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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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Check out my Fallout Fan Fiction
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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Seems like the Son of Osiris is going to be a busy man. hehe

Did Ded just make dirty joke? I think he did.
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Indeed. Might resurrect my old concept from the old CAH game on Superhero Hype, or a new concept I have rattling around in my head. Either way, won't happen until I read through the IC so I can get a better read on where everyone else in the game is.

New Characters are fun. I need to do something for Barron and Eva needs a post but most of her post is fillers as I need to bump the time she spends before she can meet up again with Berry. On another note might ping Ded and see if Hound Dog got his Osiris character's contact info. HD is bed ridden for a while and the healing power Ded's guy has would be great for helping a guy get it back up. Err out of the hospital that is. But I hope to have more shenanigans in Pacific point soon, got a NPC Villain who needs to get Hound Dog's attention. Also more Voyager - Hound Dog crossovers would be really fun. Kinda a quick run down of where I am.


Hound Dog

Bossa Nova Baddies: Part 2.5

“Yeah, this. Is gaudy. You guys all get your gear at the same place? Black and Uninspired!?”

”And very deadly! SCATTER!”
The two heroes dove out of the way as another burst of green energy incinerated the ground where they were just seconds previous. As they regained their balance, the Gargoyle jumped down from the balcony, landing with a boom like a cannon blast and cracking the tiles beneath its ponderous legs.

”Big and scary is nothing new to me!” Voyager sounded off defiantly, lobbing a PsiBlast to get the mechanical monster’s attention. ”Show me your worst, ugly!” The PsiBlast impacted an inch before hitting the machine proper, turning green and dissipating on an invisible barrier with a static crackle. The Gargoyle took aim with a single energy attack, and Voyager threw up a PsiBarrier to-


A feeling of intense emptiness washed over her as she tumbled backwards, muting her senses to the outside world as she tried to get her bearings again. She remembered the green energy blast connecting, that sudden draining feeling...and her PsiBarrier shattering like a glass plate. ” PsiBarrier! Nothing ever shattered it like that before…

“It seems the gem does work, then,” the Gargoyle mused, taking aim again. “This will be easier than expected.”

“That does not bode well.” Hound Dog said as he readied another attack a blast powerful enough to cause a severe crackling sound as the lighting charged the air around him. “Hope you like music.” Hound Dog said as he took out a CD and launched it from his arm using the length to give it more speed. One of his signature moves creating a railgun capable of exceeding mach speeds. “Lighting doesn’t work so let’s see you stop a mach 1 greatest hits of Bieber.”

Before Gargoyle could respond a disk collided with his armor sending shrapnel and bits of his own protective suit flying. If he wasn’t angry before he was more furious now; turning with his eyes on fire he contained a burning madness inside that he was about to unleash. “I finally get to test this thing out and you scuff it! If you were any smaller of a pest I’d have trouble finding ways to mount your ass on my wall.”

“WHooa whooa, hold on there ass bandit. I like my butt right where it is.”

Still a little dizzy from the other attack, Voyager moved to dodge another blast from the Gargoyle’s arm cannon, keeping her away as he trained his sights on what was clearly a more dangerous foe. Looking around the room, her sight drifted to the overhead balcony the machine had emerged from. Unlike the first floor, it had been nearly filled with construction equipment on the side where the machine was now facing them. Her mind working furiously, she saw the floor was sagged slightly where the Gargoyle had leapt from. If it got a little more damage, then maybe…

“Pathetic!” the Gargoyle spat at Voyager as he effortlessly dodged a cutting PsiBeam. “Even when your weapons are useless you are unable to aim them!”

”I don’t know...I think I hit exactly where I wanted…”

There was a crunching sound as the support beam she cut through gave way, showering the mecha with old equipment. Swearing violently as the flotsam bounced off the armor, a heavy steel beam caught the arm of the machine, prying aside the plating to reveal a pulsing electrical tube, sparking slightly as the machine flailed around.

Taking this chance to turn the tables around Hound Dog unleashed a direct attack against the electrical systems of the suit as he reached for the exposed wires, blood dripping from his arm in a slow but steady stream. “Let’s see what you got in there.” Short Circuiting the arm cannon as sparks flew and the thing looked about ready to explode. Gargoyle knowing he needed to free himself jettisoned the damaged cannon in a bid to loose his arm from the weight it was now under. Creating enough space he ripped his trapped arm free and grabbed Hound Dog by the throat throwing him into the floor at his feet as he stepped onto his back inching his foot deeper into him.

His other working cannon aimed to Hound Dog’s back he prepared. “How about you feel the burn, for a change?” The gem on his back channeled energy to the cannon mounted on his arm and spewed out a green lighting burning away at Hound Dog’s clothes as an electrical fire washed over his burning leather jacket slowly revealing his charred back from overuse of his own powers. “Haha! I’d never expect you to look like a overcooked hot dog I should have brought mustard to rub into those wounds of yours!”


With a Psi-infused burst of energy, Voyager did the one thing she could think to do in this situation and went for a flying tackle, knocking the machine off of Hound Dog and wrapping around its neck, desperately battering the head of the great metal beast with a flurry of punches. Her Psi Barriers not working meant she was essentially using her bare fists against hardened steel, but she kept going, ignoring the pain in her hands until one of the wings swung down and caught her beneath the chin, knocking her to the ground.

“Pathetic….inhuman...beast!” the Gargoyle spat, sounding slightly disoriented. Voyager got to her feet in an instant but the Gargoyle had charged forward, swiping at her with its good arm, infusing it with a blast of green energy. Voyager could do nothing as she slammed into the thick glass overlooking the city. Tasting blood in her mouth, she tried to move again but the metal grip closed around her neck again, choking her.

“Metahumans,” the Gargoyle said derisively, lifting Voyager off the ground. “Trying to lord over us. Trying to enslave our sons and daughters. Trying to play GOD!” He punctuated the last word by slamming Voyager into the glass, sending cracks across the great surface. The half-alien felt something in her chest snap as she was lifted away and slammed into it again, spreading the cracks further.

“You are not GODS!” the Gargoyle roared, slamming Voyager into the glass at the end of every sentence. “You are WEAK! You are FILTH! You are INHUMAN! You are INFERIOR!” Feeling nothing but agony, Voyager hung their helplessly as the Gargoyle drew back the fist holding her.

“And you….ARE…..[b][i]DEAD[/b][/i]!”

And with a tremendous shattering, the Gargoyle pitched Voyager through the glass windows, where she hung in the air for just a second before plunging towards the ground and vanishing from sight.

Still Hound Dog pulled himself up, his back not quite as agile as it should be; likely something broke but he didn’t have time to worry about his own pain or the lack of feeling thereof.“Voyager! Voy!” With another body slam from Gargoyle Hound Dog was pinned against the wall arms held up by the mechanical menace. “Oh, little close there pal, hadn’t even had our first date.”

“You taint this Earth and our PEOPLE! It’s about time you too were REMOVED!”

Coughing Hound Dog replied. “You know I can’t feel anything right. Or has the fact that I haven’t screamed yet after all you’ve done not sparked any remaining brain cells to fire off. These powers, that you call filth. They gave this cripple the ability to walk again. And with them I’ll fry your ass.” As Hound Dog began to charge up he could hear his arms cracking as the weight of the machine pressed firmly against the wall as he eyed the window that Voyager was tossed out of. “I got something for you.”

“Another feeble attempt to shock me!?”

”Something like that…”

No. It couldn’t be. The Gargoyle turned his machine around in disbelief.

It was Voyager. Floating gracefully in the air outside of the window. Surrounded by a purple aura that shimmered and danced like a purple flame, she raised her hands up, revealing the shattered remains of the inhibitors she wore on her wrists.

”I’m...surprised too,” Voyager admitted as she drifted ethereally back into the room. ”I never tried to use my powers to fly before.” The Gargoyle bellowed furiously as he swung around to aim his cannon at her, and as the energy charged up, Hound Dog found his eyes drawn to the path the electricity powering the machine took. He saw how it all connected to a well-protected knot on the back, a knot that the unusual green energy flowed from, a knot with a big glowing target in the shape of a gemstone connecting it to the inner workings of the machine.

“Know the best way to deal with a Gordian Knot? You cut through it!” His hand erupted into a pure fist of electricity as he jammed it into Gargoyle’s back and pushed a coin he held between his fingers. With that the coin sliced it’s way through the inner workings of the armor and sliced right through the gemstone in the back. “All yours, kid.”

“No….NO….!” the Gargoyle cried, his anger turning to panic as the machine began to shudder involuntarily. Hound Dog slid to the ground as the machine released its grip and stumbled forward, only to collapse under the weight of one leg as the hydraulics shorted out. One of the wings collapsed like a broken limb under its own weight as the tubes running across the chest began to leak jets of pressurized steam. The man inside the machine could be heard swearing at the barely functional controls as the metal plating bent and cracked under the pressure of so many delicate bits flying out of control. A geyser of steam erupted from the wounded arm, popping the whole limb off like a cork in a wine bottle. In a last act of defiance, the deformed metal beast raised a shaky arm to point its last weapon at Voyager.

“Mutant scum!” the Gargole bellowed, his volume not enough to match the rising whine of the motor inside beginning to overload. “You deformed...inhuman...what do you think you are!?!”

”Me?” Voyager asked, clenching her fists in preparation for the final blow. ”Well...I’m not human, if that’s what you mean. And I’m not a monster either. I’ve never hurt anyone because they were different then I was. Even when people like you gave me a reason to be afraid, I’m still not going to. That’s what monsters do.” Voyager leaned forward, energy flowing around her, as the wretched machine’s weapon drew on whatever power it had left for a last stand.

”I am not a monster. I fight monsters, monsters who hurt people. Monsters like you. Because that’s what heroes do.”


”I am not a mutant!”

With a burst of blinding speed, Voyager launched into the air directly at the mechanical monster, the weapon firing one last shot off to the side before finally cooking off and sending an energy feedback ripping through the unstable machine.


Voyager’s Psionic energy cleaved through the machine like a scalpel picking up the man inside and tearing through the back before the machine erupted in a fireball, sending metal shrapnel flying everywhere and blowing the glass and about half the roof clean off the building. As the smoke and flames cleared, a purple barrier flickered as it finished protecting the three figures underneath it. Dazed by the conflagration, Hound Dog looked to his right to see Voyager kneeling on the chest of a bloody and battered man in a pilot’s suit, his stony features bearing an unnerving resemblance to the late robotic menace. Breathing heavily, the man called the Gargoyle looked at the pair of them before realizing that the half-alien Voyager was pinching the side of his neck.

“Wha...what are you doing?”

”Uhhh….Vulcan neck pinch,” Voyager admitted meekly, smiling before drawing her fist back. ”I suppose I am not there yet. Oh well, I am a fast learner!” And before the Gargoyle could even react he was clocked alongside his head, knocking him out cold.

“Ha, Trekkie. Not, ugh, not bad. But I think a few things are broken. Can’t fully tell. I can’t move my legs right now though, thinking they’re pretty spent.” Hound Dog could feel a difficulty in his breath and he could taste blood on his tongue. “No. Pretty sure my body’s reached its limit. Hard to tell unlike you I don’t feel pain and also unlike you I can’t tell when my ribs are broke. But well I taste blood so that’s not right.”

”Well...not feeling pain or broken ribs sounds pretty good right about now,” Voyager said, feeling her chest tenderly. ”Ooof...least I can still walk.” Limping over to where Hound Dog was lying down, she moved to help him up before noticing the charred skin on his arms. ”Oh dear...that will need a lot of bandaids, I guess…”

“Sure, and ice cream. Could go for something coffee flavored. Though that’s a side effect from using my powers, like overheating.”

”Ooh, my powers can do that too,” Voyager said, not sure if her lightheadedness or unpleasant nosebleed was the result of the fight or her own powers. ”Ice cream it is then. I like sherbert myself!” Smiling in spite of the pain, she briefly considered the logistics of bringing both of them downstairs before realizing Hound Dog had nothing on his upper body anymore. Thinking quickly, she ‘borrowed’ the pilot jacket the Gargoyle was using and tucked it around his shoulders before lifting him to his feet and letting him lean on her own shoulders. Grabbing onto the Gargoyle’s foot with her free hand, she began the laborious march towards the back, the Gargoyle’s head bumping along the rough and broken flooring.

”I hope that explosion...did not take out the elevators…” Voyager huffed as she brought the two of them into the lobby again. ”I’ll probably...cry if I have to...take the stairs…”

”Yeah, a fitness instructor would love this place; all stairs.”

They both laughed weakly. It hurt to laugh. But it was a good kind of hurt.



“I thought I heard thunder earlier, you’re saying that was you guys?”

”Yes, a giant robot exploded! Took out most of the roof, I think.”

“That’s fucking dope. Man, I miss all the cool stuff…”

”Does that mean you missed me?”


Jordan grinned up at Voyager to indicate she was joking as the half-alien pushed her wheelchair through the sterile hospital corridors. She could think of doing nothing but smiling back, she was so happy to see her friend again. ”So you’re taking me to see the electric Elvis guy, right?” Jordan asked as she turned a corner. “Hound Dog, that was it. How did you two even meet?”

”I think he found me, and we just sort of worked together,” Voyager mused as she counted off room numbers.

”I am sure he would want to know you got out it is!”

Eying the TV old taped recording of Happy Days played on the screen as the Doctor scolded Hound Dog again. “Everytime I see you, it’s broken bones; infections and burns. I told you this line of work was dangerous but no, don’t listen to your Doctor!”

“Yeah, cool your jets Eddie. It worked out, saved the day and stopped some nasty guys along the way.”

“It’s Edward. Look, rest up. And you’ll be out in a few months, maybe less. You always heal up pretty quick.”

“Candygram!” Jordan called out as she was wheeled into the open door by Voyager. “I owe a big-ass chocolate bar to Hound Dog for busting me out!”

“Hey hey. We got guests. Hows you twos doing tonight, feeling better now that you ain’t dinged up?”

“Oh yeah we bounce back fast, cause we’re just awesome like that,” Jordan gloated, flexing in her seat.

”She is not wrong,” Voyager said happily. ”I hope you are recovering as well?

“Eh, doing alright. Few broken bones is all, and ribs. Nearly punctured a lung doc said I was this close to death.” Hound Dog paused for a moment as he struggled to lift his arm and make a gesture. “This close.”

“You say that like it’s a good thing. Make the vist quick so he can get some rest.” Edward Winters said as he left the room.

“I’d um. Shake your hand but I can’t get up. Names Sinclaire Adams. And I ain’t nothing, but a Hound Dog.”

“Haha, clever,” Jordan said genuinely. “I’m Jordan Fletcher, sadly don’t have a cool nickname yet, but not for lack of trying!”

”Oh...and I’m Riley,” Voyager said with a big smile. ”I don’t think I told you yet.”

“Oh, here you guys are.”

Riley turned around to look at a dark haired girl strut into the room, a mild look of annoyance on her face and a paper bag tucked under her arm. “I went to get some sandwiches and you guys left. Luckily Voyager there was easy to follow.”

“I figured you’d be able to catch up, you’re more clever than I am,” Jordan said with a wink. “Oh Sinclaire, this is my cupcake Jane Sitko.”

“Do you have to call me that?” Jane asked, turning slightly red.

”It is a cute nickname,” Riley commented.

“Calling your gal cupcake, that’s sweet. Say. You seem familiar have we met?”

“Uh, I don’t recall...” Jane said in an offhand tone, not entirely meeting his eyes when he asked the question. “Oh, by the way, the news just dropped that the thugs involved in the Rabbit Motors raid were all Hounds. There’s been a mass arrest and everything.”

”Does that include the Gargoyle man?”

“Yup, and he even has a name. Wilhelm Krauss.” Jane recited the name with visible distaste. “Some sort of general who got discharged for his crazy conspiratorial views, from what I heard. The guy even sounds like a wannabe Nazi.”

“Shame I didn’t bring my hatchet. There’s a lot you can do with a hatchet and a Nazi.”

“I even heard a slew of villains joined in the attack too,” Jane went on, with a pointed look at Voyager. “The police didn’t catch them, but I heard that they all got out safely and relatively unharmed. If they were working with someone else there, I’m sure they would want to know that.” Voyager smiled and winked at Jane, who subtly winked back, which only left Jordan more puzzled.

Outside of the room where Hound Dog rested, the clean halls of the Pacific Point Hospital were flooded with carts as Doctors and Nurses went about their day. Briley had rushed down with Martel in tow to ensure the well being of the two heroes that had saved not only Riley but Jordan as well. Martel was more worried about his charge Riley then his own position as Briley thought he’d be keeping a brisk pace until they found the right room. “Mr. Sinclaire, Mrs. Riley. And Mrs. Jordan and company. I am pleased to see you well, even after your significant injuries Mr. Sinclaire.”

“Let’s cut the mr, I ain’t old enough to be using that yet. Just call me Hound Dog as usual.”

“Fair enough.” Briley said in response as she looked to Martel then back to Jordan and the girl besides her. “I suppose this is fine it won’t be some huge secret but after everything Martel has hidden there will be a punishment and demotion from his station.” Martel looked particularly stoney-faced at the announcement as Riley gasped in shock.

”Noooo, you cannot punish him!” Voyager wailed, forcing her way across the room and pulling the doctor into a desperate hug. ”He does a lot of good things and is really smart and other things!”

“That’s...kind of you…” Martel gasped out, nearly being choked by the force of the half-aliens desperate hug.

“Yeah, he only did that stuff because I brought her over,” Jordan mumbled, staring at her own knees. “If you’re gonna fire anyone, you should fire me…”

Briley eyed the room deliberately keeping the tension high. “I am afraid I cannot, while you may have brought Riley to Martel, he hid her from the company and inappropriately used resources not belonging to him. Therefore I am re-assigning him to S.P.A.R.K or the Special Power Applications, Research, and Knowledge division. Where he is to oversee the growth and safety of Riley alongside other heroes who may need specialized technology to function safely. If we are to unite against the Hounds, we will need to ensure they have everything they need to operate to the best of their abilities. S.T.R.I.K.E may be gone, but there will still be others who support Heroes.”

There was a short pause before Riley broke the silence with an excited squeal, hugging Martel even harder.

“I...well, thank you,” Martel gasped, looking rather shell-shocked at the announcement. “I’m honored that you would give me that position, ma’am.”

“They totally thought of the acronym before the name,” Jordan said as an aside to Jane.

“There will be a pay decrease of course, but you’ll have access to technology from every villain and hero we acquire it from. Ways to deal with problematic threats and cutting edge science to understand how powers work. I’ll work you to the bone, but I expect great things Doctor Martel.”

“You’ll...certainly get my best, ma’am…” Martel said, trying to breath in spite of Riley’s vice of a hug.

“This is nice and all. But um. I can’t see the TV now. Anyways I will likely need a new jacket once I get out of this bed, something to help with my powers. Mrs. Patton you seem like a nice lady, even after what’s happened you haven’t thrown Riley or her friends under the bus so you have my attention and aid. Well. In a few months that is.”

”Ooh!” Riley piped up, letting go of Martel so suddenly that he fell over before she bounced over to Hound Dog’s bedside. ”Does that mean we can still be friends and stuff, fighting bad guys and evil people?”

“You’re a sugar rush of a candy striper you know that, but yeah. Guess we’ll be teammates if you need it.”

Riley was so happy she started floating in the air, much to Martel’s surprise.

stuff coming soonish

Half life 3 soon?
Now that the Holidays are over I hope to have a IC post up once a week moving forward, at the very least

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Character you have created: Sinclair Adams

Alias: Hound Dog

Speech Color This color, yellow?

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Public

Character Personality: He’s a man who can’t leave someone alone when they are in need, even when he lacked the use of his legs and had limited arm movement he still tried to stand up to bullies when someone called. He watched Happy Days as a child and tried to model himself after Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie, noting that he was worried he’d become like his drunken mother who abused him and his father always belittling him for his many failures. He’s protective of the weak, a defender who prioritizes the people over fame or money though he does make public appearances to discuss current metahuman issues. To put people at ease, he adopts a theme as a rockabilly speaking and dressing in their style, something to distract others from the troubles and to better identify how he wants to present himself as laid back and in control.

Uniform/costume: He dresses in leather jackets and jeans, and has no spandex like costume nor mask. He wants to be open and honest with a welcoming smile.

Origin Info/Details: Born of italian descent to Bianca and Dario Adams he was raised in Pacific Point and grew up rather normally until one day at the age of seven he visited his father’s work. He had been warned not to play around the docks were no place for a child but they lived close enough that he’d wander over, the accident that paralyzed him was also the fault of his father, although the report said faulty gears on the forklift Dario never forgave himself, and felt there was something anything he could do to prevent it. A fact Bianca constantly reminds him of and one she never forgave him for; slipping into alcohol under the pressure of raising a paraplegic for a son. She always felt she could have married better, a richer man.

As the tensions in the house slowly boiled over Adam hunkered down into his books, and old TV shows. He learned, and while he was bright he dedicated his young life to science, medicine and theoretical physics. Hoping that he’ll become good enough to make up for his parents mistakes, that he’ll save lives and heal the rift between them.

All through school he tried to be the good guy, the one who diffused conflict despite being wheelchair bound, all that changed in the last year of high school when domes covered cities and gave people powers. It took him a while before he could apply his powers to himself but thanks to his bookworm past he could theorize many practical applications.

Hero Type (Select one): Elemental Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific): Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Able to produce nuclear reactor levels of electricity there is little chance he will ever be drained dry he is by far the electrical user with the most potential output allowing him to defy gravity and even lift objects from the water through electromagnetism.

He can produce a barrier that deflects physical objects as long as they can be conductive even if only slightly.

Shoot lighting bolts, and reduce the speed of his falls using electromagnetism to create a negative charge upon himself and save himself from lethal falls. And even discharging electrical pulses. That are more like orbs of lighting.

He even has incredible speed, zipping over telephone wires, or water any surface with electricity he can propel himself over increasing his speed upwards towards 300mph however aim and his own body begin to feel the stress aim is gone and if he felt pain so too would his nerves. That seems a little fast, I may reduce it, or just try to avoid using those speeds.

Enhanced vision. Being able to see the electromagnetic spectrum he can discern people’s internal nerve signals, how fast a heart beats, how a person lies and sometimes see the difference between those who are unnatural aka those who are powered or not normal.

His most famous skill is a railgun, propelling an object at mach speeds, even faster than mach 7 absolutely smashing the object into the target. He charges his arms separately creating different polarities and using the length of his arm to launch the object often a disk.

Since he cannot feel pain he also is unaffected by muscle fatigue and injuries. Although he will definitely need to see a doctor if he is shot or otherwise injured.

Unknown to Hound Dog he has a minor regenerative ability, cuts and minor wounds heal within hours further complicating things as he cannot tell if he has been injured. However he could apply his powers to more serious wounds if he was aware he could accelerate his healing through electrical stimulation. Maybe even repair his nerves.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Weight: 167lb
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human, 30
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2
Agility: Normal Human, 5X,
Fighting Skill:Highly Trained in a few years maybe he’ll master them.
Resources:Average while he does make money from his TV appearances, he donates quite a lot he doesn’t use or save. And since he doesn’t have a car he puts all his cash to savings for his College fund.

Weaknesses: He is not immune to his own powers, not yet. While his body is adapting to the voltage he outputs, the sheer potential he possess is more than his tolerance can handle. If he’s not careful he could completely fry whatever nerves he has left and turn his body to ash. Something that he is already beginning to notice. He is also unable to aim when he travels great speeds, though he can defend against some physical objects heat and drowning or many things can kill him. His barrier is activated by will and if he’s not quick or if he’s careless bullets will kill him.

His tolerance to his powers severely limits how much he can produce, while he is still more powerful than most electro masters his ability to draw from his pool is far more harmful to himself than others as the more he pulls the more his body begins to char. He theorizes that at the current timeframe and the graphs he’s made he’s unlikely to bear his true powers for decades.

His inability to feel pain is also dangerous, infections can sprout up more easily and if he’s not checking his body often minor wounds go unnoticed even broken bones can sustain further damage

Supporting Characters: Mother Bianca Adams and Father Dario Adams

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: No? Yes? Who told you!!

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)


Hound Dog


Bossa Nova Baddies

With a quiet zap, Hound Dog flew between power lines a action that despite the media would have you believe from comics and movies isn’t as simple as walking over the live wires connecting pole to pole as doing so would potentially break the cable and endanger civilians. No, oh so carefully Hound Dog had to hover just above to prevent his full weight from bearing down on the cable as he frantically searched the city for any signs of Hound activity using his ears and eyes to scan the electrical impulses that each living being produced.

As Hound Dog zipped by overhead, a guard sitting at the gate outside of Rabbit Motors started to nod off, sliding down in his chair as he adjusted his cap a little lower on his forehead. Before he could catch some well-earned sleep, however, a motor echoed through the relatively empty street. Looking around suspiciously, he spotted a van turn around the corner and trundle its way toward the gate. Recognizing the Silver River Institute logo on the side, he checked his hidden sidearm just to be safe and walked out to stop the van as it turned again and stopped outside the gate.

“Uh, good morning!” came the muffled sound of a girl’s voice from the cab. Raising an eyebrow, he crouched down and peered inside at the driver, a girl with some sort of surgical mask over her face.

“What’s with the mask?”

“Flu season,” the girl said apologetically, lifting her hands off the wheel to give an apologetic shrug. Her fingers were shaking, the guard noticed suspiciously.

“Didn’t know the Institute was sending anything over, let alone with only one of you,” the guard suggested. “What’s your business?”

“Oh, uh, it’s pretty important, top secret stuff,” she said quickly. “Boss’ eyes only.” The guard’s eyes narrowed. Only one student driving, and for something supposedly this important?

“Wait here,” he demanded, taking a couple steps back and turning on his communicator. “Captain, we have a Silver River truck here, were we expecting anyone today?”

“Running it by logistics now, but as far as I know we got everything the other day. Need me to send anyone out there?”

“No sir, I think I can handle one gi-urk!”

The radio fell out of the guard’s hand with a clatter as something hard clamped down on his neck.

“Arigato, iyana yatsu …”

Before the guard could react, the robotic ninja threw the guard over the wall where landed on a patrolling guard with a loud thud. The girl in the truck stared blankly at the robot, her fingers turning white from her grip on the steering wheel.

“Wh-why did you do that!?!?” she asked incredulously.

“I did not kill, as Voyager-san requested,” Typhoon replied elegantly.

“But you blew our goddamned cover!!!” Suddenly there was a loud slam and the girl found herself shoved aside of the driver’s seat by a large four-armed tarantula woman with a manic look in her eyes.

“Then we do this the fun way!” she declared, slamming down both feet on the accelerator.


Taking a moment to grab his bearings, Hound Dog checked his phone checking off areas he had already visited when smashing of metal could be heard not too far off, “Finally. Something.” He said as the cold air had been nipping at him for hours; hoping that this was the hounds at the least he rushed on over vaulting himself over the buildings while controlling his descent to land gingerly on the pavement. “Huh, a van crashing it’s way through a warehouse, either their package got lost in the mail or this could be hounds.”

There was a bit of stunned surprise as the guards regained their bearings, the van that drove its way through the wall now impacted in the side of the big warehouse building. Just as every gun in the immediate area was drawn and aimed at the offending vehicle, the back of the van burst open in a flash of purple light as Voyager lept from the back area.

“ guys don’t like metas like me, right?” Voyager said cheerily. “Well...come and get some!”
“Muties! Kill them!”

Before anyone could open fire, there was an electronic chittering, almost like a playful giggle, immediately preceded by a loud, powerful bass note thundering from the ruins of the van. The guards cried out in alarm, some of them dropping their guns or clutching their heads in shock. This was followed by a loud crunching metal sound as Fangs exited the van by ripping the door off its hinges and hoisting it over her head.

“Whoooo, fight!” she declared, chucking door into a cluster of soldiers nearby. The two she barely missed aimed weapons, but were thrown off as Typhoon vaulted gracefully over the wall, sweeping the legs out from under one man and judo throwing the other in the same movement. Voyager started aiming Psi-Blasts at nearby soldiers just as Monsterk4t slid out on his knees, aiming a sonic blast at some approaching hounds that knocked them off their feet like ragdolls. Another group were similarly dispatched by a blast of light as Fullbright emerged from the van as well, struggling slightly with her helmet as she rushed to join the fight. More goons rushed out from the warehouse to replace their friends, and the entire group quickly charged in to fight Voyager and her villain team, turning what would have been a shootout into a frantic melee.

“These guys are like locusts!” Fullbright shouted, dodging a knife swing and aiming a construct to slam another attacker into the ground.

“They are numerous, yes!” Voyager responded bluntly, recoiling as a couple of Hounds charged at her Psi Barriers, only to be dispatched with a blast followed by a two-handed punch to the goon charging at her rear. “Getting into the building to search for Jordan will be difficult!”

“What I wouldn’t give for a bit of crowd control right now…” Fullbright responded, uppercutting one of the Hounds only to find five more charging right at her, blind hatred fueling their attack.

As the scene unfolded before him it became apparent that metas had initiated the fight with Hounds, and by first glance it was villains, or so he thought as he became dumbfounded as to why Voyager has sprung out from the lot. “Looks like I got a gig to work and it’ll be a blast.” Charging energy in his hands lighting crackled and danced in his palms as he suddenly dashed forward at blinding speeds nearly breaking his body as his swinging arms smashed into the street and sent a wave of lighting bulging outwards smacking into the Hounds and throwing the lot back some were hit with enough force to knock them out others were tased by the field but before his questions could be answered those that escaped unscated rose up.

“Looks like we’re about to rock this shindig, I got questions baby but first let’s cream these Clydes.”

“I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST SAID!” Fangs shouted in response, wrenching off another door to use as a weapon against the oncoming horde.

“Are you writing a book babe? Let’s blow off some drags before we start talking right.” Hound Dog said with his calm and sure demeanor as lightning crackled and spat out from his fists. “Who’s up first for a beat down!?”

“Um, who is this guy?” Fullbright said, clearing the enemies behind her with a sweep of light construct wings.

“Ooh, it’s the other Hound!” Voyager said excitedly, plowing her way through a band of Hounds grunts to get to the newcomer. “He helped out back when that Genie guy was around! Are you here to help save Jordan too?”

“Hey hey, Cool it, don’t lump me in with those party poopers over there, I am the one and only Hound Dog, it ain’t right they’re dragging good old Elvis through the mud stealing our shtick. And I was supposed to be savin youse of all People Voyager, well, you’re not people but you’re good people if you know what I mean.”

[color=MediumOrchid]“I...think I do,” Voyager pondered. “Why me though, I thought you’d be here for Jordan or something?” A nearby grunt, recognizing the name, sent an urgent message over his radio before his eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped like a sack of meat, courtesy of another one of MonsterK4t’s acoustic weapons.

Lifting up his hands with a shrug, “Youse been missing for a while now, and along with Jordan your friend spilled the beans about the whole ordeal. Needless to say you got a lot of people worried you should phone home once in a while, and since I’m obviously out of this loop of yours I’m going to assume Jordan is held by our welcoming guests.”

“As the saying goes, the nail was struck on the head, Ryōken-san.” the robot ninja declared, appearing out of nowhere to catapult another pair of goons into one another. Voyager felt a pang of guilt at the revelation. She had so preoccupied with Jordan’s disappearance that she almost forgot about Mr. Martel. And he had even told the Poseidon people about her, if the Hound Dog man was telling the truth. Still, guilty feelings aside her coming clean with Poseidon was secondary to saving Jordan from the bad Hounds. And a good Hound would be welcome in that task.

Before Voyager could ask for his help, bullets suddenly raked the ground near the two of them, kicking up a barrage of dust. The goons they were fighting were all dressed in common workers clothes, but now they were joined by a band clad in black combat armor, who had taken up position around the fight to pick off the superhumans. Voyager quickly deployed a Psi-Barrier and leapt in between the shooters and Hound Dog as the other villains scattered.

“These goons never learn, using military grade rounds with all that extra metal.” Hound Dog said as he too erected a barrier and deflected bullets as he broke to cover Voyager sending a mass of electricity across the asphalt rolling quickly as shocked two hounds and help clear her right side. “Voyager, if we push to the right we can make it inside and I can barricade the doors to prevent them from following. Some of your, new pals will have to find another way to meet up though.”

“Something tells me she’d be fine smashing her own way in,” Fullbright commented in the direction of the Tarantula girl who, having run out of doors to beat people up with, had resorted to beating up the Hound foot soldiers with other Hound foot soldiers.

“Monsutāneko-san is using one of his devices to meddle with the aim of the soldiers,” the ninja robot said, confirmed by a slew of beeps as Monsterk4t waved what looked like a boombox with the insides on the outside over his head. “I suggest we leave him and the four armed one to fight the men outside while we force our way in!”

“That sounds like a plan to me!” Voyager chirped, blasting aside some more foes that tried to take the place of the ones that Hound Dog cleared out. “Let’s move!” The half-alien led the charge to the office complex, followed closely by Hound Dog with Fullbright bringing up the rear as Typhoon leapt and dashed his way along the sides of the path, the two villains clearing away the Hounds trying to close in, Fullbright bashing them away with a hammer of light and Typhoon aiming paralyzing strikes at exposed necks. Some of the gunners tried to chase after them, only to be knocked into the air by the rampaging Fangs as MonsterK4t started to breakdance his way into the melee. Determination fuelling her, Voyager launched an eyebeam that blasted the lock off the door with an almighty *CHOOM* and knocked it open with a Psi-fueled shoulder bash as a band of soldiers waiting to charge out skidded to a halt.

“Got spunk kid, nice one now let me deal with this front burner of a problem.” Clapping his hands once he pulled them apart as electricity arched between them. “An ambush is only good is no one can see you, and Antsvile is filled to the brim with electricity something that I can charge. I’d suggest running, but good luck on that.” The arch sprang out lashing into the ceiling and floors climbing the walls causing a chain reaction within their current surroundings as bolts flew out from every outlet and light fixture. “And that. Is Science! Invest in some surge protectors will ya, if anyone is still up to care.”

Lifting slabs of metal from various parts of the warehouse he sealed the doors and turned to Voyager. “Right-O, that was Crazy but how’s about youse all fill me in while we head in deeper. Wherever Jordan is I cannot see her yet, and yes. I see through walls.”

“Wish I could see through walls…” Voyager said wistfully, stepping over the unconscious and slightly twitching form of a guard, just as his radio buzzed to life one last time.

-kzzzc- “-won’t do it I’ll pilot the damn thing mysel-” -kzzcz-
War Never Changes the Great North West Exchange

Pouring himself a glass of hot apple mead while the pot simmered over the hot plate North turned as metallic rapping on the door began. With a slightly wobbly stride North walked towards the door and opened it with inviting Barnaky inside. “I don’t believe I have anything to offer, besides a seat. Unless you can still drink.” Gulping his glass as the metal cup was sat on the table North pointed towards a chair.

“Don’t mind if I do”, Barnaky replied as he took the seat he was offered and chuckled. “The seat that is….this body is just a robot. I’m stuck in one spot permanently, I’m afraid. They built these robots for me to help keep me engaged with people.”

“I hear you’ve met with the other Alaskans, Arctic Haven. And helped them out; to the point Alaska has is share of problems, geography among them it gives us a buffer between the other nations and unfortunately allows some groups to move quietly.” Setting a picture down that seems to have been taken from a high altitude, North slid it towards Barnaky lifting the two fingers off the table. “This, I believe is the last few working Submarines in this new world. And it’s in the hands of those who we fought, we being descended from the pre-war military organizations that is. The Chinese. To be more precise, the Empire of Zhang as they call themselves.”

“Yes”, Barnaky said, “I’m working on a project with Arctic Haven.” He looked at the photograph and whistled. It was obviously a nuclear submarine, and a big one. Back in Omaha, Barnaky sifted through the Calculator's database, speedily coming up with a match.

“When it rains, it pours”, Barnaky said. “It’s a Mao Zhedong class ‘Submersible Command Ship’. They were built to control a whole squadron of nuclear submarines, as well as provide repair and resupply services. We have some, but only a limited amount, of information on them. If this “Empire of Zhang” is operating one of these, that isn’t good. When, may I ask, was this picture taken?”

“Just last year, a float plane snapped it as it was on it’s way, just happened to spot something and got lucky. Likely they are cut off from mainland China if that even exists, and are attempting to conquer and steal in order to contact them, according to reports based upon what they’ve stolen and my own council’s speculation. All high grade electronics, communication equipment and tools. Every time they appear it’s where there’s technology and food. So that’s the only logical assumption I can conclude, normally if they asked nicely I’d help them go home, but they have continued their war on our people taking every chance they can to kill civilians unprovoked.”

“I’ve read the post-exchange bombing surveys that SAC did in the days after the War”, Barnaky said, “Back when they still had recon satellites over China. Very grim reading...they got it even worse than we did. If they are trying to send a message home….I doubt anyone listening will care about them anymore. But then perhaps they know that already.”

“I honestly don’t think they’ll listen and even if they have an inkling as to what happened, they might not want to hear about it from us.” Striding over to the hot plate to refill his cup North spoke turning his head slightly to face his guest. “Ironically the Great War that the Americans and Chinese fought saved Alaska as we know it, it gave our state time, time to recover from the plumes of smoke that filled it’s skies two hundred years ago, Polar Bears and many creatures were on the brink of extinction as mutated as they may be they survive. Funny, the second Ice Age saved my people, the Inuit and set us as the most dominant ethnic group since we were so displaced from the bombs we came out unscathed. Alaska has thrived in this post war world, due to its geography and natural resources and it has birthed dangers unknown to us. But we survive we prevail, now I ask your help in securing this sub, so that whatever dangers it may carry will not be unleashed upon this world a second time.”

“We’ll help”, Barnaky replied. “That vessel is nuclear capable and we should assume it is still armed with strategic missiles. They are not a threat to only your people….but everyone. Have you thought of approaching Arctic Haven as well? They have some specialized troops that could help. If necessary, we can hire them to assist.”

North hummed and hawed. “We have, considered it. But our terms have been standoffish at best, we try to keep out of eachothers way mostly just to keep tensions low. However manpower was never a real issue, pinning down the thing was. Basic fishing sonar is what we mostly have and we have only one vessel with military sonar to penetrate the sea. We just don’t have the power to search a wide swath of ocean to dig them out. Which, is why I wanted to ask you for aid. Tech has a hard time staying functional due to the extreme colds so the more sensitive something is, the more often it breaks down.”

“I see”, Barnaky said. “You need help locating it. We can help with that, as well as repairing the military sonar set or other equipment of that type you still have. I will have my people start looking into options to locate this vessel. As far as the gear they took, is any of it trackable, or capable of remote operation? Also, how often have these attacks been taking place?”

Taking his few steps toward his chair sipping casually at his drink North sat himself down, “some years every few months, others nothing, then near the end of the year they’ll pop up. I assume when they have the tech they want they hunker down and prepare until food runs short. They’re being rather active as of late perhaps we have a window of eight months before they hide again. And given the distance needed to reach Alaska, that’s a month gone in travel, thankfully you might have members there already so you know what you’ll need to prepare for gear wise.”

“Very well”, Barnaky said, “I will instruct my Paladin-General to begin planning a Technical Mission at once. If feasible, we would likely send a small advance party first, to work with your staff and establish a direct datalink between your people and my Command Staff in Omaha, as well as arrange the necessary logistical arrangements.”

North rubbed his beard and pulled out a paper map setting a cap onto a point of interest. “It’d be best to come by air, the Ted Stevens International Airport would accommodate a large airship or plane and allow us to move right to a nearby railway, our Vault is quite a ways off and takes a full day by rail assuming snow isn’t blocking the tracks. We’ll have quarters prepared for your arrival while the equipment will be unloaded and stored until needed. I do hope that shall be alright, any special requirements or demands your men will need? Allergies, or diet we need to cater to?”

“None”, Barnaky replied as he studied the map. “We prefer to live simply. We don’t have access to the Pacific, so coming by air is the only option for us. Once we’re set up, we’ll probably need a weekly flight in for supplies…..any spare capacity can be used to fly in things your people might need. We can also send in a tanker to top off your fuel bunkers if you’re short on aviation fuel.”

“No, we are good on fuel, though only one Oil Rig is currently operational. Last in existence I surmise. We’re currently not selling outside as we simply couldn’t keep up with demand.” North said cheeks rosy from his warm beverage.

“Any other issues you wished to discuss at this time?”, Barnaky asked in conclusion.

“There is something, I’d like to ensure the nukes if any are properly disposed off. And to have an observer report that they are no longer a threat.”

“We’re in perfect understanding then”, Barnaky replied. “The destruction of any nuclear weapons recovered from the Chinese was to be my condition...I can’t emphasise how pleased I am that you feel the same way.” He then continued. “I have trained personnel and procedures in place to dismantle them, and reprocess the cores into reactor fuel. You are welcome to send observers to witness the process.”

“We have only just now begun talks our first meeting has gone well enough and you have been too kind.” North said as he looked towards the window holding his cup with both hands as steam rose gently filling the air. “You have to realize as friendly as you are and willing to help I can’t help but be suspicious of ulterior motives. I don’t fully trust any Nation as of yet nor am I well versed in any of their histories, as an outside Nation to the lower states I need to be overly cautious. If I can’t be sure these nukes are gone, I am afraid I’ll have to find other measures to finally deal with this matter. I am telling you this because you too should be wary, making alliances too easily will prove dangerous unless you can properly ascertain the motives behind their olive branch. I seek the tech from that submarine, and am willing to share in that. Nautical Exploration, swift and rapid deployment. I could lock down my coastline well enough with a sub like that, but nukes. As thankful as I am to the Great War for the swift climate change pivotal to survival of Alaska’s ecosystem I would not want to see nukes again in any of my lifetimes.” North said placing down his cup his face stern despite the warm glow from his cheeks indicating his overindulgence of alcohol.

“My concern is that the nuclear weapons aboard are destroyed so they can never be used”, Barnaky said, “If the price of that is your people gaining possession of the vessel itself, then so be it. I would point out, however, that operating and maintaining a vessel of that size will be enormously expensive….I would caution against basing your defense on a vessel you cannot replace if lost.”

“Noted, If possible I wish to at least glean it’s construction that I may produce a smaller one if need be. If capturing it intact is impossible at least I could make a smaller more manageable submarine. Even the wreckage should provide enough for a small crew manned vessel.”
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