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Tales of Heroes - The Dragon Tamer

Battlefield at the foot of Mount Errant

INTERACTING: Queen Eleanor @Force and Fury, Percy @YummyYummy, Caelum @RezonanceV, Camille @pirouette, Arsene @Th3King0fChaos, Hildr @jasbraq, Robért Bobignon @Suicharte, Sasha @YummyYummy
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Fields around Mount Errant

A newfound sense of determination settled deep within Maerec’s bones as he headed the group out onto the field just outside of the mountain cave. His plan was absolutely mad, but even still, he got the approval of his peers, including the once enemy Hildr. That was enough to fulfill his resolve. They were doing this.

“Prepare yourselves!” Maerec called, “Hold strong, and hold onto your faith–wherever it may lie. We can do this!” He pointed upwards as he crouched down, accumulating as much energy as he could to springboard himself up into the sky. He would use any energy given to him from the others to continue to launch himself up onto the dragon.

The dragon circled around upon seeing the group out in the open. “Steady!!” Maerec called out again, feeling unnerved energy swirl around him. “Almost…!!” His eyes remained locked on the dragon, watching those massive wings flap and carry it upwards before declining towards them. “Now!!” Like a slingshot, Maerec shot upwards and with every assist, he climbed higher and higher. He cut through the wind as if it was only there to guide him towards his goal. The dragon was fortunately so large, there was little chance of overestimating his trajectory. The dragon grew in his vision, and he realized the beast was so much larger than initially thought. The distance between land and sky did not do justice in just how massive and majestic it was. Even so, he did not waver as he grabbed gold off its leg and hoisted himself up onto it.

He could see all kinds of magic rise from below to assault the dragon as he climbed further onto it. With each strike, the dragon jerked and thrashed, forcing Maerec to try and hold onto the scales tightly. One attack from below seemed to be exceptionally effective though, and Maerec felt the dragon roar and shutter, causing his hand to slip. Time seemed to slow down for the knight as his heart pounded hard, eyes widened as he saw the space between his hand and the dragon grow.

He was free falling.

He couldn’t fail now. Maerec reached out again, feeling energy flow into him as the dragon flapped its wings. At the same time, a warmth came over Maerec, as if being comforted by loving arms. It was a blessing of some kind, no doubt. Camille’s prayers to Dami had reached him, and Maerec knew now that this wasn’t the end for him. As if launching himself off of a ledge, he narrowed himself until he shot through the sky towards the dragon. Feet touched first on its scales, and he rolled to soften the landing. As soon as he was right again, he held onto one of the dragon’s spines, securing himself back on it. A lesson would be learned–it was not going to be easy staying on this beast.

The fighting continued, and Maerec did what he could to attack the dragon from its back while attempting to stay on. He could see the familiar magics of his brother of Solenne, and it only encouraged him more. They were doing it! The arcs of thunder that struck the dragon were powerful and very effective. And there were several times where Maerec had been thrown off, only to return to his place upon it. The dragon was being worn down.

Several times the dragon swooped low in an attempt to attack those on the ground with its teeth and claws. It was then where Maerec was able to take glimpses of what was happening below. The ground party did not look well. There were scorch marks everywhere in long lines and bodies lay charred and lifeless. As the attempt to swallow his allies was avoided, he could hear screams flying passed him. They were losing so many… But he couldn’t give up now. Oraphe keep him.

An attack left the dragon thrashing in the sky once more. Maerec was able to hold on, but just barely. With fire in the pit of his own stomach, and energy coursing through his entire body, he forced his way towards the head of the dragon. He would see it in its eyes now. The dragon was enraged, in pain, angry, frustrated. He could sense it. But that didn’t make Maerec waver. Putting what energy he had stored in that moment, he struck down on the dragon’s neck, forcing it to let out a heavy roar. In that instance, the dragon flung the knight off as it whipped its mighty tail around, striking whoever it could. As Maerec fell, he was met with the mouth of the dragon and fire aimed directly at him. He was able to change the direction of his fall just in time, and grabbed hold of the dragon once more.

The ground party was getting worn down. He could hear and see more and more being taken down by the dragon, and he knew that they needed to end things quickly before their defenses would finally give out. The knight was exhausted, as were his allies. And yet they continued to fight on. His hand slipped and once again he began to separate from the dragon. But tiring of this, Maerec got back onto the dragon, near its head by now. “You’re mine!” He roared at it, voice raw from the ferocity of his words. It attacked, and thrashed, and yet Maerec held his ground. He could feel the effects of overdrawing coming into effect now. His arms were starting to weaken, and there was a brief moment where he felt as if he were going to slip into nothingness, but determination held him steady. “Calm yourself, beast!” He called out to it as Arsene made another mighty attack against it. “Or else our assault shall continue!” Surely the dragon was tired of being pestered by such small and insignificant creatures.

“We don’t want to kill you!” Sure, it would have been hard for the dragon to trust that. “But we need you to stop!” The dragon must have been tired… for it seemed to slow itself from its thrashing. It still fought, but with more fatigue this time. “We know you have protected the villagers in the area for a long time now. But look at what has happened now! That which you protected has been burned down. Those that revered you are either dead or dying. You were their protector!” Maerec felt different somehow as he spoke. As if he himself were just as large as the dragon. As if he could look into its eyes and make it understand. “You have every right to lay an assault on those that harmed you, but your rage has gone beyond your enemies! Be at peace, dragon, and spare those that do not deserve your ire!”

Hearing Maerec, the dragon crashed into the side of the mountain, revealing exactly where its nest was. Three large eggs rested in the nest, and the dragon painfully roared and curled itself around it. Beaten and bloodied, exhausted from the attacks, the dragon seemed to accept its defeat. Maerec had made it onto the dragon’s head and stood there, staring down into one of its eyes. Behind him, he could finally hear the sound of a music box. It was a strange sound, and not quite a song that would be expected. But he could see the change in the dragon’s eye as it listened to his words and the music box. As the others collected into the area, Maerec crouched down to pet the dragon on the stretch between its eyes. “Protect us, and we shall protect you. And what is yours.” He finally said, giving an exhausted smile to the dragon. He could feel the connection between them. He couldn’t tell if their goals would ever align, but for now, they had a bond, and the dragon was at peace.

The exhaustion took hold of the force knight, and Maerec collapsed onto the dragon’s snout. He rested there a moment as he heard his allies begin to rummage around the area. He heard claims laid to the eggs, and after a while he sat up and motioned over Hildr and Percy to come near. “I see Arsene has taken a liking to one day having a dragon of his own.” He laughed and held out a hand to help Percy up onto the dragon. “I could see what you two had done on the field, and I humbly thank you for your assistance. She calls to me…” He reached down to pet the dragon’s head once more. “And I believe she thinks she would be able to trust you two as well… if the need ever arises to request her aid in battle.” The chosen three, the first of their kind–dragon riders.

“Lady Hildr,” Maerec started, more quietly as he allowed Percy to go onto whatever boisterous rant he decided to in that moment. “I would like to personally thank you for deciding to help us. We lost a lot of good men today, but I feel their sacrifice was ultimately for the greater good. Our drive and determination has been rewarded today, and I hope you choose to continue your path on the same road with us.” He offered her a slanted smile. “I feel you may be able to find a place with us here.”

After a while, Maerec heard his name being called out and he turned his attention towards the inner parts of the cave. The others had found all kinds of treasures and were pulling them out, showing them off and divvying them out amongst one another. “Shall we see what’s left for us?” He called to Hilr and Percy before jumping off of the dragon.

As he landed, a knee gave out, sending the knight crumbling to the ground in a fit of laughter. How ridiculous he must have looked. “I must not have my land legs back yet.” He chuckled, rolling over to push himself up only to see a small ornate chest not too far from the dragon’s tail. Curiously drawn to it, Maerec stood and walked over to it. It must have been missed as the others rummaged through the treasures. He carefully opened it and looked inside.

A fruit?

The fruit was vibrant and beautiful. It looked almost as if it could have been made of glowing red gems. Something about it hummed with energy. It also looked incredibly delicious. There was a moment where Maerec did not have a hold of himself. It was as if he was in some kind of trance. The fruit was too tempting, and after all of that, he just had to eat it.

And so he did.

Visions flashed before his very eyes–things that he could not fully comprehend. But just as soon as they started, they stopped.

As Maerec seemed to come back to himself, he felt something very hard hit him square against the jaw and sent him flying back onto the ground. “What was that for?!” He yelled out, seeing that it was Caelum that sent him sprawling, and continued his assault. What had he done? No, really… Maerec, what have you done?!

Mortal Men

Battlefield at the foot of Mount Errant

INTERACTING: Queen Eleanor @Force and Fury, Caelum @RezonanceV, Camille @pirouette, Arsene @Th3King0fChaos, Hildr @jasbraq
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Fields around Mount Errant

Maerec was relieved to see the faces he did as he collected everyone around. Some of them looked worse for wear, but at least alive. Looking around at them now, he could estimate how many he could hasten to keep up with the horses. Possibly with the help of others, they could get there before the dragon decided to make another attack.

Deep in that thought he barely heard the Eskandr woman approach him. He turned his head to see Hildr near and clasped her hand on his shoulder. He did not shy away from it, nor did he seem all too offended by her presence.He could feel emotion rise from her hand how she grabbed hold of him, even if her face showed lack thereof. There was a level of fear, of course, but there was something else there as well. Remorse?

Before Maerec could respond to Hildr, Arsene and Caelum spoke up on Maerec’s defense. As much as he agreed with what they were saying, he felt no need to tear down Hildr further than she already had been. Plus, Arsene and Caelum made their point quite clear. None of her Eskandr stayed. Why did she? Surely there was something in her heart that told her to do the right thing regardless of being an Eskandr or Parrench.

“You can never be too sure—“ Maerec began, cracking Hildr a hint of a sideways smile as he placed a hand over her’s on his shoulder. He gave it a firm squeeze before letting go and stepping away from her. “Not all of those that have knowledge have the means to fight. And not all those that have means of fighting have the knowledge to win.” He looked up to the sky, tracking the dragon. They were running out of time. They needed cover first. “Let’s move!”

INTERACTING: Queen Eleanor/Sir Percival @Force and Fury, Caelum @RezonanceV, Camille @pirouette, Arsene @Th3King0fChaos, Hildr @jasbraq
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Lower Caverns of Mount Errant

Any horse that could be found was brought over and given to someone that could ride. Hildr was given a horse and Maerec chose to run instead, helping those that did not have horses keep up while giving direction of where the cave was. He led the group through the open field, moving in patterns so as to avoid as much of any assault by the dragon that may come their way. Fortunately they were blessed to make it to the caves with relative ease.

As soon as they met the entrance of the cave, he saw Percy being tended to as best as the soldier could. He was no binder, but he was doing his best. “Make way!” Maerec called, ushering everyone inside to take shelter.

The caverns were larger than they seemed on the outside, and now that Maerec wasn’t chasing after the enemy through them, he could grasp just how advantageous they were. The Eskandr were clever, finding a place like this to store hostages…

Maerec allowed everyone to settle in for a moment before bringing the circle of individuals together to decide on the best plan of action… including Hildr. “Killing the dragon is going to be a difficult feat,” he bagan. “So instead, what if we attempt to subdue it? We just need it to stop attacking.” He paused for a moment, giving a quizzical expression. “Are… dragons a beast that can be reasoned with?” A small huff escaped him as he placed his hands on his waist. “Regardless, I believe the best thing to do is to try and ground it. So long as the dragon remains in the air, we have no chance of stopping it.”

“It’s risky, but I believe if we can get at least one person up to the dragon, we can use them as a conduit to feed energy from the dragon to us below. If we can manipulate that energy effectively and quickly enough, we may be able to cause the dragon to descend until it either attempts to land or, well, crash.” He paused to let the others add in their own ideas and input. And to scold him on how ridiculous the idea sounded. Though, he felt it could at least be an option.

Mortal Men

Battlefield at the foot of Mount Errant

INTERACTING: Percival @Force and Fury, Ulfhild @Salsa Verde
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Fields around Mount Errant

The Eskandr woman was a worthy opponent. Had she not been in a race with him to prisoners that she had taken, Maerec might have even commended her about her prowess. Feeling no need to kill the woman outright, he managed to incapacitate her, bind her, and toss her on the back of her own horse. Hopping on, he slowly circled the area until Marquis Percival and his men caught up.

It didn’t take as long as expected for Percival to reunite with him. By that point, Maerec had been petting the bridge of the horse’s nose as he kept an eye on Ulfhild. He heard Percivcal before even seeing him. How noisy can one noble be? “Yes, m’lord?” Maerec breathed as he looked over to the man. He… wasn’t as quick on his feet as he thought Percy would be. Those arrows sticking out of him were proof of that. Even so, he seemed to be relatively fine considering how much breath he was wasting on fluttering words.

Maerec let his hand slide from the horse to the reins and he led the horse over to someone who would take it from him. “I will move in double haste–” He began to reply, but was abruptly silenced by the sudden overwhelming feeling of chaos. It was like a fierce ocean wave that crashed into the knight, forcing him to dig his heels into the earth and regain himself.

The sky was burdened by dark clouds that reflected the light of magic and fire. He could feel it all around him–someone had cast something and his own prisoner was now stirring. She was the least of his problems though, as he looked toward where he had last seen the Queen’s army, only to see flames scorch the earth and a massive body in the sky flap its wings to circle around for another attack.

“Oh no…” Maerec breathed, disheartened and filled with dread at what he would find. What had happened in his absence?!

“Eskandr!” He called out to Ulfhild, knowing by now she had recovered enough. “The dragon’s attacked where both of our allies stood last. You should go to yours just as I go to mine. I will not stop you.” He said this loud enough for Percival to hear. “Even with my victory over you, I offer you this gesture only to help me protect those that cannot protect themselves from the dragon.” He pointed over to the couple villagers that used to be her prisoners. “Even if you choose not to assist me in this, I will not stop you. Please understand that if more innocent lives are lost today, I cannot guarantee this offer would stand if we meet again.”

Maerec began to trot forward, getting a running start as he began to store energy in his heels. He was charging up, preparing to head back to the Queen’s armee. “Sir Percival! Head back to the cave at the base of the mountain! I shall bring reinforcements!” With that, he lowered himself and once again used his fingertips to steady himself on the ground before bolting off, leaving the others in his wake.

INTERACTING: Queen Eleanor @Force and Fury, Caelum @RezonanceV, Camille @pirouette, Arsene @Th3King0fChaos, Hildr @jasbraq
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Fields around Mount Errant

Just by the sight, Maerec could see just how much the Parrench had lost. How many lives were snuffed out at the maws of that dragon? The field buzzed with energy from all of the movement. People were running everywhere trying to find somewhere to take refuge. Nothing here would be able to withstand the dragon’s fire.

Darkened eyes lit up only momentarily as lightning struck out at the dragon in the sky, interrupting another stream of fire. Caelum’s doing, no doubt. Thank Oraphe he was still alive. Did that mean Camille and the Queen were also alive? And Arsene? He had to search for them.

It didn’t take long with his speed to find those he was looking for through all of the carnage. “To the north! There are caves at the bottom of the mountains where we can take shelter!” He called over the sounds of chaos after gathering everyone close enough for them to hear him. “If we get everyone to mount up we can ride there quickly. It isn’t far from here.”

Unknown to him at first, a certain Hildr was close enough to hear as well. “There are still some villagers that the Eskandr had taken prisoner at the caves. Maybe someone would know how we can stop this beast. We must stop it.”

Brotherhood Beyond Blood | Pt 2 |
Port Morilles’ Golden Hour

INTERACTING: Caelum @RezonanceV Mentions Queen Eleanor @YummyYummy
MOOD: Mood: Theme Song
EVENT: Fields of Fire || LOCATION: Port Morilles / Caves Underneath

“Can you fight?””

Young Maerec asking Caelum in the slums of Solenne.

Queen Eleanor stood at the face of her knights and trusted advisors, “Ideas?” That was the magic word used by her majesty. Port Morilles was billowing up in flames, the caves were undermined, and the town was on the brink of slipping into the seas. Caelum believed a plan of action in his mind might work if he had the right help. He stepped up to meet Queen Eleanor’s presence, bowing before her in a sign of respect and revealing the symbol of the Pentad with his gesture of hands.

“My Queen,” he said respectfully, “I have traveled to Port Morilles before; the caves below butt up against the sea where large rocks rest on its cliffside.” He continued, “If there are Force users to spare, we can evacuate the people and fill those caves with the rocks to support the cliff from crumbling.” Caelum paused to let his idea process before adding, “This will not stop the cliff top from breaking, but it will buy time for our Blood users to seal the cut that is causing the cliff to buckle beneath the weight of the castle and town.” Caelum paused again; he hoped the Queen would approve such a plan. He knew deep down this would split their force, but it would work.

”You will need to act quickly,” Eleanor kept herself straddled onto her horse and overlooked the situation at hand, ”sir Maerec de Solenne.” the Queen called for the Skyborn veteran to come forward, “Your mastery of Force would be crucial to this endeavor. Do you agree?” quick to get things done, all she needed was an answer before she shifted her attention to the next step of the plan, “With no time to spare, I will lead a small group of Blood Mages to correct the foundations of the cliff. Now-” she looked over at the massive black cloud over the village with the castle bearing most of the flames.

Camille de la Saumure’s stance was evident to all those who knew of her ties to the port town, “Arnaud,” she called for her husband’s executioner, “accompany Lady Camille.” the hulking beast of metal merely nodded. His recently displayed feats in Relouse made him a good pick when dousing flames was in demand.

Standing nearby, Maerec had heard Caelum’s plan of action. Splitting forces was risky, but he understood the consequences if they did not. Far too many innocents could die if the cliff beneath the town fell away. Hearing Queen Eleanor, his eyes turned to her. He gave the nod, then bowed his head to her as he made the gesture of Oraphe. “I agree with certainty. I will assist.”

As the Queen’s attention turned to the next plan of action, Maerec slipped closer to Caelum, a hand reaching out to clasp on the other’s shoulder. “We meet up again, brother,” He muttered. “A little more than a few weeks in between….” He gave a small chuckle. “Let’s make haste, shall we?” Maerec let his hand slip from Caelum’s shoulder and took a step back, waiting for Caelum to take the lead on where to go.

”Oraphe keep you both.” the queen solemnly blessed the two Perrench knights before mobilizing herself and the available blood mages to exact her part of the plan.

Caelum felt the paws of Maerec rest on his shoulder. Turning to meet Maerec’s eyes, Caelum acknowledged his warm gesture, “Thank Oraphe, brother.” The two were bonded beyond blood, having practiced every week those years ago. Caelum could remember watching Maerec compete in the Circuit right before they were separated. Caelum was sent to the Uncoqunered Suns, and Maerec not shortly after became a squire as he promised one day he would. Eventually, Oraphe brought them together again.

Caelum walked out from the gathered knights and Queen’s presence. He whistled for Mathieos and Dieudonne to bring his new horse; upon their approach, Dieudonne held the reigns of Caelum’s fresh steed, “Thank you.” Caelum hoisted himself up onto his horse using Force. He looked back at Maerec, “You got my back, like old times?”

By the time Caelum was on his horse, Maerec had his own prepared to mount. He returned his gaze to Caelum just before pulling himself onto his horse. A smirk crossed his lips as he reflected on the two in their younger years. Ever since the fateful day they met in that alley, whenever they saw each other again, Maerec always had Caelum’s back. “Always.” He replied almost matter-of-factly as if that was the obvious answer and resolute.

The warmth Caelum felt from his brother-in-arms could only be described as spiritual, beyond the material realm. This true soul understood what it meant to be willing to sacrifice their own life for another. It was a raw understanding that life is precious and protecting it is the highest order of responsibilities and rewards as a living being in a fallen world.

Brotherhood was indescribable to those who did not share it; for those who did, it was phenomenal. Caelum slipped a smile to Maerec, his question was rhetorical, but the response was deep. He cracked the reigns of his steed, and they took off toward Port Morilles’ caverns directly below the cliffs supporting the castle and town. Their strides were all amplified by their ability to use Force, a weapon that would be extremely necessary for what they all were about to do.

The beating hearts and hooves of Parrence pounded toward Port Morilles. No one knew what they were in store for, but all of them knew that they’d step up against whatever it might be. The plan was clear, rescue the people from the caverns from being crushed, fill it with rocks to buy the blood mages time, and if all aligned under Pentad, the blood mages would seal the schism, which would stop the cliffs from slipping Port Morilles and it’s castle into the sea.

Caelum spotted the cavern entrance as they rounded over the last crest of a hill. The sheer power of waves bashing against the cavern and cliff walls must have been magnified inside. He thought of all those people who must have been terrified for the lives of their loved ones and their own.

“Hurry your steeds; we are losing time!” Caelum roared back to the band of Parrench protectors. The horses picked up speed and chucked mud as each leg reminded each soldier how much power was between their girdle. As they arrived 100 yards from the entrance, Caelum signaled to slow their horses. They were 30 yards from the entrance when they came to a stop. He assessed and called out to Maerec, “We need to collect as many large rocks as we can outside and get who we can out from the inside. I trust you to lead either; which do you think is best for you?”

“I will find the townspeople inside and escort them out. Make a clearing for them to gather.” Maerec looked back towards the path they had come from. “Far enough away to stay out of harm’s way.” He motioned to a larger path clearing that might suit a large group of people. “Station a few men leading from the cavern to that clearing so that we may guide the townspeople. Also,” he turned his attention to Dieudonne. “I would like your assistance in the cavern. I have seen your skills on the battlefield, and I feel you may benefit me inside.” He waited for the notion of agreement before turning to Caelum. “We will alert you when everyone is out of the cavern.”

Maerec hopped down from his horse and looked up to Caelum again. “Stay safe, brother. I won’t keep you waiting long.” He tilted his head to Dieudonne, gesturing for him and a handful of men to follow him into the cavern. Maerec took off before Caelum could respond. Beneath his breath, he prayed, “May Oraphe keep you Maerec, return alive.” Caelum gestured to the hourglass of Pentad and reoriented to collecting the rocks from the sea.

The darkness of the cavern grew the further the group went in. It was fortunate that some of the Parrenchmen could cast fire to illuminate their way. The cavern was large, tall, and had an energy about it. It was as if one could feel the fear and anticipating dread emanating from what lay within. It was fuel for Maerec, though, and he trudged forward, noting which points were highest and which areas seemed best to reinforce first. Only the sound of crashing waves outside, his footsteps, and the men with him accompanied his thoughts.

Eventually, the group came upon an area that seemed to open up further. Through the darkness, they could see a few spots of firelight scattered along the floor, with nearly dozens of people huddled around them. These must have been the townspeople waiting to hear back about their fate. The group halted and looked to Maerec to call the townspeople first. Most seemed too focused on keeping warm to notice them.

“Good people of Port Morilles…!” He started, loud enough for his voice to echo about the cavern but soft enough not to startle them into feeling too threatened. “I am Maerec de Solenne, and we are of the Queen’s Army. I do not have much time to explain, but we will be escorting you out of the cave and to safety.”

Instantly there was a rise of murmurs and concerned chattering. “Aren’t we safe here?” “Have the Eskandr come for us?” “It’s not safe!” “We will be killed out there!” were only a few things the group could hear from the sequence of concerns. The waves crashed outside again, and the sound of falling rocks came soon after.

It took some convincing to make the first of the possibly hundreds of people hiding within the caverns move, but through patience that could only be a blessing from the Pentad, Maerec was able to get them moving. It wasn’t as quick as he had wanted, but rather this than hundreds trampling over each other in a state of panic. “Dieudonne, help me speed them up. We will send them out in groups.” Maerec used his Force abilities to help the townspeople move quickly with the apprentice's assistance. Parrench men lined the cavern they originally came to help lead the people out and towards the designated clearing.

With each group that passed Maerec by, the more times he forced himself to quicken another group, the more Maerec’s concern about time became. They could only move people so fast when there were so many of them. It was a delicate job, but he kept most calm. As the cavern cleared out, Maerec took a better look inside.

It was a deep cavern, and Maerec could see a group huddled around an area of collapsed rock across the way. It seemed they had no intention of moving along with the others. The knight made his way over to see what was there. “What is the matter here?” He asked, seeing a couple of women crippled to their knees, sobbing.

“People are trapped, m’lord.” An elderly man answered, rubbing his hand along one of the women’s backs. “We are not strong enough to move the rocks.” “My boy is in there!” The woman cried out, returning to a fit of sobs. “There are many there, m’lord!”

The knight moved closer, putting his hand on the pile of rocks. What to do? As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he could hear the faint whimpering behind the rock wall. He put his ear to the rocks to listen further. There were calls for help and crying. They sounded panicked and weak. He couldn’t tell how many were there, but it did sound like multiple. Maerec pulled back and assessed the situation before deciding the best action plan would be just to start pulling rocks away from the top. Some were small enough to do by hand, others, Maerec was forced to use his gift.

Dieudonne had noticed Maerec was not calling for the groups to advance and turned to see where the knight might have gone. Seeing Maerec in the back pulling away rocks, he began to trot over and called out to him. “Sir Maerec?”

“There’s some trapped,” Maerec called back, grunting as he pushed aside a giant rock and staggered back as others began to slide. “We need to get to them!”

Dieudonne quickly picked up on what Maerec was doing and motioned for the people to move out of the way. The two moved rocks off to the sides to create a pathway. The more they drove, the more Maerec could see an opening for him to squeeze through. He could get to them and then move rocks from the other side.

“Wait until you can hear me on the other side before moving more rocks.” He ordered as he began to test the rocks that created the small space. They didn’t seem like they would move without Force magic. At least Maerec would be safe from being crushed for now… He began to slip through, having to turn sideways to fit. His armor scraped against rock, and he had to strategically push and pull rubble to make more of a clearing for himself to move forward. “Agh– Can you hear me?!” He called out to the people that were somewhere on the other side. “If you can, move the rocks that I push! You will see them move!” He extended his hand and used his ability to start making some rocks shake slightly. If they could, those on the other side could just start pulling at them to make it clearer.

“I see it!” “We can!” He heard faintly and then followed the sound of shuffling rubble. They continued this process for a few minutes until Maerec saw an opening. He heard cries of relief and could see dozens of people crouched and huddled or lying on the ground. They looked weak, some even as if death welcomed them early. Maerec pushed himself into the accidental room and began to tear away at the rock barrier.

“Stay clear.” He told the people behind him as he made clawing motions with his hands, which allowed Force to move more rock than he normally could. “Now, Dieudonne!” From the other side, he could also hear the rocks moving. Eventually, the wall of rock crumbled away enough to allow an opening. “Go now, through the opening! If you can carry the injured, do so.” He ordered as he turned towards the people and checked to see who he should help carry. An older man far too large for any of the women to carry ended up being put on Maerec’s back while simultaneously picking up a child who seemed to be barely breathing.

The more people that went through the opening, the larger the space became. They dragged rock along with them as they stepped out to the other side, which immensely helped Maerec as he went through last. As he was going through, he heard the cracking and shattering as a boulder came falling from the cave ceiling behind him. He heard screams of fright and some stopped in the middle of the pathway leading to where Dieudonne remained. “Keep going!” He called and could hear Dieudonne echo his command.

Maerec pressed forward, ushering the people to move quickly. He prayed they were still alive. “Go, go!” He called, forcing the sobbing women to jolt but rush forward. The men followed suit as fast as they could with their injuries. After an eternity of pushing past the crumbled rock, they saw the light Dieudonne had lit to guide Maerec back.

“It’s the last of them.” Maerec huffed, handing Dieudonne the child in his arms. “We must hurry; there’s been too much time lost.” The sound of shifting rock behind them told Maerec that section of the cavern wasn’t going to hold much longer. It would be helpful to Caelum but certainly not to him now. “Hurry, hurry!”

The two Parrench pushed forward, being the last two to rush out using Force to aid the handful of townspeople and their loved ones back on the now-filled clearing. Maerec took the final people to the clearing. “Do not go back to the cavern, no matter what.” He told some villagers who stared at the cavern almost longingly. It was confirmed that there had been some loved ones lost. Parrench guards assured him they would watch the townspeople, and Maerec met with Dieudonne again. “Hopefully, they have made progress even with our delay….”

The two rushed back to the cavern, heading to where Caelum, Mathieos, and others had gone. “Cavern is clear!” The two shouted out, and echoes of the announcement resounded to meet Caelum.

When Caelum received word the cavern was clear, Mathieos, himself, and others began using their Force magic to drive all the enormous rocks they collected inside the caverns. Wherever there were columns and halls, a Force user was stacking rocks. The idea was to create more columns of stones to disperse the weight that was applying pressure onto the current cavern structure.

Finally, as the last stones were wedged into place deep inside the cavern, the Parrench soldiers exited with only their prayers and the skill of the Blood mages above to depend on.

Hey guys! Here to give you an update. I’m still writing things out but I indeed have a lot more interest than I expected to have. I am slow at building rps so please don’t expect it to be up in the following week. You may see more added info to the discord, and as soon as I have enough info written, I will make the thread.

Change notes:

I am boosting my player max to 10 so that I can have two teams of 5.

I am also rescinding my statement about non-humanoid characters. If you can come up with a thought out and detailed reason for your character to be non-humanoid, I’ll consider it, but the preference right now is humanoid.

This will be an application-based rp. Meaning yes, it is still first come first serve, but I will also be reviewing characters and picking the ones I believe that will best suite the rp. I’m doing this because I have far more interest than I do slots.

Thank you for your time,

Hey guys, I’ll discuss characters after I get the rp thread set up. The information I provide will clarify certain guidelines to follow and what I’m looking for in characters.
I am interested. Provided that there is the freedom to decide my character's background. Not really a fan of pre-designated backgrounds such as a member of a particular faction or nation. However, a temporal allegiance is preferable so my character would still be taking quests and reporting to the order.

Is that doable?

I hope I am not being too demanding. I'd love another High Fantasy RP and I think I already have a character to fit in.

Unfortunately at this point in time players will all be part of The Cerulean Order, which is a faction. The rp is meant to focus on these characters and their interactions in the faction and against the voidsblood. So this may not be the rp for you. :(
Alright you guys. Here's the discord. See if it works. It's pretty bare bones atm but I'll work on it soon.

Discord Server
When you join, please select the role RolePlayersGuild!
Give me a few and I'll make the rp discord. It's 100% easier for me to answer questions lmao
I'm in!

Just being clear that my eyes don’t deceive me.
We’re you asking about playing a fairy?
Because the answer is yes. Probably. Depends on how they can contribute to TCE. But I’m partial to fairies so… yes.

Wait I’m dumb. @Crimson Flame YOU WERE ASKING.
.. yes.
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