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Do you fear death, Jack Sparrow?
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I just finished Undertale...
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I just finished Undertale...
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Horizon Frontiers

Horizon Frontiers is a world-spanning foundation of Science & Technology, mainly focused in the fields of biotechnology and prosthetics. Across the world, they are regarded as a font of philanthropy, often distributing prosthetics free of charge to injured.

Yet beneath the surface, Horizon Frontiers has a much darker agenda. Deep in the basement, the true machinations of Horizon Frontiers function. They perform biotechnology and genetic engineering beyond that available to the rest of the world, and create hybrids of flesh and steel from scratch known only as Symbiotes. To complete its agendas, Horizon Frontiers often engages in illegal behavior. Black Market purchases and sales to rake in cash revenue, earning themselves "political favors" from desperate leaders. Nearly every major country across the world has some taint of Horizon Frontiers influence.

Horizon Frontiers also has a small hive of both trained mercenaries and secret agents, constantly buzzing with activity to carry out Horizon Frontier's sinister agendas. The infrastructure of Horizon Frontier's influence is well crafted, with several fail-safes and open plans to prevent any risk of collapse or being exposed to the public.

Horizon Frontiers facilities often have two areas: Public and Hidden. The Public areas often appear as a clinic or laboratory, with oblivious workers who do nothing more than work a 9 to 5 job. For some areas, the Public area is all there is. But then beneath, usually hidden by forbidden or secret doorways, the Hidden facilities of Horizon Frontiers perform their true work. Often managing data, constructing Symbiotes and technology, performing research, or just providing quarters to operatives.


Symbiotes are animalistic amalgamations of flesh and technology, utilizing the perfectly crafted body with the instincts of a true predator. Dozens of Symbiotes have been made and kept in Horizon Frontiers secret facilities across the world, made solely for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of biological technology. Symbiotes are both used as shock-troopers by Horizon Frontiers and leased as Mercenaries and Assassins.

Due to their enigmatic nature, Symbiotes often have no or very little natural Ki. Any abilities they can perform are just innate to their nature, though recent developments have allowed Horizon Frontiers to install them with artificial Ki containers, which they are then trained into utilizing for special abilities in combat.

Symbiotes are often controlled through AI chips. They have drives installed into their brains, that can then have an AI chip inserted in, which provides the Symbiote with an alternate, sentient personality. Yet being strongly driven by instincts, Symbiotes in the past have been able to override their AI chips through pure anger, which would in most cases require the Symbiote to be taken to a facility and "repaired". The chip also serves as a tracking device and state observer of the Symbiote.

All Symbiotes also have a miniature built-in self-destruct mechanism. It doesnt erupt in a violent display, but it causes their organic components to melt, becoming visually indistinguishable from melted technology. The purpose of this is to ensure that if someone can trace machinery back to Horizon Frontiers somehow, they wouldn't be able to uncover just what sort of horrific creature a Symbiote truly is.
Id definitely be interested in this

Apparently Ivory's statement went straight through the green fellow's head, because he replied to both of her statements with "What".

"What are you—Jesus I don't time for this. If you're here to help, or—"

Before he could finish, a human went flying from the crowd. An Oni stepped out, boasting loudly about his own strength, until he laid eyes upon Ivory and her captive. Then he charged with rage straight at her. Right now, Ivory was completely defenseless. Tortuga, Commando, and Ricochet were busy carrying away The Oni, and Haunt was nowhere to be seen. The only weapon she had was Powersaw, but the chances of him fighting a massive Oni all by himself were slim. The most he could do against such a brute would slow him down for several seconds, at the cost of his own life.

But, the green fellow jumped towards the foe, and punched the Oni's leg, causing several burning wounds to slowly open all around his legs. Both combatants fell, with the Oni attempting to get up and resume his charge towards Ivory. That attack was more than enough, Ivory thought. Maybe she had succeeded in teaching the delinquent good manners.

Powersaw stood directly over the Oni, and stabbed two of his knives into his hands, impaling them to the ground. The Oni groaned in pain, Powersaw only staring his single red eye directly at him. One of his knives had begun rapidly spinning, hence his name. He moved the saw closer and closer to the Oni's forehead, until it was less than two inches from being split open.

But that was too much. Ivory took control of Powersaw, and forced him to just barely cut into his forehead. As soon as the blade touched, perhaps even before, The oni yelled in pain, obviously too much to still move. For good measure, Powersaw stabbed all of his four remaining knives into his arms and shoulders, ensuring that even if he could get back up, it wouldn't be likely he'd have the stamina to fight. He then stabbed his empty arms into a compartment on his back, replacing all lost blades.

That itself was too close of a call; That oni didn't harm her because he was incapacitated by another Nomad, but she doubted any more Nomads would rush to her aid. Conveniently, she noticed a Nomad mounting a motorcycle had ridden in it a deafening burst towards the entrance, clearing a path to escape. She might have some explaining to do, but any safe exit was priority. Ivory walked at a brisk pace along with The Pioneers carrying their captive towards the exit, keeping an eye out for any oni, or potentially Nomads, that would attempt to attack her.

Haunt had hoped Ivory would forgive her for leaving her without warning. But she felt a less dangerous solution to the task at hand. So, when she had turned her head away from her after entering the brawl, she had stepped out. She felt a faint ki signature matching that of the monsters, yet wasn't as powerful or surrounded. Her original purpose was hunter-killer operations, after all. She crawled quickly along the ground, dodging between hundreds of people oblivious to her presence. She identified their positions their faint, weak signatures of ki. She honestly had no idea why The Others were always risking exposure for such meager findings. It was like accepting a beating over one quarter of a cookie.

Eventually, Haunt saw the source; Two young girls, one matching the signature she detected. Unusual. She expected them to be fighting. Their signatures had certainly suggested such. They were a good distance away from each other, both decently harmed. Haunt skittered behind the Oni female, before standing back up. She spread both of her arms wide, prepared to grapple the opponent. She hadn't even grasped the oni when her hidden mouth had emerged, causing her camouflage to disable.

But all it would take was for one moment to secure the target.

Before Calvin even finished his sentence, the warrior he tried saving sliced his Igloo wide open, and leapt back into the fray. Right as Calvin was getting ready to fall asleep. Darn it, this guy just threw Calvin in a boat without a paddle! Calvin forced himself up, stumbling as he shook off the rapidly approaching exhaustion that came with the Igloo Nap. Thankfully he wasn't in any immediate danger, since most of the surrounding robots were being minced, blasted, or whatever have you by either the robot lady and the ninja. Suddenly, he heard a loud thump, like a car getting hit by a sledgehammer. Turning around, he saw a girl wearing brown pants with shoulder straps covering her topless body, lying against a car, surrounded by unarmed robots.

Calvin shook himself awake, and rushed towards them. He didn't have much ki to throw around. What this required was a much more subtle, more conservative attacks...

"Icefingericefingericefingericefingericefinger..." Calvin recited as he poked each robot surrounding the girl from behind with a glowing blue finger in their temple. Each of them turned to face Calvin with their glowing yellow eyes, and raised their arms as if to start pummeling him, when out of nowhere they began to slow down to a standstill. And then, one by one they fell over, immobile. One cracked it's head on the ground, exposing their internal circuitry had been slathered with ice. Once they were all done, Calvin turned towards the gasping girl.

"You ok? You looked like you got a pretty bad beating..."

Calvin realized that the girl didn't look too fit to be here. A slim frame, albino skin, the fact she was coughing and wheezing...

"Hey, you want me to get you out of here? I don't think this place is too safe for you."
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