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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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Jailhouse Rock

In his bed Sinclaire laid gripping his right arm in particular as Gargoyle’s grasp had done its worst on his dominant hand, trembling he popped a jar of pills open and tossed a unassuming one in his mouth downing a glass of water. He knew there should be surging pain through his limbs that he should be unable to even move, but as his fingers grasped the cup he cursed. Cursed at his own powerlessness to see things done; while he had saved the day the sun still rose without him in the city and more would crime would go unanswered. “Fu#$ing shit!” Following a crash against the wall as shards rained down to the tile below and Sinclaire pushing himself off the bed as he tried to fight his own current state, a mix of anger and frustration washed over him as his legs gave way beneath him. Perhaps Sinclaire Adams’ greatest fault was his own pride his need to never let himself feel useless, a waste of space that otherwise would have been any other human being if it weren’t for powers.

Over the intercom a Nurse began to page for Doctor Winters. “Dr. Winters, your presence is required at the front desk, Dr. Winters to the front desk.” Hanging up the phone, she turned to the man. “He’ll be right with you, Mrs. Patton already informed us you might be arriving.”

With a brisk pace Dr. Winters approached, as he signed off other documents and prescribed treatments. “Yes yes, what do you need Nurse?”

“Two visitors here to see you.”

At the front desk, there stood two superhumans. The first was the bird-headed hero dubbed the Son of Osiris. A kitsune-like woman, who wore a costume far more colorful than Osiris’ Egyptian themed outfit, accompanied the man. The two heroes stuck out in the hospital like a sore thumb. The Son of Osiris was the first to approach Dr. Winters, while Firefox followed close behind.

“You two are clearly not injured, so is there anything I can help you with, I need to make my rounds soon.”

We are here to see a certain Sinclair Adams. The good people over at S.P.A.R.K. mentioned during the news conference that he was in need of medical assistance, the Son of Osiris telepathically communicated with the doctor, although he did not even consider how the man would react to telepathy for the first time.

A bit of shock grasped the Doctor as he steadied himself. “I had a colleague who worked as the Espers personal Doctor, and he’d always mention how unnerving telepathy was. But dear god, I do think he underplayed it. Fine. S.P.A.R.K., yes, um Oh yes that’s right Mrs. Patton’s new program. I’ve been dealing with patients all day so her little project hasn’t really made its way into my lexicon. I won’t take offense to you offer for medical aid if you promise not to hold what you’ll see against him. This way.” Setting his clipboard down on the desk and sliding it over to one of the nurses he lead Osiris and his female companion towards Sinclaire’s room.

Grasping the side of the bed frame Sinclaire began pulling himself off the floor as he heard a knock. “Now, it’s best I go first.”

Raising his voice he yelled at Eddie. “Fu@# do you want, I’m fine just fine. I don’t need your help!”

I thought this was the reason why you handed us your business card at the day when the Game Genie attacked the city, the Son of Osiris mentioned to the broken Hound Dog.

“Fu@#ing telepaths! I’M Always handing out my cards I.”

“We’re the premiere team on this side of the country. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” Firefox interjected before the Son of Osiris could answer back. She could tell that his telepathy was not settling well with Hound Dog and thought they needed a different approach.

Stuttering for a second Hound Dog reconstructed himself. “I, I’m sorry. Taught never to raise my voice in front of a Doll. I.” Hound Dog said as he reached for his comb and with shaken nerves dropped it between his fingers. “I.. I just need a moment.”

Winters placed his hand on Osiris’s shoulder. “I’ve been his doctor ever since he came into this hospital, his condition has placed quite the toll on him. He’s normally well composed but in times like these.” He said leaning in closer. “He gets his temper from his mother, and he hates himself for it.”

His stuttering stopped he began to construct his sentences according to his persona he crafted. “I. Sorry dollface, I let myself get too frosted. Never liked being cooped up. I’d like to apologize, offer my sincerest apologies. So what are youse all here for?” Hound Dog said managing to lift himself onto the bed.

“Apology accepted,” Firefox said while biting her lip. If he were not confined to a hospital bed, she would have given him an earful for calling her dollface. “Now, let Osiris proceed with what we came here to do.”

“I don’t think I dig. What are youse all here to do exactly.” Hound Dog said, confused and with a pang of guilt for letting his act slip raising his voice and getting a rise out of his anger.

“Did Mrs. Patton not inform you yet, you didn’t watch the broadcast?”

“Nah, forgot to tune in, had Happy Days on the tube, season ten episode fifteen. Got real into it and just let that slip by. Why?”

“Mrs. Patton was seeking out aid for your more critical injures. Didn’t let on how bad, just mentioned a broken arm is all. You should look that up she started up some hero program.”

Letting that sink in, the fact that Osiris came to heal him sank his spirits more. “Geeze, and here I am being a wet rag, no even worse an ass. Look I am terribly sorry I acted that way, I don’t know how I’ll ever make that up to youse all.”

Just promise to be more careful next time, the Son of Osiris suggested. There may be a day where I am unavailable to heal such severe wounds.

The Son of Osiris then approached the medical bed and raised his ankh-topped staff above the bed-ridden Hound Dog.

Don’t worry. This won’t hurt. Soon, all of your injuries shall be a thing of the past.

“How much does that go back, could it heal all? A handy cure all, a grand panacea couldn’t exist. Right?” Hound Dog questioned.

I’m empowered by the god who holds power over life and death. It is very possible.

Hound Dog slumping back let himself think. Gods, what crazy bull have I gotten myself into. What are the chances I’d meet some crazy Clyde claiming his powers came from a god. It’s almost too impossible to imagine. Sometimes I think I’m the crazy one.

Thinking on the possibility that he could walk again, without his powers if need be, he could feel pain and the weight of his steps, and at the same time negate his dream of walking by his own scientific mind. “I don’t know how I feel about that. I’ve had a lot of time to focus on my education as a child and I worked hard so that one day I could work on a device to restore limb functions not just for myself but others. Devices based on my own powers, that would in theory jumpstart cellular regeneration. I studied electrostatics, theoretical physics and anatomy. I’m no super genius but I worked my ass off trying to create a theoretical device a breakthrough that would restore nerve connections through electrical stimulation.”

While I have no desire to crush your dreams, please consider this. With that sort of injury, if your powers were ever nullified, you would be helpless in what might be an extremely dangerous situation. I won’t go against your wishes, but at least hear me out.

“I wouldn’t actually use my powers. The whole theory I’m working on is I can replicate them with less output. As that much electricity would fry a normal human being. ” Hound Dog responded still uneasy but a part of him understands that without his powers he’d be paralyzed again, just like he was when he faced Gargoyle to an extent. If Gargoyle’s tech affected his powers directly instead of just nullifying attacks he’d be unable to even defend himself. “But I dig that if my chassis were nullified I see your point. I am worried that my powers might harm myself again.” Hound Dog said as he rolled up his sleeve and revealed the arm under his hospital gown to be charred and damaged. “You dig what I mean.”

It is your choice to make. I will not hold it against you either way.

“Other than looking like a hotdog that’s been in a broiler too long, I’m more worried that I’ll face off against more tech that Gargoyle had or those who made them. If the Hounds mass produce those even if they simply blocked attacks I’d be fucked. And I got the jets to see that possibility. So yeah. Go all the way.” He said a part of him felt guilt and another relieved that he’d at least no longer have to be worried about wheelchairs the next time something happens to his powers.

When Hound Dog had finally given him the appropriate permission, the Son of Osiris channelled his magical powers through his staff and began healing the boy’s broken body. Slowly, Hound Dog’s body slowly began to regenerate. HIs wounds all but disappeared, even his broken spine, which had plagued him since childhood. In a matter of seconds, Hound Dog was as good as new.

However, since he had used his healing powers to cure two extreme injuries within a short amount of time, the Son of Osiris’ stamina was almost drained. He stumbled backwards. His feet could barely hold him. Firefox immediately jumped forward and gave him a shoulder to rest on.

“You need to rest, Osiris,” Firefox suggested to her teammate. She then turned to Hound Dog. “And you need to make the most of this opportunity. One of our strongest assets against the Hounds is now sidelined to heal you and that Arthur guy. Don’t make his sacrifice be in vain.”

“Oh I will. I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and those Hounds are a great party favor to smash up. Just need a place to go, you wouldn’t know where I can find a bunch of them do you?”
wat up kids

Nothing fellow Human.
Original size my god

Altered size
Alaskan Federation

With the night looming North lit a cigar something they ran out of early on back home, while tobacco was still a thing among those who could make it; premium smokes had all been consumed. “How,” North said coughing “do people smoke these.” Smothering it in the ashtray North looked out the window onto the lights that illuminated the streets, thinking. If only we could harness this industrial might, I fear however that House and company have no interest in those who crawl their streets. Pouring himself a nightcap North laid himself down earlier than expected but nonetheless ready to awake the next morning.

As the hours cranked out days and weeks flew on the calendar recycled from years past a crew was on the tarmac setting up lights along the runway, "It’ll be a good while before these Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel arrive but having all in order beforehand was something Miss Heartgrove ordered as North had not quite docked." Said the worker to those gathered along the Airport's runway.

The Butcher at the port city of Stanton looked upon the waves as he sunk his cleaver halfway into a slab thicker than his arm the blood pooling at his feet until it swelled over into the sidewalk racing down to meet North Ashland as he stepped foot on the rickety dock sticking to his boot like glue. Taking note of the large ship that arrived the Butcher hung his best pieces crudely impaling the chunks onto rusted hooks before yelling “YOU THERE! Get the finest meats in town! Everything from Earth Whale to a Northern Stag all at Harry’s Humongous Weiners. Come down and have a slab to take home to suckle.” Harry looked right into the eyes of a passing ranger who seemed to be wholly uninterested in everything he was selling, breaking off the momentary glance and returning to speak with one of his aides as they walked down the cobblestone and far from sight.

With beer in hand Nuke, the de facto mayor and deputy by circumstance stood over the police station balcony a sheriff wanted paper hung to the wall by a single tack. Ever since the rangers finally made a move on Warren Judge the mayor had hightailed it only to be gunned down miles away in a shack he set up for safety, leaving this city without a mayor and a drunkard who many questioned the actual gender of despite her endowments sitting in the highest office. The buds falling to the floor on a stained ashtray stand still crackled while Nuke lit up yet another cigarette her hand shook as she spotted North along the road. “Oi!” Flipping up her middle finger as she leapt over the rails. “When you gonna get someone’s a## up here you &*^*( before I snap dealing with these &&*()*. You come in here depose the mayor and yet leave me in charge!? When youse guys gonna send someone to run the place!?”

Stopping North shifted his foot and addressed her.”Nuke, as I told you we’re sending someone to deal with the lawlessness here.”

“Yeah and in the meantime it’s me and my one good arm keeping things in order, I have half a mind to pop a load off in your a@#. And I’m well equipped to do just that.” Tugging at her army fatigues as her duster covered her leather breastplate.

North replied with a chuckle, “I’d like to see you try bending me over but I am afraid I do have other business that needs my attention. I have not forgotten and will send someone capable soon.”

Nuke scoffed, brushing her hair back from the shaved side of her head.”Quick to end a war, slow to police your new territories. Being too nice and sending rangers all over isn’t gonna help protect what you have. But fine. Come back anytime, I’ll show you my place next time and force you to assume the position.” Cringing North looked away thinking ”Note to self, keep away from Stanton, and it’s bars. While Nuke kept her eyes on the rangers as they moved towards the gates.

However back at the docks, a sailor the rangers brought along wandered up to the Butcher while he was picking fat off his chin from the wild swings his cleaver took to slice up the cuts of hindquarters. “Fancy some butt,” He said as he slapped the meat in front of him. “See that tenderness, choice chops right there.”

“How much for a 12 ounce?”

With a grin which showed his mangled teeth the Butcher brought out a scale and pointed to his sign.
Briley Patton CEO of Poseidon Energies

Guest Starring

With a sigh, as the cameras ready to roll Briley stepped up to a podium with a clear pulpit of plastic. With men in the booth they started to get everything ready for their six pm announcement, Briley took a sip of water setting the glass on the shelf of the pulpit as condensation was smeared on the clear surface. She pulled notes out of her grey suit pocket just as the lights turned green; Riley stood just off stage ready to approached when she was called, Mrs. Patton had requested her to appear for public support and to ensure her enemies would have a difficult time making a move with Riley thrust in the spotlight proper.

“Good evening, Poseidon Energies rarely requests a TV time slot, and with the loss of Strike which many had only heard of in rumor it put us in an unusual spot. Having fulfilled contracts for the aforementioned agency we understood the need for agencies that aided heroes. Whether you hate or love them heroes are a genie we can not simply put back in the bottle it’s too late for that theirs is a presence that only seems to swell and with that in mind we at Poseidon have taken a stance one against terror. We will give heroes the support and guidance they need to properly deal with the Hound threat, these murderers of innocents have ran rampant for too long. The recent attack on Lost Haven University an institution for learning is unacceptable and that is only the most recent atrocities. With us we have a special guest who will be joining us shortly but before that I’d like to present you with S.P.A.R.K or the Special Power Applications, Research, and Knowledge division.” The screen behind her changed from a simple background to the banner for SPARK which depicted a scene of science and supers in the same room.

“The goal of Spark is the research and aid for heroes whether it be their powers, gadgets or care. Those who take up the mantle of hero will need assistance as those who continue to spread villianly and terror rise obtain more advanced tools of destruction they in turn need to combat this ingenuity. And with that let me introduce you all to one of our local heroes who has agreed to lend her talent and aid.”

There was a slight gasp from the crowd that broke into polite but enthusiastic applause as Riley, known to many of those gathered here as the superheroine Voyager, swept onto the stage with a slight flourish. Briley had made sure that Voyager would look her best for this appearance, going so far as to add some foundation to hide a rather stubborn bruise from her last encounter with the Hounds, and judging by the crowd response that was paying off in dividends. Already glowing with enthusiasm, Voyager paused to wave at the gathered news cameras before approaching the podium.

“Hello everyone!” she began, recalling the prepared words that Briley had set up with her. “My name is Voyager, and I’m pleased to announce that I am the first hero to join the SPARK team!” There was a beat as Voyager continued. “And…hopefully not the last!” There was an appreciative chuckle from the crowd as Voyager hopped aside to let Briley continue with her segment.

“Along with Voyager here who has gladly accepted to be on the broadcast we have Hound Dog’s assistance as well. Who cannot be here due to a broken arm. That said if there are any metas gifted in healing Poseidon would like to speak with you, like Osiris of the Immortals.”

As the announcement was being broadcasted others would take note, many of whom the terrorists who Briley had blatantly called out but one well dressed individual just sat back in his chair and spoke one word. ”Neat.” While he drank a glass and turned to his wife ”What’s our schedule dear?”

However also at Gomorrah a couple just past the entrance and seemingly started to mosey over towards the slot machines carrying rather large briefcases before turning to the other, “We got five minutes. Make this quick.” And taking off in seperate directions.
Double Post


Flowers are not always Sweet

With the morning hours just about over, Eva sat watching the little people the Clan as they were. Children were exhausted the Elders famished. Eva’s watch ticked and the Clan just wasn’t ready to move out. “Dearie, we are auld unprepared, all auur food auur supplies gone. We have young aunes who need nourishment and in no condition to move anymore. We will need a while to rest.”
”I’ll get some things, food, milk water? Sound okay?” As the greying Elder gave a nod Eva popped through a door. While things at the Hero Diner progressed slowly.

“We don’t know who ordered the assassination, only that they were not expecting anyone with powers or abilities.” Rosie said as she looked at the files they had on the would be Hitman. “This one is average, skilled but not equipped to deal with heroes. Any normal person would be a fairly easy target.”

Mulling around between organizing the anti Hound watch and response force and the matter of a attempted murder Rosie was nowhere near able to dedicate heroes to this matter, that was until American Rocket returned slipping off his flight jacket. “Afternoon Rosie, a cuppa joe for me and our new friend here. Who has something you’d be interested in.”

Rosie eyed the gal, aside from the ripped dress and pink locks the girl seemed to be average but she knew who she was, “Flower. The Berserker in a Dress. Why is she here?”

“Why!? Why you ask, well because my employer knows who put the hit on Eva. Kinda surprising really wouldn’t have guessed. It was the Family, the Mother and Father. Don’t know why but they wanted her out discreetly.” Flower said with a pretty smile despite her roughed up appearance.

“And your employer is whom?” Rosie asked thinking there must be a catch.

“Someone with money and power. I’m sure you know the Supernatural community is in a tizzy and he wants to restore balance and best way, bring together a team. He wants Eva, as she wields Excalibur. Chance that I'd meet the only person who'd meet the description for the new King of Britain. And chance even more I'd be working for someone wanting to know who that might be.”

“Okay, assuming I believe this employer of yours is a kind soul. Discrete is not what I’d call hiring an assassin. I’ve seen plenty of nobles in my day, rich folk who play the long game not hire out help to off their kids.”

“I know right! But hey boss says it was them, though in this messed up world you never know. Could be clones, evil clones. Or maybe the Father isn’t as smart as he should be; the guy married into the name, weaseled his way in with the daughter and stole her heart. Likely doesn’t have a good bone in his body.” Slipping herself into a chair one could almost forget that she currently acted as a mercenary with the dignified care she showed merely taking a seat. “But I could use a drink before we continue. Got any brandy?”

Rosie narrowed her eyes and spoke calmly. “Have an ID?”

--- Elsewhere ---

”She isn’t ready, it’s too soon for her to take the trial.”

”Perhaps but she needs to, she is of no use to me as she currently is. For now make preparations to meet the Lady.”

With a grave tone Arthur snapped back.”I had a lifetime to prepare, I held a sword before I could run. This could kill her.”

”Not of my concern. If she cannot fulfill her role then we may be all doomed by the coming threat.”

”Not your destroyer of worlds again, last I checked the two Speedsters clocked his hide out of orbit.”

”And.” Merlin stood feet hovering in mid air as if there were ground firmly beneath her feet, watching Eva exit a mini mart. [”It’ll be back I know it.”

As the Sun set those who slept at Alistair’s Mansion awaited the sun’s passing once again the warriors prepared as Eva and the young snoozed away the night. And with the rising sun of the new day they were finally ready to depart, all holled up in a large pack Eva had brought from home. With a single step she saw a neighborhood and a home before her; paper in hand she read over the adress one last time and stepped up to the door. ”This is it. Hide yourselves.” Eva said as she secured the straps and raised a hand to knock.
<Snipped quote by VATROU>

Seems like the Son of Osiris is going to be a busy man. hehe

Did Ded just make dirty joke? I think he did.
<Snipped quote by DearTrickster>

Indeed. Might resurrect my old concept from the old CAH game on Superhero Hype, or a new concept I have rattling around in my head. Either way, won't happen until I read through the IC so I can get a better read on where everyone else in the game is.

New Characters are fun. I need to do something for Barron and Eva needs a post but most of her post is fillers as I need to bump the time she spends before she can meet up again with Berry. On another note might ping Ded and see if Hound Dog got his Osiris character's contact info. HD is bed ridden for a while and the healing power Ded's guy has would be great for helping a guy get it back up. Err out of the hospital that is. But I hope to have more shenanigans in Pacific point soon, got a NPC Villain who needs to get Hound Dog's attention. Also more Voyager - Hound Dog crossovers would be really fun. Kinda a quick run down of where I am.


Hound Dog

Bossa Nova Baddies: Part 2.5

“Yeah, this. Is gaudy. You guys all get your gear at the same place? Black and Uninspired!?”

”And very deadly! SCATTER!”
The two heroes dove out of the way as another burst of green energy incinerated the ground where they were just seconds previous. As they regained their balance, the Gargoyle jumped down from the balcony, landing with a boom like a cannon blast and cracking the tiles beneath its ponderous legs.

”Big and scary is nothing new to me!” Voyager sounded off defiantly, lobbing a PsiBlast to get the mechanical monster’s attention. ”Show me your worst, ugly!” The PsiBlast impacted an inch before hitting the machine proper, turning green and dissipating on an invisible barrier with a static crackle. The Gargoyle took aim with a single energy attack, and Voyager threw up a PsiBarrier to-


A feeling of intense emptiness washed over her as she tumbled backwards, muting her senses to the outside world as she tried to get her bearings again. She remembered the green energy blast connecting, that sudden draining feeling...and her PsiBarrier shattering like a glass plate. ” PsiBarrier! Nothing ever shattered it like that before…

“It seems the gem does work, then,” the Gargoyle mused, taking aim again. “This will be easier than expected.”

“That does not bode well.” Hound Dog said as he readied another attack a blast powerful enough to cause a severe crackling sound as the lighting charged the air around him. “Hope you like music.” Hound Dog said as he took out a CD and launched it from his arm using the length to give it more speed. One of his signature moves creating a railgun capable of exceeding mach speeds. “Lighting doesn’t work so let’s see you stop a mach 1 greatest hits of Bieber.”

Before Gargoyle could respond a disk collided with his armor sending shrapnel and bits of his own protective suit flying. If he wasn’t angry before he was more furious now; turning with his eyes on fire he contained a burning madness inside that he was about to unleash. “I finally get to test this thing out and you scuff it! If you were any smaller of a pest I’d have trouble finding ways to mount your ass on my wall.”

“WHooa whooa, hold on there ass bandit. I like my butt right where it is.”

Still a little dizzy from the other attack, Voyager moved to dodge another blast from the Gargoyle’s arm cannon, keeping her away as he trained his sights on what was clearly a more dangerous foe. Looking around the room, her sight drifted to the overhead balcony the machine had emerged from. Unlike the first floor, it had been nearly filled with construction equipment on the side where the machine was now facing them. Her mind working furiously, she saw the floor was sagged slightly where the Gargoyle had leapt from. If it got a little more damage, then maybe…

“Pathetic!” the Gargoyle spat at Voyager as he effortlessly dodged a cutting PsiBeam. “Even when your weapons are useless you are unable to aim them!”

”I don’t know...I think I hit exactly where I wanted…”

There was a crunching sound as the support beam she cut through gave way, showering the mecha with old equipment. Swearing violently as the flotsam bounced off the armor, a heavy steel beam caught the arm of the machine, prying aside the plating to reveal a pulsing electrical tube, sparking slightly as the machine flailed around.

Taking this chance to turn the tables around Hound Dog unleashed a direct attack against the electrical systems of the suit as he reached for the exposed wires, blood dripping from his arm in a slow but steady stream. “Let’s see what you got in there.” Short Circuiting the arm cannon as sparks flew and the thing looked about ready to explode. Gargoyle knowing he needed to free himself jettisoned the damaged cannon in a bid to loose his arm from the weight it was now under. Creating enough space he ripped his trapped arm free and grabbed Hound Dog by the throat throwing him into the floor at his feet as he stepped onto his back inching his foot deeper into him.

His other working cannon aimed to Hound Dog’s back he prepared. “How about you feel the burn, for a change?” The gem on his back channeled energy to the cannon mounted on his arm and spewed out a green lighting burning away at Hound Dog’s clothes as an electrical fire washed over his burning leather jacket slowly revealing his charred back from overuse of his own powers. “Haha! I’d never expect you to look like a overcooked hot dog I should have brought mustard to rub into those wounds of yours!”


With a Psi-infused burst of energy, Voyager did the one thing she could think to do in this situation and went for a flying tackle, knocking the machine off of Hound Dog and wrapping around its neck, desperately battering the head of the great metal beast with a flurry of punches. Her Psi Barriers not working meant she was essentially using her bare fists against hardened steel, but she kept going, ignoring the pain in her hands until one of the wings swung down and caught her beneath the chin, knocking her to the ground.

“Pathetic….inhuman...beast!” the Gargoyle spat, sounding slightly disoriented. Voyager got to her feet in an instant but the Gargoyle had charged forward, swiping at her with its good arm, infusing it with a blast of green energy. Voyager could do nothing as she slammed into the thick glass overlooking the city. Tasting blood in her mouth, she tried to move again but the metal grip closed around her neck again, choking her.

“Metahumans,” the Gargoyle said derisively, lifting Voyager off the ground. “Trying to lord over us. Trying to enslave our sons and daughters. Trying to play GOD!” He punctuated the last word by slamming Voyager into the glass, sending cracks across the great surface. The half-alien felt something in her chest snap as she was lifted away and slammed into it again, spreading the cracks further.

“You are not GODS!” the Gargoyle roared, slamming Voyager into the glass at the end of every sentence. “You are WEAK! You are FILTH! You are INHUMAN! You are INFERIOR!” Feeling nothing but agony, Voyager hung their helplessly as the Gargoyle drew back the fist holding her.

“And you….ARE…..[b][i]DEAD[/b][/i]!”

And with a tremendous shattering, the Gargoyle pitched Voyager through the glass windows, where she hung in the air for just a second before plunging towards the ground and vanishing from sight.

Still Hound Dog pulled himself up, his back not quite as agile as it should be; likely something broke but he didn’t have time to worry about his own pain or the lack of feeling thereof.“Voyager! Voy!” With another body slam from Gargoyle Hound Dog was pinned against the wall arms held up by the mechanical menace. “Oh, little close there pal, hadn’t even had our first date.”

“You taint this Earth and our PEOPLE! It’s about time you too were REMOVED!”

Coughing Hound Dog replied. “You know I can’t feel anything right. Or has the fact that I haven’t screamed yet after all you’ve done not sparked any remaining brain cells to fire off. These powers, that you call filth. They gave this cripple the ability to walk again. And with them I’ll fry your ass.” As Hound Dog began to charge up he could hear his arms cracking as the weight of the machine pressed firmly against the wall as he eyed the window that Voyager was tossed out of. “I got something for you.”

“Another feeble attempt to shock me!?”

”Something like that…”

No. It couldn’t be. The Gargoyle turned his machine around in disbelief.

It was Voyager. Floating gracefully in the air outside of the window. Surrounded by a purple aura that shimmered and danced like a purple flame, she raised her hands up, revealing the shattered remains of the inhibitors she wore on her wrists.

”I’m...surprised too,” Voyager admitted as she drifted ethereally back into the room. ”I never tried to use my powers to fly before.” The Gargoyle bellowed furiously as he swung around to aim his cannon at her, and as the energy charged up, Hound Dog found his eyes drawn to the path the electricity powering the machine took. He saw how it all connected to a well-protected knot on the back, a knot that the unusual green energy flowed from, a knot with a big glowing target in the shape of a gemstone connecting it to the inner workings of the machine.

“Know the best way to deal with a Gordian Knot? You cut through it!” His hand erupted into a pure fist of electricity as he jammed it into Gargoyle’s back and pushed a coin he held between his fingers. With that the coin sliced it’s way through the inner workings of the armor and sliced right through the gemstone in the back. “All yours, kid.”

“No….NO….!” the Gargoyle cried, his anger turning to panic as the machine began to shudder involuntarily. Hound Dog slid to the ground as the machine released its grip and stumbled forward, only to collapse under the weight of one leg as the hydraulics shorted out. One of the wings collapsed like a broken limb under its own weight as the tubes running across the chest began to leak jets of pressurized steam. The man inside the machine could be heard swearing at the barely functional controls as the metal plating bent and cracked under the pressure of so many delicate bits flying out of control. A geyser of steam erupted from the wounded arm, popping the whole limb off like a cork in a wine bottle. In a last act of defiance, the deformed metal beast raised a shaky arm to point its last weapon at Voyager.

“Mutant scum!” the Gargole bellowed, his volume not enough to match the rising whine of the motor inside beginning to overload. “You deformed...inhuman...what do you think you are!?!”

”Me?” Voyager asked, clenching her fists in preparation for the final blow. ”Well...I’m not human, if that’s what you mean. And I’m not a monster either. I’ve never hurt anyone because they were different then I was. Even when people like you gave me a reason to be afraid, I’m still not going to. That’s what monsters do.” Voyager leaned forward, energy flowing around her, as the wretched machine’s weapon drew on whatever power it had left for a last stand.

”I am not a monster. I fight monsters, monsters who hurt people. Monsters like you. Because that’s what heroes do.”


”I am not a mutant!”

With a burst of blinding speed, Voyager launched into the air directly at the mechanical monster, the weapon firing one last shot off to the side before finally cooking off and sending an energy feedback ripping through the unstable machine.


Voyager’s Psionic energy cleaved through the machine like a scalpel picking up the man inside and tearing through the back before the machine erupted in a fireball, sending metal shrapnel flying everywhere and blowing the glass and about half the roof clean off the building. As the smoke and flames cleared, a purple barrier flickered as it finished protecting the three figures underneath it. Dazed by the conflagration, Hound Dog looked to his right to see Voyager kneeling on the chest of a bloody and battered man in a pilot’s suit, his stony features bearing an unnerving resemblance to the late robotic menace. Breathing heavily, the man called the Gargoyle looked at the pair of them before realizing that the half-alien Voyager was pinching the side of his neck.

“Wha...what are you doing?”

”Uhhh….Vulcan neck pinch,” Voyager admitted meekly, smiling before drawing her fist back. ”I suppose I am not there yet. Oh well, I am a fast learner!” And before the Gargoyle could even react he was clocked alongside his head, knocking him out cold.

“Ha, Trekkie. Not, ugh, not bad. But I think a few things are broken. Can’t fully tell. I can’t move my legs right now though, thinking they’re pretty spent.” Hound Dog could feel a difficulty in his breath and he could taste blood on his tongue. “No. Pretty sure my body’s reached its limit. Hard to tell unlike you I don’t feel pain and also unlike you I can’t tell when my ribs are broke. But well I taste blood so that’s not right.”

”Well...not feeling pain or broken ribs sounds pretty good right about now,” Voyager said, feeling her chest tenderly. ”Ooof...least I can still walk.” Limping over to where Hound Dog was lying down, she moved to help him up before noticing the charred skin on his arms. ”Oh dear...that will need a lot of bandaids, I guess…”

“Sure, and ice cream. Could go for something coffee flavored. Though that’s a side effect from using my powers, like overheating.”

”Ooh, my powers can do that too,” Voyager said, not sure if her lightheadedness or unpleasant nosebleed was the result of the fight or her own powers. ”Ice cream it is then. I like sherbert myself!” Smiling in spite of the pain, she briefly considered the logistics of bringing both of them downstairs before realizing Hound Dog had nothing on his upper body anymore. Thinking quickly, she ‘borrowed’ the pilot jacket the Gargoyle was using and tucked it around his shoulders before lifting him to his feet and letting him lean on her own shoulders. Grabbing onto the Gargoyle’s foot with her free hand, she began the laborious march towards the back, the Gargoyle’s head bumping along the rough and broken flooring.

”I hope that explosion...did not take out the elevators…” Voyager huffed as she brought the two of them into the lobby again. ”I’ll probably...cry if I have to...take the stairs…”

”Yeah, a fitness instructor would love this place; all stairs.”

They both laughed weakly. It hurt to laugh. But it was a good kind of hurt.



“I thought I heard thunder earlier, you’re saying that was you guys?”

”Yes, a giant robot exploded! Took out most of the roof, I think.”

“That’s fucking dope. Man, I miss all the cool stuff…”

”Does that mean you missed me?”


Jordan grinned up at Voyager to indicate she was joking as the half-alien pushed her wheelchair through the sterile hospital corridors. She could think of doing nothing but smiling back, she was so happy to see her friend again. ”So you’re taking me to see the electric Elvis guy, right?” Jordan asked as she turned a corner. “Hound Dog, that was it. How did you two even meet?”

”I think he found me, and we just sort of worked together,” Voyager mused as she counted off room numbers.

”I am sure he would want to know you got out it is!”

Eying the TV old taped recording of Happy Days played on the screen as the Doctor scolded Hound Dog again. “Everytime I see you, it’s broken bones; infections and burns. I told you this line of work was dangerous but no, don’t listen to your Doctor!”

“Yeah, cool your jets Eddie. It worked out, saved the day and stopped some nasty guys along the way.”

“It’s Edward. Look, rest up. And you’ll be out in a few months, maybe less. You always heal up pretty quick.”

“Candygram!” Jordan called out as she was wheeled into the open door by Voyager. “I owe a big-ass chocolate bar to Hound Dog for busting me out!”

“Hey hey. We got guests. Hows you twos doing tonight, feeling better now that you ain’t dinged up?”

“Oh yeah we bounce back fast, cause we’re just awesome like that,” Jordan gloated, flexing in her seat.

”She is not wrong,” Voyager said happily. ”I hope you are recovering as well?

“Eh, doing alright. Few broken bones is all, and ribs. Nearly punctured a lung doc said I was this close to death.” Hound Dog paused for a moment as he struggled to lift his arm and make a gesture. “This close.”

“You say that like it’s a good thing. Make the vist quick so he can get some rest.” Edward Winters said as he left the room.

“I’d um. Shake your hand but I can’t get up. Names Sinclaire Adams. And I ain’t nothing, but a Hound Dog.”

“Haha, clever,” Jordan said genuinely. “I’m Jordan Fletcher, sadly don’t have a cool nickname yet, but not for lack of trying!”

”Oh...and I’m Riley,” Voyager said with a big smile. ”I don’t think I told you yet.”

“Oh, here you guys are.”

Riley turned around to look at a dark haired girl strut into the room, a mild look of annoyance on her face and a paper bag tucked under her arm. “I went to get some sandwiches and you guys left. Luckily Voyager there was easy to follow.”

“I figured you’d be able to catch up, you’re more clever than I am,” Jordan said with a wink. “Oh Sinclaire, this is my cupcake Jane Sitko.”

“Do you have to call me that?” Jane asked, turning slightly red.

”It is a cute nickname,” Riley commented.

“Calling your gal cupcake, that’s sweet. Say. You seem familiar have we met?”

“Uh, I don’t recall...” Jane said in an offhand tone, not entirely meeting his eyes when he asked the question. “Oh, by the way, the news just dropped that the thugs involved in the Rabbit Motors raid were all Hounds. There’s been a mass arrest and everything.”

”Does that include the Gargoyle man?”

“Yup, and he even has a name. Wilhelm Krauss.” Jane recited the name with visible distaste. “Some sort of general who got discharged for his crazy conspiratorial views, from what I heard. The guy even sounds like a wannabe Nazi.”

“Shame I didn’t bring my hatchet. There’s a lot you can do with a hatchet and a Nazi.”

“I even heard a slew of villains joined in the attack too,” Jane went on, with a pointed look at Voyager. “The police didn’t catch them, but I heard that they all got out safely and relatively unharmed. If they were working with someone else there, I’m sure they would want to know that.” Voyager smiled and winked at Jane, who subtly winked back, which only left Jordan more puzzled.

Outside of the room where Hound Dog rested, the clean halls of the Pacific Point Hospital were flooded with carts as Doctors and Nurses went about their day. Briley had rushed down with Martel in tow to ensure the well being of the two heroes that had saved not only Riley but Jordan as well. Martel was more worried about his charge Riley then his own position as Briley thought he’d be keeping a brisk pace until they found the right room. “Mr. Sinclaire, Mrs. Riley. And Mrs. Jordan and company. I am pleased to see you well, even after your significant injuries Mr. Sinclaire.”

“Let’s cut the mr, I ain’t old enough to be using that yet. Just call me Hound Dog as usual.”

“Fair enough.” Briley said in response as she looked to Martel then back to Jordan and the girl besides her. “I suppose this is fine it won’t be some huge secret but after everything Martel has hidden there will be a punishment and demotion from his station.” Martel looked particularly stoney-faced at the announcement as Riley gasped in shock.

”Noooo, you cannot punish him!” Voyager wailed, forcing her way across the room and pulling the doctor into a desperate hug. ”He does a lot of good things and is really smart and other things!”

“That’s...kind of you…” Martel gasped out, nearly being choked by the force of the half-aliens desperate hug.

“Yeah, he only did that stuff because I brought her over,” Jordan mumbled, staring at her own knees. “If you’re gonna fire anyone, you should fire me…”

Briley eyed the room deliberately keeping the tension high. “I am afraid I cannot, while you may have brought Riley to Martel, he hid her from the company and inappropriately used resources not belonging to him. Therefore I am re-assigning him to S.P.A.R.K or the Special Power Applications, Research, and Knowledge division. Where he is to oversee the growth and safety of Riley alongside other heroes who may need specialized technology to function safely. If we are to unite against the Hounds, we will need to ensure they have everything they need to operate to the best of their abilities. S.T.R.I.K.E may be gone, but there will still be others who support Heroes.”

There was a short pause before Riley broke the silence with an excited squeal, hugging Martel even harder.

“I...well, thank you,” Martel gasped, looking rather shell-shocked at the announcement. “I’m honored that you would give me that position, ma’am.”

“They totally thought of the acronym before the name,” Jordan said as an aside to Jane.

“There will be a pay decrease of course, but you’ll have access to technology from every villain and hero we acquire it from. Ways to deal with problematic threats and cutting edge science to understand how powers work. I’ll work you to the bone, but I expect great things Doctor Martel.”

“You’ll...certainly get my best, ma’am…” Martel said, trying to breath in spite of Riley’s vice of a hug.

“This is nice and all. But um. I can’t see the TV now. Anyways I will likely need a new jacket once I get out of this bed, something to help with my powers. Mrs. Patton you seem like a nice lady, even after what’s happened you haven’t thrown Riley or her friends under the bus so you have my attention and aid. Well. In a few months that is.”

”Ooh!” Riley piped up, letting go of Martel so suddenly that he fell over before she bounced over to Hound Dog’s bedside. ”Does that mean we can still be friends and stuff, fighting bad guys and evil people?”

“You’re a sugar rush of a candy striper you know that, but yeah. Guess we’ll be teammates if you need it.”

Riley was so happy she started floating in the air, much to Martel’s surprise.

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