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Tim Bogemi

"There's mostly just a bunch of trees. Lot more than out here" Tim shrugged, answering Valeries questions, "Most of the time I just hung out with my brothers,"

Then Valerie started going off on taking a road trip all around the united states. On spring break. An suddenly Tim was coming too? And they were staying at his house? Jeez this guy was getting a bit too inclusive. Tim shoveled another spoonful of food into his mouth to avoid coming up with an answer, giving himself time to think. Once he finished chewing, he turned back to Valerie.

"Yeah-yeah, sure. Anyway, Sierra. What about you, where're you from? You also from Russia?" He asked her, trying to turn the force of the conversation away from himself.
Tim Bogemi

"Tim" introduced himself, sitting down for real this time.

"Judging from the accent, you're not from around here? That is a shame. I'm a native." Valery mused to him,

"Nope! I'm here from North Dakota. Never been down south. Or out of the state, really. Or my town." He explained, "I actually got flown down here last night on pretty short notice because of the--" He caught himself. Was he allowed to talk about the small scuffle that had him sent down there? Probably not. Best keep his mouth shut, "Poor arrangements. I only got my superpowers not too long ago. Since the semester was about to start, I got rushed down here as fast as I could by FAMA."

He took a huge scoop of mashed potatoes into his mouth, continuing his story regardless. "Dighn't eghvn haff a chansh to eet dinnur laghst night. I'm absolutely famished." After he finished his tragic backstory he worfed all the food in his mouth down.

Valery stood himself up and waved someone over-- A brown haired girl. Before she could introduce herself in turn, she turned behind her at the call of-- Her twin? Huh, cool. The two of them started speaking in some secret language to one another.


"Я ты, почему я был бы?"

"Они оба довольно хорошо выглядят"

"У тебя есть работа, и я сначала поговорил с ними. Ты знаешь правила"

Their secret dialogue continued back and forth, before the one in line pointing at Valery and mentioning "Mike Wazowski over here speaks Russian", after which the one sitting was visibly embarrassed. So much so that she quickly vacated her own seat, which was taken over by her twin... Well, technically they were the same person, right? Atleast to Tim, since he hardly knew either of them.

Her doppelganger introduced herself as Sierra, shaking both Tim's and Valery's hands at the same time. Tim, however, was more stuck on what they were talking about. "Hey, what did they say? She and her twin, I mean" He quickly asked his newly made friend.
Tim Bogemi

It took Tim a good half hour after the orientation began before he made it to the Academy.

For starters, he didn't know he wasn't expecting to have to spend the first night in a motel outside the academy; He arrived to town so late at night that he practically flopped down on his bed and fell into a coma, hoping his phone's alarm clock would be enough to wake him up. Which it didn't, unfortunately. Thank God one of the counselors did a sweep through where all the students were sleeping. Even gave him a lift, too.

Once he got there, the staff were already a good way into the orientation, so he just tried to slip in unnoticed. But since a good number of seats were taken, he stuck out like a small thumb as he climbed up a couple sets of steps and squeezing his way past a full row-- Completely ignoring that the end seat he was inching and excusing himself past them towards was in reach if he just walked across to the steps on the other side. He even got worried that the brief pauses by the speakers were them suddenly paying attention to his own awkward stumbling.

After that agonizing moment of embarrassment, he got caught back up on the orientation; Something about not using powers on campus, do it in an arena if you have to, and being trained to use powers good. Thankfully he was finally settled in to be just as mildly alarmed as everyone else when he noticed one of the people standing on the stage was a massive bug-lady -- He uh... Actually didn't notice that until she took center stage. Something about raising your rank and putting them into a team, he wasn't sure; He was more fixed on the idea of how bug-people made biological sense. Then he sort of leewayed into looking around the room and taking a gander at everyone else present; What finally resumed his attention was a symphony of everyone shuffling to stand up, with the announcement that they were going to the cafeteria for a welcoming banquet.

"Hell yes!" Tim heard someone yell, and probably wasn't alone, "It's been minutes since I ate!"

Tim was a bit longer than "minutes", being practically rushed to the Academy on short notice. Five hour trip from his home, already at night, to a good 2-or-3 in the morning when he finally arrived in town. By then he was more tired than he was hungry, oversleeping to be unable to eat breakfast, either.

Once they finally reached the hall, Tim got in line and got a big plate of food, perfect to make up to for lost time the Academy cost him by flying him over so inconveniently. And compensation. And just a little extra because, screw it, it's free food.

Once he had his feast ready, he walked through the hall looking for an open seat. He managed to find one, sitting himself down immediately. Oh shoot, that was rude. Tim stood himself back up, turning to the Student in the seat next to it, asking "Hey, you mind if I sit here?" politely.

Ceres' intent was to waltz through the South American jungle, bolstering it as he went, before finally closing in on the filthy cities of humanity, leaving even nature itself cruel and unforgiving to their survival. He knew that if his jailor's ungodly equipment was able to contain him yet failed, the massive structures humans built would become little more than colossal stone coffins once he arrived, with the full force of nature at his command. Perhaps he'd raze the city overnight. Or maybe he'd cause overgrowth over several days, slowly choking out their infrastructure until he could destroy it with a practical flick of the finger.

Yet hardly any plans ever completely play to fruition; That was his initial thought when the arrival of another Titan had appeared not by sight, but by the loud screech he felt could even fracture his bark were it any higher, which elicited a response of dozens, hundreds, thousands of lesser cries. Soon enough he spotted them-- Camazots, the Mother of Bats. Her call had summoned a legion of her children to join her in flight, before descending upon the Lord of Nature, clawing and biting at him.

For a moment, that seemed like it would've been all it would take to fell the floral Titan. He desperately tried swatting around itself, but for every single one it knocked out five more were biting and pecking in between the cracks of his bark, like a swarm of army ants devouring a lion. Cere's was eventually forced to his knees--

Which again, wasn't much of a sign of weakness from the Wood Titan.

As he knelt, his feet had extended into the dirt, creating several shorter wooden tendrils that had erupted from the earth, managing to form a secure makeshift dome of armor over Ceres as they crouched down low, crushing bats that were too slow to move and forcing the others to retreat from him. Meanwhile, he sent forth another four, longer tendrils, that swung around and swatted at the swarm as they tried to harass the Lord of Nature.

While he managed to defend himself from the swarm that harassed and wore down at him, he was forced into a defensive rut-- Practically grounded, wrapped under several tendrils in order to shield himself, with only four tendrils to prevent Camazots' swarm from bullying attacking him further. Meanwhile Camazots herself was hardly even scratched, flying circles around Ceres as her children backed him into a corner. Yet through a small crack in the dome, Camazots could faintly see one of his uncanny, plantlike eyes, glaring directly at her.

South America - Outpost 35



"Okay. Thank you." Site Manager Juarez solemnly nodded, putting down the rotary phone-- It might have been a ramshackle relic of a bygone era, but it was somehow the best they could do after the massive tremor knocked out not only most of their technology out at Outpost 35, but all of TERRA's stations worldwide, as well as most of civilization suffered blackouts. All of TERRA's locations across the globe were thrown into a frenzy, with most major communications being an absolute nono. Right now they were all scrambling to try and get an image of what the hell was happening, as well as trying to get their electronics back online.

Juarez tried directing the manpower of his own facility, deep away from civilization-- But he was filled with dread. The phonecall he just finished had admitted that yet another Titan had awakened. This wasn't just some EMP or solar phenomena-- Whatever disabled most of the world's electricity was also awakening the massive Beasts that humanity had enjoyed such a utopian existence turning the absence of-- Like mice making merry while the cat was away. He knew Outposts were practically a farce-- Just a means of watching for signs of stirs. They relied too much on longevity of the situation, Juarez himself even comforting himself on the fact that they very likely might not awaken in his own lifetime.

But now, like dominoes these bestial gods were slowly awakening, and mere hours were all that stood between humanity and absolute genocide. His own facility was next, he knew it. He hardly even knew the nature of the beast he was guarding, left that all up to the researchers and biologists at his facility. Some sort of massive plantile being, who only mildly shifted and caused unnatural flora in the surrounding area. That was TERRA's bigger interest, the effect their own creature had on the environment. Apparently it caused entire villages to become overgrown in mere hours, and turned wildlife exceptionally aggressive. As a consequence the containment field was much larger and loose than other Titans. Terror and dread overpowered Juarez; He practically locked himself in his office, with just a phone. He had to be strong, even if it meant his colleagues couldn't see him.

Then, it finally happened.

While the crew at Outpost 35 managed to get a backup generator up and running shortly after The Wave, once again another tremor overrode the area, and knocked the power out. Initially some present thought it was another Wave that shook the entire world. But within moments that theory was proven incorrect.

A massive scope of land gradually began to rise, crumbling the earth and causing an avalanche to spread outwards across the facility. Meanwhile, the flora that already needed to be kept at bay day and night began to rapidly grow. Some tried to use their advanced tools to try and trim it back down, only lasting seconds before the facility's collapse forced them to evacuate. Eventually the rising mound came to a halt-- Before the megafloral entity shrugged off it's cloak of dirt and grass, revealing it's true form.

A towering entity, of uncontrolled growth of bark that covered it's entire body. Yet despite it's plantile nature, it had a very clear visage of a face-- A long, drooping jaw, covered in massive hanging vines. It's wicked, gnarled eyes somehow glew even in the blazing dawn of the sun. Ceres.

Despite the catastrophic destruction to the facility, some of the security managed to mount a counterattack-- Five helicopters, less than even 20 men in total. They managed to attract the entity's attention, turning one of it's eyes to glare at them. The fleet responded with firing rockets-- A few zagging projectiles of light, practically pebbles to the Titan. After a few initial shots, the Titan knelt down, placing one of it's arms on the ground, as if wounded.

"Holy shit, we're doing it! Keep firing, it's going--"

The enthusiastic captain was abruptly cut off as his entire helicopter was completely snatched with a massive spire of tendrils that rose from the ground, completely wrapping the vehicle before crushing it. Three of the other copters also suffered similar fates, being gripped straight out of the sky, smashed under the pressure of the roots and slammed into the ground. The last remaining helicopter tried to escape, turning from the fight and quickly flying off-- To which another tendril rose, leaning to the side as it whipped it out of the air.

With the scant resistance quickly overrun, and the rest of the facility being overgrown by wild and hostile flora, it seemed Ceres' initial awakening went smoothly. Until it saw an Armored Personnel Carrier quickly speeding off as fast as the damned moving brick would allow, outrunning the growth of plants. Ceres growled in annoyance, but made no extraneous efforts to stop them. It retracted it's arm from the ground, causing the massive tendrils to wilt and harden. Then, it began its massive charge in the direction of the vehicle, towards the closest bastion of civilization.

Within a matter of hours, mankind would be no more.
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