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Current Looking at the quirks in the my hero academia fandom wiki page. Some of these are so useless lol!
1 day ago
just learned that its legal to marry your house in winsconsin. huh.
2 days ago
@blackdragonsol, that is a beautiful idea. I remembered my 8th grade teacher had a water bottle labeled student tears on sharpie (just for the record I hated her guts
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2 days ago
Woo for you! Life without meds suck
4 days ago
I am here to save you! and rolechat


Hello I am unicorgi explorer of the internet.

I like very much
Any. Kind. Of. Fantasy.
If it’s got magic or out of normal thing I’m in
Monsters, zombies, post apocalyptic, vampires, ghost
You get the idea

I’m a free-casual roleplayer
Don’t like 1-1 roleplay tho

(First thing that popped in my head)
Just a city derp
Derpin In lonely world
She took the midnight derp gooiing aannyywwheere!!!

Fear me and my army of rainbow bananas!

Oof that is headache inducing
Hope I didn’t give anybody a seizure

Read all of mice and men in under two hours (lel I always read super far ahead of class) and I just wanna day

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figured somebody would get mad at me for that
won't happen again
the problem is thats not a picture
its a file containing a picture
what you wanna do is
1. download the PICTURE not the document (or you can screenshot it and crop it)
2. go to your profile and find your images tab
3. make a new folder in your images tab
4. add a new picture
5. find that picture in your files and choose it
6. right click on the picture in you images and copy the link
7. use that link for the image
need help fixing your picture?
uh oh, your picture didnt work
there are more personalities but these are the ones ive thought of and will play the biggest parts i think
also to be edited
personalty #4
preferred hairstyle: whatever (usually is whatever the previous personality had)
is the most unusual one
is a defense personality, only come out when attacked, turns into a giant wolf like black monster that looks like its on fire
when not a monster she is a 8 year old girl, is not concious all the time like the other personalities, is shy, quiet, and often confused because it feels like she has vaque voices in her head but she cant hear them clearly but can tell their intentions and what they want her to do vaguly (these voices are the other personalities, they are always concious and the dominant personality can hear what they say and they hear the dominant ones thoughts, millie cant hear them clearly and unlike them is not concious when she is not dominent) she is the most powerful and has amazing yet uncontrollable telekinetic ability
also to be edited
personality #3
preferred hairstyle: ponytail
the most basic and unoriginal personality, she is nice, calm, is slow to temper and acts completely normal, she holds no magic ability but is the most responsible
she is the best at interacting normally so she is usually the dominant personality.
to be heavily edited as well
personality #2
móran (shes the only one who goes by the given name)
preferred hairstyle: hair down
insane, mentally unstable
always has dark spots under her eyes like she hasn't slept for weeks or she left mascara on overnight
she is what keeps all the other personalities from going slowly insane, all their insanity is funnelled into her, she is the product of over 20 years of multiple people insanity due to being trapped in on body with many other people.
telekinetic (possibly other powers that she has just decided to keep a secret)
will be heavily edited just sending out a basic thing
personality #1 (shes not a main this is just the order im typing them in, there is no main personality)
preferred hairstyle: tight bun

highly intelligent, has genius iq
lacks emotion
has multiple personalities (magical not the actual disability)
they are all the same person but they are different people, im not gonna explain this
móran=scottish Gaelic means many, numerous, multiple, etc
doe= john/jane doe is the name given to unidentifiable people or bodies
blonde hair that goes does past shoulders, has eyes that change colors but are mostly blue or brown
body shape, flat chest, straight legs, and chest is pretty straight as well besides a bit of a upside down triangle shape
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