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I’m Xar. Still figuring out this whole life thing.

I'm a somewhat new roleplayer looking to take part in some interesting storylines and meet people along the way. Spent a long time away from the site on joining due to a demanding job I've since re-jobbed out of. I'm pretty active once I join a roleplay - I make sure to keep up with and match the posts. I'm open to most things and I'm happy to learn. If I ever do something wrong, just let me know - I'm happy to change things. If you want to know anything more about me, feel free to ask at any time.

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In Dwarves! 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I've got to say I'm a little disheartened by the lack of activity during my absence. I'm not blaming anyone, I understand that people are busy and my going away for a while at the start of the game can be a little off-putting. To be frank I've kind of lost inspiration for the game anyway, so I'm pulling the plug. You're free to keep playing if you feel like it, though. Thank you and goodbye!

Bummer, but understandable. It was just a bit of a hard place to continue off from in my opinion. I didn’t really want to double post and break any forum rules, and I also didn’t want to godmod rule over the NPCs. So, continuing from a starting arm wrestling encounter for all of us with the Orebreakers with no Orebreakers was a bit difficult to keep going.
Behdron had never seen quite so much food and drink before. The celebratory cheers, singing, and chattering certainly set the stage for a night to be remembered. With a table full of his favorite meats, a variety of cheeses, and of course a grand amount of alcohol, there was little to be wanted. Between the revelry and feast, there was also little time to think about the realities of the quest. Amazing and impressive descriptions of a dragon! A beast that hoards enough gold to make generations of clan proud. Dangerous? Difficult? Those must all just be stories. Exaggerations. How many Dwarves have seen a dragon anyhow? How big could they possibly be? The cave lizards aren’t very big, that’s for sure!

Speaking of feasts and merriment, as Beorthic approached the table, Behdorn may have been on his second… or third glass. Or maybe it was his fourth? What was the content of these again? The buzz was certainly getting to him by now. Behdron felt that perhaps reaching for some more meat might be the best option… or was that the cheese in front of him? With the arrival of more pints of alcohol Behdron began to sip very slowly on his glass while grabbing a variety of the foods around him. News of the Orebreaker’s boasting left a sour taste in his mouth, and he slammed his glass on the table.

“Stomp us?! Those wee lads could barely match the size of our fists!” He exclaimed. He stood up from his seat, twirling around to face the Orebreaker’s table with a small tumble to his steps. “Why you lot hic are on! Let’s do this.” With that, Behdron pulled up his sleeve and teetered over to the table.
Nice. Working on first post, should be up sometime tomorrow.
@Dao Ma Yeah, I am definitely excited. The original's been pretty good, nearing the ending already. I saw the art for the new show and it looks pretty good! I like the coloring a lot. Looks like new VAs as well. I'm excited to see a version of how the story actually goes.

Been watching whatever horror Amazon/Netflix have been recommending lately, lotta old/foreign films.

Midsommar: Definitely not a good horror, nor something to take seriously, but I haven't laughed that hard in a while. After the first maybe 20m, everything just spiraled into stuff so ridiculous and scenes so "serious" that it ruined any chance it had of being a real horror/thriller. I feel like Amazon recommends this kind of film to me all the time ever since watching it. It's cursed my recommendations, so I guess it succeeded as a horror in that way. 10/10 comedy.

Blair Witch: They just do the same thing for most of the film. Very boring.

Train to Busan: Good stuff. Another one that should've had a comedy label though - definitely had some great moments of peak comedy. Could not take any of it seriously. Good film, not scary.
In Dwarves! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yeah the full package is spicy price wise. I’m not planning on blitzing it, so I’m waiting for another sale for the DLC but grabbing the base game now.
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