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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
3 yrs ago
I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
3 yrs ago
On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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Check out my Fallout Fan Fiction
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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We're dorks. All the time. Every dork channel.
@Liseran Thistle is the Kindle your main computer?? I. So sorry. I use Discord on my PC and mobile. Thankfully my phone is nice. And it feels smooth to use Discord.
@Liseran Thistle You should join our Discord. We're much more responsive there. But neat. My keyboard is just some cheap thing I picked up.
Working on actually getting free time. It is not going well.
My game plan. Get around to finishing HD post. Tidy up the Barron post. Actually be productive in other arcs and move side characters along. Wow that last one will take maximum effort.
I'm as out of the loop as the new guy is, lol. My character is just doing their own thing right now, and they're just kind of oblivious to the fact that a bunch of cities got nuked. I'd like to think that Eris knows that the other super heroes are doing something big, but they treat it like any other news story, kind of like how for a few posts girliath was just rampaging in atlanta, and Eris was just like "Its just a giant lady, bro, chill."

unless something world shattering happens in one of you guys' posts, like New Jersey ends up being obliterated for some reason, i don't think I can continue to make Eris and the gang woefully oblivious to the other awesome hero things going on around here. it's kind of hard to ignore being erased from existance, you know?

Unless you do something to get yourself banned from the RP or Guild no one is gonna wipe your characters off the map. If the GM has plots that involve destroying X City he'll PM you and work something out or make other plans.
Not quite nuked. More like blasted with a laser.

Thats not really a difference to those who are dead.
@nitemare shape woohoo :3

Anything I should know before jumping in?

Yeah. A group of terrible terrorists are attacking superheroes, they nuked citites. Aside from that um. We still don't know if we'll ever get that pizza the boss promised us.
@Liseran Thistle Also I believe that the giant girl in Atlanta is gone. The player has backed out. I believe they were that Jared fellow. So as far as IC goes the giant girl is likely just gonna be missing or just not referenced.
I hope people have posts in the work for bringing their characters to the Hounds' Lost Haven base. We don't want IK and Vigilante soloing the final boss.

Also, has everyone who is planning to go with Icon to take out the satellite discussed the plan of attack with @nitemare shape?

I haven't had time to write up a post for HD yet, but I'm off tomorrow so I plan to get that in then.
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