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In The Room 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian nods, and follows after Zeta.*
Jillian: I understand Xan, thank you.
*She notices Xan's discomfort, and frowns.*
Jillian: Are you well?

*Laura sighs, and stands up straight.*
Laura: Fine.
*She presses her wrist, causing her face to shimmer. Before long her face stops shimmering revealing a tan skinned woman in her late twenties, her eyes are a brilliant teal color, and glow. She then throws off her attire, to reveal her black body glove. She has a strange looking belt, and a metal arm. On her back is a domed shaped metal backpack.*
Laura: My name is Nia.
*John suppresses a giggle, and waves away beatrix concern.*
John: She's part of my old squad, wonder were Sash is?
Nia: She is in the other room.
In The Room 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian smile never leaves, and she nods.*
Jillian: I know it must sound silly, I cry pardon.
*Her smile cracks for a moment at Zeta's last comment, but she manages to bring it back quickly.*
Jillian: I truly hope I do.

*Laura doesn't avoid the sudden attack, yet her old flesh seems to yield against the blade, though John is set free.*
Laura: Impressive girl, but I recommend calming down... I am here to speak, nothing more.
*John grins, and laughs.*
John: It is you, you salty bitch! How'd you survive the-
*Nia seizes John's mouth, and looks incredibly enraged.*
Nia: Let's not talk about classified missions!
In The Room 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian smiles, and turns towards the pair.*
Jillian: The 'white,' are those who serve the Dark tower, which is the the center of all creation... Your world and mine are all on different spectrum's of the tower. It's purpose is to hold back the darkness, the prim, which is chaos and destruction.
*She scratches the back of her neck, not realizing how hard it is to explain the Dark Tower.*
Jillian: My home's lose was devastating, same as the death of all my people... but as long as the tower stands, then so will I.

*John walks up to Laura, and pokes her shoulder. She makes a audible ow, and backs away.*
John: You're a shitty liar Nia, I knew it was you from the start!
Laura: Don't touch me!
John: Take off the disguise already!
*He goes to poke her, but Laura grabs John's hand with unnatural speed. Her tone changes to a cold tone, and a slight growl comes from her throat.*
Laura: I told you not to touch me... John.
*John smiles, then looks pained as Laura pops his writs out of it's socket. She looks towards Beatrix.*
Laura: This is none of your concern.
In The Room 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian shakes her head, and drags on her cigarette.*
Jillian: My home is gone, I don't even know how to go back. Most I can do is my job, serve the white... serve the tower.
*She looks skyward, almost as if she is trying to see something that isn't there.*

John: I'm not stupid-
Laura: But you are drunk!
John: Shut up, you're a bloody op!
Laura: A what?
*John drunkenly gets up, and walks towards Laura who looks afraid.*

I had too xD

Love you OT <3
In The Room 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian walks along, and lights another cigarette.*
Jillian: I do not wish to forget, just... just to have purpose.
*She looks at her cigarette, and lights it.*
Jillian: Being here gives me little meaning, and the enemies that destroyed my land and killed my people still draw breath. I only wish to serve the tower.

*Laura waves away the apology, and cackles laughter.*
Laura: Oh no it's fine, just looking at your pretty armor, and-
John: That's not a old woman.
*He looks at Beatrix as he says this, while Laura is taken aback.*
Laura: Yes I am...

*Sasha shrugs, and sits next to Lecter.*
Sasha: I wish to destroy evil, not go adventuring into hell, and you make it sound so easy...
In The Room 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian frowns at Xan, but doesn't care about her lack of response to her greeting.*
Jillian: Yes... that it is.
*She keeps smoking her cigarette, and starts to make her way back to the room.*

*John grins, and side glances at Beatrix.*
John: I drink to chase the demons away.
*Though he says with sarcasm, a hint of truth can be heard in his voice.*
John: Besides, I like hanging out in bars. They have the most interesting people.
*He gestures to Laura, who still watches the pair blatantly.*

Sasha: Right...
*She shifts uncomfortably, and coughs awkwardly.*
Sasha: So... how do we go to hell, and fight this guy?
In The Room 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian smiles back at Zeta, though she honestly doesn't know what to say.*
Jillian: I... I was just thinking about my home, such memories always make me sad.
*She drags on the cigarette, and looks towards the treeline.*
Jillian: You can call me Jill.
*She nods to Xan as she approaches.*
Jillian: Hello Xan.

*John frowns at Beatrix, not getting her game, but pours her another glass.*
John: O...kay. So just drinks then? I don't really pay for these you know...
*He pours himself a drink, and downs it.*

*Sasha nods.*
Sasha: I agree, though how are we supposed to find him?
*She watches Lecter closely, trying to discern his motives and such.*
In The Room 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Jillian: I understand... adjusting here will take some time.
*Jillian smiles, and shrugs.*
Jillian: I guess with practice, I've been smoking these for awhile now.
*She looks at the cigarette, almost seeing some unknown truth in it.*
Jillian: It helps me think.

*John turns to regard Beatrix, and gives her a frown.*
John: What do you want... I said I was sorry, and I mean what I say.
*He gives her a hard look, and pours himself another glass.*

*Laura at this point seems to be interested in the discussion going on between Beatrix and John.*

*Sasha watches over Jilial for a time, before finally getting up, and walking over to where LEcter is sitting.*
Sasha: So.. When are you heading out to deal with that Belak guy?
In The Room 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jillian frowns at Zeta's coughing, and keeps it at the idea of breaking oath.*
Jillian: I see. Well... At least you can stay here.
*She puffs on her cigarette, and thinks to herself.*
Jillian: I am sorry that you were forced into this situation, hopefully you will find peace in your new life.
*Jillian thinks of her own situation, and how far she is from home. Her eyes show a hint of sadness at the idea, but she quickly pushes the thoughts away focusing on the cigarette.*
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