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Oh shoot there is a season 7? I gave up the show after season 5, so will this follow the set canon or are we just building off the premise?
@Lovely Complex Awesome, thanks!!
Hey I just got my CS done and I thought I would put it here for review.

@KatherinWinter Alright, thanks!
@KatherinWinter No, in the original fairytale his name is Iron Henry, now in the modern world his name is Albert Henry (yes i am so original)

Edit: Oh did I put the names in the wrong spots?
Here is my CS! I hope this is decent.

I'm down!
Yo, I'm down!
Sign me up, please!
In Heyo! 2 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone! My name is Viktor, but you can call me Vik. I am FTM Transboy/Demiboy Non-binary and go by he/they pronouns. I am also Graysexual Polyromantic Aroflux. I started roleplaying back on the Untold Tales Warrior Cats forums a few years back, but I fell out of practice until my friend insisted that I joined back in. My favorite genre is defiantly Fantasy, but I also like rping in Sci-fi, Historical fiction, and Fandom rps. I have ADHD, and my hyperfocus right now is MLP (if you couldn't tell); I also have PSTD and Cyclothemia. I am a Creative Writing Student in high school right now and plan on becoming an author or a story writer for a TV show, Movie, or Book.

I can't wait to meet everyone here!
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