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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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Check out my Fallout Fan Fiction
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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@Indy Cooper Don't scare them away. We're all normal humans here.
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A Baskerville Massacre

Knocking on the side of the trailer Sinclar stepped back, and finished slipping on a pair of gloves one would assume were padded as he slid rings on top of them. ” Youse all ready in there?” Hound Dog said as his knuckles sparked with the slightest bit of electricity.

The doors opened swiftly, forcing Hound Dog to either back off further or move off to the side, letting a bulky, armored figure step out, crunching down on the gravely floor with each step; and then the doors closed behind it, just as quickly as they had opened.

”Yeah I’m ready, are ‘youse’? You kept me waiting.”

‘Roadblock’ was supposed to be patiently waiting in the trailer, as Artemis and his partner Jennifer took every chance to remind him, so Richard had to play that part. But he hated it, being a cop meant never hiding, proudly presenting yourself as an upholder of the peace. So, while this secret identity thing was a little distasteful, it was this or the alternative, and he needed the SCD.

”Youse ever slip into a tight leather underwear? They don’t slip on easy I’ll have youse know. Besides I got some upgrades I was hooking up.” Cracking his knuckles against each other sparks flew from diodes just below the knuckles. ”Everything go on your end, any sign of our wolfman?”

“He’s already asking you about leather underwear? I never figured you for the type.” Artemis took this chance to tease him, she somehow seemed to carry a part of that in her voice too.

Stop talking about underwear! Richard pleaded in his mind.

”Nothing yet, chances are we’re early.”

Richard then jerked his head sideways, then gestured his hand at another building, and lead the way as they moved in closer.

”Usually I’m ready to go, but those Squares at the TSA are a right pain. Couldn’t go through security unless I checked my hero gear in. But now that we’re here let’s go collect some strays.” As Hound Dog looked at the doors to the warehouse, rust peeled off the handles and smeared his fingertips. ”Older than my grams spaghetti recipe, nothing behind the door least not that I can see. You got a pick or should I just force it open?”

”Motion sensor and thermals show all clear too.”

”I’ll handle the breaking and entering.”
Richard said as he pushed in the doors, shattering the lock, and nearly knocking the doors off their hinges.

”I hope you plan to treat my armor better than that.”

”I can see the wiring in the walls, a lot of power is pulsing through the place looks like there’s a fake container elevator as the power lines stop and then immediately head through the concrete.”
[guy]”Think you can handle it?”[/color]

Giving a smile he walked over to the container trying to see where the door was, feeling the ground he could tell the scratches were worn into the concrete floor so he stood back and let a burst to crack it open.”First floor, empty warehouse, rats and heroes. Going down anyone?”

”Better let me.”

Lowering the two heroes into the abyss, the elevator trip was a bit of a long one leading down to a cold and dark tunnel the rough walls made of even more concrete than above was becoming an eyesore. Roadblock barely fit through the opening that lead right to a abandoned construction site, his armor scraped against the walls more than once along the way. As the two moved forward they could see a rail and platform, tools that rusted and cracks that dripped a sludge like water from the ceiling.

”Looks like an old subway, rails still have power. My guess, they used this to move things around unnoticed. Must be some sorta door or secret keypad in this grody place.” Looking around Hound Dog had a hard time figuring out where it was, either the keypad was hidden behind a panel or it was elsewhere, the thick walls did a good job of hiding where it would be. ”If there’s power flowing to it, the walls are covering it pretty well wherever they got their power connected too I can’t see it. How’s your scanners? Or do you need a tune up for this, I can wait.”

“No tune up or scanners needed, this one needs a detective’s touch.”

Richard bent down slightly, and moved his hand across the wall Hound Dog was staring at. His hand slowly rubbed the wall and stopped when he noticed an odd groove, a little cleaner and smoother than the rest of the wall, then pressed his hand down. The wall in front of them shuddered, and moved to the side.

The obvious sound of the hidden door moving alerted whoever was on the other side of the wall as sounds of movement echoed throughout the chamber, along with the familiar sound of guns being readied. Normally, detectives weren’t the ones storming storming hideouts or jumping into firefights face first, but he wasn’t the normal detective.

Richard moved to grab a small cylinder from his waist, making a swift motion with his fingers, and then tossing it into the room before the door had opened all the way. He backed up slightly and motioned for Hound Dog to move back before preparing his pistol.

”Police, put your guns on the ground!”

Standing behind Roadblock Hound Dog readied himself as well in case they had any weapons capable of breaking through his electrical barrier.”Shocked we found you! Might wanna give it up, go easy and we’ll protect you, or not. I don’t mind busting heads.”

“It’s a meta!” One of them shouted as they all opened fire with their rifles, but no bullet ever made contact with anything but the floor as they were all caught in Hound Dog’s magnetic barrier; Richard holstered his gun, and raised his right arm at them.

A thick steel wire, surging with electricity of its own, shot from his forearm at the wall behind the Hounds, the tip bounced off and wrapped itself around one of them. Richard then used that Hound against his nearest allies by bashing his body around, crashing him into them, causing them all to lose grip on their weapons, with the occasional stray fire at the ceiling or floor.

Clenching his fists Sinclair moved in. ”Hows about youse take a dirt nap, and youse get a dirt nap. Half price dirt naps for everyone.

“Bullets aren’t working, grab the Force Cannon and hit the big one!” Another Hound member shouted and pointed at some piece of equipment in another corner of the room, one of the others complied by rolling towards it and mounting it on his body. It was some kind of cylinder attached to a chest harness with several tubes connecting to a small backpack, it was more complicated looking than it was considering he managed to put it on in an instant.

The man then aimed his chest at Roadblock and a flash of light escaped his chest, it cracked and exploded the immediate floor in front of him, warped and dissolved Hound Dogs’ electrical barrier, along with the air behind it, as an invisible force crashed into Richard’s armor; tossing him backwards with a grunt, and a loud metallic thud. The ground between them ruptured and exploded upwards violently, even as Richard was flung backwards.

”Oh sweet lemonade, I got this.” Grabbing his left ring he tossed it towards the newly armed Hound. A strand of electricity trailed behind it as it struck the molecular laser as Hound Dog pulled back suddenly with his right hand as if the lighting were a rope snatching the weapon from his grasp and moving in gloves charged with electricity. ”That was a neat gun, here let me introduce you to mine.” Punching his jaw the left side of his cheekbone had a nice imprint of Sinclair’s fist pouring enough juice through him to put him to bed for a while.

”If only we had the funding the Hounds did, they seem to have a new piece of equipment every time they show up, and it’s not too bad a piece of tech too.”

Richard grunted and held his head as he rose up, his own screen was blurry, from the blast or just his own perspective he couldn’t tell.

”Feels like I just got hit by a truck, ‘not bad’ is understating it.”

Now that their biggest gun was out Richard and Hound Dog made quick work of the remaining Hounds. It was a smaller hideout compared to the one everyone raided a month ago so it was only reasonable that it would have less people.

”Now that just leaves the last hound here, what’s it gonna be.” As the hound goon momentarily hesitated before simply trying to make a break for it something Hound Dog and Roadblock were equally prepared for. With him finally out for the count the two were free to look around. Hound Dog took this time to look through the crates in the room, while Roadblock went over the bodies of the Hounds.

Some of them were armored, but a few of them weren’t, despite all of them being armed. Their low numbers might have necessitated all of them participating in the fight, but one of their faces caught Richard’s eye.

”Does this guy look familiar?”
Richard asked out loud as he moved the man’s face side to side.

”A question for me?”

Richard’s screen then filled with images of different men and women, presumably all from the Hounds file they downloaded a month ago, the images continued to slide to the side, quickly shifting through different profiles until it suddenly stopped.

”Yeah, one of the top scientists back at their main base. He was there before we raided the building, seems he managed to get out before things got too hot.”

As Hound Dog combed through the various crates deemed to ship out he noticed another room hidden behind a large stack of boxes and only partially visible.

”You wanna bring that hot rod of yours over here. We got a door.”

As soon as Raodblock cleared the way Sinclair noticed there were lots of specialty equipment, pods where creatures submerged in a liquid of sorts. Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, as he shone a light further he paused and collected himself.

”That is some jacked up shit. Roadblock!”

Sinclair called out with concern echoing in his voice. As the light illuminated various tubes of people in all sorts of states of decomposition with only a few that remotely looked alive.

”That’s what they were doing down here, the same experiments? But why animals?”

”It’s common knowledge that even domesticated Dogs and Cats can be more nimble or faster than the average human. If the Hounds want to overcome metas-”

As they were inspecting the victims something let a low growl out barely noticeable to normal human ears as it dragged away one hound, but Hound Dog and Roadblock were not reliant on their ears alone.

A rapid blinking at the bottom corner of Richard’s screen caught his eye, along with Artemis, diverting them from the grotesque gathering of experiments, to where they had left their prisoners.

”We got movement!”
Richard said as he twisted around, to see that whatever was moving was gone, along with a certain man.

Rushing back out it was clear the werewolf creature had dragged away one of the scientists, pausing he drew from the electrified rails, using it to hoist himself up and climb along the walls as it rushed down the southbound tunnel. ”I’m gonna head it off, follow after me to block it’s escape! The rails will be shut off your way once I pass!”

Jumping down to the rails he flew by the wolf, it lunged and swiped at him, but a supercharged Hound Dog managed to slip by it’s claws. He blasted the creature, filling the air with the scent of burnt hair, causing it to break off and turn around. Irritated and volatile it chucked the prey it was carrying toward Roadblock as it leapt, claws extended, ready for a massive swipe.

Richard followed after the the creature as Hound Dog went to cut it off, then just as he said, Hound Dog blew ahead of the ‘werewolf’ and turned it around with a few thunderous zaps. The werewolf turned towards him and he readied himself to intercept it, but it tossed it’s hostage at him before charging at him with its claws.

He caught the man easily, the armor gave him a pretty big profile, but the claws were the real problem, and because of the somewhat close confines of the tunnel Richard wouldn’t be able to dodge, so he’d have to rely on something else.

Luckily for him Artemis was able to react and moved the riot shield in between the two, causing the creature’s claws to become lodged halfway in.

”That was close.”
He sighed a breath of relief. But it wasn’t over yet, the creature gave a heavy, wet snarl, and heaved a torrent of viscous liquid all over Richard.
@Indy Cooper I am Tree, I amm Tree? I am tree.. Tree?



The Sign of Hounds in the Darkness

A month was a long time, while Hound Dog and Roadblock did pursue the “Werewolf” further into the Hounds base, it had managed to elude them, any clues they had soon dried up, and so they both returned to their duties. While news of his involvement stopping the biggest threat the world faced had increased his popularity the same could not be said for meta in Pacific Point things had not gone smoothly, metas driven mad by the Hounds of Humanity, a string of thefts, concerns mounting about the use of excessive force.

Still Hound Dog had rarely used the kinda force needed to glass an entire person and people on his fan site began wondering if the New Metas were beginning to be a problem, himself included, and while there are those who stood up for him; others had not taken to heroism like Hound Dog hoped and some are using their gifts for violent crimes. The Hounds had driven some sort of stake between the people and the supers and until recently all news surrounding the werewolf was silent. The weeks he spent back in Pacific Point felt short and with some evidence popping up he had reason to travel to Lost Haven again arriving at the airport where he was to meet up with Roadblock.

Richard had continued on after the Hounds raid business as usual, it didn’t help his reputation around the office that he had let an overgrown dog get away, but these things happened. However, a few weeks after the raid, Lost Haven Police got wind of a sudden trail of kidnappings.

As they investigated they found that most victims were those of the meta community, people who were reported to have gifts or abilities of some kind, making them prime targets for Hounds of Humanity remnants, and several Hound hideouts were soon found afterwards. All of these things would put this case into the jurisdiction of normal police, but not all the victims were metas, and not all were ever found. There were also sightings of a “wolfman” or “werewolf”, which of course was shelved into nonsense.

So a few members of the Special Cases Department decided to gather a couple people that happened to be familiar with such nonsense. Although the SCD had no rights to this case, it didn’t stop them, and so they sent out a few details to a certain someone.


Picking up his luggage over by the baggage claim Sinclair was fairly new to flying and had some trouble picking his bag up as he got turned around and was waiting at another flight’s claim carousel, taking the initiative he looked around looking for a customer service representative or anyone for that matter.

Richard was idling near the claims area, leaning on wall, wondering if he really should have bothered with this until someone caught his eye.

“Pompadour, check, leather jacket, check. It’s him.”

Richard muttered into his phone, which he quickly pocketed. He pushed himself into a walk and approached the lines, making a b-line towards someone he had barely met only a month ago.

“Mister Adams, Sinclair Adams? I’m your ride.”

Still turned around in the confusion of this confounded airport claim area. Hound Dog turned and saw a man he had never seen. Looking him over he could tell his pulse was normal no signs of agitation or irregular heartbeat so either he was a amazing liar or he was truly his ride. ”Are youse? Righty-O then I seem to be missing my luggage, and whom might you be. “

“I hope you didn’t pack much, and I’m a detective with the LHSCD.” Richard then produced a badge from the underside of his suit for Hound Dog to see.

“Roadblock sent you the case details a few weeks ago, which we hope you kept secret.”

”It’s cool Daddy-O, no ones knows about it. THough my luggage does have my hero gear, hard to get heat linings through airport security ya know. But yeah had a few ideas on our case. Between youse and me, being the only ones here right now else I’d have gotten my luggage bout now, been working on something to track it well it’s mostly trackers so I could get a good feel of the electrical frequency. Youse think they’d have a kill switch and tracker gizmo around in case it got loose.” Hound Dog said as most people were either out of earshot or had all gotten their luggage and moved on.

“Maybe they did, and maybe it doesn’t work so good anymore. All that matters is it’s out there tearing stuff up, and nobody’s managed to stop it.”

Looking at the nearby directory he tried making out where he was. ”Do youse knowhow to read this? Sooner we get my gear the sooner we burn rubber. Just thinking what the hounds have laying around terrifies me, I saw some of the things they were working on. I bet they had everything STRIKE had even all the supervillain tech ands research. We saw the finger of god, but what they haven’t used worries me.”


Richard and Hound Dog sat in the front of a police cruiser, with Richard driving of course. He had a sort of inner glee in the meanwhile as it had been some time since he’d had an honest car to drive around, as usually his mode of transportation was a little bulkier. Richard had often asked the R&D staff to come up with some way to allow the armor to integrate with a normal cruiser or cycle, but to no avail, so this was a sort of early christmas.

But he realized that eventually they’d have to get to business, so he spoke up.

“What do you remember from the night of the raid?”

Hound Dog sat bottle of water in hand as he kept a duffle bag at his feet open and was rifling through it. ”Bout the creature, or the base? I remember a bit, lots of tech chambers that they could stuff animals into and inject all sorts of cocktails into them and robotic limbs they used so personel weren’t too endangered. Creature must be some sort of super wolf, some serum or villain must have made advancements in splicing or genetic recoding animal DNA.” Sinclair added as he took out some books among his belongings. Covers and articles on DNA editing and robotics gave away their contents. ”Boning up on my research into what the hounds were doing or what I think they may have anyways. Hard to tell without further access into their computers and archives.”

“It might be some kind of jumped up wolf, sure, or it could be a some kind of deformed metahuman. You’ve seen a few people like that haven’t you? Either way, the Hounds think it’s the genuine things.” Richard gestured to the glove box with a jerk of his head.

“Some of the stuff we pulled from their computer the last time you guys were there, and some of the stuff he couldn’t send by mail”

”Rad.” Taking the files, and adjusting his leg to form a sort of table he went over it, general details about it’s supposed height and weight. ”Youse looked at this right, it’s supposed weight four hundred and eighty pounds. Man that has some bulk on it’s undercarriage, a good nine feet at least too standing on it’s hinds. I remember it big but that’s something else.”

“Yeah, they grow them big wherever it came from. Some of that might also have been from the Hounds, from some of the other science logs it sounds like they actually believed stuff like magic was real. So they tried to take and study as much as they could, even put a few things of their own in it, but it doesn’t look like we managed to grab everything. It could have a surprise or two up its sleeve.”

”Youse said something about kidnappings over the mail too right, nothing specific but I bet you got a map laying around we could use to figure out it’s hunting grounds. It’s smart, holds a grudge clearly as youse guys have discovered unknown hideouts because of it; means there’s intelligence behind it. I think you’re right about it being something human or was. I dunno about magic, that might be an angle we’ll cross that after we rule out everything else. I’d hate to think magic was real. That opens up a whole can of worms I’d not wanna bother with.”

“What’s wrong, afraid of a few card tricks?” Richard turned to give a wry smile before putting his eyes back on the road.
“Yeah, looks like the Hounds are getting sloppier ever since that satellite business, we managed to dig up a few hideouts trying to put a hammer on these kidnappings, and each of those hideouts looked like the part of the base you and Roadblock hit a while ago. The rest of the police think it’s just a rampaging meta looking to take an eye for an eye, but I managed to take a look at their files, we got an idea on where it’s goin next, and that’s where you and Roadblock are going to hit.”

Hound Dog began stripping off his jacket and shirt. ”I’m gonna need the back of the cruiser too. Need to change my pants, lots of thermal linings in my clothes. Just a heads up.”

“W-whoa whoa! Wait a minute!” Richard nervously glanced at the rearview mirror, just out of curiosity, he couldn’t believe this guy.

“Your pants too?” He shouted again.

“You can wait until I park us, we’re almost there!”

”I’m not gonna take off my pants while you’re driving, no. Underwear too by the way. Can’t fry my junk. Besides we’re both guys here we’re not doing any back seat bingo.”

T-the underwear too? Maybe I could have gotten Artemis to drive instead. Richard nervously thought.

Richard turned the cruiser around a corner, placing an older looking warehouse into view. Several cars were parked around the side, the the LHSCD trailer was waiting for him on the side of the street, in front of another building. Richard decided to park the car next to them, to help hide the car too as they approached.

“At least wait for me to get out before you start.” Richard said as he moved to release the seatbelt.

This guy is way too eager.

Guess I could. Things get tight youse know, need to add some powder some times to slip in.”

“No, it’s fine, I don’t need the details.” Richard said as he quickly closed the door and briskly walked towards the trailer, breathing a deep breath on the way. He knocked on the back of the trailer, and backed off to give the doors some room. His partner, Detective McMann, was busy pretending he was on a propper SCD case, so the only people present in the trailer was a driver, and a few of the R&D staff.

A monitor on a nearby terminal lit up with a simple face composed of two dots and a line for a ‘mouth’.

”So, did you enjoy your time with a superhero?”

Richard thought about what Hound Dog said before he left.



“This was a mistake.”


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