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Update: Quoll and I have a post in mind, we're just trying to find time, somehow managed to get roped into several parties this weekend, so sorry for acting like Parry in advance.
Sounds good, I'll start working on a post, undecided if Violet was already there or if she's arriving, but I'll keep you in the loop. :3
"That's great, Parry, but I still don't understand why we have to wear these party hats? I've never heard of tinfoil hats improving the visual quality of Japanese movies before..."
A poker evening, how festive. :D

I'm not sure how good Violet is at poker, but she's certainly game to try.
First post up.

Hooray! :3
And, using the work @Aleranicus had us do with creating spots in the city, what places do you think it's best to start this in? I think, given the large numbers, we need at least a couple.

Any place that allows characters to discreetly meet seems good in my book, unfortunately/fortunately that means most of the locations written up would be good options. :D

Also, for the purposes of the RP, I want a clear sense of why your characters are opposed to Nemsemet.

Humorously, Violet might share a similar motivation to @Utrax's Stella, Nemsemet looks unlikely to good bad for her business, protecting the park. I also imagine dryads, well-connected to nature as they are, have at least a slight aversion to the undead or at least with the idea of the undead suddenly gaining enough influence to take over the city (death is after all part of the natural world). Violet was not a huge of fan of the late Count or the status quo of the supernatural world, but she's also a big believer in maintaining balance in the world and a mummy based dictatorship is not very balanced.

In addition, while Violet may not primarily be concerned with mortals, she also doesn't hate them or really view them as lesser, if anything she simply views them as misguided children (with a unfortunate habit of harming nature). In a terrible comparison, she's a bit like the elves of LoTR, in that she still thinks human beings have potential and she's more of a fan of discreet/subtle guidance than using violence to force others to change.

With that being said, her main concern is the trees she protects, so a lot depends on how Nemsemet chooses to act.

If anyone is around, we can set up a collab or whatever.

I'm on a lovely break (for the next couple of months), so I'll be on in some capacity consistently throughout the week, when not busy with social things (I can have a life again!). :)
@Vowel Vagabond A Lawyer... or a consigliere XD

Just for funsies:


@Utrax Another lovely and very amusing character (please don't stab me!).
@MancerNecro Everything you wrote about Violet and Allard Park looks great to me.

I really liked the way you described how their friendship developed (Celest wandering in because of calming/nice energies and at first not knowing about the dryad).

Related, the "energy" of the park as something calming/nice is a great idea that I didn't really think about. It would provide a wonderful explanation for why mortals/supernaturals find the park increasingly pleasant to visit!


Also, I really like the latest characters!

Although I'm terrified to see that we have both a eldritch tax collector and an arcane accountant!

All we need now is a lawyer... :3


If anyone needs help establishing random connections, feel free to send me a PM, I'm friendly, promise!

Violet is a social creature and sees life as an adventure, so she's likely to wander into all manner of places.

I'll probably do some light editing in the coming day, but mostly in regards to spelling/grammar/formatting or tweaking sentences to make things flow better.
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