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I just finished Undertale...
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There's also a smaller plotlime in Rio, where two people are hunting down a cybernetic monster.

Calvin sighed as he watched the dragon continue it's flight through the air. Even after his attack, and 5 other Nomads wailing on him, he didn't seem to be slowing down. He even entered a death-roll in mid-air, followed by a jet boost. Unless they were in a video game all of a sudden, that meant he was hardly even bothered by their combined attacks. Calvin sighed as he sat down on the side of the roof, slapping his lap as he flapped his lips, exhaling slowly. He wasn't about to waste more ki on an attack that hardly scratched the giant dragon.

But sitting on the roof, he noticed a large mob of robots walking down the road, holding all sorts of looted goods in their hands. Not bags of money, or stolen jewels, but random things you'd see every day. TV's, furniture, clothing, perfume, and--

Holy Crap.

One of the robots was carrying a Guten Junge, which wasn't supposed to be released overseas for a year and a half! Calvin had to do something. He gave himself a gentle push off of the roof, landing on his feet. He rushed in front of the mob of robots, stalling them in their tracks as they all looked at him.

"Hey guys. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that none of you guys actually bought that stuff, and I know some of you guys are just holding things like soap and clothes, but uh... Yknow Lootings cause more damage than they let on. And if my guess is correct, that Dragon is just a distraction so you guys could sneak in here while anyone capable of stopping you is fighting tooth and nail against that Dragon, which... I'm going to guess hasn't actually caused that much damage, because it's meant to cover up you guys. But see, I'm no good at fighting giant mecha dragons, so..."

Calvin just noticed a good majority of the robots had dropped their spoils and raised guns at Calvin.


Almost the exact moment the Robots started firing, Calvin erected an Ice Barrier wide enough to cover himself from all the robots, so long as he crouched. While hidden, he used his ki to generate a handful of snowballs, which he started peeking over the barrier to throw right at the enemies visors. The ki in them made them freeze upon contact with the robots, causing them to either malfunction or burst and fall apart. But he only had 5 snowballs, and there were well over 50 in this crowd.

The unlikely duo were interrupted in their conversation by the sudden crowd that had formed over a spot to the leftside of the street.

"O diabo bateu de novo!" A man in a white shirt cried, clutching his head. The devil has struck again!

The small crowd, consisting of 8-12 people, had formed over 3 dead bodies. Two women and a man. In his hand was a knife, coated in glistening oil. Neither of the women appeared too harmed, but were deathly pale, even slightly shriveled. One of the women had a black hole in the middle of her neck, with dark veins jetting out from it. The man, on the other hand, had several slash marks across his body. The largest one being in his belly, which had been bleeding a material that looked like sparkling water.

As both Rosie and Sage closed in, SYM-04 looked down at them from a rooftop from behind.

They were different. They were some of the juicy ones he had fought back at the loud place that was attacked by Dead Things. One of them he recognized. The Tall Thing that could summon juice to attack SYM-04.

The one who had hurt him.

SYM-04 knew he was a predator. He could lunge in this moment, and take out either one of them. He hadn't seen the other Thing in battle, but he knew the Tall Thing was dangerous. Could summon juice to attack him, and even grow those flat things the Things that Flew had. He could lunge and take her out, feast upon it, and then attack the Other Thing while they were still unaware. He reared his back, preparing to lunge within an instant...

"Located Target. Pre--"

No. Jeremy was trying to come back. SYM-04 had just feasted.

SYM-04 had screamed out loud, clutching his head. Jeremy was cheating. He wasn't playing fair. SYM-04 knew if he feasted twice before the sky went dark, he could keep Jeremy away. He was cheating. A cheater.

A Cheater.

A Cheater.

A Cheater.


Unbeknownst to SYM-04, he just announced his presence with his scream, and now stood, distracted. The crowd gathered around the victims had screamed as they begun to ran.

Neither Rosie nor Sage needed to be a genius to know who had just showed up.

A brawl is surely brewing, Ivory thought. In fact, it had already started.

The Oni Emperor was squaring off against the violet-haired woman who dared to assault him, with a powerful ring of lightning dancing around them both. The Emperor's servants had begun assaulting the fighters and viewers alike. But that was beyond Ivory's concerns at the moment. Her task was to abduct an Oni, and that is what she came to do.

She watched the fight from a safe position, trying to pick a proper subject. Most of the Oni's were giants among men, wielding clubs taller than her. Yet still, the fighters managed to hold them off... Atleast until the Emperor stopped showboating. It was always the leader that tied an army together.

Despite their best efforts, Nomads were falling faster than the Oni's. Oni's were falling too, but they were usually too close to others of their kind, or deceased to the abilities of more violent Nomads. After what felt like half an hour, yet was merely a minute, she found her quarry.

An Oni with long white hair, and one of those ball-necklaces many of them wore. His body was yellow with several orange stripes, including around his lips. He held a double-sided club, and had been panting heavily. Without a word, Ricochet and Commando sprinted past Ivory, and towards their target. Ricochet was much more adept at dodging through the carnage. With most fighters being distracted, many of them only felt a brush of orange run behind them. As soon as she was within range, a fist had connected with the Oni's cheek. Commando, on the other hand, had to carefully maneuver around the tiny circles of the brawl, careful not to provoke anyone. Luckily, everyone seemed too concerned with the monstrous giants of legend threatening to club them to worry about a robotic-looking thing.

But once Ricochet's fist had connected with the giant Oni, Ivory realized her mistake.

Once she was within a closer range, his Ki was much more powerful than it had been at a distance. Mayhaps all the different ki signatures of combatants had scrambled hers? Either way, this Oni was stronger. It must've been one of their elites. But regardless, Ivory had to carry through with her assault. The rest of her Symbiotes, Tortuga and Powersaw, had hung back. She could only control so many of her minions at once. She didn't have Haunt in direct sight, but she knew he was lurking somewhere in the Stadium most likely.

Haunt had always slightly startled Ivory. Out of all the Symbiotes, Haunt was the only one she encountered that could slip her notice, and thus her control. She wasn't concerned for her own safety, fortunately. He might've been able to slip her control, but even if they could, none of the symbiotes would dare lay a finger on her. She wasn't worried about him drawing attention, either. Each of the Pioneers had quirks to their behavior. His was that unless he was ordered to, he never killed anyone that would be immediately noticed.

But she couldn't focus on him, he'd appear when he was needed. Right now, she had to focus on Ricochet, who had just been sent flying into the grip of Commando. The Oni they challenged roared, and stamped towards them, twirling his club over his head. Ricochet had quickly regained her composure, and lunged forth, ramming her shoulder right into his groin. The Oni fell to one knee, dropping his club to his side. Commando took this as an opportunity to lunge forward, and pummel the giant twelve times in his face, before the giant had gripped Commando by his fist, and swirled him in a circle around himself, before hurling him into the nearby wall. Ricochet leapt into the air, sticking a leg straight into the Oni's neck.

This strategy was one she used commonly in the training simulations; When faced with a slow yet powerful foe, she paired Ricochet and one of her more formidable symbiotes, typically Commando or Tortuga, together. When one was being attacked, the other would lunge in.

That strategy seemed to prove useless in this scenario, unfortunately. The powerful Oni had shrugged off nearly every attack they landed on him. Then Ivory realized why she couldn't detect his power properly before; He projected most of his ki into a barrier just around the skin of his body, rendering all incoming attacks equivalent to fly swatters. She needed to change her tactics. She commanded Powersaw to rush in, and Ricochet to retreat, simultaneously. Commando managed to evade & block the Oni's attacks, until Powersaw had rushed in. Commando had lunged to the side several times, forcing the Oni to turn his back... In that moment Powersaw leapt, and landed on the Oni's back, sticking his blades into key points in his back. The attacks penetrated the skin easily, rendering the Oni disabled for several seconds... And then for several hours.

Powersaw had turned his two other blades into saws, and dug them into the Oni's shoulders, cutting deep. The Oni roared in pain as his arms went limp. Powersaw straightened his legs and let go from his back, before sawing into the Oni's legs. In one swift movement, the Oni had been disabled. Ivory climbed atop Tortuga, and ran her minions towards the scene. Luckily, the Oni had been separated from the majority of the combat, meaning she didn't have to worry about an immediate retaliation swinging and knocking her out cold. She tucked her head and clung to Tortugas back like a baby koala, avoiding the brunt of damage that would've come from stray attacks, that unloaded themselves on Tortuga instead. He was damaged, but nothing that went below armor.

With all of her symbiotes--minus Haunt, wherever he lurked-- gathering around the crippled Oni, she only had one goal left on her mind.

She had to move fast; Standing around the fallen Oni made her a sore thumb to any curious Nomads, or vengeful Oni.

Arthur groaned, nearly falling over from his lack of energy being predated by the massive backpack hefted on his shoulders. He really wondered how hard Atlas had it. His dad had decided it would've been best to "walk" the entire way to Lo Town from Celadon City, with massive backpacks carrying camping gear, despite it being only a six hour walk... Which his dad rebuted with it being a "character-building exercise." At the very least, Rampart, his dad's Machamp, had been forced to participate... Even though the Pokemon was arguably the strongest to date.

By the time they had set foot into town, Arthur finally collapsed onto the ground, groaning at the top of his lungs. To his exhausted state, the ground was equivalent to a king-sized bed. His brief respite was unfortunately interrupted, unfortunately, by the massive hand of Rampart, which pulled him back onto his feet by his heavy green backpack.

"Hang on, Arthur. We're not out of the woods yet. I mean literally, we are out of the woods, but-- You get what I mean," His dad said.

"But dad, we've been walking all day! Are we atleast going to hit a hotel first?" Arthur rubbed his eyes.

"Not yet. We still have to get your registrations ready for the event at the Sanctuary. I've heard they're nearly impossible to get into unless you register beforehand." His dad removed his backpack, and reached through it, pulling out a handful of papers.

They hadn't arrived too late, thankfully. They were only the 15th person in the registration line at the town center. For an event so large, did they really only have one line? Arthur slapped his heavy backpack on the ground as they stood in line, stretching out his back while they stood. It moved at a steady pace, and Arthur was forced to constantly drag his backpack along the ground with them as they were forced to move.

Finally, Arthur and his dad had reached the front of the line.

"Welcome to Lo Town home of the Official Pokemon Sanctuary. We’re so glad you’ve chosen us as the place to begin your Pokemon journey. Can you confirm if you’ve preregistered," the elderly man at the desk asked.

"Nope, not us," his dad said as if it were something to be proud of.

He handed Arthur his own registration card. He stood there for a few seconds, before taking the hint and handing it to the old man. The old man smiled at Arthur as he took his card and stuck it into a Pokedex. Several lights flashed on the small red device, as a voice buzzed

“Welcome, Arthur. You’ve caught 0 pokemon, you’ve seen 0 pokemon.”

“it’s always a tense moment that," The old man nodded, "Well thank you Arthur. You'll be the 15th to enter the Sanctuary.”

“Now finally to lock in your spot and claim your goody bag including your very own pokedex--sponsored by Sliph Co- Innovation through Experimentation--and a voucher for some brand new pokegear--sponsored by the Celadon Game Corner--we need you to sign this form.”

The man presented Arthur's dad with a long form of paper, which he signed his way through. After finishing, the woman standing by the old man's side handed Arthur his pokedex and goodie bag.

“Thank you so much. Please note we’re holding a little party up at the Sanctuary tonight with a special talk by former Indigo League Champion and our very own Keeper of the Keys”

The man pointed over to a larger old man in the town square.

“Congratulations, your very own Pokemon adventure is about to begin”

Arthur might've been more excited upon hearing that, if the old man sounded like he was. Arthur's dad placed a hand on his head, and said "Alright; The festival isn't until later tonight, so go off and have fun."

Arthur walked off in his own direction, after giving Rampart his heavy backpack. He felt light as a feather now, without such a heavy load on his back. He first held his Pokedex in his hands, fiddling with it. He never saw one of the devices before, so he had no idea how it worked. After it "activated", he noticed it had lenses on the back. Curious, he pointed it at a random pokemon nearby; A ratticate.

"Ratticate. The Mouse Pokemon. It uses it's whiskers to maintain it's balance. It apparently slows down if they are cut off. Buy a Revive Pack today!"

His "Brand new" Pokedex buzzed out the words, sounding like a muffled mess of static. Arthur checked the back of the machine, and embedded into the casing was a message that read "Silph Co.--". He couldn't read how old it was, but he knew it must've been pretty old, considering that the production date was crusted in some dirt that he couldn't scrape off. On top of that, it'd been reprogrammed to constantly spew advertisements. He sighed. Maybe the rest of his goodies were good?


In his bag was just a voucher for Pokegear, which would be useful once he got to a Pokemart. The other item was a regular red and white Pokeball, that had a yellow S engraved in the top. Well that kind of ruined the aesthetic. Suddenly, his Pokedex clicked to life without being aimed at anything.

"I'm Donald, a Pokédex gifted to you by Sliph Co--innovation through experimentation."

Arthur sighed. He'd be able to upgrade it if he got to Saffron City. It'd also be another reason to go, along with seeing the old Fighting Dojo.

But right now, he just wanted to rest for the event tonight. He saw a small gathering of people, mostly younger kids, around a standing man he realized was Ken Adams. The gathering was bordered by multiple colorful banners. Arthur got on the grass next to two younger kids; One was wearing a blue jacket, the other wearing a bright red one. He laid on his back before he even knew what they were talking about, already starting to drift to sleep, when he heard the man around the herd of practical toddlers.

"Not many people know but I got into the Pokemon league through the Pokemon exam. These I got for fun but I never got the Marsh Badge. Sabrina is a master of the Psychic Pokemon and I never could find the right Pokemon to beat that damned Kadabra of hers. Then I got old and badges just didn't seem that important anymore. I've heard rumours of a cave just a little way north into the mountains. In there is a pack of Pokemon that might just give you the strength that you can leave Saffron with more than just a Pokegear! That's all I'm saying."

The blue kid next to him started writing a note, and handed it to the speaker, then looked at the ground. Arthur didn't want to appear like some bum with Ken speaking just to him, so he raised his own hand and asked.

"Wait so, what type of Pokemon is in that cave?"

Arthur's own father didn't even make it to Sabrina before he threw in the towel. If Arthur planned on going there first, he'd need any edge he could get.

Alright, done. Lemme know if anything needs to be changed.

Name- Arthur Raeburn
Age- 16
Gender- Male

Hometown- Celadon City

Arthur stands at 6"3', with unkempt ash blonde hair. He has a slim, yet slightly muscled frame. His eyes are yellow, almost golden in appearance.

On normal days, he wears a gray V-neck T-shirt, underneath a dark-gray jacket with a white fluffy collar he bought himself, that has small gold marks on the shoulders. He matches his jacket with a matching set of black sweatpants that has two thin yellow stripes running down the outer sides of his legs. He finishes the set, with a pair of black shoes that have yellow laces. On his back, for his journey, he carries a large green backpack taken as a last-minute preparation, taken only minutes before he and his dad left for the Pokemon Sanctuary.

Personality- Arthur was born with a fighting spirit, as his father says. But most of the time, he's just a normal teenager; He's got a good level of reserve most of the time, even to the point of being kind of shy. But once there's a tense conflict, it melts like ice in a volcano, giving way to a fired up and determinator attitude.
Arthur loves Fighting type pokemon, ever since he was a baby. He also loves seeing fights in general, though lacks any interest of studying techniques or battle strategies. He has a firm belief that fights are just conflicts between two people, where victory goes to the strongest.
He likes being more around his family than friends, his dad being a movie-producer and his mother working at a flower shop.

Ambition- Arthur's a young man with strong ambitions. He wants to travel the world, collecting an array of explosive Fighting-Type Pokemon along the way. Once he's done with that epic journey, he'd like to come home and challenge his own father's team of Pokemon with his own. If he's successful there, he'd go on to challenge the Elite Four, and fight to become Pokemon Champion.

But beyond that, Arthur doesn't know much of what he'd want to do. He's absolved to figure out the rest of his life later.

Hero- Arthur has had two great impacts on him as a kid; The first being his dad Andrew Raeburn, an ex-trainer who excelled in Fighting Type Pokemon that eventually retired on his journey through the Indigo League, after deciding to settle down and start a family and getting a job as a movie producer. Arthur grew up with his dad's party of powerful Fighting Type Pokemon. Every weekend, Arthur and his dad would watch fights on TV, which gave him an interest in battling that his father encouraged. The other influence on him being Bruno, of the Elite Four, who he actually had the privilege of meeting in person when he was 12 years old. His own dad couldn't have been prouder once Arthur declared he wanted to go on his own journey afterwards.

Starter Pokemon: Scrapper

Highest level move:
Personality- Scrapper is too competitive for their own good. Even pitted against much larger foes, he insists on fighting them with every tooth and nail in his body. He even tries to pick fights with humans, with limited success, considering he only reaches the average person's knee. He's a wild and tenacious Pokemon, never giving up even after being pushed to the point of exhaustion.
This could bode poorly for Scrapper, unless Arthur can train him and have him ditch that mindset. The only reason Tyrogue's lasted this long is he spent a majority of his life in the Pokemon Sanctuary. If he were to ever encounter a particularly dangerous foe, he might not know to fold his cards and fight again another day.

Backstory- Tyrogue was born in the Sanctuary. As an egg, he was rolled around and lost in a corner. Once he was finally born, he had no idea which Pokemon were his parents. With no one to guide him as an infant, he was on his own. He got bullied by larger Pokemon, resulting in his own insecurity, believing everyone was a danger to him.

He was eventually caught by Arthur's dad in a curbstomp battle.

Awesome, I'll get one up later today!

Just to double check though, we are allowed to use 1st Stage evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon that got introduced in Gen 2, correct?
Hey! Is this RP still open by any chance?
Id definitely be interested; Count me in.




Celadon City

Samson is reserved at first, hardly sharing unecessary details about himself or where he's from. He's got a strong love for fighting type pokemon, and second-hand knowledge of movie technique as well as flowers, as much as he's embarrassed to expose the latter. He has a strong disdain for things he thinks are "girly", including "girly" pokemon.

Samson was born and raised in Celadon Town. His mom was a botanist, and his dad was a film crewman, which carried over to him in a love for action movies, especially martial arts films. By extent, he grew a love for big and tough fighting type pokemon. Once he's reached 16 years of age, his parents finally decided he was old enough to take the Kanto Challenge. With no pokemon of their own, he's decided to visit the first Pokemon Institute in Pallet Town to receive his very first pokemon. He's always wanted an iconic fighting pokemon, like a Hitmonlee or Machamp, but what he's about to receive at the Pokemon Institute is far from what he's expected.

Current Badges: 0



Species: Stufful
Type: Normal, Fighting
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet

Baby-Doll Eyes
Brutal Swing


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