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January 1st, 8.07 PM
Midtown Metropolis

(Interacting with: @Zero Hex@praxitilies@Mr Nim@Blazion@Sir Lurksalot)

Ares’ monstrosity laid defeated, if not completely torn apart. Metropolis would have to keep busy in order to clean and repair everything tomorrow, but today it had been saved.
"I don't suppose any of you would like to check it out with me?" Preston asked, referring to the ship.
“I am sorry. I must return to the Justice Station,” Diana answered. “But…”
With the dust and powdered Hydra settling, she walked forward and slammed her hand into Champion’s in a greeting few could survive. However, he could. She shook his hand for an additional second.
“Well done.” She let go and turned to each and everyone. "Truly you all fought with the valor of Olympus this day. Well done indeed, friend-Justice League.”
You did what I could not…
Diana didn’t say it. In her heart, she was too relieved to be petty.
Ares wouldn’t stop. His rampage would only increase. When muscle and teeth failed, he would turn to new means. As the bridge between worlds, it was Diana’s duty to prevent it, but she couldn’t like this. Saving kittens from trees and assisting firefighters would in the end let the whole world burn. She would have to save her strength and keep her mind and blade sharp. Trailing Ares would always land her one step behind. Only when secluding herself, only when giving everything to this one cause, would she stand a chance to truly stop another disaster like this.
Diana envied the heroes around her. She envied how concern didn’t seem to wear them down. She took a step back, readying herself to return to the station. A lone Amazon forced to carry the world on her shoulders like the titan Atlas.
I can give some closure to the battle in a near future. However, for now I won't be a very active player (if this RP survives, I hope it does). But I'm planning to let her return and be an active part at some point.
I'm really sorry I haven't been more active. But I'm glad you all dealt with the hydra :)
@Unknown100 I had a dream last night that I fist fought you. It was actually your avatar, but in the dream I knew it was you. I apologize.

Haha. Well, I look a little different than my avatar in real life :D
Did I win?
I think the implication is for Tobias to switch from Thunder and Lightning, to snow and hail?

That's not a bad idea :)
So wait, you're going with "cold water", not even super freezing temperatures or anything, to put down an aquatic mythical creature that's currently being set on fire as an approved and historically accepted weakness?

No no, super freezing is pretty actuate for the sea that time a year, I suppose. And it's just one idea for something that doesn't contradict anything that the IC has set up.
Does anyone else want to add anything before Tobias brings down the Hammer? Also, how much damage should actually be done to the Hydra?

Well, what exactly is that suppose to mean? Hopefully not that he can just solo the creature :p

Maybe killing the thing shouldn't be a display of just strength, but also wit. Hmmm, now that I think about it, reptiles don't do well in cold water, regardless of the number of heads. And it is winter in the IC.
My post in the IC has become a ... well, IC post. I am guilt-free!!!
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry, guys! :)

It's been edited. If no one else post before me (which they are welcome to do), I'll just edit it with the text when I got the time.

January 1st, 7.49 PM
Midtown Metropolis

(Interacting with: @Zero Hex@praxitilies@Mr Nim@Blazion)

The raging hydra trampled forward without much sense of direction. The heads that did wish to turn an animalistic resentment towards Diana failed to turn the shared body around. Shattered debris rained from the crumbling buildings and only the roars of monsters and the screams of the innocent echoed.
On street level, Diana considered the words of Mister Budo.
“I would not place too much trust in myths. Most serve to water down the dread and tell people there is hope to be had, when facing a world-ender. On Themyscira a central head was never part of the tale. However… yes, burning the neck might just work. You speak reason, Mister Budo,” she assured him.
Burning absolutely ever neck seem like an impossible task. The endurance one head had, and the sheer destruction it could unleash, made the heroes’ odds slim. What would keep the beast from simply multiplying anew? That being said, the heroes needed a plan, and this was more than the 'great' Wonder Woman had come up with in these dire circumstances.
Clothed in the Iron Fang Armor, Grim touched down right next to her.
”Wonder Woman, I have to wonder just what happened to your communicator this time!” Grim said.
“It broke. The world of men should not make such important object out of paper mache.”
Or was it titanium? I keep confusing those two materials, Diana wondered.
“Regardless of fault… which may be very much mine… it is good to see you friend-Grim.”
The last part was almost drowned out by the enchanted attack by Tobias on the Hydra. The best opening for delivering some real damage to the damn thing, they had.
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