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Alright, here's my review for Xil Gil:

Overall, the character itself is pretty decent. Just add a bit more detail to appearance/backstory and it'll be good. I guess for appearance touch more on their choice of apparel, and for backstory maybe describe how/why they came to New Fennec. Besides that, the formatting's a bit off, at least from how I intended it, primarily in the Personality and Fighting Art sections.

Reduce each bullet point to just a single adjective or trait to describe them, rather than a whole statement, such as:

  • Eloquent
  • Petty
  • Vicious
  • Cowardly
  • Hotheaded
  • Poetically-Challenged

Fighting Art
For this section, just condense each of the bullet points you put into a single paragraph or two, describing the overall Art such as it's history and general abilities/strengths. The ■ Technique part was what you were supposed to copy and paste beneath that for describing each notable technique. You should also give a name to each Art, as well as each technique it has.

Sorry if the CS formatting directions I gave were a bit confusing/nonspecific.

Just add a bit to the backstory/appearance and fix up the formatting. After that he should be good to go!

The Story of New Fennec has yet to truly begin, as of yet...

(Sorry folks, we're full for now)

Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Fighting, Western
Inspirations: Fist of the North Star, Fallout, Street Fighter, LISA

The year is 2040. Almost 60 years ago, the world was blasted in nuclear fire, swathing nearly the entire surface with scorched radiation. Just when the Cold War had begun to calm and seemed like it would come to a peaceful conclusion, the entire world suddenly fell into destruction and chaos, with countless lives being lost and much of the world becoming hostile and unforgiving. Even after the aftermath of the initial Blast, society and civilization quickly fractured and broke apart, giving way to chaos and upheaval that no nation on Earth was strong enough to endure, consuming the entire world with savagery and violence.

Almost the entire world was warped, and became hostile to humanity. Even areas minimally affected by the Blast were transformed practically overnight, becoming scorching wastes, sweltering jungles, and frigid tundras. Lifeforms too were affected by the fallout, giving way to horrifically mutated monstrosities that made the wastes even more dangerous for the surviving mankind. Even humans themselves were affected, becoming violent and savage Aberrants.

Only the strong survived in the world that was left. After the Blast, Fighting Arts had become a must for survival, with the closest thing to law in the new world belonging to warriors with the strength and authority to make their claims over the blasted remains of civilization. Settlements of desperate survivors being subjugated and exploited by violent thugs led by powerful Warlords became a sadly common sight. On the opposite end, several secured, isolated facilities that were cut off from the world before the Blast cling to the past, either denying their technology to the outside world in-need, or abusing it for their own quixotic gain, shaking down the scarce wastes like piggy banks. Yet at the same time, there exist drifting warriors and champions who bring hope for the future with every road they walk, fighting for freedom, justice and peace across the land. The Future remains uncertain, as humanity still clings to dear, desperate life.

Will you survive?

Before the Blast, the City of Fennec was America's capital for warriors, fighters, and martial culture of all walks, being host to the annual World Fighters Cup, with hundreds of aspiring fighters flocking en masse towards the throne of the World Fighter Cup, settling down and creating a wide array of fighting art schools, offshot arenas, . If it weren't for the Cold War, it might have doubled as the City of Warriors across the entire world. Hosting the annual rotation of the World Fighter Expo, Fennec USA became the nation’s home for martial arts & fighters in general. It even attracted a few other sites, such as government organizations builting experimental cybernetic implants, as well as creating warriors with the power of nature and technology.
Surprisingly, despite being a major US city, it was spared the nuclear wrath that The Blast unleashed. Despite a few irradiated zones and Mutants infesting the city, it’s a relatively safer place to live compared to the majority of the US Wastes. Rumor throughout the area is that supposedly, a lone warrior stopped the Missile that would have devastated the city. Just when it seemed annihilation was imminent, a single man, pushing his body, mind, and soul to their very limits, fired a massive beam of sheer force that struck the missile right out of the sky, before he himself immediately died from overexertion, inspiring countless Warriors at the time with both his show of force and act of selflessness.
However, such a privilege was ill-spent. For all of it's martial culture and strength, the city had also been plagued by violence and crime, with many aspiring Warriors having egos too large for a simple cage, and would often turn on each other in the streets, or even on unarmed civilians... With the collapse of society, the entire city soon devolved into chaos. Powerful Warriors once celebrated as honorable fighters became vicious warlords, fighting for control over the collapsing remains of the city like starving men over rotting meat. Many fled the city in the war that ensued, finding the rest of the still-radioactive wastes a much better alternative to the utter hell such fighters reveled in. Soon after, many of the competing Warlords also fled, either searching for greener pastures or being exiled as a cruel mercy after being utterly beaten down. Decades after the Blast, New Fennec became a ghost of a town, whose only inhabitants are either the washed up victors or occasional scavengers.
Being the nationwide beacon of Fighters of all sorts before the Blast, to this day rumor still flies about, promising ancient texts containing powerful, ancient arts, possibly akin to the overwhelming technique that saved the city from it's widely-preferred outcome. All sorts of bandits, wanderers, and scavengers are drawn to the city like moths to a flame, hoping to uncover the powerful secrets it left behind, scavenge for any meaningful supplies it holds, or even just attempt building a settling in a slightly-less unlivable ruin. Yet old records of legendary pre-Blast Arts may be hardly the only secret the city holds...
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