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Either way, I'm good :)
Sorry for taking so long. Was trying to figure out a way to break into the door and subsequently keep it shut right after. I saw some roller shutter doors with a lock that one could get to from the outside so I went with a little writer's prerogative to get us in.

But didn't you introduce the concept that there was a door in the back? That's the one Jess and Taeyeon has now fled through.

(sorry, didn't read your post right)

The shutter door was meant to inspire cooperation between characters. As they worked together to get the heavy thing open and get to all the valuable resources.

We can still do something like that of course, but right now our character are divided because of contradicting posts.

Maybe we can find an explanation? And maybe you could include that it took a few strong backs to get the shutter open (the big ones are normally opened with an electronic mechanism, I believe. So doing it manually might prove difficult for just one person). That way it still makes sense that no scavengers before them where able to open the thing.
Should I just write another post?
I want to push the story forward, but I'm afraid to god mod anyone.

Finally got my computer back.

Btw, @Unknown100 that door you had mentioned awhile back. What kind was it?

I was imagining Roller Shutters like this:…
@KatKook If you want to, maybe your character could run through the back door also before we close it? Then she could be included fairly quickly.

The sheer number of rotten figures appearing took Jess’ breath away. Chilling fingers closed around her spine and fear gripped her heart. Somehow, she was both cold and sweating at the same time and for a moment her legs didn’t respond.
“Oh, god! Oh, god!” she panicked before calming herself and taking a look at the people at her side.
She followed Alex and Kiley towards the door in the back, when suddenly a smelling creature came from around the corner of a rack. Something vaguely resembling a human face sneered at her and grabbed her by the collar. Its weight and the utter surprise wrestled Jess to the ground.
It felt more like instinct than will, when she turned its grip and somehow got on top of it.
Her trainer always said her moves would come to her automatically and without her really thinking.
Her current opponent hardly cared when she broke its arm and shifted her weight and pinned its head into the floor. She signaled for Alex to continue with his sister, before firing six hooks into the back of the Walker’s head.
Only then did a realization hit Jess. She was facing an opponent that would never submit. Would never get knocked out. A monster that did not care about pain. Her approach and the elbows she sent into its skull mattered little.
She almost lost balance when the living corpse struggled, showing no signs of discomfort, and even more cadavers were closing in.
Shit, shit, shit!
Jess jumped up and did a low spinning sweep kick to a nearby threat with some of her last energy. The thing went down, but did not seem to mind that much, so she ran towards the back door, hoping that Alex had a way to lock it.

@KatKook@alexfangtalon@The Abyss

Interactions: Sliver @BladeSS4
Location: Queens, New York.

“There’s a bar around the corner, Mad’s bar. Fine place if you like your liquor without ice.”
Gwen waved him along. Their outfits were perhaps a bit too formal for a place like that and a few people followed the two of them, as they entered. Gwen and James sat down and only needed to yell their drinks for the bartender to get to work.
She didn’t really sip on her Rom and cola, more like poured it down and ordered another. The man in front of her actually didn’t look that bad. Especially after a few drinks. She looked at him for a while and a smile sneaked its way onto her face.
“You’re a peculiar man, James. In that suit you would fit right into a business meeting,” she said in a playful tone. “But why are you actually in Queens? Did you worry about me?”
Underneath the table and strange smell of strawberries, Gwen’s leg brushed against his.
“Or are you here on business?”
Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe the loss. Maybe something else made her say these things. At this point it didn’t matter.
The room was buzzing with activity, but all Gwen heard was the steady breathing of James.
Yeah, I'm waiting for a response.
I'll try. The reason I haven't responded yet is because my computer has been having issues this past week. It's in the repair shop so I'll be able to use it soon. I can try using my ps4 or phone to get something out quick to move things along if needed?

Well, it's your choice. But I sure wouldn't expect you to write an entire post on a phone ;)
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