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Our GM didn't abandon us. His kids broke his laptop and he is currently using a old phone that is not a smart phone. Before anyone asks I know the GM personally and he wants to see his games through to the very end!
Mira smiled back at Telius and she leaned on him. She felt strange with his hand around her waist. She smiled as she noticed he was being polite and placing his hand above her hips like a true gentleman. After a few minutes of her leaning on him she felt stronger. She looked at him "Do you know what is going on right now?" She asked him as she dodged arrows "And I am not talking about the ambush of arrows that we are under. I feel stronger just leaning on you" She know she might sound crazy but she really didn't give a shit right now. She tuned into her fox about then.

Feyla was doing just as she told. She blended into her surrounding like a ghost. She found the archer that hit Mira. Feyla lunged at his throat biting and tearing at it. How are you doing my darling girl? Mire asked through their bond. Feyla responded killed one after more. Mira smiled as she saw through her foxes eyes. "That is my girl" She said out loud. Once again looking at Telius "How are we going to get out of here? We need to get everyone to safety before we lose anyone else."

Via was off in her own little world for a portion of the class. She heard more about the party. She wanted to get her and Isaac an invite. She finally looked at Isaac's notebook. We could throw our own party unless I get an invite for us to the other one. I wasn't able to get one because the teacher ruined my fun. She smiled at him. She looked down at the paper that the teacher put down in front of her. via was good at school. She would never admit it to anyone. She jotted down her answers quickly. Before Via was a bad girl, she would study varies locations to go to so she knew where the places were. She sighed after she was done and walked up to the teacher to hand it in. She hated homework more then anything. As she was walking back she stopped by Grey's desk. She leaned down and whispered "Is anyone invited to this party?" She looked at Grey and tilted her head.
Sorry I have been a bit busy lately! I will post hopefully tonight!
Sorry I have been a bit busy lately! I will post hopefully tonight!
I am fine with cussing because it is part of Via's character as well

Via saw out of the corner of her eye Isaac reaching his hand towards her with a small pout. She smiled slightly. "To be completely honest Gray, I have nothing to gain but a possible friend" She looked down acting innocent "That if you would even be friends with a girl like me. Also I am looking for a bit of fun in this hell hole that we are in" She looked up at Gray when she registered that the teacher asked them to take their seats. "Can we talk later?" She asked Gray before walking back to her seat. "Damn teacher ruined my fun" Via whispered to Isaac as she sat back down.

Via looked at Isaac. "It not doing the stuff to get you in trouble that is fun, it is the thrill of doing that certain task that is fun Isaac" She smiled her flirtatious and devious smile. She hadn't thought of sucking up to the teachers to get what she wanted. I might just have to try that someday Via thought to herself. She looked over at Gray and raised her eyebrow. "Is that a challenge my dear?" She leaned closer to him "if it is challenge accepted." She stood up since the teacher didn't start the class yet. Via walked over to Gray just as another student what talking about a get together. "What is this I hear about a little get together" She asked as she sat on the edge of Gray's desk "Hi, I am Vianna but everyone calls me Via" She smiled at Gray "What's your name beautiful" She asked moving a strain of hair behind Gray's ear. She was flirting with her but was watching Isaac out of the corner of her eye.

Via smiled as she felt Isaac's hand on her back. As they entered the classroom she was forced to sit next to Isaac, not that she minded. Via was going to sit next to him anyway. She huffed "I am right there with you I hate when they do things like this" She crossed her legs, as she did her skirt raised up a bit showing more of her fishnets. She shrugged and looked at the teacher. She was cute as well, if all of the teacher looked like Payton and this teacher, Via might not mind sitting in class. With Isaac there classes have been bearable so far. Via hit Isaac with her elbow lightly "Looks like we don't have introduce after all" She gave him a wink. Via just rolled her eyes at the end of Ms Racine speech. Via was defiant and was going to socialize if she felt like it. Via adjusted her shirt again making sure her cleavage was still good. She was always told if you got them flaunt them. Via had them alright. She sighed and looked over at Isaac again "Also that is the point, getting into trouble is half the fun" Replying to his earlier comment about coming to her room "We could get into trouble together" She whispered leaning back in her chair.
Mira didn't realize what was happening until Telius was pulling her down to shield her from an incoming arrow. Fayla growled wrapping herself protectively around Mira and Telius. "I agree we need to get out of here" She poked her head up and ducked again when an arrow flew past her head. She got a wicked grin when Telius asked her to return fire "With pleasure" She said popping up. Her dress flaring around her as she posed her bow. She drew as much power as she could from her surroundings, but she noticed it was stronger this time. She was drawing power from another source. Her bow glowed a brighter blue then it ever had before. She shot off an arrow as fast as she could and reloaded just as fast. She had no idea if she hit any of them all she knew is one, she was just trying to cause a distraction and two she didn't want to hit Alya as she went to go hunt the people that were attacking them down. "Fayla seek and destroy my darling girl" She told her fox who popped up and jumped from the wagon disappearing into thin air to do as she was told. As she was just about to fire another arrow, she screamed as an arrow pierced her shoulder. Mira dropped her bow as she dropped to her knees. "Those stupid son of a bitches" She yelled gripping her shoulder. Mira's instinct was to reach out to Telius and she had no idea why.
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