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Current I am confused as to what is going on inside my head, some of my earlier posts on forums don't make any sense at all...
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Oh yeah, I added a bio to my page.
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Well, managed to turn a grim reaper like (More like Charon though) character into a golem...
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Hey all, I am new here.


Alright, I am not really good at this kind of stuff, but here I go.

I am a 16 year old male, born 25-07-1999,
I am bi,
I have a lot of characters,

Jerion Kràl, aka Wyverntamer,
Jerion Kràl, originally a normal human, was infected with the virus of lycanthropy, he went mad, going for what he believed was his righteous place, he trained, for years, until he had the power to overthrow his once-king who had cast him out. He became more powerful, and more aware, aware of the other universes. Eventually he got his armor, cursed as it is, he cannot leave it, but has adapted, he is now 'the oldest', a title he carries with pride, and that isn't really misplaced, he ís the oldest in his part of the multiverse. Now he is not only the oldest, he is also The Grim Reaper of the Multiverse, which means that he kills any one universe that he doesn't like, and universes that need to die.

Krialdria Arcanae,
Krialdria Arcanae, she was once an adventurer, and when she one day came home, only to find it wiped clean of any life. The Wyverntamer had visited. She delved into the arcane arts, trying to find a way to take his immortality, but eventually fell for the temptation and made herself immortal. She now has come to an understanding with Jerion, and even married him. They are currently happy together, very happy.

Nira Kràl,
Nira Kràl, the daughter of Jerion Kràl and Krialdria Arcanae, she has traveled between dimensions her whole life, it has been hard on her, but she has managed, especially now that she is in a relationship with something else, something other than human, she is managing even better with the new power she has gotten, and she has been traveling further now that she's done with school.

Oriknel Lauron,
Oriknel Lauron, his tale is a tragic one, when he was a young boy, he stumbled upon an old recording, and the book that was recorded. As he listened to the tale, he felt the surroundings change, and, when he finally listened through it all, he felt the power of the Chaos, as his parents had transformed into Chaos Elementals. He searched the world for a cure, for both his parents' condition, and his. But eventually, he only found more Chaos, and he let it take him. Now he is a multi-dimensional spirit that is cursed to wander forever, or at least until he finds The Narrator.

The Narrator,
The Narrator is a mysterious figure, only having shown himself to one unfortunate person, he holds all the power, but chooses not to interfere, instead, preferring to narrate everything that happens. He is also known as the Great Ruler, to all of the people who hold immense power in the greater multiverse, but that is just a tiny fraction of his power. All that is known about him, is that he enjoys reading the stories long forgotten, and that he sometimes, just sometimes, gives gifts to those who do not know how to handle it.

There are also
The Unfortunate,
The Unfortunate are the spirits that have seen the narrator.

Black Fame,
Black Fame is a mercenary.

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In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Neme smiled once more. "Well, miss commander, you do already have the attitude that is good for those who wish to survive this hell." He looked around and saw that none of the squad had died. Inside, his smile was gone, on the outside, nothing happened. "I do wish to give you some advice, but I hope that I can get something for it, maybe some food?"

Neme looked at what the squad had done to the Invalids that had followed them. "Damn shame, I had hoped I could survive with you all a bit longer. Anyways, about that advice, I would first like to know your name."
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Neme smiled at the question of the leader of the squad, he'd have to explain that a bit later, because now she saw some of the invalids from the area coming towards them. She seemed a good tactician, able to make a tactic even in the thick of things, he would need to watch her in case she wished to assault any person who might know who he was, in their last breath they might tell some valuable information, for him or for her, and that could be disastrous.

He was thrown on the ground and he groaned, and looked up to see the woman kick an invalid. Alright, be careful, don’t get attacked by any invalids, at least not visibly, and don’t fight them off to hard, that all could lead to him being discovered. He scrambled away from the fight, and when it was done, he sat up, breathing heavily. “Thanks. I think this also answers your question, commander, I follow you because it will grant me safety and most likely some food that I can scavenge from somewhere.”

He looked away from the group and smiled, this was going according to plan, maybe he could even find something decent to eat. He’d have to watch it though, people didn’t like it when it was revealed that the frail old man had been taking advantage from them. He wiped the smile of his face, and in a relieved tone he said. “My name is Jorian, nice to meet you.”
The Stone had kept himself on the sidelines and had been watching the events unfold. They had not needed his strength until now, nor his blessings. He was content with not doing anything until he saw the souls. He hated talking to the dead, but he kneeled down near the river anyway. "All the gods have forsaken me but one, I owe him a lot, at least this much." He then stood back up and watched what the others were doing.

Some were talking, some were freeing the bote from the ice, and some wouldn't be an issue anyway in a fight. Most here were physical fighters, that wouldn't matter to him. The collecter could be a problem, but he would deal with him if it was needed. The transportation was ready and he followed the others onto the boat and went down the river. "Now how did light get here?"

Sorry for my relative inactivity, a roleplay I am really active in on another forum and the holidays took up time.
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The old man approached the unit, and as he did that, he put his hands higher up. "I swear, I was not tailing you, I was trying to find you, but I was not tailing you." He bowed to the leader of the squad. "I am a survivor, and I wanted to ask you one thing, can I stay with you, for at least a little while? I have skills that you could use, and I know this city." He said it all without dropping a single hint about his identity, and he didn't want to share it at all.

He looked up at the leader, and then at the woman standing next to the leader. Her lazy smirk was somewhat unsettling to him, probably because usually he was the one wearing such a smirk. But here, here he was the one who had the disadvantage, he didn't like it, but he would live with it. "May I know what your squad is doing here? I thought that this place was safe already."
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Wyverntamer Coincidence*

Sorry, but you did it three times.

No problem, I don't speak English as my first language, so I like it when people point things like that out.
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Wyverntamer>

If you mean the leader of the squad, I'm referring to Spriggs. If you mean the person following them, I mean your character since I thought they were following the group of Hunters.

Ah yes, he was not following them though, he 'stumbled' upon the scene, he ran into them as a coincident, more a coincident that it was there exactly, but still, a coincident.
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Are you revering to anyone in particular in your post IC? Or just to an NPC?
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
An old man was sitting on the corner of two streets crossing, observing all that happened. He looked at what happened to the survivors who ran out. How would his actions look to the hunters? He wasn't yet torn apart by invalids, so that was a plus, but if he was a survivor, would they gun him down? Would the hunters think of him as a threat? Because he, an old man, had survived for so long? Or would they take him in? As an adviser on how to avoid Invalids, that would be funny, if not outright awesome. Of course, he would help them, all he wanted was to take back this city of his, not destroy the people living in it, the survivors would be his first target.

He walked towards the carnage that was going on near where the people who hunted arrived, sneaking past all of the Invalids, he acted as though he didn't want to be caught, by any guards that were stationed near the first landing place. He really just wanted to see what they would do if he told them how to sneak past Invalids. Not that he knew how, he just wasn't noticed by them until now.
So, what would happen, if he would... Now. He stumbled behind a guard patrol, not attracting a lot of attention, just enough to be noticed by one, maybe two people. He put his hands in the air.

He was a survivor, seriously! He did his best not to grin, he knew he had the advantage here, they maybe knew the terrain, they maybe had backup, but if they attracted the attention of Invalids, however short the distraction, he could be gone. Now all that was left to do was to wait for their reactions, maybe they were those who first asked, maybe they were those who didn't help, maybe they were those who shot first, all that mattered, they were human, they were prey.
In Onikisu 6 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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