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In The Room 6 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian decides to go back inside after chain smoking a dozen cigarettes. She takes a seat in the kitchen, and sips at the glass of water she left.*

*Sasha pale eyes watch Vaserage coldly, and spits a wad of blood before speaking.*
Sasha: What the fuck are you?
*John sighs.*
John: Sash, can we just get you back to the room? No more trouble... please.
*She groans, and tries her best to stand, but fails. John then supports her, even though it is clearly visible that he is having issues carrying Sasha's heavy armor.*
In The Room 8 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*John looks down at Sasha, and looks back at Lecter.*
John: I don't think she'll be much help, we should get her back to the room.*
*Sasha doesn't protest cause John is right, she grits her teeth and sits up slightly.*
Sasha: Just push forward, I can stay behind.
*John shakes his head.*
John: Not a fucking option.
In The Room 11 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
John: Don't worry about it bud, we'll get him... bastard got lucky is all. And don't apologize, me and Sasha have seen worse things.
*Sasha nods, looking more annoyed at being so helpless. If Lecter looks at her wound he would notice her it is overrun with small silver specs.*
Sasha: Keep alert, we are still in the thick of it.
In The Room 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*John looks over at Lecter, and frowns.*
John: So! What the fuck was that about?!
*He presses down on Sasha's puncture wound, which causes her to hiss in pain. Though Sasha has her own questions, she is in too much pain to voice them.*
Sasha: Help me the fuck up...

*The creature with the distended jaw finally walks away towards the storm, it's tentacled back writhes with anticipation.*
In The Room 15 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian sits outside smoking her cigarette, and watches the storm.*
*She grinds made a habit of grinding her teeth when she is frustrated, and this moment she was grinding them so hard that one of her back molars chips.*

*John runs over to Sasha, and slides down next to her prone form.*
John: How we doing, can you say your name? C'mon Sasha, say something.
*John isn't a medic, but has a basic understanding on how to treat wounds. He slowly undoes the clasps on Sasha's helm, and removes it to show a young woman's face with short cropped brown hair. Her pale grey eyes crack open, and she stares up at John with a mixture of annoyance and pain.*
Sasha: I'm... fine... help me up... is it dead?
*As she speaks blood boils up from her mouth, and leaks down her chin.*
In The Room 20 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian doesn't respond, simply walks out, and smokes her cigarette.*
*She then watches the storm silently.*

*John keeps blasting, and loads two of the quad barrels.*
*He manages to fire both barrels at the creature.*

*Sasha makes a loud crunch, and lays motionless on the ground.*
*Blood leaks from her armor joints, though she still clutches onto her lance.*
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian watches Hanna run over to Iris with her cold eyes, and debates on what to do. She holsters her magnum and starts to walk out of the room.*
Jillian: Find me later, Iris. We need to talk.
*Jill walks outside, and smokes a cigarette.*

In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian shrugs, and still keeps her magnum pointed at Hanna.*
Jillian: I think if I plug her in the face enough times she will die, and I'm a very fast shot.
*She watches Iris get thrashed into the ground coldly, and takes a snap shot at Hugo's face for the action.*

*Sasha screams in agony as she is impaled, and scrambles weakly at it with her gauntlets.*
*Blood sprays from the wound, but is quickly stanched from her armors healing abilities.*

*John manages to avoid the lightning blast, by throwing himself to the ground.*
*He fires with one of his pistols at the beast, while his other hand pops the quad barrel's cartridges so he can reload.*
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian is now super annoyed. She stops firing, walks up to Hanna, and aims her magnum at her head.*
Jillian: Let Iris go, or I blow your weapons brains out.
*She pulls back the hammer on her magnum, and doesn't even bother to look at Hanna.*

*John at this point fires at the centipede, and keeps trying to make his way to Sasha.*

*Sasha growls with effort, and fires her lance at Be'lak again.*
In The Room 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian listens to the exchange between Hugo and Hanna, when the fighting erupts she rounds the corner, and opens up at Hugo aiming for his face.*
*Her face is completely placid as she deals lead.*

*Sasha's shield takes the lightning attack, and has a slag mark from where it hit. She is also electrified until finally it ceases. She slouches, but manages to stand, and keep her shield up.*
*Steam rises from her armor and shield, it's also apparent that Sasha is stunned.*

*John is too busy shooting at the tentacles to check on Sasha, but starts to back pave towards her.*

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