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“I don't like people. They fuck me up.” ― Stephen King, The Gunslinger


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@Guy0fV4lor Sounds good man, if this starts up lock me in as a mekboy working his way to big Mek.
I am very interested, and actually did a tabletop roleplay of orks with my buds a few years back.

I agree to some extent of how everyone starts to play the same character at first, but gradually it changed because of ork 'classes.' As long as everyone is playing different types of orks (Mek boy, Painboy, Freebooter, fereal ork, Nob, etc.) and makes up their own individual goals, then the rp could work.

Another thing I'll say is that we played with Deathwatch core rules, and had the orks "working" for a inquisitor (Example: The orks are sent to some Imperial planet under the sway of the Tau, the inquisitor sends the orks to start trouble and disarray before the imperial forces show up to squash the rebellion). So the group is not with a giant ork Waaaagh, but a small group, under the heel of the inquisition, though as you can expect shenanigans to start happening very quick.

The skies the limit for orks though, there are so many clans, and types of orks that everyone can easily play a ork with it's own distinct personality. Just need to know the lore more or less!

It's not impossible is all I am saying, and I am more than willing to Gm. Let me know!

PS: It's ork, with a K!
I'll get started on my CS right away, apologies for the delay in reply @Apollosarcher.
I am very interested, and would love to rp the Northstar titan.

In Fini. 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hi there,

Interested in playing a Death guard champion in your thread. He'll have a plasma rifle, dagger, and a powerfist (totally fine with swapping out some of the stronger weapons.) Also will have a series of mutations (Because of Nurgle lol).

Would also like to use a model picture for character image, if that is okay. Let me know, and Grandfather Nurgle's blessings on you!

*If the champion is too strong, I am also down to rp a plague marine with a bolter (Doesn't need to be blight)
In The Room 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Jillian: Oh you need a can opener! I cry pardon.
*She looks around the drawers trying to find a can opener, until finally she finds one.*
Jillian: Do you need help using this?

*John almost bursts into laughter, but instead giggles stupidly.*
Nia: Sure, think you don't understand the meaning of Hacker... but sure.
*She rounds on John looking annoyed.*
Nia: What happened to chase and Sage?
John: Your guess is as good as mine, though we got Sasha.
*Nia rolls her eyes, as it is clear she is not the biggest fan of Sasha.*
Nia: I saw...

*Sasha nods, and has a look of determination.*
Sasha: Don't worry about it, we can handle whatever he throws at us. Though I still would like to know more about the anatomy of these "Devils."


*A massive quadruped tank lumbers out of a portal in the far end of the woods, it's huge black belly scrapping the ground as it tries to tread just under the treeline. Most of the tank is covered in a black sheen with green neon lights fixated in certain key areas. Three huge cannons equivalent to 105 howitzers batteries jut out of it's back, and a series of automated turrets line the tanks outer walls like thorns. The main hatch of the massive tank opens, and out comes a single figure wrapped in a black tattered robe.*
*The figure starts to make his way to the room.*
In The Room 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian bristles at being hugged by Xan, and gradually returns the hug.*
Jillian: Errr... goodnight Xan?
*Watches her go, then turns to look at Zeta with a questioning look.*

*Sasha frowns at Lecter, and sighs.*
Sasha: We will see, I wish my brothers and sisters were here... We would be able to take down your father.
*She looks at Lecter, and squints her eyes slightly in a quizzical expression.*
Sasha: How is he your father?
In The Room 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian sips her water, and lights up another cigarette. She turns towards Zeta, and keeps a slight smile as she starts to explain why people can their foods.*
Jillian: It preserves the food for a longer period of time, without needing refrigeration. Not necessarily fresh, but it is better than nothing.

*John slides into a seat near Nia and Beatrix, and manages to find a glass of some whiskey. While Nia stops the blade from pointing at her with a finger.*
John: Nia's a squadmate of mine, well... Kinda. She is what we call a "operative" or "ops," Mostly does shadowy shit, and look like angst-y teenager.
*Nia rolls her eyes, and looks visibly annoyed.*
Nia: He's right about one thing, I'm a operative, essentially a spy, and hacker. Was part of Johns squad till... things happened.
*John rolls his eyes at Nia being all clandestine.*
In The Room 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Jillian: I believe that is canned food, or something like that, and those are herbs.
*She just gets herself a cup of water, and sips at it.*
Jillian: I'm sure you will find some food in here Xan, I can also make you something as well if you would like?

*John and Nia both look at Beatrix quizzically, though John's expression has a dash of drunkenness.*
Nia: Shapeshifter?
John: They don't have our kind of tech-nol-o-gy.
Nia: Ohhhh... *She turns to regard Beatrix, and smiles.* I understand, I assure you that I have not intention of hurting you or this establishment. I come from the future, earth has been mostly destroyed by evil-
John: Nia stop, she's not from our earth.. or any earth I think. Wait where do you come from again?
In The Room 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian nods, and follows after Zeta.*
Jillian: I understand Xan, thank you.
*She notices Xan's discomfort, and frowns.*
Jillian: Are you well?

*Laura sighs, and stands up straight.*
Laura: Fine.
*She presses her wrist, causing her face to shimmer. Before long her face stops shimmering revealing a tan skinned woman in her late twenties, her eyes are a brilliant teal color, and glow. She then throws off her attire, to reveal her black body glove. She has a strange looking belt, and a metal arm. On her back is a domed shaped metal backpack.*
Laura: My name is Nia.
*John suppresses a giggle, and waves away beatrix concern.*
John: She's part of my old squad, wonder were Sash is?
Nia: She is in the other room.
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