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@Dynamo Frokane

Make it mid tier and i'm in. Maybe. I want to, at least.
jk there's less than a week left untill the date and we all know that a week is the minimal amount of time needed for rp fight folk to crawl out of their burrows and start simulating some sort of semblance of vigrous activity


@Dark Light @Eklispe

...wait a minute. Shouldn't you two be duking it out already?
Banned for spamming. :^]
@Schradinger was a cool cat.
As of now, i am more inclined to attribute this to miscommunication and simply poor luck. Aint enough hard evidence to make the opposite conclusion yet.
RPGuild is not an alliance of some sort with a single core philosophy or particularly strong sense unity - we're just a melting pot full of different people with different outlooks, who all just happen to enjoy RP fighting and have settled down on the Guild at some point.

So yeah, dig deep enough and you'll probably find what you're looking for. Or maybe something you never knew you liked and needed.

Regardless, isolationism is only going to further deteriorate the RP fighting community as a whole. If we want new blood and a bigger, better, more exciting future for the craft, we gotta stick together. Nobody's going to interested in a form of roleplay that only remains living within a handful of self-containted cliques composed of two and a half people each; nor is such an existance going to be fun for the participants themselves.
Sorry, but that diagram was nearly the death of me.
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