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@Lovely Complex Thanks and yes I will take my character down. I wish the roleplay and all of you the best of luck! And I hope in the future we can work again! (even tho i posted like one thing BUT-)
Hey, I didn't know how large of an RP this would turn out to be. I am pretty overwhelmed. Is it ok if I drop out? I just don't want to be the one person who doesn't post.
@Universorum Ya I tried the mobile app before and it was pretty bad. I will log onto the server when I can but I will just play things by ear on the forums.
I am, but school has gotten in the way of me getting on often.
That moment when you decided not to check the forums and thats the day the IC opens...(I will have a post in by tomorrow noon!!)
For some reason I wasn't notified I was tagged! I will go ahead and move her over.
I did some rewritting on the backstory, to add more depth (bc I couldn't be the only person with a three sentence backstory XD) So here is the editted CS

And also @Emma, I think that is a great idea!!
@KatherinWinter Alright
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