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Gotta be off for work right now, but calling dibs - i'll post as soon as i'm back. As a hand-to-hand geek and self-proclaimed specialist, i take this as a personal challenge and a chance to test my skills.

Also, at the risk of sounding blunt - i've noticed your english is a little off and i'm guessing your a non-native speaker, so i'll use this as my chance to ask: is there a non-english roleplay fighting scene out there? Coming from russia myself, i've seen some russian roleplay communities, but none actually dedicated to fighting.
Even here.

says the dude hosting this thing in the arena section. we may be half dead, but our guard still knows it's craft :^)

one of the coolest things about rp fighting though, is that given enough freedom, the players will eventually craft their own counter to any established meta. However, if there is a concrete ruleset, then patches are certainly welcome.
scary powers synergy, absolute callous dirtbag gameplan. portals? musket. element? metal.

pollen delivers the goods
<Snipped quote by Vordak>

Ok then, would you like to do one together?

Sorry, but probably not - unless you've a natural talent for kicking ass and a knack for vicious character builds. I've only enough time to keep one fight running right now and i'm seeking to go up against an experienced player, since the plan is to limber up for an upcoming tournament around next month, so i can bring my best performance.
So how is this Arena RP stuff supposed to work?

so uh eh first you gotta find yourself a partn'r, preferably someone that you find agreeable and can get along with, so as to in turn, ease resolving the inevitable disagreements; and also close to your skill level in understanding of RP fighting in particular, and combat/physics in general. Likely improbable, seeing as RPGuild's arena has turned to ghost town, but you can always drag in someone else into these confines or go seeking in different places.

then you got your character sheets and whatnot. very important.
The character sheet is reference for every action attempted in-character - if there's a question along the lines of "can he outspeed/break through/tank out/jump over/melt down/freeze/smash/swallow what they bite", then the go to method to finding an answer is peeking into the character sheets and comparing the respective character capabilities: if P1 can punch like a sledgehammer and P2's face is likened to a brick in their character sheet, then something's gonna be brick red alright.
For this reason it's important to be concrete and plentiful with detail; the two prominent philosophies are either providing exact physical measurements - 100 mp/h sprint speed, 10 ton deadlift, 2000 celcius firebolt, etc. - or, using comparative feats - strong enough to lift and toss cars, as durable as a tank hull, breaching supersonic speed. Important to note, it's not only the magnitude of your characters capabilities that should be included - the "how much" - but also the mechanics and inner workings of any ability/power/aspect they have - the simple "how". For example, a searing 5000 celcius plasma bolt might do heavy damage to unprotected material, but due to its quick dissipation, have negligible impact on an insulated target; whereas as sticking ball of napalm, burning at 500 degrees, might adhere for long enough to seep its heat through the insulation and bake whatever's beneath.

finally! after making sure you wanna fight and your characters are of comparable power, you actually do the thing
the same general notion applies here - plentiful and thorough detailing enriches the experience, as the more detail you provide to your actions, the deeper the possible degree of interaction is; for ever property you describe, that becomes a property that can be interacted with. The speed, the angle, the timing and the degree of commitment to an action; your character's positioning in every key moment in the fight; the information your character currently does know and can operate with; etc.
However, it's all up to you and your partner to decide how complex you want your fight to be, adjusting by omitting or including various aspects of the action - the beauty of RP fighting is that it has minimal restrictions, by virtue of every rule and mechanic being player regulated.

That should conclude a basic introduction to the general nuance of RP fighting; all else is best pursued in raw experience.

"In the American folklore of Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut, Melon Heads are beings generally described as small humanoids with bulbous heads who occasionally emerge from hiding places to attack people. Different variations of the legend attribute different origins to the entities."

even melon hasn't been on in 8 months
i might come out of the woodworks soon tho to throw some hands in mid-tier
First things first, those rallying for "a less toxic atmosphere", "non-competetive activity" and etcetera should just take a step back and realize: there are 'newbies' out there who wanna go in like the US marshals and just kick some fucking ass - real competetive like. That's precisely the new blood that we need and want as a long established and niche community.

Now, the problem in growing the community might lay in the fact that RP fighting as a whole is on the decline and our target recruits are simply too dispersed to cross paths with RPGuild's cluster - which only means that the best of us must haul ass, find new places and become nomadic fighting legends ala Musashi with fame reaching across all corners of the roleplaying world.

Before we do that though, i think its worth giving as shot at revitalizing the flow within local boundaries. Tournaments, gauntlets, battle royales? Fuck it. All we need is for all 'em ole fightans people from around here to gather up, bring their favorite characters and fight eachother in a series of barebones one-off duels. That's the romance of rp fighting - a bunch of chill dudes wailing on eachother with 'em fightan words with no other goal than to pursue the three pillars of RP fightans:

1. Win
2. Do some real cool shit
3. Keep a good rep

Show 'em that we still got it and we're golden. If not growth, this will at least serve the purpose of congealing the current members of the community - which might just be all we need.

My two cents as god of everything.
@Dynamo Frokane
when they call us names
we just continue punching eachother at a turtle's pace

some don't like arena. sure. but the arena lives by the blood of those that do and that's all that matters. arena isn't getting wiped anytime soon and to this date, there isn't someone who could say that they were poorly received here when they actually dipped their toes in the arena - those who bitchin' have an inherent distaste towards the concept of a little spice in your "collaborative writing". we don't need *improving* per se, we just need to, y'know. not be dead, not have kids or two jobs or too little investment or too few members in general. the kind of problems that aren't so easily solved, y'know.

my 5 cents anyways
Just a small piece of advice: starting off with the higher ties of power for your first ever arena fight is so much worse of an idea than you might think. Consider going for something just above human, or even barebones 'realistic' CQC.
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