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Do you fear death, Jack Sparrow?
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I'm gonna go lie down... that was alot to take in...
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I just finished Undertale...
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I just finished Undertale...
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(Cuz I need to finally get this plotline started)

Two street cleaners worked on the busy streets of the city; Well, one worked, the other leaned lazily on his litter collector, talking to the other one.

"It's all a scam, dude. We have to stand out here? Cleaning up trash? In the goddamn rain?" He asked, shrugging.

"Yeah, we do. That's called a job. Now why don't you do your job, and actually help me out? Get going over there." The hardworking cleaner pointed his stick behind his lazy counterpart, To which his partner shook his head as he trudged over to slavery. The two workers worked in silence, indifferent to the other, or the bustle of soldiers that came past them. Once they were alone, the lazy worker's stick hit the ground with a present thud. The other, annoyed, turned back to yell at him.

"Dude, Cmon! We have--"

The cleaner was shocked when he saw that his partner was nowhere to be found, the only trace of his presence being his cleaning equipment and his trash bag, which spilled onto the ground.

"Are you kidding me? Now's not the time for a fucking brea--"

Another thud. Not from a stick, but the lifeless body of the cleaner dropping from the building above. His skin was an unhealthy gray, and his body had almost no fat. He was a meat coated skeleton, with the only signs of life being his pitiful quivering and moaning, as he looked with sunken eyes towards his friend.

The cleaner stepped back in horror, bumping into something heavy behind him. Recoiling forward, he turned around quickly, and towering over him was an almost seven foot tall suit of armor, with a scorpion's tail gently waving behind it. It took a step forward, to which the cleaner panicked and raised his stick, pointing it's sharp end right at the armored man's face.

"S-Stay back! I-I'm warning you!" He shook slightly as he tried to maintain his hold on his composure. The man in armor casually grabbed the tip, yanked the man close, and then effortlessly bent the stick, curving it so the sharp end pointed directly at his face. Then he threw it to the side, ripping it out of the cleaner's grip with hardly any resistance. He then gripped his clawed hand on the top of the man's head, lifted him off the ground, and forcibly drained his life force from his body, watching as he went within seconds from a hollering, plump, bright-skinned middle aged man to a mumbling, discolored bag of bones, which he promptly dropped to the street below.

"This is unit 5, we have an eye on the target."

SYM-04 turned around, seeing a man pointing a rifle straight at SYM-04 with one hand, and using the other to grip a walky-talky, detailing their current position to the best of his ability, before the symbiote lunged forth and plunged his claws square into his chest before he could fire a bullet, rapidly draining his Ki before dropping his husk to the ground. With three victims, SYM-04 was ready.

He knew they were coming.

"Awww little doggy. What's his name?" Calvin cooed, squatting over.

"Sir..." The pet store employee began, his voice being showcase of his instantly shattered will. "That's a female. Also, it's a turtle. Third, this is an aquarium. I think I'm just going to have to ask you to leave."

Calvin walked out of the aquarium. Was that Japanese for pet shop? He didn't know; No dog, no way to track down the fighting stadium. He decided to use his last resort:

Google Maps.

He stood in the middle of the sidewalk outside of the store, trying to find the stadium, completely oblivious to the firestorm of news that circled around on just on the display TV of the video store next door, much less any bit aware that he was just one block away from SYM-04's feast.

Rod was content to just sit there until either the rain stopped or SYM-04 showed his ugly mug on the radar. He didn't even notice some... Some... Some weird... guy? Some weird "guy" was talking to him. Atleast, Rod thought he was a guy. Their voice betrayed their otherwise feminine appearance.

"Well, you look absolutely ecstatic," they said, "were you hoping to melt away some stress".

What the hell was this guy doing asking if someone in a Hot Spring was there to get in the Hot Spring? Rod also noticed just how closely the strange guy was leaning towards him. Creep...

"No, I'm waiting for someone and then the goddamn sky started falling" Rod scoffed, "Now why don't you back off and I won't--"


The radar in Rod's belt started going crazy. SYM-04 was on the attack again! Rod stood up, gently shoved the drag queen out of his face, and stormed out of the building, following the radar's blinking red dot, which was the last location SYM-04 activated his Ki. Not too far from here. And what better time for it to have been raining? Rod stood on the sidewalk, which was dripping wet with the constant rainfall. The water around his shoes started flickering, beginning with just little sparks and flashes of light, though soon entire trails of electricity started dancing a short distance outward. Once the electricity was flowing strong, Rod slid quickly down the sidewalk, letting the electricity coming from his body pull himself along the wet concrete.

Yet unbeknownst to Rod, who had been quick to get out of there, he had left his cane that was crucial to his fighting style laid across his seat in the lobby at the hot springs.

Yet another Oni was shattered by Emmanuel's powerful fists. Yet he was beginning to overusing his power, and there were still far too many Oni to fight.

"Those of you can that fight and aren't occupied with ensuring the safety of innocents, rally by me!" a powerful voice cried.

In the center of the stadium, where he heard the voice boom, he saw three figures. One of which was a giant knight in armor, who was decimating waves of oni with fire and wind. Next was another knight, with armor that was much more polished and slender, with a scarf around their neck and a glass visor guarding their eyes. The third figure was--

A walking skeleton, animated by unholy energies! Was this monster contributing to the attack?

Emmanuel charged towards the center. Once he was within range, he channeled his divine energy into his fist, and then lunged forward toward the skeleton.

"Face me you fiend!" Emmanuel bellowed.

The stone monsters had attacked with little warning. Even with the presence of MAVERICK soldiers and powerful warriors, little prevented them from assaulting the innocent onlookers, and even less made them differentiate between those who posed a threat and those who didn't.

A particularily large one only had to walk through the stands at a particularily congested part, swatting asside dozens of bystanders with a single swing of it's massive arms. Three MAVERICK soldiers had positioned themselves in front of it, forming a V formation, firing their weapons at it. Yet their bullets bounced off of it's body like rubber bands, rattling against the ground beneath them. With one thew, two of the troops were sent flying to the side. The remaining soldier continued his futile gunfire, until the series of small explosions turned into rapid clicking. The soldier could only look on with fear as the stone giant marched ever closer, raising it's arms for one last swing...

Then, suddenly, he felt something shove him to the side. No, not the stone giant, like he expected. He was shoved by something running from behind him. Some guy in Crusader armor?

The Crusader ran straight to the golem, lunging forward with nothing but his fist aimed at it's chest. As the fist connected, for a vague moment the soldier saw the giant bathed in hundreds of yellow cracks across it's body, before it suddenly erupted into thousands of pieces. His savior said nothing more, running forward into the fray.

Emmanuel stood still as he saw another Stone creature, albeit this one was smaller, yet still towered over the crusader. As the creature raised a makeshift piece of debris as a weapon, Emmanuel's fist lunged forward, dragging him behind it. The Crusader tore a hole straight through the brute's body, crumbling it in the same manor as it's larger counterpart. More stone monsters took notice to Emmanuel's display, and charged towards him. With blows of his fists, Emmanuel destroyed each of them. This battle... It reminded him too much...

But there was no time to be overcome. Emmanuel had only slayed less than a dozen, and there were still many more.

A white car rolled through the streets of Japan. It had no markings, even that of a manufacturer, save for the small logo carved on the mirrors of an oval with an iris towards the top, with a curve touching the iris's bottom and stretching down towards the bottom of the oval both shapes were inside of.

Rod sat in the back seat with his left leg over his right, holding a handful of photos in one hand and a brick phone in the other. The interior of the car was highly decorated, colored an ivory white with silver trims. The driver was completely isolated from Rod's conversation over the phone.

"Yknow I think this is a major success. Just my two-cents though."

Rod fanned through the pictures. Each of them were hastily taken shots of dead bodies. Hardly any blood in any of them. All of the closeup images showed the bodies were all wrinkled and withered, their eyes open and their faces bearing some tint of the horror they experienced at the time of death.

"Well hey, I mean the thing broke out of our security measures, made it all the way from Rio to Japan, and it's still killing people with a MAVERICK outpost nearby? Sounds like someone earned themselves a pat on the back."


"No, that wasn't a passive aggressive insult towards you."


"Yeah. No prob. Get in there, find the rat, knock his ass out, bring him back before anyone notices. Gotcha. Although it sure would've helped to send some backup."


"O-Oh. Her? What's she here for?"


"Gotcha, you don't trust me. Thanks. Yeah talk to you soon. Oh and by the way, did you get my memo? Yknow, about inventing phones that can't be tracked but aren't the size of a brick? Hello?"

Rod put his phone down and tossed the pictures into the seat next to him. The car pulled to a stop outside of some Hotspring, which MAVERICK had adopted as it's base of operations within the city. It was a good place to start. On Rod's belt was a device made to track SYM-04, with a range large enough to cover the entire city, that would activate once SYM-04 used his Ki Drainer again.
The only major concerns were additional robot sightings (which was apparently more concern than a bloodthirsty abomination that literally devoured people's life energy, if Horizon Frontier reports were correct), and SYM-04 having left the city. In the off chance that robots would appear, all Rod would have to do was lean back while MAVERICK soldiers turned them to glass again. The other issue, SYM-04 going a while without feeding, wouldn't be much of a problem. That Thing needed to feed at least once a day, and the dumb thing couldn't leave the city before then. Even if he did wean himself, Ivory would probably just find him herself have another pet to groom. Which stirred some concern in Rod. Not only did she just freak him out, being a Symbiote capable of walking, talking, and controlling other Symbiotes, but she was sent here when Rod had no idea anyone else was coming along. Which meant Horizon Frontiers still didn't trust him.
But still, less work for him. Rod pulled out and lit a cigarette, leaning next to the pole, waiting for SYM-04 to strike agai--


... Son of a bitch, it was starting to rain. The day after he bought his new jacket. He didn't want to screw up the radar's range, so he had no choice but to walk inside of the hot spring, where he sat in the lobby, waiting (im)patiently.
Last Guy.

And now, my last returning character.

Here's another Returning character. Took me a while to polish him up.

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