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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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I honestly have no idea where to start, but the rules say I should start with E.G's origin so I guess I'm just gonna start there lol. also, everyone seems to write a whole bunch, so I guess I'm just gonna write until I feel it is enough and then post.

We don't have a hard limit. So write at your own pace, though most of us do tend to write quite a lot. Also my guy Hound Dog might be happy to have a fellow Elvis fan.



Psychedelic Storm

There were streaks in the sky as beams struck Hounds who kept popping up, Sinclair could see them crawling out from behind buildings and although ready found that the mysterious lady providing air support had cleared enough of them to make his way safely. It was then a first aid kit flew towards Hound Dog as he caught it mostly with grace. ”Where’d you get the pick me up?”

”Something from Fletch for your shoulder!” Voyager said as she flew up to him, gesturing back at where the archer had been perched a moment ago. ”You should have seen Archie, he was so-

“-stupid piece of crap. Hello? Am I coming in?”

”Jordan!” Voyager replied delightedly to the voice from her earpiece. ”Good to hear from you again!

”I can hear too. Seems like every cape is here. You guys land safely at the airport? Things are hot out here, rubber’s melting on the pavement.”

“Don’t worry, we’re well out of harm’s way,” Jordan reassured the two heroes. “Took a while to calibrate it but I wanted to be sure they couldn’t trace your signal, so sorry about the delay.”
”Understandable. Just glad that you are still there to keep an eye on us Jordan.”

”Since the pipes are clean you guys got a safe base camp? There’s going to be a lot of injured, some good some bad more on the bad side. We got things under control, ain’t no chopshop out here.” Hound Dog said as he pulled out some ointment and began applying it to his wound. ”You good with a needle? Voyager, not you Jordan.”

“Yeah I was just going to say…”

”Um...I think I could use one. I am not familiar with doctoring, but it seems simple,” Riley said hesitantly.

“So what you’re essentially saying is that you’re an alien, not a doctor, riight?” Jordan quipped.

”Ayyyy.” Hound Dog said with his fingers pointing towards Voyager. ”You crazies. Right i’m your best patient for learning, don’t feel pain right now so I’ll give you a hand.”

”Hmm...alright,” Voyager said tentatively, extracting the needle from the kit, managing to handle the tool quite well with some helpful gestures from Hound Dog. Thankfully inserting the needle correctly the first time, she winced in anticipation as she used it, trying to gauge Hound Dog’s reaction to see if it worked.

Taking the time Hound Dog glanced to the right pointing. ”Not bad, but curve a few bolts round that corner, we got some beaters that need to be scrapped. Then loop the needle back round.”

”Right, right,” Voyager said carefully, carefully guiding with one hand as she blasted a few approaching soldiers off their feet with the other. Returning with her other hand, she drew the needle out as the procedure finished. ”I...think it has worked. It has worked, right?”

Examining the stitches Hound Dog wasn’t too impressed but considering it was her first attempt he was more than glad he was her first patient and hopefully the last. Still basic skills will come in handy later as he slipped his arm through the sleeve of his jacket. ”Needs work, they’re jacked up ya know. But get yourself a little practice, skills like that can be fat city in a pinch and there might not be anyone else round to patch you up. I got myself a ragdoll for such things.”

”Well, I am glad to learn something new!” Voyager said proudly, floating slightly as she prepared to resume fighting. ”Jordan, anything else big around here?”

“The Hounds I can see here seem to be thinning out a bit,” Jordan observed, “But A few of those mecha are still stomping around, you might want to focus on them before they cause any more damage.”

”That sounds simple enough. A giant robot should not be hard to find...” Almost on cue, there was a great roar of metal in motion as a pair of the Hounds massive fighting robots lumbered into view, spotting the two heroes and spooling up their weapons to engage.

”You know.” Hound Dog said as he let loose a crackling blast of lighting towards the machine. ”You’d be surprised how easy one can hide a giant robot.” Sprinting behind a car Sinclair continued his barrage on the incoming mechs. ”Knew a guy who build a giant robot once, put a car on top as a head. Hid the whole thing in his Mother’s garage.” Hound Dog touched the car he was hiding behind and began to charge it allowing him to push it away from him easier than he could otherwise.

”That is...interesting. I am not sure what is more impressive, building the giant robot with a car or hiding it, honestly,” Voyager commented, zipping between piles of rubble and debris to avoid the tracking fire from one of the mechs.

”Thing worked too, he had real chops on him sadly can’t say the same for his intelligence. Took the thing into space, and that was the last I heard from him, not surprised I warned him the thing wouldn’t be airtight. But he kept going on about how good of a chassis it was and all that jazz. Taller than most buildings and had serious firepower.” Pulling a disk out of his pocket he slammed the car into another vehicle and began charging to shoot it. Could use something like that right about now. But. Enjoy some music Voyager.” He said as the disk launched and the resulting impact not only damage parts of it’s armor but sent whomever inside it wheeling from the shockwave, allowing Hound Dog to close the gap, each fist charged up and ready to fire off.

”I will enjoy it, because I doubt that they will!” Voyager announced, exploiting the distraction of the disc impacting on the first mecha to fly into the air and right at the other unharmed mecha. Minigun fire danced towards her as the alien flew in close before landing on top of the robot, out of range of its weapons. Immediately the mecha jerked back and forth to shake her off, but Voyager managed to cling to the mounted weapon on the mecha’s side and hang on, using her PsiBeam to slice into the opposite arm. Focusing hard on her powers, Voyager released her beam just as her eyes began to burn, happily noticing the mecha’s arm hanging limply at its side before switching her grip to work on the other arm.

Looking upon the mechanical bot through his eyes was confusing, all manner of electronics blocked his view of the man inside but striking down and bringing a pair of thunderclaps devastating his knuckles and sending the mech to its knees. Standing before it hands his hands bleeding Sinclair readied himself to open up the cockpit and throw the pilot to the ground, however a glint of light from its eyes caused him to bolt in reverse as it brought it’s guns to bear. ”Ain’t right square, youse all should know when to stay stacked.”

”This is..much easier than fighting the Gargoyle!” Voyager said with a grunt as she wrenched off a shoulder mounted weapon with the help of a PsiBeam, tossing it aside like a hunk of firewood. ”No weird gem things that mess around with powers. Ah!” Nearly stumbling as the mecha lurched to the side in another effort to throw her off, she made her way to the top of the machine and a hatch that surely must have led to the inside. Blasting the lock mechanism to bits, she lifted up the door and peered inside triumphantly. ”Hi there! If you don’t mind I’d like for you t-YEAGH!” Voyager felt something burning hot streak past her face as the crew responded with gunfire, the sensation strong enough to knock her off and send her rolling across the edge and landing on the ground with a thud.

As Hound Dog retreated under fire he was ragdolled by the various explosions the machine launched from its weapons sending him into a bike rack. Picking himself together his hand seemed to be touching a chain of sorts, old and metal hanging off a beat up bike. ”Idea time.” Ripping the chain off he separated the rings with his powers mangling them which was fine. Old and metal meant he could use them and despite how beat up they were he held the rings in the palms of his hands as they crackled. Getting to his feet Hound Dog charged the mech taking cover as he hurled rings in all directions as they attached themselves to anything metallic including the mech itself. The mech stopped for a second as if to inspect what the meta was trying to do and simply realigned its guns onto Sinclar.

Seeing Voyager go down, Hound Dog began to hurry up his plan and simply tossed the other hand of rings he had into the air blasting them again for good measure. Doing the trick a ring flew to the one floating bringing with it a parking meter, as the ring gravitated towards the mech it kept picking up various bits of metal each ring Hound Dog tossed also bringing something and balling up the Hound pilots in the machine couldn’t simply ignore it. Hound Dog had retreated once again trying to find a way to it’s back as explosions rocked the area seemingly to try to knock the wrecking ball of scrap to the ground.

Voyager was only stunned for a couple of seconds before she saw a giant metal foot coming down on her, throwing up a PsiBarrier to protect herself. The force of the impact was strong enough to indent the barrier into the ground, yet Voyager was smiling at her situation despite the metal behemoth threatening to crush her.

”Not the first time...something tried to squish me,” she said with some strain in her voice. ”I have learned some...techniques...since then!” Drawing on her psionic energies, she forced up her PsiBarrier, blasting the mecha leg upwards and stumbling the whole machine right into the wall of a nearby building. Taking to the skies, she flew back towards the hatch and tore the door open again, her eyes glowing with psionic energy.

”Hey! Stop being mean and -OUCH!” Voyager winced as something metal conked her between the eyes and landed in her hand. Reflexively gripping the object, she refocused and saw it was a metal cylinder with a tab that she didn’t recognize. ”Uh, Hound Dog! What is this thing?” she called out, waving the cylinder at him.

”O..h. Shiit.” Cursing he threw a metallic ring directly at Voyager as it stuck to the grenade pulling itself violently out of her grasp into the ball that had begun to increasingly pick up speed chasing his own enemy. The Hounds in the machine had been trying and failing to outpace the mass of metal until it smashed directly into them piling them to the ground. Finally too heavy for the magnetism to move it began picking up more and more pieces until the grenade finally exploded, rocking the cockpit and sending shrapnel out and as it paused and caught itself in its own gravity well pulling each and every shard back onto the immobilized mech.

Momentarily stunned by the realization, Voyager turned back with an affronted look on her face, just as a sidearm was swung in her direction. Unfazed, Voyager grabbed onto the offending sidearm and lifted the pilot bodily out of his seat by his outstretched arm. Struggling slightly, he tried to reach for something on his belt. ”You should not throw things at people,” Voyager lectured the pilot without a hint of irony. ”Especially if those things explode.” Then with a flick of her wrist, she blasted the pilot into the wall the mecha was leaning against, letting the man bounce off and collapse face first onto the top of the giant robot.

Every time the mech lifted a finger, metal slid into the gaps, and every time it tried to fire missiles it would simply damage its hull and send shards deeper into the internal mechanics. ”I think this actually turned out better than I imagined.” Turning to Voyager. ”Doing okay, that wound deep or just superficial?” Pointing to his own face for reference.

”Wound? Oh, I guess that did hit me,” Voyager commented, seeing her hand come back stained with green blood after rubbing against the affected spot. ”Just a graze I think, it should heal quickly.” Voyager gave a sidelong glance at the co-pilot through the open hatch of the mecha, who saw the look on her face and slowly raised his hands in the air.

Hound Dog caught up to Voyager and joined her at the foot of the mech, the alien heroine holding the co-pilot by the scruff of the neck. ”Good to hear it’ll heal fine, but some guys dig scars you know, could be a plus for some. But wanna knock this guy out and take this for a spin?”

”Both sound enticing, do they not?”

“If it’s all the same to you two,” the co-pilot said meekly. “I’d just like to get to my jail cell now…”

”No one’s giving you an option here, but if I were, we’ll take you to jail, if and only if, you show us where you guys might be held up?”

The co-pilot shuffled uncomfortably as the two heroes stared him down.
@HenryJonesJr You think the Cranes have met any of the Van Helsings, now or in the past? As it's a title and not an a strict bloodline. Though most are from the same ancestry.

Bodmin Moor United Kingdom - Dozmary Pool - Sometime in the early morning

The warmth from the rising sun began to wash over the hills and cover the lake where legend tells of a mythical lady. It was here Arthur took his sword and here they say it was returned however no one knows for sure though some say you can see a lovely woman drifting along in the mist.

Gliding between the misty lake shore a woman in a white dress shifted between hills caring for things hidden to the eyes of mortals as a horse with a jet black coat crossed the lake as if firm ground was underneath it’s hooves rising until it was completely above the water; glancing towards it the woman held out reeds and floated over to it stroking it’s mane and removing a finger dangling off her hand sweeping through the sticky coat without worry as her palm was protected in a clear film of lake water. As water sprites kept their distance and playfully announced her visitors.

Besides Merlin floated Arthur and his glowing golden aura repelling a Black Dog that had wandered into the area as he growled and kept a steady pace behind them all the while the lady holding the reeds whilst feeding the strange horse turned. “Arthur.” She spoke plainly as the horse backed away towards the water slipping from the Lady’s grasp.

”You look well Coventina, I have finally found a potential successor.

“I could feel it, Excalibur spoke to me, told me of another who wields it. I can feel more than that Magic that is not hers runs through her veins. Your’s I presume?”

”Excalibur always was quite the songbird in my world.”

Dipping the reeds back into the water Coventina stood as they floated washed away by the ripples. “All is fine for now, but who are you?”

Smirking Merlin spoke letting loose her haughty attitude.”I am Merlin.”

“Your words are true and false explain yourself for I know Merlin and he is not you.” Coventina questioned as her feet took her closer to her cottage home resting by the shore.

”And he is not here to claim otherwise. No I am Merlin but not the one who you knew, my Arthur, my Coventina they are gone and so is the world that I inhabited.”

Laying her hand upon the fence of intertwined branches Coventina simply turned away taking in the words Merlin had spoken. As dew dripped from the grass Merlin stepped forward. ”Eva must take the trials, if the sword doesn’t fully acknowledge her she won’t stand against what is coming.

Coventina tilted her head with a slight motion and asked. “And that is?”

-- The clock overhead struck ten as the pendulum swung a man sitting near a fireplace checked his watch the gears creaked as he cranked it even despite the frequent oilings. A smile stared back as footsteps closed in from outside the room.

An arm pushed back his companion and shoved him back toward the wall. “You remember keep your mouth shut, it ain’t time, still twenty seconds early.”

“I know I know,”

“You talk out of line we lose big, almost eight thousand pounds. So shut your trap and move only when I move.”

The door creaked and startled the men. The man in white stepped forward looking more like a bartender than a debonair gentleman; same could be said for his friend of sorts. However their employer wore shoes whose price tag would pay for their entire operation and with a bit of panache he turned on his heels. “Morning gents.” The two words sent cold chills down each of their spines as if liquid ice was poured down their backs. ”I see you are missing Bronco. No matter. He already failed once and the girl yet lives. But you two acquired what I wanted and with a few more pieces your work will be done.” Once his mouth closed the shivering stopped as a more natural atmosphere took hold of the room once more.

“Ye,eah boss. Got those weird artifacts you wanted. Heard they had to cut back on the witch exhibit they did. You tell us what we need we’ll grab it.”

Shock Jockey took a gulp of his own saliva as Greasefire spoke to their employer still awed the man could speak at all under the weird vibes he caught from the refined individual before them. A little bit longer he thought as their boss picked up a paper.
“I just need two more items. One is under watch by the Ars Obscura they’ve been picking up hints of it. Snatch it before they understand what it is least we need to break into their Reliquary. The other should be easy enough, the map you found details where the last piece is. Buried to time.”

Greasefire’s fingers had a nervous twitch and stopped only when he held his hand. “Talk like you know where that Reliquary is. But yeah we’ll grab it, both of them.”

“Good good.” As the ominous air subsided he lifted his watch and before he looked into it said. “Fail me at your own peril. Afternoon lads.” His arm fell limp after seeing his own reflection and groggily he looked at the two who stood in his study. “You’re early didn’t hear you enter, good. I take it you have news?”

“Of course Mr. Wahlforth.” The men had a sigh of relief as the air felt breathable again.

“What, out of breath? You two hurry up here, no matter. Tell me now what you’ve learned!”

Setting a folder down Greasefire handed Mr. Wahlforth some photos. “You’re Uncle Sterling has been cooking the books, stealing from your company. We’ll need to do a sting or two to fully catch him in the act, but there’s enough evidence to implicate him.”

Nathaniel examined every inch of the photos, the papers, and their entire contents. Staying still for what seemed an hour as the two made themselves comfortable. “It, It does not seem real. Fine catch him in the act, only them will I take action. I just cannot believe it. His support was pivotal to our company..” Standing up he furiously pointed towards the door. “WELL GO! Get me that proof! It’s why I hired you investigators.”

“Course boss. We’ll get you everything.”
Right, I fixed her bio but what would be a sample? I mean do you want her to just monologue or do you want something from my actual story she was in? It's a very old story so I didnd't have her talk all that much.

Usually a short story that could be either plot related or something you just whipped up that may or may not take place.
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I have a few who's last into the thousands or even swat away infinite amounts. My first Eva who wields Excalibur could almost cut them down infinitely assuming they run in a straight line. Otherwise she'd be overwhelmed by the body count of everyone at every direction. So couple hundred.

Hound Dog who controls and generates electricity could fry a couple hundred as well but he'd burn up under that much electrical heat. Safely about 30 or so but otherwise he should run.

Barron a vamp who has near superman strength and blood manipulation would swat away infinite hoards and make himself a nice army of ghouls. As long as he brings his sunblock.
Featuring @Tiberius67

A village frozen in a harsh land - 7:00 local time

Stumbling numbly into the long house Fontaine looked up to see the steam genny standing tall sending a warm reddish hue out with each passing second as she struggled to find a decent seat as seemingly every villager had assembled for supper each with bowls of soup whale fat alongside them while tiered frostbitten whalers sampled the fruits of their labor. Hanging her coat off the side of her chair she clipped her helmet to her belt and pulled out a MRE in another time it was fresh spaghetti and meat sauce perhaps packaged in a way that actually persevered the food many soldiers hoped. Opening the package Fontaine busted out her p38 and went to work opening the can tearing open the spaghetti and watching as everyone let out a ghastly gasp as this gelatinous mush plopped down on the tray, she poked at it and it resembled maggots far from the meal she had hoped to receive after raiding an old abandoned military crate. As one of the natives next to her got up she sniffed the meal looking to see if that was actually edible and just like to popped can of cheese and crackers it sadly was not. Immediately tossing out the pecan cake for nuts never preserved well in these types of kits she was nearly going to abandon her meal dumping everything into a trash can before she was stopped from leaving with a bowl of soup being placed out in front of her.

“Have yourself a proper meal,” The man said as she began to nod furiously thanking the man without a single word. “Don’t worry it’s on me.”

Setting the bowl down she grabbed a notepad Thankyou setting aside the cigarettes from the MRE, Fontaine took the time and ate letting the soup and the steam genny warm her from her core. Her small frame was more visible as she slipped her coat over her shoulders buttoned it up and adjusted her helmet and set off to explore the surrounding wasteland.

Kodiak, Alaska - Kodiak Airport - 7:35 Local time

“Sister Amanda”, the Scribe said, “It’s time to go….the aircraft is leaving for home”

“Very well”, Amanda Nakamura replied, “Inform the pilot that I’m done here and he can proceed at his convenience.”

Amanda sighed as she looked at the poster, holding it, on it’s plastic sheet backing one last time at arm’s length before sliding it back into it’s storage case. It was Pre-War...they had found it on one wall of the Launch Control Center of the missile silo. It said,

Between the two phrases, was the heraldic emblem of the Pre-War Strategic Air Command, a shield with a medieval armored fist over a clear blue sky with a few small clouds. Where the official SAC emblem had the armored gauntlet holding a pair of lighting bolts, the gauntlet on this poster held a pair of severed human testicles by the vas deferens instead. Whether it was just black humor perpetrated by bored missile crews, or an actual official propaganda poster, she had no idea. Either way, it nicely illustrated the insanity that had taken hold of their ancestors and destroyed the Old World. Commander Fulman had noticed her looking at it every time she passed it, and had it taken down and mounted, presenting it to her as a going-away gift. She had already decided where it would be displayed in her office back at the Bunker. She closed the case, and checked the straps that held it in place with the other cargo, the metal lined boxes that held the disassembled re-entry bodies they had extracted from the missile, and the plutonium cores. Satisfied everything was properly stowed, she walked aft along the cavernous interior of the old cargo aircraft, nearly filled by the bulk of the disarmed Minuteman XI ICBM….a break in the weather had allowed it to be extracted from the silo early, so that it could be sent back to Nebraska for repurposing as a satellite booster…..and disembarked out the open cargo doors, which began to close as soon as the pilot noticed her trudging out onto the runway. Once the doors closed, the crew began to prepare for the long flight hole, the engines starting with a whine.

Amanda walked towards the smaller aircraft waiting for her, a C-130, without looking back, shivering in the cold as she noticed the first rays of dawn over the horizon. One mission was accomplished, but another was beginning…..another faction in Alaska asking for Brotherhood to cope with the remnants of the past. She would take charge of the mission, as the needs of the War Effort made it inefficient to send another Scribe of her rank out to relieve her...and if Chinese strategic weapons were recovered, she was best qualified to deal with them anyway. She didn’t mind, though, the work was important, she would do her duty as always. At least the flight to Anchorage would be relatively short, just a couple hours.

Anchorage Airport- Several Hours later

Amanda crinkled her nose for a moment as the rear cargo doors opened, letting the cold in, relaxing as she got used to it. Winters in Nebraska were cold, but this was somewhat worse. As the doors opened, she and her new team, many of which she only knew professionally and some she had never met until she boarded the aircraft at Kodiak, disembarked out the open cargo door at the rear, noticing some locals, supervising some battered old cargo bots, waiting patiently to board and offload the cargo.She hesitated a moment at the foot of the ramp, looking for a sign that would tell her who was the senior of the group.

Swinging his arms to direct the cargo bots, a man covered in hide and fur looking more like a walking gorilla than a human in his winter getup stepped over removing his hood and cutting his bulky profile almost in half. “Afternoon, call me Dev. We got ourselves a short jaunt over to the trainyard. Not more a 20 minute walk, we’ll be passing through the warehouses on the way so you’ll be plenty warm.” Taking a short moment to laugh he continued on. “Well as warm as you’ll get before spring; apologies for the cold the steam gennys have been breaking down lately otherwise we’d be toasty enough. If you’ll follow me.” Leading the group towards the old pre-war hangars tall walls cut from logs and trimmed of branches lined not only the entrance but the path through several warehouses with cylindrical radiators humming along in only a few spots leaving ice to build up and wood to crack. While several spots leaving a shivering cold the warehouse of the trainyard came into sight; larger than the rest and with more working steam gennys sat in the middle of working areas with a large robotic arm mounted along the inside of the trainyard sat loading in supplies. “She’s an old girl that one. Runs fine enough on the rails but whines when it simply gets too cold out. We got a mess hall on the right side and a seating area. It’ll be a bot before all is loaded so, grab some food. If you need me I’ll be directing everything over.”

“Thank you, Dev”, Amanda said, then she and her comrades filed into the mess hall, taking their place in line to get served. Served a respectable meal of baked fish, potatoes, and carrots, she sat down and ate, finding the food pretty good...certainly better than she had gotten in boot camp when she did her National Service twelve years ago, though that food was rather mediocre on purpose. She saw that as a good sign, the people here seemed to be doing rather well….which was good as based on the briefing she had gotten from Barnaky himself, of all people...or robot, as it were, on the flight from Kodiak she was going to be here a while.

Over by the mess hall standing under a sign that read, plenty have ate from this kitchen to lead healthy lives; the cook simply prepared more as other workers shuffled in some finishing their shifts others about to start. Taking a cast iron skillet he walked over towards Amanda and her team. “Have a few local delicacies since we’re up by the river we’re never short especially on sea peaches.” Setting it down fried little carrot like things popped as the skillet cooled. “They’re a little sweet and salty, but it’s all good. Kriner’s kitchen is always open if you need to eat.”

“Thank you”, Amanda replied brightly as she held out her plate for the cook to ladle some of the ‘sea peaches’ from his skillet to it. Eating one, she found it good and ate some more. While they did get fish back in Nebraska, seafood was a rarity, occasionally brought upriver from New Orleans, and quite expensive. Living on the coast, seafood was probably the main staple of their diet so until it became routine, seafood would be something of an adventure for her.
Good times, I don't get a day off from work until after next week. Gonna put me in a tough spot writing wise. But I'll see what I can do to not fall behind.
I still prefer Citadel myself for Maddy. As Valencium sounds complicated to say and just not as fun.
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