lads of the AWE always seemed to take the place over whenever they went to a hotel room. The bed was moved out of their way, and a whiteboard was hung on the wall, scribbled on by all three whenever they had a thought to add. Notepads and binders were strewn about the mattress, containing all their notes and plans for every member of the roster.

The coffee table was covered in empty pizza boxes. and empty cans of Red Bull. As far as the team was concerned, this was the sign of a night that went well. The hotel room they were in now was just a quickly converted ‘office,’ and as soon as they were truly done for the night, they’d disperse off to their own rooms.

There was one piece of pizza left, and Kevin wanted it. After all, he’d paid this time. Leaning forward, the head of the writing team picked up the final slice of pizza (meat lover’s, of course). He chomped down on it in the silence of the room, the first bout of silence they’d had all night. As Kevin chewed on the pizza, the group maintained their quiet composure, and when he took the last bite, and swallowed down the last chunk of crust, Kevin looked up at the ceiling and finally spoke.

“Dude this guy is like impossible to find. I don’t know how he managed to be at the arena the whole fucking time and we didn’t see him ONCE. Caiden Winters is a goddamn master of espionage. So here’s the plan: we’re going to each get to the arena for next week’s Shock N AWE, like a few hours early, and camp out at the entrances. He doesn’t get in, without one of us catching him. Got it? JP, that means you can’t go hunting for Morgana so you can stare at her. This is important! The dude is legit getting upset because he thinks we don’t have any direction for him… Because he’s never around for us to tell him the plan!

Gary nodded, a can of iced espresso in the caffeine fiend’s hand, but then a thought came to him. "Wait, how much earlier?” he asked.

"I don’t go actively looking for her!” JP protested before downing the last red bull and throwing it with Michael Jordan-esc precision into the trash. “If I just so happen to find her and look at her longingly and with love I can’t exactly help that can I? The heart wants what the heart wants...oh someone write that shit down, we could use that for any future romance angles...where’s my damn pen?!” Leaning back, he almost took a tumble trying to find his lost pen. Grabbing it from the floor, he quickly scribbled in his notepad before looking at the other two. "What were we talking about?...oh right yeah, sure I agree. Get Caiden before he gets in the building. I’m on board with that.”

“Focus, JP, FOCUS. Gary, I’m talkin’ like at least two hours before the show starts. It’s important we talk to him before we relive the Twitter incident of last year, followed by the Caiden and Roddy screaming match. Look, Caiden’s great, but we gotta help him realize that he’s not gonna get wasted by us… the last writing squad really fucked him.” Kevin explained, looking between both of his friends, “this is do or die, lads.”

"Sure, Two hours is fine. So when we meet him, do we all meet up, or does whoever meet him explain the plan? I feel like it should be the former," Gary mused, finishing his coffee and grabbing another red bull.

JP moved forward on the bed, scribbling a couple of more notes. "We get it, Kev. We don’t do this we lose Caiden back to Japan. I’m calling it, the book for Caiden Winters is closed and locked. We have a plan for him, we stick with it, we give this bubba a world title and the Wrestling Journal calls us mother chucking geniuses and the heroes of the new era of pro wrestling.” Glancing at his watch, the adorkable one decided to close up his notes and start grabbing up all of his stuff. "Right, we should get going. Early start tomorrow if we’re going to beat CW to the arena.”

“And maybe, JUST MAYBE, Danny Church will stop demanding we burn at the stake. Alright, I will see you guys at the arena. In the morning.” Kevin pushed his chair back away from the table, and stood up. Heading toward the door, he added. “hey, if this works, I’ll have Claire put in a good word with Morgana for you, JP. Get it in, brother.” Kevin winked at his friend, but was out the door too fast for JP to reply.

The next day, at the Golden 1 Center...

Caiden Everett was surrounded by three people who were out of their goddamn minds. Who taught these men to speak like this? Did they know how to take turns? From what he’d gathered from their rambling, they actually had a plan for him, which was surprising to begin with… even more surprising? He was going fucking over. That was the only thing he’d gotten out of them, but no clarity.

Because they didn’t talk one at a time.

“SHUT UP. One at time! Go in a circle, fucking hell. How am I supposed to understand what you’re saying if you guys talk over each other endlessly!? Christ, it’s like talking to a bunch of children.”

JP leaned back in his chair and threw the empty breakfast bar wrapper into the nearby trash can before returning his attention to the mega star that sat opposite him and his good brothers. Swallowing down the last of his mid day snack, he began. "We get it, Caiden, you’re pissed because you think we haven’t been doing anything with you. Did you not hesitate to think maybe that was by design? A ploy by us to get you good and mad?” The adorkable one glanced over at his colleagues before carrying on. "I’ll put it bluntly; we have a plan for you my friend, a damn good one if I do say so myself. You are going over, CW. Not only that, by the end of this, you’re gonna be champ and you’re gonna have the best match in AWE history.”

"Of course, we could have told you this a lot earlier if you hadn’t gone into hiding since two weeks ago…” muttered Gary, who was stationed besides the door because Caiden admittedly made him nervous.

“Look, man. You drive things with your emotions, right? Well, we want this to be as real as possible. So channel how you felt about the company up till this point into your promos, your ring work. Make it seem real. Be passionate. That segment with Joy on Aftershock? That’s what we want. Don’t worry about what goes on outside of the company, we’ll handle blurring the lines as far as everything in the real world goes. People need to get worked by this — and they will. By the end of it, they’ll be wondering… is he really going to leave with the title? Did he go into business for himself? Gonna be great. Now, for the love of God… please don’t avoid us in the future, man.” Kevin suggested, dropping back the rest of a can of Red Bull as Caiden leaned back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling, lips slowly curling into a smile.

“Alright. Let’s see what I can do here. You’re giving me the opportunity I’ve been waiting my whole tenure here for, and I’d be stupid if I didn’t grab what’s being laid out for me, and made the most of it. I give you my word, this will be the best angle in the history of professional wrestling, not just the AWE.”

Collab with: @Lovely Complex

Location: Death Road → Death Camp
Interacting with: Crazy Bitch (Molly & Company)
Jace is involved since he's with Angel: @Silent Observer

While his older twin brother by fifteen minutes drove his Chevy Tahoe, Trent Kable, who would die if he ever did get his license, had his earbuds in and eyes closed, listening to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, avoiding listening to whatever godforsaken heart attack music his brother was blasting. He bobbed his head to the tune and shaked his hands to the King of Rock’s groove. He had to get his pre-jitters out, so listening to good, ol’ classics would help him prepare to go to camp and make friends, for his mama’s sake. He hadn’t paid much attention to how much time had passed from when they started in Las Vegas, to their destination, somewhere in Southern California. They had to take a few stops because Trent got antsy… long car rides was A LOT for him to deal with.

As if he was the only person in the car, and not really caring if he was disturbing his brother’s peace because Trent-boy had a short attention span and wouldn’t have remembered to be peaceful anyways, he started singing along with his music that only he could hear.

“Number forty-seven said to number three
‘You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see’
sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me~"

His iPod was on his lap and the boy didn’t think about anything besides Presley’s words. Any more thinking would make him NERVOUS. Hey, at least he looked hella’ dapper with his male colorful print design blouse, black jeans, and white bowtie. Dressed to impress like his sister taught him. Always got to impress someone and the first step was: make your body look good. Yepp. He was ready for camp and to make the ladies and men swoon with his smooth talk and killer looks. Can’t touch this! Trent was a ROCKSTAR.

That motherfucker.

That fucking prick.

Singing? Seriously? Who raised this kid? Were they autistic? What the fuck was he singing for? Evan Kable — who would only accept being called Kable — shot his brother a glare as he started to sing, hoping that would be enough to shut him the fuck up. When that failed, Kable did the only sensible thing. Punching on the touch screen of his SUV’s stereo, once he located his song, his finger turned the dial again and again until the car nearly shook on the road… then he turned it a few more clicks.

Sing now, bitch. Kable was certain that his brother wouldn’t even be able to hear his iPod’s music over the car stereo now. Kable was willing to drive in silence and brood, but Trent wanted to start shit. Well, that’s fine, Trent may like starting shit; Kable wasn’t a big fan of starting it… but he’d sure as fuck end it.

Aggressively, Trent pulled out his earbuds and leaned back in his chair. The fuck? Why is this so loud? Trying to overpower the music with his voice, which was hella’ hard, mind you, Trent gave his brother a dirty look, “YOU TRYING TO POP MY EAR DRUMS OR SUMTHIN?” Man, he’d have to dig into his backpack and find his earplugs. This was some straight up bull. If mama knew Kable was blasting music obnoxiously, she would have a conniption. This could KILL Trent. He would surely have a panic attack. Have no fear, he would do something that would help him focus on something else. The dorky kid rummaged through his bag in frustration. “WHY YOU GOTTA’ BE SO RUDE?”

Kable looked away from the road and directly in Trent’s eyes, wordlessly raising a hand off of the the wheel and giving his brother the finger. “GO HARD.” With that being said, Kable turned his attention back to the road and pressed the button to shut the stereo off in one fluid motion. “Don’t you ever sing within earshot of me ever again or I swear to god I’ll drive us into oncoming traffic. I got nothin’ to lose and even less to gain. Thanks for dragging me to bumfuck, California, asshole.”

“Hey! It isn’t my fault. I would’ve been happy staying at home with Sir Lancelot, but mum kept dropping these flyers under my door and then I thought, hey, maybe this could be a good experience for me. Think of this as a summer… a summer for love!” Taking out his drawing pad and his funky mustache pencil, he turned it over to the back page, which had a list. Do not sing or Kable will kill you.

“Yeah, I was gonna have a summer all about ‘love’ until Mom stabbed me in the back and used the knife to pop out the vertebrae. I have never been less excited for anything in my life.” He grumbled, glancing quickly down at the navigator. “We’ll be there in like twelve minutes apparently. Then we stay there. For ten. Fucking. Weeks. Ten weeks of my time. Stolen from me and repurposed so I can make sure no one hurts Mom’s precious little sunflower. So here I am. When I could be at Sonya’s place, with her coworkers doing things you don’t even know are physically possible. So thanks a ton.”

“Sonya’s friends… are a bit much.” Trent squinted his face at the thought of how intimidatingly sexual they all wore. Most weren’t even classy. Why didn’t his sister wear much clothes? HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND. “I think you’ll have a swell time, dear brother.”

“Bullshit. I think I’ll drown myself in the lake. Whatever man.” Kable shrugged his shoulders and rolled down the windows, letting the warm Californian wind into the vehicle as he turned down the road toward the camp, and in the distant horizon, he could see hell itself. “This is where they send you, to die. Under the Geneva convention, internment and death camps are a war crime. Just saying.”

His twin was not making this trip easy for him. Trent went silent after that comment. He didn’t want to think about death at camp… his mum wanted him to make friends. Bringing the sun visor down so he could look into the mirror to give himself one look check. His bow tie was crooked…

Straightening his tie, Trent locked eyes with himself and internally thought, You got this, chap. Be cool and everything will go swimmingly.

The Kable brothers arrived right on the dot and within seconds the Tahoe was parked in the dirt parking lot, designated for those that drove - like them. It wasn’t hard to notice the bus or the crowd beyond that. The geekier of the two was the first to exit and grab his duffel bag, backpack, and bag of miscellaneous goodies, “I hope I brought enough…” Leading the charge, but not straying too far from Kable, who honestly made him feel secure in this unknown place, Trent’s gaze went wide as the people inched closer with every step he took. He should turn back. They should go back. Oh god, he was going to die. Wasn’t he? THEY MUST GO BACK.

Yeah, piss off. LIke Kable was going to drive that far, for that long and just willingly let Trent turn them around. No, you brought this hell upon them, you dug our graves, dear brother. Now you lay on it. Without a word, Kable put a hand on Trenton’s neck and pushed him forward slightly. He didn’t need to speak; actions, like always, spoke much louder than plain words.

Stiffening at his brother’s touch, the socially awkward boy obediently trekked forward. When they joined the crowd, he frantically looked from side to side at all the people. So many people. There was this intimidatingly attractive woman calling out names and handing out envelopes. His mind however was flooded with the new faces around him and the chitter chatter. Tightly closing his fists together out of nervousness, he internally tried to build his confidence up to handle all… this.

Be cool, Trent.

As soon as their names were called, Kable stepped forward to receive the envelopes and held his brother’s out to him. Ripping open the envelope, Kable pulled out a King of Diamonds, and a piece of paper that declared him as a member of the cabin. Looking over at his brother, he furrowed his brow, “what’d you get?” He demanded, wanting to make sure that he and Trent were not in the same cabin, or even the same area.

“Jack...Diamonds.” Trent whispered, knowing very well his twin would not appreciate that response. Eh-hem.

Meanwhile at another section of the newcomers, Oliver stared glumly at his card — which did not match his girlfriend’s. “Bummer, I got da King o’ Diamonds. I don’t wanna be separate from you, that will make this trip suck.” Oliver complained in Molly’s direction, stuffing the card into his pocket. He didn’t bother looking at the Meet the Counselors section… what was the point when you already knew everyone?! Hopefully, he got someone good, though.

“OLIVER.” Molly was appalled by the results of her rooming assignment. WASN’T ASH HIS COUSIN? Did he not think to request putting them TOGETHER? Un-fucking-believable. “Spades? Do I look like a SPADES? Spades probably just has a bunch of EMOS and metalheads.”

Angel narrowed his eyes at Molly and gestured at his card that read the same exact thing that her’s said: Jack of Spades. “Do I look like a emo? OR a metalhead? And frankly, I don’t see a problem if that suit is filled with kids interested in those types of music.”

“Angel, you do wear a shit ton of black.” Molly crossed her arms and stared at the taller boy in a superior manner, “Plus, aren’t you even a little sad you won’t be in Diamonds with your puppy?”

“Please don’t call him that.”

“I agree with Molly, based solely on appearances, I could peg you as an emo,” Oliver said honestly, not even just agreeing with his girlfriend to agree. He was oddly pleased when Angel asked Molly not to call Jace a ‘puppy.’ That nickname made no sense and only made him think of that stupid Snapchat filter. “ANYWAY —”

“Just throwing in my two cents real quick, definitely an emo looking dude.” Alex added quickly, before grinning as Oliver shook his head and started speaking again.

“Scott and Logan told me to play the cards I get dealt, so I’m playing the cards I was dealt! It won’t be that bad, Mols.”

“Are you INSANE? STUPID? This is TEN weeks of us being on totally different areas of the camp. Look at this map.” Molly was one of the few, very few, campers that requested getting a map (she got her’s from Belle). “OLIVER.” She hissed in annoyance. “If you did your research or even prepared just a little bit, you would know how BAD our situation is.” Aggressively, she pointed at where she would be staying and then trailed her finger down the map to where he was staying. “At least Summer and Alex are the same freakin’ suit. This looks like a goddamn hike.”

“Because it is.” Summer chimed in. 25 minutes by foot, but if she wasn’t mistaken there were golf carts… though, not many. They could potentially snag one. Luckily, Alexander the Great had a plan to render golf-cart grand theft auto unnecessary — for now.

“Mols, go get that dude’s card. Look, he’s also a King of Diamonds, and he looks pretty pissed about it.” Alex said, pointing over at a tall looking fellow who had recently flicked his card in Ash’s direction and looked ready to stomp off and leave into the wilderness. “Dude throwin’ cards like Gambit. I can do that. Maybe. Probably. My brother can do that, I can’t, but he can. He gonna teach me. Then I can do that.”

“Brilliant, Alexander. Thank you for your glorious ideas. At least SOMEONE has them.” She swiftly turned her head toward her boyfriend and gave him a sassy glare, “Oliver.” And with that, the darling brunette flipped her hair and marched off, loudly demanding, “Angel. You too.”


The ‘emo-looking’ jock shrugged at the princess’ request and followed behind her, pulling his boyfriend with him. Angel wasn’t going to let him go just yet.

“‘Cuse me. Hi--”

“This is Kable, I’m Trent! We’re brothers. Well his name isn’t actually Kable, that’s our surname, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter, because he prefers being called… Kable.” Trent noticed attractive campers approach them and went off rambling.

“Uh-huh, yeah. Okay. Thanks.” With dull eyes, Molly blinked at the geeky boy and then looked back at her target.

Kable spoke before she could even get a word off, “the fuck you want, bitch? I look I’m in the mood to talk to someone right now? Do I?” He did not.

Internally, Molly was extremely triggered and if she didn’t WANT what he had, a.k.a his rooming assignment, she would have bitched him out right then and there. Giving him her calm, regal smile, Molly lifted her assignment up, which was in between her pointer and middle finger, “I want your rooming assignment.” Straight to the fucking point. “I see you’re in Diamonds, I want to be in Diamonds. This is my friend, Angelo, he’s in Spades, as am I. If we trade, he would be your roommate. Along with this hot Asian chick that I so happened to remember getting this here cabin.” She waved the card slightly. “Let’s trade or forever be angry at the entire world and set this camp on fire.”

”What? Why do you want to switch? And why would this dude being in there make it any more appealing to me, anyway?” Kable folded his arms over his chest. Why would he just change his room like that? Maybe fucking with Trent all summer would be fun. Hot Asian chick? That intrigued him, though.

Angel could feel Molly’s response coming, but he learned that when it came to a girl like her, you had to talk before she did or you’d be given the worst headache of your lifetime, “Probably because I don’t really give a fuck about… anything, besides this guy.” He gestured toward Jace and continued, “Her man will be in that exact cabin. And you’d be doing me a solid by getting her out of there.”

Trent looked over Jace’s shoulder and noticed they were in the same cabin, “Sweet! Looks like we’re roomies.”

“It’s not just because Oliver is there!” Molly protested.

”Oh. Whatever, man, take it.” Kable said, shrugging finally. He didn’t want to be with Trent anyway, so whatever. If it meant giving his card away to some crazy chick… then that’s what it meant. Plus, she wouldn’t be his problem anyway.

“Now time to tell Oliver I did all the work for him.” Molly rolled her eyes, after snatching the card off the ground, this guy was a fucking asshole, and pranced off to her boyfriend. Angel gave a sigh of relief. How Oliver did it…. he had no idea.
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