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A Coke thief stole my last Ice Cold Coca Cola.
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I wonder how many people sit at their desk facepalming in silence at my jokes.
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On his way to Corvega Assembly plant for a settlement mission, gets distracted by a new settlement site and spends the day building it up. I'll get there I swear!!
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Check out my Fallout Fan Fiction
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I got into Roleplaying, er more specifically Post by Post Roleplaying around, I think it was four years ago? It feels much longer than that. My good friend whose now far too busy in college introduced me. He wanted by make a Mass Effect RP for his younger brother, or Cousin, something along those line. The games series was far to mature for someone of his age but he felt he could make a family friendly RP. And while that never panned out, I was hooked. Fast forward to the present day and I'm an avid RP and casual writer. I mainly prefer Fallout RPs, and am working on my own which will take place in the fictional Lore of Alaska. But it's far from ready. Between my laziness and my workload of various RPs and Videogames I am often rather busy. Yet I always find myself exceptionally bored. So I like contemplating Philosophical Conundrums.

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With a charged blast of high voltage electricity an alien dropship suddenly found itself without a left side molten metal dripped onto the soldiers gathered inside as the aliens themselves prepared for an emergency landing only to be blasted by some unknown source of energy.

Hound Dog knew the blast came from nearby however ships flew to intercept him, with following blasts of lightning tearing off armor plating. Heat rose from his arms mixing with the humid air and pouring sea water that was dripping through this energy barrier forming hot steam that partially obscured him. Even with the chaos and other heroes rising to action few were doing significant damage to them on a large enough scale it almost seemed like they came from nowhere phasing into reality.

”Are they replicating or teleporting?” Hound Dog mused.
”Whatever they’re doing this is some serious bad news.”

Blasts of lightning continued each weaker than the last as his heat sink quickly became overloaded, dissipating the heat required to keep his core body temperature at safe levels was soon getting out of hand so he came up with a plan. Picking up metallic objects Hound Dog propelled them accelerating their speed and impact force chaining each attack with positively and negatively charged debris continued to bring each and every attack closer and farther into the sky as the magnetism of each object created a small orbit jumping between points and smashing through as many enemy fighters as possible.

However as he soon noted, whatever metals the ships used in their construction were simply far too durable to be destroyed by minerals and metals known to man. ”There goes conserving strength, right I suppose my bit here is over and if I don’t hightail it elsewhere these squares will cream me good.” With the distraction keeping aliens busy he took off making quick trails. Ducking incoming fire, zapping ground troops until he came upon the largest gathering he’s seen yet, surrounding two unfamiliar heroes? As he zapped another craft out of the sky he noticed some similarity to one blue skinned alien. ”I’m assuming you ain’t like those greenies who are such a drag, though yet somehow oddly familiar. You a relative of Voyager? Cause man, the more I eyeball you the more I see her. But first we got more friends joining our shindig here.”
Somewhere just outside Fairbanks Alaska

The skies blackened, the sun engulfed behind a massive ship wrecking havoc on the tides and raining meteors from the heavens. Scores of Humanity watched in abject horror as their certain doom was laid bare for all to see, no Icon of hope to save them at least not all of them. Waves crashed down tearing apart docks and drowning the mightiest of seafaring vessels, the storms formed in these times would carve new craters in the Earth below and our heroes stood in complete shock while a preliminary invasion force began touching down in key parts of the world. War had come to this tiny planet a force unknown and uncontested by even the strongest races in the galaxy.

A mangled hand reached for a unwieldy gun pulsing with golden veins of energy his memories recalled a time when he was war incarnate, they were the Deathless Plague that engulfed the galaxy they conquered planets consumed worlds and converted the dead to their cause; the Arlaaekan armada changed that, they unleashed a technological virus that cripped their reproduction facilities and almost stopped their own cellular regeneration. That force swept through their hive worlds slaughtering them down to their last man, all but one. The being known as Chimerian stepped forward flipping switches on his repeating lase gun and tossed a thick book bound in leather on his bed, it wasn’t much but it held his history the memories of his people so that they should be remembered as he marched to his grave.

Meanwhile in the same state fires raged as a hooved figure rushed between buildings carrying people to safety crashing and tearing down rubble as he began his rescue of nearly 300,000 civilians. Anchorage had become a war zone and although clearly not a major focus suffered greatly from orbital bombardments and laser cannons from the sky. His hand reached out to a child seeking shelter under his bed as the house caved in around him the boy laid his eyes upon the man in the red jacket with large antlers holding a support beam that would have otherwise fallen and crushed the young lad. “It’s alright lad, Mountie Moose is here.”

In other parts of the world people were not soo lucky, a tsunami had engulfed most of the Philippines and the activity had begun to awake dormant volcanoes around the ring of fire most thankfully were underwater although Japan had declared an emergency statement should Mount Fuji erupt. New York with the help of its mayor and mechanized police task force helped keep the invaders at bay until more metas could join the fray notably of which was the Blue Beagle in his spitfire and former villain now retiree Lewdtato mangling ships with his immense brain power alongside the blue pup.

Pacific Point was already in the midst of a full blown crisis with a wave of water crashing down upon the city only having been stopped by a forcefield of some kind, as Eva sat eating fried fish and chips she briefly wondered if Briley had activated the Aegis Bulwark. She immediately dipped her fries in some fresh tartar sauce as the water pushed back against the defensive field as other customers panicked and fled. ”Can’t even bloody enjoy a meal, what’s next aliens. Ha!”

Eva laughed as she was fairly sure whomever had this disaster fully under control or she did until she noticed the bow of a ship peaking through the clouds. ”God fu^&ing save the Queen and all that jazz.”

The servers had all abandoned all save the chef and owner as he packed a few papers into a sack and rushed towards the door, Eva following behind him both stepping out onto the street as ships came from large bulky frigates. ”What in the hell.” Eva spoke standing alone as people rushed to safety.

With all this damage going on Briley began contacting several heroes around the city. Something had to be done, a massive lightning bolt crackled through the sky and several alien ships took serious damage.

The Gomorrah sat locked down as metal doors sealed off the outside and magic wards began deflecting enemy fire off the building. All the while Barron sat in his hot tub drinking a fine wine. ”It has to be aliens. Honey!” Barron called out to his wife who was busy picking through the closet. ”Did you find my suit, we seem to have eager guests in need of a proper ass beating.”

Character you have created: Barron Vanderbilt

Alias: Barron is the only name he is known by however it is presumed that it is not his real name. No one not even his wife knows his true name.

Speech Color This thing? color=9e0039 I don't remember.

Character Alignment: Villain

Identity: His name is known just not currently as a Major Villain. That will change as he begins to act openly.

Character Personality: Egotistical, power hungry and cruel. Barron has wanted one thing and one thing only for a long time, true power. He comes from a world devastated by destruction brought about by man, radiation and power rule the wastes. He and his wife Carol have come to resent these humans of this new world their self indulgence and ignorance of their own planet’s destruction have driven these two who feed off each other’s personalities to desire to amass power and wealth so they could conquer this world.

As violent as Barron can be he rewards those who are useful to him, and is regarded as a decent boss never raising his hand against those who work well under him, yet never allowing himself to seem weak. He’ll kill those who fail him too many times and depending upon how they failed him he could kill them outright without warning.

He surrounds himself with the finer things in life, the best alcohol, dapper clothes and expensive baubles.

Uniform/costume: Dapper Mobster clothing.

Origin Info/Details: Barron is the victim of a rip in time and space. He and Carol were ripped from their own dimension a world devastated by atomic mutual destruction. A Lead Mystical Scientist working for Vlad Tepes was sure he could control and open a stable gateway between dimensions and as his test progressed it ran into several errors. In the process of shutting it down it had torn open a portal and two people were snatched from their dimension. Barron Vanderbilt a man who had risen to power by running the casino Gomorrah in New Vegas after the former bosses met an unfortunate accident.

Barron grew up in a normal home to post apocalyptic standards and after Raiders ransacked his family farm something inside himself snapped, after killing his own parents he ran a raider gang for some years, and came across New Reno and the power the Crime Bosses had was staggering and he wanted it he wanted it all. It was also where he would meet his future wife, Carol Bates whose father ran the Gun Runners in the area. He and Carol would go on to attempt to take New Reno but the Crime Bosses were onto him. Driven from New Reno Barron and Carol packed up and fled to New Vegas where Barron had friends in Gomorrah who met an untimely end. Here Barron would rise in power and plan his move to take Vegas.

He had all the pieces in place to make his move as Barron began his assault on Vegas war broke out on the streets and explosions bombarded the buildings that was when the sky quite literally opened Barron stood next to Carol in amazement as everything stopped and the sky swallowed them whole. The transferring of Dimensions was not an easy one as not only were Barron and his wife ripped from their dimension but so too was rubble and explosive debris causing major damage to the lab and nearly left Barron dying in the process.

A stable portal between worlds would have given Vlad the power he needs to be completely unopposed by the world powers. Sure they fear him now but the rise of Metas and Superheroes have begun to level the playing field. Unlimited access to the technology and resources of other worlds would ensure that he and his kind not only thrived for all time but dominated in case the world decided to retaliate. Not only has the experiment failed but due to their negligence two individuals were nearly killed something his pride wouldn’t let him ignore. Against his better Judgement he saved them from Death’s grasp by making a last minute decision to turn them into Vampires.

Fast forward five years later and Barron runs a Crime Ring in Vegas out of a casino called Gomorrah. He has plans to expand his operations.

Hero Type (Select one):
Supernatural: Elder Blood Breed Vampires

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific):

Near Invulnerability. As a Elder Blood Breed Vampire plain physical attacks have little effect on them. Exposure to their Key weaknesses can make them more vulnerable.

Magical Affinity. As a Vampire they have the ability to cast magic spells and effects. Charm spells and polymorphism are the most common but they can utilize destruction and status spells that can put people to sleep or bind them.

Telekinetic Feeding. As an Elder Blood Breed they can feed from a farther distance pulling the blood in a stream thus increasing their powers. This can also turn victims into Mindless Ghouls to be used to distract enemies. Elder Blood Breeds don’t need to feed but it’s like a alcohol and it does charge them giving them more power to an extent.

Inhuman Strength.

Inhuman Speed.

Claws and Fangs.

Near Immortality. Elder Blood Breed Vampires will not age, nor will they die unless weakened first.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: 70 tons. Possibly more if well fed.

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 90 + possibly more if well fed.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours.

Agility: 15X a normal human

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill:Trained They have basic training to understand their powers but have not lived long enough to master their abilities.

Resources: Large. Barron runs a Casino as a front and traffics illegal contraband and magical items to those who pay.

Weaknesses: Sunlight, crosses, holy water, and prayer. Those who specialize in Vampire hunting or those Holy Men who have a strong faith can weaken Vampires sometimes significantly although that depends of the Type of Vampire and Level of Faith. Also those who have holy artifacts or those who can cast Divine Magic.

Depending upon the method used, Elder Blood Breeds can receive various forms of damage. Sunlight constantly weakens and drains them of energy. Like a Marathoner running 16 Marathons back to back No matter how much blood one drinks eventually they’ll run out of energy.

The Presence of Crosses can allow their invulnerable bodies to sustain damage. Same for Prayer.

Divine Magic can be utilized in a myriad of ways. From weakening to sealing, to outright killing them. It depends on the skill and of course time and faith but Divine magic can be a powerful weapon against the cursed and undead.

Supporting Characters: Carol Bates or Carol Vanderbilt.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)

Character you have created: Eva ‘Pendragon’ Walsh

Alias: Pendragon

Speech Color whatever color (00aeef) is?

Character Alignment: Hero in training

Identity: Secret/Known Will be known later, to start it’s a secret.

Character Personality: Eva is a troublemaker, who likes to party. She has dropped out of Highschool and is active on the rave scene. She shirks her chores and has an estranged relationship with her parents. Now after a tremendous weight has been placed squarely on her shoulders she begins to question her life choices which marks a turning point in her life. She will soon learn that there is more to life than partying as she searches for clues regarding the identities of the Murderers who killed her friends, while she grieves over her loss.


Origin Info/Details: After Breaking into the American Museum of Natural History, via a borrowed key card. Eva and her friends surprisingly had a easy time setting up for a Flash Rave something that would only last thirty or so minutes before the Police were able to mobilize. However the real reason the Museum was quiet was because Eva and her friends were not alone, masked thieves had already killed the guards and began stealing ancient artifacts. Eva who tried to protect herself reached for what appeared to be a fossilized relic. Upon blocking the attackers who had gotten what they came for fled, and the stone which entrapped the sword crumbled to the floor. Where a Ghostly figure revealed the sword to be the Legendary Excalibur.

Hero Type (Select one): Normal Possible Power up.

Power Level (Select one below): It’s really a combination of the two. The sword is only as good as the wielder and although mystical the wielder is only human.

A. Street Level (Ex. Punisher, Daredevil)
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Powers (Be Specific): The Sword Excalibur is endowed with a variety of powers, It can cut any man-made object barring any alien or otherworldly materials. It will blind foes upon it being drawn from it’s sheathe. It is nigh unbreakable by any weapon forged by man, with the exception of other mystical weapons and those not from earth. Save for those as strong as Icon or Cosmic forces such as Umbraxis or Magic of the same tier. Enough World class magic should also break Excalibur if it sustains constant blows. Anything less than say someone of Thanos' might or Umbraxis should not break Excalibur in a single strike. Excalibur being a Legendary weapon, sometimes said to be created by the Lady in the Lake, or given to her after being forged by a Dragon. Which if Dragons did exist would be on par with Cosmic beings. They created a Legendary sword after all; presumably so. I could probably say the metal by which Excalibur is forged from could have come from the scales of a Dragon. Which being a cosmic creature would have properties all their own; say near Adamantium/Vibranium levels of durability but not quite there. Maybe a weaker version. You get the gist. The sword also grants enhanced speed (Olympic runner or Olympic Fencer level.)

The sheathe itself has powers as well, giving the wielder the ability of temporarily invulnerability, the wielder can be injured but will not bleed from wounds, nor can they be dismembered. And in case the wielder needs to recall the sword it, the sword will chose its owner, much like that of Mjolnir (should they be worthy) Even if Eva were to allow someone to borrow Excalibur they must meet that requirement. That's not to say the sword cannot be stolen from her, the thief just won't have any of the buffs or magical (cut anything) enhancements. That and it still can be recalled by it's owner (Eva) at anytime. Meaning one must knock her out, or use Magic! To prevent her from recalling it, or something along those lines.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human

Agility: Normal Human

Intelligence: Below Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained - In training

Resources: Minimal

Weaknesses: She’s Human, although she is immune to dismemberment and bleeding. Fire will kill her, so too will poison, drowning et cetera.

Supporting Characters Her estranged parents Reuben and Amber Walsh; whose names are just for cover a legal necessity, and her Aunt Briley Patton (age 46). And her diseased friends Julius ‘Rave Master’ Sloan, Leon Hurst, and Shari Conway. Smiling Sampson. A Lex Luthor/Handsome Jack like character. Who hates Meta Humans, and thinks Humanity should be top dog. He's also a grade A jerkbag, who is Evil and insane even. Not madhouse insane but the world is out to get me insane and I need all the power I can get. My idea for him is that he has a anti Meta Human Riot Squad that has various talented individuals and a Mech unit. Think something like this.…

Though more Civilian friendly, and less Pacific Rim war-machine. Oh and here's a link to the artist drawing so he can get the credit.

Merlin; Merlin comes from a world of pure might and magic. No technology no advancements, no supers (Mostly.) And A few differences are, One Merlin is a female, two she has also been a criminal at several points. Clashing with the status quo for various reasons, she has been called The Boar's Sin of Greed, and has haphazardly put others in harms way for her own experiments. Despite all of that she has also been the Alter World's Arthur's ally.

Eva’s Parents are actually named Nathaniel (age 51)and Alexandria (age 49) Wahlforth. Members of British High Society and currently declared Evangeline to be essentially banished from their sight

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yup.

Other notes.

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

11:48 PM Museum of Natural History. “Come on, it’s just ahead.” Eva, Leon and Shari followed just behind Julius as they carried a number of amplifiers and boxes along with them. Julius’s plan was simple sneak in during the Guard shift set up quickly ahead of the partygoers who were on their way for a flash Rave, an idea Julius had. Get in a back door using a lifted keycard from one of his buddies party for thirty minutes or so then bug out. All the police would find was a trashed storeroom filled with uncatalogued artifacts and more plastic cups then they’ve ever seen before. He had it all planned out for a strung out druggie, and to Shari’s surprise it was far too easy.

“Were in, were in. We don’t have much time. Leon find an outlet, Shari keep an eye out on the door. Eva help me bring the rest of the boxes in. We need more cups, chips and booze.”

Leon rushed around checking the walls, while Shari nervously waited by the door. “Julius you sure this will work out? I mean this is a museum, a big one! You’d think there’d be more guards or cameras.”

“Relax Shari.” Eva spoke calmly. “We’re here in between shifts, there’s no one watching the cameras.”

“I.. I just don’t know Eva, there’s just something wrong about this. I can’t explain it.”

“Found the outlets!! Julius give me a hand with the equipment.”

“Eva bring in the rest of the stuff the party starts in five!”

As I nodded and ran back to the car, I stopped just for a moment as a sound caught my attention. Like footprints though not nearly as pronounced. No, nothing I thought as I opened the car trunk and reached inside grabbing a banana box filled with food. I tossed a few smaller ones on top before closing the trunk and heading back inside.

When I walked up to the door I spoke out.”Hey Shari give me a hand here will ya?” A second passed while I entered the room and looked about.”Shari, Leon, Julius!!? Come on guys it’s no time to be playing around.. We.. Oh. My. God!” The boxes I held dropped to the floor as bloodstains splattered the walls. The panic and fear gripped my voice as I called out again.”SHARI! LEON! JULIUS! Wher..”

From behind me the door closed and a arm thick as a tree grabbed me by my hoodie and tossed me into a rack.

“Another unaccounted guest, this one will not hinder our work.” The hulking figure spoke as others came in from the shadows.

“Finish it quick, we need you to help the rest of us look.”

He turned his gaze back to me.”She won’t take long at all.”

I scrambled back into the metallic rack, covered in blood. My own, my friends? I.. I looked to see him stretched out to me hand poised to snap my neck. My hands reached back fumbling over vases and stone tools, until I grabbed what I thought was a stick or was it a club, it felt hard as if made of stone. I swung it at him hitting his shin.

He acted as if it hadn’t fazed him in the slightest. But I could feel it, his anger penetrated my soul, like his eyes burned right through me. He slammed down with his fist pounding the club into me and cracking the floor. I felt the wind leave my chest completely and my own eyes were so heavy, they were being pulled down against my will. I saw him in that moment smiling as he walked away, and a light flashed before me.

Next thing I knew I awoke and just in front of me a specter wearing old clothes and a crown was shaking my body.

“Awaken! Awaken already!! Quickly now you must flee!!”

I groggily looked about to see the room engulfed in flames. My bones felt as if they were glass, I was overcomed with fear, desperation. I wanted to scream at the sight of the Ghost, of the fire.

“Young Miss! Young Miss! Eva!! Get a hold of yourself, you’ll burn. Take the sword, it will protect you. Do not let it leave your grasp!!”

“How do you know..”

“Eva! Now is not the time. Take the sword. And hurry!!”

The Ghost confused me more than the fire, my assailants. This night just couldn’t be real none of it could. The Ghost spoke of a sword and as I looked about I saw no such thing. But clinched in my hand was no other than the sword he spoke of. I didn’t remember holding a sword. But it was there sure as day. I stood to my feet limping away, I could feel the heat liking my back. The pain felt unbearable, I shouldn’t be walking I must be dead, I have to be dead. The cracking of the flames tore the walls down to my left, my right and all around me.

“You must hurry Eva! Before the flames consume you!”

The door seemed so close now, the handle was just in reach. But I couldn’t lift my arm. It was then the door flew open as the Ghost blasted it aside. I fell to the ground as I lost all the feeling in my legs.

“Just a little farther Eva. Crawl if you must.”

Strange, I should be afraid of this Ghost. But his words were so familiar so comforting. The concrete tore my skin up I could see the flesh under my skin. But no blood, not a drop. As I managed to crawl to saftey. I looked up at the Specter. “Who, are you?”

“I shall answer my King. I am Arthur Pendragon. Former King of Camelot. And you who have broken the curse sealing my sword, your sword. Excalibur. Is the rightful King of England.”

“Kin...g” I said with my last breaths before everything went blank. The sounds and sights gone as I passed out.

Character you have created: Sinclair Adams

Alias: Hound Dog

Speech Color This color, yellow?

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Public

Character Personality: He’s a man who can’t leave someone alone when they are in need, even when he lacked the use of his legs and had limited arm movement he still tried to stand up to bullies when someone called. He watched Happy Days as a child and tried to model himself after Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie, noting that he was worried he’d become like his drunken mother who abused him and his father always belittling him for his many failures. He’s protective of the weak, a defender who prioritizes the people over fame or money though he does make public appearances to discuss current metahuman issues. To put people at ease, he adopts a theme as a rockabilly speaking and dressing in their style, something to distract others from the troubles and to better identify how he wants to present himself as laid back and in control.

Uniform/costume: He dresses in leather jackets and jeans, and has no spandex like costume nor mask. He wants to be open and honest with a welcoming smile.

Origin Info/Details: Born of italian descent to Bianca and Dario Adams he was raised in Pacific Point and grew up rather normally until one day at the age of seven he visited his father’s work. He had been warned not to play around the docks were no place for a child but they lived close enough that he’d wander over, the accident that paralyzed him was also the fault of his father, although the report said faulty gears on the forklift Dario never forgave himself, and felt there was something anything he could do to prevent it. A fact Bianca constantly reminds him of and one she never forgave him for; slipping into alcohol under the pressure of raising a paraplegic for a son. She always felt she could have married better, a richer man.

As the tensions in the house slowly boiled over Adam hunkered down into his books, and old TV shows. He learned, and while he was bright he dedicated his young life to science, medicine and theoretical physics. Hoping that he’ll become good enough to make up for his parents mistakes, that he’ll save lives and heal the rift between them.

All through school he tried to be the good guy, the one who diffused conflict despite being wheelchair bound, all that changed in the last year of high school when domes covered cities and gave people powers. It took him a while before he could apply his powers to himself but thanks to his bookworm past he could theorize many practical applications.

Hero Type (Select one): Elemental Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific): Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Able to produce nuclear reactor levels of electricity there is little chance he will ever be drained dry he is by far the electrical user with the most potential output allowing him to defy gravity and even lift objects from the water through electromagnetism.

He can produce a barrier that deflects physical objects as long as they can be conductive even if only slightly.

Shoot lighting bolts, and reduce the speed of his falls using electromagnetism to create a negative charge upon himself and save himself from lethal falls. And even discharging electrical pulses. That are more like orbs of lighting.

He even has incredible speed, zipping over telephone wires, or water any surface with electricity he can propel himself over increasing his speed upwards towards 300mph however aim and his own body begin to feel the stress aim is gone and if he felt pain so too would his nerves. That seems a little fast, I may reduce it, or just try to avoid using those speeds.

Enhanced vision. Being able to see the electromagnetic spectrum he can discern people’s internal nerve signals, how fast a heart beats, how a person lies and sometimes see the difference between those who are unnatural aka those who are powered or not normal.

His most famous skill is a railgun, propelling an object at mach speeds, even faster than mach 7 absolutely smashing the object into the target. He charges his arms separately creating different polarities and using the length of his arm to launch the object often a disk.

Since he cannot feel pain he also is unaffected by muscle fatigue and injuries. Although he will definitely need to see a doctor if he is shot or otherwise injured.

Unknown to Hound Dog he has a minor regenerative ability, cuts and minor wounds heal within hours further complicating things as he cannot tell if he has been injured. However he could apply his powers to more serious wounds if he was aware he could accelerate his healing through electrical stimulation. Maybe even repair his nerves.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Weight: 167lb
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human, 30
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2
Agility: Normal Human, 5X,
Fighting Skill:Highly Trained in a few years maybe he’ll master them.
Resources:Average while he does make money from his TV appearances, he donates quite a lot he doesn’t use or save. And since he doesn’t have a car he puts all his cash to savings for his College fund.

Weaknesses: He is not immune to his own powers, not yet. While his body is adapting to the voltage he outputs, the sheer potential he possess is more than his tolerance can handle. If he’s not careful he could completely fry whatever nerves he has left and turn his body to ash. Something that he is already beginning to notice. He is also unable to aim when he travels great speeds, though he can defend against some physical objects heat and drowning or many things can kill him. His barrier is activated by will and if he’s not quick or if he’s careless bullets will kill him.

His tolerance to his powers severely limits how much he can produce, while he is still more powerful than most electro masters his ability to draw from his pool is far more harmful to himself than others as the more he pulls the more his body begins to char. He theorizes that at the current timeframe and the graphs he’s made he’s unlikely to bear his true powers for decades.

His inability to feel pain is also dangerous, infections can sprout up more easily and if he’s not checking his body often minor wounds go unnoticed even broken bones can sustain further damage

Supporting Characters: Mother Bianca Adams and Father Dario Adams

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: No? Yes? Who told you!!

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)


With an angry Viking

In the Broken Dreams Pub

Eva could see rooftops everywhere as buildings of all sizes rose and fell beyond her sight, stepping towards the edge she could see she was on the roof of some dingy bar as the lights glowed illuminating the street below. And as she returned her gaze back towards the door she stumbled out of she could clearly see a figure about to smash down on her. ”Bloody HELL!” Eva hollered

From the very skies, hurtling like a meteor came a streak of familiar blue hued energy, the air warping and twisting around the humanoid figure as it came slamming down onto the top of the old building mere feet away from Eva, the foundations cracking slightly as the attempts to slow the descent were clearly half-hearted at best. The dust and dirt from the rooftop momentarily was thrust up into the air, masking the figure momentarily.

It was only when the smoke cleared that the figure was none other than Trenton Hurst, otherwise known as the infamous mercenary War-Pulse. Of course, his dispersal of the kinetic energy whipped the dust off the rooftop and cleared the air, which is when the merc actually caught sight of the other figure on top of the pub.

“Oh, shit, sorry about that!” Trent began, offering the girl a wave. “Didn’t realize there was someone else up here on the landing! It isn’t like Sal ever intended to extend his business outside of his dingy little hole in the wall.”

Thanking whatever lucky stars she had she brushed herself off and stood to greet the knobhead standing before her. ”You trying to make some pavement pizza or are you always such a co@k up. Another second and this would be a crime scene.”

“Whoa, okay. I’m sorry, missy.” Trent spoke in a mocking octave, his barely concealed smile belying his lack of sincerity as he met her glare. “Did I mess up your perfect rooftop selfie on top of a dingy bar? I bet all your followers are real curious about your romp in the sketchy side of town, really going to get some likes today!’’

Sufficiently satisfied with the level of sass he had given the youthful girl, he strolled on past her towards the door leading down. “Either way, you ain’t actually dead. So no harm no foul, right? Either way, I’m gettin’ a drink. You enjoy...whatever it is you’re doing up here.”

Eva feined a smile and pulled out her phone holding it like an idiot. "That's cute if you subscribe to me at TwitchThot I promise not to knee you in the nuts." With the same full enthusiasm Eva slipped her phone back into her pants and started moving towards the door alongside the strange meta. ”I need a drink it’s gonna be a long night of bullshit, does this place have a decent selection?”

The merc jolted to a stop at her words, a brow raised as he gave the woman a once over. “Uhhhh...not for nothing...but I’m going to say you’re a little young to start drinking your problems away at a pub. Shouldn’t you be chugging vodka in your parent’s basement and thinking every noise outside is the cops like most teenagers?”

Scoffing at the attitude of the unknown hero, Eva assumed he was some type of arrogant crusader of Justice. Cops can suck a knob, I'd say yours would do however considering how big an ego you got I'd say your overcompensating. Vodka sucks ass too, I'll take whiskey, probably on the rocks."

Trent clutched his heart to mock the pain of her words, laughing along with Eva’s biting words. “Hoo boy, you go RIGHT for the jugular! But you’re right on the money if you’re looking for whiskey. Sal has some of the hardest whiskeys you’ll ever find in Lost Haven, and judging by how long I’ve known him, I’d say he probably won’t card you for it if you pay a little extra. This little hole in the wall isn’t even technically registered as a bar, buuuut that’s mostly because no inspector’s coming down to this side of town.”

Lugging her metal case down the stairs Eva pulled her phone out a second time. ”Yeah I can do that not the first time I’ve paid more for a stiff one. Got a quick call to make bit of business to deal with while I’m here yeah.” As the meta walked further out of sight and she could hear a door open she assumed he was already making himself comfortable and getting drinks. Taking this moment to dialed up Rune the wizard or mage; she wasn’t entirely sure what kind of title he held just vaguely remembering that he was a bigshot and they worked and gotten along well in the past.

Once they stepped into the establishment, Trent’s description of ‘hole in the wall’ became all too apparent to the pair. The speakeasy looked as if it had been up since Prohibition, complete with the smell of stale booze and cigarette smoke, the wooden walls showing through chipped paint and not a picture in the establishment was aligned properly. The only source of light being a few dingy ceiling lanterns hanging above a few disgruntled patrons, providing just enough light were everyone can make out each other’s faces.

The barkeep, a ragged man in his 50s, was busy placing a newly cleaned glass on the back wall among the others when he turned his attention to the sound of people coming down the back stairs. Typically only one man came in the back entrance, and as soon as he saw the familiar face, a small grin wrinkled his typically stern visage.

“Trent? Is that you?” The man grumbled, his gravelly voice offering a hint of warmth.

“Sal, buddy!” The mercenary responded, outstretching his arms in a flourish of comradery. “Good to see you’re as busy as ever! What is this, four whole customers?”

“Still the cocky bastard you always were.” Sal said, grabbing a glass and pouring Trent what would be assumed to be a drink he was already familiar with. “Thought you retired, what brings you back to Lost Haven?”

“Well, to make a long story short, I’m bad at financing.” Trent responded, taking the full glass of liquor as soon as it was offered and taking a swig. “Here, let me tell you all about it…”

After about ten minutes Eva had entered the bar receiving a slight look from Sal and just letting the massive suitcase sit upright on the floor next to the stoll she parked her ass in. ”You got anything nice and strong, whiskey and not the cheap stuff I don’t need no dollar store bottle. I’ll know.” Flashing a bit of cash and sliding it over to the barkeep she sat waiting.

Sal was hesitant, a wizened eye scanned over the girl. Clearly doubt was in his mind he turned his gaze to Trent with a raised brow. A silent conversation was exchanged before the two reprobates purely by staring, the few tense seconds ticking away before the mercenary gave a quiet nod of approval and the old barkeep gave a cordial smile, curtly snatching the money from Eva's hands.

“I think I got something that you’ll like….” He responded, going through his drinks on the back wall before pulling an unmarked bottle half-filled with a golden-brown liquid. “This may burn a bit harder than the commercial stuff, but that smokey flavor is worth it, just don’t ask me how I got it...”

Runes feet were tired, much like every other part of him. Staying out of sight from the king of elves meant moving around a lot, and to forgo all his usual haunts and hideouts. Pulling his coat around him tighter, he headed towards the door to the bar. His hair stuck his face in the rain. He spoke a few words of magic, activating the spell that let the door lead him to the bar from any location. In this case, Visby, a quaint town in sweden, where he had just dealt with two changelings. AS he stepped inside, the water dripped off of him, and he seemed even more dreary and worn out in the dingy light.

With a twist Eva could see the man dripping with rain.”Must have started pouring not long ago, good thing I’ve been inside talking to mister Bigshot here. Who’s name is probably not as important as he thinks it is. Anyways sit the drinks are decent here mate.”

“Ya’ called me a ‘cock up’ and accused me of trying to kill you, I’d hardly call that talking.” Trent spoke up, shaking his head with a chuckle. “And the name’s Trent, you little brat. You could at least get the name right before you insult me.”

”What do you call a bloke crashing in from the sky about to crush your skull like a tube of yogurt. Actually I could think of a few names for those types including Icon and his whole over heroic superboy routine. He’s too weird and perfect. At least Trent sounds like a basic ass name nothing heroic in that.”

“Well, that makes sense, because hero I ain’t.”

“I need a pint. And a shot of vodka and tequila each.” Rune said as he slumped into the chair next to Eva.

With a click of her glass Eva turned to Rune patting the side of her luggage.”I got something I was hoping you could enhance. Since those skills are beyond me, and I met someone else too you ever heard of that Helsing guy? Strikes me as an overconfident Jock type, anyways I plan on heading abroad for a while more than just over to Europe. Figured I’d toss you his number in case you need an extra hand don’t know anyone else in our line of work to cover while I’m gone.” Eva said just loud enough for the people next to her to hear which probably meant that the other meta could overhear not that it really mattered.

And of course, Trent was listening, as he had nothing else to do since he was laying low for the time being. That being said, the mercenary had little knowledge of what was referenced by ‘line of work’. For all he knew the teenager just needed someone to cover for her day job, but while he was not directly engaging right away, his ears were piqued to their conversation.

Rune picked up the two shot glasses as swept them in a set of motions that seemed almost second nature. His eyes looked Eva over, appraising his fellow champion. “I can do that.I think.” Rune magic did lend itself to to permanent enhancements, he wouldn’t be covered in carved in runes otherwise.

With a sip Eva calmly drank as the condensation dripped off like beads onto the cool counter. ”Kinda nice to be drinking with people again, not a fan of drinking by myself. I’m not a slag.” Eva said taking another long gulp of her drink. ”How’s things with the Ex Johan, heard through the rumor mill he was trying to kill you? I got a place in New York; mine might be an overstatement but it’s in my grandfather’s name. Could lie low there for a bit assuming you don’t trash it, assuming you don’t mind the odd noise, I have a guest or three running around in the walls.”

“To be fair. It seems he thinks I’m the one to kill him. I hate prophecies.”

”Yeah, dated a cultist once just thought it was a thing he did for theatrics. Turns out he really did wanna kill me and summon hell on Earth or some bullshit like that. Point is dating is a pain in the ass, especially if your ex wants to destroy humanity.” There was still a bit of an edge she noted as the tension from heading into space hadn’t subsided, a few drinks hadn’t yet helped so she did the only thing she could think of; asked for advice. ”What do you two do when making possibly life altering decisions? I feel like I’ll be lost in space and I’m just supposed to know what to do yeah.”

The mercenary stopped his motion mid-drink, a suspicious side eye learning from behind the glass after the girl had addressed himself and Sal. His brow furrowed for a moment, the words visibly bouncing in his head as he slowly placed the glass down. Sal moved to speak, but he was stopped by a swift gesture of the merc.

“Nah Sal, I got this.” Trent said, turning around to face the paid of apparent youngsters. He gave Eva a once-over, possibly reading her face to see if she actually wanted his opinion or if she was simply pulling his leg. Either way, she would get a very honest response today.

“Honestly? Here’s the truth.” He began. “At the end of the day, when you consider all the options and you gotta make a call, the only thing that matters is this; will you be happy with your choice? Sure, you can spend all the time in the world mulling over the moral implications and who will be affected by what you choose, but that is always the problem with big choices, right? You’re always going to screw someone over, so when it comes down to it, there is always one deciding factor that will matter over everything else; how will your choice benefit you? That’s what I tell myself every time I have to make a call, ‘what’s going to happen to me after this?’”

“That what you tell yourself sweetheart?” Rune spat. His words suddenly dipped with poison. “Now ok, I might be a selfish conman to some. But the deciding factor is not self gain. That, makes you a rotten, shitty little excuse of a man. A pisstain on history.” Rune was now pointing at Trent, eyes aflame with some hidden away anger that just came to surface. ”The choice in the end comes down to this: Can I leave the place a little bit better by the end of it all?” He spat, sweeping a shot of vodka. “If you’re like me, and you say ‘Fuck it, I just want this over with’ you’re also a pisstain. But I aint a hero. Never tried to be. I am just forced to be. And yes, it sucks. But you know what sucks more. Listening to some other pisstain talk to a nice and yet to be ruined by the world at large, bonefied, can make a difference CHAMPION OF THE FUCKING REALM, TELLING HER FUCK OTHER PEOPLE;JUST DO YOU.”

There was a small but noticeable silence after Rune’s outburst, the mercenary leaning against the counter with a raised brow. Trent shifted his weight ever so slightly, a mixture of a scowl and a smirk crossed the rugged man’s face, as if he was not sure if he should be mad or amused at the beratement he had just received.

“Alright, first off;” The mercenary began, his tone as cocky as ever. “I don’t remember asking an extra from Vikings to judge me, so that was a bit uncalled for and I should absolutely mop the floor with that well-groomed beard of yours. And second, I never made any claims to be a hero or to even justify that my way of thinking is the right way. Girl asked for my opinion, I gave it.”

As this point, Trent had lightly pushed off the counter, taking a few steps towards Rune and Eva’s table. His circled the table, placing a hand on the backs of one of the free chairs. His stroll came to a stop, bearing his weight down on the wooden backing as he leaned towards Rune, a cavalier sneer plastered across his face.

“I mean honestly, if you want to shit all over my life decisions, sure, can’t say that you’re totally wrong. But from where I’m standing and what I’m overhearing, the so-called ‘Champion of the Fucking Realm’ is currently sitting in a shitty Dive Bar talking about how her ex is trying to kill her with demons and THAT doesn’t sound like someone who put themself first.” He gestured with a free hand towards Eva. “Sure, you’re a hero, you try to save people, that’s heartwarming, but always trying to do things for other people is that someone is going to take advantage of that and walk all over you. The thing about heroics is that if you don’t at least think about yourself sometimes you end up forgetting to live your own life and pursue your own happiness, and that ain’t fair to you.”

With an exasperated groan Eva downed her drink leaving a bit of color in her cheeks as she stood. ”First he never tried to kill me with demons. It was a fillet knife or something stupid and thin. Second, I was trying to keep the whole hero thing on the downlow for once but it is what it is. And third It’s not a completely shitty dive bar although the decor is definitely dated.”

Pushing her suitcase over to Johan. ”Johan he’s right and yeah he’s still kinda a dick for suggesting it but we’re not here in Disneyland where all is rosey and fine, we’ve fu&^ed up somewhere. I can probably pull a proper hero thing but I don’t know If I’ll ever be a paragon of virtue and justice. I can try but that isn’t me. I will however try and do good for as long as I can still call myself a good person. And IO would appreciate whatever help you can still offer.”

Her eyes glanced over toward Trent. ”I’m not you. I’m not me, hell I barely know if I am a good person. You are right though whatever choice I make should matter to me. I’m supposed to be a great hero, descended from old blood. And I will try not to fu%^ it up. Thank you for the advice, and the drink. I suppose I should finally try finding my own way.” Eva said as she walked over to the doors of the bar.
<Snipped quote by LukasVolkov>

We'll have to have a showdown eventually. It's been a while since I fought a PC villain.

Actually both Miss Megaton and my guy Hound Dog would probably be interesting against Flamenco. HD being a electrical based generator and manipulator type. I think Blacklight would also match up in interesting ways if I can remember what her powerset was. She had some sort of energy too.
@LukasVolkov Barron is expanding yes but he himself may not go to Lost Haven for a while. That's grunt work and Barron isn't the Gopher type, Like Icon.



New York! New York!

As planned Duff met Barron at the airport moving quickly with his Executive airline bullshit pass towards a private jet that was waiting for them. With barely any wait they boarded having the jet already fueled up and ready for take off Barron didn’t even need a pilot as he could simply control the plane from the comfy seats though he did have a license. Barron said naught a word as both just sat in a tense silence the popping of a wine bottle being the only sound besides the grinding of Duff’s teeth; eyes burning the landscape into his retinas as he sat next to the window.

”This is why I hate teens. Always running off with their pants hanging down or humping the first thing they see that has legs. Can never get them to stay or behave.” Barron said stoically completely removed from Duff’s feelings.

Duff’s eyes shifted from the window. His hair was already bristled from the situation as he narrowed his steely eyes onto the vampire. While he didn’t hold the same intensed aura, the bitterness and anger was clearly there. Hiding the depression.

“You forgot, he’s also a wolf. Wolves, even teenagers, don’t run off. When you connected us, the boy was half dead after his first imprint. That doesn’t change unless by outside means. I know only a few that can severe a connection like that.” Duff nearly snarled, his irritation on the surface.

Scoffing Barron replied.”And you forget, there are fu@#ing Supermen, Cults of Monster killers and probably the goddamn moon out to kill us all. Urgh. All this powered nonsense doesn’t give a rats ass about what the norm is. Things were much simpler when the world was dead and nukes solved all your problems.” Taking a moment from airing his own frustration Barron continued. ”We’ll find the boy.”

“My point is, unless some outside force got involved… Benjamin should be on death’s door right now.” Duff stated, hoping the vampire might’ve caught his meaning.

”I hope someone is involved. I need to let loose once in a while. Besides if Ben is dead I’ll kick death’s ass. Or die trying. Undie given my current state.” Trying to comfort Duff even a little.

“Don’t call him Ben to his face, he doesn’t like that.” The older werewolf commented then continued.

“I know someone else was there. I smelt a young male, but that's the best I can make out. I just can’t believe he vanished and I didn’t even know it.”

”More superpower bullshit. Settle in it’ll take a while.”

The flight progressed rather normally with or without Duff’s eyes angrily trying to melt the windows as his unease regarding Ben left him furious over the whole situation. But the hours passed and the Jet was coming in easy and a car was waiting for them to shuttle them right to Ben’s house.

The large fancy gates swung open as the pair drove in. Barron had Duff wear something, presentable. So that he wasn’t walking in with a mangy mutt in this Di*k’s house.”I hate this place. The Parents are still in Nevada. And they should hopefully remain unaware until we wrap whatever this is up thanks to your’s truly.” With a light tap on the door the two waited for someone to answer..

Duff snorted, “ I doubt that waste of flesh even realizes Benjamin is gone. Only cares when he can gain something according to what I heard.”

Any more conversation was cut off when they heard someone shut the vacuum cleaner off. Emma Gracia paused as she set the machine to the side. She left the cord wrapped about the handle to keep it out of the way. She shuffled past it to answer the door. Cautiously she opened it, peeking through the crack.

She spoke in a Spanish accent, but her English was understandable.

“Can I help you? I’m sorry to say, Mr. Reeves and Ms. Hart isn’t home. Can I take a name, message and number?”

”Ah yes. I believe Mr. Reeves left something that his Son Benjamin forgot he did call you about it right? That Darrin Synder would be swinging by to pick it up. I was talking business with the man when his Brother in Law called and asked this favor. Surely you remember?” Barron’s eyes glowed a deep red as the maid stared deeper and deeper into them.

Emma’s face went slack. Her eyes softened into a hazy look as she stepped to the side, her lips curled into a smile.

“Yes, of course. My apologies, please come in. Benjamin is upstairs, shall I tell him you’re here?”

”Oh no need, I’m sure the boy would love the surprise from his favorite Uncle.”

Duff just nodded, following Barron’s lead as they entered.
@LukasVolkov You could jump right in. No one's stopping you except for that one villain who rules above all. Writers Block!! FEAR HIM!! Thanos wishes he was as powerful.
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