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@Unknown100 I had a dream last night that I fist fought you. It was actually your avatar, but in the dream I knew it was you. I apologize.

Haha. Well, I look a little different than my avatar in real life :D
Did I win?
I think the implication is for Tobias to switch from Thunder and Lightning, to snow and hail?

That's not a bad idea :)
So wait, you're going with "cold water", not even super freezing temperatures or anything, to put down an aquatic mythical creature that's currently being set on fire as an approved and historically accepted weakness?

No no, super freezing is pretty actuate for the sea that time a year, I suppose. And it's just one idea for something that doesn't contradict anything that the IC has set up.
Does anyone else want to add anything before Tobias brings down the Hammer? Also, how much damage should actually be done to the Hydra?

Well, what exactly is that suppose to mean? Hopefully not that he can just solo the creature :p

Maybe killing the thing shouldn't be a display of just strength, but also wit. Hmmm, now that I think about it, reptiles don't do well in cold water, regardless of the number of heads. And it is winter in the IC.
My post in the IC has become a ... well, IC post. I am guilt-free!!!
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry, guys! :)

It's been edited. If no one else post before me (which they are welcome to do), I'll just edit it with the text when I got the time.

January 1st, 7.49 PM
Midtown Metropolis

(Interacting with: @Zero Hex@praxitilies@Mr Nim@Blazion)

The raging hydra trampled forward without much sense of direction. The heads that did wish to turn an animalistic resentment towards Diana failed to turn the shared body around. Shattered debris rained from the crumbling buildings and only the roars of monsters and the screams of the innocent echoed.
On street level, Diana considered the words of Mister Budo.
“I would not place too much trust in myths. Most serve to water down the dread and tell people there is hope to be had, when facing a world-ender. On Themyscira a central head was never part of the tale. However… yes, burning the neck might just work. You speak reason, Mister Budo,” she assured him.
Burning absolutely ever neck seem like an impossible task. The endurance one head had, and the sheer destruction it could unleash, made the heroes’ odds slim. What would keep the beast from simply multiplying anew? That being said, the heroes needed a plan, and this was more than the 'great' Wonder Woman had come up with in these dire circumstances.
Clothed in the Iron Fang Armor, Grim touched down right next to her.
”Wonder Woman, I have to wonder just what happened to your communicator this time!” Grim said.
“It broke. The world of men should not make such important object out of paper mache.”
Or was it titanium? I keep confusing those two materials, Diana wondered.
“Regardless of fault… which may be very much mine… it is good to see you friend-Grim.”
The last part was almost drowned out by the enchanted attack by Tobias on the Hydra. The best opening for delivering some real damage to the damn thing, they had.

January 1st, 7.47 PM
Midtown Metropolis

(Interacting with: @Zero Hex@praxitilies@Mr Nim)

Flying high above the beast, Diana saw a scenery of teeth. Some snapped at her, others unleashed their fury on the city. The goddess Hera had heard Diana’s prayer and granted her a champion in the form of Mister Budu. Gracefully he did his acrobatics on the street, avoiding the agile tails and getting people to safety. There was a certain comfort in knowing that this man could succeed in keeping people safe, as long as the tails were condensed into a single street. Diana needed to keep it that way, meanwhile she had little power over the demon’s direction. Its random riot ripped through building after building that couldn’t possibly all be empty.
Time was of the essence. That knowledge fueled her as she dived into the ocean of Hydra heads and started dealing damage. She pushed down on one’s skull, creating a shockwave, and launched at a head biting down on the fifth floor of an office complex. Her sword penetrated the eyes of one beast and went on to blind another. More and more heads turned at her, and with her shield she managed to break the front teeth of a particularly manic head.
A series of thunderous punch sounded when a new warrior entered the fight. Flying around and creating some sore spots for the Hydra, was a mysterious man-like person with a tail.
The heroic symphony got a contribution when magic started to rain down on the mythologic creature. A fairly elegant man in a coat summoned mystical arts against the threat.
Hope was rising on the bitter battlefield.
That’s when one mouth suddenly struck. Immediately teeth were pressing down on Diana's shield and fangs graced her shoulder, drawing blood. She yelled out and used the frustration to push the head backwards, when another then hit her. Her body lunged downwards. She was smashed against tough scales and her weapons slipped from her grasp. The hard surface didn't wait for her to recover and threw her off. Like a ragdoll she was knocked around, each encounter bashing more life out of her.
Finally, her hand managed to grab hold of the rough skin of a neck.
That’s when she noticed it.
The sky was gone. All people and reminders of good were nowhere to be seen. Diana had been tossed in the middle of the jungle of heads. She hardly knew what was up or down. Everywhere she looked were long necks and heads moving between each other. Not a single sunbeam could enter. This was where gods and men came to die, a wilderness of certain doom. Blood poured from her arm as a reminder of her mortality. As was her sore limbs.
Dammit, Diana, fight through the pain! Kick through the dread! Your destiny is to be a light in the dark, to be these people’s Wonder Woman! Do not…
She was squeezed against to squirming heads.
Do not die like…
Strong jaws tried to reach her.
Something smacked her with the force of a comet and hurled her numb figure sideways. Barely awake she saw recognizable evils assembled above her. One hydra head, staring down, had broken teeth. One with gashes across the face. One had to sniff her, since its eyes were missing and many others had similar hurts.
… Their injuries have not healed … They cannot.
All of the heads had another thing in common. Not only were they wounded and did not take part in the rampage. All of them had been personally wronged by Diana. Their instinct was not animalistic rage but a flaming resentment.
They can hold grudges!
Light entered the shadowy inferno as one of Diana’s allies must have attacked enough heads to generate an opening for her.
With persistent attackers biting at her, she flew towards the exit and made a less than elegant escape into the street outside.
Spitting out pieces of pavement, she stumbled back on her feet. Unarmed, but still with a fighting spirit.
<Snipped quote by Unknown100>

We could do that but then we'd have two edit to posts including the actual Hydra intro, wouldn't that be more complicated than just @praxitilies editing his posts to fit the timeframe? Since he just has to change a number and isn't interacting with anyone.

IMO, it feels like even having the fight extend for just 30 minutes would be the best call. Half an hour is a hell of a fight and a lot of wrecking Metropolis, and plenty of time for other heroes to get the heads up via reports and make their way to the encounter IC.

OOC, if we do at least a couple more posts around that 7:45 pm time we give other players room to finish up their own stories in other time frames and jump into this encounter if they want to, seems like something other JL people might want in on.

This way Wonder Woman gets to face the big threat from her big bad, do her thing, face adversity and then gain new appreciation for other heroes when they show up to help, other players can get in on this with less of a hassle and obviously I get to do cool shit with my character because I jumped at the chance first =^).

Awesome! :)
<Snipped quote by Unknown100>

I mean, when you have a Hydra that is that big, AND it's smart enough to self-harm to create more heads, it's gonna attract some attention

Yeah... I was kinda hoping for that.

In the beginning I was kinda like:
Okay ... not really sure how to integrate Wonder Woman ... hmmmm, maybe make her hang out at the Justice Station ... look at that newcomer. But I have no idea where that's heading or if my character has anything to do in that scene ... hmmm, there doesn't seem to be any major explosions going off inviting Wonder - YOU KNOW WHAT! I'LL JUST MAKE MY OWN MAJOR EVENT!
And the Hydra kinda just "grew" from there. Pun intended.
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