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12 mos ago
Current Sorry I haven't done much in a day or two, I've been busy. I should be more available...tomorrow maybe?
1 yr ago
"Ah, Super Nintendo Chalmers, welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!"
1 yr ago
The Great Waa decrees that attractive people don't wear clothes and unattractive people dress like The Great Waa.
1 yr ago
I sense a disturbance in the Waa Force.... the Anti-Waa's must be terminated!
1 yr ago
The Great Waa is always present, watching over his children so that they too can waa.
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I'll try to get mine done tomorrow but I don't know. You guys can also start without me and I can be last in the posting order after I finish.
Sorry, I meant the ship, not the character sheet structure.
I'll probably get something up tomorrow. I think MC will stand out from the others a bit.
@Sirkaithethird The answer is yes. I have a French ship, which I'm going to say was picked up by France or Indochina, so you're not the only non-Japanese exception.
Technically it's a large, fast destroyer but I see what you mean.

I'm also pretty sure everyone is picking a ship based on its name. I know I am.
I think I'll take that idea of the Le Fantasque class and use Le Terrible. I can't wait to run circles around everyone.
I like this. I saw a little of the anime a few years ago and completely forgot about it until now. I'll probably join.
Both, but two pm rps that I'm trying to get to are the main ones. @GarlandDaHero
I got busy with some life stuff, and I have a few rps to focus on now that have 'priority' over this one because they are 1x1.

I have no complaints about the rp, but I'll still have to drop out. Maybe we'll meet another time on the site. Ciao.
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