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So ... dead?
I did begin a CS. Got quit far, but then lack of spare-time announced itself. So it could look like it won't be this time around I join. I am planning to read what everybody else writes though :)
I've had my eye on this RP quit a lot of times. I've also been back and forth on whether I got the time right now.
But would you be willingly to give me a chance? Was thinking about joining as Zatanna. So the RP would get a surface dwelling magic user.
It's fine. I'm still here :)
Who posts next? Let's get this Walker story on the roll! :D

Jess wasted no time on debating strength or gender roles, as she hurried over to Alex, trying to help him move the massive fridge. She got more than a few surprising looks when her thin frame actually made a real difference and the damn thing started to move.
The fridge roared louder than any Walker while the two of them dragged it across the dull linoleum floor. Using most of her remaining strength, Jess tightened just about every muscle in her thigh and pushed forward.
“Wait it out. Definitely wait it out,” Jess said to Alex. Only now had she really made up her mind.

Recent events had turned the borrowed clothing on her body rather sweaty and this certainly didn't dry it.
The nifty trick Kiley had begun, and Sadie imitated, looked to pay off. Yet through the commotion Kiley seemed to look at Jess as if she was some kind of superwoman.
Around her, people had split on whether this was a flight or fight situation.

Finally, the refrigerator was in place.
“Alright, pretty boy,” Jess moaned with on final effort, “what now?”

Either way, I'm good :)
Sorry for taking so long. Was trying to figure out a way to break into the door and subsequently keep it shut right after. I saw some roller shutter doors with a lock that one could get to from the outside so I went with a little writer's prerogative to get us in.

But didn't you introduce the concept that there was a door in the back? That's the one Jess and Taeyeon has now fled through.

(sorry, didn't read your post right)

The shutter door was meant to inspire cooperation between characters. As they worked together to get the heavy thing open and get to all the valuable resources.

We can still do something like that of course, but right now our character are divided because of contradicting posts.

Maybe we can find an explanation? And maybe you could include that it took a few strong backs to get the shutter open (the big ones are normally opened with an electronic mechanism, I believe. So doing it manually might prove difficult for just one person). That way it still makes sense that no scavengers before them where able to open the thing.
Should I just write another post?
I want to push the story forward, but I'm afraid to god mod anyone.
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