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…Well, nothing to do but wish your PC to get well soon.

Viola’s invitation

“Not here...applications maybe?” mumbled a not so wicked witch named Viola Lis Marsilea.

Hailing from a relatively underdeveloped village near Vale, most of her interests always seemed to lay outside of it. From the superficial things like fashion, to the boring things like politics, which lead to her father calling her a child of the four kingdoms that got blown away by a wind spirit.

“ pictures even count as media?” she mumbled silently.

Let it be said that if that wind spirit were to exist, it might have been prudent for it not to approach the increasingly rosy faced girl, who pushed and turned the foreign device with increased vigor, until finally she jumped off her bed and lifted her scroll triumphantly, “Success!”

Argent stepped into Team CLRT’s dorm room just in time to see his partner jump up and proclaim her victory over the Scroll clutched in her slender fingers, a smile quirked the silver knight’s lips up. “Congratulations, though if you were having trouble you could have asked one of your teammates for advice. Cereza knows the ins and outs of a Scroll like the back of her hand, and I’ve owned a Scroll since I was ten.”

A small sound of indignation escaped Violas lips as she hugged her scroll to her chest, “I shan’t ask any of you for help over something this trivial, I just need to practice using it a bit.”

Argent’s smile faded and his expression became serious. “There’s no shame in admitting there’s something you don’t know, this is a school after all, we’re all here to learn, and it’s not like you’d be inconveniencing anyone. What’s the point of having friends if you aren’t allowed to help them, or vice versa?”

“Please don’t put a tempest in a teapot Sir Argent,” said Viola while making her way to the opposite end of the room,“there are more pressing matters I wish to discuss than your need to dote on me more than my dear mother.”

“Putting aside the fact that I haven’t doted on you at all, what is it that you wanted to talk about? Is there a problem?”

Reaching her destination, Viola began to lightly knock on the top of a desktop that belonged to a more tech savvy teammate.

Cereza honestly hadn’t been paying much attention to her teammates up until the moment Viola’s manicured fingernails tapped on her computer, much more interested in taking Llaw Du apart to see if her fight against Rima Tempest had done any damage to it. The surface looked fine, but there had been a moment where Cereza’s aura hadn’t been protecting the computer-operated polearm and Rima had hit it with the full force of her high pressure water-lance, and the frost that had permeated the air and covered the technophiles weapon were mildly worrisome.

She pulled out an earplug when Viola’s hand caught her attention by tapping on her computer, the reason why she hadn’t really heard anything as her music had been playing directly in her ears, and raised an eyebrow at the pale duo. “Can I help you?”

”Miss Lan is worried about her teammate. Miss Tsuki, who seems to have gone missing for the past couple of days,” Viola explained, while giving her scroll with Tsuki’s picture to Basil, “you two may remember her from initiation. I am ready to depart to the library and help her on her little quest and wanted to know if any of you can help.”

Argent didn’t even need to think about it. “Of course I’ll help.” Spoken like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and to him it was. In his mind ‘someone needs help = immediately offer that help’. Whether it was truly necessary or even a good idea was quite often not factored into his thought process, even though he was just as often fully aware of both. Regardless, this girl had been apparently missing for days so looking for her was obviously the correct course of action in any case.

Cereza knew of the girl Viola was talking about, though she hadn’t exactly interacted much with the other students in her year. It wasn’t really her place to look for the wayward teen, the hacker thought to herself, but it was her place as the team leader to help her team mates. And judging by the look in Viola’s eye, Cereza would say that the violet-haired girl was going to search for the tiger-eared girl.

“Well,” Cereza began as she snapped the casing of Llaw Du shut again, putting the inspection off for a few more hours, and stood, “I suppose I should come along. That is what team leaders do, after all, right?”

“You would know better than I,” Viola amended while twirling a strand of hair, “but I would imagine so.”

Basil examined the photo for a few moments,as though weighing his choices in his mind, before shrugging. “I suppose I could help search for the missing student, I’m sure Dolor will be up for a search around the city.” As though calling his name had summoned him, Dolor appeared in a nearby window and gave a cheery caw. The faunus went to the window and let the bird in, giving it a few moments to inspect the image of the student. The crow looked up to his master after a few moments before flying out the window he had entered from, “I think he’s going to skim through the main streets and go from there.” The pale faunus explained.

Phantoms back from his little event…tired but I think he enjoyed himself.
@Mcmolly, you’re up to answering the text.
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Berry at the medical ward

‘Argh...Fucking hell...I try not to go for the face and get a shield to mine instead...Asshole...’

Such were the thoughts of a disgruntled teen as he exited Beacon’s medical ward after a quick free check up, feeling physically better but mentally exhausted from being examined by a woman with a surprisingly dark sense of humor.

‘Kind of pointless in the end since he practically made out with my sword...Maybe next time I'll just make him kiss the sharp end of my shield if he likes it so...’

His inner tirade was interrupted by a slight vibration emanating from his right pocket, and with a flick of his wrist was greeted by a concerned message from a usually not so worried leader of his.

To: Rori Russet, Berry Caerulus Baulur
”Hey, it’s Lan, Could you two meet me at the library? Tsuki wasn’t in any of our shared classes. I’m a bit worried.”
Zhu Chun Lan

‘...Sure,why not, maybe I’ll get to vent on something...’ mused the would be dragon before lazily hitting the reply button.

To: Rori Russet, Zhu Chun Lan
Re: ”heading there now”
Berry Caerulus Baulur
Viola and Lan

Phone Call

A buzzing sound could be heard in the room that belonged to team CLRT. A rather annoying sound if Viola was completely honest. It had no melody. No step and no rhythm. Just the same beeping sound over and over again. Vaguely Viola began to wonder why no one was turning it off, and as she turned to glare at the source of the noise, she realized the beeping scroll lay adjacent to her bed.

‘Oh silly me, the school gave me one as well,’ she thought as she reached for it and took note of who was calling before answering the call, “Apologies Miss Lan, I seem to have forgotten I owned a scroll.”

“Happens to the best of us.” the faunus joked, “You haven’t seen Tsuki have you?” she asked somewhat nervously “Because she was absent from all of our shared classes today.” the thought occurred that the violet witch may not be familiar with that particular teammate, but she shrugged it off.

“Hmm,” mumbled the witch, failing to put a name to the face, “was she perhaps the other lady that thought the Nightmare with you during initiation?”

Across campus, Lan nodded automatically “That’s right, the other faunus.” she confirmed, “Take it you haven’t seen her around then?” the red haired girl inquired.

“I’m afraid not,” Viola supplied, “if memory serves, the last time I saw her was at the ceremony but...things have been a little chaotic since then though, so I might have simply passed her by without realising.”

“That’s what I was afraid of…” Lan trailed off, “Would you mind asking your teammates if they’ve seen her?” the girl politely requested “Better yet, ask if they’d be willing to help look for her. Berry and Russ should be meeting me at the library soon, after that we’ll probably head out into Vale..”

“Uhm…you wouldn’t happen to have a picture of her, would you?” Viola requested in a slightly worried tone, ‘mine...should be able to hold pictures if it can show me her face...I hope...’

“Hold on,” the lemur tailed girl checked her scroll, quickly sending Tsuki’s contact picture through to Viola “I tried calling her earlier but she didn’t pick up. After you check with the others meet us in the library, we’ll figure out where to start looking from there.”

“Of course,” the witch replied automatically.

“Thanks. See you later, I suppose.” with that, Lan hurriedly terminated the call and stepped into the school library.

“Love you bye!” she chirped as the screen went black, allowing a frown to mar her features, ‘now to figure out where the picture went...’
Iceland...that's the island without the ice right?
Yo @Madninja324, where you want to write the fight?
I'll be up for it in the weekends, as always
Zhu Chun Lan vs Viola Lis Marsilea

Hearing her name, the lemur tailed girl excitedly hopped from her seat before a thought struck her. “Aw, that means I have to fight Lis.” she said while pouting, making her way towards the changing room door at a slightly slower pace.

“I’ll be there in but a moment!” shouted her opponent, as she rushed and ran towards the changing room.

Lan appeared first from the locker room with Shu Dao resting against her right shoulder. The red-haired faunus girl idly whistled while waiting for her opponent to arrive and Professor Goodwitch was standing so still one could mistake her for a statue, if not for the occasional tap of a finger.

Eventually, though, Viola made it into the arena, her hair now white and moving erratically. In her arms arms she was carrying a blob of water not unlike one would a large box that was made out of jelly. Getting closer, sharp eyed students could see fluorescent white threads inside the water, with more exiting the tips of her fingers. “Apologies, someone decided to clog the tap with earth dust again.”

“No worries.” Lan said casually, spinning Shu Dao in one hand before taking a ready position, bell blade forward. “Ready?”

With a hugging motion, the bubble thinned and grew at the same time, the water taking an all too familiar shape that coiled around Viola. Drawing her blade, the witch took a fencing stance as the water serpent coiled around her arm and blade. “Best of luck!”

“Students, are you ready?”The Professor asked of the waiting girls while she stepped off the combat floor. Upon receiving affirmation from both, she called out, “Begin!”

Lan was first to move, bolting a short distance before planting her spade in the ground and vaulting straight towards her opponent. The spade remained anchored in the ground as a length of wire extended from the staff.

Viola’s eyes widened at Lan’s sudden charge, but before her eyes could narrow at the faunus’s mistake her mind and serpent acted first, and a jet of water shot towards Lan’s path,‘Thrust!’.

Lan attempted to twist clear of the attack but was unable to do so mid-air and so was hit in the shoulder, knocking her off track. Recovering midair, the faunus landed on her feet and flicked a switch with her thumb, the wire retreating and tightening the line connecting the staff and spade.

Mirroring her friends actions, Viola lowered her sword to the ground, allowing Lis to climb up and coil around her arm and blade once more. Once done, she resumed her stance and eyed the strings connecting the spade to the staff.

Making a more careful dart, Lan dropped into a roll past Viola, spinning to her feet on the other side to strike towards her opponent with the crescent shaped blade, while tightening the wire towards Viola’s ankles.

With a short hop, the violet witch made sure her feet did not end up like her hair in the morning, but was forced to block rather than parry Lan’s weapon. An audile clang could be heard as the two blades collided and her brow furrowed. With the memory of Lans’ actions fresh in her mind, there was only one thought resonating through her head as the snake tried to switch resting spots, ‘Coil!’

“Sorry about this.” Lan apologized while splitting Shu Dao, stretching a small amount of wire and spinning it around the water snake's head before retracting the wire. Cringing a little at the sight of her creation getting beheaded, Viola made a mental note that both ends of the staff were detachable.

Focusing on the aura that wasn’t shredded, another head to a smaller aquatic serpent was formed. “I’m certain it won’t hold a grudge darling.”

“Good to know.” the blue eyed girl beamed before hopping back and reforming her weapon. Waiting a moment, Lan waited for a charge that never came. “Not very offensive, eh? Scared to get your dress dirty?”

“Always,” replied the witch without hesitation, “but sparring matches are there for me to learn, and I intend to do just that.”

“Never hurts to learn some new tricks.” the lemur tailed student agreed. Spinning Shu Dao around so the crescent was facing Viola, Lan fired off the spade towards the currently white haired girl.

With a motion one might have attributed to a fishing rod, Viola parried the attack with an upward slash before flicking her wrist. During this Lis detached from the blade and flew a couple feet, before slithering slowly towards Lan. The crimson haired girl quickly retracted her deflected spade and backed away from her slithering enemy, closer to the arena wall.

Tentatively Lis and Viola followed, making sure to stay a safe distance away from Lan, with Lis flanking her left and Viola her right. Out of the three, it was surprisingly Viola that made the first move with the snake soon to follow, the former making a short dash and jabbing at Lan’s stomach as the snake continued to move, ‘Closer!’

The faunus took the hit and moved with it, going into a roll as she felt her aura decrease. Coming to her feet and spinning on her heels to bring the crescent blade towards the witches stomach, she fired the dust housed in the end of her staff, sending the crescent blade whizzing towards her opponent.

Viola tried to parry the spade, but her surprise at Lan’s bold move meant the crescent still managed to hit her hip. With a determined glare she grabbed her rapier with both arms and stabbed at Lan’s stomach once more, as the serpent lunged at Lan’t chest, ‘Strike!’

Lan spun Shu Dao without retracting the crescent shaped blade, deflecting the rapier with a staff and cutting aquatic serpent with the blade. ’“Watch that thing, you could put an eye out.” She teased, attempting to distract Viola for a moment, “Sorry again, Lis.”

“Don’t be silly darling. At best i could have just severed your spine,” pointed out Viola with a gesture from her unarmed hand, doing her own attempt to distract Lan as the half of the snake that wasn’t severed crawled a small distance to reach Lan’s leg. With a burst of speed, Lis began quickly crawled up Lan’s leg, making it’s way up her body while Viola waited for a reaction.

As she felt the serpent crawl up her leg, Lan twisted her spade, the still hanging blade whipping towards Viola’s arm, planting the other end in the ground at the same time. With Lis reaching near Lan’s hips, Viola spun, moving her arm out of the way out of the strings path in order to slice at Lan’s legs.

Lan turned backwards out of the strike, allowing the rapier to strike her weapons shaft. The free moving blade quickly retracted into position on the end of Shu Dao, and the polearms owner shifted it free of the ground, bringing the weapon into both hands and making several quick, forward jabs

With two steps back for every three jabs, Viola was clearly on the defensive. The petite witch was unconcerned however, as the snake was on the offensive, moving up Lan’s chest and passing her left chest, causing the faunus girl to shiver at the cold water. Once it reached her neck neck, Lis acted like the beast it resembled, ‘Coil!’

Feeling the snake tightening around her neck, Lan paused mid strike before aiming the crescent shaped blade at her own neck and the bell at her foe, firing both sides of her staff simultaneously. The concave blade struck against her throat, taking a chip out of her aura but breaking the serpent’s grasp while the spade bolted for Viola’s chest.

Not wasting the opportunity Lis gave her, Viola quickly parried the bell before striking just below Lan’s abdomen, gambling that her friends current stance wouldn’t give her the time to block it. The lemur tailed girl sidestepped, and lightly spun her pole while extending the wire on the crescent blade, sending it towards Viola in an attempt to repay her for her last trick.

The wire connected and began to coil around its target when a loud buzzer sounded, declaring the winner. The sudden noise broke the girls’ focus, making both combatants pause. A glance up revealed that it was Lan who had been eliminated.

”A decent effort, ladies.” the blonde teacher congratulated as the combatants cleared the floor, rolling the match selection once more. The computer landed on the faces of a man with faintly tanned skin and dark red eyes surrounded by messy, dirty blonde hair opposite a man with blonde hair slicked back from a deeply tanned face and hazel eyes. “The next match shall be between Hadrian Nightshade and Leon Sarcelle.”

The fight between the two men was fairly closely matched. They found early on that Leon’s trident and Hadrian’s spear skills were fairly even. However, when the pair switched to range it was obvious that Leon’s flamethrower wasn’t as good a match against Hadrian’s shotgun. The flames took longer to travel and went in the direction they were pointed in, but the range was not as far as Hadrian’s ability to simply point his shotgun and shoot.

The fight was intense and drawn out, with Leon doing heavy damage to Hadrian whenever he did manage to hit the armoured man with his flames, and being fairly good at deflecting or dodging most of the shotgun spray from Hadrian’s weapons. However, the spray was too widespread to completely avoid, meaning he took damage every time Hadrian fired. It came to a battle of attrition, as Leon’s hard but sporadic hits tried to overwhelm Hadrian’s constant but smaller hits. In the end Hadrian was declared the winner, but only by a small margin.

”Excellent fight, gentlemen.” The blonde Professor congratulated as the pair left the arena, rolling the match selection once more. The image of a pair of blondes popped up this time; one with short messy hair with an undercut on the left side of her head, pale skin and neon blue eyes, and the other with long hair tucked behind her ears, extremely pale skin and blue eyes so light, they were almost white. “The next match shall be between Cereza Floriciente and Rima Tempest.”
Wouldn't hurt to get Berry some more exposure I guess, but not sure how to work that in.
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