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I have a bf that I'm in love with! I never take "crushes" seriously, even if I have a crush on someone. :P
@Altered Tundra I do not like you.
@Altered Tundra I like a certain someone on the Discord server. ;w;

And someone more who doesn't seem to be on the server.
I like...people...
Welcome back :o
Per Zella's request, Jacob ordered a chai tea along with a replacement for the iced coffee he'd spilled all over her. Once again, the barista seemed all too happy to please. And once again, it was unsettling. It made him tap the counter nervously, wishing she would just hurry up already with the drinks. When finally she did return with them, he tentatively handed the tea to Zella with a polite smile. "There you go. Um, did you drive? Walk? Like I said, I walked. Also, my phone vibrated with the text you sent. Just haven't, you know, checked it yet."
The loss of the warmth of Zella's hand almost dismayed Jacob, but he smiled politely back at her. "Sure," he said in response to her offer. "I walked. I only live right down the street, with my brother. But I'd better get another coffee. That was mine. This," he gestured at the filled coffee cup on the table, "is for my brother. Well, I have a bagel in the bag too. Ah, I'm kind of rambling, sorry. Do you want me to buy you anything here while we're at it?"
"Ah yeah," he said, taking her phone as if he was afraid he'd screw that up too. Maybe Nicholas was right. He probably could find a way to screw up making black coffee. "I'm really sorry about that," he muttered as he navigated her phone to find the contacts page and began to punch in his number. As he did, he continued, "It's not the most glamorous of cities, but we've got a few good places and shopping centers. I could take you around and...stuff."

Oh, no. He was starting to get nervous. That wasn't a feeling he got around people often. Then, snapping his fingers and handing the phone back to her, he said, "Also. My name is Jacob. Jacob Wright."
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