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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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Check out my Fallout Fan Fiction
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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A part of me wants to join, even have a quirky hero. The Golden Eye, guy with a prosthetic eye that shines a bright light so he can sucker punch someone. But I really have too much on my plate. Got two RPs and a ton of writing projects. Best of luck to you, gonna follow this because I loved Mystery Men as a kid.
@Inkarnate Sorry about what happened to your roommate, hope he gets the help he needs and life returns to somewhat normal if that's possible. Real life takes priority so take the time you need.
Yea, I am haveing a bit of a problem writeing my self in to the rp with out messing up some ones already ongoing story arc. Any ideas guy?

What do you mean, you could always write a self contained story, you guy was a behind the scenes smart guy right, there are a ton of business men you could simply make up, and if you really want to join someone's arc PM them and see where you could fit.
Alaskan Federation Somewhere amidst the frozen plains.

Deep in the permafrost farther than the patrolled lands that offer safety lies a place between North and South the Mid Lands. It was a village protected only by it's own where huts dug deep within the earth and ice serve as the only outposts to warn against danger, which although present was far from civilization and the bands of roaming raiders. No only the outcasts presented a threat those who broke law and slew brothers; here the wilds were tough grasses few and fish plenty, whaling was king. As a young villager rolled a wood barrel among the pile he shook a waxy mucus like substance from his fingers as his brother stood above him on the ramparts if one could call them that with the wood frozen and ancient taken from forests even farther then they. Uther the guard one of many and Oolie the one propping the barrel of whale oil that would eventually be taken next week as per monthly agreement with the Rangers who in return exchanged goods and medical supplies for the valuable fuel source; both watch the plains keeping eye on any smokestacks and strangers who approach.

As one such stranger makes her way towards the spiky wooden gate Uther notes the garb she clothes herself in, a long white jacket with blue tinted lenses for her military helmet. "Ranger." He said in muffled tone as he rushed to the gate controls and met another guard. "Think they're here to investigate the trouble?"

"Surely." Uther said as he yanked back on the lever.

The stranger walked through nodding only once as she took off her helmet revealing her fair skin and blue eyes, while Uther walked up gun in hand. "You here about the sacked warehouse?" To his surprise the woman who looked even younger than he shook her head and began rubbing her palms as they looked back. "Why are you here then?"

The woman removing the gloves that kept her fingers from freezing removed a notepad from her pouch.. I wander, you have trouble I look into it. She pointed towards the handwritten note as she held it to the guard's eyes.

"Not a talker, that's rare." He motioned for her to follow as he led her towards a broken down warehouse of corrugated metal with the doors barely attached to their hinges. "Started happening about a month back, every couple days something will be missing, food, wood, a basket ball. All odds and ends like someone didn't know what they were stealing, could be an animal; always tracks, big ones."

Lifting her pencil and softly writing again. Will see what I find, after fire. I need warmth and have MRE to cook.

Uther read her hastily penned message and pointed. "The town longhouse is just over that way, if you need some water we have some to spare."

I am Fontaine, much thanks.

Uther read and said, "Uther." as she slowly put away her notepad and stuffed it in her pack. As he left her to investigate the warehouse the other guard spoke. "Odd one yeah, crossbow and sword weird combination; think she even has a gun?"

"Not sure, didn't see one. Badge looks genuine and that armor isn't fake so she must know how to defend herself. Let's hope she finds something and tracks the beast down. Can't loose people wandering out on the frozen wastes, don't want the Ranger to get hurt either but that's what they do and they're better trained than we." With a sigh Uther and his fellow guard walked back to their posts to watch over the village.

I'm interested, but I'm never able to keep up with this type of stuff.

Neither has my lazy butt, but I enjoy writing and we're a friendly and helpful bunch, with a Discord even.
Here's my nation application to this roleplay. Hope it's all good. :D

Okay bring your population down a bit and you're ready to post.

Note to all Nations, you all can slowly bump up your numbers eventually, as better healthcare, agriculture and technology allow more people to live longer and new children to be born. Nothing crazy but a small percent every year perhaps around ten percent or less of your current pop, also if you want to shrink a bit due to famine and or disease you are more than welcome to go through those plot lines as well to add some interesting elements. Course if you want to grow you'd need to write what you are doing to improve lives and keep yourselves out of wars as you'll lose more than you'd probably gain yearly.
@Crosswire I'll see if anyone has an issue with your CS in a bit. But it looks good, I'll ask and if no one has any objections you're in.
@LordDeadpool The font is really hard to read as Byrd said. Maybe someone can find a good red that shows up better.
The quests and guilds are rather dull, unless they make a picking random flowers guild than you being guild master will never make sense. There are good quests sure but none of them have any real impact. Slay Alduin and most won't even notice a difference. Have the NPCs react to what you do even if it's major milestones. But don't worry mods will fix everything wrong with the game.
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