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Making sure the magic is cleared, still working on the bio.

Should have a CS up by the end of the day, sunday at the latest.
You have my interest!
I've had an idea for a Magic school for a while but I didn't want to do something that was leaning toward Harry Potter. Then I binged American Horror Story and fell in love with the concept of Coven. I would like to do something similar but in a different setting, besides who says that out of all of the supremes there have been that their is only one school for witches and one school for warlock.

I propose the idea that there is a coed school somewhere in the universe and that is where our story takes place.

Ideally looking for this to be a small group and I will definitely need a Co-GM since this would be my first time running an RP.
I just realized that we should have a Rumplestiltskin like character. After all the first curse revolved around their names and Identities. We would need a magic user that either focuses on the power behind names or something along those lines. Right now the only candidate we have, is Maleficent as Fairies and Fae in general know the power behind names and use them to their advantage.
I honestly remember Athena being a brunette not a redhead. I guess I need to rewatch some movies lol.
Ariel was said to take after her mother with the exception of her hair. That was straight from her father.

Edited Beast, will attack Ursula tomorrow.
Just a heads up! I will be editing my character sheets tonight mainly for aesthetic however their may be some slight additions or rewrites of personalities and/or bios.
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